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A Lesson in Cosplay

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"If I asked you to do something odd for me … would you?"

Britta looked up to stare at Abed with an undaunted face. "I think we've both gone past odd, Abed. So, whatever it is, you can count on me to be a part of it."

A rare smile spread across Abed's face as he came to sit down next to Britta on the twin bed, and she had to admit that since they'd begun sneaking around, his smiles were becoming more commonplace. Emotions were not his strong suit, but somehow she'd been able to bring them out in him.

"Good, because if you are going to be my girlfriend then I want us to have complete disclosure," he said.

His words caused Britta's heart to stutter. "Abed, I thought we talked about this-"

"I know, " he interrupted. "We can't tell anyone about us, because it might upset the group. Very Monica and Chandler season five."


"But, this doesn't mean I can't refer to you as my girlfriend when we are alone like we are now in my dorm room. Do you mind?" he asked, placing her hand in his.

Britta looked down at their entwined fingers and wondered why it bothered her so much to let everyone else know what had been going on for over a month now. She supposed it was the judgment she'd have to face … especially from Jeff and Troy, two guys she had been romantic with in some way or another. Deep down Britta knew that no matter how much she claimed to be above petty things, like what people thought of her, it wasn't true. She was just as shallow as the next person and cared what others said about her. And poor Abed was forced to put up with her complex. Britta would do anything … even something odd, to assure him she enjoyed their time together despite being unwilling to let anyone else in on their secret.

"Abed, you can call me whatever you like when it's just us." Britta leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss against her boyfriend's lips, catching that atypical smile on his mouth when she pulled away.

"What about, Rose? Can I call you that?" Abed asked.

Britta's forehead creased in confusion. "You want to call me Rose? Um … do you mean like as a pet name?"

Abed shook his head. "No, as in Rose Tyler, companion to The Doctor."

Britta pulled in her bottom lip and bit on the skin, trying to decipher Abed's strange language. "I wish I understood what you meant. Is this some sort of role-playing you've created based on TV?"

Abed stood up, walked over to his dresser and pulled out one of its drawers. "In some cases it could be that, but what I'm referring to is cosplay. It's when people dress as characters from their favorite TV shows, comics, movies, books … really any form of entertainment would do. Either they do it for an event or just for fun. What I'm suggesting for us is for you to wear this Union Jack T-shirt," Britta nearly missed the article of clothing Abed tossed her way, "and I put on this bow tie, fez combination. I will be The Doctor and I'll call you Rose. It's from the long-running British show Doctor Who. I'm sure we'll watch it together someday. It's one of my favorites."

Britta unfolded the shirt in her hands and looked over the Union Jack on the front. How very Spice Girls. Yes, this was odd … just like he had said. There was no denying that Abed was always going to surprise her with his strange ways, but it's also what excited her about him. "If I put this on can you eventually take it off?" With a wink, she came to stand in front of Abed, and quickly shrugged out of her leather jacket before pulling her shirt off and replacing it with the one Abed had given her. "Would you do that for me, The Doctor?" Britta said seductively in her best imitation of a Spice Girl.

"It's just Doctor … there is no the in front of his name." Then Abed paused for a moment as if contemplating Britta's words. "Do you mean for me to take your shirt off in a sexual way?"

Britta laughed. Abed always needed these things explained. She didn't mind though. It gave her a chance to let him know exactly the right way they could experience each other. Britta never had to pretend like he was making her feel wonderful if he wasn't. Abed was always open to suggestions, unlike your typical asshole chauvinistic pig who just whipped it out and expected you to climax without a hint of foreplay. Abed wasn't shy about his lack of knowledge either. He was always honest. And in the end, that's what made him a better lover and partner.

"Yes, Abed. I would eventually like you to take my shirt off or at least do a little discovering underneath the material." Britta took Abed's hand and gently brought it up against the British Flag where it eventually came to rest on the breast underneath.

"Well, what you are suggesting is technically role-playing and not cosplay, but I will make a deal. If you attend Comic-Con with me next week dressed as Rose while I play The Doctor then we can roleplay today."

Britta didn't answer right away. Going out in public together would be taking their relationship beyond the bedroom. She did care about Abed. More than any of her other recent hook-ups. But was she willing to take that next step towards actually dating him? "I um ... if you say so, Doctor."

Abed kissed her then, which was a bit surprising considering she'd always taken the lead before. "Then it's a Comic-Con date, Rose … now run for your life, before the Daleks attack."

Britta sighed, he was only in character, but if this is what she had to do in order to get Abed to take initiative then so be it. "Daleks are attacking? Protect me." She cowered in fake fear.

"Off to the bed. That's the only place they can't harm us!" Abed ordered and raced in its direction, laying Britta down on the mattress before finding a position beside her in the limited space afforded by a twin bed.

Their lips met and they continued to kiss until Abed found himself reaching underneath Britta's shirt. Once his hand grazed the soft skin of her stomach, he hesitated.

"What's wrong?" Britta asked.

"Well, you know on the show Rose and The Doctor never went beyond kissing. We wouldn't be in canon if I continued and touched your breast like I was about to," he stated matter-of-factly.

Britta shook her head. "Canon … what? What does that even … listen Abed, let me tell you a little about something called sexual frustration and how you don't want to do that to your girlfriend, okay?"

"You said girlfriend." His eyes met hers with a pointed stare. "You're my girlfriend."

The smile spreading across Britta's lips couldn't be helped. The happiness she saw in him caused her to experience her own feelings of joy. "Yes, I did, because that's what I am, I suppose, and you're my boyfriend."

"You know, I don't care what the Doctor did with Rose. I'm Abed and am going to make love to my girlfriend." Before Britta could grasp what he was doing, Abed gripped Britta's thighs and pulled both of her legs up, so that his lower half was resting in between them.

"Whoa," she exclaimed.

"If that's alright with you, of course," Abed asked.

She answered with a smile and then brought her mouth up to his.