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Good For You

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The sunlight peeking through the cracked blinds gently stirred Rachel from her sleep and she sighed, feeling her wife’s warm body melting into her back. Soft puffs of air were hitting her neck where Quinn buried her face, every inch of them pressing together from their heads to their toes. They’ve stumbled through the door well after midnight, delightfully buzzed on champagne and victory and they didn’t waste any seconds before tearing each other’s clothes off.

Rachel bit her lower lip just thinking about last night’s activities and unconsciously rolled her hips back into her wife, feeling the familiar hardness rub into her skin. Her inner thighs quickly grew slick with wetness and want and she decided to treat her wife like the winner that she was.

Carefully turning over, she pushed Quinn until she was spread out on the mattress, exposing her glorious naked skin for Rachel to touch. Being careful not to wake her up too soon, Rachel placed teasing kisses on her collarbone, mapping her way across her chest without touching her sensitive nipples just until her wife’s breathing slightly picked up speed before stopping.

Rachel hid her smirk against her neck and reached down to feel the now hard cock with her hand, brushing her thumb across the head as Quinn’s hips bucked up. Soft grunting noises were leaving her mouth with every caress but hazel eyes were still hiding behind eyelids. Slowly moving her hand up and down on the shaft and twisting her wrist on every upstroke, Rachel licked her way down the defined abs until she reached her cock and wrapped her plump lips around the tip.

She moaned at the taste and swirled her tongue around, licking away the precum that leaked out before pulling away to leave open-mouth kisses down the sides, all the way down to heavy balls. Holding her cock up to Quinn’s stomach, Rachel sucked on the skin before placing them into her mouth and closed her eyes to savor the sensation.

Suddenly long fingers thread through her hair to grip her by the roots to hold her in place and Rachel’s head snapped up to see aroused eyes watching her. Letting the sacks slide out of her mouth with a slick pop, Rachel whimpered at the sight of her wife’s face erupting in pleasure and she rolled her hips into the bed, hoping to elevate some of the pressure building between her thighs.

“That’s it, Rach,” Quinn’s voice was all breathy and husky, pulling another moan from the brunette between her legs, “You feel so good.”

Listening to the commend, Rachel quickly latched back on and sucked her in deep. The blonde groaned loudly and snapped her head back on the pillow while her back curved skyward, gripping the silk sheets with her free hand.

Judging by the quivering muscles of her thighs and the strong pulsing of her cock, Quinn was close. Rachel held her breath and sunk, taking in every inch of the hard shaft she could fit in her mouth and hummed, messaging the meat.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Quinn chanted desperately, barely aware of anything besides her wife, “Oh my God, Rach, I’m gonna – “

Quickly grabbing the hanging sack with her hand, Rachel squeezed and rolled them in her palm while continuing to suck and it didn’t take long to feel Quinn’s body stiffen and twitch before spurts of cum hit her tongue. The blonde cried out with every load, still holding onto her wife’s brown locks to fuck into her throat until she felt drained and slumped against the mattress. Rachel let the now softening dick slip out of her mouth and swallowed eagerly with a happy smile and felt quite proud of herself when she saw that she caused Quinn to pass out again.

Deciding to let her sleep, Rachel got out of the bed and slipped on Quinn’s football jersey from to floor over her head, pairing it with a pair of black boxers before quietly walking out to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Turning on the radio low, she took out all the ingredients for eggs and extra bacon (for Quinn) and some leftover vegan pancakes batter (for her) and turned on the stove. A few minutes later, the meat sizzled noisily beside her as she cracked the last egg into the pan, hips swaying to the beat filling up the kitchen and humming to herself. She was so engrossed in stacking the now-done pancakes on a plate that she didn’t notice the figure standing in the doorway, hungry hazel eyes roaming over her body.

Quinn bit her bottom lip to hold back a groan as she stares at her wife, proudly wearing the Fabray name on her back above the white number 11. The swell of her ass peeked out under the jersey and Quinn felt her dick pulse at the sight, hanging low between her naked thighs. She didn’t bother to put on any clothing after waking up, knowing it would only get in their way.

Unable to keep herself from touching her, she quickly crossed the distance to catch Rachel from behind and circled her arms around her middle, pressing her naked body firmly into her back.

The brunette jumped slightly before she let out a deep breath, “Quinn! You scared me,” She relaxed into the embrace, smiling when Quinn dropped a kiss on her shoulder, “Good morning, baby.”

Quinn groaned as her palms brushed over her flat stomach, “You look so fucking sexy wearing my jersey.”

“Hm,” Rachel hummed happily and turned off the gas, pushing her ass back against Quinn’s bulge, “You should see yourself in it. I’m nothing compared to how you looked last night,” Rachel moaned lightly at the thought and reached over to grab the back of Quinn’s neck, pulling the blonde forward to nibble her earlobe, “Watching you run around, all sweaty and scoring the winning goal… It turned me on so much, baby.”

Quinn groaned and slid her hand under the shirt, cupping the brunette’s bare tit in a firm grip and messaging it, her cock rutting against plump cheeks. Even after fucking all night long and the amazing wake-up call, Quinn still craves her wife’s touch, barely able to contain herself from ripping her underwear off and burying herself deep inside the slippery heat.


“Yes…baby,” Rachel whined, sharp nails ranking through blonde locks before gripping the nape of her neck, moving her body to the rhythm that Quinn created, “Sucking you off makes my pussy so wet.”

“Yeah?” Quinn pinched an erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger, while her other hand slid down into her boxer to feel Rachel’s wet pussy lips, slick juices coating her fingers, “Hm, you weren’t kidding,” Quinn smirked, sliding a finger between the folds to rub tight circles around her engorged clit and latched on the smooth skin on Rachel’s neck, sucking it between her teeth and feeling her wife’s leg beginning to tremble.

“Fuck, Quinn,” Rachel gasped, “I can feel your cock pulsing, baby. I can’t wait until you rip me open with that dick.” The brunette grinded down on nibble fingers and moaned loudly when Quinn bit her neck.

The football player groaned at the words and pulled her hands away, “Bend over.”

Rachel shivered in anticipation and bend over to push the boxer down until it pooled around her ankles and spread her stance, arching her back and planting her elbows on the surface. The blonde took in a deep breath as she admired the sight before her and bunched up the jersey to the middle of her wife’s back, exposing her plump ass.

Quinn grabbed her thick base and brushed the blushing tip of her cock up and down Rachel’s soaked pussy and grunted at the sensation before focusing on the sensitive nub again. She knew her wife loved it when she played special attention to her clit, messaging and rubbing it until the brunette couldn’t take it anymore and begged her to fuck her.  

The thought of fucking her wife while she’s only wearing her jersey makes her possessive side roar.

Broken gasps started to fill up the kitchen as Quinn played with the brunette’s body like an instrument, winding her up but not enough to push her over the edge. A light coat of sweat appeared on Rachel’s forehead as she tried to find the friction she needed to come but Quinn kept denying her, pulling back when Rachel’s moans get just desperate enough.

“What do you need?” Quinn asked, slapping her ass sharply before squeezing the soft flesh.

“I need you to fuck me.” Rachel hissed, “Fuck me, and don’t be gentle.”

The blonde chuckled and finally lined herself up to her opening, sliding into her heat in one smooth motion. Rachel’s inner walls clenched from the delicious stretch, eyes rolling in the back of her head as Quinn bottomed out completely and knocked the breath out of her lungs.

“Like this?” Quinn husked, her lips kissing all over the back of her neck as she waited for Rachel to adjust. The brunette bit her bottom lip and tightened her grip on the counter turning her knuckles white and after a moment, she nodded.

The football player didn’t waste any more time and pinned Rachel against the counter, cheek pressed against the cool surface and took off pounding, her heavy balls hitting Rachel’s clit with every thrust. The brunette kept on babbling incoherently in pleasure, her knees threatening to give out underneath her if Quinn didn’t hold her up. With the way Quinn rolled her hips, driving her thrusts deep inside her, grazing her spots constantly, Rachel knew she won’t last long.

“Oh, God – oh, fuck – right there, right there, baby,” Rachel wailed pathetically as Quinn pumped her meat faster, the clap of their skin echoing in the kitchen.

“Your pussy is clenching so much – fuck… that’s it, take it.” Quinn pulled her wife’s limp body upright and back against her, wrapping her fingers lightly around the base of her neck, and squeezed. She was careful not to grip too hard, while her other hand sought out her oversensitive clit and rubbed it relentlessly.

Rachel’s mouth opened in a silent scream as the pleasure almost overwhelmed her, completely giving herself over to the sensations running through her body, all thoughts flying out of her head. Quinn kissed her cheek lovingly and slowed down her thrusts, bucking her hips into her harder instead of faster and lurching Rachel forward. Her fingers tightened her throat just a fraction but it was enough for Rachel.

“Oh my god, Quinn!” Rachel screamed as her body seized and locked. She came so hard that her knees buckled under her, the only thing holding her up was her wife. Quinn groaned at the tightness that suddenly gripped her cock and shot her load inside her wife, her ass flexing as she tried to bury herself deeper.

Fuck…” The blonde mumbled, pressing her forehead on the warm skin on the back of Rachel’s neck and her arms covering her quivering frame, holding her close.

They breathed heavily together for a moment, blissfully connected as Rachel still shivered from the aftershocks.

“Are you okay?” Quinn smiled, her hand slipping under the jersey to brush her thumb back and forth on her naked stomach.

Rachel let out an exhausted giggle and leaned back into her wife, “If you let me go, I might just collapse on the floor.”

“This is all your fault, you know that right?” Biting into her shoulder over the material, Quinn annunciated her point by snapping her hip forward, making Rachel gasp.

“I guess I have to wear your jersey more often then,” Rachel replied, her fingers curling around Quinn’s neck to whisper in her ear, “Maybe with those black high heels you love so much.”

Quinn growled.