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Lena's Sexy Swimsuit Surprise

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Falling in love with Kara was something Lena had never planned to do.

Instead, the billionaire's primary focus had been on launching LCorp to make a name for herself outside her terrible family of origin.

She’d tried to remain guarded and wary during their first meeting. However, something about that bright, bubbly, kind, and unassuming reporter hopeful made the barricaded glacier which was her heart want to melt and open its doors. 

At first, Lena thought that something might have been how the blonde was willing to do something most people weren’t: entertain the idea she wasn’t involved in Cadmus’s plotting against the city.

Unlike her reporter cousin and pretty much everyone else paying attention to that case, Kara seemed different. Seemed to have a genuine interest in getting to know her, didn't assume anything because of her last name, and wanted to prove her innocence instead of proving her guilt. Things which were refreshing, innocent, and pure. Things which took Lena off guard and made her think that maybe, just maybe, she’d met someone worth defending, too.

But, as time went on and they went from strangers and potential enemies to the best of friends, Lena learned there was far more to her gut feeling about defending the smiley darling of a person than she’d realized. Especially after she learned both of them had loved the water as kids, but hadn’t made much time to see or enjoy it in their adult lives because of their hectic work schedules.

The night of that fateful day, Lena was feeling pretty burned out from working long hours. So, she scrolled through Kara’s social media pages to try to feel better. Something which led to a profound yet simple thought hitting her. 

We need to get away. Together, and to some place we’d enjoy. Somewhere with water. Somewhere like the glaciers or hot springs she mentioned visiting with her Kryptonian parents during today’s breakfast. Or, somewhere like the lake I mentioned my true mother taking me to before she died, too. Yeah.

Lena wasn’t really used to taking vacations because she never felt like the press would leave her alone wherever she went. And, she was worried about how her company would be impacted by her absence. But, right then, her inner being was telling her that, given she’d done everything she could to make LCorp a top-rated and self-sustaining place to work, she deserved a true break. That she deserved quality self-care for just being who she was, too.

Thus, despite her fears and how Kara’s phone might be turned off, Lena decided to call the blonde who’d slowly but surely become her most precious gem.

It would be the understatement of the century to say the budding witch was shocked at how the Kryptonian not only picked up, but sounded a mix of happy and concerned to hear from her at that ungodly hour. 

“Lena?! Hey! Is everything okay?! I thought I could hear your heart beating really fast all the way from here, but thought it was a dream or something until just now.”

At those unexpectedly sweet, thoughtful, and guileless words as well as the warm and caring tone behind them, Lena found herself getting flustered all of a sudden. So much so that her mind went blank and she found herself unable to say anything back.

Upon hearing no response from her friend and hearing the good witch’s heartbeat had quickened impossibly more, Kara assumed an emergency of some kind was happening. Thus, in a state of panic, she quickly flew over to Lena’s mansion, touched down one the balcony of the brunette’s bedroom, flung open the door, and ran inside. Then, she jumped on the bed and crawled up to her impossibly more shocked best friend’s side.

“Lena?! Lena, what’s wrong?! You feel and sound like you’re really sick, so maybe I should take off some of your clothes and use my freeze breath on you to cool you down and slow your heart rate! Or, maybe I can use my X-ray vision to see if there’s anything penetrating any of your organs and causing you to go into distress! Do you think you need to go to the emergency room or have a doctor come here?! I can call Alex or tell the DEO to open up a med bay room, if you want to keep things discreet. Just say the magic word, and I’ll do it!”

Feeling herself get impossibly more flustered as well as hard at how words like “take off some of your clothes” and “penetrating” were coming from those soft-looking lips, Lena again found herself unable to say anything. Well, at least until Kara started to panic more and call her sister.

Gently, and without understanding how she was able to move in that moment, Lena took the sunkissed hand holding the DEO-issued phone and guided it down onto the bed, such that she was telling Kara not to call anyone. Then, as the fear-whitened and wide-eyed super was looking at her for direction on what to do, she finally found something to say. Something she really didn’t think through, yet ended up being the perfect solution for a rather unexpected reason.

“Ice chip bath. Please?!”

Instead of taking those words as Lena intended, though, Kara took them in a completely different way. One which would help the alpha understand the reason her gut had been telling her their relationship was different for a long time. And, one which would forever change their lives.

Specifically, instead of just helping the good witch make and get into an ice bath, Kara stripped Lena and herself down until they were in their boxers and white PJ undershirts, helped Lena get in, climbed in behind her, held her, and bathed her in the ice chips they’d pressed a button to release into the jacuzzi-sized tub. Long enough to make about half of the ice melt into water and make the dumbfounded billionaire purr as well as harden despite the cold.

Because Lena had been masking her true class via beta pheromones she’d lather on and get injected into her skin, and because she’d worn lead-infused underwear to keep Kara from ever seeing her true parts, Kara had no way of knowing what the the hardened mass suddenly pressing against her ice-covered hand was. Thus, with a mix of panic, detective-like certainty, and relief in her tone, Kara suddenly exclaimed, “Lena!!! Now I understand why you called me over here!!! There’s a tree branch stuck up your butt, just like the one the guy we saw on Monday’s episode of Untold Stories of the Emergency Room had! I’m really, really sorry you fell off your roof and landed on one of the fig trees while practicing magic again! But, I’m here for you now. Let me scan you to see how far in it is and help get it out or – if I can’t do that safely – call the DEO surgery team.”

Before Lena could explain what was really going on and why she’d hidden what her real class was for years, Kara was hurriedly ripping off the boxers which were impeding her examination and, like a true professional, gently prodding through the thick layers of ice chips to detect the extent of the damage done. Well, at least until she felt what were really Lena’s baseball-sized balls and felt the entirety of her generous endowment start to throb. Specifically, throb in a way which the blonde knew was not normal for a tree unless it was infected with something or there was an animal living inside it.

“Uhh . . . Lena? Turns out I might need to call the DEO surgery team afterall. Not to scare you or anything, but I think there’s something inside this tree branch, and I don’t want to make it angry or otherwise activate it without knowing what it is, how to stop it, or how it might affect you. Mind if I clear the ice and take pictures for the doctors to prepare them for what they’ll be dealing with once you’re there?”

Knowing she had to intervene before she unintentionally flashed and traumatized her best friend, Lena hurriedly confessed, “Wait! Kara, there’s actually no need to take pictures or take me to the DEO’s med bay! I’m not hurt, and I . . . I didn’t call you about . . . well . . . all of this. I probably should have said something before, but . . . well . . . it’s just my penis. Probably getting hard and throbbing because of . . . umm . . . something in the water.”

After barely managing to finish that sentence with dignity, Lena closed her eyes and waited for her dearest friend to fly out of the tub in horror, run away, scream, and vow to never speak to her again. But, when Kara did none of those things and continued to gently hold as well as caress her shaft in the water, the confused yet amazed billionaire opened her eyes, turned over her shoulder, and caringly asked what was on the amazing blonde’s mind with just a look.

Then, the alpha listened as her nearest and dearest friend revealed a rather astounding secret of her own.

“This is the closest I’ve ever been to getting someone I care about and think of as an equal sexually excited about . . . well . . . me.”

Shocked as well as saddened to hear those words, Lena took one of Kara’s hands, soothingly rubbed it, and emitted grateful as well as empathetic pheromones over how her best friend was opening up to her this way. Then, once she saw the brunette was open to hearing more, the blonde kept sharing what was leading her to respond in the way she was.

“Mike – emm, I mean Mon-El – had some good qualities at first and a lot of desire, sure. But, he didn’t have a really good work ethic or a sense of where he wanted to go in life. He had mean and jealous streaks. His past was too troublesome to ignore. And, this might be too much information, but . . . umm . . . he had a really hard time getting and keeping his . . . thing . . . up. He offered to take some pills to handle . . . well . . . the problem. But, pills or no pills, he was too small for me to feel . . . you know . . . excited about him in the same way he felt about me. Partly because he was a beta who could never fulfill my heat the same way as an alpha, but partly because Kryptonian omegas are genetically predispositioned to want thicker, longer, and heavier penises like yours. So, he and I never actually . . . umm . . . did it. Even though we were together for awhile and everyone else thought we had.”

Right then, Lena unintentionally yet deliciously learned Kara was hardwired to have a size kink. And, she finally understood why Mon-El had neurotically accused her of trying to steal the kind super away from him on multiple occasions, despite how she’d never do such a thing. 

The night Kara and he attended Lena’s charity event to rebuild the children’s hospital building which had been horrifically attacked, he waited until his then-girlfriend went to the bathroom to tell the kind billionaire that her fake beta scent couldn’t fool a real beta. That he knew she was really an alpha and would tell Kara as well as the rest of the world to get money, ruin her credibility in the business world, and put an end to the two ladies’ friendship.

That was the only time Lena ever intentionally accessed the dark side of her Luthor upbringing. Specifically, to protect Kara, herself, and her business, the LCorp CEO hired an intergalactic private investigator to help her read the Daxamite for filth. Then, she presented him with their findings and how he could respond in one of two ways: keep quiet about her alpha status, or watch her financially bleed him as well as his media co-conspirators dry for committing the vicious hate crime which was class-outing.

Mon-El never brought up the subject of Lena really being an alpha again because he was concerned about going impossibly more broke and didn’t want Kara to know about his past as a lewd, sexist, and slave-owning prince of one of the universe’s worst planets. But, ever investigative and discerning on her own, new yet good journalist Kara eventually found out the truth about him and kicked his sorry ass to the curb for good. Especially after Lena confessed she’d found out about those things, too, and admitted she wasn’t sure if it was her place to break them up.

Instead of getting angry at Lena for withholding that information and not intervening in their relationship, though, Kara was understanding and sympathetic. Things Lena decided she wanted to be in that moment they were sharing in her tub, too, despite how it was incredibly hard to not let the feeling of Kara still holding and mindlessly caressing her shaft get to her beautiful, creative, wanting head.

“I’m really sorry Mon-El treated you that way and left you wanting, Kara. You’re amazing inside and out, and anyone – alpha or not – truly would be lucky to look at, have, and hold you, sexually or otherwise. After all, it’s not every day that you find a super strong, smart, funny, caring, cuddly, kind, brave, thoughtful, loyal, open-minded, accepting, great listener of a soul. Especially one wrapped inside a smiley, sapphire-eyed, straw-colored exterior. Is it?”

Instead of seeing those words cheer up Kara, though, Lena saw they had the opposite effect. Specifically, Kara turned to her with eyes and a small smile which were trying to be happy, but did a poor job of masking the sadness and insecurity which her next words revealed.

“I don’t know. When I dumped Mon-El, he moved on to Eve really quickly. She was a lot of the things you just mentioned, so maybe I’m really not that special after all. I mean, wouldn’t someone have made a move by now if they thought I was?”

Devastated to hear Kara being so down on herself, Lena deeply wanted to confess some things she’d realized in the last few minutes: that she loved the too-pure-for-this-world omega and wanted to show it in as many ways as possible.

But, for some strange reason, none of those sentiments directly made it out of Lena’s mouth. Instead, she found herself suddenly yet softly confessing while cuddling the precious super, “Truth is, I invited you over to ask if you’d go on my first vacation in forever with me, Kara. Because I . . . I really do think you’re special . . . more special than anyone I’ve ever met, actually. Because you are just too deserving not to treat yourself. Because you deserve someone who’s willing and able to rescue you from overworking yourself, as hypocritical as that might sound when it’s coming from me. And, because I . . . I wouldn’t want to enjoy the water I wanted us to go to . . . whichever types of water we end up seeing and playing in . . . with anyone but you.”

At first, Lena was worried about how Kara started to cry, shield her adorable face with her hands, and tremble against her. But, to the good witch’s infinite relief and gratitude, Kara turned all the way around in the water to warmly smile at her through those tears, moved to cuddle as well as nuzzle into her chest, drew a heart there with her index finger, and asked just above a whisper, “Why you gotta be so nice to and protective of me?”

Instead of just answering with those three words like a normal person would, Lena once again found herself saying something different. Or, really, singing something. Specifically, singing a few lines of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music and touching Kara to the lyrics in different ways.

“Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,” Lena began in a slow, light, and happy tone, such that she gently traced one strap of Kara’s soaked tank top with her index finger, then gently traced under one of those baby blue eyes with a thumb.

As Kara was staring at her with heart eyes and an excited smile which signaled for Lena to keep going, the good witch smiled and carried on her silly, wholesome antics. Specifically, by picking an ice cube up out of the tub and gently pressing it to parts of the super’s face which were consistent with the words she sang next. 

“Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes.”

Feeling Kara start to bounce up and down in her arms in excitement, Lena continued by pointing at herself, pointing at Kara, and cuddling the gem of a Kryptonian in time to the next lyrics.

“Silver-white winters that melt into springs. These are a few of my favorite things!”

Upon hearing and feeling she was one of Lena’s favorite things, adorkable, musical-loving Kara became far too excited to stay quiet any longer. Thus, enthusiastically took over the next lyrics and dramatically put her hand to her heart like an actress might.

“When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad!”

Despite feeling like her brain had melted at how warm and cute Kara was being, Lena somehow found the ability to enthusiastically and happily sing back. Just before gently holding the super’s cheeks in both hands to reiterate her earlier point.

“I simply remember my favorite things!”

Lena would pause for a second before singing the next lyrics because Kara was looking at her expectantly. Almost as if she hoped they’d sing the next lines together.

Thus, the raven-haired queen of a lady waited until they breathed in at the same time and held hands for them to finish together, “And then I don’t feel . . . so bad!”

The two lovely ladies would fondly stare into each other’s eyes and continue holding hands for several beats, such that they felt more at peace than they had been in awhile. 

But, that sacred moment didn’t last too long. Kara’s superhearing detected there was a fire beginning to rage a few blocks over and, knowing she was going to be the person who could respond the quickest, knew she had to go for the time being.

“I’m sorry to cut this lovely time together short, Lena, but I . . . I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible. You know, after putting out that apartment fire on the corner of Franklin and Perot.”

Fully believing Kara because the blonde would never lie to her about a case and her own powers were starting to tell her something was wrong, Lena looked at her beloved with soft heart eyes and an impossibly softer smile. All before encouragingly saying, “It’s okay, Kara. I know you’ll come back to me, and you can do whatever you put your mind to. You always do.”

Feeling like she’d be on the next episode of Untold Stories of the Emergency Room because she felt like her heart was going to explode over those words, Kara sat still and bit her lip in thought for a split second. Then, remembering what she needed to do, she quickly jumped up out of the bathtub, flew out the way she came in, and did what she could about the fire.

Lena would have about ten minutes to clean everything up and put on new PJs, though, before a slightly soot-covered Kara would excitedly come barreling through the door to her balcony and enthusiastically tackle her onto the bed.

“Aha! Gotcha now, Queen-a Len-a!” 

Not at all caring that her white bedspread and sheets were going to be ruined by them rolling around and playing, Lena quickly grabbed Kara, flipped her over, and used some of her magic to lovingly pin the blonde down for revenge tickles.

“Hey! No fair! You promised you’d never use your magic against me,” Kara responded with the most cute, convincing, knee-weakening pout Lena had ever seen in her life.

Remembering how they’d promised not to use their powers against each other a long time ago, and wanting to make it up to her crush, Lena let the blonde out of her magical hold and apologized with her bicolored eyes. But, instead of stopping herself from straddling the precious Kryptonian’s hips, the billionaire caringly leaned forward, cupped one sunkissed cheek with her pale hand, caressed it with her pale thumb, and gently demanded for Kara to tell her something.

“Tell me what you want to do and where you want to go on our first vacation, darling.”

Unsure of why they were touching like that and how she was still alive because it felt unearthly good, but knowing she had to respond, the Kryptonian slowly crooked her index finger so Lena would come closer. Then, once the brunette was dizzyingly close to her face, Kara cupped her pale face in the same way, brought their heads impossibly closer, and whispered just two words into a slightly reddened ear.

Surprise me.”

Not used to the blonde holding her in that way and deliciously whispering words into her ears which could be taken millions of ways, Lena felt herself get hard and up again in record time. But, instead of telling the good witch to get off her and handle her not-so-little problem, Kara wrapped her legs around the alpha’s back, closed the space between their hips, caressed her jet-black hair, and whispered in what sounded like a more suggestive way, “Surprise me however you’d like, Lena.”

Panicking because she was on the precipice of making her favorite girl even more dirty than she already was, Lena sputtered out something which she didn’t mean to say. Something which spontaneously, messily revealed the truth behind why she’d hidden her true class from the world for years.

“I . . . I’ve hidden how I’m an alpha for so long . . . because I’ve been scared! Scared of doing something wrong in business or my personal life which people . . . someone I care about . . . would wrongly attribute to me being . . . just another evil, out-of-control, alpha Luthor!”

Feeling really bad for Lena because she knew firsthand how destructive Lillian and Lex had been as well as how unfair the world had been to the one truly good Luthor, Kara changed her initial request. Specifically, she gently rolled them over so they were on their sides, soothingly caressed Lena’s embarrassment-reddened cheek, and whispered with her most caring heart eyes, “I want all of that to be different on our vacation, Lena. For you to feel comfortable being all you are, inside and out. For you to not have to hide from me anymore. You deserve better than to have to hide like this. So much better.”

It was at that moment the size of Lena’s heart increased past what her ribcage could hold. All the love she’d started to feel for the blonde just felt . . . well . . . so blatantly obvious to her right then. Like she should have known about it for years but just . . . didn’t for some reason.

Thus, she looked back into those baby blues she loved and softly commanded, “Take me back to your apartment, take a good hot shower, and call off work for tomorrow, Kara. I . . . I want us to take the day off, wake up slowly, wear PJs all day, make cookies, and look up some possible vacation ideas on Instagram. Or you to just focus on taking care of yourself instead of everyone else – me included – for once.”

Smiling at those sweet and thoughtful demands, Kara warmly smiled and replied, “It’s your lucky night, Miss ‘I’m Kara’s Favorite, Too’ Luthor! Cat and J’onn already gave me tomorrow off, so I was planning on asking you to come over. You know, if you had time and wanted to.”

Smiling so hard over that softness that she wanted to cry, die, and float into space all at the same time, Lena dried her eyes and cutely squeaked out, “Okay!”

A response which was so adorable that, once again, Kara was tempted to add extra to what she’d already planned to do. Specifically, shower off at superspeed and, instead of arguing with Lena over who should take the couch, just climb into bed with her for once.

So, after surprising the brunette by sweeping her off her feet with one hand and stealing the brunette’s phone as well as sending the out of office message Jess would need to forward the next day with her other hand, Kara did exactly those things.

Things she was surprised as well as grateful to see Lena not resisting at all.

After an incredible night and a somehow better day of hanging out with Kara in just their PJs, Lena knew exactly what she needed to do for their vacation.

Thus, she coordinated schedules with the sweet super on when they’d be going away for a whole week, secretly rented an entire island in Hawaii under one of the many fake names she used when travelling for work, and secretly ordered a bathing suit which would help her embrace her alphaness. 

A bright red bikini which would nicely compliment her ruby red lips while showcasing her big breasts and dick. 

A two-piece bathing suit which would clearly stand out on the 69-foot, magic-enhanced, mostly-white private yacht she also bought to take them to their island on. 

A bathing suit which was a lot like the one they’d seen on a commercial which Kara couldn’t take her eyes off or stop biting her lip over, despite trying very, very hard.

And, as kinky and risky as it might be, a bathing suit which the billionaire had custom-made so a yellow Supergirl emblem was embroidered onto the tip of the pouch holding the very thing Kara was wired to crave.

Thankfully, the small package arrived on a day Kara was not only at work, but far too busy to hear how Lena’s heart rate accelerated when realizing what had arrived on her doorstep.

“Wicked,” Lena victoriously and excitedly whispered to herself after hurrying inside, shutting the front door, locking it, and unpackaging the even more glorious-looking-than-advertised bikini. 

A word she’d repeat after trying on the tempting bathing suit and looking in the mirror, too.

And, ironically, the same word Kara would use when Lena showed her the electronic itinerary she’d made for them. 

The iPad-based itinerary hid all their activities from Kara right then, but would reveal each after the sweet, excited, and intrigued blonde found a clue the in-love brunette had paid a professional scavenger hunt builder to hide around the island. And, if they completed each day’s activities in between periods of much-deserved rest, part of the name of the boat Lena had bought them would appear at the bottom of the itinerary. Almost as if the Kryptonian was playing on a game show her best friend was the host of.

But, to each leading lady’s unawareness, life would disrupt that brilliant, carefully-coordinated itinerary because something rather unexpected would happen.

Specifically, Lena would go into rut right as her best friend and she were enjoying some ice cream under the gay-loving Hawaiian sun.


Lena had carefully worked with the professional scavenger hunt builder she’d hired in secret so Kara and she would get the best of everything the island had to offer. 

Water-based sights like the amazing lagoons, a hot spring, a waterfall, and a lake.

Opportunities to go canoeing, go snorkeling for buried treasure and a long-wrecked pirate ship, see ancient ruins, observe exotic animals in their natural habitats, and sleep in a different little bungalow around the island when they were tired.

And, chances to try local foods such as crunchy appetizers, buttery entrees, and tangy or sweet desserts. 

But, at least at first, all of those plans would be derailed because Lena had neglected to anticipate how several things on their journey to the island would affect her. Specifically, Kara’s cute and hilarious reactions, surprisingly hot attire, and needs for sunscreen and nourishment. 

Seeing the blonde smiling, hopping on the balls of her feet, and squealing that much over the boat which was secretly named “Love You” was enough to make Lena hard. But, not as hard as the open-mouthed, wide-eyed, thirsty-seeming expression the blonde had when noticing the well-crafted red bikini her friend had on. And, definitely not as hard as when the blonde subconsciously and suddenly took off her royal blue coverlet to reveal an equally blue, mesmerizing one-piece bathing suit which showed a hint of her well-defined abs.

In other words, the two idiots in love just stood there checking each other out for so long that it took a random boat’s horn blowing to snap them out of their trance and make them realize they were going to be late if they didn’t move along.

“Umm . . . sorry about losing track of the time! You look great, by the way,” Lena hurriedly said, doing her best to stop staring, reign in her libido, hurry up to the steering wheel, and get her head more straight than her sexuality could ever hope to be.

“No worries! And you, too,” Kara adorkably chirped after getting onto the yacht, averting her eyes, biting her lip, reclining on a chair on the deck, and shyly smiling some when she thought the brunette wasn’t looking.

Lena would succeed at concentrating on driving the yacht through the sunbathed, windy sea and leaving her secret crush to her own devices for about an hour. But, the billionaire would need to take a break from her fantasy of being a sexy ship captain when the reporter suddenly called out to her from below, “HEY, LENA! COULD YOU SPARE YOUR HANDS AND TASTEBUDS FOR A SECOND?! I THINK I NEED SOME HELP DOWN HERE!”

It was at that moment Lena realized she’d done well in enchanting the ship to get from California to Hawaii exceptionally quickly yet comfortably as well as regardless of whether she was at its helm. But, she’d be even more thankful for her decision and twice as desperate to actually get to the island upon finding out what Kara needed.

Specifically, finding out Kara wanted a treat and needed some help with dealing with some sunscreen which had gone onto the wrong surface.

“Sorry to cramp your wicked awesome driving skills, Lena, but I accidentally got some sunscreen in my eye and was hoping you could get it out with your magic before it burns me worse than our yellow sun ever could. And, if you’d be so kind, you could help me pick which ice cream to eat, and I could pick which one you should eat, too!”

Unable to say no at the chance to stare into at least one baby blue and watch Kara eat something, Lena bit her lip with barely-contained want and nodded. Then, she delicately hovered one hand over Kara’s affected eye and the other over her hungry tummy while casting two spells to get her both the things she desired.

“Ut abiit intrusor! Atque, amori meo dulcia accerso!”

Kara knew enough Latin from her days in college to know Lena was banishing the sunscreen and summoning sweets for her, but was pleasantly surprised as well as turned on by how the brunette was calling her “her love” for the first time. Well, assuming the high-speed wind around them and her libido weren’t messing with her hearing, that is.

Thankfully, even though Kara was starting to get wet at the thought of her best friend feeling that way about her, not enough aroused pheromones escaped from the sapphire-eyed gem’s scent glands to alert Lena. But, the brunette’s pheromones wouldn’t stand a chance of going unnoticed when Kara forgot about having them choose each other’s ice cream mid-excitement, quickly unwrapped a chocolate-covered strawberry one in a cone, and started licking it after cutely chirping, “Thank you!”

Lena had never been jealous of Kara’s food before because she’d only recently realized her true feelings for the warm, wise, and whimsical wordsmith. But, right then, she was jealous as fuck. Enough to bite her lip until it nearly went white and, without meaning to, interrupt the blonde’s bliss with a deep, needy, unearthly moan.

A moan which quickly shifted a previously-oblivious Kara’s attention to Lena’s thickened dick and pheromones, then made her tentatively say with surprise in her voice, “You’re . . . you’re in rut!”

At first, Lena thought Kara might not be happy about the situation and not only change her mind about them going to Hawaii, but change her mind about wanting to be around her period. 

But, to the good witch’s surprise, none of those things happened. 

Instead, Kara did something rather surprising after mashing the rest of her cold ice cream into Lena’s hot chest and whispering out, “Oh, fuck it!”

Specifically, she licked some of that ice cream upwards until she got to Lena’s elegant neck, kissed the in-rut alpha hard on the mouth until both were tasting strawberries and chocolate, leapt into her, folded her legs around her red-clad back, and softly demanded something into a reddening ear. 

“Take us to the island right now, Lena. It might not be able to withstand what I want to do to you, but I know for damn sure this boat can’t.”

At that delicious and unexpected command, Lena growled with a mix of want, possession, need, and dominance. Then, she imagined where they were going and snapped her fingers to make them get there with what little thought she was able to sustain.

Neither of them would remember Kara licking off the rest of the ice cream, Lena docking the beautiful yacht, or them getting to their first bungalow. But, they would definitely remember making a messy, heady amount of contact with its bamboo- and palm frond-based door. Specifically, remember Lena picking Kara up and passionately slamming her against the door over and over as they kissed until the omega was whining from intense need and how its curved handle was overstimulating her aching, somehow still-covered clit. 

Thankfully, like the attentive lover she instinctively was, Lena noticed how Kara was starting to send out some distress pheromones. Thus, the good witch-scientist moved them to the bed, gently laid her beautifully swollen love down on it instead of passionately throwing her as planned, cupped her hot and reddened cheek, and softly whispered something.

“Want me to slow down because it’s your . . . my . . . our first time, Kara?”

Shocked to hear that question because she had no idea Lena was also a virgin, but even more grateful to hear it because it made her realize the kind and caring brunette had a lot of raw sexual talent, Kara opened her mouth in surprise. Then, once a thought finally came to her, she cupped Lena’s face to reassure as well as connect with her, then whispered, “Let’s start off slowly so nobody gets hurt, then just let our pace . . . shift . . . as we do.”

Smiling warmly over that thought and how Kara was expressing it so calmly despite them both being incredibly horny, Lena softly and gently kissed those swollen pink lips. Just before joining their hands like they did that night in the ice bath, then cutely squeaking out, “Okay!”

At that adorkable and incredibly understanding response, Kara swore she started to hear her ovaries busting out some alien alcohol and shooting confetti guns in celebration over how she’d finally found the right person to be with. 

The kind of person who would really listen to what she wanted and never intentionally hurt her. 

The kind of person she could imagine getting married to one day, too, if Lena believed in that sort of thing and was interested.

It was a combination of those thoughts which made Kara pluck up the gumption to sweetly kiss Lena on the nose, then point down at her bikini and ask, “Was this . . . was this all for me?”

Feeling flustered over being so lovingly called out, Lena blushed hard, looked into her laps, twiddled her pale thumbs, and shyly confessed, “Yyyyyyyyeah!”

Unable to handle that sweetness, Kara giddily blubbered out, “I was thinking of you when seeing the commercial about this thing. You know, during the PJ-only day we had. I . . . I was thinking of you in . . . well . . . something like it. And, now it’s really happening! Pretty wild, huh?”

Starting to cry happy tears over the realization she hadn’t been alone in her feelings for quite some time, Lena suddenly confessed something as well before really thinking it through.

“Love You. That’s what . . . that’s what I named the boat. Our boat.”

Going open-mouthed over that sweet name and confession, Kara started crying happy tears, too. So many that Lena worried she’d spoiled the trip and hurriedly said, “Oh, Rao! I’m . . . I’m sorry for spoiling the itinerary puzzle’s answer, Kara! I just . . . well . . . I guess I couldn’t keep the way I feel about you to myself any longer, could I? But, I can make it up to you! I sw–”

Lena would never get to finish that sentence, though, because Kara was suddenly all around her again. Specifically, straddling her lap, in her mouth, against her cheek, and undoing her swimsuit all at once, such that the tantalizing bottoms fell by the wayside and revealed her huge, smooth, hard, and throbbing member.

“You love me,” Kara husked into Lena’s ear while starting to pump her massive shaft with her hand, almost as if to confirm what she heard to herself more than her beloved.

When Lena softly started threading her pale hands through and caressing Kara’s hair, the blonde responded in kind by taking off the red bikini top, massaging Lena’s heavy breasts in her hands until both of their nipples stood at attention, and husking into a reddening ear again as if to confirm everything, “You love me.”

Part of Lena wanted Kara to continue on with her ministrations, but the part of her wanting to get the precious blonde naked as well won out. Thus, Lena flipped her fellow scientist over, messily kissed her into a pillow, and slowly but surely peeled off her blue one-piece bathing suit. Specifically, peeled it off while hearing the Kryptonian repeat every time a few more inches of naked skin came into view and felt a hot kiss pressing into it, “You love me.”

The CEO would stop her ministrations completely for a bit once seeing what she’d revealed by taking off Kara’s swimsuit, though. There, right above the golden curls which were her beloved’s gorgeous mound, was a tattoo which said something in small, swirly black font.

🎔 Access denied unless you’re Lena Luthor! 🎔

Shocked that Kara not only got a tattoo, but one about herself and right there of all places, it was Lena’s turn to confirm to herself, “You . . . you love me!”

Instead of opting to cry again, Kara suddenly put on her best heart eyes, smiled in a mischievous way, and did some rather unexpected yet delightful things. Specifically, she grabbed Lena to her chest, flipped them over as the darling brunette was squealing in surprise, straddled her, and started tickling as well as blowing raspberries into her soft yet taut tummy.

“Hey! No fair! I thought we weren’t going to use our powers on each other,” Lena playfully pouted, teasing Kara for her response from that night they’d decided to go on the trip.

After going wide-eyed, coming up for air, and hanging her mouth open in a mix of surprise and excitement, Kara blubbered back in embarrassment like the cute bi bean she was, “Umm . . . which . . . which power did I use?!”

Taking pity on her love because she was actually innocent of breaking their rule, Lena lovingly winked and replied, “Well, the power of love, of course! But, it’s okay; from now on, you can lay that one on me anytime!”

Smiling hard and flushing impossibly more over those sweet words, Kara cutely blubbered out once more, “Oh! Umm . . . really?!”

Feeling like her cheeks were burning from how hard she was smiling, and wanting them to burn because they were kissing once more, Lena cutely nodded and affectionately whispered, “Come ‘ere!”

Kara would oblige with a shy yet happy smile, only to feel that smile turn into an appreciative, heartfelt round of kissing as Lena gently turned them and topped her once more. Then, she’d feel her smile return when Lena pulled back, checked in, and moved to slide inside her.

As the good witch would learn rather quickly, Kryptonian omegas were not only wired to want mates with huge dicks, but wired to have even longer, stronger, and wetter cores for those mates to fill. Well, assuming those alphas could survive the incredibly tight, delicious squeeze to get in.

“Holy Rao,” Lena just barely managed to whisper into Kara’s neck after getting all the way in and sweating in exertion the whole time.

Feeling just as dizzy and exhausted because even her biggest dildos hadn’t gotten that far in or made it this long without help from some Kryptonite-based sex powder, Kara caressed Lena’s dark waves and hoarsely whispered, “Yeah.”

After a few minutes of just lying there and sweating like that, Lena mumbled out into her love’s neck, “I . . . I think I’m gonna try to move inside you now.”

Squirting too hard at that idea to utter a coherent word, Kara just nodded profusely, kissed her love’s hair, and suggestively thrusted her hips.

Taking those things as the green light, Lena started to pull back gently, only to realize Kara’s chambers had relaxed and grown wet enough to let her thrust in and out much more easily. 

Thus, the alpha lovingly used one of her hands to touch Kara in different places, propped herself up with the other hand, and started to thrust until she needed to support herself with both arms.

While thrusting more gently and slowly, the alpha made her free pale hand caress her love’s forehead, cheek, and lips, only to feel those lips begin to suckle and nip at her thumb. Ministrations which started to give her the courage to trace a hot, gentle trail down her love’s neck with her fingers, trace and lightly pinch each nipple over and over until Kara was heaving, and trace another hot trail down to her sunkissed, half-outie belly button.

Then, as Kara’s abs started to clench and her fingernails started to scratch down Lena’s back in ecstasy, the pale queen quickened her thrusts in time with how quickly she was starting to circle the gem of a Kryptonian’s belly button. Circling which quickly moved down to Kara’s throbbing, pleading clit as Lena could tell her mate was quickly reaching the pinnacle of pleasure.

“Lena . . . Lena . . . L-Lena . . . L-Lena . . . Lena . . . LEN- . . . LENA!!!”

The alpha purred into her love’s neck a little louder each time she heard her name, then roared into the bedsheets and pillows. Roared as she quickly moved to hold Kara with both arms, pump into her impossibly faster, and come hard enough to tip her over the edge.

They’d wake up about twenty minutes later and realize they were tied as well as impossibly more head over heels about each other. So much so that Kara playfully wiggled her eyebrows and teased, “So, what else about this trip can you spoil for me, Miss Cute Butt Girlfriend?”

Blushing hard over that teasing and new name, but wanting to play along, Lena upped her game and playfully clapped back, “Whatever you can get me to scream in this bed or the next, Miss Cute Pout Wife Material!”

Between the way Lena was looking at her, challenging her, and calling her wife material, Kara felt a new kind of fire light inside herself. 

A fire which ultimately made her break all fourteen beds of theirs on the island mid-lovemaking, then get the brunette to loudly spill all the damn tea about each day’s and night’s adventures.

And, a fire which gave her the gumption to propose during their last night there by hiding a pearl inside half a coconut she was going to give the wonderful witch under the stars. 

Coincidentally, the witch thought up the very same proposal earlier that day, such that she unveiled what was inside the other half of that coconut once Kara asked and got down on the ground to be with her love. Then, realizing they were both on their knees and just staring at each other expectantly, the two lovebirds started giggling in surprise mixed with happiness.

In other words, these two idiots in love went from girlfriends to fiances in seven days, and the world was better off for it.

And, they ended up living a great life together.

A life in which they were generally giving each other multiple orgasms a day, unbothered, moisturized, happy, in their own lanes, focused, and flourishing.

***The end, my thirsty friends. <3 ***