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“The girls have been acting strange today, don’t you think?”

Now, Lyner wasn’t a suspicious person. It wasn’t in his nature to second guess the motives of others. Some would say that he was being naïve, but he preferred being optimistic. Still, something about the behaviour of a few of the girls in their ever growing family seemed to be acting funny.

Not to humorous kind of funny, either.

There was nothing in particular that Lyner could put his finger on and claim that it was strange. And to be frank, stranger things have happened. In this world and in his own world back home.

They were up to something. That was all he could come up with.

What they were up to wasn’t something he could say felt threatening. Confusing, was probably more accurate. And it didn’t raise any glaringly obvious warning flags. The girls pushing them together, making them complete random tasks or chores with only each other as company wasn’t anything new. And, to be honest, Lyner preferred working alone with Ayatane. Ayatane was someone that Lyner knew was able to take care of himself if anything should go wrong. And he trusted him, more than anyone.

But what was odd was the fact that they were never really alone. Off in the distance, just out of hearing range but well within sight would be one or two of the girls. And while he wasn’t suspicious nor paranoid, Lyner swore that someone was always watching them, just waiting for something.

What that something was, he didn’t have the faintest idea. But it left him semi on guard all the time.

The whole situation was just…hard to explain.

“Their behaviour has been a little…suspect,” Ayatane said to in in regards to his earlier question. He had this musing look on his face, his brow ever so slightly furrowed as he gazed into the empty space before him.

Lyner allowed him to muse silently for a few moments longer, taking this time to glance around at his surroundings. They had been given a new task, to find some kind of rare herb that Marie insisted was in this area. He had seen no plant close to what she described, but then again she did say it was rare.

While he looked around, he discreetly checked to see if any of the girls followed them for a reason that was still, and probably will remain, unknown to him. He couldn’t see anyone, but there were a lot of trees and thick bushes in this part of the area.

“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about,” Ayatane said, pulling Lyner out of his surveillance. Lyner turned to look at the slightly older man again, catching him smiling that gentle smile at his. And it was a smile that Lyner could not help but return, relaxing his stance.

“Yeah, I know,” Lyner said as he gave a one shoulder shrug, his gaze being pulled easily into Ayatane’s. “I think we’re alone now, though.”

“Ah,” Ayatane made a sound of agreement. “A rare treat indeed.”

“Yeah,” Lyner said, still looking into Ayatane’s eyes. “I suppose it is.”

“Well, I guess we should make the most of it.”

“We should.”

No more words were said as Ayatane reached out to him, pulling him toward him. Lyner willingly pushed himself forward, eliminating the distance between them so they were now chest to chest. As Ayatane shifted his grip, placing his hands on Lyner’s hips, Lyner rested his own hands on Ayatane’s arms. He gave a light and playful tug, pressing their bodies further together. Ayatane chuckled softly, his hands slowly leaving Lyner’s hips so he could wrap his arms entirely around Lyner’s waist, his hands touching the small of his back.

They were so close together now, his faces mere inches apart. Lyner wished he could press himself against Ayatane more, but their armour hindered that and he reluctantly had to be happy with the closeness they could achieve without actually removing the armour.

Armour was useful for battle, but not much else.

Staring into Ayatane’s eyes, Lyner felt Ayatane’s heated breath ghost across his lips. It caused a shiver to race up his spine, but it wasn’t enough. He didn’t want to feel just his breath.

Again, Ayatane chuckled lowly, as if he had just read Lyner’s mind. Thankfully, though, soon after that he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Lyner’s, their eyes fluttering close at the same time.

One of the bad things about being in a secret relationship was the fact that it was hard to be alone together, to simply be together without the concern of someone walking in on them. But when they did managed to get some time to themselves, they always made sure to cherish it. And to make the most of it.

With a sigh, Lyner parted his lips, wanting Ayatane to deepen the kiss. It had been far too long since they had been able to share something deeper than a fleeting peck on the lips in dark corner somewhere.

Brushing his tongue over Lyner’s lips, unfairly teasing him, Ayatane finally moved to deepen the kiss, pressing their mouths firmly together as their tongues pushed and played over each other’s. One of his hands slipped up Lyner’s back to rest against his shoulder blades, holding him tightly as he was able to without their armour pressing into them.

Lyner snuck his hand over Ayatane’s armour so he could gently touch the side of his face, his fingers threading through his silken hair. He was beginning to lose sense of where he was or what he was supposed to be doing. And that could be dangerous. But who knows when the next time they could be together like this would come again. He wasn’t going to end it just yet.

They continued to kiss for some time, only pulling back ever so slightly to get a proper breath of air before plunging right back in, unveiling their true feelings and emotions to one another. Just as Lyner was starting to get really frustrated by their armour acting as a hindrance, his mind trying to calculate how long it would take for him to remove the stupid thing, Ayatane ended the kiss. He pulled back, his hands slipping from Lyner’s back to rest on his hips instead.

Lyner pouted at the loss, once again prompting a chuckle to be heard from Ayatane. Ayatane then leaned forward again, but only to press their foreheads softly together.

“Hm, I think I’ve figured out why the girls gave us this task to do together,” Ayatane mused, a half smile on his lips and mild amusement in his eyes.

Lyner blinked, clearly puzzled by Ayatane’s words. “What do you mean? Why?”

At first, Ayatane said nothing as he slowly pulled away from him. Then, he motioned over his shoulder with his chin, toward a thick bush a few feet away.

“So they can spy on us, of course,” Ayatane said matter-of-factly.

Immediately after he said that there was a very telling ‘Eep!’ from the bushes and they rustled slightly, as if there was someone hiding their and was now trying to desperately, and discreetly, make a retreat.

“We know you’re there,” Ayatane suddenly stated as he turned to face the rustling bush fully, his posture somewhat defensive, while Lyner’s heart simply thundered loudly in his chest. “You might as well show yourselves.”

One blushing, embarrassed at being caught, face appeared. Then two. Then three. Then…

Lyner openly gaped at his unknowing audience. “W-what?”

The girls, however, made no attempt to explain themselves. They shuffled about, wringing their hands in front of them, refusing to look at either Lyner or Ayatane in the eye. No one but Morrigan, it seemed.

Not that it should be surprised.

“Why?” Lyner managed to stutter out, completely mortified by the whole thing, resisting the urge to hide behind Ayatane and pretend that it wasn’t happening.

“Why not?” Morrigan simply quipped back. “It was obvious that you two are more than just best friends. So obvious that even York thought you two are married.”

Lyner went completely silent at that. He had thought he and Ayatane hid their relationship quite well…

“It must be hard to get some alone time together,” Morrigan mused, her wings fluttering behind her. “With so many people around.”

Well, there was no disputing that. Look at what happened here.

“Tell you what,” Morrigan suddenly stated, sounding as if she was going to be making them a deal of a lifetime. “How about we come to some sort of an arrangement? We can help the two of you spend even more time together. As much time as you want.”

That…sounded nice. But what was the catch?

“And what do you want from us?” Ayatane asked as a suspicious eyebrow rose delicately.

And Morrigan smiled in a manner that Lyner could only describe as pure mischievousness. “We get to watch.”

Lyner blushed indignantly at the request, bristling from embarrassment. But before he outright refused the deal, he paused, his mind working quickly. Agree to the deal where he and Ayatane can spend as much time as they want together, doing PG rated things that any couple would want to do? Or turn down the offer and then suffer the consequences of having the girls interfering in their time together just to make him crack and agree to the deal anyway?

Sharing a look of resignation with Ayatane, Lyner turned to Morrigan. “Fine,” he muttered, his blush darkening at the look of sheer joy on the girls’ faces.

It would probably prove to be his biggest mistake. But, in reality, he was screwed way before the deal was even made.

Fangirls are evil, evil beings that would always, always get their way.