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Come in to the light

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Caitlyn is in a weird mood.

Vi doesn't know what it is. This isn't "case gone bad" mood or "stuck up Pilties" mood either. She just seems... nervous.

She waits through dinner, hoping Caitlyn will bring it up on her own. But when she doesn't, when they have finished eating and washing the dishes and Caitlyn still hasn't brought it up, Vi bites the bullet.

"Ok, what's up with you, cupcake?"

Caitlyn cranes her head to look at her. They're cuddling on the couch, Caitlyn between Vi's legs, a book in her hands. "Nothing is wrong."

"Yeah, but you're in a mood. You're thinking too hard about something again. Come on, tell me."

Instead of talking, Caitlyn gets up, goes into their bedroom and returns with a discreet box. "I.... I bought us something."

Vi cocks an eyebrow, "Oh?"

Some colour rushes to Caitlyn's cheeks as she deftly opens the box and places it in Vi's lap.

Vi's eyes widen. "Cait... is this… why is it glowing?"

"It's..." Caitlyn starts, mumbling the rest of her sentence.

"Cupcake, I didn't get that."

"It's hextech powered."

The surprise of that actually makes Vi laugh. "You're telling me pretty boy is making strap-ons now?"

"It’s another company - that's not important. It's… it has some extra features."

Vi grins. "What, it vibrates?" sarcasm dripping in her delivery.

"Well… Yeah, and the wearer can feel it," Caitlyn tugs a piece of hair behind her ear, Vi watching her slender fingers work. "I mean, feel the whole thing. Everything."

Heat grows in Vi's belly. Now that is interesting.

Vi's arrogance is wiped from her lips, her pupils dilate and her skin flushes a light shade of pink as her brain unfolds the possibilities. Holy shit, the possibilities.

"Um," she mutters for a second, and then shakes her head with a smile, because, would you fucking believe it, Caitlyn managed to leave her dumbstruck, for a change, "Who..." she starts but not sure how to continue. "How..." nope, that's not right either. "What did you have in mind?" that's the one, and Vi grins at having won this round, knowing full well that whatever is knocking around in Caitlyn's brilliant mind plus the hexstrap she's holding will end up costing Vi the war.

Vi's interest rids Caitlyn of her embarrassment. She smiles, taking the box from Vi's hands and climbs into her lap. One leg at either side of her hips, she wraps her arms around Vi's neck. "Well, I was thinking," she starts, leaning in to give Vi a soft peck on the lips. "We could go to bed, and you could... have a little snack."

Vi licks her lips. Her throat is dry and she's suddenly so hungry. "Yeah?"

"And later," Caitlyn continues, as if aware of Vi burning up beneath her. "You can put on our new toy and take whatever you want from me." She kisses Vi, long and deep and wanting, dragging her teeth over her partner's bottom lip. "I want you in control tonight. What do you say, darling?"

Vi's brain short circuits. Or something. She doesn't know anything other than time is stuck on a loop, and all she can see is Caitlyn spread beneath her, wrecked and asking for more. All she can smell is their sweat and arousal. All she can hear are their ragged breaths and pounding hearts. All she can taste is Caitlyn - her kisses, her breasts, her skin, her sex. All she can feel is the toy inside her and inside her lover and every movement breaks them to a million pieces.

All that, on a loop.


And over

And over

And over


"Love?" Caitlyn caresses her cheek and Vi snaps out of her own head. She licks her lips, determined to make this fantasy a reality.

Vi surges forward, crashing her lips against Caitlyn's in her excitement, kissing her. She hooks her arms under Caitlyn's thighs and with a powerful push lifts them both off the couch.

Caitlyn squeaks, surprised, wrapping herself tighter around Vi. Gods, she loves it when Vi picks her up.

"I love the way you think, cupcake,” Vi hums as she carries Caitlyn to their room, gently putting her down on the bed. Caitlyn doesn't let go, kissing Vi and trying to pull her down on top of her, but Vi doesn't budge. She lets go of Caitlyn and, in one swift motion, takes off her shirt, throwing it somewhere in the room. She doesn’t care where it lands, not now, not when she's a woman starved and Caitlyn waits for her on their bed, looking absolutely delicious.

She crawls towards where Caitlyn sits, flushed and gorgeous against the pillows, and kisses her deeply. She has an arm either side of her head, her knee slotted between Caitlyn's thighs. "I'll make you forget your own name, cupcake."

"Yes, please," Caitlyn is excited and breathless. Oftentimes, their adventures in bed have her firmly holding the reins. But with the introduction of their new hextoy, she hopes to empower Vi, give her agency. And if the thing does everything the literature suggests it does, she hopes it will unleash the part of Vi she so rarely got to experience anywhere other than when fighting by her side - a wild, feral Vi, one who is all primal instinct. Just the thought of having Vi fuck her with abandon, with the intent of pleasuring only Vi, takes her breath away.

So she kisses Vi harder. Bites into her bottom lip while moaning seductively, her fingers seeking - and finding - Vi's breasts, pushing her palms into them with heated excitement.

Caitlyn slides her hands around Vi's chest and reaches around her, to find the edge of her breast bind. She slowly unravels Vi out of the bands and reclaims her breasts in her hands. She rolls each nipple with her fingers.

"Cupcake… I thought this was about you," Vi finishes off with a moan.

Caitlyn doesn't answer but leans in to kiss her lover again with passion. She moans possessively as she cranes her neck to reach a sensitive spot at the bottom of Vi's neck. "Does it have to be about just one of us?" She breathes and pulls her knee up to counterbalance her assault on Vi's neck, tugging at her pink, unkempt mane.

She wishes Vi shut up and ate her snack already so that she could fuck her with the toy, but as her thigh accidentally drives into the apex of Vi's with more force than intended, Vi grunts, equal parts desire and pain, pulls Caitlyn's head away from her by her hair, and glares at the prone beauty.

Caitlyn seizes the opportunity. “Come on Vi, don’t you want to have your snack?" Caitlyn takes one of Vi's hands and drags it down her body and into her pants. "It's all ready for you to eat."

"Give me a fucking minute, Cait," Vi pulls her hand out and grabs Caitlyn's wrist.

They jostle for control for a short minute, but Vi always wins when it's about raw strength, and she pins Caitlyn's wrist near her head. "It's my snack," she growls and finds Caitlyn's other wrist at her breast and pins it down as well. "I'll have it when I damn well want to," she flashes a feral, wicked grin and dives in to command Caitlyn's body with a hungry kiss.

Caitlyn moans into the kiss. She can feel herself growing wetter. This is exactly what she wanted - for Vi's attention to be solely on her, for her to be unashamed in her want. Forget all the little voices in her head that tell her she doesn't deserve to be happy, that tell her she doesn’t deserve to have nice things, and just take Caitlyn in any way she desires.

"Fuck, I love the sounds you make, cupcake," Vi says when she breaks the kiss, leaving Caitlyn panting. She ducks down to her neck, sucking on the sensitive flesh and nipping at it with her teeth. "Don't hold anything back. I want to hear it all."

"Mnm, Vi... please… More."

Vi introduces teeth, confidently, hard nips, sharp grazes, and bites, godsdamnit, she bites Caitlyn, along the column of her neck, down to her shoulder and across her chest.

Caitlyn is lost in the perfect mix of pain and pleasure, she's louder than Vi had ever heard her, and every sob, moan, whine and whimper shoots straight to Vi's clit, pressure building until it's unbearable and she starts grinding a harsh pace into Caitlyn beneath her.

"You sound so good, cupcake," she groans into the side of her neck. Then she travels down, down until she's kissing and biting at the edge of Caitlyn's underwear. "I bet you taste even better."


Vi hooks her thumbs under Caitlyn's panties and drags them down her legs. She'd love to rip them off of her, but she likes how Caitlyn looks in them. And besides, she likes the anticipation it builds, the way Caitlyn's thighs tremble as Vi drags the lace lower and lower. She's going to fuck Caitlyn so well she'll think about it every time she wears this pair.

When the underwear is finally off, Vi bites the inside of Caitlyn's thigh, leaving a red mark behind. Caitlyn mewls at having Vi so close, at feeling her breath against her centre.

"You're so wet, cupcake. Is this all for me?"

Caitlyn whimpers in response. All she can do is whimper.

She can't quite believe just how effectively Vi robs her of higher brain functions. She can't think. She can't speak. All she wants is Vi. She wants her as close as possible, and then closer, still.

And Vi does not disappoint.

With her hands pushing her knees up and apart, she settles with Caitlyn's legs over her shoulders, and gives her cupcake a long lick, from entrance to clit, swirling her tongue around the eager bundle of nerves at the very top before humming her approval of the flavour.

"Mmmmm," she ghosts a first, greedy bite. "My favourite."

"You're going to kill me," Caitlyn manages to grunt out in-between her panting. She wouldn't really mind it, to be honest. It would be a great way to go.

"Aw, what's wrong, cupcake?" Vi drawls, flicking her tongue over Caitlyn's clit. "You told me to take whatever I want. Are you backing out?"

There's a teasing lilt to her voice, but they both know she would stop in an instant if Caitlyn asked her to, if this was becoming too much for her. The love in Vi's eyes makes her melt even more.

"Never," Caitlyn smirks. "You're just being too soft. What happened to making me forget my name?"

"I'm getting there..." Vi breathes the heady scent, all Caitlyn, all for her. "I can see how eager you are for me..." she nudges her labia with her nose. "Taste..." she kisses her sex deeply. "Feel..." she brings two fingers to Caitlyn's entrance, pushing in gently, to the first knuckle, testing how ready Caitlyn is for their new toy.

"Vi," Caitlyn’s fingers tangle in Vi's pink hair, tugging at it, desperate. "Please."

"Please what, baby," Vi curls her fingers inside Caitlyn. "Use your words."

"Please make me come," Caitlyn breathes out, her hips bucking against Vi's fingers, trying to take them deeper. She wants more, so much more. She wants to fall apart in this woman's hands, until the only thing in her mind is her name. Vi, her Vi. "Please. I want to come on your fingers and your cock."

Those words make Vi's knees weak and glad was hardly using them or else she'd be a puddle on the bed. She loves the feeling of Caitlyn being in charge. Taking her, claiming her. But the fact Caitlyn gives up her control just for her, for Vi, makes the fever in her belly ignite. She would never think of Caitlyn as weak. Caitlyn is strong in so many ways she only wished she herself could be. Having her breathless under her, feeling her tighten around her fingers. The taste of her. The way she gasps Vi’s name as she comes undone. It sends shivers through her.

Vi growls as she makes her way back up Caitlyn’s body, eager to suck a hickey into Caitlyn's neck. Her fingers pump inside her in a steady rhythm, her thumb circling her clit just how Caitlyn likes it. She could tease her more, she could make Caitlyn beg her for hours for her release - she has done it before - but she's too impatient for that right now.

Besides, she can make her beg later. They have the whole night in front of them.

"Come for me, cupcake."

Caitlyn unravels at the sound of Vi's hoarse command, she keens as her body shakes, every muscle contracting as if a current runs through her.

She clamps around Vi's fingers inside her, and Vi pushes her fingers deeper, curving them to reach, caress her more intensely, more deeply, and Caitlyn clamps harder, struggles to breathe, Vi's name on her lips like a mantra.

Vi lets her ride her orgasm, whispering praises in her ear. "That's it cupcake. You're gorgeous, my love,” she holds Caitlyn as she comes down and catches her breath.

"That… was great," Caitlyn sighs, still dazed from her high.

Vi smiles, her heart warming at the sight. She loves seeing Caitlyn come, knowing that she was the cause of her pleasure. She leans in and pecks her lips. "We can keep going when you're ready."

Caitlyn kisses her back deeper, hungrier. "Put it on. I can't wait."

Vi leans back on her haunches and looks around for the box Caitlyn was holding no more than an hour earlier. It’s hard for her to shake her brain into gear to think where the box is.

"It's in the lounge," Caitlyn helps, and Vi jumps to her feet and rushes to pick her prize from the next room.

On her way back she rushes to unbox the toy, discarding packaging and instructions, and her heart rate picks up when the toy lights up in her hand, dainty runes in a soft purple glow, in the place where a short, stumpy bulb joins a longer appendage. She gets momentarily distracted when she realises the short end receives the warmth her hand emits, as it grasps the longer end tightly.

Interesting, she thinks.

Just before she reaches the bedroom, she retraces her steps quickly to give it a wash before going anywhere else.

She's assessing the toy for size and weight, feeling all its aspects as she walks in the doorway, "Sorry, I had to give it a---" and her brain gets stuck in that loop again when she sees Caitlyn on the bed, propped by her elbows, chest heaving, ample breasts with tight, dusky nipples at their tops. Her legs are folded sideways slightly agape, revealing the slick between them with a trimmed tuft of blue hair at their apex.

Vi feels a tug in her own core, a reminder for her to do something with the toy in her hand. She crawls back into bed, rushing to kiss Caitlyn as if she would die if she didn't. This woman will be the death of her. She presses the toy into her side - it warmed from Vi's hand around it. "Help me put it on?"

Caitlyn drinks Vi in with a ravenous look. She cannot have enough of her. How sturdy she looks, with broad shoulders and sculpted muscles. The strength of her, in a chiselled jaw and a strong nose and brow, all of which displaying Vi's path of survival, her path to thriving.

She cannot have enough of her breasts, just the perfect size for her hands and her mouth, always sensitive to her touch.

She cannot have enough of her waistline and abs, how they seem to be an impenetrable lattice of might, but Caitlyn knows all too well how soft they turn, how they melt under her touch, how they tremble with pleasure.

She cannot have enough of Vi's thighs, the sheer strength and agility they offer, and - most importantly - the treasure at their apex.

That's where her eyes land now, and her tongue grows heavy in her mouth and her centre drips as she reaches for the toy, and pulls it slowly from Vi's hands, down her abs - and oh, how Vi trembles - and rests it on her mons.

"Are you ready, my love?" she asks.

Vi nods.

And now it's Caitlyn who trembles.

Caitlyn dips two fingers into Vi to prepare her for her end of the toy and finds her wet and dripping. It makes the heat in her belly grow blindingly hot, knowing that Vi is so aroused from giving her pleasure. She drags the shorter end of the toy over her folds slowly, coating it in Vi's wetness. With a final nod from Vi, Caitlyn gently pushes it in. Vi lets out a shaky exhale, the bulb of the toy settling inside her, and the base rubbing against her clit.

"How does it feel?" Caitlyn asks, dragging a delicate fingertip up and down the length of the strap. Vi tenses as the sensation shoots through her.

"Weird," she says, still struggling to wrap her mind around it. She can feel Caitlyn’s finger. She can feel its warmth, its smoothness, "but good."

"Well, then," Caitlyn smiles, dropping down to kiss the head. It makes Vi shudder. "Show me what you can do," she leans back and looks at Vi, waiting to be devoured.

Vi doesn't know where to start. She reaches a fluttering touch across Caitlyn's arm. The tentative tremble dissipates the haze of desire from Caitlyn for long enough for her to look into Vi's eyes and recognise hesitation.

She leans in to kiss her. Lightly at first, as though they were just starting, dialling down the heat and intensity.

She pauses to caress Vi's cheek, to trace the outline of her lips with her fingers. "I love you so much," she whispers into the bruiser's lips and leans in for another kiss. And she does. With all that she is. "Anything you do to me is magic," she exhales and deepens the kiss, her fingers never leaving Vi's face with their tantalising touch. Her other hand climbs up Vi's thigh until she reaches the shaft, brushing it with the backs of her fingers.

Vi stiffens and moans, the sensation of Caitlyn everywhere overwhelms her senses, pushing aside the strangeness of having a cock, and replacing it with excitement.

Vi kisses her more, deeper, guiding Caitlyn back towards the pillows. She slots herself between her thighs, letting the strap rub against Caitlyn's folds. Caitlyn fidgets when it bumps into her clit, tightening her arms around Vi's neck.

"Mn, come on, Vi," she gasps in between kisses. "I want to feel you, my love."

Vi groans against her lips, dragging one last moan from Caitlyn before breaking the kiss. She adjusts herself, letting the tip of the shaft rest against Caitlyn's entrance. "Are you ready, cupcake?"

Caitlyn nods, kissing Vi gently, her legs wrapped loosely around the bruiser's hips. "I want you."

And oh, Vi's heart is going to explode at how Caitlyn looks at her, at the adoration in her eyes. She takes an excited breath and carefully starts pushing in.

It's tight at first so Vi stops with the head just barely inside. She looks up to Caitlyn, searching for pain or discomfort. But she sees none.

"You can move," Caitlyn breathes out.

Vi pushes in a couple of more inches and has to bite her lip to stop the moan that was about to escape her throat. Caitlyn never felt more tight or more warm.

Vi is struggling to think, to decide what she should do next. The sensations from the strap are like nothing she had ever felt before. It's like she has an actual cock. It feels like it's part of her body, and every flutter and twitch in or around it shoots bolts of electricity through her. Her adrenaline surges and her brain function is reduced to the most basic, primal need, and all she wants, all she needs, is to thrust.

(Suddenly she understands the adolescent boys she grew up with, if that's what they were feeling every time something sparked their interest.)

She can fathom, in amongst the electricity and deep need, just how tight Caitlyn is around her. Yes, she's also extremely wet. There is almost no resistance. But between the shallow pants Caitlyn emits and the tight grip of her channel on Vi's cock, she's worried she might hurt her. And this is a proverbial spanner in the guttural works of Vi's mind, preventing her from picking a pace inside her lover.

And lastly, there's Caitlyn herself. She is just like Vi imagined her when first presented with the hexstrap, the very image of desire and want, perfection laid in front of her, telling her with words that cannot be misinterpreted, that she wants Vi to fuck her.

"I want..." Vi starts, and tries to pull back a bit, tries to move, but Caitlyn clenches around her with a moan so erotic Vi clasps around her end of the toy with a moan of her own.

Caitlyn raises her palm to Vi's face, fingertips digging just behind her jaw, as she raises her hips to let all of Vi inside her. "So take," she says.

And Vi does. Her lips crash against Caitlyn's, kissing and kissing and kissing as if she could truly devour her, show her exactly how much she wants her. She pulls back her hips and thrusts in, setting a rhythm that makes Caitlyn's toes curl.

Because Vi wants. She wants to taste Caitlyn, she wants to feel her come undone around her, she wants to see the bliss on her face as Vi pleasures her, hear her name fall from those delicious lips.

And so she takes.

Caitlyn is all too eager to give. Her legs rise higher to flank Vi's hips as she thrusts, her knees almost touching the backs of Vi’s shoulders, which gives Vi more room inside her, more room against her thighs, so slick, the friction is divine.

Vi feels it too. She pulls away from Caitlyn's lips, hovering above her, taking her in. Blue hair spread across white linen, damp forehead, lidded eyes (still bright and wanting), flushed cheeks, bruised lips, parted.

"Cait," Vi breathes. "You're so..."

But Caitlyn doesn't let her finish, pulling her down for another hungry kiss.

Still getting used to feeling Caitlyn completely differently, Vi can't go too fast. Every tremor in either their bodies, every sigh, every moan, ripples through them, pushing them to realms of bliss they are yet to discover.

It surprises Vi when Caitlyn tightens around her at once, calling her name through jagged cries, locking her long legs around Vi's waist.

Vi isn't ready for it, but now that Caitlyn is there, she can't stop the whirling sensation around her cock, the distinct pull to stay inside, to stay deep, Caitlyn's heels digging into her ass, their names falling broken from the other's lips.

They stay like that for a while, resting their foreheads together, drinking each other in. Soon their panting subsides and Caitlyn smiles at her, just the tiniest bit dazed, her fingers tracing the curve of Vi's cheek.

"You were great, my love."

"Thanks, cupcake. I have to say, this," she shifts her hips and Caitlyn sucks in a breath at the movement, "is one of the best things you have ever bought."

"I'm full of great ideas."

Vi smirks. "Among other things."

Caitlyn gapes at her, smacking her on the shoulder. "I- Vi! Gods, you're horrible."

"Come on, cupcake, you know you love me."

"That I do."

Vi's smirk softens into one that's much less confident, when she wants to share her own admission of love. She had told Caitlyn she loved her. Many times. But there is something different about saying something so honest while still being buried to the hilt inside Caitlyn.

"I'm going to pull out, okay?"

Caitlyn nods, and they both hold their breaths as Vi slowly pulls the toy out from Caitlyn, but not from herself.

She lines herself alongside Caitlyn, nestles her head in the crook of her shoulder, drapes her arm across Caitlyn's belly and drags her knee up, across her lover's legs.

"I love you, Caitlyn," she plants a small kiss where her lips land, at the bottom of Caitlyn's neck.

Caitlyn hums at the warmth of Vi next to her. The warmth of her lips, the warmth of her words. She brings her arms to hold Vi, caress her, calm her down. She feels content, fulfilled. There is still a small fire inside her, she misses Vi inside her already. But that could wait a while, until they are both rested.

She drags her fingers up and down Vi's arm, dull nails tickling the ridges and dips of well-defined muscles. Soft pads chase tenderly.


"Hmmm?" Caitlyn responds from her euphoric calm.

Vi bites her lip. "Can we go again?" She shuffles behind Caitlyn, her cock rubbing against her. It's by accident, but she hears Caitlyn's breath catch. "If you want to."

Caitlyn turns around in Vi's grip to face her. "Of course I do, darling," she says, placing a kiss on her lips. "You were amazing." She kisses her again, rougher, her teeth dragging on Vi's bottom lip. "I haven't gotten enough of you yet."

Vi's chest is alight and her hunger renewed, she rushes forward, desperate against Caitlyn. She kisses across her jaw and her neck, feeling her girlfriend's pulse quicken under her lips.

They move around the bed, Caitlyn settling on her lap. Vi's cock glides against her as they taste each other.

Vi is surprised by how impatient Caitlyn is. Her hands are everywhere: on her neck, on her breasts, on her shoulders, on her abs, on her waist, on her thighs.

She loves it, how keen Caitlyn is, how eager and how unbridled she is with her need. And for now, the gentle rock of her hips that brings with it exquisite flat friction to her cock is more than okay with Vi.

For now, anyway.

Caitlyn grows impatient. She palms Vi's breasts again, pushing, kneading, enjoying the hums and growls that Vi releases, and she wants...

Her fingers glide down her lover's abs and stop just below her waistline. She flattens her palm and guides her thumb slowly, careful not to touch Vi's cock, and it pauses just above Vi's clit.

Bright blue eyes look into grey. "May I?" Caitlyn takes her lower lip in her teeth.

Vi's heart stutters. She'd never seen anything as sexy as Caitlyn that very minute.

"Yeah," she breathes out, "Please," her lips stutter next as Caitlyn's drags her hand lower, and the pad of her thumb begins to smooth over Vi's clit in slow, shallow circles.

Vi groans, deep in her throat, her hips bucking below Caitlyn. Gods, she'll never get tired of how she touches her. Caitlyn tackles pleasing Vi the way she tackles anything else - carefully and thoroughly. She has taken her time taking Vi apart, learning just how she has to touch her to drive her insane, how to expertly work her like an instrument until she's panting under her.

"Cupcake," Vi groans into her neck. "Fuck, you're insatiable."

Caitlyn purrs as she kisses down her neck, digging her teeth into her burning flesh.

Vi hisses, squirming under her. "You sound so good, baby,” and chuckles breathlessly. Caitlyn's confidence was hot as fuck, but Vi knows she hadn't quite succeeded in her mission to make Caitlyn forget her name. So she steels her nerves, and makes a bold move.

"But you..." Vi grips Caitlyn by her hips, and lifts her, "…you will sound so much better."

Caitlyn yelps with a hazy, lustful smile. She knows what's coming, and she can't wait.

Vi tucks one arm under Caitlyn's backside and the other behind her back. She turns them around, carefully planting Caitlyn by the headboard, her eyes never leaving Caitlyn's, and Caitlyn's never leaving hers.

Vi sends her hands down Caitlyn's sides, over her hips and down, until her fingers hook under Caitlyn's knees. She seeks her permission, which Caitlyn gives with a mumble of "yes"es that fall from her lips, unhindered.

Vi pushes her legs up and places herself just behind them, lines her cock with Caitlyn's slit.

She wants to sink in so badly, feel Caitlyn's warmth around her again, but Vi is a simple woman and she will never pass up the opportunity to tease Caitlyn.

So she moves, just barely, dragging the tip of her cock along Caitlyn's folds, letting it bump into her clit. She dips in just a couple of inches before she pulls out again, circling her opening.

Caitlyn grunts, her hips twitching. "Vi, I swear, if you don't get in me right now, I'm going to tie you down and make you watch while I take care of myself."

Vi's core throbs at the mental image. But as much as she enjoys watching Caitlyn, she thinks she's going to die if she can't touch her, if she can’t fill her. So instead she kisses Caitlyn and pushes in until she's buried in molten heat.

"Fuck," she groans, pulling out before thrusting back in. She makes sure to be precise in her movements, slow and deep. And it feels amazing, but gods, all she wants to do is pound Caitlyn into the mattress.

"More," her cupcake gasps. Then, because this woman wants to kill her, she moans, "Harder, Vi. Please."

"Are you sure cupcake, because once I get started there’ll be no going back."

"Please Vi,” Caitlyn pleads, her body and mind shaken by the pressure and fullness Vi put inside her. “I want you to take what is yours. I want you to claim me so that everyone knows that I am yours, and only yours," she grabs the back of Vi's neck and pulls her into a heavy kiss, tongue and teeth. She doesn’t care how sloppy it is, she just wants Vi riled up.

And it works.

With her next thrust in, Caitlyn clenches around Vi, and Vi breaks the kiss with a desperate keen. She looks into Caitlyn's eyes again, catching her breath and wetting her lips.

"Do that again," she commands Caitlyn and nudges in further.

"Vi," she whispers as she tightens around the cock even harder. A moan escapes her even though her bottom lip is snared by her own teeth.

Vi's eyes roll back, the whole of her body enveloped in the white heat and fluttering tightness of Caitlyn.

Caitlyn is pulling her head down, towards Vi’s neck, places her lips near her ear, and she mouths "Please," through a needy exhale as she grips Vi inside her again.

And Vi let's go. All barriers break down. No more games. No more teasing.

Vi just takes.

And the pace at which she takes is relentless.

She thrusts in hard, the bed creaking under her movements. Caitlyn clenches around her every time she bottoms out, as if she wants to keep her there. Vi isn't against the idea, but for now she wants to feel Caitlyn tremble around her cock.

She thrusts in again, her angle slightly different, and she hits something inside Caitlyn that makes her nails dig in Vi's back. "Fuck! Vi, there!"

"You feel so good, cupcake," Vi groans into her neck, hooking her arms under Caitlyn's knees and pushing them forward. Her thrusts are even deeper now and Caitlyn clings onto her as Vi hits that little spot inside her again and again. "You're so wet for me, all for me."

"For you!" Caitlyn moans, trying to move her hips back, take Vi impossible deeper in her. It's no use though. Vi is holding her down, their naked chests pressed together. She can't tell apart her own heartbeat from Caitlyn's – their beating synchronises as if they were one.

"You're mine, cupcake," Vi whispers into her ear, her voice husky and low, lower than she even thought it could go. Her hand tangles in Caitlyn's hair, pulling her in for a kiss. She drinks in her whimpers and her moans, every little sound of pleasure Caitlyn makes, until they break the kiss gasping for air.

"What's your name?"

"I don't - I don't care!" Caitlyn whines. Nothing matters right now except Vi's cock in her, making her burn up in only ways this amazing woman above her is capable of. "Just fuck me, please!"

A devious chuckle escapes Vi, and an odd sense of achievement runs through her. A distant corner of her mind registers success. Mission accomplished.

She is also so unbelievably content in the way they are pleasuring each other. This is a whole other level to anything they've ever done before. All she feels is Caitlyn. All she sees is Caitlyn. All she hears and smells and tastes and fucking breathes is Caitlyn.

For being the one who wears the cock, Caitlyn is inside of Vi as much as she is inside Caitlyn.

It's dizzying and powerful and addictive. If Vi ever had the urge to drink herself stupid or give Shimmer a shot, she knows now there is absolutely no need. All the mind bending, body charging chemicals exist just between Caitlyn and her.

And she feels so fucking lucky to have her, to be hers, to have Caitlyn Kiramman take her hard and fast and fiercely and still want Vi more.

"Violet," she feels Caitlyn's still palm on her cheek, and she is snapped back to Caitlyn's eyes, burning in front of her.

Caitlyn is smiling affectionately at her, her fingers combing through pink, damp locks of hair, caressing her face and neck. "I can feel..." she bites on her lower lip devastatingly and Vi shudders. "You're working so hard," she whispers, and her face has nothing in it but pure devotion to the bruiser above her.

Vi can feel the pressure in her shoulders, the tremor in her arms, the cramp building in her glutes. She's had worse, though. She can power through.

But Caitlyn stops her with a painfully chaste kiss, "Let me top?"

Who is she to deny Caitlyn anything?

She kisses her again, slow and sweet, still going inside her. Her muscles are burning from the effort and as Caitlyn guides her against the pillows, Vi makes a mental note to add more hip thrusts to her work out routine.

She slips out of Caitlyn as they rearrange themselves, but she doesn't care, not with Caitlyn's fingertips splayed over her cheek and her lips on her jaw. Their pillows are a mess behind her back, and she can't help sinking into their cool softness.

"Let me take care of things from here," Caitlyn whispers in her ear. All Vi can do is groan and nod.

Caitlyn moves to her knees over Vi's lap, taking her cock in carefully, slender fingers placing it at her entrance. With a tender kiss, she sinks down.

Vi is entranced. Just when she thinks she gets the hang of the hexstrap... From her new vantage point, for the first time since she put it on, she can see it.

It glows.

Literally glows, and it casts a light between their bodies, a light that makes Caitlyn's skin glint like it was strewn with stars. It accentuates her breasts, round and plump, and the purple hue of the light turns her nipples blue.

Vi's jaw drops and she pants shallowly through parted lips.

Then Caitlyn rises a bit, and Vi feels herself glide out, and the light from the strap intensifies.

Caitlyn can see the glow reflected in Vi's eyes and the rapture reflected in her expression, and she sinks back down, sliding her hips forward as she does, taking Vi in even deeper.

She leans forward to hold Vi to her. "Does it feel as good as it looks?" she husks.

Vi smiles, her laboured breath mixing with Caitlyn's. "Better," she breathes out. "You're beautiful."

Vi thinks she could live in this moment forever. Caitlyn in her lap, warm and breathtakingly beautiful and hers, looking at her with so much love.

Caitlyn finds the grind that hits her spots and sets a steady rhythm, rising and falling on Vi's cock. They hold each other close, their foreheads touching as the heat builds between their bodies.

When Vi moans, Caitlyn answers. When Caitlyn gasps, Vi echoes. Tension accumulates in their bodies again, and Vi can't hold still.

Having been on her back, and having had her needs seen to, Vi feels rested enough to respond to Caitlyn's moves with subtle thrusts of her own. Caitlyn sighs with appreciation and ecstasy, pulsing around Vi, peppering her lips and cheeks with light kisses. "Goodness, Vi..."

"Yes," Vi stammers, "yes... Yesyesyes..."

"Don't stop, love."


Vi has no room in her head for rational thought anymore. All she knows is the heat between them, the taste of Caitlyn on her lips. The electricity coursing through her veins as she gets closer and closer. Every spot where they touch is alight with energy, stars against their skin. And where their bodies connect, where Vi is buried in Caitlyn's warmth, is a small sun, growing hotter and hotter until they're burning up and coming with each other's names on their lips.

"I love you," Vi says between her pants, her voice reverent as if she's a worshipper and Caitlyn her goddess.

And then, a match is lit and thrown into dry grass: Vi sparks, the pit of her stomach contracting violently, then she smoulders, tiny crackles of tension traveling through her, knowing that a flame will erupt any second.

The sensation is familiar to Vi, but not enough for her to make a deliberate choice. It’s pure instinct that sends her hand from Caitlyn's back, to between them, where she traps Caitlyn's clit between two fingers.

Caitlyn jolts with a sharp moan and shortens her moves, drives Vi harder and deeper inside her, and Vi struggles to keep her fingers in play.

"Gods, I love you, Violet," Caitlyn manages to stutter, one choked syllable at the time.

Caitlyn’s words push Vi eery closer to the edge, wanting to bring Caitlyn with her. So she keeps her two fingers hard at work on her lover’s clit.

"Come for me, my love. I want to feel you.”

Caitlyn breaks, hurtling off the edge taking Vi with her. With what little cognition she has left, Vi watches Caitlyn as pleasure rips through her. Vi never tires of watching Caitlyn come undone by her, committing the sounds, the images, the sensations to memory.

They stay in each other’s embrace as they ride out their release into the calm bliss of afterglow. Vi leans in and kisses her lover with a soft, sweet kiss.

"That was amazing." Caitlyn smiles into the kiss, and taps Vi’s hip.

Vi huffs through a pleased smile and recognises the silent request.

They both moan at the movement, both take a deep breath recognising the loss.

“Come,” Caitlyn pulls Vi towards her. “Let's get shower and get ready for bed."

They walk to the bathroom on shaking legs, hand in hand. They shower, clean the hexstrap, and change the sheets before nestling next to each other in their bed. The last shared thought before the drift off to sleep is that this was definitely not the last time they use that toy.