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Fit for a Prince

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Tweaking his double-breasted jacket, Robert gave himself a once over in the mirror. The mirror that stood proudly in the glistening grand entrance of the palace he was born and raised in, mocking him as he rubbed his eyes dry of tears. Of any sign of weakness. He straightened himself out, loosened his shoulders and exhaled. 

He was Robert flaming Sugden; he wasn’t going to let some prejudiced tyrant floor him.

Not today.

He turned to face the double doors in the corner of the hall where King Jack waited on the other side. Actually, seethed seemed more appropriate. Robert could just picture him burning a hole in the carpet with his freshly polished dress shoes, wondering where it all went wrong. 


Earlier that day...

Robert’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as Aaron’s lips left little wet patches from his neck to his navel, the gruff man’s fist gliding up and down his slick cock. The parting of Robert’s lips grew as his head rolled back onto the pillow. Aaron’s mouth was pure bliss and it hadn’t even reached the spot where Robert most desired it yet.

Unlike a sloppy hand job, squished together in the backseat of Robert’s Porsche, or a frantic fuck on the floor of some derelict barn somewhere deep in the palace grounds as they fought off the cold, this time was slow. This time was fluid. Aaron took his time to explore every freckle, dimple and birthmark on Robert’s body whilst they soaked up each other's warmth on a king size bed fit for a… well, a king. Or, in this case, a prince. Life couldn’t get much better than this.

Robert pouted when Aaron detached himself from him and slid off the edge of the bed to take a swig of beer. Aaron’s tongue darted out to lick his top lip as he tossed the empty bottle in the wicker bin by the nightstand and swiftly returned himself to Robert’s side, continuing what they’d started. 

“I forgot beer’s your one true love,” Robert said. Aaron just let a huff of air escape his nostrils, his hand finding its way back over to Robert’s impatient cock.

Robert manoeuvred himself up slightly so that he was on top of Aaron and his lips nibbled, sucked and grazed at Aaron’s neck unapologetically, motivated by the drop of Aaron’s jaw and the hot breaths it emitted. Aaron’s hand only left Robert’s cock to cup his own growing bulge through the stiff denim of his jeans.

“Think we should get rid of these,” Robert panted, tugging at the material. Whilst he was gloriously naked, the summer breeze that swirled around his balcony coming through the crack in the door and nipping at his skin, Aaron was still covered from head to toe. That just wouldn’t do. He rolled off of Aaron, allowing the younger man to strip under Robert’s intense gaze as his cheeks flushed crimson.


Afterwards, as they lay there basking in their release, Aaron and Robert found solace in tangling themselves up together. The rich silk of Robert's sheets was chilling on Aaron's bare skin and he sighed, feathering the tips of his fingers up and down Robert's thigh. 

"So, what now?" he asked.

"My Dad's attending a dinner party later on, you can sneak out after he leaves."

"Just like that. Never changes, does it?" 

Robert turned to face Aaron, his fringe bouncing on his forehead. "Please don't make this any harder."

"You say that every time," Aaron said. Robert leant impossibly closer, his breath tickling Aaron's pores.

"It- it's how it has to be."



"You're a coward," Aaron spat. He was hurting and it projected right onto Robert like a missile. 

If Robert's voice faltered or cracked, he tried his best to not let it show. "Don't say that. I think I have a right to feel the way I do, given what I have to lose."

Aaron frowned. "What? The inheritance? A few motors? Or your family who you don't give a toss about anyway?"

"It's you," Robert said, a little louder than necessary but Aaron didn't flinch. He just had this pitiful look drawn onto his face that Robert had seen one too many times. "Coming out, it'd– I like it being just me and you. That will be over the second this gets out. And I know you value your privacy, Aaron, so I'm sorry if not coming out yet makes me selfish but I am thinking of you. Just not in the way you want."

Aaron lay there in silence, his eyes trained on the intricate details in the ceiling. He understood, he did. Coming out wasn't a walk in the park, it was like a never-ending, baking walk through the desert that leaves you with a spinning head and lips drier than the cracked ground beneath your feet. Where the only thing on the horizon for miles and miles is sand, sky and sun, no matter which way you face.

He studied Robert’s face. He watched the freckles come alive under the ray of daylight, the twitch of Robert’s lips as he fought to stop them from down-turning, and the little quiver Robert’s chin always did whenever he was on the verge of tears. Robert’s mouth parted to let out a sigh and his breath danced about in the jilted atmosphere. 

The duvet rustled as Aaron sat up, his chest a sight that Robert’s eyes would never get tired of. Aaron’s eyes shifted about uncomfortably. “Look, Robert, I know it’s not easy but– but it might not be as bad as you think. Years and years ago, maybe, but now? And I don't care! I don't care about me, I'm already out.”

Robert huffed, pulling a face that resembled a sulking child.

"I do give a toss about my family, by the way," he murmured, shifting himself so that he was level with Aaron. "Deep down."

Aaron gave a half-hearted smile. "I'm not gonna force you to do anything, Robert. But promise me you won't put it off because you're scared I couldn’t handle it."

"Let's just enjoy the rest of the day," Robert said, nuzzling his nose in Aaron's hair and breathing in the scent of the younger man's shampoo.

He closed his eyes and his lips met Aaron’s for the umpteenth time that day.

The funny thing is Robert almost sensed his father’s presence before he heard it speeding down the halls like a freight train. It crashed into Robert’s door with a moan.

“For goodness sake, lad, it’s mid-afternoon. What are you still–” 

And suddenly Robert’s inability to get out of bed on his day off was the least of Jack’s worries.


Back in the present…

Robert’s had a hand on each door handle when Victoria appeared by his side, just like that. Robert could swear that girl was a phantom

“Dad’s fuming with ya,” she said, one eye on the door as the other eyed up her brother for gossip. “What have you done?”

Robert bowed his head. “Nothing, Vic. I haven’t done anything this time. But thanks for assuming.”

“C’mon, Rob. Don’t be like that. I’m sure whatever it is–”

“Dad caught me with someone.”

Vic tittered. “Is that it? Join the club.”

Robert chose to ignore his sister’s revelation and dragged her away from the steaming ears of his dad, back over to the grand ol’ mirror where he’d started. 

The man staring back at him was the proud result of Aaron’s snaking hands and searing mouth, still fresh in his mind little under an hour later. His jacket was crumpled from being discarded on his floor, his hair had gone wild and his cheeks were rouge. 

He cleared his throat. “It was a man.”

“Right,” Vic said, her mouth agape as Robert’s words stayed out there. “I– Okay, is it a one night thing or…”


Victoria could hear her brother’s smile in just that one small word and that was enough for her.


Robert was a fan of cop shows. He loved watching detectives break a suspect down to dust. Sometimes all it would take is for the first question to be the right question and the criminal would snap before they had even started to fray. Other times, they played it cool, keeping a poker face whilst they were silently unravelling beneath the surface. Robert liked to think that if he was ever in that position he would be the latter.

“What is it with you, eh?” Jack pinched the bridge of his nose as he brought Robert back into the room. “Are you trying to send me to an early grave?”

Robert didn't dare answer that question.

“So you’ve decided that all the poor women who have inexplicably thrown themselves at you weren’t enough so now you’ve moved onto men?” Jack spouted, Sarah shaking her head at him from across the kitchen island.

Robert’s mum put a finger and a thumb either side of his chin and lifted his head up. “It’s alright, sweetheart. It’s just a shock, that’s all.”

“I can’t talk to you about this.”

“Where’d you meet him then?” Vic chimed in from her spot on the counter, unbothered as her legs dangled to and fro'. 

Robert looked at her then back at his mum. It was like looking at the same person. This warm, caring individual who only wanted him to be happy. “He’s a friend of Nicole’s.”

“Nicole? Isn’t she that tart Dad tried to set you up with the other month?”

“Victoria!” Sarah tutted.

Robert only wished he had stuck around to see the look on Jack’s face when he realised how spectacularly the blind date he’d set his son up with last Spring had backfired. 

Instead, in his true fashion, he ran. One measly question had cracked him.