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No Two are Alike

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Waverly Earp was silently staring out of the windshield. She watched as the giant snowflakes fell fast and furious, each flake illuminated by the headlights of the Jeep. This storm wasn’t predicted but this was Canada so no one was really surprised when it started to snow on New Years Eve. The windshield wipers screeched their way across the windshield as they fought a losing battle and the sound pulled Waverly out of her trance and dropped her back into her seat next to Nicole who was gripping the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles were turning white. Waverly wasn’t sure if it was the pressure of trying to get them both safely home in a teaming snow storm or the unfortunate events of the evening that was making Nicole so quiet and stressed. They had been dating for three months and Waverly was in love though she hadn’t worked up the nerve to say it yet. In fact, after the way the night went she wasn’t sure she would ever get to tell Nicole how she felt or if they were even still dating. Waverly felt a fresh wave of tears well up and she turned toward her door so she could cry without being detected.

The night started out amazing. Nicole arrived to pick her up right on time (as always) and she looked so beautiful. She clearly took extra time to look special for the evening and it showed. Waverly struggled to catch her breath long enough to compliment her and before she could speak Nicole pulled her in and kissed her. The kiss lingered for what felt like an eternity and yet was still somehow too short.

“You look amazing,” she said as she broke the kiss and stood to her full height. All the while Waverly continued to struggle to find words.

“Uh, ummmm…thanks. You too. You look…”

Nicole smiled at Waverly and kissed her again to help her through her gay panic moment. She reached out and took Waverly’s hand and led her out the door to her Jeep. If Waverly snuck one look at her girlfriend during the ride to the party she snuck in a hundred. In fact, she found it nearly impossible to keep her eyes off her. She couldn’t wait to get to the party and show her off. Her best friend Chrissy was busting at the seams to meet her ever since Waverly called her to tell her all about the totally hot Criminal Justice major she met randomly at the cafe just off campus. It was Waverly’s favorite spot to get some tea and just sit and read something totally NOT school related to relax. Nicole wandered in with a rather intimidating stack of books in her arms and a rather stressed out look on her face. She sat down at a table across from Waverly’s and buried her head in her books until an employee of the cafe approached her table to check on her. The employee flirted with Nicole to no avail but it distracted her just long enough. When the woman returned to her job Nicole took a brief look around the room and that was the moment Waverly and Nicole made eye contact. It burned so hot Waverly had to shyly look away. They caught each other looking a few more times before Nicole made her move. Waverly looked her way for the billionth time to find Nicole holding a notebook up covering her face as if she were studying and on the side Waverly could see she had written a note.

“Hi.” It said and Waverly smiled so wide it almost hurt. Nicole looked over her book and caught the smile and returned it. She turned the page to the next note.

“You are beautiful.” This sent Waverly into a fit of the giggles effectively reducing her to a school girl. Nicole found it irresistible and again turned the page.

“Join me?” It was a bold move but Nicole was in a bold mood since she found herself sitting across from the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

Waverly nearly choked on the tea she mistakenly started to nervously sip ever since the notes started appearing. She wiped her chin with a napkin and thought for a moment. She contemplated whether or not she had the guts to go through with this and then decided that she had no choice. She would never forgive herself if she didn’t answer this burning question that she had been asking herself for her entire life. “If a beautiful woman asked you to join her would you say yes?” was the question and it turns out that the answer was yes.

They spent hours together that night. Nicole got a “C” on the test she was supposed to be studying for but swore it was worth it and they had been dating ever since. It was the most exciting thing Waverly had done to this point and it was also the easiest. It turned out that falling in love with Nicole Haught was the most natural thing in the world for Waverly. It was also her favorite thing. Which made her actions of the evening even more perplexing.



When they arrived at the party everything went exactly according to plan, Waverly was a planner. Everyone LOVED Nicole and Chrissy, who knew the stories of the mind blowing sex they had been having gave Waverly a hug and whispered in her ear, “Holy shit you lucky bitch.” Waverly could only nod and laugh. She was indeed a lucky bi….she was lucky.

Nicole had begrudgingly gone home for Christmas break so this night was the first in about fourteen days since they last saw each other. The result was a handsy, lust ridden evening of filthy looks and stolen kisses in bathrooms and corners. It was almost too much for Waverly who never really felt this turned on by anyone or enjoyed foreplay and sex this much. She felt warm and tingly all over and it was so, so HOT.

She watched as Nicole worked the room. Easily entertaining anyone who spoke to her, all the while stealing glances at Waverly. She stayed close but not too close and seemed to instinctively know when to take Waverly’s hand or softly touch her back. It was almost too good to be true.




Champ Hardy walked into the party with some new random on his arm. He was a handsome guy so meeting a random was never a problem for him. In fact, it was his propensity for meeting random women that led to the demise of his relationship with Waverly. Truth be told, he never cared for Waverly or anyone for that matter but he had a jealous streak and he hated losing so when he spotted Waverly happily holding Nicole’s hand he became consumed with the thought that he had to have Waverly back.

He all but abandoned his date for the night as he strode over towards Waverly. “Hey babe,” he said lecherously as he kissed her and pulled her in for a hug.

Waverly was caught off guard as she hugged Champ back. He stunk of sweat and too much cheap cologne and she found herself holding her breath. “Champ, hi. I didn’t think I would see you here. I thought you were staying home. Wasn’t that what you told me?”

Champ held on a moment longer then released her from his grip. “Yeah, I decided not to. I was going to call but, you know…”

“Yeah, I know alright.”

Nicole put her drink down on the bar and offered her hand to Champ. “Hi, I’m Nicole Haught.” She said simply.

Champ wiped his hand on his pants before taking Nicole’s. “Holy shit, did you just say your name is Hot? Cause, you know…if the shoe fits and all.”

“What a shithead,” Nicole thought to herself as she graciously took the sweatiest and smallest hand she ever shook into hers, “It’s Haught not Hot.”

“Oh shit, sorry. Of course it is. If your name was Hot that would be ridiculous.” He replied as he leaned in close enough for Nicole to smell his hot, gross breath.

“No problem, I get it a lot. How do you two know each other?”

Waverly started to squirm, “Oh, Champ and I dated for a while. It was a while ago. We broke up, obviously…it was…”

“We dated for just over a year. I’m still hopeful there is a chance though.”

“Are you now?” Nicole questioned.

“Champ, you cheated on me with anyone who gave you the time of day. Why would I want any more of that?”

“Yeah, surely there is something or someone better out there for someone as extraordinary as Waverly.” Nicole added as she took a long swig of her beer.

Waverly just watched for a second waiting for a pissing match to ensue, the prize for the victor being herself of course. She was caught off guard when Nicole changed direction. “You know what, it sounds like maybe you two have some business to finalize. I’m going to head over to the bathroom. Good luck with all of this.”

Waverly struggled to wrap her head around what just happened. She was used to dating men and so she fully expected a duel to the death for her hand. Instead she found herself left with her cheating ex by the best thing that ever happened to her and, quite frankly, it pissed her off. How dare Nicole not at least try. Wasn’t she interested in hearing the details? Shouldn’t she have gotten angry when Champ kissed her and made a scene? What in the world was happening and did she just walk away to use the bathroom or did she like, walk away from her? Everything felt off and she felt a little dizzy. As if sensing his chance Champ took her hand and led her away to a quiet corner. When Waverly realized where she was she began to speak.

They talked for a while. Mostly it was Champ providing empty excuses and empty apologies for his past behavior. He professed his undying love for her and told her he missed her everyday.

“Champ, none of that matters. I forgive you but not because I want you back. I forgive you because none of it matters anymore. It’s our past…you are my past. I’m happy now. I’m with Nico…”

Before she could finish her sentence Champ kissed her. He used his tongue and it was forceful and tasted sour and Waverly immediately rejected it but it was a second too late. She saw Nicole over Champ’s shoulder. She saw the pain and disappointment in her eyes and watched as she walked toward the door and started putting on her coat.

“Get off me Champ,” Waverly yelled as she pushed him away. “As I was saying, I’m with Nicole now and even if I wasn’t, I would never be with you again.” She stormed past him and ran to Nicole.

“Nicole, Nicole wait, please. It’s not what it looked like.”

“That’s great Waverly because it looked a hell of a lot like you and your ex making out in the corner.”

“I know, but it wasn’t. I mean, technically it was but…Please, can we talk about it.”

“I’m leaving.”

“Ok, I understand but you are my ride. Can you take me home?”

“Sure Waverly, whatever you want.”




And that’s how they got here. Eleven thirty-two on New Years Eve driving through teaming snow in silence. Waverly wasn’t sure if she should try to talk to Nicole now for fear of distracting her as she drove but she was sure she couldn’t let the new year begin like this.

“Nicole, I’m so sorry. I didn’t kiss him. He kissed me. I was trying to tell him about us and he just…kissed me.”


“I’m sure he’s not even really interested in me anymore. I’m not sure he ever was. He just wanted to mess things up with us and clearly he did.”

“Waverly, you went with him, off to a corner. I know that doesn’t mean he had the right to kiss you but it means that a part of you wanted to hear him out. Why is that? Why would you care what he had to say? If you were happy…if I made you happy you wouldn’t be interested in what he had to say. You wouldn’t need it.”

“What? That’s not…no. I couldn’t care less about what he thinks. I didn’t just go off with him. I was confused when you left me there. Why would you leave me with my ex? Why weren’t you angry with him or with me?”

“I left because I thought you needed a minute to talk to him. I know all of this…with me, with a woman, is new for you and I don’t know who knows that’s why I purposely didn’t introduce myself as your girlfriend. I thought maybe it would be easier for you to tell him or not tell him if I gave you a minute. I trust you Waverly. I never imagined you would do something like this.”

This was new territory for Waverly. In fact, everything about Nicole was new territory. The romance, the multiple orgasms, the trust and yes, the love. She felt totally out of her league in this moment. She was not good at any of it.

“Ugh…I suck. I just…suck at this. I’ve never been here before Nicole.”

“What? Been with a woman? Waverly, I know, I don’t care. I never cared about that.”

“No, I mean yes that…but this…this real relationship thing. This respect and intimacy…its all so new and I suck at it. You deserve better. I’m sorry. Just drop me at home and I will leave you alone.” Tears came hard and fast.

Nicole wanted to reply but the weather and the car had other plans for her. They hit a patch of ice and the car began to slide sideways. Waverly reached for the “Oh shit” handle above her head as the car slid off the road to a stop in an embankment.

Nicole immediately undid her seatbelt and reached over to check on Waverly. Waverly was crying and Nicole had no idea if it was still from their fight or if she was hurt. Both options scared her into action.

“Waverly, Waves…baby, are you ok? Please be ok.”

“I’m ok…just scared I think.”

“It’s ok. We are ok. Just slid on some ice.” Nicole tried to maneuver the car back onto the road but the wheels just spun. They were stuck in the embankment. “Shit, we are stuck. I’m gonna get out and check to see if I can get us out. Just wait here ok?”

“Nicole, please don’t. It’s really bad out there. What if another car comes by and hits you? Or you slip and hurt yourself?”

“Waves, I will be fine. I just want to look. In the meantime, we have plenty of gas. I will make sure the tailpipe is clear so we can keep the car running and warm. While I’m out there why don’t you call 9-1-1 and get us help. Ok?”

“Ok. But make it quick out there and please be careful you are kind of important you know.”

Nicole smiled and opened the door revealing dangerous cold. “I’ll be back in a few.” She winked and jumped out of the car shutting the door behind her.

Moments later Nicole returned as promised. “Ok, we are definitely not going anywhere but I think we are ok to keep the car running for a while. Did you get in touch with emergency services?”

“Yeah, they said they are swamped but they would make us a priority.”

“Ok, good. See, it’s all good.”

Waverly started crying again as she shook her head. “But are we Nicole? All good I mean? Are we?”

“Waverly I…”

“Because I love you Nicole. I love you and if I have lost you tonight then I would say that things are decidedly NOT all good.”

“I’m sorry you what now? Did you just say you…?”

“Yes Nicole, I said I love you and you should know that I have never said that to anyone before. I have never felt this for anyone…ever. I’m sorry tonight got so…fucked up. I’m sorry for all of it but…”

“Waverly, can I tell you something?”

“I really wish you would Nicole, because I really don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I love you too Waverly Earp and this…,” she points to the clock on the dash as it turns over to twelve o’clock, “is about to be the best New Years kiss I’ve ever had.”