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Twisted Wonderland Smut

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Idia is proud to be an Otaku and that he is always in the know of the latest news so when someone online was teasing him for not knowing of the latest game everyone was talking about in his online group, it hurt his pride. You see, he was stuck playing with random users because his actual online friends weren’t able to join him and they were talking about a game that he didn’t know about which is quite unusual, and when they found out they started teasing him. Now his pride is hurt, he had to see this game everyone was talking about. The next day he managed to find the game, he remembered one of the players saying how he played the game alone so he told ortho to do some research in the town for him just to keep him occupied while he played the game and not risk ortho seeing anything he wasn’t supposed to. He started the game and it looked to be your usual dating sim game until the player spilled a drink on the girl and her shirt became transparent and you could see her boobs, the player had options to kiss her or undress her. It became clear what type of game this was and honestly, he has seen better hentai games than this but he refused to accept that this was all that this game was, a mediocre hentai game at best. He continued playing in hopes of seeing something interesting happen in the game but now he was halfway through and nothing, but his dick was hard he’ll give them that “I’m starting to think these assholes were just messing with me and I fell for it” Suddenly he heard a knock, that’s weird he though, ortho shouldn’t be done this quick “Idia its Y/N headmaster wanted me to give you this” He quickly put his computer to sleep mode and grabbed the first thing he saw to hide his hard-on and as he opened the door you were stretching your hand to knock. Idia opens the door and you knock the cup of water that was hiding his hard-on wetting you both. Surprised you both take a step back he opens to see that your shirt is wet and he can see the outline of your chest “y y y y/n?!” he quickly turns back “I I I’m sorry I promise I’ll make it up to you” you look down to see you are all wet “Well how about you take these papers about the next dorm leader meeting and let me borrow a shirt” yeah he thought the least he could do is that “yeah I can do you can come in'' you sat down on his bed he was being super careful as to not show he was hard that he completely forgot about the game and set down the papers in the keyboard his finger touching one of the keys completely displaying the game where the girl was getting railed from behind. You stared at the screen wide-eyed and he still had yet to notice. “Here this might be a bit big but I think it will -what’s wrong?” he followed your eyesight and saw the game. He wanted to die right then and there “ I I can explain” you looked at him and saw his hard on “you see there was a game I had never heard about and-” you felt your face heat up and his words weren’t registering in your head because one of the many thoughts that came to your head was how this might be your chance to make a move, to express your feelings to Idia. “I think those jerks might have been messing around with me though because the game is nothing special-” “Idia it's fine really” you stood up and walked straight to Idia full of resolve. it was now or never and if he didn’t want it you would stop but you knew that if you didn’t make a move he wouldn’t. Every step you took forward Idia out of nervousness took a step back until his back legs hit the chair and he sat down “Y/N….?” you leaned into his ear to whisper “Don’t you think the real thing would be better” your hot breath on his ear froze him. You trailed your fingertips from his neck to his chest to the band of his pants teasing him “yeah Idia what do you say” he had never been this close to someone before and he was frozen. Upon receiving no answer you decided to pull away with a sigh “then again if you’re not feeling it, I won’t force you” as you are about to pull away a hand grabs your arm "it it w-would be nice" God he hated how his nervousness showed. You smiled at him. You both leaned in and started to kiss. You both could tell that this is something you both didn't have much experience with as, the kiss was messy but honestly, you both didn't care. There was a lot of saliva coming from you both that when you pulled away for a bit you could see a little saliva thread that connected from your mouth to idia's. You can hear the heavy panting coming from both of you. You decide to kneel down between idia's legs and pull down his pants. His cock springs up, you don't know what you were expecting but it's pretty. It's long, with some noticeable veins, and his tip was a pretty red color. "looks like you were hard for some time huh idia?" You look up and see him blushing furiously and the side of his hand attempting to cover his mouth. You are determined to make him feel good. You wrap your hand around his cock and start going up and down paying extra attention to the tip. You hear idia's breath speed up. You start to kitten lick and kiss his shaft. That earns some grunts from him, you begin to take all that you can of him into your mouth "aahh" idia moans and grabs your hair. You start bobbing your head and swallowing around him. You hear his cute moans and look up to him and see how his chest is heaving and his cheeks are flushed. You feel yourself getting even wetter. You start going at an unforgiving pace while fondling his balls making idia grip your hair tighter and buck his hips, making you gag "aah y/n it feels good" you keep going "y/n I'm gon-ah fuck I'm gonna cum" you feel how drool is coming out in the corners of your mouth and how hard idia is gripping your hair. Suddenly you feel the hot and sticky cum in your mouth, idia sees you pull away and sees that you still have his cum in your mouth "ah I have tissues… somewhere here…" he starts looking on his desk and then hears an audible gulp "don't worry… I swallowed" he feels his face heat up and notices the way you unconsciously rub your thighs. It's only fair you get off too. He stands up and kisses you. He can taste a bit of himself. He leads you to his bed and you both are sitting in front of each other still kissing. The nervousness and shyness have died down and both of you are becoming bolder with your movements. He creeps his hand under your shirt and starts playing with your boobs, he thinks everything about them is perfect from the shape to the softness of them and the soft mewls and whines that leave your lips, he wants to have them in his mouth he quickly takes off your shirt and bra, you do the same to him and lean over to kiss him again only that he pushes you down on the bed and takes one of your boobs into his mouth while he kneads the other rolling and pulling at the nipple “ngh Idia I-I need more” you let out through pants, he hums and pulls down your pants and sees how soaking wet you are and how it even runs to the inside of your thighs, he takes off your panties and inserts a finger in you. He feels how tight and hot it feels inside of your gummy walls he then adds a second and third finger making you cry out “I-Idia” he starts going at a fast pace making you moan louder and grip the bedsheets, fascinated at the way your pussy sucks him and how you are gushing all over his fingers. He curls his fingers and touches a spongy spot that earns a loud moan from you “ Ah! There! Right there” he does as you say and knows he found your sweet spot he remembers seeing that in one of his hentai games, he also remembers how some have the option of rubbing the clit. So he brings the other hand to rub it. You arch your back “Ah feels s’good” he can’t help but feel proud of how he’s making you feel like this and goes faster. the lewd squelching noises keep getting louder as do your moans “mmh gonna cum!” “let go I wanna see you” your hold tightens on the sheets “AH NnnGh Idia!” he looks at your how your body is shaking and how fast your chest is rising. He wastes no time in entering you “a a-h wait still sensitive” you whine but it falls deaf to his ears as he’s hypnotized by the way your walls swallow him, seeing how his dick stretch you out. It still hurt despite being lubricated with your wetness and cum but not for long. He stood still for a moment overwhelmed by the sight and feeling, all he has done is enter you but he feels as if he’ll cum any moment now. He begins to move slowly though that doesn’t last for long as your cute whimpers and moans make him go faster and harder “Idia” you let out a shaky breath. He moves his hips up at an angle that hits that special spot that has you seeing stars you cry out for him and your walls squeeze him tighter. A groan leaves his lips as he drops his head next to your neck “so-good” you hook your legs on his back, pushing him deeper making you both gasp out. Both of you feel as if you are on fire from the amount of pleasure you are receiving. He’s having no mercy on you, hitting that spot hard and fast it has you rolling your eyes to the back of your head and your mouth dropping to an O. Obscene sounds come from your mouth “idia m I’m close-so close” you manage to cry out “me-too” your back arches and you feel your body tense and be taken by a sense of ecstasy. “Fuck, you are squeezing me so tight” he gives a few more thrusts before he feels his dick tensing up, quickly he pulls out throwing his head back as he cums on your stomach and chest. Both of you are breathing pretty heavily and are coming off your high “you were right the real thing is better”.