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twin flame

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“Stop staring at me,” Lio snapped. “I know I look like a whale. You don’t have to keep gawking.”

Galo cleared his throat. “That’s not what I was thinking,” he said. He pulled Lio down onto his lap where he was sitting on the couch. “I was just thinking how sexy you look.”

Lio rolled his eyes. “Yeah right,” he said. “I’m huge, and only going to get bigger.”

Lio was exaggerating, Galo thought. Right now, his belly was a medium-sized bump, enough that Galo could feel it when he pulled Lio close to kiss him, but not so huge that it got in the way. Still, Galo couldn’t help but imagining what Lio would look like in a few more months, at the end of his pregnancy. His slender frame dwarfed by his massive belly, striped with red stretch marks and begging to be kissed and licked and loved. He moaned.

“Now you’re just being weird,” Lio said, glaring at Galo and trying to stand up. Galo pulled him back down and kissed him deep, and after a moment, Lio melted into the kiss. Lio could be a crabby asshole, but Galo knew a good kiss could distract him from whatever had upset him. It was Galo’s secret weapon, only to be deployed in moments of direst need.

Right now, Galo had a dire need to get his hands on Lio. He slid his hands under Lio’s shirt, splaying them over the baby bump. Galo never wore a shirt when he didn’t have to, a habit he’d been shamelessly trying to encourage in Lio as well, and right now he wanted the skin to skin contact. There was a tiny flutter under his fingers as the baby kicked to make sure it wasn’t forgotten. Galo huffed a laugh in Lio’s mouth.

Lio deepened the kiss, swinging his leg over so that he was straddling Galo’s lap and wrapping his arms around Galo’s neck. Galo rubbed circles on Lio’s belly with his palms. “You’re gorgeous,” Galo murmured. “Every time I look at you I can’t stop thinking about fucking that baby into you. I’m so hot for you, Firebug.”

“Stop teasing,” Lio said. He sat back, grinding against Galo’s hard cock, and frowned. “You’re not teasing.”

Galo thrust his hips, rubbing his cock against Lio’s ass through the fabric of their pants. “Would I lie to you? Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything for you.”

“You’re really into me like this?” Lio asked doubtfully. “Or do you not care as long as you get your dick in me again?” He smirked, softening the accusation.

“Anything you want,” Galo said. He kissed Lio again. “You want to fuck me? Your belly bump between my legs, watching it shift as you move, fill me up like I filled you…”

“Fuck,” Lio said. “You really are into this. Okay, yeah, I wanna fuck you. Bed?”

“The bed is so far away,” Galo whined. He pulled Lio down to kiss him again. “Just fuck me here, come on, do it, I need you Lio.”

“Fine, fine,” Lio said. There was some scrambling as they got themselves situated on the couch, with Galo lying on his back and Lio between his legs. Galo lifted his hips and slid his pants off easily, and then sat up to pull off Lio’s shirt while Lio wrestled with his own pants. It took them twice as long as necessary because Galo wanted to kiss Lio at the same time, but eventually they were both naked on the couch.

Lio reached back and found a half-full bottle of lube on the side table. There were a number of them scattered around the apartment; usually they were too distracted to look where they tossed the lube when they were done with it. Lio squirted out a palmful of lube and slicked up his fingers. “I can’t believe you’re making your poor pregnant boyfriend do all the work,” he grumbled.

Galo just spread his legs and let Lio press two slim fingers inside him. He was just as gorgeous as Galo had expected: hair falling in a curtain around his face, round belly resting on his thighs and hard cock dripping against it. Maybe Galo’s enthusiasm was contagious, because despite his snarking, Lio clearly wanted this too.

Galo moaned and hummed appreciatively as Lio fingered him open. Positive reinforcement was important. He’d read that in a parenting book and figured it applied to his boyfriend as well. But as Lio continued to twist and curl his fingers, Galo began to suspect he was teasing him.

“Come on, Lio,” he said. “Fuck me, come on, fill me up, I want your cock, I want you inside me…”

“I hope the baby ends up with more patience than you,” Lio said. But he slicked his cock up and pressed it against Galo’s hole.

The first thrust of Lio’s cock into him was like climbing into a mecha. The thrill, the anticipation, the feeling deep in his bones that this was right and good. (Galo did not share this comparison with Lio; he had a feeling Lio wouldn’t appreciate it. Or at least, would tease him mercilessly for it.) Lio slid right into him and Galo relaxed and opened up for him, the stretch sending the same kind of sparks buzzing through his blood that fighting a fire did. When Lio bottomed out, he paused and looked up between Galo’s legs.

Galo had never seen anything hotter than this. Lio, kneeling between his legs, sheathed inside him and filling him up, with his little baby bump pressing against the underside of Galo’s cock. Lio bit his lip, looking self-conscious.

“Fuck,” Galo said. He wrapped his legs around Lio, digging his heels into Lio’s back. “Move, please, fuck, you look so hot I’m going to come just looking at you.”

“Flatterer,” Lio said. But he began to move his hips, the friction lighting up every pleasurable nerve in Galo’s lower half, his belly rubbing over the underside of Galo’s cock, and Galo wasn’t going to last, not like this. He bucked his hips, held Lio tight with his legs, murmured “fuck” and “please” until the words were nothing but meaningless syllables, until he was nothing but the feeling of Lio inside him and the molten hot pleasure spilling out.

He cried out as he came, spurting all over his stomach and Lio’s too, painting that gorgeous bump with hot white come. “Don’t stop,” he mumbled to Lio, his body already sinking into post-orgasm lassitude. He could tell Lio was close, could feel the energy so close to the surface, and as ecstasy turned to overstimulation, Lio sighed and came, filling Galo’s hole.

Galo reached down and pulled Lio up on top of him to kiss him again. Come smeared between their stomachs, and Galo could feel it dripping out of his ass. He loved being marked by Lio’s come.

Lio curled up on top of Galo, nestling his head on Galo’s shoulder. Galo rubbed his belly, smearing the come around and massaging it into the taut skin. He gave Lio another sloppy kiss.

“Love you,” he whispered, and thought he heard Lio hum an affirmation before he succumbed to sleep.

Galo stared at the pregnancy test. “Well that’s unexpected.”

Lio, meanwhile, was laughing so hard he could barely stand. He sank down onto the tile floor, clutching his belly as he shook with laughter. Finally he wiped a tear from his eye. “Two of them,” he said. “Two babies waking us up every half hour at night.”

“Two toddlers knocking over all your candles and setting the place on fire,” Galo said.

“Their dad is a firefighter, you can put it out,” Lio said. He stood up and went to sit on Galo’s lap.

“We are ready for this, aren’t we?” Galo asked.

“Of course,” Lio said. “Lio de Galon, parenting dream team.”

Galo kissed Lio, and Lio ran a hand over his abs. “You’re going to be so sexy with a baby bump,” Lio said.

Galo grinned. “Damn right I will.”