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Need Her

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It was one thing to have a simple crush on someone, but to fall for someone? Only Tom couldn’t fall in love. So what was this feeling that swept over him every time she entered the room? He knew it was wrong, this feeling he felt for her. Perhaps it would pass; then he could go back to his plan, he didn’t need a distraction. 

For his plan to work, everything had to go smoothly. Tom had already gotten to the position he needed to succeed in his endeavors. He officially became head of Slytherin house, taking over for Snape after he cursed a child. Dumbledore was his largest obstacle, and yet the old man was putty in the palm of his hand, after a few doses of a very special potion.

All he had left to do was put his knights into place, and the wizarding world of Britain would be his. Once he had Britain, he could have her. It wouldn’t take much, just a simple order and he could have her.

But you can have her now.

No. We can’t.

Oh but we can. All it takes is a simple spell, she won’t even remember.

I want her to remember, what's the point if she won’t?

Then coax her. Mold her into the perfect art piece.

Mold her–

Yes– Make her want us. Make her need us.

Yes– Need– 

We need her. We need to taste–


“Professor,” A small voice sounded after a knock.


“Come in.” He could already smell her, gripping the arms to his chair he took a deep breath. Don’t lose control. 

“I just had a question about the assigned essay.” He watched her enter, her small frame engulfed in her, size too big, uniform. 

“Of course Miss Granger, How can I assist you?” 

Take her now. 

No. She’s too young. Too tiny. We would break her. 

Yes— Yes break her. 

I said no. We will make her last. Savor her. We will take her when the time is right. 

Tom answered her questions, then listened as she would ramble on about topics not yet talked about in class. When she became passionate about her topic, it gave him the opportunity to look her over. He didn’t mind that her frame was hidden, she had yet to develop. Yet she was beyond mature when it came to matters of the mind. 

He could write off his attraction to that. It was the only explanation he could come up with. Why else would he want, no need, to have her right now. 

Need her. Smell her. Taste her. 

Tom struggled as he watched her smile while talking about the theory of defense against the dark arts to him. Without thinking he grabbed his wand and casted the spell he swore to himself he wouldn’t on school grounds. 

Not for fear of Dumbledore, but to show restraint. 

“Imperio,” He watched as her eyes glossed over, oh how he loved that look. Her arms fell limp at her sides, no signs of fighting back, she was too young to know how to do such things. She wouldn’t even remember what happened. “Come here.” 

Hermione made her way over to him, he moved his chair facing her. Patting his leg in a non verbal command she hopped up onto his lap, fitting perfectly on his thigh. 

Feel her. 

Tom gently ran his hands, starting at her shoulders, down her arms, moving to her waist before he buried his face in her neck. Her smell alone made his cock twitch. 

She’s right here. Take her. 

No. Not yet. 

“Such a wonderful girl you are, Hermione.” Tom whispered in her ear. “You will be mine one day. But not yet.” He squeezed her waist one last time before he prompted her back to the front of his desk. Ending the spell she looked confused like she forgot what she was saying. 

“My dear you beyond your years,” He saw her blush at his compliment. “If you ever want extra knowledge, please stop by anytime and I will teach you.” 

“Really?” Her eyes lit up as he nodded. “Thank you professor.” At that she practically skipped out of the classroom. He was going to enjoy this soon one on one time with her. 

Soon she will be ours. 




Over the course of the school year he began his plan. A new plan. A plan to make sure Hermione would be his, and only his. 

At first she would only come once a week asking for extra studies. However after the second week it grew to twice a week. After a month she came three to four times a week, depending on her other studies. 

During their time together Tom restrained himself from using the imperious again. He didn’t need it. He learned what she liked best and that was praise. Tom could praise her all day, if she let him. She also quite enjoyed the sugar quills that had on his desk one day. So he bought her more. 

If she got questions right during their private tutoring, he would snap his fingers before he praised her. He knew his method was working when in class she would raise her hand as high as she could, then when she answered correctly Tom would proceed to snap his fingers and he would watch the blush creep up her neck to her cheeks. 

Everything was going according to plan. He just had to keep his cool. 




Hermione finished up getting her robes on before heading back to her train compartment. Draco was in a heated argument with Harry while Pansy was reading the quibbler. Slamming the door shut, it got the attention of the two hot headed boys. 

“That’s enough yelling boys.” Hermione took her seat next to Pansy. 

“What took you so long Granger. Did your hair try to eat you?” Draco smirked and Harry hit him in the shoulder. 

“No, she was getting ready to finally make a move on Professor Riddle.” Pansy winked at her over the paper. 

“I was not.” Hermione exclaimed. “It’s hard to dress while on a moving train.” She crossed her arms. 

“Sure. Sadly you missed your chance, Golden Girl.” Hermione looked at Draco as he matched her stance. 

“What do you mean?” Hermione's stomach did a flip. 

“There’s been a last minute change in staffing. Riddle is now Headmaster.” Her jaw dropped. Of course Malfoy would know, his father is head of the school board. Wait. But this means no more private lessons . Hermione could feel the tears welding in her eyes. 

Those lessons were the only thing she looked forward to anymore. Maybe he will still give them to her? No he’s going to be too busy now. But maybe he would? 

She was lost in her own mind the rest of the trip to Hogwarts. Over her years at school, Mr. Riddle had become her safe space. She would do anything to make sure she could still have it. Have him. 

Hermione didn’t know when it started, this feeling of need in her. But it was overwhelming now. Every passing thought she had was of him. Almost like a little bug had gone and embedded itself into her brain. She even considered getting a teaching position after she graduated, just so she could be near him. 

However Pansy called her crazy and told her just to fuck him and the feelings would go away. That all she was experiencing was sexual tension and she needed to releave it. That was the plan this year. Hermione just didn’t know how to execute it. 

During the welcoming feast she had a hard time focusing on anything other than his voice. It consumed her. Being away from him for months made her obsession worse. 

Once he completed his speech his eyes found hers in the crowd. Her heart began to pound as he smiled then snapped his fingers. The sound was small but the effect it had on her was not. Her face flushed as the warm feeling in her belly grew. Hermione didn’t know if she could survive her final year without finally giving into her fantasies. How she was going to do so was still a mystery. 

Finally sitting down in the Gyffindor common room after showing the prefects their new schedules, Hermione barely had time to react as a snake appeared in front of her. She almost screamed until she noticed the letter in its mouth. 

“Nigini, you scared me.” Hermione grabbed the letter from the snake before it bowed its head and made its way back to its master. 

Hermione quickly opened the letter. 


Please meet me in my office as soon as this letter finds you. 



She couldn’t help the squeal that left her mouth. But then a sense of dread fell over her. What if this meeting was to tell her that they can’t continue their lessons? She couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t. 




Tom was pacing in his new office. 

She should have gotten the letter by now. 

We need her.  

I know we do. 

We take her now. 

Yes. We can have her now. 

Need to taste her. 

Missed her smell. 

He froze as a knock sounded from the door. 

“Come in.” He whipped his hands on his trousers. Why was he so nervous? 

Get ahold of yourself  

He mentally wished the voice away. Hermione stepped through the door, he could tell she was nervous. 

“Hermione—“ His voice came out a whisper. He smiled as she did, hearing her name. 

“Headma—“ she began. 

“Please. You know to call me Tom when we are alone.” He screeched his hand towards her. “Here follow me.” She walked in front as he placed his hand on her lower back, guiding her over to an area behind the desk and down some stairs. He motioned for her to take a seat on one of the leather chairs in the small area while he took up the other. 

“I think congratulations are in order— Tom.” She blushed again at using his name, she always did. 

Take her now. 

Not yet. 

“Thank you.” He took the time to look her over. She finally filled in her uniform. No longer was she hiding her body beneath her robes. Her legs were exposed as she crossed her ankles, her socks stopping just below the knee, leaving just skin until the middle of her thigh. It was fifth year when he saw the change in her uniform. Her shirt was always tight around her breast, and her skirt was always a bit shorter due to her growing height. 

As his eyes traveled up her figure he saw the blush on her cheeks grow a beautiful deep pink. It was a lovely contrast to the rest of her skin tone. Tom wanted to paint her body in that color. Perhaps he can start with her arse. 

Shaking his head, he cleared his thoughts.He didn’t want to get ahead of himself. He’s gotten this far.

“How was the train ride? Are you settled in properly?” He began to pour them some tea while he awaited her answer. 

“It was bittersweet, knowing the next time will be my last makes me a bit sad.” He handed her the cup. “However, I've settled in the head dorm, ready for my classes to start.”

“Always eager to learn. That's what I like about you Hermione.” She piped up at his words. 

Coax her, get her to come to you. Then take her.

“I bet you are wondering why I called you here on such short notice.” He saw her bite her lip, his cock twitch in return.

“Yes, I was worried you were going to tell me that our tutoring lessons would have to end now that you are headmaster.” He could see that it made her sad. Tom couldn’t have his girl sad.

“Oh no Hermione. You have it quite wrong.” He set his cup of tea down before he looked her in the eyes. “I asked you here because i’ve missed you.” 

“You have?” Her voice sounded hopeful to him.

“Yes my dear,” He leaned back in his chair before patting his leg. “Come.” She stood up quickly making her way over to him, standing between his legs. He could sense her hesitation. “It’s alright dear.” He guided her down into his lap, letting her legs hang off his while she settled into his chest.

“I– I haven’t done this in years.” She looked up at him through her eyelashes. 

“Do this as often as you wish Hermione,” He kissed her head. “I am yours, whatever you wish to do, all you have to do is ask.”

“Anything I want?” His cock twitched again as she wiggled in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Anything my dear.” He tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Will–” Her blush came back full force. She seemed to be embarrassed about what she was about to ask. 

“It’s okay Hermione. Ask me anything you wish.” 

“Will– will you be my first?” He was blown away with arousal, his cock was now straining against the fabric of his trousers. 

Take. Her. Now. 

Claim. Her.


“Your first, what hermione?” He needed to hear her say it. Needed to hear it so he could finally shatter.

“My first– everything.” She brought her hands to his face. “My first snog, my first time, I want it to be you.” She was about to continue but Tom had waited years, too many years. He brought his hand up to her hair, gripping it tight as his lips met hers. They were soft, so very soft. He licked her bottom lip, tasting the sweet taste of her skin. She opened her mouth, allowing him access which he took full advantage of. 

She tasted like mint, with a hint of sugar. It was intoxicating. His mouth claimed hers, coaxing her with his tongue. He heard her mewl as he tugged on her hair.

“Do you like this my dear?” He asked as he tugged again.

“Yes– please, I want more, please teach me.” She didn’t need to ask, he was going to give her his soul.

“Yes my dear.” He positioned her to straddle him, her core rubbing against his throbbing cock. He ran his hands up her thighs, bunching her skirt up at her waist. Grabbing onto the seam of her knickers he ripped them off, tossing them to the side. His fingers slide across her slit, already getting wet. He smirked as he reclaimed her mouth with his.

His fingers dipped inside her folds, teasing her entrance before sliding up and circling her clit. Hermione moaned against his mouth.

Make her crumble.

He continued to tease her clit before he inserted one finger into her cunt. Salazar, she was tight. He was going to have fun stretching her out, breaking her. He pumped his finger in and out, finding the spongy layer on her wall, adding pressure here and there. His thumb continued it’s assault on her clit. He could feel her walls clamping down on his finger as he inserted a second, then a third. 

Tom kissed down her neck biting down and sucking on her pulse point. “It’s okay if you scream dear. No one will hear you.” Hermione began to moan out loud as he fucked her with his hand. Her legs tightened around his thighs, she was close. He kept up his rhythm as he freed his cock with his other hand. 

Hermione screamed his name as her orgasm hit. Tom slipped his fingers out, but continued to circle her clit, causing her to ride it out. Without waiting Tom positioned her entrance above his cock and slammed her down onto him. She tensed up at the sudden pain, grabbing onto his shoulders.

“You feel so fucking good.” He leaned his forehead against hers as he calmed his breathing. He wanted this to last. 

“I feel so full.” He almost chuckled at her confession. Insead he kissed her before he began to guide her hips up and down. 

“This is how you ride cock. Do what feels good to you, I will feel good either way.” She began to bounce up and down on his cock. Tom unbuttoned her shirt and began to massage her breasts under her bra. Her cunt was squeezing his cock in the most delicious ways. 

Hermione was a quick learner, taking her pleasure from him, moving her hips in ways that made his cock hit her g-spot perfectly. Tom was getting close, but he wanted her to come once more before he did. Reaching one hand into her hair, he tugged thigh and held the pressure, while his other hand went to her clit. He only had to rub her a few times before he felt her walls clamp down, milking him as she came. 

“Keep your eyes on me, I want you to look me in the eyes while I come inside you.” She held Tom’s gaze as he began to thrust up into her, chasing his own release. He thrusted once more then shot his seed into her. As he came his hand pulled on her hair letting him bite down on her neck. 

“Tom–” Hermione moaned in his ear. He licked the spot he bit before whispering in her ear.

“You are mine,” Ours , “and no one else's.” 

“Yours. Only yours.”