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This Will Be Our Year

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Ah, New Year’s Eve. A night filled with parties, hope, and then some. I stood next to Hawkeye as Colonel Potter gave his every year speech. We were all hoping to go home in one piece, and happy. I noticed Hawkeye’s eyes staring up at Colonel Potter with blank eyes. I could tell that he had given up hope. After Potter’s speech, we all headed down to Rosie’s bar, and I had decided to ask him what the problem was.

“Hey, Hawk?”
“Why do you look like you’ve given up?”
“I’ve been here for seven years. I’ve fixed the wounded, seen my friends go, and I couldn’t save a few. Tell me why I gave up.”
“You gave up hope because either way it’s a lost cause.”
“Exactly. Nothing seems quite real anyway.”
“What if I fix that?”
“Wait until the countdown. You’ll find out.”
“That’s a whole five minutes!”
“Easy soldier. You’re being impatient.”

Hawkeye huffed, and ordered another martini. I ordered the same as I sat down next to him. We drank in silence as everyone else partied. Just then, it was time for the countdown. The crowd formed around the clock, and chanted.


I pulled Hawkeye up from his chair, dipped him, and kissed him. Everyone’s attention turned to us. We were too wrapped up in each other to care. We pulled away from one another, and Hawkeye smiled an actual true smile.

“Are you sick of me?”
“I never could.”
“Would you like to be?”

I smiled down at Hawkeye, and then pulled him up slowly to his feet. I turned to him as we left Rosie’s. He seemed to have been lost in thought, but when I asked him what was on his mind, he said, “we are terrible for each other. What are you doing later?” I smiled, and said, “same as always.” We walked back to the Swamp, and laid in bed together as if we were old lovers. I kissed him once more, softly this time.

“I’d like you to kiss me like you like me a lot less.”
“You got it.”

The kiss was electric. It was everything that I had hoped for, and Hawkeye was more than willing to make sure of it. When he pulled away, it felt as though time had stopped. This will certainly be our year.