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My Inner Demon

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Was it strange to love oneself like K loved Ryu Sooyeol?


K knew exactly what he was. A part of Sooyeol's inner mind, trauma, and desire to be the hero he wanted to be, as a man of the law. Was it narcissistic loving the man that held all the cards in the physical world while he held all the cards in the mental world that was Sooyeol. The man with all his ability to be the man of the law was stupid if not downright foolish at worst. K wouldn't change it for the world, even if he retroactively was tooth and nail. In the end Ryu Soo-yeol was his idiot, completely in every way. 


K sat on Sooyeol's lap as he slept, the soft snores and relaxed face were so abnormally cute as he gently traced Sooyeol's jaw and cupid bow lip. Lips so pink and wet K was tempted to kiss him. To touch him in a way that was still considered taboo in Korea, to love Ryu Sooyeol the way he wanted to. 


Was that even possible? K didn't know. He was almost too giddy to try till he frowned in disappointment knowing he was thinking too loud. It almost woke up Sooyeol. The man tossed and turned in his sleep, as K didn't miss how Sooyeol arched his back with a soft moan leaving his lips. 


That's one way, maybe… K thought. 


Pushing a soft lock of hair from Sooyeol's face, K took his time taking Sooyeol in. The rise of his brow and curve of his cheekbone and strong nose down to those pretty pink lips again. Was it really him touching Sooyeol or Sooyeol touching himself? The lines blurred sometimes a little too closely, there were moments, of course, of clarity where they knew we're one started and the other ended, but moments like these. The quiet moments between them that had K questioning everything,  it plagued him wanting to know what was real. It tortured K wanting to be his own person and take Sooyeol all for himself. He was the hero , and Sooyeol seemed like the majority of the time his damsel in distress. 


K chuckled at the thought, but no. He couldn't do that to Sooyeol, as much of a fool as he was, his fool . K knew Sooyeol was slowly learning, slowly seeing the truth of all his problems. 


He just needed a little bit of a push.


K tempted fate, tempted himself with his other hand trailing down Sooyeol's neck and chest exposed tantalizingly to the air around them. K smiled wide seeing the goosebumps form across Sooyeol's skin, his fingers teasing an exposed nipple, pinching and rubbing till he got a moan from Sooyeol. The pathetic soft whimper from his lips going straight to K's cock. The deepest feeling of gratification and success burned quick as all he wanted was more . Tracing the fine line of Sooyeol's abs, K purred in glee knowing how well Sooyeol's body worked to get shit done, beat evil people up, and get what he wanted out of life. 


It made some part of K sad that he couldn't have Sooyeol physically. For all he knew this moment wasn't real, but to him it was real! It felt real, tasted real as K dared to kiss Sooyeol's neck burning with desire. 


"You deserve so much love," K found himself saying out loud. "I wish you could see it. From your family, from your friends, Us. Sooyeol.


K moaned as he dove his hand under Sooyeol's waistband of his underwear grabbing his, their? Sooyeol's cock. K smiled again feeling how it was half hard already, he wondered, did Sooyeol dream of him, them, this in his head. Was that why he was here? Getting off at the thought of his own inner demon? K took the chance, wanted, and craved the chance biting onto it and never wanting to let go. He pumped Sooyeol from tip to base hard and fast bringing him to full mass with his tip red and wet with pre. 


K felt the same as his pants felt tight with his cock hard, but not giving a damn as he only wanted Sooyeol to get off. Needing him to get off. To show how much he desired his Sooyeol so completely. K moaned with Sooyeol as he rubbed the tip spreading the pre across his cock, he could feel the warmth and pull in his stomach pulling closer and closer to the edge. 


"Jagi, aein…" K moaned. 


The cry that left K's lips was broken as Sooyeol jolted awake, cumming all over his stomach and chest. A breathless cry left his lips as he felt disoriented and lightheaded from cumming so hard. Slowly coming to his senses Sooyeol noticed how his head hurt and body ached in a way he hadn't felt in a while. His pants half down and chest exposed, it was embarrassing and chilling knowing K had used his body? His? Theirs? It was hard to tell, Sooyeol tried to find a reason to be angry, but he couldn't. 


Either from the afterglow of cumming as hard as he did or knowing it was K who made him like this. His own personal inner demon was as always a menace, Sooyeol got up slowly walking to the bathroom and cleaning up lazily with eyes still heavy with sleep. In the corner of his eye and familiar feeling in his head, he knew K was with him. Staring straight into those dark eyes and oddly shy demeanor of his inner demon, Sooyeol knew something was wrong. Obviously what happened was wrong...was it? Technically it was still masturbation, but to them it was something else. Something deeper asides from quiet literally taking the words "go fuck yourself" to a whole other level. 


"Satisfied?" Sooyeol asked, leaning against the sink and looking at K's reflection.


The smile that spread across his face was infectious as it was telling. 


"We needed it." 


Sooyeol could only nod before getting up and going back to his room. He stopped at the door with K close behind him, tilting his head in curiosity before gawking at Sooyeol knowing what he was thinking. A win for Sooyeol as it was probably  the first time he had K so stunned. Opening the door and stepping inside K watched how Sooyeol locked the door and stripped his clothes one by one. Their eyes locked the entire time with Sooyeol laid bare before him. 


"A little rude, I'm the only one without clothes, Jagiya," Sooyeol pouted those pretty pink cupid bow lips at K. 


He didn't miss how his inner demon eyed his form with a heavy look of determination. 


"No matter, you won't soon," Sooyeol continued, making K flush, "If you wanted to fuck me, fuck me properly."