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A Dangerous Prophecy

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No matter how many times he asked the same damn question. The vision never changed.

Closing his eyes tight Bruno held his breath. His brown eye’s shot open, a magical green hue illuminating the bags under his eyes as the sand surrounding him began to whirl.

This was probably the 5th time since he first asked the curious question and each time he broke the glass vision into shards. 


“Mi amor. My soulmate. Who are they?” He asked aloud. Eyes glowing faintly brighter in acknowledgement as the magic roused within him.


Grains danced through the hurricane of sand as a couple of them began to obtain a neon color. A vibrant green glazed the grains as they slowly took several forms. A young girl with curly locks manifested within the chaos of green sands. She was no more than six, dancing to her heart’s content, all with Bruno by her side. The two laughing and enjoying the moment, broad smiles upon their faces as they held hands and danced around . 

Each time he felt confused. Was this his child? Someone else’s?

Another swift wisp of green would always disrupt the flow of their playful dancing. A door would open and then immediately close.  And each time he saw this, he shook his head like clockwork.
He never missed a beat as he lost sight of the door in front of the small girl. Her pained expression faintly visible upon her face. His heart sank as the green sand was swept away, returning to the swarm around him. She was a Madrigal, and no matter which way he saw it, she was not getting her gift.

His face scrunched up in frustration and confusion as he saw himself fade in and out of the vision. Sometimes he would be with a woman, her hand guiding him, while in others he was guiding her. As before, he pondered if this woman leading him was the young girl simply all grown up.

Yet still and in disbelief, it always ended the same way. Every. Single. Time. No further pieces could be found nor even a different beat to this confusing drum could be heard within the sandstorm.  She always walked forward to him in the end. She always met his gaze. She always puckered her lips and awaited a kiss. Bruno, just as before, froze in shock for what felt like hours. Her eyes opened and as a rarity, a voice echoed in the stone room.



Bruno gasped, his eyes shutting tightly as he stumbled backwards onto the ground. The sandstorm surrounding him rained down as the vision dissipated. He clasped his hands over his head and gripped his hair in frustration before pulling his legs to his chest. The frail man had tried time and time again to ensure that not only did he hear that right but that the vision in its entirety was correct. No hidden paths, no misreadings, anything at all. It was all correct.


“No no no no no,..” Bruno ran his fingers through his curls, biting his lip.


And in that moment, simmering in his flustered thoughts, a banging sound came from the round door opposite of him. Bruno stumbled to his feet, quickly covered the green glass with sand and rushed to answer the door. Outside stood Pepa, she was out of breath from the stairs but she still had enough energy to spit out, “It’s a girl! Julieta had a girl!”

Her brother’s face went as pale as an uncooked arepa hearing the news. “That, wow that’s,” Bruno paused, his thoughts derailing rapidly. “Is she alright?” He managed to ask.


Pepa nodded excitedly, rays of sunshine popping up over her head from her ecstatic joy. “Her pequita hija and her are perfectly fine.”


His sister waved him to follow as she began her descent. The rays of sunlight danced around her head as the ginger carried on the conversation on how sweet and small the new member of their loving family was. Bruno glanced back into his vision room, Pepa’s rays of sunlight catching on a corner of green glass that protruded from the mounds of sand. The stolen kiss, frozen with the emerald vision now buried in the sand. A wave of relief washed over him as the door to the massive vision room closed behind them.