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A Saimatsu Proposal!

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“…de…ede…Kaede…wake up, Kaede…”

Kaede groaned as her eyes fluttered open.  Once she blinked her drowsiness away and pulled her blonde bangs out of her eyes, she saw her blue-haired boyfriend smiling at her.

“…O…Ohayou, Shuichi…”  Kaede yawned as a delectable smell filled her nostrils, causing her to look down.  “Hey, is that…?”

“Yeah…I…thought you might like it if I made you breakfast in bed…I made you onigiri, tea, and a mushroom omelette.  Of course, if you don’t like it, I could always try aga…mmph!”

Kaede silenced him with a peck to the lips, beaming lovingly at him once she pulled away.  “Shuichi, thank you, I love it!”  She quickly confiscated the tray from his hands and began to sip her tea.  “Though how many times have I told you not to get all pessimistic about your work?”

Shuichi smiled bashfully and apologized “Sorry, force of habit.  I am working on it, though.”

Kaede smiled as she bit into her onigiri.  “So…”  She asked between bites.  “You won’t be at work too long, right?  My recital’s tonight, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell my boss today I can’t stay too late.”

“Good, and just to be safe, I’ll pick you up when it’s time to go.”

Shuichi sweatdropped before he shook his head in amusement.  The couple fell into a comfortable silence as Kaede continued to devour her breakfast.  Harmonic melodies played in Shuichi’s brain as he looked forward to his girlfriend’s recital.

“Here you go.”  Shuichi nodded gratefully at the clerk as he took the purple box.  “Whoever you’re giving this to is one lucky girl.”

“…No…I’m the lucky one…”  Shuichi’s eyes widened before he apologized profusely “Ah, sorry, I was just…”

“It’s okay.” The clerk chuckled, shaking his head in amusement.  “A lot of customers talk out of their head like that.”

Shuichi nodded, still blushing in embarrassment.  He took his phone out of his pocket and glanced at the screen, hoping to distract himself when he noticed the time.

“Oh, sorry, but I’ve got to get to work.”

The clerk waved at Shuichi as he hurried out of the store.  “Ah, young love…”

“Detective Naegi, I’m finished.”

Shuichi handed the case folder to his lavender-haired supervisor and teacher.  She smiled as she accepted the file and nodded approvingly.

“Thank you, Saihara-kun.  Are you ready to start your next case?”

“Ano…well, you see…”

“Hey, Shuichi!”  Both detectives turned their heads and saw an energetic Kaede bursting from the doors.  “Are you ready to go?  I thought we could grab some lunch together at WcDonald’s before my recital.”

“Kaede…you can’t just barge in while I’m working.”  Shuichi hesitantly scolded her, causing the pianist to pout.  “I have to…”

“I suppose we can end your shift early.”  Shuichi turned with surprise to Kyoko who merely smiled and nodded.  “This seems like a good stopping point, and I just remembered, I have a date myself with my husband.  I’m sure he’d love it if I came home a little early.  By all means, enjoy your date, Saihara-kun.” 

Kaede and Shuichi blushed as Kyoko sauntered out of the room, leaving the detective and pianist alone.

“So…”  Kaede asked hesitantly.  “…Shall we grab that burger?”

“Kaede…you’re sweating…” Shuichi told her as they stood in the dressing room. 

Normally, audience members wouldn’t be allowed backstage.  But thanks to Kaede’s insistence, Shuichi was allowed to be by Kaede’s side until just before her recitals.  The organizers allowed it after seeing a boost in Kaede’s performance, and as long as she kept bringing them profits, they were willing to turn a blind eye to the rule violations.

“Sorry, you buy you know how I always get nervous right before I play in front of a crowd.  I’ve never been able to totally kick my stage fright.”

Despite her chuckle, Shuichi was able to tell that Kaede was still nervous.  As she fiddled with her hair, the young detective wrapped his arms around her neck.

“Kaede…you’re gonna do great.  The moment your fingers touch those keys, the audience is gonna be amazed by the melodies you’re gonna create tonight.”

“You…you think so…?”  A blushing Kaede stammered.

“I know so.”  Shuichi assured her with a peck to her cheek.

“Akamatsu!  Curtain time in ten!”

“Okay, coming!”  Kaede called back before she turned reluctantly to her boyfriend.  “You better go.  When I’m done, let’s go to that restaurant we were talking about.”

Shuichi nodded before he turned and walked away.  Kaede took a deep breath to settle her remaining nerves before she stood up.

“Alright, show time!”

“Hey, Shuichi!”

Shuichi turned his head and smiled as the familiar astronaut waved him to an open seat between him and his assassin girlfriend.  “Ah, Kaito, Maki!”

“So, how’ve things been with you and Kaede?”  Kaito grinned and playfully elbowed the detective once he took his seat.  “When’s the wedding?”


“That’s none of our business, you idiot.”  Maki sighed in exasperation before Shuichi shot her a grateful glance.  “And we need to be quiet, the show’s about to start.”

“Right, sorry.”  Kaito apologized just as the curtain rose.

Shuichi smiled at the sight of his beloved pianist, sitting in front of her favorite instrument as she wiggled in fingers in preparation.  Once she took a deep breath, she let her fingers fall on the keys and played a familiar tune.

It’s…Clair De Lune by Debussy!  Shuichi realized as the lovely melody echoed in his ears.  It’s a soothing song that calms your heart…and given how nervous Kaede gets when she starts a recital, it’s perfect for easing her into the performance.

Shuichi flashed back to the countless times she had played it for him whenever he was stressed out, anxious, or in one of his self-depreciating moods.  He felt himself relax in his seat as the melody continued.  His smile widened as he noticed Kaede’s shoulders relax.  Her nervous frown tugged into a smile as she flowed with the music.

At last, the song ended, causing the audience to lightly applaud her performance.  You haven’t seen anything yet!  Shuichi thought as Kaede cracked her knuckles.

Now bursting with confidence, Kaede immediately began playing a more energetic, fast-paced tune.  Shuichi beamed as her fingers danced on the keys, his eyes barely able to follow her movements.

That’s the Kaede I know and love!  I can feel my heart trying to beat to the tune!  She’s getting my blood pumping!

At last, the song came to an end, causing the audience to burst into a thunderous applause.  Kaede smiled at the grinning Shuichi, who proudly clapped his hands.

Shuichi…I’m glad you’re here to support me!  Kaede thought before her fingers began to dance once more, playing the next tune in the program.

“Gochisousama!”  Kaede and Shuichi chanted once they had finished their meals.

“Thanks for bringing me here, Shuichi.”  Kaede told her beloved detective gratefully.  “You really know how to find the best restaurants in the city.”

Shuichi chuckled, rubbing the back of his head bashfully.  “Well, I am a detective.  I should know how to find the best restaurants, at least.”  Kaede giggled, her laughter warming Shuichi’s heart with its beautiful melody.  “By the way…I have a riddle for you.”

“A riddle?”  Kaede’s eyes sparkled as she exclaimed “Oh, I love your riddles!  Hit me!”

“Alright, alright.”  Shuichi chuckled.  “Here goes… You will see two of me, When you attend a wedding, I’m not a bride and groom, But what they wear.  What am I?”

“Hm…let’s see…”  Kaede hummed in contemplation.  “The only thing you see two of at a wedding is a…”  Kaede gasped, her eyes widening in shock as she held her palm to her lips.

A blushing Shuichi smiled as he took out the box from his pocket and held it in front of her.  His fingers flipped open the lid, revealing a golden ring with a small diamond on the top.

“Kaede Akamatsu, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life hearing your melodies.  Will you marry me?”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sniffled.  She beamed at him, grinning like an idiot as her heart pounded against her ribcage.

“Shuichi…yes…of course I will!  Oh, Shuichi!  I’ve gotta think of a song to play to capture how happy I am right now!  Let’s see…”

As Kaede began to hum, Shuichi discreetly slid the ring on her finger.  He blushed happily as his head filled with fantasies of a life with Kaede.

Kaede kicked the door shut as she moaned against Shuichi’s lips.  Her hands gripped Shuichi’s jacket tightly in her fists as they walked awkwardly towards the bed.  Shuichi yelped against her lips as they fell onto the bed, briefly breaking their passionate kiss.


Shuichi moaned as her tongue forced its way back into his mouth and danced with his own.  Shuichi relaxed, surrendering to her passionate, lustful gestures as she slid his jacket off his torso and tossed it off the bed.

“Shuichi…”  She breathed huskily as she felt his hesitant hands reach up to caress her back.  She smiled in amusement as she nodded and assured him “It’s okay, Shuichi, you can touch me.”

She felt sparks of pleasure tingle down her spine as his hands rubbed her back more excitedly, causing her to kiss him once more.  As their tongues tangled, Kaede slid her hands gently up his dress shirt.  He shuddered with pleasure as he felt her fingertips trace up his belly and chest until they settled on the collar of his dress shirt.

“Shuichi…”  She breathed.  “May I…remove your shirt, please?”

Shuichi nodded excitedly, making Kaede smile as she began to unbutton his shirt bit by bit.  Kaede began to gently kiss down his chest and belly, causing Shuichi to moan and slightly hyperventilate from the pleasure.  At last she reached the waistband of his pants.

“Shuichi…”  She asked shyly as she toyed with his zipper.  “May I take off your pants and boxers…and may I kiss your penis?”

Shuichi’s cheeks flushed pink as he instantly felt his cock harden.  Fantasies of Kaede kissing and licking and suckling his organ played before his very eyes before he shook the thought away.  He bashfully nodded, giving Kaede permission to unbutton and unzip his pants.  She then tugged them down his hips, causing his erection to leap out.  It bobbed back and forth like a pendulum, the tip tapping her nose and causing her to giggle.

Shuichi awkwardly kicked his pants onto the floor as Kaede kept it still with one hand and used her thumb to stroke his shaft.  The fledgling detective shuddered as the pianist lovingly pressed her lips to the tip and peppered it with soft kisses.

“Ka-Kaede…”  Shuichi breathed as her tongue peeked out and shyly lathered his tip.

Shuichi moaned as Kaede took the entire head of his cock into her mouth, suckling it as she began to lash the sensitive head more confidently with her slippery organ.

“Ka…Kaede…mo…more…”  Shuichi begged huskily as he began to gently thrust his hips.

Kaede giggled as she released his penis with an audible pop.  Shuichi groaned in frustration as he glared at her with an exasperated look in his eyes.

“Kaede…why did you…?”

“Do you want me to rub your shaft with my breasts too?”  She offered, cutting ghim off and turning his face as red as a tomato.  “If you help me get this dress off me, I can do that for you.”

Shuichi gasped, letting his mind wander to fantasies of Kaede rubbing her breasts up and down his shaft as she slurped his tip like a lollipop.  Shuichi could only node, ignoring his throbbing erection as best he cool while he tentatively gripped the shoulders of Kaede’s dress.  At her nod of assent, he pulled, throwing the garment off her and leaving her in her pale white bra and panties.

“Kaede…you look…beautiful…”  Shuichi stammered, causing Kaede to giggle as she reached behind her and expertly unclasped her bra.

Shuichi’s eyes widened as she tossed the garment aside, allowing her full, luscious breasts to bounce freely.  Shuichi’s hands hovered hesitantly over her breasts, his arms shaking as he looked into Kaede’s eyes for permission.

“…Touch me, Shuichi.”  Kaede whispered before she gasped at the detective’s gentle grasp on her breasts.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Shuichi pushed ahead and rubbed his hands up and down her boobs.  His fingers gripped the sensitive skin gently as his thumbs rubbed soothing, sensual circles.

“Shu-Shuichi…”  Kaede moaned.  “…More…”

Shuichi nodded and bent his head down before he secured his lips around her nipple.  He shyly began to lather her teat with his tongue.

“Keep…going…”  Kaede panted as she felt him continue to grope her breasts, his tongue jumping from one nipple to the other to lather it with his saliva. 

Whichever one wasn’t being flicked by his tongue was being rubbed by his thumb, ensuring that neither breast was lacking in attention.  Shuichi intended to fully investigate every inch of Kaede’s body until she was completely satisfied.  At last, he released her breast with a pop and leaned back, giving her time to recover.

Once she regained her senses, she smiled lustfully at him before she got on all fours and crawled over to his lap.  His erection still jutted between his legs, impressing the pianist.

I think it’s gotten bigger…is that even possible?!

Shaking the thought from her mind, Kaede gripped her breasts and pulled them until his shaft was nestled gently between them.  With a gentle kiss to his tip, Kaede pushed and pulled her breasts up and down in a sensual rhythm.  Shuichi moaned in pleasure, which only intensified as Kaede began to more confidently suckle and lick his tip.

“Ka-Kaede!”  He panted, feeling overcome with pleasure as she moved her breasts faster and faster.  “So…so good!”

If Kaede was able to, she would have giggled at his reaction.  Instead, she settled for licking the head faster, twiling her tongue around his tip

“Ka-Kaede!”  Shuichi cried, feeling a rush of pleasure travel up his length.  “I…I’m gonna…”


At that moment, Kaede released his cock, removing her lips and breasts from his body.  She giggled at his frustrated groan, watching his cock throb on the edge of release.

“Kaede…why did you…?”

Shuichi trailed off as Kaede hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled down.  Shuichi’s eyes widened as she sensually slid them down her legs, revealing her moistened, aroused pussy.


“Like what you see…mmph!”

Kaede’s giggle was silenced by Shuichi’s hungry lips as he tackled her into a kiss.  His curious hands roamed her body, caressing her sides and groping her breasts more confidently.

“Shu…Shuichi…”  Kaede moaned in between kisses, dizzy from the detective’s sensual straightforwardness.

“Kaede!  You’re so…so sexy…so beautiful!”  Shuichi told her huskily as his hands slid down her hips.

Kaede gasped into his mouth as his thumbs gently pried open her lower lips, stroking her vulva.  Shuichi angled his hips so he could rub his leaking tip against her entrance.

“Shu…Shuichi…please!  Please…take me already!”  Kaede pleaded.  I never thought he’d be so straightforward…but I love it!  I need you inside me!  I need you to fuck me so hard I feel sore in the morning!

Shuichi nodded before he gently gripped his penis with his fingers and angled it so that his tip was resting directly against her entrance.  Okay…here goes…  Shuichi thought as he took a leap of faith and began to push the first inch in. 

Kaede gasped as she felt her walls expand to accompany the intrusion.  “Oh, Shuichi…oh!”

Shuichi gently continued, inch by inch, until he was buried at the hilt.  He resisted the urge to pull out and start pumping right away, allowing Kaede to get used to his presence as her tunnel gently twitched against his erection, curious about the unknown object currently lodged within it.

“…I’m…gonna start moving, alright?”  Kaede nodded, sweating in nervous anticipation before the detective silently smiled at her, calming the pianist’s nerves.  “Okay…”

Shuichi gently pulled out, causing Kaede to hum as she felt his penis leave her womb.  Only the tip remained before he pushed back in, albeit slightly faster.  Kaede hummed pleasantly as Shuichi continued to pump in and out of her tunnel.  Her walls squeezed with slightly more force as they grew more accustomed to his cock’s presence. 

“Shu-Shuichi…more!  Fuck me more!”

Shuichi wordlessly nodded as he leaned down and suckled her breast once more.  He lathered and flicked her nipple with his tongue as his hips pumped in and out of her entrance at a breakneck pace.  As Kaede’s walls forcefully clenched his shaft with a vice, the vibrations against his penis caused Shuichi to moan in pleasure.

It wasn’t long before both of them felt their respective genitals began to boil with repressed sexual pleasure.  The two of them moaned, knowing that they couldn’t contain their releases for long.

“Kaede!  I’m…close…do you want me to…?”

“Please!”  Kaede pleaded.  “CUM INSIDE ME, SHUICHI!  FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!”



They both cried out in a passionate melody as they both reached completion.  Kaede’s walls clamped down on his cock one last time as her juices gushed out and soaked his length.  The vibrations against his shaft triggered Shuichi’s own orgasm, causing a torrent of sperm to jet from his tip and into the depths of Kaede’s womb.  Kaede and Shuichi gasped in pleasure as their excess juices trickled from her entrance and onto the sheets.



Kaede nuzzled her nose against his chest with a fatigued smile as she wrapped her arms around his back.  Shuichi blushed from the feeling of Kaede’s breasts against his chest.

“Who knew you’d be so assertive in the bedroom?” 

Shuichi chuckled as Kaede giggled.  She weakly held up her hand, admiring the ring adorning her finger.

“…Thanks, Shuichi.  This was the best night ever…”

Shuichi smiled lovingly as he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back soothingly.  Kaede yawned as she kissed his chest.  She closed her eyes and fell asleep against him.

She looks…really cute, sleeping like that…  Shuichi observed as he too yawned.  Tightening his grip against her, he too yawned and closed his eyes, feeling slumber take him.

Good night…Mrs. Kaede Saihara!

Their dreams were filled with the wonderful married life ahead of them.