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Paint on the Colours

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David struggled to get the swipe card to open the door to his hotel room. It didn’t help that Patrick was pressed up against him kissing his neck, and he could feel that he was hard against his ass.

Motherfucker,” David whispered, partly from frustration and party from desire. “Patrick, just let me…”

“Mmm….” Patrick moaned, and then, “What? Oh!” realising what part he was playing in the door not being open, and pulled back, panting.

David whined at the loss but he knew if he didn’t get the door open, he’d never get further than heavy making out and he definitely wanted to get further than that right now. He wanted to take the next few hours to appreciate those thighs that he had spotted from his balcony all those days ago (was it only four days? A lot had happened). He wanted to taste Patrick in as many ways as possible before his car came to pick him up at eight. Fuck, that only left about 3 hours. Thank goodness he had mostly packed yesterday and this morning, before he went down to the pool.

When the green light finally flashed on the entry lock, he felt relief all the way down to his toes.

He pushed the door open and barely had time to fling off his slides before Patrick was on him pushing him up against the door, his hands on his hips, holding him while he pressed his exquisite length into him. He could feel it going from semi firm to firm, and God, he was here for it. But he needed to be horizontal, and if they could just get a few metres across the room, there was a freshly made king size bed with crisp white, high thread count cotton sheets they could mess up terribly, because he wasn’t going to be sleeping in it tonight.

He slid his hands up Patrick's delicious arms to his shoulders and forcefully pushed him back. Patrick opened his eyes wide suddenly, and while he looked surprised at the force of David moving him, there was something else there. If anything, David would say that he looked like he liked it. It looked like a little fire had been lit.

“Bed,” David said, watching the reality dawn on Patrick’s face, who smiled, gave him a quick peck and turned around, pulling his t-shirt off with one hand from behind his neck, and in the next three steps it took him to get to the bed, he had unbuttoned his cargo shorts and dropped them in his wake. By the time Patrick got to the bed, (where he stopped and pulled the covers down- oh my god- from both the bending over and that he remembered about the covers), he was only wearing a pair of royal blue, very tight boxer briefs, that David was pretty sure were Tom Ford, and David’s mouth was legitimately watering.

Patrick fell onto the bed and spun around to lay back with his arms crossed behind his head on the pillows, and David could see they were indeed Tom Ford briefs. He wasn’t wrong. He was rarely wrong about labels though, however, it meant he was standing there, staring at this man, mouth hanging slightly ajar.

“You coming, David?”

David’s mind sprang back into action, “Mmmm, I am,” he was so turned on his thoughts were muddled as he started to move toward the bed.

“Good, but get undressed before you get here. I need to see that sexy body of yours and I need it pressed up against me. Skin on skin.”

David flushed under Patrick’s confidence, which was well deserved. His body was solid and sexy in a way that he knew he would always remember it once he went home. He fumbled with the buttons of his Valentino shirt, struggling with the simple task under the look of desire Patrick was giving him. He threw it on the floor, he wasn’t wearing it to the airport anyway, and quickly unfastened his shorts, and let them drop.

David crawled up towards Patrick as seductively as he could manage, and before he made it the whole way, Patrick was pressed up on the elbow closest to him and using the other hand to pull him in for a bruising kiss. David was still on his hands and knees, and used the hand closest to Patrick to run up his legs and cup his balls through his boxer briefs. Fuck he loved the feeling of the Tom Ford fabric, it was so soft and such beautiful quality. And feeling the swell of Patricks balls was so delicious. He could imagine them slapping his chin as Patrick rode his face and he groaned. Patrick pulled away.


“Mhmm?” David said, but he was very distracted by the feeling of Patrick underneath him.

“I know you had a very specific scenario in mind…” Patrick started, sounding cautious.

“I do,” David was not leaving without having those thighs on his chest.

“But I was thinking…” Patrick started slowly, but held eye contact, “What if you opened me up slowly, and then you fucked me first. And then, when you are completely fucked out, and I am desperate and begging to come, I could crawl onto your chest and pin you in place with my thighs and fuck your face while you are completely blissed out, sound good?” By the time Patrick had finished speaking, his voice was steady and confident and a cheeky smirk had overtaken his face. He knew what he was doing.

“Holy fuck, Patrick, I want that. I want to taste all of you.”

“Okay – two minutes, I’ll take a quick shower… I wouldn’t mind being rimmed if you are into it?” Patrick said quickly, quirking an eyebrow and jumping up off the bed, while keeping his eyes on David for a response.

“I could…” He paused. Did he have time to do his hair again before the flight? Fuck it, he was the only one on the flight. David cleared his throat, “I could rim you in the shower?”

Patrick growled, like actually growled and grabbed him to pull him into the bathroom.

David turned on the shower and then turned back to Patrick, taking a moment to appreciate the sight of this stunning man who had changed him in some way over the past few days.

He'd never known anyone like Patrick before. Somebody who wasn't focused on what David could give him. He'd looked after him, cared for him, protected him and he just bought him lunch. Nobody bought David Rose lunch.

To top it all off he was breathtakingly hot, standing there in his surprising Tom Ford briefs. He raked his eyes up Patrick’s body to his eyes that were filled with desire.

"Take off your underwear, Patrick."

Patrick quickly shed his briefs and stepped into David's space, holding onto his biceps and moving in to kiss him. They kissed slowly and passionately, and all the while David had one hand under the spray of the water, keeping tabs on its warmth.

David pulled back, dropped his underwear and said, "Water’s ready," before pulling Patrick in under the spray. He grabbed his bergamot and rosemary body wash and clicked open the lid.

"Hands," he said seriously to Patrick. Patrick held out his hands and David squirted a generous amount into them. Patrick smiled at him softly and started rubbing his hands together to create a lather. He poured some into his own hands and they both started washing themselves hurriedly. The damn humidity in this country hadn't let up and David was actually very pleased that he had the opportunity to wash the sticky feeling off himself before he had another chance to get sticky again.

"Okay, David. I'm ready," Patrick said, words dripping with promise.

David's mouth curled up and he felt a warmth creep through his body. "Oh, are you?" he said seductively, moving himself under the spray to rinse all the soap off his body. He stood under the spray, and moved backwards and forwards watching Patrick from under his lowered lids. Once he felt like he couldn't take the way Patrick was looking at him anymore without combusting, he brought his hands up to Patrick's hips and pulled him in for a bruising kiss.

Patrick moved one hand to the back of David’s head, and one to his ass and pulled him in hard. Then he swung them around and pressed David against the wall of the shower, Patrick’s body feeling so good against his own.  It felt solid and safe, and the feeling of Patrick’s huge cock pressing into his hip felt was delicious. David was gagging to get that cock in his mouth.

Remembering how Patrick had reacted when they were against the door gave him confidence. David pushed forward and flipped them so Patrick was against the wall, drawing a shocked gasp from Patrick, so David knew he was onto something.

"You like being manhandled, don't you?" David asked breathlessly.

A small smile twitched at the edges of Patrick's mouth, but the desire was clearly too strong for him to talk, because he just nodded in assent.

"Mmmm, I'm going to remember that," David said, and started kissing down his jaw, and ran his hands down Patrick’s arms until he got to his wrists. Taking both of them he moved them so that he was holding them either side of his shoulders, pinned in place, then he kept kissing down until he had Patrick’s nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it tentatively and gently, assessing his response, and when he got the groan he was looking for, he gave the nipple a sharp bite.

“Oh, fuck!” Patrick cried out. David pulled back and his eyes flashed up to see Patrick with his eyes closed and wincing. Then he watched as he breathed out, looked down at David and said, “Don’t stop,” and it was only that David was watching him so intently that he noticed the quick quirk of his mouth. Excellent, he was so responsive and just so gorgeous with it.

David went back to his mark, blowing on the nipple a little and moving across to the other one and giving it the same treatment. Patrick was squirming under his grip, but not moving so much that David really thought he wanted release, kissed downward over Patrick’s stomach, almost reaching his engorged cock, that was proudly jutting out from his belly. David had the spray of the water directly in his face down here, so he stopped and let go of Patrick’s wrists.

“Patrick, turn around. Hands flat against the wall, ass out.” David commanded, he could hear that his voice had dropped and become gravelly with desire. "Your ass should be painted and hanging in the Met.”

“Yes sir!” Patrick said slowly but with a very enthusiastic grin. David fiddled with the shower head so he wouldn’t be getting sprayed in the face while he ate Patrick’s ass. He couldn’t wait. Patrick had the most incredible ass.

He started kissing at Patrick’s broad shoulders; they had a smattering of freckles that he assumed had been made more prominent by the summer he spent in the sun. He kissed down his back, nipping and licking on the way down, taking his time, teasing him out. Patrick was making the most delicious noises, whimpering, and moaning, it was turning him on so badly. When he finally grabbed Patrick’s magnificent arse cheeks, he couldn’t resist pulling them apart and licking a stripe up between them, and then he got onto his knees. Fuck he tasted so good.

“Oh my god,” Patrick panted out. “Fuck, David…. You are so fucking sexy.”

David smiled and couldn’t help but say in a sultry manner, “You just wait. I haven’t even started yet.”

David may not have very much self-worth, and he may not believe he was destined for love or a fairy-tale ending, but one thing he knew for sure was that he knew what he was doing in bed. Or in the shower, in this case.

David pulled his cheeks further apart, whining at the sight of Patrick's pretty pink hole. He took a deep breath and then dove in, starting with tiny little kitten licks, teasing and taunting. Within a minute Patrick was panting, making little grunts and groans. David was loving it, he loved making people fall apart. He started thrusting his tongue in, then laving his tongue over Patrick's hole.

After another minute, Patrick was falling to pieces, "Daaaavid… oh, oh ffungf.".

David kept up his rhythm, thrusting then pulling back and making Patrick chase his tongue, pushing back and grinding his ass onto David. He he stepped it up a little.

He added a finger to the mix, dipping it in, breaching the first ring of muscle. It was so sloppy from his spit, it went in easily.

"More, David, mooorrre,” Patrick whimpered, so wanting.

David pulled back, "I need lube." Fuck he wanted him. "It's by the bed, should we…?"

Patrick took a second to answer, and David watched him shake his head before he answered. David had made him lose his mind. Perfect.

 "Yep. Yes. Let's do… that… " Patrick said while he spun around and smiled dopily at David, almost slapping him in the face with his rock-hard cock.

"Whoah. Careful with that thing, you'll take an eye out,” David said mischeviously.

Patrick huffed out a laugh and held out a hand to help David up, before turning off the water and dragging each other to the bed, unable to keep their hands to themselves. God, this was fun? Could sex be fun and still be sexy? David wasn’t sure.

"How should I….?" Patrick asked tentatively.

"You okay on your back, holding your knees up for me, baby?" David said and watched as Patrick's eyes blackened with desire with the use of a pet name. He leaned in a pecked him on the check as a reward for the look.

"M-hmm" Patrick said and David watched him get settled in position before he crawled between his legs, grabbing the lube off the bedside table on the way. He lubed up one finger and before Patrick could think too much about it, he slid it all the way up to the knuckle.


"Holy fuck!" Patrick yelped. He was so overstimulated and they had barely started. The delicious rimming in the shower had turned him on so much, it was probably a mistake. He should never have started with his favourite thing. He loved the feeling of having someone’s tongue in his ass. It felt so intimate and it made him feel so desired, he felt so sexy and powerful.

And now David had his fingers in there, his long nimble fingers. He was going to die… "So good David, so good. More…"

David cocked an eyebrow questioningly, "Greedy, aren't we," but smirked as he pulled out his finger and added extra lube to his middle finger.

He slid his fingers back in together, and said, "Jesus, you've got such a deliciously tight hole, I can't wait to get my cock in there." Patrick groaned and David moved up his body to kiss him, while thrusting his fingers in and out of his hole. The sound of the lube squelching, the way David thrusted his fingers in until he was knuckle deep, it was just too much. Patrick started fucking his tongue into David’s mouth, he was so fucking turned on. He didn’t think he’d ever been this turned on.

Patrick was writhing, it was amazing. He never wanted it this much, it had never felt this intense.

Patrick panted and pulled away from David’s mouth enough to whisper, "I want you David, fuck me now."

"You're not ready…." David looked into his eyes, searching.

"I want to feel it tomorrow. I want to remember the feeling of your gorgeous cock in my ass tomorrow. I want it," Patrick was a little surprised by how badly he wanted that.

David looked a little surprised as well, but he pulled his fingers out of Patrick and wiped them on the sheets, before reaching over to grab the lube and a condom he'd thrown on the bed earlier.

Patrick watched David lube up his own deliciously long, cut length. David tore open the condom packet with his teeth and using his clean hand, he rolled it on slowly over his beautiful cock, all the while watching Patrick's face.

Patrick was salivating. He needed to not come, he needed to think about something else, baseball stats, cleaning out the drain in the share house, Sebastien…

David hovered over Patrick’s body, one hand near his shoulder, one hand about to guide his dick in, and leaned in and kissed him. It was slow, and calming, it centred Patrick, it brought him back down. Fuck, he was so good. Patrick loved h… this. He loved this. Everything he did made him feel so present in his body. Made him feel like he fit. Made him feel right. Fuuuucckk.

David pulled back from the most life changing kiss he'd ever had, and looked at him like he was precious and said, "Ready, baby?" All Patrick could do was nod and grunt out something that sounded vaguely positive.

David took it slow. As he breached his hole, Patrick watched his face and David’s eyes rolled back in pleasure.

"Oh, so good, Patrick," David groaned.

 "You are so good; I want this so much,” Patrick wanted him so badly.

David pushed past the first ring of muscle, and quickly checked in, with a, “You ok, baby?"

"Yup, more,” Patrick could hear the needy desire in his voice, but he didn’t care, “I want more."

"Ungf. M-hmm," David said as he pushed deeper.

"Oh m’god, s’good" Patrick stammered. It was so fucking good.

"You're so tight, s'good," David was fully seated and it was fucking delicious. It had been so long since he'd bottomed. The feeling of being filled was sending arousal through his entire body and he felt like he was on fire.

Luckily David spoke up before he could think about it too much. “Patrick, I need to move…” David sounded desperate.

"Yep, ohmygodDavidfuckme…" he mumbled, knowing he sounded just as desperate.

David started moving, slowly at first. Patrick wanted to feel it, but he could sense the care David was taking not to hurt him, and it made him emotional. He pushed those feelings aside, this was no the time. He wanted it, he was desperate for it and he wanted to watch David lose control and pound him into the mattress.

“Fuck me David, fuck me harder,” Patrick moaned

“Ungf. You sure…?” David checked in.

Patrick knew he wanted it, he was so sure. The idea of being on that float tomorrow night in front of everyone, feeling where David had been, was thrilling. "C'mon, fuck me like you mean it, baby… "

And so David let go, pounding Patrick like he’d wanted to be pounded by this man since he met him. The actual sight of David above him was better than he could have ever imagined. He was so beautiful, taking his pleasure, giving Patrick what he needed, Patrick was going to transcend.

“Fuck David,” he panted out between breaths. "You're... so beautiful… so… fucking… Ungfm… beautiful… "

David groaned and opened his eyes, staring into Patrick's, and pushed himself up higher with his arms, and…

"Faaaarrrkkk!" Patrick cried out and even though he looked completely gone David still managed to smirk that he had hit his prostate.

He didn't let up. Patrick reached up and grabbed David’s arse and held on, feeling the muscles contract as they took ownership of him and he squeezed David’s arse as he slid inside him. It was exactly what he wanted.

“Oh my god, Patrick, I'm gonna, I'm gonna…” David said, and threw his head back. Patrick felt David come inside him, and while Patrick kissed him and soothed him through the aftershocks, he tried to focus – to will himself back down. David laid on top of him and he traced his hands over his back, soothing him and feeling his muscles moving.

“Oh my god, so good,” David said as he finally managed to pulled himself out of Patrick, taking the condom off and tying the end. Patrick grabbed it off him, so he could enjoy his afterglow, and jumped up to clean himself off. He threw the condom in the waste basket in the bathroom and wiped the excess lube that was running down his thighs. He didn’t want it to be too gross for David when he sat on his chest. It also gave him a chance to calm down, his cock had gone from rock hard to just mostly hard, so that was something. Maybe he’d last more than two minutes in David’s mouth.

Patrick brought a wash cloth back to the bed with him and wiped David off, while David just watched him with those gorgeous dark eyes.

“Thank you, Patrick,” David said softly. “Now get over here and sit on my face.”

Patrick’s knees almost gave way beneath him.


David watched Patrick as he walked away from the bed with the condom, letting him enjoy his orgasm. He watched him as he came back with a wet cloth and cleaned him up tenderly. It was ridiculous how something as simple as basic courtesy could make him feel things, but damnit, if this little life guard wasn’t digging in deeper and deeper. He had never had something so hot and so tender at the same time.

But also, he needed to get his mouth on that cock. “Thank you, Patrick,” David said softly. “Now get over here and sit on my face.” He could see Patrick’s face give way and he dropped the cloth and climbed back on the bed. "Get up here," he said.

David was really going to enjoy being used like this. Patrick had been right. He was so relaxed. Patrick crawled up the bed slowly and then placed himself into a sitting position straddling David's body.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Patrick asked, ever the considerate lover.

"Yes please." David said.

"Do you want it… softly? Do you like gagging? How…. Hmmmm… how do you want it?" Patrick’s brow was furrowed.

David smiled softly to himself. Such consideration. "Can we start slowly just to get your rhythm? But I definitely want to choke on it. Make me gag," David’s mouth was watering. “I’ll tap your leg if I need to stop.”

"Fuck David, you are so fucking sexy, the things you do to me," Patrick said as he got himself into position.

David opened his mouth, and Patrick started feeding him his cock. Patrick groaned when he moved his tongue around his cock, and David could feel him getting harder in his mouth.

“This isn’t going to take long,” Patrick said breathlessly.

He could feel Patrick’s gorgeous ass on his chest and those thighs were in his eyeline, he was in heaven. If he was going to die this is how he wanted to go, head surrounded by these magnificent thighs. He moaned in pleasure and Patrick started moving. He thrust softly, feeling his way and David let his jaw fall open, enjoying the feeling of Patrick’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth. The saliva was pooling in his mouth and starting to drip down along his chin.

“Oh, David,’ Patrick moaned and David swallowed. Patrick took that as permission to go a little further and faster. He let his cock hit the back of David’s throat and it felt intense and exhilarating. David loved it.

He gagged a little and Patrick pulled back. He opened his eyes and saw Patrick watching him, so he nodded slightly and Patrick nodded back hesitantly and then he let go. Patrick started fucking into David’s mouth, while a litany of noises fell from his. Mostly, ‘oh my god’s’ and ‘fucks’, with a few groans of ‘please’ and ‘oh yeahs’ to top it all off. David’s cock gave a valiant twitch. If there was any possible way he would be able to get hard again, it would be like this. But there wasn’t and so he didn’t.

Patrick’s words became a babbling stream of incomprehensible noises, and David knew he was almost done. He opened his eyes and watched Patrick; his face was so relaxed so at peace, chasing his own pleasure. He saw the moment Patrick’s whole body tensed up, and he came with David’s name filling the room once again. His release flowed straight down his throat. It was perfect.

Patrick rolled off him and lay next to him, panting. And then in the most intimate move David had ever had, Patrick felt around until he found David’s hand, holding it until his breathing evened out.


They moved around each other gently, with small kisses and touches while Patrick took a quick shower to rinse off and got dressed. Then he sat on the couch in the room, waiting for David to have his shower. David couldn’t do this.

“My car is here in an hour and I need to finish packing, so…”

Patrick looked at him expectantly, furrowing his eyes, genuinely confused about what was going on.

David grimaced. He really didn’t want to do this, but it was for the best. Patrick was divine and he’d enjoyed every inch of everything they had done together, but he couldn’t leave while he was here,  looking at him with those heart eyes. “I think maybe it’s best if you go.”

David watched as the realisation hit Patrick, and his entire body looked like it sagged into the chair. He cleared his throat and nodded, more to himself than anything. “Okay.”

“I just, I have to pack and I… need to shower, so…”

“Yep. Got it, I’ll just…” Patrick said softly and looked around, checked he had his cell phone and went looking for his slides.

Just as he was about to leave, Patrick turned. “I wish you’d stay David. I really want you to stay.” Patrick’s face was soft and fond, and David really couldn’t bear it.

David sat under the top sheet, knees up and arms wrapped around them. He scoffed, “You say that now, but…” and shook his head.

“What? David?” Patrick became exasperated when he didn’t answer straight away and raised his voice slightly. “What!?

“I know you think that you want me here, but it’s just because it’s been so intense. I mean, I need to leave to work out what is happening in New York, but this… it would get old very quickly for a grounded person like you. Go to Mardi Gras tomorrow, find yourself some sweet easy-going boy. You need a nice stable life.”

“I had one of those and it was killing me slowly, David. I moved away because I hated it and I needed something more, the ocean drew me here… because it’s wild and intense. It’s like you.”

David sighed out and couldn’t look him in the eye. “If there's one thing I know Patrick, one thing I truly know deep down to my bones, is that everyone gets sick of me eventually. That intensity, it becomes too much.”

“You don't know that, David.” Patrick said softly, shaking his head.

“The sea is wet, the sky is blue, and nobody can handle David Rose for more than a few months…” David said flatly. He wanted him, but he had to let Patrick go.

“That's three things David. You’re smarter than you think.”

David dropped his head and couldn’t watch as Patrick sighed, and eventually he heard, “Goodbye David,” and the door clicked behind him.