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Vulnerability is Beautiful #2

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I push the door to your office open slowly, your back facing me as I enter, your signature scent of lavender and tobacco filling the air. You turn, your eyes catching mine briefly before they trace over my body.

“You came”

“You asked me to”

“Ever the diligent student mouse” you affirm, a small smirk sneaking past your composed facade. I turn my eyes to the floor, my nerves getting the best of me as my mind races. The sound of rustling material catches my attention, my eyes drifting upwards to find your eyes scanning me once more as you lean against the desk, a shiver shooting down my spine at the sight. “Do you know why I asked you here?“, I shake my head, “hmm” your head shifting sideways, your eyes darkening as they look into mine, “take off your clothes”. My head shoots up in shock, fear ripping through me as I stand speechless, my eyes looking anywhere but you. “I wasn’t asking mouse” you declare, your voice dripping with authority as you push off the desk. Walking towards me slowly, you lift my chin, your fingers cold against my flushed skin as our eyes connect, blue piercing into brown, yours shifting briefly to my lips before you speak softly. “Let go of your fear Mouse, it’s only us here” your voice laced with a kindness I wasn’t expecting as you cup my cheek. Hesitantly I nod, your hand dropping from my cheek as you step back, a small smile gracing your lips as I begin to undress, slowly unbuttoning the front of my blouse, pushing the material from my shoulders carefully. Goosebumps paint my skin as the cool air invades me, my fingers fumbling as I unzip my skirt, my heart racing as the material falls to the ground. A small noise of approval leaves your lips as I stand half naked in front of you, your eyes tracing every curve of my body before your voice breaks the silence, “continue” you command softly, our eyes meeting as I reach to undo the clasp of my bra, your eyes now a deep shade of blue. My chest flushes furiously as I step out of my underwear, swallowing my fear with uneven breaths as I try not to cover myself, your eyes burning into me. “Beautiful” you breathe, walking towards me slowly, the look in your eyes sending a shiver down my spine as the fire in my stomach intensifies. You begin to trace my collarbones, sliding your hand across my chest before moving to stand behind me, turning me gently, my breath catching as I notice the mirror, the reflection that greets me stills my heart, your body behind mine as our eyes lock, your hand covering my heart. “Calm yourself, I’ve got you” you whisper, the heat of your breath against my neck sends a shock straight to my core, the growing ache between my legs causing me to squirm as my hand covers yours.

“W-why am I here” my voice failing me as your hand grips my hip tightly.

“Because I want you to know how beautiful you are” you breathe against my neck, your lips covering my skin in delicate kisses as our eyes lock through the mirror, “I want you to see”. You step forward, pressing your body against mine as your hand slides down my stomach, tracing soft patterns against it as you trail kisses along the curve of my neck, a shudder ripping through me as your hand dips lower, the tips of your fingers threading lightly through my curls as the others tighten against my hip. I close my eyes, the feeling of your fingers as they part my skin too overwhelming as your lips suck against the crook of my neck forcefully. A gasp escaping my lips as your fingers continue further, your thumb pressing firmly against my clit, as you tease my entrance, pushing in gently before pulling away. My hand tightens against yours as you hold my hip, my head falling onto your shoulder as I begin to pant.

“Tissaia” I whimper, squeezing your hand desperately as your fingers finally push inside me, your lips tracing my collarbone as your hand moves from my hips, scratching my stomach lightly before reaching my breast. A moan escaping my lips as you roll my nipple between your fingers, squeezing it firmly before moving to the next. My legs starting to shake as you movements quicken.

“Open your eyes” you growl, our reflection obscene as your fingers move between my legs, thrusting in and out with vigour as you roughly caress my breast, our eyes locking in the mirror briefly before I push out of your grasp. Turning as quick as my legs can manage before I clash our lips together forcefully, my hands reaching for your skin with desperation as I unzip your dress, the garment falling to the floor with a soft whoosh as I focus on your bra, removing the matching panties quickly before stepping back. Our chests heave as we try to catch our breath, my eyes exploring the new expanse of open skin, tracing over every curve and scar with hunger, my eyes searching for yours quickly, the passion in them speaking volumes as the air around us crackles with electricity. You close the space between us suddenly, your hands gripping my face desperately as our lips and bodies collide, my hands pushing you back until your knees hit the sofa, your back hitting the cushions with force as I straddle you, a rush of cold air hitting my core as my legs spread to encase yours. I reconnect our lips heatedly, your hands gripping my ass forcefully as we battle for dominance.

Breathless we seperate, your eyes fixating on my chest as I try to catch my breath, hunger flashing through them before your lips surround my flesh, licking each nipple eagerly before focusing on one, your lips sucking it forcefully as your hand moves to caress the other firmly, my moans filling the air. I move my fingers down, pressing into my slickness to relive the growing tension in my stomach, your hand gripping my wrist suddenly as you lean back, your lips releasing my nipple with a sinful pop as your eyes darken. “Naughty”, you growl, shifting your hands under my thighs as you stand up, dropping me back onto the sofa, your body covering mine quickly the feel of your naked skin against mine setting my body alight. You shift down my body slowly, your lips leaving a trail down my stomach before your eyes flick to mine, a smirk plastered on your face as you whisper possessively, “mine”. Your breath against my centre sending shocks through me, your tongue moving through my folds expertly while my fingers grip your brunette locks tightly, my body arching into your mouth as my muscles begin to tighten, losing myself in the pleasure. Sucking my clit forcefully as I squirm, your fingers entering me suddenly causing a groan to leave my lips, my fingers pulling your hair roughly as my hips buck against you, a moan escaping your lips suddenly, the vibrations against my clit sending me over the edge as I cum, my fingers turning white against the vibrant fabric of the couch.

Opening my eyes slowly, I watch as you lick your lips, wiping the wetness from your chin as strands of hair stick to your forehead, an obscene smile forming on your lips. Smirking, I pull you towards me, your body moulding into mine perfectly, our lips meeting in a lazy kiss before I slip my fingers between your legs, a soft gasp filling the air as you relax into me. The wetness that covers my fingers sends a shock to my core as I enter you, spreading your lips gently as I rub your clit with my thumb, the sound of your moans sending shivers through my body. I shift our positions slightly, your legs falling to straddle me, as I push my fingers deeper, a shocked moan ripping through you before you grunt loudly, your lips catching mine quickly as you tighten around my fingers. “I’m close”, you gasp breathlessly, the muscles in your back rippling beautifully as I quicken my pace, locking my lips against your pulse point, your body soon collapsing against mine as you cum loudly, the weight perfectly constricting as I wrap my arms around you, massaging your scalp softly. The soft puffs of your breath against my chests lulling me into a sleep like serenity.

“Thank you” I whisper, sleep calling me as I relish in the heat of your skin against mine.

“Always my love” you whisper, placing a delicate kiss against my chest before drifting to sleep. A smile on my lips as I take one last look at you, sighing contently before closing my eyes.