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Twin Love Panic

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Hazawa Residence

Tsugumi’s parents weren’t there when she finally made it home. She expected as much, given Tsugumi had told them that she wouldn’t be back until well after dark, and they had taken the opportunity to go out for the night.

It was also the only reason she had been willing to—in a snap decision—invite Sayo and Hina to walk home with her when the train reached her usual stop. She had been apprehensive enough about just introducing Hina as her girlfriend to her parents. And while Sayo might certainly benefit from the comparison, adding in a second girlfriend wasn’t going to make things any easier for Tsugumi.

The idea still felt foreign to Tsugumi. It had been hard enough to imagine both of the Hikawa twins falling in love with her, but to… share… her like this? Well, Tsugumi could fantasize, but to think such a thing could actually happen was something else altogether.

It had been a wild past few hours for Tsugumi. A wild past week, more accurately. She was willing to accept anything at this point, if she could box up those painful and embarrassing memories without Sayo and Hina learning what an idiot she had been.

“Are you sure this is alright, Tsugumi?” Sayo asked, as Tsugumi collected their coats, “Your parents won’t mind?”

“Don’t worry, Sayo, it’s not like you two are complete strangers,” Tsugumi said, side-stepping the question of whether her parents would approve of her being alone at home with both her girlfriends. Or even having multiple girlfriends to begin with.

“Yeah! Your mom is really cool, Tsugu-chan,” Hina nodded in agreement, “I met up with her at the cafe a few times. She helped out a lot when I told her about my plans to confess!”

“See Sayo? You two are—” Tsugumi started, before her brain fully processed an entire dose of Hina, “…Wait, Hina-senpai, you told what to—”

“—How about you show us your room, Tsugumi?” Sayo cut in, having had more than enough nonsense for one night, “I have to admit I’m a bit curious.”

The way Sayo stretched out those last few words evoked certain memories in Tsugumi. The feeling of danger Tsugumi felt back then, they hadn’t entirely faded away. The kisses, the touches. Even now knowing Hina didn’t mind, Tsugumi wasn’t sure how she felt about it all herself. Maybe Tsugumi hadn’t quite understood Sayo’s view of things at the time, but her core motivations were all too clear.

If Tsugumi took a girl like that into her room, then she was all but sending an invitation. Was that something Tsugumi wanted to do? Not as part of some ill-conceived fantasy scenario, but with the actual Sayo, who loved her—and also quite clearly wanted her.

“That sounds great, let’s go!” Hina said, lacing her fingers between Tsugumi’s, nodding to Sayo to take up the other side.

Tsugumi led them down the hall, trying not to think about how terrible an idea this was. That maybe her parents would be right to object to her bringing home a pair of girls who had invited her out alone for a night of “stargazing” like that. While Tsugumi ran off too quickly to find out how the girls had intended for the night to go, even Hina seemed to only put a token effort into her hobby, before dropping pretenses.

Tsugumi took a deep breath as she reached her bedroom door. It had never intimidated her quite like this before. She let go of Hina’s hand, and opened the door.

Hazawa Residence - Tsugumi’s Room

She had left a real mess behind. A manga volume lying flat on her desk, chair not pushed in—she had even forgotten to put the pen she had been using earlier back with the others. Tsugumi surreptitiously picked up her school bag, dropped carelessly on the floor in front of her dresser, trying to hang it up on its hook before Sayo or Hina noticed.

“Wow, Tsugu-chan!” Hina gushed, hopping for the bed, “Your room is so boppin’. I love your pillows!”

Tsugumi glanced towards the bed, keeping her features measured. Of course, it was perfectly normal for a high school girl to have a pillow in the shape of a pig, lying on her bed. Completely different from a stuffed animal she had owned since she was five.

“Hm,” Sayo nodded as she took in the small space, “it suits you, Tsugumi.”

Tsugumi started to relax, seeing the twins’ reactions. To begin with, it was a bit silly to think two girls who loved her enough to consider dating her together would change their minds over something so trivial.

That left only the other reason for Tsugumi’s panic.

Hina had flopped back onto the bed, grabbing hold of a heart-shaped pillow. Tsugumi had never thought anything of it before, but seeing it pressed up against her—against her girlfriend’s chest—it certainly made Hina’s pose much more provocative. Sayo caught her staring, and tilted her head towards Hina in unasked question.

“So… I’m sorry about running off like that,” Tsugumi said, reaching for a distraction, “I’m sure you two were looking forward to, er, stargazing tonight.”

“Ah, Tsugu-chan,” Hina said, rising to a seated position on the bed, “We’re girlfriends now, we can do stuff like that all the time! No need to worry.”

“Hina’s right,” Sayo said, Tsugumi all too aware of how rarely she must say such a thing, “it’s more important that we talk about what went wrong, about how we can do better. It hurts to think that you felt like your only choice was to run, that you couldn’t trust us to listen.”

The idea also hurt Tsugumi, she realized at that moment. She had been all too eager to forget about the mess of this past week. A convenient ending for her, but one that left Hina, and especially Sayo, in the dark about why she had acted the way she had. Would she really shut them out here? Lie to them, even? To save her own pride, more than anything else. It struck Tsugumi now as a selfish choice. But not one she was stuck with…

Tsugumi sat down on the bed next to Hina, and beckoned Sayo to join her. Her bed wasn’t designed for three people by any means, but there was enough space along the side, at least if they squeezed in a little. Tsugumi then pointedly stopped thinking about the logistics of sharing a bed with the Hikawa twins—before it headed in its inevitable direction.

“I might have, maybe,” Tsugumi started, Sayo and Hina each taking one of her hands in theirs, “never realized I was supposed to be dating Sayo too…”

Hina had been leaning in close, contrasting Sayo’s look of concern with the raw curiosity that she always held, even in the least appropriate of moments. Tsugumi’s words caught her off guard, to the point that Hina toppled forward into her.

“Tsugu-chan?” Hina shouted, pushing down on the other girl’s shoulders to right herself, “Why wouldn’t you want to date Onee-chan? She’s amazing, and attractive, and if you’re really good and don’t disturb her when she’s practicing she’ll even take you out for ice cream sometimes!”

Luckily, Tsugumi was saved from the bulldozer that was Hina by the sister in question, Sayo grabbing Hina beneath the ribs and prying her off.

“I believe what Tsugumi was trying to say,” Sayo said, forcing Hina to look her in the eye, “was that someone never actually let her know about our discussion. What we agreed to that night. You remember, that thing she was ‘totally 100% thrilled’ about?”

Hina opened her mouth to defend herself, then stopped short, fidgeting under the gazes of Sayo and now Tsugumi as well.

“But I definitely did, Onee-chan,” Hina protested weakly, “I might have got a bit excited and distracted kissing Tsugu-chan, but I’m sure I mentioned you before that. She was super happy about it all!”

“You ‘mentioned’ me, Hina?” Sayo’s eyes narrowed, “As in, you told Tsugumi that we both wanted to date her, and were comfortable with sharing her together? And Tsugumi clearly indicated she understood this, before you ‘got a bit excited and distracted’?”

Hina glanced towards Tsugumi, knowing there was no right way to answer such a question. Tsugumi herself tried and failed to recall anything Hina said that might have been an invitation into a relationship, the like of which she was only familiar with through the sort of manga that wouldn’t be found on a display shelf. But Hina’s words were often hard to untangle, and Tsugumi had also been, say, “a bit excited and distracted” at the time.

Sayo let out a beleaguered breath, “Do you have any idea how all of this must have looked to Tsugumi? I kissed her! Multiple times! And she thought she was only dating you…”

“Hmm…” Hina considered her sister’s words, slipping out of her grip to look closer at Tsugumi, still splayed out over the bed, “I guess that would be confusing. If I thought I was only dating Tsugu-chan, and Onee-chan started kissing me, I wouldn’t know what to do either.”

Tsugumi stared back at Hina, putting aside the strange comparison to focus on her girlfriend’s clear forgiveness—or indifference, perhaps—of whatever transgressions she and Sayo might have made together. She still felt like she should have done better by Hina, regardless of how things turned out in the end. But it had been an exhausting day and Tsugumi didn’t expect Hina to care, even if she did manage to explain why what she had done was wrong.

“Hina-senpai, I know you don’t want an apology,” Tsugumi started, sitting up and climbing to her feet, “so I want to say ‘thank you’. You’re a wonderful girlfriend, and I promise I’ll try my best to be one too. And Sayo… I’m really sorry. I know you don’t blame me, but I still hurt you, and assumed the absolute worst of your… intentions.”

“Tsugumi, you don’t have to—” Sayo stopped, shaking her head in defeat, “It’s fine, Tsugumi, we all made mistakes. If I had just asked properly if you were comfortable kissing me, like I should have, things would never have gotten this far. But those mistakes are behind us now, and we’re all still okay.”

Tsugumi smiled at Sayo, relieved to finally have the whole truth out there. Hina nodded along, all too eager to let Sayo shift the blame away from her own initial mistake. But Sayo was right, nobody here was perfect, not even Hina, and what mattered most was that they could be together now. Lay this whole mess to rest.

“So, Tsugumi…” Sayo continued, taking Tsugumi by the hand, “if it isn’t too late to ask, could I kiss you? It’s been a very trying day, and it would be nice to end it by doing things right this time.”

Some stupid part of Tsugumi’s brain wished Sayo had just kissed her. It turned out it was pretty embarrassing to have her girlfriend ask something like that. Especially in front of her other girlfriend. But then some other stupid part of her brain interjected with the first response that came to mind.

“Something tells me you want to end the day with more than just kissing…” Tsugumi half-joked, half-recalled how Sayo had failed to restrain herself in the middle of CiRCLE’s lobby, paying little mind to the handful of other stragglers still hanging around after the show. It felt much less like a joke as soon as she said the words out loud, but by then it was too late.

To her credit, Sayo at least acted taken aback by the implication, but she wasn’t particularly quick with a denial.

“Well, um…” Sayo gained a sudden interest in Tsugumi’s hands, looking down to where their fingers intertwined, “...I’m asking because I care about your answer Tsugumi. I don’t want to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Not again.”

With that, things were squarely within Tsugumi’s court again. No one else could decide what she wanted. Not Sayo, not Hina, not her parents. She could safely keep things to harmless kissing tonight. She could refuse to go even that far. But Tsugumi had spent long enough denying what she wanted when it came to Sayo.

“I’m not a delicate flower, Sayo,” Tsugumi sighed, “I might have run from you before, but don’t mistake my reasons. If anything, I ran because I liked what you did a bit too much. So, my only question is… what do you want to do to me?”

“—Ah, that’s easy!” Hina chimed in, apparently growing bored of watching passively from the sidelines, “Onee-chan wants to fuck you! She’s a bit obvious about it…”

“I mean—you see…” Sayo stammered a protest that wasn’t much of a refutation, before letting out a sigh of her own, “…Yeah, um, more or less what Hina said. I’m fine with taking things slowly if—”

“—Sayo, just fucking kiss me already,” Tsugumi demanded, lifting a hand to pull her in by the collar, “and then I’ll decide how slowly I can stand to take things tonight.”

Left without any reason to hold back, Sayo closed the last few inches between them, claiming Tsugumi’s lips. It wasn’t their first kiss, or even their second, but it felt special all the same. For the first time, Tsugumi could fully appreciate Sayo’s taste, without panic or guilt, without Hina’s shadow cast over it.

Well, without Hina’s figurative shadow, at least. Hina was captivated by the sight of her girlfriend and her sister making out in front of her, leaning in close, before Sayo pushed her back with one hand.

Tsugumi didn’t really mind if Hina watched, though. That was probably strange, but Tsugumi was focused on more important matters. Like how Sayo’s fingers played across the back of her shoulders, itching to let her hands dip lower. Sayo had regained her passion from their earlier kisses, no longer afraid she might scare Tsugumi away with her desire. Tsugumi wanted her, and she sure as fuck wanted Tsugumi.

Tsugumi let her eyes close as Sayo pushed her down on top of the bed. The force of Sayo’s lust was so much more pronounced, pressing her into the mattress. It made her excited, that a girl like Sayo would direct her need toward Tsugumi. She still didn’t quite understand why either of the Hikawa twins had chosen her, but the attention was certainly appreciated.

“So, Tsugu-chan,” Hina’s voice greeted her, inches from her ear, “what do you think? Onee-chan really wants to do it with you…”

Sayo backed off with some reluctance, giving Tsugumi a chance to catch her breath, and maybe gather her thoughts as well. Hina lying on the bed next to her started to drive home some of the rather basic mechanics of what this would entail. Tsugumi barely had time to process having two girlfriends to begin with. Would they… all three of them… together?

Tsugumi rolled onto her side, coming face to face with Hina, their noses nearly touching. She didn’t imagine Hina planned on discreetly stepping out of the room if she and Sayo went further. And of the few remaining possibilities, Tsugumi might actually prefer to assume Hina wanted to join in. Hina standing back and watching her kiss Sayo was one thing, but much more than that and such interest rapidly grew less endearing.

“Hina-senpai,” Tsugumi at last said to her, meeting the other girl’s gaze, “my answer isn’t all we’re waiting for. It might sound a bit silly, but I’d be more comfortable… with both of you, together. Is that—is that alright?”

It wasn’t as if, certain illicit fantasies excepted, Tsugumi had much time to think about the three of them… all having sex like this. But it didn’t feel right, choosing either girl, and leaving out the other. She didn’t want Sayo to feel like she was losing to her sister once again, but it also felt unfair ignoring Hina to that end.

In lieu of a reply, Hina leaned forward, taking Tsugumi into another kiss. Her lips were just as soft as before, but the promise of what was to come next made the act feel so much more erotic. Hina’s parting lips always felt like an invitation to Tsugumi, but never in such an impure manner as they did now. It was finally sinking in that two of the hottest girls she knew were on her bed, determined to take her. That she had just asked them to do so.

Hina, unphased by the situation, bounced up and away from the kiss, leaning back as she took in Tsugumi lying on top of the bed, and her sister still half on top of her girlfriend.

“Is it alright?” Hina laughed, “You, me, and Onee-chan, all having sex together? That sounds, like, totally extra boppin’!”

Restraining laughter with minor effort, Tsugumi sat up, pushing Sayo back onto her feet. Sayo had already made her intent quite clear, with some help from Hina. But Tsugumi could quite pin down how she felt about her sister continuing to help for the rest of the night. Had they discussed this sort of thing at all? Or was Sayo, like her, only now realizing the difference between sharing a girlfriend in the abstract sense, and the absolutely physical one.

“Well then, what the hell are we waiting for?” Sayo smiled, slipping behind Tsugumi, wrapping her arms around her sides, hands landing on her chest. No, she was unfastening Tsugumi’s top buttons. This was really, actually happening.

In one last flash of clarity, Tsugumi reached behind the small pile of pillows, and quickly tossed a certain pig down over the edge of the bed, landing somewhere on the ground out of view. Having her on the bed felt way too weird, making her watch something like this.

Then Hina kissed her again. Pushing her deeper into Sayo’s embrace. Hina’s tongue weaved around hers, demanding and needy. Hina was never one for shame, but Tsugumi was still surprised by how quickly she had fallen into a stream of immodest moans, asking her for more without words.

Sayo’s fingers continued to work, in the space between where Hina and Tsugumi’s bodies pressed together. As her hands drifted down as she progressed, lower and lower, she began peppering small kisses near the base of Tsugumi’s neck. Much lighter than Hina’s efforts, but the sensation was completely foreign to Tsugumi. The twins had taken her lips enough times that she no longer felt completely lost, but she was helpless to respond to Sayo seeking out every inch of exposed skin.

Hina’s hands moved to fill the empty space above Sayo’s, playing with the bow of Tsugumi’s shirt. The girls encompassed Tsugumi from all directions, her body starting to writhe under their attentions. Tsugumi thought she should be doing something, anything, as Sayo and Hina explored her with a confidence she sorely lacked. But she didn’t even know where to begin, it was all too overwhelming.

A last button came undone, Sayo’s hands ran back up her sides, lifting the knitted fabric up off her shoulders, parting the two halves. Hina moved from Tsugumi’s lips to her cheeks, planting wet kisses on each one in turn. Sayo tugged her arms back hard, fighting with the sleeves. Hina leaned forward, wrapping her legs around Tsugumi’s lap to close the distance between them.

Tsugumi was caught perfectly between them, Sayo behind her, Hina in front of her. Hina’s hands pressed into her chest, both for support and to feel at the thin cloth of Tsugumi’s shirt. It was like when Sayo had touched her, after the concert that night. Stuck in place, helplessly growing aroused. But she didn’t need to run this time. This was fine, she was fine.

She did her best to twist her arms out of her sleeves, but Sayo was too close against her back, Hina gave her no space to move. She couldn’t do anything except let them press onward. Kiss her, touch her. She couldn’t move—

“—Tsugumi!” she heard a voice shouting out. It was too loud, too close. Tsugumi leaned away from the noise—and promptly collapsed onto the bed.

Tsugumi pushed away a random pillow from her face, disoriented by the sudden lack of weight on her. Her arms were free, her legs were free. Her breathing was ragged. Sayo and Hina were trying to say something to her.

“Tsugu-chan? Tsugu-chan? Are you okay?” another voice asked. Probably Hina.

Tsugumi wasn’t sure. She didn’t even know what went wrong to begin with. What was there to be scared of here, in her own room, with two people who loved her?

“Tsugumi,” Sayo said, her voice soft and far away, “if something’s wrong, you only need to tell us. You know that, right?”

Someone was stroking her arm. It felt nice. Tsugumi couldn’t say anything. Couldn’t explain herself. Sayo and Hina had been absolutely wonderful, up to the moment when she panicked. What must Sayo have thought, to see Tsugumi struggling to get away from her yet again, after everything finally seemed to be okay?

Tsugumi said nothing. She lay there, half draped over the bed, the heart-shaped pillow Hina had found earlier somehow making its way into her arms. She hugged it close to her chest and shut her eyes. Breathed in. Breathed out. Let Sayo run her fingers through her hair. Or was it Hina?

“Pushing yourself is no good, Tsugu-chan,” Hina said, fingers drifting down Tsugumi’s arm, clasping onto her hand, “There’s no way Onee-chan and I would want to do something if you didn’t like it.”

Tsugumi appreciated the sentiment. She was glad Sayo and Hina wanted to make sure she was okay. She hated the fact she wasn’t, though. She wanted to make her girlfriends happy. To touch them, to please them. All those desires, without the courage to act. She couldn’t even manage taking a passive role.

“I do want to, Hina-senpai, I just don’t know how,” Tsugumi said, squeezing the pillow in her arms even tighter, “I couldn’t do all the things you and Sayo knew to do. I couldn’t handle it all. And then I couldn’t even move…”

She felt inadequate, admitting as much. But Tsugumi had always felt inadequate, and Sayo and Hina fell in love with her all the same.

“Hmm… Tsugu-chan doesn’t know what to do…” Hina sounded deep in thought, before she let out a sharp gasp, “I’ve got it! We can practice on Onee-chan!”

Tsugumi opened her eyes, turning to stare at Hina.

“Eh?” she heard Sayo echo her own reaction.

“You didn’t like it when we were going too fast for you and you felt lost,” Hina explained, “If you take the lead, though, we’ll definitely keep at a pace you’re comfortable with.”

“H-Hina-senpai,” Tsugumi protested, blushing at the mental images of her taking the lead on Sayo, “I can’t. I just told you I have no idea what to do. Not like you or Sayo.”

“So what?” Hina asked, “That’s why it’s practice. I’ll be there to help you out, to lead you through leading.”

Sayo at least had the courtesy to act embarrassed at Hina’s suggestion, giving her a strange look. But she didn’t reject the idea outright. Tsugumi had to admit Sayo’s face looked cute like that. It made her want to see what other faces she could have Sayo make, with Hina’s help.

“Alright,” Tsugumi nodded, though she could hardly believe it, “I think I can handle that much.”

“It’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard…” Sayo accepted with a sigh, moving back a bit to the far corner of the bed, where the headboard met the wall.

Hina’s eyes lit up, pulling Tsugumi up to a seated position on her knees, before taking position to the right of Sayo.

“Over here, Tsugu-chan!” Hina beckoned her, patting the covers on the other side of her sister, “Don’t worry so much, Onee-chan is going to love this.”

Tsugumi obeyed, climbing over Sayo’s outstretched legs, mirroring Hina’s position. Sayo’s eyes darted back and forth between her sister and her girlfriend, noticeably less prepared to be on the receiving end of things.

“Let’s get started, then,” Hina said, bouncing in place as she tried to contain herself, “Onee-chan is super pretty and kind of scary, so it’s alright to be a bit nervous at first. But we can start at the top and work our way down. Does that sound good?”

Tsugumi nodded, unable to disagree with Hina’s rather odd assessment of her sister’s looks, but uncertain beyond that. She hoped Hina’s plan was a bit more concrete than this. It was easy to forget how terrible she was at teaching things, but Tsugumi really couldn’t handle trying to struggle through any of Hina’s bizarre explanations, not tonight. This was already embarrassing enough, without needing to stop and ask Hina for further clarification.

“In that case,” Hina said, inspecting the collar of Sayo’s shirt, “Onee-chan, you’re a bit overdressed for our needs.”

“Eh? Oh, I—sure, Hina,” Sayo managed to reply, finding interest in a blank section of wall as she let Hina reach for the top button of her shirt.

“Now, Tsugu-chan, it’s actually really simple,” Hina explained, working through the second of Sayo’s buttons with great efficiency, pulling her collar open, “When you love someone, you want to kiss and touch them all over. But some places will make them feel better than others. Like this—”

“Wait, Hina, what—?” Sayo’s eyes widened as Hina dipped her head down, only to shut tight when Hina’s lips found her collarbone. An unconscious groan escaped her lips, as Hina nipped and licked across her bare skin.

Tsugumi sat there transfixed, watching Sayo’s face screw up with pleasure, a hand over her mouth. Hina’s practical demonstration continued as she slipped a hand down her sister’s open collar, only faint imprints of fingers beneath the fabric giving Tsugumi any hint of what exactly she was doing.

Was… was this okay? Tsugumi was an only child, but even with no firsthand experience she could confidently say most sisters didn’t want to—how to say it—fuck each other through their clothes. Hina’s obsession with Sayo made the sight not quite as shocking as it might have been, she had always been eager to please her sister… Tsugumi had just always assumed there would be reasonable limits to that. As if Hina knew the definition of the term.

That still left the question of what Sayo was thinking. The girl wasn’t voicing any complaints right now, not by any means, but Tsugumi knew better than to take such things at face value. A pretty girl like Hina—or Sayo—doing things to you. Kissing you. Touching you. It could feel good despite whatever else you might be feeling. Distractingly so, paralyzingly so. Speaking up, pushing back, that was hard. It was so much easier to give up, to let it happen… or watch it happen.

“Sayo… Hina-senpai…” Tsugumi said, not as loud as she had hoped. A part of her didn’t want Hina to stop, to end the lurid display in front of her.

“Eh? Tsugu-chan?” Hina looked up, hand still inside her sister’s shirt, “Did you want me to repeat something? I kind of forgot you were there, towards the end…”

Sayo recovered after several frazzled breaths, straightening her posture and gently guiding Hina’s hand away from her chest. She didn’t look mad, or about to cry or anything. Tsugumi wasn’t sure if there was an expected response to being groped by your sister, in any case.

“Sayo…?” Tsugumi started, knowing the question had to be asked, if not precisely what the question was supposed to be.

Sayo avoided their eyes, looking downward, continuing to steady her breathing, in and out. She no doubt understood what Tsugumi was asking, and had no interest in answering.

“Onee-chan, what’s wrong?” Hina asked, leaning in close, hands on Sayo’s thigh, “Didn’t it feel good?”

“Hina-senpai, I—” Tsugumi attempted to produce an explanation, “You know it isn’t normal to want to, er, pleasure your sister like that, right?”

“Huh? But Onee-chan is so sexy and boppin’,” Hina said, looking Sayo up and down before turning to Tsugumi, “Who wouldn’t want to?”

It sounded so simple when Hina said it like that. Tsugumi personally felt the same way, when she looked at Sayo—though perhaps phrasing it differently. It threw her off, trying to figure out how to tell Hina that… her feelings were wrong? That she shouldn’t want her sister like that to begin with? That she should bury it all away?

Tsugumi’s eyes drifted back to Sayo. She still hadn’t said a word, sitting there, pointedly looking away from Hina.

“Sayo, you can talk to us, you know,” Tsugumi said, sitting beside her up against the wall, “Whatever you’re feeling, we want to know. Hina-senpai’s feelings might be… unconventional, but it’s still better that we know. If you don’t tell us how—”

“—There’s nothing to tell,” Sayo said at last, in a low voice, “Hina doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Sisters don’t—sisters aren’t supposed to feel that way. You can’t be taking her seriously, can you?”

“I can’t say I really understand Hina-senpai, I’ve never claimed to,” Tsugumi admitted, “But I don’t think I need to, not completely. She’s honest about how she feels, and that’s enough. I’ve learned quite well now, that denying what you feel, hiding it away… that doesn’t do anyone any good.”

Tsugumi brought Sayo’s arm to her chest, locking their hands together. She had no idea what to say. What she wanted to say.

“It hurt, you know,” she started, closing her eyes as she looked back on everything that had happened since Hina first kissed her, “Knowing that you loved me. That I maybe had feelings for you too. I couldn’t look past the idea that I was Hina-senpai’s girlfriend. That I had no choice but to push you away.”

Sayo looked vaguely guilty, as if she still blamed herself. But Tsugumi held fast to her hand, and pressed on.

“But, Sayo, when the truth came out, when I learned you both wanted to be my girlfriends,” she paused, glancing over to Hina, who had cautiously taken Sayo’s other hand, “It felt absolutely incredible. That was only possible because of you and Hina-senpai. Because of how much you cared for each other. That the two of you couldn’t bear the thought of choosing between your sister and me.”

Tsugumi watched Sayo’s expression. Hoped she was conveying her feelings. Hoped she wasn’t messing all of this up.

“Onee-chan,” Hina cut in, a rare serious streak in her tone, “Tsugumi said a bunch of things, and I didn’t quite get all of it. But I know you love me. Love me like I love you. I know you do.”

“Hina,” Sayo whispered, staring at where her fingers intertwined with her sister’s, “it’s not that simple, it can’t be—”

“I don’t know about any of that stuff, Onee-chan,” Hina smiled, looking Sayo in the eyes, “but all that overthinking is only making you miserable. So why not just forget about it all? Do what you really want? Please, Onee-chan?”

Sayo looked over to Tsugumi, searching for a voice of reason to bring her back to reality. To tell her how silly Hina was being. That it could never possibly work.

Tsugumi sighed, “Just fucking kiss her already.”