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put your hands on my waist (do it softly)

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The beef noodles Dani brought have, in fact, gone cold, but still, there are none left by the time Dani and Gigi are done with dinner and ready to leave. Dani got them from her favorite Chinese restaurant, in the hope that a nice, candle-lit dinner at her place would make Gigi forget the way she had treated her that morning. But when Gigi didn’t show up, Dani was surprised by the intensity of the fear that ran through her, the fear of having fucked up the one thing at this stage of her life that she could call good.

And when Gigi kindly but firmly refused Dani’s attempt to sweep it all under the rug with a joke, Dani realized that no defense mechanism or avoidance tool she had clung to throughout her life would work with Gigi, because Gigi was unlike any other woman she had been with. 

But Gigi surprised her, too. Like she had been surprising her ever since their first meeting. To be allowed to make a mistake, apologize, and be met not with hostility but with kindness and understanding was something that Dani had never experienced before, something she didn’t know was a possibility.

She was raised to believe that being emotionally closed off was a strength and a necessity, that asking for help meant revealing a vulnerability that someone would eventually exploit. She did not know what to do with those vulnerabilities if not hide them, no matter how exhausting. This openness Gigi was asking from her was as far from her comfort zone as anything. 

And yet, Dani realizes, just as addictive. That Gigi is willing to stick by her side as she learns makes Dani cherish her even more than she already does.

“I can taste the noodles on you,” Gigi laughs against Dani’s lips when Dani kisses her.

“I’m sorry.”

“Not complaining. They were delicious. I’m sure I taste of noodles, too.”

“You kind of do, yeah,” Dani replies, and they both laugh.

“It’s nothing a good glass of wine can’t fix. Besides,” Gigi softly drags her teeth over Dani’s bottom lip, sending a small shiver down her spine. “You always taste good.”

It’s as if they never fought, as if Dani never treated her like shit for no reason just a few hours ago, and while watching Gigi clean up her desk and collect her things, Dani wonders how Gigi is capable of being like this, so honestly kind and forgiving. Dani knows she wouldn’t be.

Let me not screw this up, she thinks when Gigi catches her staring and gazes back at her with that glimmer in her dark eyes and that playful smirk that made Dani feel like a teenager the first time she was on the receiving end of it.

She takes Gigi’s hand and pulls her close to her. Then, she brings their lips together for a soft, lingering kiss, one neither is in a hurry to break.

“I’m really sorry,” Dani says again, putting all her intention behind her words.

“You don’t have to keep apologizing, Dani.”

Dani nods, lets out a shaky breath while Gigi gently fixes a strand of her long hair behind her ear. She wishes she knew how to explain to Gigi how new all this is for her, that she doesn’t really know what is right, what is enough, because all she was ever taught was conflict and how to prevail in conflict. She wishes she could tell Gigi how important she has become for her and that she is terrified of fucking it all up.

She can’t put her feelings into words, not like Gigi does so easily. So, instead, she kisses Gigi again and asks, “Do you want to come home with me?”

Gigi smiles, warm. “I want to come home with you.”

The drive to Dani’s apartment complex is relatively quiet. Gigi is relaxed behind the wheel, save for the occasional curse in Farsi when they get stuck in the never-ending L.A. traffic. Dani finds herself reaching for Gigi’s thigh while they wait for the line to move, giving it a soft squeeze that makes Gigi look at her and smile.

Dani doesn’t try anything, but she also doesn’t pull her hand away, relishing the feeling of Gigi’s muscles flexing once they can finally move and she presses on the gas pedal.

By the time they get to Dani’s apartment, Dani is on the edge in a way she doesn’t remember feeling in ages.

“You’re quiet,” Gigi told her while they were riding the elevator. Not asking any questions when Dani replied with a simple “Mhmm”, just smiling a knowing smirk that did nothing but feed Dani’s nervous energy.

Gigi is quick to free both of them of their coats once they’re inside, hanging them in the walk-in closet by the entrance and then heading directly to the kitchen.

“Let’s see about that glass of wine,” she says. “Red?”

Dani nods, watching as Gigi selects a bottle from her collection and grabs two glasses from the cupboard. She moves through Dani’s apartment like she has been there countless times, with the confidence and ease of someone who could be living there with Dani. If anyone else were to do this, to walk into her closet, take things from her kitchen without asking, it would bother her to no end, Dani realizes.

Not Gigi, though. Gigi has a way to make her feel cared for with every little, understated gesture. It’s disorienting, and terrifying, and addictive.

She smiles when they clink their glasses together and she takes a first sip of wine. Somehow, Gigi managed to pick her favorite one.

“This looks more like how I’d imagined the night to go.”

“Ah, so you wanted to get me drunk to make me forget you were an asshole.”

Dani laughs.

“No. I had the noodles for that. I’ve learned food softens you up a lot more than alcohol.”

“Aren’t you a clever one?”

“It worked, didn’t it?”

Gigi kisses her then, her taste mixes in Dani’s mouth with the thick flavor of the wine, and Dani can’t help but pass her tongue through her lips when Gigi pulls back and walks off, instinctively chasing for more.

“Wow,” Gigi whispers as she comes to stand in front of one of the massive windows. She takes a long sip, gazing out in silence at the expanse of pulsing, glowing lights, seemingly in no rush to do anything else. “It truly is beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Dani simply says, but her eyes are locked on Gigi’s silhouette, rapt with the way her black dress hugs her curves, with the shine of her curls in the golden light.

Her tone must give her away though, because Gigi glances over her shoulder and fixes her dark eyes on her.

“Have you looked at it?”

Dani lets out a small laugh. “I live here.”

“Yes, but have you looked?”

Dani frowns, confused by the question. She means to say ‘yes’, of course she has, but something stops her. She’s been living in the apartment for a few weeks now, all of them marked by stress and exhaustion. Of course she’s been aware of the stunning view, but she struggles to come up with a memory of a moment where she just stopped and enjoyed it just for the sake of it.

“Come here,” Gigi says, extending an arm and wiggling her fingers. Dani takes her hand, comes to stand next to her.

“This is why I wanted you to take this place. It’s not just that it’s beautiful.” Dani allows her stare to shift from Gigi’s profile to the view outside. “L.A. is so chaotic, all the time. Constantly loud, moving. I remember when I was little and we got here. I was so overwhelmed.”

It moves Dani, the ease with which Gigi shares details from her life, how she entrusts her with these more secret, vulnerable parts of her.

“But from up here, everything stills,” Gigi continues. “You can take in the whole city and just pause, and breathe with her. I find it so peaceful. I think we all deserve a moment of stillness in our lives.”

She turns to Dani but Dani isn’t looking at her. She’s staring out, absorbing the quiet, glowing beauty she never allowed herself to take in. She closes her eyes and inhales deeply, her chest opens up with it and for the first time she feels that stillness Gigi was talking about, like a warmth settling deep into her bones.

When she opens her eyes again, Gigi is smiling at her.

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?” Gigi asks, her smile growing just a bit wider.

Dani takes the wine glass from Gigi’s hand, puts it down with hers on the coffee table. Gigi meets her halfway when Dani cups the back of her neck and kisses her, tilting her face up just as Dani leans down. It’s a soft, unhurried affair, their lips gliding together and their breaths warm in each other’s mouth. 

Kissing has always been one of Dani’s favorite things, but never has it been so utterly intoxicating. Their mouths fit together to perfection, and Dani could suck on Gigi’s bottom lip for hours on end, and when Gigi’s tongue invites itself into her mouth, flicking softly against its roof, Dani feels a shiver shoot down her spine and settle into a low throb deep in her core.

And soon, kissing isn’t enough anymore. 

She walks Gigi across the apartment and into the bedroom, strips both of their clothes down to their underwear. Gigi goes willingly when Dani presses her into the mattress and climbs on top of her, her palms smoothing over Dani’s back in a way that makes Dani arch into her. 

There’s an unspoken understanding that this is what they need right now. A moment like this in her previous relationship would have been dominated by yelling, by harsh words or an even harsher silence. “You don’t have to keep apologizing,” Gigi told her instead. Dani still believes she has to, but to be told that is already so much more than what she is used to, and there is so much relief in knowing that this can be enough right now. That sex can be used to apologize, and to forgive.

Dani doesn’t know when her self-control became so frail, when restraining her own desire turned into a challenge demanding of all her willpower. She suspects it happened the night Gigi first took her out for dinner, when Gigi dazzled her with her effortless charm and Dani found herself wishing their non-date wouldn’t end.

Now though, now she definitely blames Gigi’s tongue, how it lightly licks up the column of her throat to press a soft kiss right below the jut of her jawbone. 

Dani’s eyes flutter closed with the feeling, and she means to lean down and kiss Gigi again because she needs more, always more of Gigi, but a gentle yet firm hand against her shoulder stops her. It moves over her collarbone, up her neck in a caress that makes her tingle, and then two fingers under her chin make Dani tilt her head up and open her eyes again.

Gigi’s eyes look almost black in the low light of the room, the hungry gaze she directs at Dani is so intense that Dani has to physically resist from squirming. She feels naked in a way that has nothing to do with the amount of clothes she is wearing. There’s no hiding, not with how Gigi is looking at her, making sure they’re both present, together.

This time, when Dani kisses her, Gigi’s hand curls around the back of her neck, inviting her to kiss deeper. She opens her mouth to her, her body too, rocking her hips against Dani’s and parting her legs. Dani groans, fights against the haze of desire that demands her to search more friction, to take care of the increasing pulsing between her legs. Gigi doesn’t help at all, not with how she drags her blunt nails down Dani’s back and slides her hand under the fabric of her underwear, grabbing her ass while licking into her mouth. Dani has never felt so out of control with so little.

She pushes it all down somehow, finds the will to detach herself from Gigi’s mouth and buries her face into her neck instead. Her lips find Gigi’s pulse point, she kisses and sucks at that sensitive spot for a long moment, fueled by the sound of Gigi’s sigh and her fingers sliding through Dani’s hair.

“Fuck,” she hears Gigi whisper, so quietly there’s barely any sound to the word, but Dani hears it just fine and her thighs clench beyond her control.

It drives her insane, how responsive Gigi is to her, how every kiss or touch is met with a little noise or movement or whisper of Dani’s name, a silent request in each of them for more of what Dani is giving her, more of her.

Absolutely insane with desire, that’s how Dani feels while she kisses down Gigi’s chest and puts her mouth on Gigi’s breast, kissing and sucking through the thin fabric of Gigi’s bra while her hand cups her other breast. 

Gigi’s reaction is immediate. She arches up, her fingernails scratching Dani’s scalp while a moan leaves her mouth, followed by a husky laugh that leaves Dani sticky between her legs. 

She pulls down black lace just enough to expose a stiff nipple. Her thumb traces over it once before she leans down to wrap her lips around it, feeling it harden even more against her tongue while Gigi’s chest heaves.

“Fuck— easy,” Gigi gasps when Dani adds teeth. 

She is quick to soothe the sting with her tongue. They’re still learning each other’s body, and Dani finds it one of the most erotic things to do in bed, but tonight she doesn’t want to make mistakes.

She has the acute need to make Gigi feel as good as humanly possible, to impress her apology onto Gig’s body. 

Gigi, who is writhing underneath her while Dani kisses down her stomach, but still doesn’t urge her or pressures for more. Gigi, who is maybe the most patient and caring person Dani has ever met. Who went along with whatever Dani needed, first restraining herself and then making Dani feel like she was burning alive with the way she touched her.

If she is so awful with words, at least she can show with her actions how much she cares about Gigi, she needs to show her that—

“I can hear you thinking.”

Dani freezes.

She lifts up from where her lips were kissing a strip of skin next to Gigi’s hipbone, not particularly sensitive judging by how Gigi settled against the mattress. She didn’t even notice, so trapped in her head she was.

Feeling caught, her first instinct is to act like nothing happened. She places more kisses over Gigi’s skin, right above the waistband of her underwear, hoping it’ll be enough to distract Gigi. But the hand that was in her hair moves to her cheek, a gentle caress.


 Gigi is too receptive to hide anything from her.

Dani stops, pressing her forehead to Gigi’s stomach. She can hide her face but her ears burn and she feels like a teenager again, fumbling with how to touch a girl for the first time. For someone who has only ever known how to be in control, this is pure discomfort.

She reluctantly moves away when Gigi shifts beneath her and gently urges her up.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbles, her eyes fixed on a spot on the bed sheets.

“What is it?” Gigi asks, tucking Dani’s hair behind her ear. “Dani, baby, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” 

Blood rushes to Dani’s cheeks and her stomach flutters pleasantly. It’s as unexpected as it is delightful, to hear Gigi call her baby, especially now when she feels like a nervous mess.

“I know you wanted to take things slow. We still can.”

“No, it’s not that.” She finally looks up and meets Gigi’s gaze. She won’t have her think she regrets being with her. “Really, it’s not that at all.”

Gigi nods.


“Just…” She hesitates, looking for a way to explain feelings that aren’t even that clear to her. “You’re so kind to me.”

Gigi’s dark eyes glimmer with a twinkle of amusement.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No. It’s just new. And I don’t know how to deal with it.”

A frustrated huff leaves her mouth. As good as she is at her job, at telling people exactly what to say and how to say it, she’s twice as terrible at putting what she feels into words. She forces herself though, if only to make the concerned crease between Gigi’s eyebrows disappear. Her plan was to make it up to her, the last thing she wants is to make her worry because she can’t fucking stop overthinking.

“I know I’m a lot to handle. And we met at a moment when my life has turned upside down and I’m wrapped in this fucking mess, and I’m just… I’m not at my best.”

She chances a glance at Gigi, a part of her still expecting to see confusion or frustration on the woman’s face. She is only met with a patient gaze.

“No one is always at their best,” Gigi says. “I know I’m not.”

“You seem to be.”

Gigi laughs.

“You might want to have a word with Nat and Alice about that.”

A smile tugs at the corner of Dani’s lips. Gigi told her the story of how she met Alice, and how that meeting involved her swinging a hammer at 2 a.m. It’s still a struggle for her, to imagine Gigi like that.

The tightness in Dani’s chest loosens. Gigi’s ability to make fun of herself for one of her worst moments helps dissipate the heaviness of her own confession.

She closes her eyes when Gigi kisses her, feeling soothed by the warmth and softness of it.

“Let me decide what I can or cannot handle,” Gigi says.

It’s beyond hard for Dani to allow herself to be vulnerable, it goes against all her instincts. But with Gigi she is discovering a way to be open, to strip herself bare without feeling threatened.

And as difficult and terrifying as it is to her still, she holds Gigi’s gaze and confesses, “I’m scared I’m going to hurt you.”

Gigi is quiet for a long moment. Her silence is maddening, but Dani prefers it to a rushed, dismissive reassurance. She knows she wouldn’t be able to trust that.

And after that pause, Gigi leans in and curls her fingers behind Dani’s neck, gently rubbing her thumb across her cheek.

“If you do, I’m going to tell you.”

It’s as kind as it is certain, it leaves no doubt in Dani’s mind that Gigi means it. Especially when that soft smile so dear to her heart brightens Gigi’s features again as she adds, “I’m exactly where I want to be.”

It’s enough to make Dani’s tension fade for good. A part of her wants to ask Gigi how she’s able to do this and always say the right thing. She decides she has talked enough though, and settles for kissing her instead.

She bites her own bottom lip once they separate, her eyes lingering on Gigi’s mouth and moving lower, taking in every inch of golden skin. She has one of the most stunning women she’s ever met half-naked in her bed and she was wasting time overthinking.

“Great,” she chuckles, shaking her head. “I kind of ruined the mood, uh?”

She half-expects Gigi to make a joke, or to kiss her again as a way of reassuring her. Instead, she says nothing. 

Her eyes pierce Dani with a searing gaze as she takes Dani’s hand. Before Dani realizes what is happening, Gigi guides her hand between her own legs and slips it inside her underwear.

Dani stutters out a whimper, because Gigi is hot and swollen and so, so wet. 

The throb in the pit of Dani’s belly turns into a burning ache. She moves her fingers through slick folds, and her gaze snaps up when Gigi shudders and lets out a quiet sigh.

Her eyes are hooded, her cheeks flushed, her lips parted. She looks like sex.

And then she leans close and puts her mouth next to Dani’s ear, her hot breath making her shiver. 

You didn’t ruin anything,” she whispers in Farsi.

Dani closes her eyes and clenches hard around nothing.

The tip of her finger brushes against Gigi’s entrance, feels the twitch of the muscles there, and Dani honest to God almost whines when Gigi removes her hand from between her legs before she can slip inside.

But another sound leaves her, a low growl at the back of her throat that doesn’t sound like her at all, because Gigi brings Dani’s hand up and takes her fingers in her mouth.

Dani loses herself in a haze of desire, rendered utterly speechless and delirious by the way Gigi’s tongue strokes across the length of her fingers. By the soft vibrations she can feel against her skin when Gigi hums. She is tasting herself and loving it and Dani has never been more aroused in her entire life.

Moving against the soft, maddening suction of Gigi’s mouth, Dani slowly pulls her fingers out. She traces Gigis bottom lip with them, leaving it wet and shiny. Irresistible.

And Dani really cannot resist any longer.

She surges forward and crashes her mouth against Gigi’s. They kiss with a hunger that verges on obscene. Gigi immediately opens her mouth for Dani, letting her lick and taste what she just tasted.

She moans into Gigi’s mouth when Gigi buries her hand into her hair and tugs, changing the angle of the kiss so their tongues glide together. Dani feels heady, and it has nothing to do with the barely touched glass of wine she drank earlier.

She is only vaguely aware that Gigi has moved her hand down her back and unclasped her bra, but then Gigi slides her palms across Dani’s torso and directly cups her breasts beneath the loose fabric.

Dani can’t help it, she breaks the kiss and rests her forehead against Gigi’s with her eyes closed, stifling a little noise of pleasure with her lip tucked between her teeth.

She hadn’t realized just how sensitive she already was, her nipples hard even before Gigi swipes her thumbs over them, and every circle goes straight to her center.

She hastily shrugs off the bra and kisses Gigi again, cupping her neck and pushing her chest into Gigi’s touch.

It’s too much and not even remotely enough at the same time.

She begins to lean her weight against Gigi to push her down and resume what she had started earlier, but suddenly there’s a strong arm wrapped around her waist, and Dani finds herself flipped over, her back against the mattress and Gigi on top of her.

She is stunned for a moment, looks up at Gigi who has a devilish smirk on her face.

Instinctively, she tries to push herself up, not used to being challenged in bed, but Gigi prevents her with a hand around her neck. The pressure is light, barely there even, but the boldness of the gesture is enough to make Dani’s pulse thrum and her breath heavy with arousal.

She watches with hooded eyes as Gigi leans down. To kiss her, Dani thinks, she can already savor the kiss, craves it with her lips parted. But Gigi moves her thumb and presses right over the jut of Dani’s jaw. Dani’s head whips to the side beyond her control, leaving her neck exposed. And then she is shuddering, sucking in a sharp breath because Gigi runs her tongue up Dani’s tendon and stops on that spot right under Dani’s ear, the one that makes her tingle all the way down to her toes.

Gigi spends some time there, kissing and nipping with outstanding precision for someone Dani has slept with only a handful of times, and Dani can only abandon herself to the feeling.

She’ll enjoy this a little longer, she thinks with what little rationality she has left, a little longer and then she’ll get back in control and take care of Gigi the way she deserves.

But Gigi is nothing like her previous lovers. Gigi doesn’t want her in control, or rational, Dani realizes when Gigi’s teeth scrape past her collarbone. 

She wants her mad with lust.

And she succeeds, the very second she wraps her mouth around Dani’s nipple and simultaneously wedges a knee between her legs.

Dani’s hips jerk up with a will of their own, and there is nothing she can do to keep from shamelessly grinding against Gigi’s thigh, her breath coming out in stuttered whimpers now that she is finally getting some friction against her aching center.

Gigi’s mouth only makes her feel more wanton, licking and sucking her stiff nipples while a hand over her ribs keeps Dani pinned down, reduced to squirming and panting and fisting her hand into Gigi’s curls.

A twitch of Gigi’s lips against her breast and Dani knows that she is smiling. She may not see it, but she feels that cocky, beautiful smile of hers. She’s flushed all over and soaked through her underwear and it’s all Gigi’s doing. Dani knows it and Gigi, Gigi definitely knows it and revels in it.

“Gigi,” Dani gasps when Gigi kisses a path down her stomach.

She squeezes her eyes and tries to form coherent thoughts, struggles even harder to translate them into words while Gigi’s tongue and teeth torture the sensitive skin below her navel.

“Gigi, this was supposed to be about you.”

“Mmhm, good,” Gigi hums, flicking her tongue inside Dani’s navel. “Because this is exactly what I want.”

She curls her hand around Dani’s hip and tugs just enough to expose Dani’s side to her. Dani feels her hot breath on the ticklish skin over her ribs, and then there’s Gigi’s tongue again, licking a long strip from the bottom of her ribs to the swell of her breast, right over her tattoo.

It’s such an intense sensation it leaves Dani gasping for air, but Gigi pushes her even further, with a sudden suck to her left nipple that makes Dani’s entire body jerk sharply.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Gigi rasps out, pulling herself up enough to gaze down at every inch of Dani’s body with hunger in her eyes.

Her hair is a tousled, gorgeous mess, one strap of her bra has fallen over and left her shoulder temptingly bare, and Dani would tell Gigi to take a look at herself, but her mind is too hazy with need, and all she can do is drink in the sight of the stunning woman on top of her.

Squirming to be kissed more, to be touched more. This is what Gigi has done to her, and when Gigi finally leans down and kisses her, Dani doesn’t even have it in her to feel shameful for the throaty whine that leaves her mouth.

Gigi breaks the kiss far sooner than Dani would’ve wanted but she doesn’t give Dani the time to miss her, dragging her open mouth over Dani’s chest and stomach as she rolls down her body. 

She hastily peels Dani’s underwear off of her legs and presses her hands against the inside of Dani’s thighs, settling between them.

All Dani can do is obediently part her legs for her, drawing in a heavy breath and feeling a rush of heat at the sight of Gigi’s head above her center.

She is trembling, visibly so. It’s physically hard for her to keep from thrusting her pelvis up and take what she needs. She fists her hand around the sheet instead, subjecting herself to the blissful torture of Gigi’s breath against her hot, sensitive flesh.

She can count on one hand the times she has been so sexually vulnerable, so completely desperate for someone else’s touch. Taking care of her lovers has always been a source of immense arousal for her, but she learned to take satisfaction in giving her partners what they needed and accept whatever degree of pleasure they offered in return, no matter if it didn’t match her enthusiasm.

Gigi has let her take the lead before, especially the first time they had sex. But she’s not interested in a passive experience, Dani has learned quickly that there is absolutely nothing passive about the woman. Gigi’s dark gaze of pure lust when she was inside Dani for the first time is seared into Dani’s mind forever, and now Gigi is looking at her naked, splayed out body like she is ready to feast on her.

“Do you have any idea,” Gigi whispers, moving her lips across the sensitive skin of Dani’s inner thigh, “how bad I wanted you?” Her teeth drag over the tendon at the apex of Dani’s thigh, right next to where Dani is hot and slick and needy. “How hard it was to resist you?”

Dani whines when Gigi glances up at her and smirks, her lips brushing against slickness. She has never been particularly loud, she has definitely never been submissive, but she knows that if Gigi teases her any longer whatever pride she claims to have is going to fly out of the window and she’s going to resort to anything to be touched, including begging.

But Gigi takes mercy on her and doesn’t drag out her desperation any longer. She curls one hand around Dani’s thigh, splays the other over her hip, and finally, finally fits her mouth over Dani’s center, running her tongue through it.

Dani doesn’t recognize the sound that leaves her mouth. A full-body tremor runs through her with the first wet slide of Gigi’s tongue over her clit. She sucks in a breath and doesn’t release it, her back stuck in a bow as her eyes scrunch shut with the surge of pleasure that washes over her.

Gigi hums against her center, the vibrations ripple through her, and Dani makes her knuckles white with how hard she grips the bed sheets, desperate for something to ground her.

She is on the edge already. She’d be embarrassed by it if her mind wasn’t blank, swept over by white-hot pleasure. Gigi is doing something with her tongue while applying a gentle suction with her lips that has Dani reach highs she didn’t know possible.

The hot coil deep in her belly tightens and tightens and Dani knows she cannot last long. Not with the way Gigi is circling her tongue around her clit and licking at that hyper-sensitive spot at its side. It’s the best Dani has ever felt but she wants it to last, it feels too good not to.

Thankfully, Gigi can read her like no other and slows down. She explores Dani fully, kissing and licking through her folds while her hand kneads Dani’s thigh soothingly. Dani breathes deeply and settles against the mattress. Pleasure laps at her in warm waves now, gentler and easier to sustain for longer. 

Little, breathy noises escape her slack mouth. She releases her death grip on the sheets and thread her fingers through Gigi’s hair, her hips roll softly, following the movement of Gigi’s mouth. 

It’s pure bliss.

Gigi plays her like a finely tuned instrument, reacting to Dani’s movements and sounds and working her up accordingly. Dani looks down for a moment, props herself up on a shaking arm to drink in the sight of Gigi between her legs, her eyes closed in concentration while her mouth twitches and moves and drives Dani insane. Dani could come at the sight alone.

But then Gigi opens her eyes. She catches Dani staring and smiles a wicked smile, her tongue peeking out and still moving. It’s downright lewd, and Dani has never been more turned on in her life.

She sinks back into the pillow, unable to hold herself up any longer because Gigi presses her tongue flat against her center and draws a line up to her clit, wrapping her lips around it again and sucking it in that way that makes Dani’s mind swim, all reason and thoughts gone and replaced by burning pleasure.

Her whole body feels hot, her core tight with the most delicious ache. And then Gigi slips a finger inside her and Dani can’t stop the moan that comes out of her throat.

Gigi moves in and out of her, keeping a slow, shallow pace that sends Dani deeper into a haze of need, bucking against the combined action of Gigi’s hand and mouth. Dani is so wet and turned on that there’s hardly any stretch, her walls clench around Gigi instinctively seeking more. 

She doesn’t have to wait long. Gigi adds another finger and presses upwards. A few searching curls and then she finds that spot that makes Dani’s entire body tense and clamp down. 

Dani squeezes her eyes shut, letting out a guttural noise and clenching her fingers in Gigi’s hair. It takes all her willpower not to tug hard and push Gigi closer, into her rolling hips. But Gigi doesn’t let up. She holds Dani still with an arm across her stomach and keeps her motion steady, her fingers and tongue relentless. It feels so good Dani would curse her heart out if she could suck enough air into her lungs.

She feels it building, so strong she doesn’t know how she’s going to come down from it. Her thighs quiver around Gigi’s head, sweat slicks her skin, and all she can do is ride the swells of pleasure, chasing the feeling like a madwoman.

“Gi…” Dani whines.

Gigi hums against her and curls her fingers harder.

It’s all it takes. Dani tumbles over the edge and comes with a stuttered high-pitched moan.

She tenses and jerks with every wave that washes over her, loud all the way through it. Gigi stays fixed on her, letting her roll into her tongue and fingers to prolong her orgasm as much as possible, and Dani clings to her, keeping her close as she feels and hears Gigi groan against her overheated flesh.

When she finally comes down from her high, Dani falls back against the bed, twitching and out of breath. She can feel Gigi’s fingers still inside her, her tongue slow and gentle right above where she is hyper-sensitive. Her whole body is buzzing and tingling and she lets out a low whine when Gigi curls her fingers again and drags her pads over Dani’s spot.

Dani expects her to pull out, but her eyes snap open and her breath catches in her throat because Gigi pushes back inside her with purpose. And keeps going.

“Gigi—” Dani gasps. Gigi strokes her deep, over and over while Dani clenches around her, and Dani cannot take it. Her heart hammers in her heaving chest and she blinks repeatedly, struggling to focus enough to speak, to breathe even.

“Gigi, I can’t—”

“You can,” Gigi murmurs against her without stopping. She closes her lips around Dani’s clit and Dani jerks hard, a cry coming out of the back of her throat.

Gigi circles Dani’s clit with her tongue, gentler then before but somehow even more overwhelming, and Dani could sob with how intense it feels. She has never experienced something like this, being kept on the razor-sharp edge between oversensitivity and orgasmic bliss.

She is a delirious, writhing mess, not even in control of her own body anymore. She reaches for Gigi’s head with the intent to push her away, to find some reprieve, but instead she pulls at her hair, bucking into the wet slide of her tongue and the insistent push of her fingers.

Each second, the scorching heat rises, stretching and expanding to an almost unbearable degree. Her body bends and locks, she is wound so tight she feels she is going to snap in two once she finally breaks through. 

Gigi doesn’t slow down nor speeds up. She keeps the same unwavering, all-consuming rhythm and Dani is breathless, utterly lost and at her mercy. 

She is only vaguely aware of Gigi’s free hand sliding from her hip over her lower abdomen, splaying her palm over hot skin. But then Gigi presses down at the same time as her fingers curve up.

Dani comes so hard her vision goes black for a moment. She shudders and cries out like she never has before, her spine strained as Gigi coaxes her through each wave. It seems to last endlessly, the aftershocks coursing through her body and making her clench and pulse again and again.

Once it’s over, Dani is completely boneless. Her limbs are loose, her breathing deep and shuddery. Tiny bright spots are dancing before her eyes but she is too spent to even blink them away. Her lips curl in a small smile. She feels like she is swaying, utterly sated and content, all pressure lifted off.

She whimpers softly and opens her eyes when Gigi carefully withdraws her fingers. She looks down, swallows at the sight of Gigi’s face nuzzled against her thigh. Her mouth is shiny and wet, pressing soft kisses over her tingling skin, her long lashes heavy and a flush high on her cheeks. She is gorgeous and Dani needs her closer.

Gigi crawls up her body, peppering kisses over her stomach and breasts. The cool metal of her necklaces drags over Dani’s skin as she goes, making Dani shiver.

“Hi, gorgeous,” Gigi hums with her lips against Dani’s pulse, her soft laugh tickling Dani’s skin. She is smiling when Dani draws her up, utterly irresistible. Dani wraps a hand behind her neck and pulls her into a deep kiss.

She groans the moment she tastes herself on Gigi’s lips. It makes her greedy, shameless in the way she cranes her neck up to have more. Gigi opens her mouth under the insistent swipe of Dani’s tongue on her bottom lip and keeps kissing and kissing her until Dani has had enough of her.

She laughs when they finally break apart, sucking playfully on Dani’s lip one last time while Dani catches her breath.

“I told you,” she smiles, her eyes glinting teasingly, “You always taste good.”

Dani blushes up to her ears and kisses her again, swallowing Gigi’s laugh.

“God,” Dani groans as Gigi rolls onto her side, her body pressed against Dani’s and her arm hugging Dani’s waist. “You tried to kill me there.”

“No,” Gigi chuckles, pressing her lips to Dani’s shoulder. “Not yet. You’ll see.”

Dani can hear the hint of smugness in her voice. She doesn’t care. If anything, it makes her shiver, with the promise of everything Gigi could do to her that she hasn’t experienced yet.

She turns onto her side to face Gigi, taking in the sight of her, rumpled and glowing. She is still wearing her underwear, an absolute crime in Dani’s eyes. Gigi isn’t saying anything, but Dani doesn’t miss the way her hips are shifting lightly, her thighs subtly rubbing together. Her cheeks are flushed, pupils blown, and Dani realizes just how aroused Gigi must be.

The fact she isn’t saying anything, isn’t asking her for anything after making her come harder than she ever did, awakens a throb deep in her belly and makes her want to pin Gigi down and consume her until she begs her to stop.

She kisses Gigi again, rolling them over and settling on top of the other woman. She indulges for a moment in the feeling of their bodies rubbing together, Gigi’s warm hands caressing down her back. 

Then, she trails her fingers down Gigi’s right arm, all the way to her wrist. She wraps her hand around it and pins it down on the mattress, next to Gigi’s head.

Gigi opens her eyes and breaks the kiss, taken aback by the unexpected action. Dani feels the tendons in her wrists tauten as she clenches her fist, suppressing the impulse to struggle. Her eyes grow even darker, a challenge in the small smirk that appears on her face.

“I didn’t do my job well if you aren’t tired.”

Her voice has a rough edge to it, betraying just how aroused she is. It’s intoxicating for Dani, to know that she is the one having this effect on her.

“Oh, I am tired,” Dani replies, pinning her other arm down. “Completely and utterly spent.” She presses a wet kiss on Gigi’s neck and sucks her earlobe between her lips, making her tremble beneath her. “But if you think that’s gonna stop me, you really underestimate me.”

Gigi swallows hard, Dani feels the bobbing of her throat while tracing it with her lips. When she pulls back, Gigi is staring at her with hunger in her eyes, breathing heavily through kiss-bruised lips. A picture of arousal.

“Alright, boss lady,” Gigi chuckles, chest heaving with each breath, “are you gonna show me how wrong I was?”

Dani lowers her mouth on Gigi and finally does what she’d been craving to do since they walked into her apartment. And each kiss is no longer just “I’m sorry”. It’s “thank you.”