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A cookie.

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The festival is loud, but fun, yet too crowded.

Bruno was quickly becoming overwhelmed, after all it had only been three months since he had came back to society.

It's really too loud. The music is blaring,

He can't remember the festival name anymore- there's too many people and there's so much touching, and crowding, and suddenly he can't breath-

A hand wraps around his and he feels a familiar voice ring in his ear.

"Bruno?" He blinks a few times, looking over to the voice.



She squeezes his hand and looks at him with a worry he hasn't seen anyone have for him in years.

He feels air enter his lungs, and it's piercing.

He realizes he had paled, and he was being unresponsive.

"Uh- hey?" He says, quietly, not really knowing what to say in the situation.

She smiles, a little pity in it but it graced her features so nicely.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" She asks sweetly, and she's so mature for her age. She says it loudly, but it seems quiet in the bustle and music of the crowd.

He nods nervously, and she leads him.

He looks at their hands, which are joined and he feels so much better.

Despite them going through the big crowd of people, he feels safe, as if it's just him and Mirabel.

They eventually exit the crowd, and it feels like a breath of fresh air, he finally feels better and his nerves are going down.

She smiles at him with the sweetest gaze ever, and he can feel himself sweating.

Funny thing, the first thing he said to her in years was 'You're very sweaty', now he's the one on the giving end.

"Here, a cookie? If- If you want it of course" She clarifies, smiling and handing him a cookie with her other hand.

He blinks, looking at the cookie, and grabbing it gently.

"Uh.. thank you, Mira" He says, smiling and basically nibbling on it.

"Of course, Tio!" She says, and he flushes at the name.

Yes, he was her uncle but.. hearing her say it, it was really something different.

She used to call him 'Bruno' in the first month of him coming back, yet here she is, calling him 'Tio'.

"Want to go back to the casita?" She suggests, and he's thankful. It was still stressful to even be near the festival. He nods meekly.

He feels like he's a burden.

He sighs internally, just happy someone is able to put up with him.

Ever since he's returned, yes he was happy to be with his family again - but yet...

Most were still.. wary of him, you could say.

And he was still very, very awkward.

But Mirabel? She made efforts.

She wanted to be close with him, know more about him, and more.

He shouldn't be surprised though, as they were both the black sheep of the family.


When he's finished his cookie, and they're at the door of the casita, he looks down only to realize they're still holding hands.