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Paint My Skin

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Ever since the first day they had met, Caitlyn had noted the tattoos that marked Vi’s body. When Caitlyn had read in Vi’s file that she had done the tattoos herself she had expected them to be rather unneat- after all, how does one tattoo their back with any degree of precision? But when she saw them for the first time, she was stunned. They were perfect and they fascinated her. They were unlike anything she had ever seen before, of course people Topside had tattoos but generally they were hidden in their day to day lives lest they be denied good job opportunities. That is what her mother told her anyway. Any notion of getting a tattoo when she was younger was quickly shot down by her darling mother and so it was never something Caitlyn had really given much thought, until now.

Caitlyn’s fascination- no, obsession, with Vi’s tattoos only grew as over time she would finally be able to see them up close. She would trace the lines with her finger whilst Vi laid beside her. The first time Caitlyn did this it woke Vi from her sleep and Caitlyn was so embarrassed she had said that she was wiping something on her, an excuse that was arguably much grosser and much more embarrassing than simply admitting that she was admiring the art that danced across her skin.

As their friendship blossomed into something so much more Caitlyn no longer needed an excuse to admire the ink on her now girlfriend’s body. She would spend hours- well, maybe not hours- Caitlyn needs her beauty sleep too, staring at them as Vi slept. Not to mention how she would stare whenever Vi would come home and get changed from the gym, covered in sweat that would make her skin glisten, especially when she would flex. Vi was so beautiful. Everything about her was stunning. From her perfect jawline, the callouses on her hands, the scars that littered her body, her eyes so grey you could swear you were looking at the sky, and not least her tattoos. Art that she had done herself. Oh Vi was so beautiful and so talented too- no, not talented, skilled. Caitlyn respected Vi far too much to use the word talented, she was an artist and a skilled artist at that.

A good few years into their relationship, years of Caitlyn admiring how stunning her partner was, years of becoming obsessed with tattoos and the art that Vi could produce on her own skin, the now sheriff finally came to a conclusion. She wanted Vi to paint on her, too. Tattoos were permanent, a reminder that was etched onto your skin and would remain there until the day you died, and not only that, but they were beautiful too.

“Vi,” she asked, looking up from where she was polishing her rifle, “I’ve been thinking- and well, I think I would like a tattoo.”

To say Vi was surprised would be an understatement.

“A tattoo? You, Cupcake? Your mother would have my fucking head if I did a tattoo on you,” she joked, her fear of Caitlyn’s mother had long since passed but she still couldn’t help but joke about it.

“Since when have I ever cared what my mother wants for me? Besides- they look so good on you and well, I’d like to be able to look at it when you’re away and think of you- Gods that sounds so sappy. Forget it.”

Hearing Caitlyn so dejected, Vi rushed to her side and kneeled down in front of her and took her hand in her own, “I’m only messing with you Cait- I’d love to give you your first tat, honestly I’m flattered you would trust me to do it.”

“Trust you? I trust you with my life Vi! Of course I would trust you with some ink- besides, your tattoos are so breathtaking Vi, I can’t stop myself from staring at them” and as if to prove her point, Caitlyn placed her hand on Vi’s cheek and brushed her thumb over the tattoo that proudly bore her name, Caitlyn knows now that the tattoo on her cheek had been the first one she had done.

“You’ve twisted my arm, Cupcake. Do you have any ideas for what you want? If not. . . well, I think I have an idea.”

And that is how Caitlyn ended up getting her first tattoo, a simple but classy cupcake tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. She would go on to have many more, lovingly done by Vi of course, over the years. Each one a work of art, just like them.