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A Size Way Too Small

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After learning about what happened to Amelia every time she time traveled, Ina would make it a point to always check Amelia out when she got home. Whether she arrived when she was working on an art commission, or even if it was very early into the morning when she should’ve been asleep, Ina would always make a beeline to her girlfriend and immediately see how large her chest had swollen. The further back she went back or forward in time the larger they’d end up being, but even short time jumps she’d started to notice small differences – and Amelia was always very sensitive after each jump.

It was almost a little concerning how infatuated she was becoming with her girlfriend’s boobs. Before, she didn’t pay them very much mind, she never really found them super attractive or anything… Sure, they were there, and they did lovey things to her figure, but as far as constantly staring and wanting to touch them? She’d never given it much of a thought! Now, however, she was constantly looking at them when they went on dates, she’d imagine them bigger – imagine how they’d burst out of her dresses and shirts.

She’d even started comparing her to her friend’s sizes, and that was when she realized she may have a bit of a problem.

Amelia wasn’t helping matters at all though – Ina wasn’t blind to how she was unbuttoning her shirts around her, exposing her cleavage, or the way she’d cross her arms just under her chest and lift – making them look so much larger and enticing. She didn’t miss the fact that Amelia never wore a bra around the house anymore if she could help it, and she also didn’t miss that despite the fact that Amelia said she wouldn’t be going on long time travel trips too often, she was doing them fairly regularly.

The way Amelia would stumble through the house looking for her after coming back from a trip, the way her legs trembled, a sheen of slick already wetting through her panties, dribbling down her thighs, her eyes clouded with lust. Her breasts would be swollen and oh so sensitive, and Ina would drop everything she was doing to go over there and make her scream. It was incredible, and Ina was oh so appreciative of Amelia for finally sharing this secret so they could do this together.

The problem of course was that Amelia’s boobs were growing far quicker than anticipated. Before she was careful with her time traveling, making sure to only go back when absolutely necessary. Now, however, both of them seemed to have been a little careless with their new fetish, and Amelia’s breasts were already a few cup sizes larger after only a couple of months. They were growing far too quickly to explain away, and when they went to visit friends, they’d have to find a way to compress them.

“Here, here, and here…” Ina pulled out several different options for Amelia.

“Ugly, ugly, and ugly.” Amelia grunted, looking through the assorted bras.

“Amelia…” Ina whined, “It’s all I could find. They don’t exactly make fashionable clothes for women that are your size. Especially when we’re trying to hide your size. Plus, no one will see them anyway.”

Amelia picked up a plain looking sports bra, and decided to try putting it on. She forced it down over her boobs, and grimaced, “It’s pretty tight…”

“But it works,” Ina replied, “You’ll have to wear a dress with straps though to hide it…”

“Great…” Amelia grumbled. There went like half of her outfits.

Fortunately, no one figured it out when they did go out. Gura just chatted with her as she normally would, Kiara was the same bubbly phoenix as usual, and Calli of course was overeager to make sure everyone was having a good time. After a while, Amelia was even able to forget her discomfort and just have a good time.

That was the thing though – Amelia’s ever increasing chest size was starting to directly affect her everyday life, not to mention it was starting to get a little expensive for them to maintain. Whenever they went to visit friends, they had to give it extra consideration, and even just going out and shopping was a hassle at times due to the constant unwanted attention. Baggy shirts were a must now, and while Amelia just laughed it off and said to just let them stare, Ina was starting to really get fed up with it all.

So, she had a plan.

It was early in the morning, probably a little after six, and she had AO-chan open up before her on the counter. There was a light snowfall outside, and it was dark enough that she needed the kitchen light above to illuminate the pages. She’d scan a page for a moment, before she’d immediately turn to the next. The words were just pure nonsense to anyone who didn’t have the power of the Ancient Ones within them, but to Ina, it was a vast well of knowledge and power, a book of spells capable of changing reality and committing untold amounts of destruction.

“Let’s see…” She mumbled, looking through her ancient tome.

Maybe using AO-chan to fix her problems was a bad idea – a very bad idea – a super horrible idea that could possibly backfire terribly. However, she had a good feeling about it! She’d become pretty adept at using her powers, and she wasn’t looking for anything too complex! Just a simple shrinking spell ought to do, something to make it so Amelia didn’t have to hide her figure from her friends, and to make it so she wouldn’t become immobile within a year or two at their current rate…

She was so invested in her research that she didn’t even notice when someone walked into the kitchen until two large masses pressed into her back. “Whatcha readin?” Amelia asked, peering over her shoulder sleepily, leaning heavily against her.

Ina snapped the book shut – she didn’t want Amelia to catch sight of the words and hurt herself, after all, “Uhh, just, um, looking something up.”

Amelia let out a little grunt, and Ina felt so thankful that her girlfriend wasn’t really a morning person. Amelia stumbled over to the counter and started to prepare some coffee, and Ina spared a glance outside – the sun was already up. A quick look at the clock on their stove said it was a little pass eleven in the morning – only a little while longer until noon. She didn’t mean to get so invested as to lose several hours like that, but that was the cost of working with AO-chan sometimes. Better a few hours than your life, after all.

For now, she just enjoyed some time with Amelia, happily chatting away with her through the rest of the late morning.


“What did you call me here for?” Amelia asked.

They were in Ina’s room, and after she was sure she’d found the right spell, Ina had called her girlfriend in. It was fairly late now, nearly ten at night, but both of them were night owls anyway, so that didn’t actually matter. Amelia just finished the last of her paperwork for the night and was looking to relax.

“I think I can get rid of your problem.”

“What problem?” Amelia asked – there were several dozen that occurred just that very day, so she’d definitely need to be a little more specific.

Ina let out a little sigh, “The problem that happens every time you time travel.”

“Oh.” Amelia eyes wandered down to her chest. Now that she mentioned it, they were starting to become uncomfortably big. After the first time Ina discovered what happened to her chest when she time traveled, they may have gotten a bit too carried away with it, and Amelia admittedly hadn’t been thinking with her head very much. The sex was good – very good – so she’d kind of been putting off the issue for a while due to it. However, they were now larger than they’d ever been. Whereas before it was a steady growth, now she was even larger than the first time Ina learned about her little issue.

At home it wasn’t too big of a deal, she’d just throw on a baggy shirt and be done with it, but at work it was a bit more of an issue. Compression bras only worked so well, but the larger they got the less effective they were. She had a large assortment of sports bras and others to try and combat it, and had even started looking into bindings, and that wasn’t even mentioning the issue of how damn sensitive they’ve gotten. Accidentally pressing her boobs into anything was a one-way ticket to embarrassment central, especially when it happened when she was talking to a client…

If Ina had some sort of solution, she was all ears.

“What do we have to do?”

“I studied my book, and I found a reduction spell… I think.”

“You… think?” Amelia repeated hesitantly, “Um… You’re sure it works?”

“Well, the text was kind of vague about it, but yes, I think it should work. I tested it on an apple earlier, and…” She walked over to her computer desk, and grabbed a miniature apple, “Look – it’s small, it’s barely bigger than my fingertip.”

“Huh…” Amelia grabbed it, and rolled it around in her open palm, it was the size of a small marble, “Neat.”

“I think I can use the same concept to make your chest smaller.”

“And if you make me smaller…”

“… Then that means you can time travel as much as you want.” Ina smiled, “Also means that we don’t have to worry about others finding out about what we’re doing.”

That sounded damn nice. She definitely didn’t want to stop with her time traveling escapades, especially not when they led to some of the best experiences she’d ever had in bed – oh, right, and because they helped with her cases too. If Ina could pull this off, that would change everything, and she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding anything anymore!

“I’m on board,” Amelia replied, “What do I do?”

“I thought you would be…” Ina chuckled, “And there’s nothing you need to do. You just need to stay still while I cast the spell, and then it should be all good to go.”

Amelia nodded, “You need me to take my shirt off?”

“That shouldn’t be necessary,” Ina replied, “Just stay still.”

She followed Ina’s instructions, staying as still as she could in the middle of Ina’s room as the priestess approached her. She could see Ina beginning to accumulate power, a purple aura forming around her – she could practically taste it, it was becoming so thick in the air. Ina stopped directly in front of her, put one hand on each of her breasts, said a few words, and then the power flowed, and Amelia felt like she was falling.

Ina blinked her eyes, the power fading, and she looked around. Amelia was no longer anywhere, and she felt a spike of terror rising up, “Amelia?” She called, “Ame?!”

“I’m here!”

She relaxed marginally, still looking around, “Where are you?”

“Down here!”

Ina looked down, noticing a pile of clothes that Amelia left behind, “On the floor?” She asked for clarification, looking elsewhere, “I can’t see you!”

“In here! Help me out!” Amelia called, and Ina noticed some movement within the bundle of clothes. Her brain short-circuited for a moment, as the realization of what happened hit her, and she hesitantly reached down and started to move the clothes aside. She didn’t know what to make of a miniature Amelia gasping for breath as she exited the collar of her shirt, now shrunken down to doll size. She looked like she might have been only ten centimeters tall, perhaps a little bit more.

“Uh…” Ina blinked a few times, just watching as Amelia struggled out of the last bit of clothing, and then look around the room with wide eyes, “Whoops?”

“Yeah, whoops.” Amelia deadpanned, “You shrunk ME! Not my boobs! They’re still the same size!” She grabbed her chest, “See?!”

“They look smaller to me.” Ina said, her brain still not fully caught up.

“Stop joking around!” Amelia yelled, “Can you fix this?”

“I think so, yeah.” Ina replied, looking back to her desk where AO-chan was settled, “I’m sure there’s an opposite effect in there too – I don’t know how I messed up though, I practiced the spell a lot before offering to do it to you…”

“Maybe it’s hard to do with a living being?”

“Maybe,” Ina conceded, looking back down at Amelia. She really was tiny, and she reached down to pick her up.

“Hey!” Amelia cried, her arms held out as Ina’s hand wrapped around her torso and lifted her up, “I’m not a doll!” She looked over the side of Ina’s hand, and blanched, “A – and don’t drop me!”

“I won’t,” Ina replied, “You’re safe with me.”

Amelia was still holding on with a death grip, looking around the room, “Holy shit this is so bizarre.”

“Yeah…” Ina mumbled, poking Amelia’s boob with her finger.

Amelia gasped, “H – hey! Stop that! You know how stupidly sensitive they’ve gotten!”

“Why?” Ina asked, a smile growing on her face as she pressed lightly again, this time gently massaging with her finger.

“F – fuck…” Amelia’s eyes fluttered close briefly, and when the finger left, she groaned, “Is now REALLY the time?”

“I’ll find a way to grow you back soon, and then I’ll actually make your boobs smaller too… For now, though, when will we ever get another chance like this?”

“You have that stupid book with you at all times, we could theoretically do this any time we want…”

“Details, details…” Ina shrugged, and she licked the side of Amelia’s head.

“Ew… Ina slobber,” Amelia grumbled, “I can’t imagine I taste that good.”

“You taste amazing,” Ina whispered, planting a large kiss against Amelia’s head, “You’ll do this, right? For me?”

Amelia groaned, but could already feel a fire roaring in her gut. The idea of being completely dominated by a giant Ina was definitely enticing, and considering how badly Ina wanted to do it, who was she to say no? “Just be gentle, I don’t want any broken bones.”

“I promise, you’ll love this.” She leaned down and licked Amelia’s chest, using the tip of her tongue to flick her nipples. Amelia’s little gasps and keens were encouraging, and she also pinched both of her boobs between her thumb and index finger, taking care not to do it too hard, of course.

“W – why do you always…” Amelia let out a gasp and kicked out at nothing when Ina’s tongue licked her boobs again, “A – always f – focus on my boobs?!”

“I love the way it makes you sound,” Ina admitted without hesitation.

“O – oh…” Amelia moaned, biting back a shout when Ina bit down on one of her boobs. The stimulation was too much, and she squeezed her thighs together as she already came. “Ina… Oh fuck… Ah – Ina…” She whimpered as she rode out her orgasm, and Ina just continued to delicately lick her boobs, flicking her tongue out briefly to swipe at them before pulling back.

“We only just started, Ame. Are you done at just foreplay?” Ina grin looked a tad sadistic to Amelia, who was struggling to keep even a single eye open.

“You have a giant fucking licking you and we’ll see how long you last!” The tension in Amelia’s shoulders melted and her body relaxed, “Holy fuck.”

“I wonder where else I can lick you?”

“What are you planning – oh fuck!” She gasped as Ina lifted her further up, and started to lick her slick thighs clean, “Ina!” She gasped, “Holy shit!”

Amelia’s legs were shaking like crazy, and the shaking only got worse when Ina simply pressed her tongue right against her crotch, and Ina just laughed as Amelia whimpered. Ina wasn’t moving her tongue away, she just gently tried to move it back and forth, and was rewarded when Amelia bucked against it, rocking her hips in time to the movement of her tongue.

She was growing more and more frantic as she humped her tongue, letting grunts and groans were quieter due to her reduced size. Her hands didn’t even know where to hold, so she just held Ina’s enlarged fingers still wrapped around her, and she flung her head back, taking large and deep breaths as Ina just didn’t let up with her massive tongue. It was so warm and wet, and there were so many little bumps on it – it was like the best sex toy she’d ever used in her life.

Ina could taste it the moment Amelia came again, “Oh fuck…” Amelia groaned, “M – move your tongue away, give me a minute…” She wheezed. She let out a startled little cry when Ina moved her over to the bed and set her down on the sheets, and she watched as the giant woman took off her panties, sliding them down her legs, and Amelia could already see how wet she was.

The giantess threw off the rest of her clothes, marched over to the bed, and picked up Amelia again. She then laid down on the bed, and set Amelia down on her stomach. Amelia honestly was so turned on right now she felt like she could simply hump Ina’s body and get off again, but she had a feeling that Ina wanted her to do something else. “It’s not fair that you’re the only one having any fun, is it?” Ina asked.

“Oh please,” Amelia rolled her eyes, “You’re loving this more than I am.”

“Maybe,” Ina admitted, her body rumbling in a low chuckle, “But come on…” Her giant hand moved down the length of her body, stopping between her thighs, “Get to work, Ame.”

“Alright,” Amelia stumbled over, walking down Ina’s abdomen on shaky legs. She was still recovering from her own pair of rapid-fire orgasms, but she managed to make it down to Ina’s thighs. She looked down at Ina’s slit, which looked absolutely massive, and saw that Ina was absolutely drenched, fully ready to go. Her hand was there, holding her lips apart for Amelia, and the detective made her way over. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to do, being so small and all, but just a simple touch of Ina’s inner walls, and the priestess’s entire body quivered.

“Ame…” Ina moaned, “Hurry up.”

Amelia wiped away some of the slick, “Give me a second, not like I can move super-fast when I’m this small…”

Using her tongue wasn’t too effective. Sure, it made Ina quiver and let out a little squeak, but she was just a tad too small to do much with it. She pressed her hands into Ina’s inner walls, the warmth was almost too much, but she powered through it and pressed her hands and arms further in and tried to forced them all around as much as she could. She figured she was doing ok when the walls convulsed and pressed against her – not hard enough to hurt, but it did make it a bit tighter.

Ina let out a loud sigh, the noise making everything vibrate for Amelia, and then a massive finger dug in next to her, causing her to let out a little shout, “Oi! Watch out for me!” She slapped Ina’s finger, “And hey! No touching yourself! I’m here! You’re making me feel self-conscious!”

Ina let out a little whine, “Ughhh, then stop teasing me!”

Amelia huffed, but went back to work, using her entire body this time. Her arms were still too thin, so she figured she’d become the world’s first human-dildo, and she went to use her entire body. When her head went in, the air was so moist that she could barely breathe, and the inner walls pressed against her, it was like taking a hot bath in slime. She could feel the walls shaking, “Feeling better?” She tried to yell, but got no response. Well, if Ina could hear anything, she was sure it would’ve been very muffled anyway.

Only her knees were not in, and she was afraid to go much further, because she had no idea how she was getting out. The walls were pressing down on her so hard that she was almost immobilized, and she decided that she might as well move around. She moved side to side, up and down, trying to move her arms as much as possible. Everything was rumbling as she did her best imitation of a vibrator, and then everything squeezed her much harder than before.

“ACK!” She cried, she was truly immobilized now, she couldn’t even move her arms. It was a struggle to breathe now, and she felt like she was being crushed, “Oh fuck…” She mumbled. Was she seriously going to pass out in her girlfriend’s freaking vagina? She struggled to stay conscious as Ina presumably had her orgasm, and then finally the walls lessened their pressure. Before she could even try to get out, she felt Ina’s fingers grab her legs, and pull her out.

“A – ame?” Ina called breathily, and Amelia felt proud to hear her sound so winded, “Are you ok?”

Ina raised her to her abdomen again, and dropped her there. She was absolutely drenched in Ina’s lovely juices, her entire body felt sore after being crushed, and she was breathing heavily, but honestly… “I feel great,” Amelia replied, after a few more breaths, “Holy shit, that was something…”

“Oh good,” Ina sighed, her head falling back against the pillow, and she wiped some sweat beading on her forehead, “I thought I hurt you there – sorry, I kind of lost focus for a bit.”

“It’s cool,” Amelia shrugged, she wiped some of Ina’s slick off of her, “But I’m not done yet.”

“Oh…?” Ina watched Amelia get back to her feet and march back down, “What are you – WAH!”

Amelia didn’t waste any time, and just started to rub herself against Ina’s swollen clit. The priestess took in a deep breath, and Amelia could already feel her shaking, “Man, you’re still really wound up, aren’t you?”

Ina just hummed, her finger working its way to her slit again, and she forced two fingers in to the knuckles. Amelia didn’t bother stopping her this time – she was far too focused on rocking her hips, getting herself off on Ina’s engorged clit. She let out a shrill cry when Ina bucked her hips up, sending her off of the clit and up into the air for a second before she fell back down.

“Ina!” She cried, “Don’t do that!”

“S – sorry…” Ina mumbled, a single eye opened a crack, her cheeks burning bright red.

Amelia didn’t have much of a heart to stay mad, she was far, far too horny for that. She just went back to Ina’s clit, and started getting to work on it again, listening to Ina’s little whimpers and gasps of pleasure. The giantess’s fingers were working like a piston, and Ina’s body was incredibly unstable due to the amount of shaking, but Amelia found purchase, holding on to her clit as she continued humping it desperately.

Ina’s thumb twitched in her direction, and Amelia got the hint, and tried to stimulate her more, pivoting her waist in small circles. Ina let out an amazing keen, flinging her arm over her eyes as her body trembled, desperately wanting to buck again. Her other hand was still working herself raw, and Amelia was so close herself.

“Ina…” Amelia moaned, “Ah fuck…”

She clamped her thighs around Ina’s clit, frantically bucking against Ina’s clit as she finally came. She just continued to press herself against Ina as she rode out her orgasm, and a moment later she heard Ina gasp out.

“Ame – oh fuck!” Her fingers pumped faster and faster until her whole body went ramrod straight. Her toes curled, and her teeth clenched together, until her entire body just relaxed. Amelia just fell onto the bed, completely spent, laying there gasping between Ina’s thighs. The priestess wasn’t in much better condition, just laying there in complete bliss.


After a handful of minutes just laying there blissed out of their minds, Ina finally got up and returned to AO-chan on wobbly legs. She leafed through the book, and fortunately found the page with the shrinking spell on it. Since she knew the spell she used, finding a counter spell was relatively easy, and when she casted the spell on Amelia, she was back to her original height.

“Oh, thank god…” Amelia sighed, “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I was stuck like that…” She wiped away the sweat off of her forehead. Her entire body was a sheen of sweat and Ina’s slick, which seemed to have enlarged with her, “I seriously need a shower…”

“Hold on,” Ina said, holding the book up, “Don’t you want me to shrink your boobs?”

“Will it actually work this time, or am I going to be doing round two inside of you? As hot as that was, I had a damn hard time breathing you know.”

“Ame!” Ina cried, “No! I promise I’ll get it right! I think I know what I did wrong!”

Amelia sighed, seeing Ina’s puppy dog eyes, and she relented, “Fine…”

Ina gave her a warm smile, and it suddenly made her feel like she’d definitely made the right decision. She stood in the middle of Ina’s floor, feeling gross, slimy, and very naked, and just waited for Ina to look through her book one last time. Ina nodded, and whispered out what Amelia figured was an enchantment, and she could see the power gathered around the priestess.

“Ok,” Ina mumbled, her hands resting on Amelia’s chest again, “I think I got it this time.”

When the power faded, Amelia was still standing there, definitely not smaller – well, not smaller in most ways, anyway.

“That seems have done it!” Amelia jumped a few times, her exposed chest bouncing significantly less, due to their reduced size. If Ina had to guess, she may have accidentally overdone it a little, and made Amelia smaller than she had been before this entire experience in the first place.

“How does it feel?” Ina asked timidly, her fingers pressing into her chest, “No lumps? Nothing to be concerned about?”

“You just want to touch my boobs some more, don’t you?” Amelia asked with a raised brow. She started laughing the second Ina started sputtered, “I’m joking! Everything’s fine! I feel good!”

Ina let out a relieved sigh, “Oh good, I was afraid something else would go wrong.”

“Were you?” Amelia asked, “You seemed pretty pleased when I was the size of a doll.”

“W – well…” Ina’s face burst into red, “I mean… You know… That was pretty hot and all…”

Of course, Ina was a sputtering mess afterwards. It was cute, and a reason Amelia adored her so much. She couldn’t hold it, and she leaned forward to kiss her, which Ina melted right into. Afterwards, Amelia whispered into her ear, “Save some spells for next time, there’s probably more in that book, right?”

Ina’s eyes bulged as Amelia just laughed as she walked out of the room, calling out something about taking a shower. Ina was left alone, and honestly far too excited about future prospects. Her eyes wandered back to AO-chan, and a crooked smile crossed her lips.

If the Ancient Ones knew exactly what she was planning to do with the book, they’d be weeping as she read each and every page, fantasies running through her mind.