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Rinne-senpai's Advice

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To say there was a busy night at ES' local nightclub was an understatement. Having the record for the most attendees in one day thanks to Crazy:B and 2wink's presence called for the public's recognition, and everyone was happy to get a look-see of them performing.

Both units were those that called out to the weak and helpless, unrecognized people who had no other place in the world, a joint like this suited both of them.

Yuuta was starting to feel what the crowd would've felt, but for entirely different reasons.

"Good work t'day, Yuta! We really gotta full house out there! Proud of ya, kid," Rinne praised.

"Ah, haha. Thanks, Rinne-senpai?" Yuuta said, too awkward for Rinne to not notice.

"Too formal, ya don't hafta call me that anymore," Rinne went on as he snatched some water, "Maybe call me something like 'Rin-chan-senpai!' like the onlookin' kouhai ya are?"

"Absolutely not!" Yuuta exclaimed, "You're just finding excuses to mess with me! Again! As if stealing away Aniki wasn't enough!"

"Calm down, calm down, not that big of a deal," Rinne said before gulping half a bottle of water, clearly trying to manifest energy.

"It was! I don't care if he willingly went with you! Is it your fault or Aniki's!? Tell me!!"

"God, you're fucking louder then you look. Besides, that's not the only thing on ya mind, I can tell,"

"You- what?" Yuuta questioned.

"Ya definitely like someone, ya don't space off that often and ya eyes don't look glassy. I know a crush when I see it."

Yuuta panicked, internally, that is. Out of all the people to figure out her second deepest secret first (as if her gender identity was anything but a secret nowadays), it's the man she hates the most.

"Wh-huh… huh!? A crush!? No, nononono!!"

"Just admit it, Yuta. I was like that with Niki when I first figured it out, just passin' off my wisdom to ya."

"Absolutely not!! There's nothing like that!" Yuuta reassured.

Rinne just turned to look at her, then goes, "It's that ninja kid, right?"

Yuuta nearly jumped, her face stuck in childish anger trying to find a rebuttal, stumbling her words as she tried.


"Ya're cornered, kid. Give it up," Rinne smirked.

Yuuta just sighs, "How on earth do you know?"

"I see 'em visiting sometimes at CosPro, the smile on ya face is priceless, y'know."

"...Damn it."

Rinne walks over and pats her back, "Not gonna tell anyone, that'd kill all the fun of ya running around like a confused chicken~."

"What is your problem!?"

Rinne just cackled, slapping her back way too hard for her own liking, visibly annoyed.

"Seriously though, g'luck on ya crush, I got tips if ya need it."


"...You sure you won't laugh at me?"

"No promises, but I'll get it."


A long conversation about feelings left unnoticed, not knowing how to handle her feelings since her first year of high school. Stuck in a rut and unsure if Shinobu would accept her thoughts.

Rinne could sympathize, like an older brother learning more about their sibling, a father who was getting to know their offspring thoroughly for the first time.

"Just be straightforward with it. Tell 'em exactly what ya need. Make it easy in the long run."

"But it isn't easy…" Yuuta said, hands trembling.

Rinne grabbed them, saying, "If I can do it, ya can too."

Yuuta, to be honest, wasn't in the best state. Rinne's words didn't help her behavior, but she felt… okay again. Maybe she can build up her confidence, tell Shinobu how much they mean to her, and say 'I love you!' with all her heart.

Yuuta laughed a little.

"Haha… I really am a bit stupid."

"Don't say that."

"It's not self loathing… thanks, Rinne-senpai."

"No problem, now get home to ya brother before bedtime~."

"I'm not a baby, Rinne-senpai," Yuuta said with a smile.

A large smile, thinking about the one she loves.