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Bennett knew what he was doing was wrong and selfish, he knew that very clearly. It was probably very annoying and tedious for Razor, as he was the one dealing with it.

What was he doing? Simple.

He was tripping himself so Razor would catch him. That was all. Well, besides the things his bad luck threw his way that Razor was forced to deal with when the two adventured together.

The two were currently in Windrise near the big tree, the one with a Statue of the Seven at its base. The tree's roots were sprawled out everywhere, it was perfectly understandable to trip here, but that wasn't the only reason Bennett and Razor were here.

Bennett wanted to climb the tree. He had heard a rumor that there was a flat spot where the big tree branches extended from the base of the tree. He wanted to see if it was true, and Razor tagged along like how he normally did when he didn't have much going on with his Lupical.

"Here we are! I've heard some rumors that there's a flat spot at the top of the base of the tree! Let's go check it out and see!" Bennett said excitedly, spotting a root a few paces ahead and knowing what he was going to do.

Razor only nodded thoughtfully, a small smile displayed on his features. It made Bennett's heart jump out of his chest. He started to walk backward, still looking at him while he thought of what to say next. As he was stuck in his mind, he forgot all about the root.

Bennett's foot hit it as he stepped, causing him to slip backward. His face immediately showcased his fear. He flailed his arms out in front of him, trying to grab a hold of something.

Razor ran to him at top speed, grabbing one of Bennett's flailing arms at the wrist before using that small stop to loop his arm around Bennett's back. Bennett's head was against Razor's shoulder, a stunned expression on his face.

It looked like Razor had brought Bennett into a wedding dip, and the tree was their alter.

Razor was breathing heavily, going from standing still to running at top speed wasn't exactly easy for a human. His cheeks had a small amount of red on them, too.

As soon as Bennett understood their position, he started to blush from embarrassment. At least that was what he was trying to convince himself. In reality, he was flustered beyond belief, even his shoulders were red.

"Bennett.... need to be... careful," Razor spoke quietly, so quietly that if there was a crowd around them, only Bennett would be able to hear him. Bennett's heart rate picked up quickly when he realized he was staring and they were still in that position.

"S..sorry..." Bennett spoke just as quietly, carefully standing up. Razor removed his arms as he saw Bennett standing properly.

Bennett's heart was pounding like crazy, he could hear it in his eardrums. He wouldn't be all that surprised if Razor asked if he was all right because he heard it.

Bennett tried his best to compose himself and push down his 'embarrassment'. When he did, he turned around to face Razor again.

"Thank you, Razor." Bennett smiled before getting back on track, paying so much attention to the roots he didn't hear Razor say you're welcome.

They searched around the tree for a good foothold so they wouldn't fall as they climbed. Razor found one and started climbing, Bennet followed quickly after him.

It was a slow process, and Bennett almost fell on multiple occasions, but they made it to the top of the base of the tree.

The rumors were correct, there was a flat spot, enough to hold several people and have some wiggle room.

Bennet smiled widely, having his own little celebration in his own little world. He was so caught up in it that he didn't notice Razor smile at him again.

They both found a spot by one of the limbs of the tree. It was slightly curved, so it was the perfect limb to lay against, and it was big enough for the both of them to lean against comfortably.

Bennett started to talk about his dads' old adventure stories. He couldn't tell them with as much pizzazz as his dads could, but Razor didn't mind. He just sat there and listened with a smile on his face like he normally did.

"- and then, the slime zoomed right at him! But dad was smart enough to get behind a tree, so the slime rammed right into the tree!" Bennett giggled at the story, which made Razor happy.

"Dad.... smart. Like Bennett!" Razor said with a grin on his face.

Bennett blushed and lowered his head, scratching the back of his neck, "I'm not all that smart... I've been called naive more times than I can count," he frowned, pulling his knees to his chest and resting his head on them.

"If I was smart, I'd be able to get rid of my bad luck... maybe I don't even have bad luck, maybe I'm just a bad advent-"

"Bennett," Razor spoke with a serious tone, placing a hand on Bennett's shoulder. Bennett looked up at Razor, a few tears on his cheeks. Razor wiped them away gently.

"Bennett is smart... and nice... brave... and powerful. Razor.. happy! To be Bennett's friend!" Razor smiled before hugging Bennett. It was something he saw others do to cheer people up when they were sad.

Bennett buried his head into Razor's shoulder, crying into it softly as Razor pet his head gently. He let it out. His guilt of hurting others, guilt for tricking Razor on several occasions, and his sadness at the word 'friend'. He shouldn't have felt so sad at it and he knew that. He should be glad he even had a friend who would stick by his side no matter what, but he wanted more and couldn't help it.

They stayed like that for 10 minutes before Bennett was done crying. He still stayed buried in the wolf boy's neck though. Bennett didn't think he could face Razor with the way he looked right now. Razor still managed to pet his head as comfortingly as he could manage.

"Is Bennett feeling better?" Razor asked softly, trying to be as comforting as possible with his limited emotional skill set.

Bennett finally looked up. His eyes were still a bit red, but nothing else gave away he has been crying. Since his cheeks and shoulders were also still red, it could also be inferred he was just embarrassed over something.

"A little bit," Bennett spoke quietly, still not letting go. He was embarrassed that Razor had to see him cry. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that Razor," Bennett spoke quietly, afraid that if he spoke too loudly he would break their moment.

Razor shook his head, "Bennett ok?"

"Yeah, I'm all right. I just don't want to let go yet..." Bennett admitted. Razor nodded and held him closer, which surprised him.

When he relaxed, he did the same. This was one of the rare occasions where Bennett felt lucky. He was being held by his favorite person in the entire world. It was the best feeling he'd ever experienced.

As they embraced each other, they were both lost in thought, just enjoying the moment they had.

And as their day together came to a close, Razor felt stumped on why he felt so warm and tingly since their moment at the top of the base of the tree.