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Murphy's law

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Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, will. Turns out, Murphy didn't lie.

Morgan had never considered her superpower particularly useful outside of being the perfect petty inconvenience to enact on her enemies. That was, until she watched a documentary on the sugar trade. Who knew that stuff practically ruled the world? And while, no, she couldn't alter the flavor profile of every batch of sugar in the world, she could strategically drive up the price in a certain area.

The plan was simple. Drain her savings to purchase as much stock as possible in a particular sugar company. Then, sabotage all the other competitor's supply in order to drive up the demand and therefore price of the company she owned stock in. Sure, she could have saved herself a lot of time and headache by just breaking in and threatening to ruin a company's sugar supply until they agreed to pay her an astronomical price. But Morgan was playing the long game.

Plus, she wasn't really trying to make a name or herself. She didn't want to be famous. She simply wanted to make enough money to pay off her student loans, and maybe have a nice downpayment to put towards a home someday. No, she'd leave the big heists to the professionals. Today she'd stick to the plan. Break in, alter the flavor profile of the sugar on hand, then skedaddle before anyone was the wiser.

At least, that was how it was supposed to go.

Morgan thought she had accounted for everything. Months of planning all leading up to this one night. It was fool-proof. She thought she'd accounted for everything. Everything except being caught in the crossfire of the most epic hero/villain battle of the century.

Another explosion rattled the warehouse, dislodging years of accumulated dust and dirt. It rained down her like the ash of Pompeii, mixing with the thick clouds of billowing smoke and clogging her airways. Coughing, she adjusted her ski mask to cover her nose and she tried to navigate her way through the chaos to the exit. Rounding a pallet of bagged sugar she found herself face to face with a masked hero.

For a wild second, they just stared at each other, both just as surprised by the other's presence. Then, he yelled. "Oi! He has an accomplice!"

"Accomplice?" The word had barely left her lips when the hero launched a glob of something dark and sticky at her. Her body moved on reflex alone, but she wasn't able to completely dodge the foreign substance. A portion of it making contact with the side of her mask and dripping down onto the shoulder of her jacket.

She hit the ground hard swearing as the fabric began to sizzle. Using the smoke to her advantage she army crawled behind a large wooded crate, the acidic goo burning her skin. She tore the mask and jacket off, hissing as an errant drop landed on her hand.

"Acid? Really?" She flung the offending articles of clothing away from her as she tried to catch her breath. What did the hero mean by accomplice? And who was 'he'?

The shuffling of feet had spine going ridged. "We know you're back there!" The acid hero called. "Come out with your hands up!"

She swore again, letting her head fall back against the wooden crate with a dull thud. Maybe if she surrendered now she could talk her way out of it? There was no way to prove that she'd messed with the sugar, so could they really charge her with anything aside from breaking and entering? Was it possible she could lie her way out of this?

"You have to the count of three and we're coming back there!" The acid hero called, again. "One. Two. The-"

"Wait!" She jumped to her feet, holding her hands up in a sign of surrender. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were heroes. Please, I need help. I-I was just working late when there was an explosion. I don't know what's going on."

The acid hero looked at his partner with an unreadable expression before eyeing her suspiciously. "If you're an employee, then why were you wearing a ski mask?"


He raised his hands like a weapon. "Get the cuffs."

"No wait!" She took a step back and coughed as the smoke grew thicker. "Okay, look. I did break in, but I swear I'm not a part of," she gestured around the room," whatever this is. I just wanted to pay off my student loans."

Morgan would never know if her plea had touched their hearts or not, because at that exact moment another explosion detonated directly over them. The roof buckled beneath the weight of the blast opening up like the jaws of a great beast. She and the heroes dove in separate directions, each trying to avoid being skewed with by the twisted metal beams that came crashing to the ground.

She groaned which set of another round of coughing. Thankfully, with the collapse off the roof allowed for some of the smoke to escape into the night, but as the smoke settled she caught sight of a tall silhouette standing in the middle the room, the image of which was enough to send her stomach plummeting to her toes.

There was only one man who possessed such broad shoulders, tapering down to a trim waist. One man, who's backside looked as if it was sculpted by the gods. Only one man who's dark perfectly tousled locks were recognizable enough to strike fear into the mightiest of heroes.

S Tier.

What was a supervillain like S Tier doing here?

She didn't have time to dwell on the impossibility of it, because at that moment he began to turn and the small movement was enough to send her leaping to her feet and taking off a full sprint. Spending the rest of her life in jail would be a kinder alternative than facing his wrath and she wasn't about about to stick around long enough to discover what had made him angry enough to tear the literal roof off a building.

Unfortunately, her sudden movement only served to draw the attention of the villain. And in a blink he was in front of her, a six foot something wall of grade a supervillain looming over her like an actual nightmare. Something like a strangled scream worked its way out of her throat as she tried to stop herself from colliding with him. But her momentum was too strong and a little oof was forced from her lungs when she bounced off his chest.

The hard concrete floor was there to break her fall, the impact jarring her elbows as she threw her hands back to catch herself. She scrambled backwards in an awkward version of a crab walk, eyes wide and mouth agape as she followed to contours of his body to his face. Her gaze briefly caught on his lip, curled up on one side in a cruel smirk, before traveling up to his sharp hawk-like nose. Like a car wreck, she found herself unable look away. Her eyes moving on their own accord as they finally finally met his.

Yellow slitted eyelids pinned her in place sucking the air from her lungs and all rational thought from her brain. Terror, wild and unrelenting gripped her very soul. Not because she had drawn the attention of the world's most notorious supervillain, but because his eyes were yellow.

If you had asked Morgan what the color yellow looked a few seconds ago, she'd tell you that she had no idea--that, and it was a really inappropriate time to be questioning her about colors. For the entirety of her life before that moment her world had only consisted of varying shades of black, white, and grey. As did everyone who hadn't met their soulmate. Even now, as she sat there contemplating every horrible life choice that had lead her to this exact moment she couldn't tell you how she knew the name of the color of his cat-like eyes, but the terrible truth was, it could only mean one thing.

S Tier, the world's most notorious supervillain, was her soulmate.

For a few brief terrible moments they could only stare at each other. Then, he moved. With an unexplainable feline grace he slowly lowered himself to kneel before her, one arm coming up to reach for her with long elegant fingers. She shrank away from them, fully expecting for these to be her last moments on earth. He paused at that, dark brows furrowing in confusion before he tried again.

Morgan felt like a rabbit frozen beneath the razor sharp gallons of a bird of prey and she squeezed her eyes shut, preparing for the deathblow. It was said that there was no limit the super powers S Tier possessed and while she didn't know if that were true, she silently prayed that whatever means he used to end her would be swift and painless. Death. That's what she was expecting, not the gentle caress of those long elegant fingers against her cheek.

Her eyes few open, heart hammering so loudly that there was no way he couldn't hear it. A strange tingling warmth spread out from beneath his fingertips as he trailed them down her neck and to her shoulder, stopping only when they reached her burned flesh. Distantly she realized he had drawn a line between the burns, but she was too focused on the way his gaze focused on her shoulder with an intensity so strong that she wondered if he might be drilling a hole through her.

"Who?" he asked, in a low voice that somehow sent icy shivers down her spine while simultaneously causing something hot to pool in her middle.

S Tier wasn't the kind of man you just didn't answer, but the only thing she could could manage in response was a strangled choking noise in the back of her throat. His unusual eyes flicked up to hers, the wrinkle between his brow growing more pronounced.

"Who did this to you?" he clarified and she couldn't decide if her soul was going to flee her body or if she was going to literally melt into a puddle on the floor.

Was both an option?

"A-acid." She swallowed past the lump in her throat, willing her tongue to cooperate. "A hero with acid."

At that exact moment a glob of that same acid was hurdled towards him, but he merely reached out and caught it, as if it were nothing more than a child's errant ball--his eyes never leaving hers.

Okay, but why was that kind of hot?

S Tier looked down at the dark goo, hissing and sizzling in his hand. He inspected idly, like it was a bothersome bug and not a flesh eating weapon currently burning through his skin. Morgan watched with morbid curiosity as something dark flashed across his features, his attention finally turning to the group of heroes spread out in a half circle behind her.

Then, he exploded.

Well, not like physically, but more of a vengeful, universe shattering, apocalyptic, type of holy terror the likes of which the world has never seen, kind of thing.

But Morgan didn't stick around to see just how powerful he was. Nor did she look back as the screams of the dying heroes cut through the night air like a banshies wail. Nope. She booked it out of the building faster than she ever thought possible. Her muscles fueled by the kind off adrenaline old ladies used to hoist semi-trucks off their trapped grandchildren.

She ran out of the warehouse and into the streets, her shoes pounding on the pavement like the devil himself were after her. Maybe he was. She didn't waste precious seconds looking back to find out. Instead, she ran until her sides hurt and her lungs burned refusing to stop until she made it back to her flat and slammed the door shut behind her. With one final burst of energy she locked it, sliding the deadbolt as well as the chain--as if it would do anything to stop someone like S Tier.

Then, she collapsed. Sliding down the doors, she tucked her head between her knees and tried to catch her breath. Her brain felt as if it had been shattered, some parts floating slowly, stuck in an endless loop of the exact moment she saw those yellow eyes and her world as she knew it ended. While others spun like a carnival ride, racing with a million tangled thoughts. Like, what she should do next.

Fleeing the country seemed like the most promising option, though if she were being honest, she doubted there was anywhere S Tier couldn't reach, if he really wanted to. But what were the odds of the supervillain actually wanting to find his soulmate? Surly he had bigger and better things to worry about than trivial things like romance. Then again, what if he saw her as a weakness? A loose end to tie up so she couldn't be used against him. After all, the soul bond was said to be one of the strongest things in the world.

Morgan reluctantly pulled herself up on shaky legs and made her way down the hall towards the bedroom, pausing when she decided shove the couch in front of the door for good measure. Then, returning to the task at hand, she went to her bedroom and pulled a bag out from the top of her closet. In all likelihood, S Tier had already forgotten about an unnamed nobody like her, soulmate or not. But just to be safe, she decided that fleeing the country and starting over under a new alias was the safest option. Only-

She froze midst frantically stuffing anything she could grab into her bag as a horrifying realization struck her. She had drained her savings to purchase the freaking sugar stocks, meaning she had exactly $37.84 to her name, hardly enough to get her an Uber to the airport, and no was near enough to buy a plane ticket much less start a new life in another country.

Curse her stupid student loans!

Regrouping, she resumed her packing. So, what if she couldn't leave the country? There were other places to hide. Like the Red Wood Forest, or the Appalachian Mountains. Heck, she could even go live in the sewer system beneath the city like a proper criminal. Yeah, that's what she'd do. She'd hide out in a gutter somewhere until she could sell her stocks, then she'd buy the first plane ticket she could, out of the country.

Her spirits lifted she rushed into the bathroom across the hall and gathered her toiletries. She used her ruined shirt like a basket, loading it full of her hair care products and face creams. It was only when she'd dumped them atop her bag that she realized she'd forgotten her dry shampoo, and let's be real. If she were going to be hiding out in a gutter for the next few days, she was definitely going to need that.

She hurried back to the bathroom to grab it then returned to her room, where she promptly screamed.

Instinct once again took over and she chucked the metal can directly at the supervillain standing in the middle of her bedroom. To be fair, he caught it easily, without even so much as a flinch, but the damage was done. She had chucked a bottle of dry shampoo at S Tier.

The blood drained from her face as the severity of what she'd just done settled on her like an oppressive weight. No one, soulmate or otherwise, chucked a projectile at the world's most powerful supervillain and lived to tell the tale.

"My apologies," S Tier said, catching her completely off guard. "It wasn't my intention to frighten you."

Morgan's mouth opened and closed as the gawped at him like a fish on dry land.

His head canted to the side, in what seemed like a very bird-like gesture. His expression morphing into that of concern. "Are you alright?"

The question seemed to be enough to knock the words back into her mouth, but instead of doing anything intelligent, like apologizing profusely or begging for her life, she said what was possibly the dumbest thing, ever. Or at least she tried to, but it came out a garbled mess that ended up sounding something like fhuophnwufph.

S Tier blinked. "Forgive me, but, would you repeat that?"

This was the universe's way of cutting her a break. Literally, offering her the chance to redeem herself and possibly spare her life. Instead of doing that, though, she blurted. "Are you going to unalive me?"

The look of puzzlement on S Tier's face might have been comical under different circumstances. However, as it were, Morgan could only mentally facepalm at her own astounding stupidity.

"Unalive you," S Tier repeated slowly.

She winced, realizing she had no choice but to buckle down. "Um, you know-" she mimed the gesture of dragging a knife across her throat.

He snorted, something like amusement playing his lips. "You think I came here to kill you?"

"Yes?" she answered, though it came out more of a question.

The corners of his mouth twitched, like he was trying to keep from laughing. "And you meant to thwart me with," he glanced down at the can in his hand, "a can hair spray?"

"Uh, dry shampoo, actually. And it was an accident," she explained, a little sheepishly. "Lost my grip. It's a bad habit of mine. My friends used to call me 'ole fumble hands.' Not the most creative nickname, I know, but..." Morgan's hand came, as she slapped it over her mouth to physically stop herself from continuing to nervous ramble. If he wasn't going to unalive her before, he definitely was going to, now.

Only, he didn't. Instead, he chuckled low and husky, in a tone that Morgan thought was totally unfair to use when he already looked so freaking attractive. Sitting the can down on the dresser, he crossed his arms and stared at her with that same singular intensity that he'd used in the warehouse.

"Well, 'ole fumble hands.' Despite what you may think, I actually didn't come here to unalive you. Nor do I have any intention of doing so, now."

"For real?"

"For real," he repeated, and the genuine smile he graced her with made her heart do a funny little fluttery thing in her chest.

"Then, why?"

Out of all the ridiculous things she'd said to him tonight, it was this that he seemed to look the most taken aback by. "Because you're my soulmate," he stated, mater-of-factly.

She drummed the tips of her fingers together as she tried to decipher a hidden meaning to that. When she couldn't she asked. "And, you wanted to find your soulmate?"

"Not particularly," he shrugged. "I suppose I never really gave it much thought before tonight."

She swallowed as he took a smooth and yet, oddly predatory step towards her. "A-and now?"

A small squeak escaped her as her back met the wall. S Tier ate up the distance between them with two long strides, coming to stand before her, impossibly tall and really really handsome. This close she could catch the scent of him, even through the smell of smoke that still lingered from his time in the warehouse. Warm and rich, she couldn't help but think that the intoxicating blend of jasmine and whiskey fit him perfectly.

Cool fingers brushed against her chin, gently tilting her head back until she could look him in the eyes. "Now," he said, his voice heavy with promise. "I don't plan on ever letting you go."

"Oh," she wheezed. "Well, um-that sounds...yeah, I'm okay with that."

He smiled again, his head dipping down closer to hers. "Tell me your name."


"Morgan," he repeated in such a way that a genuine shudder went through her. "You can call me, Alex."

"Alex." It seemed to suit him, and she couldn't help but smile.

"I'm going to kiss you, now, Morgan. Is that okay?"

It was sweet that he asked, but in truth, she'd already been inching up on her toes, drawn to him like a planet to a star. Still, she somehow had just enough mental capacity left to answer with a breathy, "yes, please."

And then his lips were on hers and she found she could think of nothing else at all.