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Hot Chocolate

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Choi Han hummed as cold hands slithered around his waist, pulling him close against the slim figure that had sneaked up behind him.

“Cale-nim, you are cold.”


This time the other just hummed while pressing his face into Choi Han's neck. He was about to retort that it wasn't good for his Cale-nim to cool down so much. But he didn't get to utter a single word as delicate lips pressed against his skin making it tingle.

“Shhhhh I am warming up now aren't I? I swear you are a mini oven. No scratch that you are an entire furnace”

Cale mumbled the words so close to Choi Han's skin that it made his own lips tingle. He enjoyed this moment. He really enjoyed how easy it was to shut Choi Han up and make him flustered. Especially when Cale knew exactly what he was about to say.

“Hmmmm” Cale hummed against the other's skin again just to enjoy the buzz.

Choi Han turned slightly and pulled the other’s head closer, to be able to give Cale a kiss to the forehead. To the silky red strands Choi Han loved to see falling over his shoulders.

It was a nice contrast.

Red on black.

Cale just buried his face deeper in the crook between neck and shoulder of Choi Han, suppressing a giggle at the onslaught. Choi Han would only emphasize that all the little kisses were well deserved. The sap! Cale would never admit to that.

Instead he buried further inside the warmth in front of him. Having a personal oven was really nice. It was something Cale had gotten used to by now and something he wouldn't give up again for anything in the worlds.

He tightened his relaxed grip on Choi Han's middle, to feel and to reassure himself that this was real. That this was now his reality.

He didn't want to thank the gods as they hadn't really done anything for him, but Cale still was thankful that he could finally live his slacker life with everyone. That no one had to be sacrificed along the way. And that this former protagonist in front of him didn't have to suffer any despair anymore.

Cale wanted this moment to continue for eternity and yet he was looking forward already to the next and the one after that. All the little moments that meant so much to him.

Hearing the bubbling noise of boiling water, Cale did look up. Right, Choi Han was currently cooking something. He hoped he hadn't distracted him too much.


Choi Han in the kitchen …

Cale grew suspicious.

“What are you doing?”

Buried where he was, Choi Han couldn’t see the look on the redhead's face and didn’t suspect much from the monotone voice. Therefore he answered cheerfully.

“Hot chocolate.”

“... Choi Han…”

“Yes Cale-nim?”

“... why are you boiling water then?”

“Yeah? For the hot chocolate?”

Cale pulled back, shooting Choi Han a horrified look.


“Choi Han, please tell me I am having a stroke or something. Because that sounded awfully like you were about to make god damn hot chocolate with god damn water.”

Cale had decided to ban all swear words from the house, as the children had become increasingly vicious and he didn't even want to know where they learned all those curses from. But still, Cale allowed swearing when it slandered the gods, like damning them.


But that wasn’t important right now. What was important was to expose If Choi Han was close to committing yet another food crime.

Choi Han who was fiddling with the two matching cups he had already set on the counter, no doubt to have one for Cale. As well as the three smaller ones for the children, all slightly disformed. Raon, On and Hong had made those mugs themselves and while they weren't that refined in craftsmanship they had their own charm.

But Cale still looked at him in stern inquiry, no amount of puppy eyes would change that. That was why Choi Han gave up on wrecking his brain and decided to ask.

“What… uhm. What else do you make it with?”

Cale’s eyes grew wide.

“What else…”

Choi Han shrunk back at the sudden pressure he was feeling from the redhead, whose expression remained as neutral as ever, but his mood was certainly not.

He only got to squeak out a “Cale-nim?” Before the redhead started moving. Reaching for cupboards and continuously mumbling “what else…”

Choi Han could only watch and turn the hot water pot off. Ashamed of something, when he still didn't know what exactly he did wrong. He was used to boiling water first to mix milk powder and then add the choco. He didn't have milk powder here, but missing just one ingredient couldn't make a significant difference, right?

But when Cale around him started sweeping and cleaning the counter first, it dawned on him that he had missed quite a few things yet again. Maybe he really didn’t belong in the kitchen.

Choi Han was ripped out of his stupor as slim, still cold fingers threaded through his hair. Gently patting his head.

“Stop looking like a kicked puppy.”

Cale wasn't a person of many words, but he signed for Choi Han to pay attention so he could watch and learn. It was nice seeing Cale this focused, even if the redhead scolded Choi Han a couple of times for staring instead of paying attention to the ingredients.

But Choi Han couldn't really feel the blame when he got to witness Cale try to teach him with the same patience and care he usually reserved for the children only.

Cale knew Choi Han desperately wanted to be useful in the kitchen and that it wasn't his fault for being an absolute disaster in there. It had simply been too long for the swordmaster to remember anything from his childhood and a monster filled forest wasn't exactly the best learning environment for good cooking skills.

Receiving new memories from Korea had also not really helped with active skills, when he didn't get to ever practise them, or have any of the tools available.

Therefore Cale made it his personal mission to teach him all the other “what elses”.

In the end they had 5 different versions of hot chocolate, which Choi Han all tried with increasingly starry eyes.

Cale huffed in satisfaction at seeing the kicked puppy look finally disappear and at having taught Choi Han something new. Really, something simple as hot chocolate.

But he had kept the final version for last, the type of hot chocolate that had taken the most time to make. The one he only made when he had the time and all the ingredients and wanted to make an extra effort for others.

The type of hot chocolate Choi Han had wanted to make for Cale.

Keeping Choi Han at a safe distance from the stove, Cale readied the sauce pan and assembled all the fixings. Whipped cream and marshmallows and just a touch of cinnamon and hot pepper. Although Cale was adamant about Choi Han not adding the last ingredient himself, because he didn't trust him with the exact measurement. To not have something that was only supposed to give a slight warmness turn the sweet delight into a pain fest.

But eventually Cale pressed a warm red mug into Choi Han’s hands and watched the other take a tentative sip. Smiling slightly at the chocolate mustache forming on the eternally young face, before pulling Choi Han towards their living room with the fireplace already lit.

Where you drink it is important too!”

Choi Han just smiled as he internally added “and with whom”. As Raon On and Hong excitedly stormed in at Cale’s call, from having played all day in the snow.

It was warm and cozy and exactly what Choi Han had wanted to achieve, when he had set out to make hot chocolate for their little family. Even when he was a bit upset that he had ended up making his Cale-nim work for him instead.