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Ice cream and Pride

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Jinx was lost in thought, the gentle back and forth of the swing lulling her into a trance. What kind of bomb could she make next? Maybe she could make an exploding cat, that would be fun; or maybe a bird. She could let it go in Piltover. Ooh, what if she made a giant exploding bird. 


Loud noises above pulled her from her musings. Slipping off the swing, Jinx moved behind the barrels of shimmer as she heard footsteps approaching. 


Two firelights came down into the cargo hold. Maybe she could blow them up? But that would destroy the shimmer, and if she did a good job Silco promised her a reward.


 And she really wanted that ice cream from the fancy Piltover shop. She wanted more equipment for her bombs too, but Silco brought her that whenever she asked. It won't be a reward since he bought equipment for her all the time.


Signing, Jinx pulled her gun out and aimed, this would have to be quick.



Grinning, Jinx thought of her reward as she lay in the rafters above Silco's office. He had been in a meeting when she came back so she had to wait. Currently, Silco was talking to Sevika about the shipment they just delivered.


Maybe she should jump down and scare Sevika. Then again, Sevika might punch her on reflex, which is no fun.


"The kid did good, this time anyway", Sevika said it like it physically pained her. Jinx grinned, barely holding back a giggle. Did Sevika just compliment her? Yes, yes she did. Did it pain her to do it? It absolutely did.


Irritating Sevika was fun, but getting a compliment that hurt Sevika's pride to give was beyond satisfying. Definitely more satisfying than blowing up the firelights.

Hearing Sevika exit, Jinx wasted no time in jumping from the rafters. She landed on the desk with a loud thump. Ignoring the papers floating to the ground, she swung her legs like a child. 


Silco raised his eyebrow at her, his lips twitching. She knew he could see her excitement. 


Silco spoke softly, "I'm proud of you, Jinx". But Jinx heard it as if he screamed it at her. Her heart skipped a beat and it felt like tiny butterfly bombs were exploding in her stomach. 


Hearing her father tell her he was proud of her was more satisfying and fulfilling than Sevika's compliment.


Shifting with excitement, Jinx asked about her reward. Looking at his daughter in amusement, Silco asked what reward she preferred. 


Leaned back in his chair, he was fully prepared for her to ask for more materials for her bombs.


"Ice cream!!" Jink shouted with a grin.


This caused Silco to raise his good brow


"From Piltover" Jinx tacked on as if she had to specify. She had been talking non-stop about the ice cream shop she saw in a Piltover magazine a day ago.


It was unexpected, but non the less he did promise her any reward, "What day would you like to go?"


Squealing, she flung herself at Silco, squeezing him in a hug, "Today!!", she shouted, giggling uncontrollably.


Huffing, Silco seated her on the chair's arm, making sure to meet her eyes before he spoke.


"The day's almost over dear child", the amusement in his voice was easy to pick up on, yet Jinx remained oblivious to it in her disappointment that she wouldn't be getting ice cream soon.


Amusement bleeding to fondness, Silco patted her head, "We can go tomorrow". 


Jinx really did have a one track mind sometimes, and it aided her and hindered her in equal amounts. But she was his daughter, and she was perfect. And if the ice cream made her this happy, he would buy it for her everyday. Well, maybe not every day, he couldn't spoil her too much after all.