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The Perfect Year

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Anne watched as the white bobble on top of the fluffy purple hat disappeared into the throngs of people out for a post-Christmas bargain. "Thank goodness she's gone," she sighed as she pulled her great coat a little tighter around her. "Don't be like that Anne, she loves that hat."

"Of course she does, it's completely ridiculous like most of the rest of her wardrobe." Anne flinched as the not-so-playful blow from her side made contact with her arm, "What was that for?"

"You bought that hat for me!" Ann exclaimed in outrage. Anne realised her mistake and started to backtrack, "Well darling, on you it would be adorable. On Marian it's-" Anne paused as she met Ann's steely gaze, "Less so."

Anne would probably have been more charitable towards her sister’s fashion choices if they hadn’t spent the entire car ride singing loudly, and in Marian’s case - badly, to Christmas songs. Anne had of course objected since it was no longer Christmas, but she had been out voted, with Ann making the point that it was still Twixmas so it was perfectly acceptable to still be listening to them. She envisioned future Christmasses ahead of her where she would have to listen to Christmas songs right up to the Epiphany. If it meant that she would be spending the festive season with Ann though she was willing to make that concession, though she would never let that be known.

Ann turned on her heels and started off in the opposite direction at such a speed that Anne had to wade through a few people to catch up to her. It seemed that she had timed her next move precisely as she reached into the coat of her pocket and pulled out Anne’s former beanie and placed it on top of her head. She turned when she heard Anne huff, her stare was a silent challenge for Anne to once again argue that the hat was hers. The smirk told them both that she had won every other discussion, even if Ann knew she hadn’t given up.

The snow had finally arrived late on Christmas Day and the temperature had dropped several degrees. Her bright red ears clearly showed that she was cold. Ann knew that she was just being stubborn. “Are you ever going to buy yourself a new hat or are you just going to be cold for the rest of the winter?” Anne flashed her roguish grin and brought her face close to Ann’s, “I’m still holding out hope that I can get my hat back.” She flicked her tongue out to moisten her lips. Ann fought to stifle the moan that threatened to escape as she pushed her back and answered breathily, “Good luck with that.”

Anne threw her head back as she laughed throatily not voicing what they both knew - if she’d pursued that line of argument she would have easily won the way Ann had been feeling that day. They had spent most of their time together holed up in Anne’s room, and for good reason. They were making up for lost time and neither of them wanted to utterly scandalise the family with their shenanigans. They knew it was time to show their faces though and thought the safest way was to be in public.

Marian has asked if she could get a lift with them down to Halifax since Ann wanted to go into town before they left for York. They had agreed to book a little cottage there for a few days so that they could spend some time alone together. Not that they hadn’t been inseparable since their eventual reconnection but being in York would allow them to have a quiet New Year together. If they wanted to go into the city and join the revellers then they wouldn’t be too far. Anne had been going through the Shibden books and had lots of plans for things Marian could be getting on with whilst she was gone, so she’d happily left the arrangements to Ann so the getaway would be a complete surprise.

There was one thing that Anne had been trying to organise herself, and it had been partly why she had been eager to get to York before New Year’s Eve. As much as she wanted to spend time with her family, she knew that spending Christmas Day with them had been the most important thing to her aunt. Thankfully, Ann had happily spent it with the family playing board games and watching whatever was on the television, before falling asleep in Anne’s arms in front of the fire. Anne was glad that she was the only one she’d had to carry up the stairs.

It felt important to start the new year with just her and Ann. Preferably with Ann shuddering beneath her as she made her come for the umpteenth time that night. She was getting ahead of herself. Ann had made a request on Christmas Day that she had not yet been able to fulfill, however much she wanted to. She had tried to order one, and had even been willing to expedite the shipping, but with the recent snowstorms no one was able to guarantee delivery. The last thing she needed was Marian opening up the package in front of her aunt and father after she’d left.

She had finally managed to find something suitable in York and had called them to make sure they kept it aside for her. The problem with trying to get something had been keeping it a secret from Ann when she had been with her almost every waking moment and it would most likely be the same in York. She had had to find a way to distract Ann, for at least an hour. Normally this was something Tib would be great at planning; she had gotten her out of so many engagements in the past. Tib would have asked why though, and the teasing would be incessant.

Eventually, with some assistance from Aunt Anne - though she didn’t let her know what the surprise was, she had worked it out. She had booked a spa afternoon for her at a salon her aunt had said looked nice. It would be a full pampering session, including a massage. She would much prefer to be the one giving her the massage but she had other business to take care of. It had been difficult to arrange so last minute for New Year’s Eve, but as she looked across at Ann as she stuck her tongue out to catch a snowflake she knew it would be worth it.

Ann giggled as she swallowed the snowflake. A little taste of winter. She felt Anne’s warm hand take her own as they continued to stroll along the high street. Her hands always seemed to operate on a separate furnace to the rest of her. Along with her ears the tip of her nose had started to turn red, her hands still felt like they had been warmed by a fire. Something she had been very grateful for these last few mornings when Anne had chosen to wake her with her hands already roaming her every curve.

She heard a sniffle coming from Anne and made a note to get them some vitamin c before they left for York. The last thing she needed was to go back to Bali with the flu, and she certainly didn’t want them to spend their last few days together with Anne ill. Ann didn’t like to think of how little time they had left together, but whenever she did she just kept repeating to herself that it was only temporary. Anne had already spoken to Eugenie about taking on the dig herself, with sufficient support of course that Anne would help her find. She had proved herself more than capable and Anne knew it was out of loyalty to her rather than a lack of knowledge or ambition that she hadn’t already branched off alone.

Ann squeezed Anne’s arm tighter at the thought that once Anne had a chance to meet with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society then they would know much more about where they stood. It was in no way a guarantee that Anne would get the position, or that she would want it once she knew the details. However, that she had been willing to give up Bali and the life and freedom she had there to come back to be with Ann had spoken volumes about her commitment to her. Whatever happened she was sure of one thing, she and Anne would be together.


They had arrived in York late in the afternoon on the day before New Year’s Eve after Elizabeth and her family had headed back up to Scotland for the Hogmanay celebrations. Anne had made sure that they spent as much time as possible at Crow Nest with Ann’s family. The young children had mostly been occupied with their new toys, but every now and again they’d remember the adults were there, often when they required help setting something up or they wanted to assert their superiority in a game.

To Elizabeth’s surprise, but not to Ann’s, Anne was very good with the children. True, she often spoke to them in a way that took them a while to understand, but she was never gruff with them and was almost as enthusiastic as they were during some of the more active games. Both sisters were grateful as it allowed them the time to talk to each other without having to worry about them. George, as usual, was caught up in some urgent phone call that demanded his attention. Elizabeth assured Ann that he was much better when they were actually up in Scotland, but being away for any length of time always made him nervous.

Ann was glad that Elizabeth had gotten to see a different side to Anne during her visit. Most of their interaction had been through the Walker Foundation and Anne’s work, but now she had gotten to see her as Ann did. She wasn’t just brilliant and driven, but she was also kind and funny, and clearly completely in love with Ann, as she was with her. By the time they had left Elizabeth was certain that Ann had made a wise choice, even more so now that Anne had made the decision to move back to the UK and find work there. They hadn’t made any mention of the Foundation but Elizabeth decided that she would do whatever she could to facilitate the burgeoning relationship.

Anne had laughed as Ann had typed their destination into the sat nav. She hadn’t been sure what to expect as they entered the large sprawling country estate that their cottage was located on but if the grounds were anything to go by she knew it would be perfect. The snow had left a pristine blanket of white across the dales. The sun was already low in the sky as they pulled into the gravel driveway. The outside lights came on as they stepped out of the car and illuminated the sign displaying the name of the cottage. Anne shook her head and chuckled, ‘The Cattle Shed.’ Of course this had been the property Ann had chosen.

As she walked to the back of the car the remaining snow crunched under her feet. Ann was already waiting for her with a playful smile on her face. “It’s perfect darling,” she answered before the question was asked as she opened the boot. Ann stood on her tiptoes as she planted a kiss on the side of her face before she rushed up to the doorway. Anne collected both of their bags from the car, hers considerably smaller than Ann’s, but she recalled how much space she had lost when Ann emptied all of her suitcases into her wardrobe in Bali. Ann did not travel lightly.

She looked up at the cottage as she crossed the stone-paved courtyard. The two storey building was far too large for just the two of them, but it was most likely all that was available at such short notice. She was sure that they would make the most of the room they’d been given. She stepped inside to the spacious open-plan living space that incorporated a stylish kitchen and cosy lounge area. She made a note of the sturdy looking dining table as well as the two large sofas in the living room area.

Someone had started a fire prior to their arrival and the space was already warm from the crackling logs on the fire on the other side of the room. The Christmas decorations added to the homely feeling and she wondered whether Ann had requested that they remain up or whether the owners were as big a fan of the season as Ann was. The answer didn’t matter, she knew it would make her happy and that was what was important.

Ann had raced up the stairs to check out the bedroom. This had been the main reason she had chosen the cottage. The large room with the lavish super king-sized bed did not disappoint. There were marvellous views of the garden from the large floor to ceiling windows that opened out onto a small balcony. There was a copper free-standing bath within the room itself and a luxurious en-suite bathroom. A sly smile teased her lips as she started to picture the fun they could have without even having to leave their room.

She bounded down the stairs and saw their bags at the bottom where Anne had left them as she no doubt went to explore the rest of the cottage. There was a large fridge in the kitchen that she had arranged to be stocked with all of Anne’s favourite foods, though she had already asked that the estate’s chef prepare them meals that would be delivered to them so that they wouldn’t have to worry about going out. She had been assured that the estate’s team were very discreet and they would hardly notice they had been there but she made a mental note to make sure she and Anne were not in any potentially compromising situations around meal times.

She moved from room to room looking for Anne until she finally spotted the back garden door slightly open at the end of one of the corridors. Ann stepped out and was met by the wide open views of the snow covered fields beyond as the patio opened out onto the vast beautiful Yorkshire landscape. She walked over to where Anne was standing with her back to the cottage taking in the view and linked her arm with hers. This was going to be perfect. Anne pulled her in close as she pressed a kiss to the top of her forehead, “Thank you darling.”

Ann looked up at her quizzically, “What for?” Anne grinned at her fiendishly as she glanced to her side, Ann followed her gaze to the hot tub, “Oh.” She had almost forgotten about it since they were in the middle of winter. Anne wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, “Care to go for a dip?”


Anne sat in the tub, her arms were spread out along the side she leant back against. Her bare shoulders were thankful that the warmth of the tub travelled upwards. She drummed her fingers impatiently across the fibreglass as she waited for Ann. The fairy lights that hung across the trellis and the blue lighting of the tub provided the only illumination apart from the bright winter moon high above them.

She glanced around the vast grounds as she assured herself that there was no one within earshot. It was far too dark for any unsuspecting ramblers to be crossing the hills off to the back. She shook her head as she tried to free herself from the nervous energy. It was ridiculous, they’d been in far more public places before but she felt more exposed here.

She had been mostly joking when she suggested to Ann that they take a dip, for one they didn’t have their bathing costumes and the temperature was several degrees colder than it was in Bali. Any resolve she had waned as Ann whispered in her ear that even if they had them, they wouldn’t need their swimming costumes for very long. It was all completely gone when Ann bit gently on the bottom of her earlobe and placed a kiss on the small patch of skin behind her ear.

The warmth of the pool was surprisingly enough to counteract the cold night air. She sank back under the water briefly as she tried to calm the rapid beat of her heart. It was so quiet beneath the water. The darkness of the sky reflected in the dark water. She paused a moment, feeling herself relax before she resurfaced a moment later. She blinked her eyes rapidly to clear the water and to also bring the image in front of her into focus. Ann stood at the other end of the tub clad in one of the plush ivory bathrobes. Her golden hair tied up in a messy bun.

Anne licked her lips slowly as Ann slowly pulled the belt free, the robe fell open to reveal a hint of the soft curves Anne knew so well. She gulped as Ann shrugged the robe from her shoulders and it pooled at her feet. Ann stood there completely naked in the moonlight. She was a goddess and Anne thanked every deity she had ever read about for bringing her into her life. Ann paused long enough only for Anne to take her in completely, when she saw her eyes darken she stepped down into the steamy hot water and glided towards her.

If Anne had any senses remaining she would have stood and helped Ann into the waiting pool, but she was held firm where she sat by her complete and utter desire for Ann. She moved until she was close to Ann and placed a too chaste kiss against her lips before she leaned back against Anne’s chest and closed her eyes. Anne’s strong arms and legs wrapped around her. Even if she wanted to escape now there was no way she could. Fortunately that was the last thing she wanted.

Ann rested her head on Anne’s shoulder as her fingers started to absent-mindedly draw circles along the top of Anne’s thighs beneath the water. Anne let out a low moan as she felt her desire building. She placed a kiss along her neck as her hand moved unseen below the water to where she knew Ann would need her. Anne smiled as a deep sigh of pleasure escaped Ann’s lips as her breathing hitched, “If you move back-”

“When I move back.” Anne corrected as her hand edged lower.

“When you move back, are you always going to be wearing black?” Anne paused her movements. Ann had started to develop a way of asking questions at inappropriate times. Granted, any moments recently would have been unsuitable so Anne supposed she had to ask her questions as she thought of them. She wondered why this particular one had sprung to mind at this moment.

She rested her hand against Ann’s stomach, “I haven’t really thought about it.” Her clothes were her clothes, she wore whatever was suitable and hung in her closet. “Apart from a few things I usually just donate most of my things to whichever local charity, stops me having to move so much. Plus there’s no guarantee my clothes will suit wherever it is I’m going.” Ann hummed thoughtfully, “Why? What’s wrong with the black?”

Anne felt her shoulders tense as Ann took a deep breath, as though she was steadying herself to say something Anne would not like. “There’s nothing wrong with it dearest, I love you in black. I love you in all colours.” Anne held her breath as she waited for the rest of her sentence. She watched as Ann’s hand emerged from the water and she brought it to her chest where a delicate blush had crept up. She began to stroke the wet skin there as she continued breathily, “You’re just, very commanding in black. I’ll have to figure out how to…cope.” Anne pinched her lips shut as she tried not to laugh, “I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”

“I suppose it depends where I live.”

The water sloshed over the side of the tub as Ann turned around quickly, “Won’t you live at Shibden?”

“I’d like to,” Anne paused again, this was something she had given a lot of thought to. “There looks like there could be a lot of sites for this project. If the one they want me to oversee is nearer to Langton I don’t think I’ll be able to, at least not full time. It would be too much driving and you know how long my days can be.” Ann nodded thoughtfully. Anne had been very conscientious about her work schedule when they had been in Bali, but there were inevitably nights when she’d had to work late at the site.

She noticed the frown forming on Ann’s brow; she probably hadn’t considered that Anne moving back might not entail being as nearby as Shibden. “Maybe I can come home for weekends and you could stay with me,” Anne offered. Ann looked up, her eyes started to brighten a little, “Though I don’t want it to feel like a hotel. I want it to be-”

“A home,” Ann whispered, a soft smile gracing her lips. Anne relaxed as their eyes met and she reached beneath the water to pull her in close, “Yes.”

Ann wrapped her arm around Anne’s strong neck as she sat sideways in her lap. She nuzzled into the soft skin of her neck as Anne placed a kiss on her forehead. She heard Ann mumble something as she felt her warm lips start to suck along the underside of her jaw. She may not have heard what she’d said but her request was clear.

Anne gently cupped Ann’s breast and grazed her thumb across her nipple. Ann’s back arched as her body automatically sought more. She looked down at Anne through hooded eyes, a quiet moan left her lips. Anne maintained eye contact as she dipped her head and started to kiss the top of her breasts. Ann’s eyes slipped shut as Anne covered her nipple with her warm mouth as her tongue started to slowly stroke her erect nipple. Another louder moan escaped Ann’s lips as she sank her hand into Anne’s damp locks and held her tight against her chest.

She felt a gentle tug on her hip as she felt Anne trying to change their position. Ann opened her eyes and was grateful that Anne had not stopped as she moved to straddle her strong thighs. As a silent thank you Anne turned her attention to her other breast. Ann groaned as her eyes closed again as her head fell back and she started to grind her hips against Anne. It felt like they had seldom taken this sort of time since their reconciliation. They had usually been so hungry for the other’s touch that it was a furious frenzy as they begged each other for their release.

“That feels so good Anne,” she pushed her hips against Anne, the taut stomach providing the perfect surface to grind against. Her body was almost half out of the warm water but she couldn’t feel the cold as Anne’s ministrations continued to stoke the fire deep within her. Anne’s sure hands slid down Ann’s hips down to her ass as she controlled the slow grind Ann had initiated. She felt her hips buck as she started to alternate between teasing Ann with her tongue and gently sucking on the soft flesh.

Ann whimpered as she searched for Anne’s hand beneath the water and brought it between her legs. Anne growled as she felt how slick Ann was. Ann gasped as she brushed past her engorged clit down to her folds that were slippery with her arousal. She allowed her fingers to tease her a moment but she could feel the urgency as Ann clamped her tighter to her chest. “I need you inside me. Please.” The desperate plea reached her ears and she slid two fingers easily inside of Ann.

Anne turned to her side and took a big breath as Ann released her firm hold. She moaned as she felt Ann’s tight walls grip her fingers as she moved them in and out. “Harder!” Ann husked as she started to grind harder in Anne’s lap as she did her best to keep her hips in place as she pushed deeper. Anne pinched her eyes shut as she focused on the movement of her skilled fingers as she curled them inside of her. “Don’t stop! I’m so close. Fuck Anne!” She could feel the orgasm building inside of Ann and she twisted her hand so that her thumb could come to press on her clit. “Fuck!” Ann buried her head in Anne’s neck as her thumb drew merciless circles across her hardened clit. Anne was relentless until Ann cried out loudly and she felt Ann pull her tight as her climax ripped through her.

She slowed her strokes to try and match Ann’s laboured breaths as she returned to her body and sank lower into the warm welcoming waters. Anne lovingly caressed her back as she continued to quiver in her arms. Ann found her strength and brought her forearms up to rest on Anne’s shoulders as she pressed their foreheads together. Anne looked up at her and whispered low and warm, “I love you.”


The morning sunlight that peeped through the large windows gave way to late morning as they remained cocooned in the throes of delight. They finally emerged shortly before lunch when they had heard someone in the kitchen downstairs. Ann blushed as she wondered what they must have thought when they saw that the breakfast they had probably laid out for them had gone untouched. The same could not be said of her. She didn’t think there was a single spot on her body that didn’t tingle at the memory of how they had spent the night. She was glad that Anne had scheduled her a massage as she wasn't’ sure she would be able to walk much without one.

Everything had been arranged. Anne would drive her into York for the spa that she had organised for her and then she would go grab a coffee or go look through the local bookshops whilst she waited. Then they’d head back to the cottage to rest, hopefully, before they got ready for dinner. They’d promised not to peak at each other’s outfits, though she had shown Anne the coat that Elizabeth had bought her for Christmas. It was a beautiful deep green plush long coat with faux fur trim and a lined hood. She felt like something out of a fairytale in it. She would need it given how thin the material of her dress was, she couldn’t wait to see Anne’s reaction when she saw her in it.

The plan was for them to be driven around the grounds under the guise that they were headed to an exclusive restaurant that would provide them with dinner. Then if they chose they could stay for the fireworks at midnight or return to the cottage. All of this was a ruse. The drive was real, though it was only so that the chef could set their dinner up inside the cottage. Ann had looked at places they could ring in the new year but each time she saw something suitable all she could think was that she wanted it to just be them.

The chef would prepare a three course meal for them and have it delivered and plated so that all she would have to do was serve it. They had asked if she would like a butler for the evening but Ann had declined the offer. She could not guarantee that either of them would be able to keep their hands to themselves. Ann was certain she didn’t want Anne to.

There was a low groan from next to her as Anne rolled onto her front. She was thoroughly exhausted after their nocturnal activities. Her stomach had woken her as it grumbled loudly at not having had been fed. They had managed a few snacks after the hot tub but nothing substantial. She slowly opened one eye and peeked out at the world beyond their bed. If she was right about the position of the sun they had probably missed out on breakfast too.

Anne wondered how Ann felt after their long night. Perhaps she could catch a short nap in the car whilst she waited for her to finish in the spa after she’d finished her errand. She wanted to make sure her energy was restored for the night she had planned. Just as she started to consider the possible timings she felt Ann’s warm body against her as she wrapped her arms around her waist, “Good morning dearest.” Her voice sounded as sleepy as she felt but as bright as ever. “I think it may be afternoon darling.” Ann’s giggle flitted about in the air around them as she lifted herself up and rested her chin on her chest.

Anne’s chest swelled as she marvelled at how someone so perfect loved her so unreservedly. Every part of her had slotted into Anne’s life as though she had been made for her. “What are you thinking?” Ann asked as her eyes narrowed. Anne stole a quick glance at the clock, “We need to get a move on or you’ll be late for your appointment.” She moved to stand but was pulled back down as Ann swiftly moved to straddle her. Before she could voice her objection Ann had already enveloped her in another deep kiss. Anne felt herself sink back into the sheets as she surrendered to the feeling of Ann around her.


Anne adjusted her blazer as she looked at herself in the floor length mirror in the room across from their bedroom. It was the same one she had worn to Ann and Catherine’s party; Ann had seemed particularly taken with it. She had chosen to get ready in there since Ann still insisted that their outfits be a surprise. Anne smiled as she thought her outfit would not be the only surprise. She subtly adjusted the strap that she was concealing beneath her black suit trousers.

They had been a little bit late for Ann’s appointment but thankfully the store was still open by the time she managed to get there. The harness was not as comfortable as the one she had left in Bali, but it would certainly do for tonight, and the rest of the trip. She had chosen a slightly larger strap as she was sure Ann would enjoy something a little bigger than she had been used to. She wanted to make sure she completely fulfilled her request. She could feel herself getting wet as she imagined Ann’s breathless moans as they broke in the new strap. Anne only hoped that they would be able to make it through dinner without being asked to leave the restaurant.

She tugged at her white dress shirt as she gave herself a final once over. The black tie she had paired with it looked perfect. Her shiny black brogues finished the ensemble. It was simpler than her outfit had been to the Rawson dinner but it wasn’t necessary for her anymore to create an impression. Tonight was about her and Ann, together, seeing in the incoming year that they would for the most part be spending together. She grabbed her coat from the hook on the back of the door and headed downstairs to wait for Ann.

Ann leaned against the dresser to help her balance as she slid her foot into the other black slingback pump. She pulled the crystal-encrusted chain link strap around the back of her heel and tried to stand tall. She was a little bit wobbly. The four inch high stiletto heel was definitely not made with York’s cobbled streets in mind. However, she only needed to get across the courtyard to the car and back, then she could kick them off. Or maybe, if Anne wanted her to, she could keep them on. The delicious thought filled her mind as she smoothed her hand down the length of her dress.

She scrutinised her reflection in the mirror. This was the first time she had worn black, at least to an event where Anne would notice her. The majority of her wardrobe was filled with rich colours, in stark contrast to her girlfriend’s wardrobe. She knew that no one but Anne would see this dress, at least tonight, but she had wanted to wear it for her. The almost floor length maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline gave her a slim column silhouette. Anne would make short work of the thin shoulder straps but it was the illusion mesh waistband that revealed her bare midriff that would drive her crazy.


Ann held onto the bannister as she took her first step downstairs. Anne was waiting at the bottom with her back to her, her hands buried deep in the pockets of her black suit. Ann coughed lightly to get Anne’s attention. She was glad she was holding on tightly as Anne’s dazzling smile threatened to send her tumbling down the stairs as she felt her knees give way a little. Even standing in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt she would have been something to behold, but dressed sharply in a black suit with a crisp white shirt she was impeccable. Ann felt her core throb as her eyes landed on the black tie she wore. There had never been anyone more handsome that had ever existed.

Anne’s mouth went dry as her head tilted up to follow the goddess that was descending the staircase. She looked exquisite as she gracefully took each step. Anne felt herself pulled towards her though she didn’t know how her feet were able to move at all. She had been struck by the vision in black that was moving towards her. Her eyes lingered on her bare collar bones before landing on her soft stomach that she wanted to place a thousand kisses on.

She didn’t care about the low growl that escaped from deep within her as she pulled Ann close to her as she inhaled her sweet scent. She held her delicately in her hands as Ann looked up at her, she could see a similar struggle in her eyes as they fought not to forget about their dinner plans entirely. Finally Anne spoke, “You look beautiful.” Ann brushed her hand along Anne’s shoulder and placed a kiss against the underside of her jaw, “You scrub up quite well for a dusty old archaeologist too, doctor.” Anne felt herself lean forward at Ann’s last word, she wanted her so badly, and what was more - Ann knew it. She smiled teasingly as she stepped back and took her hand, “We’ll be late for dinner dearest.”

Anne reluctantly took her hand and escorted her to the door. She glanced down at Ann’s shoes when she felt her wobble slightly. She appreciated the high slit of her dress as she followed it down to the highly impractical footwear on Ann’s feet. She felt a small tug on her arm and realised she had been staring at them, “What is it?” Ann asked.

“You’re…” Anne paused thoughtfully, “Very tall tonight.”

Ann chuckled, “I’m…tall?” Anne grabbed Ann’s coat from the coat stand and held it out for her. She slipped inside of it easily. “Yes. I like it, I’m just not used to it. My balance is a bit off.” Ann turned, in that moment her own balance giving way. She chided herself, perhaps the shoes had been a bad idea after all. Anne’s sure hands caught her as she smiled roguishly, “We make a fine pair.”

“We do,” Ann agreed. Anne grabbed her own coat and pulled it on. Ann was glad she was standing still as she saw Anne stood in her long double-breasted wool coat. Every time she thought it was impossible for her to look any more dashing, she proved her wrong. Anne sidled up to her and pulled her coat around her and started to fasten it up for her, “I’m not sure I like this coat.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Ann challenged.

“It looks like it’s a bit too warm,” a small pout played on Anne’s lips. “You won’t need me to wrap my arms around you.” Ann rolled her eyes, of course that would be the thing that Anne deemed wrong with her coat. She placed her hands on her shoulders and kissed the tip of her nose as Anne wrapped her arms around her waist. Ann quite enjoyed the height her new shoes had given her, “I think I’m always going to need that dearest.”


They sat in the back of the taxi as it drove along the narrow windy country roads towards what Anne presumed was the city centre. It was difficult to tell in the dark but she was sure the driver knew these roads by heart. Anne took Ann’s hand and placed it on her thigh. The woolen coat felt warm and soft in stark contrast to the hard muscle of Anne’s leg underneath. Ann smiled to herself as she moved her hand a little higher, intending to tease Anne a little as they meandered through the grounds just long enough for the chef to set-up the dinner in their cottage.

She turned to face her, bringing her other hand up between Anne’s legs that were characteristically spread wide across the back seat. She thought to herself that Anne didn’t have a right to be this handsome. When she saw where they were headed she was sure that confident smirk wouldn’t be so broad. She held her gaze as she moved her hand up as she wondered how far Anne would let this go in the back of the taxi.

Anne watched her confidently as she’d turned with that familiar look of mischief in her eye. Ann had no idea what she had planned for her after they’d had this dinner that she’d organised. The way Anne had felt she would have gladly settled for a bowl of cereal if it meant that they could have stayed in the cottage, just the two of them. Ann had wanted them to get dressed up though, and from the indecent way she had looked at her in her suit, Anne was glad that they had. She tried to keep her face as neutral as possible as Ann started to move her hand upwards towards the top of her thighs. It seemed she was intent on finding out her surprise before she even knew one had been planned for her.

Ann licked her lips as Anne’s dark eyes smouldered back. She ran the tips of her perfectly manicured nails along the inseam of Anne’s trouser leg and then stopped abruptly as her mouth went dry. Her gaze dropped as her eyes widened as she continued along the length of Anne’s thigh. But not just her thigh, there was a very unmistakable bulge alongside it. She lifted her head and Anne’s smug grin beamed back at her telling her the bulge she had felt was exactly what she thought it was. Anne had bought a strap.


They had only driven half the intended distance but the drive back was the longest and shortest drive Ann had ever had to experience. Every thought she had of a slow and torturous seduction had been vanquished when she’d felt the hard length of Anne’s cock. She had animatedly spoken with the driver and asked him to turn the car around but he had explained that it was unsafe to do so on such narrow and unlit roads. So instead Ann was now sitting on the other side of the car as she tried not to look at Anne as the driver sped his way back to the cottage.

Anne had managed to catch a glimpse of the dinner that had been laid out for them before Ann had thrown off her heels and dragged her towards their bedroom. It looked beautiful from what she had seen, but her hunger for Ann was far greater. Both of them discarded their heavy coats and Anne her blazer in a mess of arms and spins as they tumbled down the hallway until Ann pushed the door shut and lent against it. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as they silently dared the other to make the first move. The clear mesh panel of Ann’s dress served its purpose as it tried to tempt Anne to be the one to break the deadlock.

She had planned an elaborate dance with Ann, as they each took the lead over dinner - gently teasing the other with filthy promises and hushed suggestions of what they would do to each other. She had wanted Ann to beg for her to take her, but all that she had needed was the smallest of movements of Ann’s eyebrow and she had crossed the small space between them.

Anne’s hands went immediately to Ann’s hips as she pulled them to her as their lips came together. Ann gripped the back of Anne’s neck and held her mouth to hers as she parted her lips with urgency to grant Anne’s firm tongue access. Their kiss was fevered and carnal, just as their desire for each other was. Anne rolled her hips against Ann as she pressed her harder into the door, the firm bulge still trapped in her trousers was unyielding as the thought of it buried deep inside of her sent Ann’s mind spinning.

If only the dress wasn’t so beautiful, Anne would have ripped it from her body. As strong as her need to feel Ann was, she would not destroy it. She brushed the side of Ann’s breasts as she searched for the zip that would free her from the magnificent garment she was trapped in but it was hopeless. She glided her hand over the luxurious material to Ann’s front and traced along the apex of her thighs and hoped the action would entice her to remove the dress herself. Ann’s body surged forward at the familiar wanton touch as a wicked smile spread across Anne’s face.

“I need to be inside you,” Anne growled before she captured her mouth in another sensual kiss. “I want to hear you screaming my name again and again as I bury my cock deep inside you.” This time it was Ann that made the low guttural sound from her throat. “You have no idea what this dress is doing to me.” Anne pulled back, Ann looked like she was in a haze as she chased her kiss. Her chocolate eyes were black with pure desire, “But it’s nothing to what I’m going to do to you once you’re out of it.”

That was all Ann needed to hear. She gasped for air as Anne stumbled back towards the bed as she pushed her away. Her hands quickly moved to her side, the same side that Anne had just caressed, and slowly drew down the zipper cleverly hidden there. She slowly lifted one strap from her shoulder and then the other. Her deep blue eyes locked with Anne’s as the dress fell to the floor with a soft thud, leaving her standing in the moonlight in nothing but her black lace knickers.

Her ethereal beauty was extenuated by the shadows cast by the moon that fell across her curves. Anne felt her heart quicken to match the pace of their twinned breaths, both panted hard in anticipation. Anne lifted her head. The line of her jaw looked sharp in the light from outside. She reached for her tie, Ann held her breath as she waited for her to pull it off in one swift motion, but instead she pulled it tighter against her strong neck before she straightened it. Ann’s core throbbed as Anne held her hand out. Ann found it impossible to comply with the silent instruction as she walked slowly towards her.

Anne’s hands went once again to her hips as she held her at arm’s length. Her eyes slowly raked up her body alongside her fingertips as she drew a line along the outside of her hip, along the curve of her waist, up her ribcage, against the side of her breast, and across her clavicle, before her hand finally came to rest on her neck. She held her throat gently in her hand. She was simultaneously in command and subject to whatever Ann desired.

She leant forward, grazing her lips deliberately against the column of her neck. Ann shivered as she felt the heat of her breath move towards her ear before she finally whispered, “You are everything I’ve ever wanted.” Ann whimpered at the mixture of heat and hunger in the hushed statement. Anne grasped her hips and lifted her up easily as she walked backwards until she felt the bed hit the back of her legs.

She lowered them onto the bed and leaned back as she pulled Ann into a deep kiss. They moaned into each other’s mouths as their hands roamed across their bodies. Anne’s hands tangled in Ann’s blonde locks as she took possession of her lips. Ann’s small hands squeezed into the space between them as she fumbled with her belt buckle. She couldn’t understand how Anne was still fully dressed. She slid her fingers beneath the hem of her shirt, both of them gasped as she scratched along Anne’s hard abs. She lay her warm hand against her stomach as Anne’s tongue slipped inside her mouth and pushed against her own.

Ann turned her hand and started to move it lower until she finally reached the waistband of Anne’s boxers. Anne’s hips lifted in anticipation as she felt her hand near. Ann used all of her will to pull them slightly apart as she pushed herself up on her elbow. Anne’s wild eyes thrilled her, but she knew what would push her over the edge. She shimmied down as she grazed her lips over Anne’s still clothed lithe body. Anne let out a gravelly moan as she realised what Ann was doing as she settled on her knees at the foot of the bed.

She briskly pulled off each of Anne’s shoes, followed by her socks before she sat up on her knees and reached for the top of her trousers. Anne was watching her with hooded eyes as her chest rose and fell with her laboured breaths. Ann drew her tongue across her lips as she pulled them down her thighs and finally off her legs. Anne’s head fell back as she felt herself being overwhelmed by her need for Ann. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on her exquisite touch as she felt the cool air hit the top of her thighs as Ann removed her black boxers.

She heard the familiar jangle of buckles as she felt Ann tighten the straps the way she had so often. She forced her eyes open and sat up on her elbows. She was determined that she would not miss a moment. Their eyes met as her cock stood proudly between her legs as Ann wrapped her hand around it and started to run it up and down the length, each time she pushed it down against Anne’s core. She groaned at the delicious press.

Ann raised herself a little higher and glanced briefly up at Anne before she lowered her head and used the tip of her tongue to trace along the head of her cock. She lay her arm across Anne’s stomach in the vain hope that she would be able to control her hips that threatened to buck wildly were it not for the incredible restraint Anne was showing. She flicked her tongue a few times against the head before she wrapped her lips around it and started to gently suck, all the while making sure she pushed the base against Anne as her head bobbed up and down. Anne tensed as she watched Ann taking her in, the softness of her slow movements stoking the furnace roaring within her. She buried her hands in her hair to amplify their connection; she needed to feel her in that moment.

Anne nearly came as she felt the tip of Ann’s nose on her skin as she took all of her length into her mouth. She pulled her head back just as slowly as she had gone down. Anne’s cock glistened as she wrapped her lips around the head once more as she pumped the long shaft against Anne’s core with intent. She could feel Anne was teetering close to the edge. As she took her entire length back into her mouth she pushed the base down hard. Anne’s hips shot up as she finally came hard, her eyes pinched tight, as Ann continued to push the base down as she watched as her orgasm ripped through her.

The room slowly came back into focus as Anne opened her eyes slowly. She tilted her head down and was met by Ann’s deep blue eyes staring up at her as she rested her head on her chest. She pulled her up into a passionate kiss as she rolled them so that Ann was beneath her. They both knew that it would not take long for Ann to come once Anne allowed her to, as she felt Anne move her kisses down her body Ann closed her eyes and prayed that she would be merciful and allow her release quickly.

Anne travelled lower, she felt her kisses in the valley between her breasts that she had worshipped so tenderly in the hot tube yesterday. She thankfully bypassed them as Ann’s hips pushed upwards as she silently begged for what they both knew she wanted. Anne ran the tip of her tongue over her soft stomach as she hooked her fingers into the elastic of Ann’s knickers before she pulled them off in one swift movement.

Ann opened her eyes again when she heard the hungry growl. Anne looked up at her from between her open thighs, she no longer sought permission. Ann’s back arched as a loud moan escaped from deep inside her as Anne’s tongue traced along her slick folds. She didn’t waste a moment as her firm tongue thrust inside of Ann again and again. Ann fisted the sheets as she ground her hips against her as her moans filled the air around them. Anne’s tongue was urgent as she moved to the underside of her clit as she placed her mouth fully on her. She alternated between sucking and licking as Ann started to buck wildly as she lost control and her climax crashed into them.

Her body was still quivering from the aftershocks as Anne felt her tugging at her as she pleaded for her to come up. She moved up and settled herself in the warm cradle between Ann’s thighs. Ann was still slightly dazed as she kissed her slowly. She could taste herself on her lips, their bodies were pressed tight against each other in a languid rhythm as Anne started to grind her hips against her. She pulled back when she felt Ann nip her bottom lip with her teeth. Anne arched her brow as she saw the hunger in her eyes. Ann reached for the tie that was still around Ann’s neck and balled it up in her fist as she pulled her to her. Anne groaned as she sank deeper between her thighs, Ann’s wetness coating her thighs.

Anne gazed at her intensely as she took her cock in her hand and dragged it lazily between Ann’s folds. She could feel Ann’s breath quicken at the touch of the hard shaft against her. She lined it up with her entrance and without breaking eye contact pushed the tip inside of her. She waited a brief moment before she pushed her hips until they were flush with Ann’s and her entire length was buried deep inside of her. Ann’s eyes widened at the stretch of the larger cock, “Fuck Anne!” She gasped as her breath left her as she clutched Anne to her. It was perfect and too much at the same time. Anne didn’t move. Their arms were wrapped around each other, the faces buried in their necks, as Ann adjusted to the sensation of being so full.

“I’m the only one who’ll ever be this deep inside of you again,” Anne’s husky voice said possessively sending a shiver through Ann. “No one else but me will get to fuck you like this.” Ann mewed as Anne started to thrust gently inside of her. “You’re mine,” she groaned as she placed a kiss against her neck, moist with perspiration. Ann let out a delicious moan as she pushed in deeper as she whispered breathily into Anne’s ear, “And you’re mine.” She wrapped her legs tightly around Anne’s waist as she made the request she knew would not be refused, “Fuck me, handsome.”

Anne had wanted to maintain the slow and measured movements for a while longer, but as she heard Ann’s command she was unable to remain in control as her hips started to pick up speed as the intensity of her desire grew. Her pace was fast and hard as the sound of their bodies smacked together joined their moans as they ground themselves into each other. She heard her shirt rip as Ann clawed at her back and she lifted herself from her briefly to rip the shreds off completely, followed finally by her tie. Ann’s hips rose to meet every thrust as her body arched in ecstasy, “Fuck! Harder! Take me Anne!” She loved how filthy Ann’s mouth got as her passion took over. Anne grunted as she forced her hips to pump faster and harder as Ann’s inner walls clenched around her, “You’re so fucking tight.” Anne pushed her legs wider so that she could move deeper. “No one else Ann. Only me.”

They kissed each other hard. Anne knew Ann’s climax was close as her own threatened on the periphery of her consciousness. She felt Ann’s tongue inside of her mouth as it pressed against her own urgently. Their eyes locked, every part of them paired in that moment - their bodies, their breath, their heartbeats. Anne’s jaw clenched as she felt Ann tighten around her. “Come!” they both commanded. They gasped as their bodies arched against each other at their shared release.

Anne continued to thrust into Ann as the ripples of their orgasm moved through them. Ann moaned as she continued to meet each thrust as Anne felt herself shudder. She started to slow her hips when Ann suddenly gripped her tighter, “Don’t stop Anne, keep going.” She could hardly believe what Ann was saying but as she felt her desperately cant her hips up into her she started to move again. She held her tightly as she pistoned her hips into her as she resumed her hard and fast thrusts as she built her climax again.

Another growl left Anne’s lips as she pushed her legs even further apart, “Take all of me!” Ann gasped at the new depths Anne was reaching with each thrust. She could feel her impending orgasm charging its way through her as Anne grunted with exertion as she reached into whatever reserves she had left to pump even faster into her. Ann clutched at her sweaty, muscular back as it arched as Ann dug her nails deep into her as she took her in repeatedly. “I’m coming! Fuck!” Ann cried as another intense orgasm sent her into the stratosphere as everything turned a brilliant white as her body trembled.

Anne collapsed on top of Ann as they lay there panting. She buried her face in her neck until her hips finally started to slow as they both returned to their bodies. Ann held her tight as the last tremors moved through them. Her chest heaved heavily as Anne placed a kiss against her chest before she lifted her head.

They wanted to say something, anything that would convey the depth of emotion and the strength of the desire that they felt for each other but there were no words. Instead they kissed, slower than before, making sure the other feit it. The intensity of their lips told the story of lovers who had been separated for too long. Anne finally broke the kiss as she let out a sigh of utter contentment as Ann gazed adoringly back at her. She turned her head and glanced at the clock and smiled when she saw the time, Ann’s head flopped to the side when she saw the broad grin. Anne placed another gentle kiss against her lips, “Happy New Year darling.”