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The Life And Crimes Of Poe De Spell

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----------------------------------------Poe's POV-------------------------------------------

My beloved sister Magica and I were twin sorcerers, in the prime of our youths. We ruled over a small town of simple minded peasants.

We used our combined magic to make beautiful magic.

I was the level-headed twin, while Magica was more of... a Dreamer.


It was a night like any other, with peasants cowering down before us with offerings to keep us pleased. Magica stood up, and cackled in her usual manner.

"You're a frog! And you!" She said as she turned them into frogs. She them looked at a peasant that was carrying corn. "Oh, yes, you, you're definitely a frog!"

I then spoke as she was about to turn him into a frog. "Uh, sister dear, if we turn all the townspeople into frogs, who will give up our gold and turnips?"

"Sweet, sensible Poe. Can we... Turn them into turnips then?"

I nodded. "Mm-hmm, interesting. Thinking outside the box, yes. But, if we eat them all, who will give us our milk?"

Magica looked towards the peasant who she was about to turn into a frog. He was now holding a radish and a jug of milk, with a face of pleading and terror. Oh how I love seeing that look of desperation. It's always so satisfying to behold.

Magica chuckled. "Of course. You're right."

The townsperson sighed in relief, believing that he would be spared, only for Magica to turn him into a goat. "I'll expect 15 gallons of goat milk by sunup," Magica said in delight.

I laughed in glee. "What a delightful compromise!"

Two children came up to the goat. "Come, papa, back to the farm."

I stood up saying, "Now, what do you say for sparing your goat dad's life?"

They both turned around, and said the usual sweet familiar words, "Thank you Magica and Poe."

I smiled even wider. Oh how I love this life.

We continued these matters until the day was spent, and all the peasants had given their offerings.

I looked at my sister laughing in glee. She looked back, smiling. "I would say this has been a wonderful day, wouldn't you Poe?"

I chuckled. "Why indeed it has."


Months passed, and the peasants came to give us tribute to try and spare their lives. But over time, less and less of the peasants came to give tribute. Until one day, when no one came.

And Magica was upset.

"Why won't they come give tribute?! They are lucky that we are sparing their lives and just robbing them!"

I sighed. "It is incredibly disrespectful on their part."

I will admit that I was quite angry myself. We spare their lives, give solutions that keep them alive and allow them to continue with their lives as usual afterwards. And this is how they repay us?

I looked towards Magica. "Well, if they refuse to give it to us themselves..."

I smiled as Magica’s face blossomed with glee. "Why of course!"

Together, we cast a spell. We had summoned a shadow army, and gave them the command to collect all of their treasures.

And it was working out just perfectly.

Until HE showed up.

The shadows of the peasants were bringing in bountiful amounts of treasure. It seemed like the townsfolk had kept a fair amount from us. We will need to teach them a lesson once we finish.

That was when a duck in a red coat, black spats, glasses, a top hat, and a thick Scottish accent came in. He was wrestling his shadow over a messley dime. "Get your dirty digits off my number one dime you hoodoo hoodlums!" I found it rather amusing.

Magica stepped up and spoke, "Look at this one fighting so hard for a paltry dime." Magica prepared a spell.

The peasant continued fighting his shadow, seemingly oblivious to the spell she was casting.

"I earned this dime through hard work!"

Magica aimed the spell at him, but it only passed through the shadow he was fighting, and hit the treasure instead.

"Magica stop!" I let go of her hand. "The treasure!"

The treasure, now a pig, ran off. The duck stood up, having gotten his dime back. "Gah, treasure means more when you earn it you slothful sorcerers! Cheap tricks and shortcuts are nonsense! And I'll prove it by taking you down and claiming that treasure for myself with my bare hands!"

On one hand, I was impressed by the gumption of the peasant, but on the other hand, he was incredibly foolish. This powerless duck really thought that he could beat us, the most powerful sorcerers in the world? How naïve. However...

I was distracted by my thoughts by Magica. "Then I'll beat you with my bear hands," Magica said as she turned her hands into actual bears.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh! You can NOT give into his goading!" I held onto her wrists. "Focus your power." This duck didn't seem to have anything going for him, yet he was incredibly confident. Too confident. And he had spoken like he had gone through this before. It was very possible that he might have some trump card, or some kind of plan. I couldn’t take that chance.

But Magica did not see where I was coming from, and got angry. She broke free of my grasp. "I don't have to focus to beat this insignificant worm! I'm the most powerful sorceress in the land!"

I was shocked. She had always at least taken a moment to consider my advice before. But she hadn't even taken a second. Was she really going to risk her chances against this duck?

"Or half of one." We both turned to look at the duck as he pointed at Magica. "You can't even finish a spell on your own!" I squinted. What is he planning?

"Looks to me like your family is only holding you back."
I was surprised by this statement, and worried. But I didn't even have time to register these feelings before Magica grabbed my amulet, and pushed me away.

I sat there, too shocked to do anything, to even stand up, as I watched Magica use our amulets to blast at the duck.

What just happened? Did she really just betray me? She just took my amulet. All to defeat a peasant single peasant. Why did she make such an impulsive decision?

I watched as the fight went on. The duck took a silver platter and used it to deflect various spells, turning the treasure into various animals and beasts. Magica grew frustrated.

"Curse me kilts."

"I'll curse your whole outfit!"

I watched as one of the blasts broke the glass, another turned a lamp into a snake, and another turned a bag of gold into a goat.

Magica charged up a larger blast, and the plaster that the duck had been using flew into the pile of treasure, far out of his reach.

It seemed like it was over for the peasant, but something kept tugging at my stomach. Like a premonition like something even worse was about to happen.

"You don't scare me with your magical ranting and raving!"

Magica charged up a blast. "We'll see who's a raven now."

I looked at the duck, and saw him reach inside his coat.


Magica fired the shot, and it reflected off of the dime, towards her.

"MAGICA!" I got up and ran to Magica to stop it from hitting her.

But I was too late.

The bolt hit Magica.

I watched as she shrunk down, into a raven. As both amulets fell to the ground.

The raven that was once my sister opened its eyes, devoid of any intelligence.
I kneeled down in despair.


The raven got up, and cawed.

This... can't be happening.

I quickly picked up my amulet and did the spell to change her back. It didn't work. I tried it again, and it didn't work.

"Th-this... This can't be happening... I-I..."

I tried the spell again. It didn't work.

"No. No-no-no-no. Why isn't this working?!"

I looked at the raven in front of me. "THIS ISN'T FUNNY MAGICA! JUST TURN BACK ALREADY!"

"Please, Magica. Come back! I forgive you for betraying me! Just, please, turn back into my sister already!" The raven only cawed.

"Magica..." I reached for her, and she started to fly away.

I panicked. "Magica! No!" I started to climb up the pile in a desperate attempt to grab my sister. I tried to do a spell to grab her, but it didn't work.

Why isn’t this working?!

I looked in panic at the broken window. There was nothing stopping her from leaving.

I looked at the duck who had climbed to the top of the pile that Magica had flown on. He was grabbing the gold and putting it in his top hat. He was so close. But could I...

Magica flew higher, closer to the broken glass.

"Please! You have to help! She's flying away!"

"Sorry, bit busy at the moment," He said as he put the hat full of gold on his head. Some of the gold fell out and I slid farther down the pile. I continued to climb.

I looked back at him. "Please! I'll give you anything! You can have the gold! My powers! My throne! Anything! Everything!" He slid down the pile with a hat and bag full of gold. "Just help me save my sister! PLEASE!"

I looked up to see my sister fly out the window. "NO! MAGICA! PLEASE! COME BACK! I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU DID! JUST PLEASE COME BA-" I fell off the pile onto my back.

I laid there in despair, and cried.

“No, Magica…”

I sat up, and as I did I looked towards the duck walking away with the gold.

I grew furious. All logic and reason has flown out the window with Magica.


The duck laughed and turned around. "Me? You're the 'powerful sorcerer'."

My fury grew with each word that was spoken. Both his, and my own. "I WASN'T ABLE TO! BUT YOU WERE! YOU WERE RIGHT THERE! WHY DIDN’T YOU?!"

He shrugged, and walked out. "Well, that'll teach you to tussle with Scrooge McDuck."

I was seething, but my fury dwindled, and I once again collapsed into despair. I fell onto my knees and wept.

How could I have let this happen?

I looked at the amulet a few feet in front of me. It was just sitting there. It was then when a realization hit me like a house.

My spells didn't work because they needed the other amulet. And I didn't use it.

The solution was right there the entire time.

I could have stopped her from flying away. I could have changed her back right then.

But I didn’t.

I broke down, devastated. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

How did a simple duck, a peasant defeat us? Out of all of our enemies, powerful sorcerers, great witches, and noble rulers, how was it that a mere peasant was the one who took my sister from me? That destroyed all that mattered to me?

I got up, and ran to the other amulet. I picked it up. I stared at the amulets in my hands. It felt wrong to hold both of the amulets, when I was so used to holding an amulet in one hand, and a hand in another. I looked up at the hole in the glass, firmly making a decision.

I gripped the amulets tightly, before I merged them together, transforming them into a scepter. I took a look at it. The last of the tears I could offer slid down my face before I ran out of the castle. To look for my sister.


Months of searching wielded nothing. No results except for disappointing ones. None of the ravens I had seen were my sister. None of them were Magica.

Months turned to years. Years turned into decades. And I never found her.

I sat down for a break after yet another unsuccessful day of searching.

I looked at my staff in regret.

I should have grabbed the other amulet sooner. I would have been able to save her.

But I didn't.

I once again remembered that peasant who had caused this suffering, the reason for all of this pain.

Scrooge McDuck.

I had heard tales about him as I was searching. He was an adventurer who was looking for a fortune. He had fought and defeated many other powerful beings.

Gripped my staff in fury.

He will pay.

I will MAKE him pay for all the suffering he put me through, for not stopping Magica, for turning her into a raven in the first place!

He’s the one that the spell should have hit.

I gripped my staff tight, and stood up.

I had never been the type for revenge before. Magica was the one that always took joy in it. I had never before understood why she loved it so much.

But I could now see it, clear as day.

The search could wait, doubt it would have gone any farther anyways. Scrooge McDuck must pay for what he has done.