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Chapter 4 title

David didn’t say anything, but reached over to the table beside the lounge, grabbing his t-shirt and pulling it on, still considering. Oh, he definitely wanted it, there was no question of that. But there was no way he was playing his hand that quickly. Patrick was hot, sweet and cocky, and he was here for it. His confidence was sexy as hell, and he moved through the world in a way that made space for him, without having to move others out of the way. It would make David feel better about the way things had gone down last night, like he was balancing the scales in his relationship with Sebastien.

Patrick didn’t seem like he was after him for anything other than sex either, so that was a definite point in his favour. Plus, he’d always fantasized about those hot lifeguards and so if they connected, he would be able to have those visuals tucked away for private times when he needed a little inspiration.

“Okay,” David said, shrugging his shoulders and trying to look nonchalant about the whole thing.

“Okay?” Patrick’s face lit up and he smiled so genuinely, it was disarming. David couldn’t remember anybody being so happy to have talked David into bed. Most people he had been with were trying too hard to be cool.

“Yes. They should have changed the sheets by now,” David said nodding casually and moving around on his lounge, making sure he had everything he came down to the pool with.

“Or we could go back to my place?” Patrick said, more than a little hopefully.

“Your share house?” David said, taken aback. “When we have the privacy of my suite and access to quality linens? I don’t think so,” David narrowed his eyes and shook his head very quickly dismissing the idea.

“Are you implying that my bed didn’t have quality linens?” Patrick pretended to be offended.

“I’m not implying anything. I’m saying outright,” David retorted.

Patrick laughed and stood up allowing David to swing his legs off the lounge and into his slides.

“Plus, I don’t really need your housemate banging on the walls again when I make you scream my name.”

Patrick smirked, clearly not ill at ease with David’s forward suggestion.

“What time are you expecting the wanker back?”


“Wanker. Yes. One of my favourite words I picked up here. Means someone who masturbates. However, is akin to something like….. douche canoe?” Patrick pursed his lips together looking thoroughly too pleased with himself.

David huffed out a laugh. How could he not? It was actually the perfect description for Sebastien.

“So, are we doing this?” David confirmed.

“Yes. Sounds perfect. I just have to get my backpack and get changed,” Patrick gestured to his uniform.

“Or you could leave it on? Room 313. The door will be unlocked. I’ll be in the shower. Lock it when you come in.” David raised an eyebrow in question, and Patrick nodded once, blinking slowly with a smile, looking thoroughly pleased with himself as he spun around and walked toward the club house. David watched him go until he and his compact body were out of eyesight, and started towards the hotel.


David stripped down quickly and jumped into the shower, wetting his hair and trying to get through his whole hair washing schedule before Patrick got there. After the salt water and the sun, he really didn’t want to miss this step of his regime, no matter how much he was looking forward to the sex.

He had the conditioner in his hair, and was soaping up his body when he heard the door of the bathroom open.

“David?” Patrick asked timidly, like anyone else would have left their hotel door unlocked.

“Did you lock the hotel door?” David double checked.

“Yes,” Patrick confirmed.

“What are you waiting for then?” The timbre of David’s voice had changed, he could hear it himself how much he wanted this man. He had wanted him since the moment he laid eyes on him.

David was standing behind the glass screen of the walk-in shower, but it was fogged up from the time he had spent washing his hair. He could see the outline of Patrick still in his red swim trunks moving toward him in the shower. As he rounded the glass, Patrick looked David in the eye and David moved his soapy hands down to encircle his own semi-firm cock, pulling his smile into the corner of his mouth. Patrick returned the wicked smile then tracked his eyes down David’s wet body that was on display, glistening with rivulets of water pouring over him. Patrick breathed in sharply when his eyes reached David’s cock being gently tugged under his own fist.

“David,” Patrick breathed out, “Fuck, you are stunning.” He looked back up into David’s eyes and the smile has gone, replaced with a look of desire David can’t remember ever seeing on another person before. With one more step forward Patrick’s mouth was on David’s, and his hand was gripping the back of his head, kissing him under the spray of the shower. The kiss was electric; it was fireworks, it was the calm of the waves lapping the coast of Lake Huron. It was immediate and never ending, and David didn’t know it could be like this.

Patrick pulled away gently, and David’s eyes sprung open to see if he was having the same reaction. But his eyelashes were fluttering, and it seemed he needed a minute more to stop feeling the kiss that already ended. As Patrick’s eyes opened, they widened as he seemed to search David’s face for answers to questions that David didn’t think existed. So, David leaned back in and Patrick surged forward and their lips met again, this time more forcefully. Patrick nipped at his bottom lip and then his tongue thrusted forward, and it was like they were fucking with their mouths. David ran his hands down Patrick’s sides but when he reached his waist, he had to pull off.

“Why the fuck are you still wearing your trunks?’ He said whispering breathlessly, eager to get back to the kissing.

Patrick’s mouth quirked up at the corner and he answered in a voice filled with the same desire David was feeling, “You said I should leave my uniform on, so I thought you might want to….. take them off me?”

“Mmmm, you might be right about that…” David said, and moved to get their lips back together as quickly as possible. He slid his hands to the front of the trucks to undo the tie. Once he managed that he pulled back to look Patrick in the eye and asked, “May I?” as he began sliding his fingers under the fabric of his shorts.

“Please,” is all Patrick could say, before David shoved them down over his magnificent thighs to check out the gorgeous cock that was now standing proud, fully erect and jutting out from Patrick’s body. David finally understood where Patrick got all that cocky energy from. The man was hung. He’d seen him in his Speedo, but only from a distance, and when they were at the pool together, he was always wearing those fugly trunks. Oh, this was going to be fun, he thought as he licked his lips in anticipation. He looked up at Patrick’s face and he could tell from his knowing smile that this was not the first time Patrick had gotten this reaction. He knew exactly what he was working with.

David pulled Patrick in by his waist so their bodies were aligned and their hips were grinding together, kissing and enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies under the spray of the water. Patrick ran his hands through David’s chest hair and then around his waist, until they were on his ass and he pulled David's hips into his. The friction was glorious and David couldn’t take it, it was too much, he had to stop but he never wanted it to stop. He pulled back breathlessly, locking eyes with Patrick and asked simply, “bed?”

Patrick nodded but pulled him back into kiss him one last time before moving out of the shower, while David shut it off. They didn’t even bother drying off, they just walked out to the bed. Patrick dove on top of it, right onto the quilt cover and throw, and David scrunched up his face, appalled.

“No. Nope. Sorry. Up.”

Patrick looked confused and got up while David hastily pulled the cover off and threw it to the end of the bed, then did the same with the top sheet. (David didn’t understand this countries obsession with a top sheet but that was definitely an enquiry for another day).

Patrick was just standing there, watching him. Once David was done, he walked over to Patrick and pushed him down onto the bed. Patrick growled in reaction to David man handling him, grabbing David’s arm and pulling him down on top of him. Their legs entwined and their engorged cocks touched and they started kissing languidly and passionately.

Patrick ran his hand up David’s chest and took a minute to flick his nipple, the one pierced with a sterling silver ring. David pulled away from the kiss far enough to groan wantonly. Patrick smiled knowingly, like he was cataloging the reaction. Patrick rolled them over, so now he was on top. He started kissing down David’s neck, sucking at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

“Oh my god yes, Patrick, yes.” Patrick took this as permission to bite down harder, and David couldn’t help but growl in pleasure. Patrick kept moving, kissing further down until he had David’s nipple-ring in his mouth. “S’good, Patrick…."

The fire in David’s belly needed more fuel to burn and somehow Patrick managed to sense it, running his other hand up his thigh until he was cupping his balls; playing with them gently while still sucking on David’s nipple. David moaned and panted, “Patrick,” like he didn’t know any other words. Patrick was teasing him, rubbing one finger behind his balls and skimming the briefest of touches over his rim. The desire radiated from his nipple and his cock were working him into a frenzy.

Patrick pulled back. “David?”


“I want to put my mouth on your incredible cock,” Patrick said, voice dripping with desire and want.

“Yes, yes, I want that,” David could only pant through his answers, he needed things to keep moving.

“I want you to fuck my mouth, can you do that for me?” Patrick had been in control this whole time and here he was, just handing that control over to David, trusting him, allowing David to feel safe in the situation. David’s eyes widen, he wasn’t used to people in bed just giving up control without a full kink negotiation and safe words.

“Oh my god, yes, yes, I want that,” David was practically whining at this point. ‘So needy’, he heard Sebastien’s voice in his head, and if he could, he would be worried about it, but with Patrick looking at him like he wanted to devour him, he couldn’t worry about it in this moment.

“I’ll tap your thigh if it’s too much.” Patrick said and then smiled at him softly. It was all David could do not to shout when he responded, “Mhmm, green, so fucking green.”

Patrick kissed down his body and teased him further by kissing softly across his hip, seeming to relish it, before moving across to the other side, breathing out directly over his cock. David felt his own jerk forward. “Patience, gorgeous,” Patrick said with a smirk in his voice. David melted a little with the pet name, but he was going to scream; he couldn’t take it anymore. Patrick pulled back, put one hand around the base of David’s cock and held it steadily while he slowly licked across the slit at the tip, and it felt like he was tasting and savouring the pre-cum that had gathered. He looked up at David through those stupidly beautiful eyelashes, like he was waiting until he had David’s full attention, before he sunk his mouth over David’s engorged member, sucking him in until he hit the back of his throat. He then slid his mouth back up, popping up off the top.

“Can we maybe…?” David gestured toward the edge of the bed, and although the question of logistics took a minute for Patrick to process, he was quickly seated on the edge of the bed, David standing with one leg on the floor and the other bent at the knee, foot planted firmly beside Patrick’s thigh on the bed. Patrick moved his hands around to David’s ass before saying quickly, “feel free to pull my hair” and then he slid his mouth over David’s eagerly waiting cock.

David ran his hands gently into Patrick’s gorgeous curls and then moved one to his shoulder. He then started thrusting, slowly at first. Hearing the noises of appreciation coming from Patrick, he started to move faster and harder, thrusting so far into Patrick’s throat he thought he’d wouldn’t be able to breathe.  Patrick looked up at David with eyes that urged him to keep going; Patrick’s tightening grip on his ass indicating the same thing.

David thrust harder and faster and tugged at his hair until he felt that familiar coil starting to curl at the base of his spine. He let go of Patrick’s hair, pushing him back by his shoulder, until Patrick popped right off. David groaned, “I’m gonna…”

“Face, please!” Patrick pleaded.

Always one to comply, David grabbed a hold of his cock and pumped it once, twice, three times, watching with pleasure as Patrick opened his glorious mouth and let ropes of cum land on his tongue, across his cheeks and even on his closed eyelids. Patrick looked completely blissed out and serene; it was an image David will always hold sacred. He was completely and utterly beautiful in taking his pleasure.

David stepped to the side, and collapsed on the bed, face first, feeling completely spent, but watching Patrick out of his heavy lids. He couldn’t believe this cocky but somehow generous man was in his bed. He was so delicious. Patrick fell backward on the bed, feeling around for the top sheet so he could give his face a cursory wipe down. He opened his eyes, smirked, and Patrick rolled his body on top of David’s, kissing his shoulders and up his neck.

David could feel Patrick's cock nestled between the cheeks of his ass and God, he wanted it, but he was too wrecked. “Patrick?”

“Mmmm,” he said, tongue still laving against David’s body.

“Want to fuck my thighs?” David was proud of himself for coming up with this solution. He got to enjoy feeling Patrick orgasm against him, but Patrick had to do most of the work.

Patrick halted his movement briefly, before answering with a question, “lube?”

“Bedside table.”

Patrick rolled off him and grabbed it.


Patrick's body was thrumming with energy. Sex had never been like this. He'd never asked anybody to cum on his face. Sure, he'd done it to other people, but the idea of somebody marking him, covering his face with a symbol of ownership, had never appealed to him. But with David. God, he wanted to be owned.

He grabbed the lube from the nightstand, where it was sitting on top, a brazen image of sexuality for anyone to see, and squirted a hefty amount into his hands.

"David, I need to…"

"Mhmm, yup, ok," David said breathlessly and he rolled onto his side with his back to Patrick, moving his legs slightly apart so Patrick could spread a generous amount of lube between his thighs.

Patrick wiped the remaining lube on his still straining member, – so hard and so ready for release – hips jutting forward under his own touch. "Ffffuck, hmmmm, David?"

"Mhmm, ready."

He laid behind David in a spooning position, running his hands down David's arms, then to his hips. He held on firmly as he slid his cock between David’s muscular thighs, and the groan that escaped made him glad they weren’t back in his share house. Hamish would have definitely been banging on the walls.

"Oh my God, David! You're incredible. I can't…"

"C'mon baby, fuck me!" David turned his head to try and kiss some part of his face and it landed somewhere between the side of his lips and his cheek before repeating his request, "fuck me, baby."

“Ungf,” Patrick exhaled and he started moving slowly. The desire was mounting swiftly and he wanted to stay here forever to enjoy the feeling of David, but he knew his self-control would only take him so far. He was so close to coming. David’s incredible ass bouncing off his hips, the feeling of his own balls against David, the muscles in David’s thighs holding him, giving him exactly what he needed. He couldn’t keep control though; he was whispering David's name on every breath.

"David, David…. Fuck… hmmpf… David!"

The desire was building and coiling around in Patrick’s stomach, moving down to his balls, and although he tried to connect with the control centre of his brain, it was offline. There was nothing he could do; the system has crashed and he had no choice as he screamed David's name and came – Really. Fucking. Hard.

"Oh my god," he panted, utterly spent.

David chuckled and loosened the grip of his thighs to roll over. Their faces were inches away from each other, and Patrick was breathing heavily into David's face. But he didn’t care, he couldn’t move.

"Fuck," Patrick gasped, eyes closed and trying to focus on his breathing.

"Mhmm, I told you," David said smugly, kissing Patrick softly. It felt chaste after everything else they had done, but warm and grounding at the same time.

"Wha…. What?" Patrick asked as he opened one eye a very tiny amount.

"Told you you'd be screaming my name."

Patrick's eyes shot open and he watched David preen. God, he was just the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, and Patrick started to laugh softly. David laughed and then they kissed gently with no urgency or desire, just simple pleasure. Until they heard David's stomach grumble.

Patrick pulled back and raised an eyebrow.

"Do you want to stay for some room service? I haven’t actually eaten since last night,” David asked.

“You slept and came straight down to the pool?” Patrick asked, still trying to recover his normal pattern of breathing.

David hummed a dismissive answer to the question, so Patrick let it slide.

"Okay. I might need a minute," Patrick said, still winded; wiped out by the force of the intense orgasm he had just experienced. Something had shifted. Sure, he'd been so much more into having sex since he started doing it with men, but this was something else. The sex they’d shared was just incredible. He felt so connected to David. So right. Some sort of residual something he didn’t know he was holding onto had been released. He felt freer, more himself than he had ever felt.

Patrick looked over at David and took a minute to really take him in. He was the most beautiful man that Patrick had ever seen, sure, but it wasn't that. He just felt secure, good and happy right now. Normally after his one night stands he felt relief? No, that wasn't right. It was enjoyable, sure, but it was never this satisfying. This bone deep contentment. He couldn't wait to do it again. After his trysts, he was never really thinking about the next time.

David scooched off the bed and turned around to raise an eyebrow at him with a soft smile, and Patrick knew that he was not the only one who just had some mind-blowing sex – he was pretty sure that he was the only one who was catching feelings, though. Argh.

"I'm going to rinse off in the shower quickly and then I'll order. Any preferences?" David asked.

"Hmmmm? No. Anything. Thanks," and he watched David’s incredible body slink off to the bathroom. Jesus. Patrick wanted to believe that now that he’d had David, he'd be able to move on; tick the box that said 'fucked David Rose', and his body and his heart would happily go back to the perfectly nice acceptable sex he'd been having since he arrived in Sydney.

But as much as he wanted to convince himself, there was a corner of his brain already scheming to make sex happen again with David; an errant idea that was scratching against all of those very sensible thoughts, irritating them and annoying them, making them move to the side. Not for the first time (and definitely not for the last time) since he met David Rose, he rubbed his face with his hands, groaning out a very soft, "faaaarrrkkk," before jumping up out of bed and heading toward the bathroom to take his turn.


By the time he had exited the shower, David had pulled on some very soft looking sweat pants and a snug white t-shirt, and was by the mini bar selecting beverages.

"I ordered mineral water, but do you want a soda?" David asked, looking over and tracking Patrick in the sweats and t-shirt that he wore to work that very morning.


"Coke or sprite?"

"Sprite please."

As David was handing him the soda, there was a knock at the door and a call of "Room service!"

David opened the door to a uniformed young man in a shirt, tie and vest, which Patrick thought particularly cruel considering the weather. He wheeled in a trolley, covered in several silver cloches, and Patrick became very aware he’d never stayed anywhere this fancy before.

"Mr. Rose, where would you like me to set up?"

"The couches please," David responded, obviously very used to this sort of service.

The young man wheeled the trolley over to the sitting area, and started pulling out cutlery, napkins, glassware and an ice bucket, setting them all on the coffee table. He added a bottle of mineral water into the ice. 

"Please just return everything to the trolley when you are done and leave it outside the door," the young man said and looked at David hopefully.

"Thank you," David said politely, shaking his hand and casually slipping him a twenty dollar note. Small town Patrick was a little impressed with how smooth it all was. But when David started pulling the cloches off the plates he giggled.

David spun around, cloche still in hand, and with a look of confusion on his face and asked, "What?"

"Are we expecting somebody else David? Are Sebastien and his friends turning up? Because I'm not sure if we need three burgers between us, onion rings, fries, mozzarella sticks and…." He wandered closer to the trolley and picked up the last cloche, raising his eyebrows and looking back at David, "Fried chicken?!"

"Well… I just didn't know what you wanted, and I got three burgers because I wanted the triple cheese, but if you also wanted the triple cheese, I didn't want to share. But if you don't like cheese, I thought you might prefer a chicken burger… so I wanted you to have a choice and then…. Sometimes people don’t like bread, so I thought I should get something else…." David was gesturing wildly towards the gourmet spread.

He looked up, brows furrowed and Patrick could see how important it was to him that he made sure Patrick had something he enjoyed. David must have seen the smile that was forming across his face because while he was definitely ridiculous, it was endearingly sweet that he cared so much. Patrick couldn’t help himself so he moved into David’s space, putting his hands on David's hips and kissed him softly. It was only a few seconds, but it wasn’t like before. It wasn’t a kiss that said, I want you, I need you. It was a kiss that said, you're ridiculous and it's adorable. It was a kiss that lovers give each other when they come home for the day. It was a kiss that Patrick hadn’t experienced with any man before, and he wanted more.  

He was so fucked.

David pulled away and smiled, before returning to the food. "I'm sorry, but while that was very nice, I am starving…."

"Sure… sure," Patrick nodded gently and dropped his hands from David’s hips.

They moved to the couch and Patrick selected the chicken burger, adding a few fries, onion rings and a mozzarella stick to his plate. Before he took a bite of his burger, he watched David load up his plate. The man was clearly very hungry.

"So, David, are you just here for Mardi Gras?" He sat at one end of the couch and tried not to read too much into when David sat across from him in the arm chair.

“Yes. Well, Sebastien got requested to photograph some pop princess? She’s the special guest for the after party, I guess? And, I’ve always wanted to come and check out the parade. It’s one of the biggest truly iconic queer festivals around the world. They do a month of events, so I thought I’d tag along.”

“A pop princess?”

“Mhmm, that’s what people keep calling her. No doubt to keep it a surprise, being a special guest and everything.”

“Is it Kylie Minogue?”

“Mmm, I don’t know, but that tracks. I'm sure I've heard her name mentioned. He was meeting her today to discuss what she wanted from the shoot. Once when we were at Chateau Marmont, Kourtney told me how Kylie Jenner tried to trademark the name Kylie for her make-up line and couldn’t get it because of her. She’s pretty massive, right? Just not so well known in North America."

“Yup, massive in Britain, Europe and especially here in her home country. Hamish would lose his shit if I told him it was Kylie. He’s been crossing his fingers and toes that it’s her since the rumour started.”

“Does he like her?”

“She’s Australia’s darling, David. She is a massive gay icon in Australia and Britain, so yeah. The crowd will go pretty wild if it’s her.”

“Are you going to the party?” David asked while shoveling onion rings into his mouth.

Patrick had just picked up his burger and was steadying it in his hands, but he looked up. He wanted to see David face when he heard this. “No – I’m in the parade though.”

“WHAT?” David's face snapped up and he looked at him with wide eyes and a smile like he had heard Mariah was the surprise guest.

“Hmmm,” he smirked cheekily. “The Surf Life-Saving Federation has a float and a bunch of queer life guards will be on the float. I thought it might be fun, a once in a lifetime chance, I guess.”

David had paused with a French fry halfway to his mouth. He seemed to be buffering with this information before he spoke. “And what exactly,” he cleared his throat, “Will you be wearing? On the float?”

“My Speedo.” Patrick let that information hang in the air, feeling pretty smug, “and maybe some body-glitter,” he finished with a shrug that he hoped came off as nonchalant.

“Ahem, that is….” David couldn’t seem to find an adjective to complete the sentence.

“It’s Mardi Gras, David. Any more clothes and I might feel overdressed?”

“Hot. It’s going to be hot.” David shoved the French fry that had been hanging mid-air into his mouth and chewed it with vigour, a look of glee filling his face.

“The parade is not to be missed, David.”

“Will you be dancing? Gyrating in your little Speedo?”

“I’ll do my best, but it’s not actually in my skill set.”

“Hmmm, with thighs like tree trunks, I guess you knew that going into it?” David replied, smirking at his own joke.

Patrick laughed out loud, throwing his head back.  David was acerbic and funny. He enjoyed him so much.

“But you're not going to the party?” David asked again.

“Well, the tickets are hard to get, and I’m not really an all-night party kind of guy. But we are having a party at my house. Hamish will be performing. He’s no Kylie, but he can be persuaded.”

“Persuaded to do what?” David asked cocking an eyebrow.

“Be Kylie.”

“Oh, does he do drag?”

“M-hmm, that was him last night at the Columbian. That’s the main reason I go. He’s Ivana Rimjob.”

“Oh my god, she was great. I mean I can’t remember the entire show, but….” David bit into his burger with gusto, making Patrick wait for the end of the sentence. David was smirking again while he finished his mouthful, and Patrick was pretty sure he was going to get roasted again, but he was enjoying it.

"But I'm pretty sure it's not the ONLY reason you go…. " David said, raising his eyebrows twice, in a comically suggestive manner.

Patrick was ready for it so he easily held his curious demeanor and said, "Well, that and cruising for cock, obviously."

David laughed unabashedly; his mouth opened wide and he threw his head back, and although Patrick could see he was chewing something, it doesn't matter. He was so fucking beautiful. He radiated joy. He could only watch him for so long; was like looking at the sun. David laughed so brightly that it almost came as a shock to Patrick when he snorted. This made Patrick start laughing which only made David laugh louder and he snorted again.

It took a minute or two before they both calmed themselves down, wiping their eyes and breathing heavily.

“Yeah, so the party...” Patrick continued once his breathing was normal. “Well, yeah, the three of them from last night will perform, and I think maybe a few of their friends. Katie, our youngest queer house mate, will DJ, plus, we have Tim and Andy that you met….”

David screwed up his face in confusion, shaking it slightly.

“But clearly you don’t remember. You met them last night in my kitchen…. They are our older generation of gays at the house so it will be a pretty fun and diverse party. There are five bedrooms at that house, and they contain multitudes. I am okay to miss the official after party.”

"Sounds fun. I can't imagine living in a house like that."

"Like what?'

"So full of people."

"Do you live with Sebastien?"

That comment drew a laugh from David, but this one was not joyful. It was cynical and drew a dark cloud across David's face. Patrick wished he hadn't said anything. He was enjoying the relaxed happy David.

"No. No, that's not…" David seemed to want to choose his words carefully. "Just no. We …."

Both of them froze as they heard a swipe card in the door and it swung open.  Sebastien walked in and only as the door clicked behind him, did he look up and notice the two of them.

“Sebastien…. I didn’t…. I didn’t expect you back….” David stuttered out.

Sebastien scoffed, quickly taking in the bed still in total disarray, then looking back at them both, barely any acknowledgement of caring on his face. Patrick could see that he is the antithesis of David, who cannot keep his emotions off his face. He sighed and nodded slowly at them, leaning back and lifting up the hem of his shirt to scratch his belly, contemplating what was going on.

Time stretched out like taffy. Patrick could not sit in this awkwardness.

“I should go.” Patrick jumped up collected his backpack, searching for his slides. He kept looking back at David for something. Anything. All he wanted was a sliver of hope that perhaps he wasn’t the only one that had felt this was bigger than how it started. But David’s head was hung, looking down at his lap and playing with his silver rings.

Sebastien started speaking as if Patrick wasn’t there, “David, really? This guy? Why would you lower yourself to the help? You never did have any self-esteem did you?”

Patrick wanted to punch him in his smarmy face, but David just shrugged and let Sebastien’s condescending comments lie between them as if they were a brick wall. He was used to being with people just for sex, but was not used to those people being embarrassed about it. He knew Sebastien was a douche, but he really thought that after their afternoon together, and Sebastien’s behaviour the night before, David would have made a little more effort, after-all, Patrick had kept him from falling under a bus.

“Wow. Thanks, David.” Patrick said with disappointment and contempt.

David looked up with glassy eyes, and Patrick spun on his heel and stormed out of the room, his shoulder barging into Sebastien just a little, enough to make him take a step back, but not enough to knock him off his feet.