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“Why are we spying on Lyner and Ayatane?”

Morrigan glanced over her should to look at the three girls that were dutifully following her like she had asked them to do. Lillian fluttered along right behind her, matching her steps while Meu and Lily lingered a little further back, somewhat wary of her. Or perhaps uneasy because they felt that they were invading on Lyner and Ayatane’s…privacy.

“Spying is such a dirty little word,” Morrigan said as she continued to lead. “I think it as merely sedating our curiosity.”

“Curiosity about what?”

“Haven’t you ever wondered why Lyner and Ayatane are always sneaking off together?” Morrigan asked the girls with her with a knowing smile on her lips. While the others of their little family seemed oblivious as to why Lyner and Ayatane often excused themselves to either take a walk, check their surroundings and simply talk in private –alone-, she had caught on rather quickly.

And she was kind of glad that she was the only one who realised what these ‘best friends’ were doing behind everyone’s backs. If the others found out, especially the three girls that were friends with Lyner, they might put an end to this.

Which would be an absolutely travesty.

Meu tilted her head to the side in thought. “Um, talking or catching up about stuff?”

Lily shrugged, seemingly not all that interested. “Training or keeping watch? I mean, what else could they be doing?”

“Oh, they are most certainly communicating and indulging in some sort of exercise,” Morrigan hummed in light amusement as she led the small group toward the empty houses in the village type environment they stopped to camp for the night. “But, of course, in a far more pleasurable sense.”

Hearing about pleasure, Lillian perked up in excitement. “Ooh, can I see?”

“Shh,” Morrigan hushed as they crept closer to small house, something like a cottage and over to a large window that didn’t have any curtains. What luck. “Quiet now, we don’t want to interrupt them, do we?”

Meu and Lily still looked puzzled, either about her words or where she was leading them to, while Lillian was twitching in anticipation. Morrigan held a finger to her lips as they approached the window. They crouched down low, trying not to make a sound as they situated themselves under the window.

“Wait,” Morrigan whispered. She wanted to check first, to see if they were indeed holding a repeat performance of the many other times she had followed them. Placing her fingertips on the sill, Morrigan eased herself up and glanced inside the room. And she smiled as her eyes immediately fell upon two familiar figures…on a bed…together.

Good, she didn’t bring these girls out here for nothing.

She mentioned for the girls to follow her lead, and they did, Meu and Lily slightly ashamed at what they were doing. However, the look of shame was replaced with open-mouth shock and disbelief.

Meu gasped bit back a gasp while Lily made a cute little ‘eep!’ like noise, her fingers tightening painful on the window’s sill. And Lillian? She giggled as she all but pressed her face against the glass of the window.

“Ooh, so this is what they’re doing,” she whispered.

Morrigan quickly hushed her before turning to give the wonderful view her full attention.

They had a sheet draped over them, but it was clearly obvious to any fool what they were doing. Lyner was lying on his back on the double bed, Ayatane lying on top of him, their naked and sweat sheened bodies pressed together, one of Ayatane’s hands grasping one of Lyner’s, their fingers entwined tightly together in a firm grip. Ayatane’s other arm was wrapped around Lyner’s shoulders, trapping him against his chest; Lyner’s other hand pawing at him. And their mouths were pressed together passionately, their kiss deep and oh-so sensual.

And even though the window was closed, Morrigan could hear their sounds of ecstasy. Lyner’s voice high-pitched and needy, Ayatane’s deep and husky.

Breaking the kiss, Ayatane kissed along Lyner’s jawline before he whispered something to Lyner, his lips ghosting against his ear. Lyner swallowed thickly and nodded his head once, his chest heaving as he panted. “Please…”

A shiver raced down Morrigan’s spine. Oh good, she hadn’t missed their ‘joining’. Lyner always had such a delicious expression on his face with their bodies embrace one another intimately.

Ayatane pulled back for a moment, still holding Lyner close to him, his arms never once loosening. Then, he suddenly moved forward sharply, bucking against Lyner. And Lyner arched his back off the bed; his eyes squeezed tightly shut and his mouth opened on a silent scream.

From their position at the window, Morrigan and her companions had a wonderful view of Lyner’s flushed face, his head hanging over Ayatane’s arm as Ayatane wrapped his arm under his shoulders, holding him close as he moved over him…and inside him.

And Morrigan all but purred at Lyner’s expression. His brow was creased in ecstasy, his eyes half-lidded and glazed over from the pleasure, his mouth parted as he moaned and panted quietly in sheer passion. Oh, the sounds he was making, the breathy moans, the whining purrs, Ayatane’s name being repeated over and over again.

The passion. The ecstasy. It was so thrilling.

Lyner managed to slip his hand down Ayatane’s chest to touch his side before reaching to desperately rake his fingers down his back, urging him one, pressing their bodies closer together. He moved in time with Ayatane as he sobbed into his shoulder.


It was quite obvious that they had done ‘this’ many times before. Although they haven’t regained all their memories, it must be exciting rediscovering each other again.

A sob escaped Lyner’s throat when Ayatane placed his lips, leaving love bites, against the side of his neck. He must have been extremely sensitive there as Lyner arched his back, his head once again falling back against the bed and tightened his grip on Ayatane’s shoulder.


Morrigan sighed. Won’t be much longer until they both reach their utmost ecstasy.

Momentarily, Morrigan removed her gaze from the passionate scene before her to glance at her companions. Lily and Meu were both blushing a deep crimson red, their eyes wide and their mouths hanging open. Lily even had a tiny bit of blood dripping from her nose. And, Morrigan noted with a hum, they weren’t looking away. Lillian was enjoying the scene immensely; she was leaning on her elbows on the window sill, her chin resting in her hands as she watched with a focused gaze, a somewhat dreamy look in her eyes.

Turning her attention back to the sensual love-making, Morrigan noticed that Ayatane was no longer scattering love bites against Lyner’s neck; he was now smothering his moans with a deep kiss. Their movements were more frantic now, desperate.

Morrigan had noted that through their love-making, their clasped hands remained strong and true. Their connection was so deep, so resilient, so everything.

The deep kiss was suddenly broken, Lyner throwing his head back on a low, drawn out moan, his body tensing as Ayatane stilled above him, groaning lowly. Then, Ayatane collapsed on top of a breathing heavily Lyner. They sunk against the mattress, holding each other tightly, embracing closely.

They then shared another kiss, whispering to one another. Their voices soft, barely audible through the glass window, but Morrigan knew that they were saying by the simple movements of their lips. I love you’s were exchanged before engaging in another passionate kiss, Ayatane threading his fingers through Lyner’s hair, Lyner holding his close with the hand on his back.

Morrigan released a deep sigh. Such pleasure. Such passion. You don’t see that much. Well, not as much as she liked.

The main show was over, best to leave the two to their blissful afterglow. Besides, the two non-demon girls looked as if they were going to pass out from blood loss.

“We should leave before they notice us,” Morrigan suggested, motioning for the girls to follow her once again. And they did, Lily and Meu following mutely and in complete shock, their movements stumbling and jerky. While Lillian looked somewhat disappointed in leaving.

It was actually quite adorable.

Back at camp, Meu and Lily were unusually quiet. As if in a daze. When asked where they went by the others, they simply shook their heads. They couldn’t tell them what they saw. Morrigan had asked them that it remain as their sensual little secret.

An hour or so later Lyner and Ayatane finally re-joined the group, Lyner practically glowing and Ayatane holding a sense of self-satisfaction. And no one really took noticed. They were simply welcomed back and asked if they wanted something to eat. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for the two to disappear for a while together. They always came back, Lyner in a much better mood than he usual was, and Ayatane more content and relaxed.

Lily, however, took one look at Lyner, blushed a deep red, made a startling noise before making a quick retreat. She left not only Lyner startled and confused, but everyone else who had witness her reaction.

Morrigan laughed softly. Never again will Lily be able to look Lyner in the eye again without remembering that sensual look of ecstasy that he wore so well. Even Morrigan herself had a hard time not associating those eyes and mouth of his with passion.

But she wouldn’t be surprised if Lily asked to accompany her on ‘spying’ on Lyner and Ayatane again when they part the group for their quality personal time.

There would be plenty more opportunities, hopefully.