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Smash Into You

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The underworld was interesting, to say the least. 

The moment they arrived on Maine Street, Emma stumbled and her eyes turned an awful black before they returned to the green they always were. Emma moved away, her movements stiff and her hands moved to her head, and then back down to her side where she balled them into fists. 

Regina narrowed her eyes.

“You guys go ahead and explore, I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

“Are you sure?” Snow asked, and Regina lifted a brow. “Right.”

“She’s not going to do anything, is she?” Henry asked, worried for his Mom.

Regina smiled her special smile at him, reserved only for the ones she loved most, and she grabbed his hand and squeezed. “Don’t worry, Henry, she’ll be fine. I’m sure it’s just the way magic works here.”

She hadn’t even felt any of her magic and for a moment, panic rushed though her but she pushed it aside. She didn’t think she would need any of her magic to help Emma anyway, and she could worry about it after .

Emma seemed tense, and Regina was reluctant to touch her only because of her own fears. She lifted her hand, and then dropped it again before she cleared her throat.


Emma turned around, her hands moving to clench in front of her. She seemed shaky, and her cheeks were flushed, and all Regina could see was the way Emma’s eyes moved up and down, checking her out in a way that hadn’t happened for a long time.

“Fuck.” Emma’s voice sounded gritty and hoarse.

“What just happened?”

Emma shook her head, leaned around Regina to look behind her, and then used her magic to transport them away from Maine Street and into a room.

Regina’s room at the mansion.

“I think I got cursed, or something,” Emma murmured before she pulled Regina into her arms and kissed her with every feeling she’d ever had for the woman. The anger, the frustration, the lust and the love, all wrapped into one hard, intense kiss.

Regina moaned into it, her entire body on fire and her core throbbing, and wrapped her arms around Emma to pull her closer. 

That’s when she felt something hard pressing against her stomach, throbbing in time with her own arousal and she pulled back, her eyes wide and her hands pressing against Emma’s stomach. 


Emma shivered, her eyes dark with want, and she shifted on her feet. 

“I told you, I think I was cursed.” 

“That’s not…” Regina shook her head, trying to think of what could cause this physical change without a spell, but she couldn’t think of anything. There was more than enough in the magical world that she didn’t know about, and she was certain that the underworld had magic no living creature had. “I don’t think it’s a curse, but I wouldn’t know what else it is.” 

“I just need it to go away, Regina.” 

Emma looked desperate.

“I don’t know if I’m the right person to help you with this,” Regina murmured even though she stepped closer, pulled toward the magic in a way that she’d never felt before. 

It was Emma’s magic. 

“You’re the only one that can help me.” 

“I have no magic, dear. I’d help you if I could, if I had the magic, you know this.” 

Emma grunted in frustration, a shaky hand pressed against her forehead. 

“It hurts , Regina.” 

Regina doesn’t move for a long moment, her mind racing to find a solution to this particular issue. Of course, there's only one obvious solution.

“Then take care of it, dear. Don’t let me stop you,” she replied, a smile on her face even as she stepped away and turned around. “I’ll be in the kitchen.” 




Regina made her way downstairs as quick as she could, not sticking around to listen to Emma as she took care of her little problem.

Her core throbbed, and her mind kept going back to the bedroom that wasn’t really hers, where Emma was doing what she could to get rid of the spell. 

It didn’t help knowing that they weren’t in Storybrooke, they weren’t in her mansion and Emma certainly wasn’t in her room with a hard on. 

It really didn’t help.

She clenched her teeth to stop herself from moaning, and sat down at the kitchen table with her head in her hands, ignoring everything her body was telling her to do. 

She was sure the spell would be voided when Emma took care of it, she was sure she wasn’t even needed but all she wanted to do was go back upstairs and help Emma get rid of it one way or another. 

Regina leaned back, the silence all encompassing, and she thought of everything that had led her to this moment. This moment, where she was finally realizing that whatever she was feeling for Emma wasn’t just friendship. She had wanted to be Emma’s the moment that they had come back from Neverland and they had to say goodbye. She’d wanted to be Emma’s even more, when they had finally come back from the Enchanted Forest and they’d met again.

She’d wanted to be with Emma for as long as she could remember, but she had always thought that Robin was her soulmate, the man with the lion tattoo. And so she had pushed her feelings down in a way that she was very familiar with, because she’d done it her entire life and it felt like a second nature.




She was broken out of her thoughts when a bang sounded upstairs, followed by cursing and stumbling, and she didn’t think twice as she stood to her feet and rushed back upstairs to see what was going on.

Only Emma would make a mess of things, only Emma would need help taking care of something as simple as this. She knocked on the door, and more stumbling sounds from behind it made her worried even more.


“It’s not helping!” Emma replied without missing a beat, the frustration more than evident in the way the door swung open and Regina couldn’t help it. Her eyes were drawn to Emma’s problem, which wasn’t so little after all. Even covered up the way that it was, Regina couldn’t help but admit that it was an impressive size.

“What’s not helping?” she asked, her throat dry and her hands shaking. She wanted to touch Emma.

“I tried, I tried...but it’s not helping and I can’t...I don’t know what to do, Regina,” Emma replied, her voice hoarse and shaking. “Why the fuck won’t it go away?”

Regina stepped closer, pulled by an unseen force and she glanced down again before she looked up into the panicked face of her best friend.

“I think you need to figure out who might be able to help you,” she said, her own voice husky. “This might be a case of having the one you love taking care of you. So, it might be best if we find Hook sooner rather than later.”

“It’s not Hook,” Emma said right away, her eyes averted. “It’s not him. He hasn’t been on my mind this entire time, and I know that’s wrong  because we’re here because of him but it’s…”

“Who is it, then, Emma?” 

“You know who it is, you know who I’ve wanted to be with ever since I stepped foot in this town,” Emma grinned, her eyes moving up and down Regina’s slim form, before she pulled Regina into her arms. “It’s you.”

The next thing Regina felt was Emma’s lips on hers in a bruising kiss. 




All thoughts ceased, and Regina didn’t hesitate to kiss Emma back just as hard, just as passionate, just as lustful. She wrapped her arms around Emma’s neck and pressed herself against the blonde even harder, her own body reacting in a way that it hadn’t ever before.

Emma pushed Regina back into the door and pulled away only to start a trail of kisses to Regina’s jawline, and down to her throat while she grinded her cock against Regina’s center, everything faded into the background of their passion.

Emma pulled back, but only enough to breathe into Regina’s ear.

“Will you help me? Please?”

“What do you think I’m doing, dear?” Regina smirked, somewhere between seductively and predatory, and she felt Emma shiver against her. Regina pushed her back, back and followed her, making sure that within no time, Emma was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning back on her hands.

Regina took off her coat and slowly moved toward Emma, her eyes on the bulge in Emma’s pants. She knows the fastest and easiest way to help Emma achieve an orgasm, and she knows how to please a man just as much as she knows how to please a woman.


“Let me handle this, Emma,” Regina murmured even as she moved to kneel down between Emma’s legs. “I can make this little problem go away in no time.”

Emma moaned, but didn’t move as Regina ran a gentle hand over her cock. 

She pushed aside Emma’s shirt, and pulled down her jeans enough so that Emma’s dick was freed, and she licked her lips at the sight. Emma was beautiful, from head to toe, but she had never expected to be in awe as much as she was by Emma’s magical cock.

“Regina,” Emma said in a shaky voice, and leaned to the side to lift one hand to touch Regina’s cheek. “Are you sure?”

“Of course, darling,” Regina replied, without missing a beat. She’d never been as sure about anything in her life and she needed Emma to know. She gently took a hold of Emma’s cock and moved her hand all the way down toward where her balls should be, before pulling back up. “This’ll work, I promise.”

As handjobs went, Regina had given her share, and she loved watching Emma’s face in the throws of arousal. Her own core throbbed at the sight of her Savior in front of her, her head thrown back and her mouth open as she thrust her hips up in Regina’s hand.

Regina worked her magic, used all of her knowledge to make it most enjoyable for Emma and for a moment, everything around them disappeared and it was just the two of them, Regina kneeling in front of Emma and Emma moaning as she got closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Fuck.” Emma gritted her teeth as every muscle in her body tightened, Regina’s hand working wonders as she moved, her thumb moving over the head of her dick every once in a while, and she could feel the throbbing start at the base of her cock. “I’m so close!” 

“Come for me, my darling Emma,” Regina husked, her own core clenching with need as she watched Emma’s ecstasy. It was a beautiful sight and she knew it was one she wouldn’t forget.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck !” 

Emma thrust her hips up as her cock throbbed with the force of her orgasm, white hot come dropping on her chest and dripping over Regina’s hands even as she kept working her magic and helped Emma get out every last bit of it.

It was divine.

Regina took a deep breath and stood to her feet, her eyes on the slowly softening of Emma’s cock and she smiled. “See, I told you it would work.” 

Emma hummed, her eyes closed and her breathing heavy. She didn’t think she’d ever had an orgasm that strong, and she’d had her share of really good sex.

“That was...intense,” she breathed out before she opened her eyes and looked up at Regina. “I didn’t know having a dick could be this fun.”

Regina smirked, her eyes still very much drawn to the now flaccid and fading cock, her pussy drenched at just the thought of what had just happened.

“It was impressive.” 

Emma stood to shaky feet and pulled Regina into a hug. “Thank you.” 

The kiss was softer, gentler than before, but filled with much of the same feelings. 

Regina melted into it, and pulled Emma closer as she deepened it. 

And then it happened.

“What the—” Emma pulled back, her cock blinking back into existence and harder than before, and she moaned as she looked down at it. “Fuck, it was supposed to be gone!” 




Regina found something for Emma to wear that wouldn’t hurt her, and that would also make sure that no one else saw the big problem she was dealing with. 

“This is torture,” Emma murmured as she adjusted and then readjusted herself in the sweatpants. Regina couldn’t help but stare at it, her panties sticking uncomfortably against her folds as she moved to her study and glanced around.

“It seems like everything is the same as at home, which means there are some spellbooks here that should tell me what is causing this and more importantly, how to solve it.” 

She moved quick, even though her sexual frustration, and pulled out the first book she could find on magic and sex.

“Do you keep these in your study where Henry can find them too?” Emma asked, her face pulled into a pained grimace as she sat down. “That doesn’t seem safe.” 

“Henry is not allowed in my study, Emma. Not unless I’m there too.”

Emma’s hand moved to her cock, and she slowly began exploring, squeezing it and rubbing it in a way that made her moan. 

Regina looked up from her book and cleared her throat, closing the distance between them and standing right in front of Emma, her hand on her hip. “Really, Emma?” 

Emma stopped, and with surprising speed, grabbed Regina’s hand and pulled her in her lap. Regina gasped, and Emma moaned as Regina had no other choice but to sit on Emma’s lap. Emma’s hips jerked and Regina could feel her throbbing against her thigh.

“We could try something else, to help me,” Emma said, her voice hoarse with need. 

“I’m not—we’re not fucking, Emma,” Regina replied even though that was all that she wanted in that moment. She wanted nothing more than to have Emma’s dick deep inside of her, her come spurting into her. She adjusted on Emma’s lap and flushed at the moan coming from Emma. “Let me find a way, let me help you in the only way I know how.”

“But what if this doesn’t go away without giving in to the why ?”

“Then we give in to the why, but before that, I would like to find out if there’s another way,” she replied, trying to keep her voice steady. She was still with Robin, even though that had been more of a farce lately than something real.

“Right,” Emma murmured. She gently lifted Regina off her lap before she moved to stand, and then turned toward Regina with a gently, though pained, smile. “Where do we start?”




Regina knew there was no way they would find anything to counteract the unknown spell, just as much as she knew that Emma knew. This spell was something that she’d never encountered before but there was usually one solution—give in to the fantasy.

“There’s one thing I ask of you.” 

Regina moved out of the study and up the stairs, back to her bedroom with Emma following her slowly. There was something very exciting about helping Emma with her problem, and she wanted to make it memorable.

“What’s that?”

“Don’t tell anyone. This stays between us, and in the Underworld. What happens here, stays here.”

“Of course,” Emma breathed, taking Regina’s hand and gently pulling her into an embrace. “I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble between you and Robin, so of course I won’t tell anyone.”

“Perfect,” Regina replied, her voice soft. She knew it was already causing trouble between her and Robin, because there was no going back to him after this adventure. 


“Relax, Emma,” Regina smiled, before pressing herself closer to Emma and gasping at the feel of her body against Emma’s even though all the layers. “There’s no pressure, no need to be nervous.”

Emma hummed, and then took the lead. “I’m not nervous, Regina, I’m ready to get rid of this thing but also, I’m excited because this is something that I’ve been wanting to do since I met you.”

Regina lifted a brow. “Oh, really now, Miss Swan?”

Emma’s cock jerked at the sound of that husky voice, laced with sex, and she grunted out in response. Of course Regina was better at flirting than she was.

“Really, Madam Mayor.”

Regina moved quickly, capturing Emma’s lips in a passionate kiss. 

There was no slow and easy involved, as they pulled at each other’s clothes, buttons flying everywhere as they quickly got undressed, and Regina knew she would have to find her magic sooner rather than later to make sure that she could at least dress them again, but that was a worry for later.

She gasped when Emma pushed her hard and followed her quickly, both tumbling onto the bed and pressing together the moment they could. 

The feel of Emma naked against her was heaven for Regina. 

Emma’s hand roaming her body was perfection, a mix of impatient and gentle, and Regina arched her back as Emma sucked on her nipple hard before licking, and then moved to the other side and gave it the same attention. One of Emma’s hands moved down and pressed her hip down before she moved to the apex of her thighs and slowly pressed it against Regina’s core.

“Fuck,” Regina husked, her body on fire as Emma put pressure on her hand, and touched her without actually giving her what she wanted. She could feel the way she was dripping wet for Emma, and she knew that Emma could feel it too. “Fuck, Emma…”

“Regina,” Emma responded by curling her middle finger, and slowly moving it through Regina’s folds. “Fuck you’re so wet for me.”


Emma kissed her again, pressing her cock against Regina’s thigh in a steady rhythm.

For a moment, a hot moment, nothing was said and everything was felt, as Emma throbbed against Regina’s thigh even as she focussed on giving Regina pleasure over her own, and Regina moaned, hissing as Emma moved through her slick folds and found her clit. Nothing was said, as Emma circled her clit and pressed at just the right spots.

Nothing coherent was said as Regina came hard against Emma’s hand and she screamed. “ Emma !”

She kept murmuring, her voice soft and her heart thumping fast in her chest as she came down from her orgasm. She felt herself dripping on the sheets and she clenched her legs together, trapping Emma’s hand against her and feeling herself growing even wetter. 


“Wow, indeed.” 

She rolled over onto her side, leaning on her elbow with her head in her hand, staring at Emma for a moment with all the love that she was feeling for her, and sighed. “That wasn’t what we’d discussed.”

Emma smiled, and pressed herself against Regina. “We haven’t discussed anything but not telling anyone. Everything was fair game, right?”

Regina hummed, her body still relaxed enough to not even care about what this would do to their friendship, and she pulled Emma on top of her.

They fit together perfectly, and Emma moved her hips and moved her hand between their bodies to adjust herself so her dick lay perfectly between Regina’s thighs. She thrust her hips forward in a jerking motion and Regina gasped, the tip of it pressing against her clit.

“Fair game, of course,” she breathed, even as she pulled Emma even closer. 

The kiss was slow, and the pressure in her belly returned as Emma moved over her, her cock pressing into her thigh. There was so much she’d want to do and there was so much she wanted Emma to know, but the moment that Emma pressed her hips forward, all thoughts left her brain and all she could do was focus on the feelings.

“I can’t believe that this is happening,” Emma murmured before she moved and pushed against Regina’s thigh. Regina shifted and pulled up her knees. “I never expected this to happen.”

“It’s happening,” Regina whispered, her own heart clenching at the emotion she saw on Emma’s face. This wasn’t, and would never be just sex. “It’s really happening.”

Emma hummed and pressed herself forward, the head of her dick pressing against Regina’s center and Regina moaned, the pressure enough to make her gush. She could feel herself dripping, and she knew she was more than ready for Emma, but Emma still didn’t do anything to enter her, and it was frustrating.

“You look…”

“Em ma ,” Regina moaned as she shifted her hips again. Emma’s cock pressed against her entrance. It was heaven. It was torture. “Just fuck me already.”

She reached between them and took Emma’s dick in her hand, and then moved it through her dripping folds before she positioned it and wrapped her legs around Emma’s hips. She impaled herself on Emma’s dick in one swift move and then gasped. 

“Oh, fuck,” Emma breathed, her eyes closed tightly and her arms shaking from carrying her weight. “Oh fuck, Regina.”

Regina pulled Emma on top of her, kissed her hard and passionately before she moved her hips, and Emma grunted into the kiss before she pulled back. The smile on her face told Regina exactly what she could expect, and the moment that Emma pulled back just enough to only have the head inside of her, she knew for sure.

“Yessss,” she hissed and then bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out when Emma pushed back inside her with more force than she’d expected. Her pussy clenched around Emma’s dick, her orgasm way too close, and Emma grinned before she started moving.

“Tell me how you like it, Regina,” she murmured as she kept her movements shallow but steady. “Tell me what you need.”

Regina puffed out a breath, the tension coiling in her lower belly distracting her for a minute before she realized what Emma was asking of her.

“This is about you, my darling Emma,” she whispered before she kissed Emma again, but softly this time. “Focus on you, don’t worry too much about me right now.” 

“I can’t. Please,” Emma whimpered, her movements stuttering to a halt. “I need to know that you’re enjoying it too.” The words were layered with so many things that Regina took a moment to let them sink in before she hummed.

“I need you to move,” she murmured and Emma started moving again. “Harder.” 

“Harder,” Emma echoed and then pulled back, pushed back in hard and repeated the movement. “Good?”


Regina moaned with every stroke, and Emma listened to every suggestion, performing with so much gusto it was a wonder Regina hadn’t already come multiple times. The tension was coiled in her belly and she knew she was close, but she still needed more.

“Harder, please,” she whimpered. Emma pounded into her harder, and Regina let herself be pulled into it even more as she moved a hand between their bodies and pressed her fingers against her clit. 

On the next thrust, Regina’s orgasm swept through her with so much intensity that the room faded, her vision blurred and she screamed, Emma’s name on her lips even as the blonde kept her movements steady, hard and deep and fast. It was glorious, and Emma grunted in her ear as she moved.

“Regina,” Emma breathed heavily.

“Emma,” Regina replied. 

Emma didn’t stop moving until Regina had reached her second orgasm, she didn’t focus on herself until after Regina was sated, her entire body tense with her own impending orgasm and she didn’t let go until she knew for certain.

“Can I?”

“Yes, Emma,” Regina replied without even asking what Emma was asking, because she knew. “You can come inside me.”

Emma grunted in response, and her movements quickened and became more erratic. 

“Oh fuck, Regina, fuck, fuck, fuck .” 

Emma shifted, moved to get even deeper if that was possible as she thrust one, two, three times before she came hard, pushing into Regina hard and deep, and she moaned  as she spilled her come deep inside Regina.

She collapsed on top of Regina, and aside from the occasional spasm, she didn’t move.

They lay there for a long moment, just breathing and enjoying the feeling of their bodies together.

Finally, after all those years, and all those obstacles, something had happened even though it had been because of a spell.

Regina took a deep breath, her body spent, but something bothered her still. 

“It’s not gone,” she murmured as she felt the throbbing inside of her. Emma was still coming down from her orgasm, and her dick hadn’t gone down yet. “Why hasn’t it gone yet?”

“I don’t know.”




Regina loved doing research for magical problems, her only issue with it was that Emma was like a horny teenage boy, and she wanted something from Regina. 

She bent over, her elbows on the desk, her chin in her hands. The last book she’d picked out was her mother’s old spell book, the one she’d used to infuse herself with magic back when they’d just gotten magic back and hers had been hard to get to the surface. 

She wondered if that was the case this time, and she’d opened it on the spell that would give her a boost.

She startled when Emma pressed against her, but couldn’t stop herself from pushing back as Emma’s dick slipped through her folds.

They hadn’t bothered getting dressed all the way—Regina had pulled her bathrobe from the bathroom door, and Emma had gotten her spare. It made it easier to help Emma, and Regina wasn’t opposed to feeling Emma’s cock deep inside of her.

“Emma,” she sighed, even as she tried her best to focus on the magic on the pages in front of her. She needed it, but she needed Emma even more. “Please.”

“Please what , Regina?”

“Please fuck me.”

Emma pulled back, positioned her cock and slammed into Regina’s wetness without preamble and both called out, even as Emma started moving at a relentless pace, her hand moving to press against Regina’s clit even as she fucked her long, and hard, and deep.

“Emma, fuck, Emma!” 

Regina came once and figured Emma would follow, but Emma kept going long and hard and deep, and made her come a second time soon after her first. It was intense, and Regina whimpered as Emma kept going, never stopping before she came a third time, and only then did Emma let go.

She pounded into her, and as she came she pushed Regina even harder against the desk, always trying to spill her load deeper. Regina loved the feeling of Emma’s hot come inside of her and she wanted to stay there in their lovenest and she wanted to keep fucking Emma. 

Feelings were definitely involved for Regina and she was almost a hundred percent sure there were feelings involved for Emma as well.

“Shit, whenever you come around me it’s like a whole other world opens up and it's just us, together,” Emma murmured as she jerked her hips one last time, and then pulled out.

“I don’t really want it to end but I know we need to figure it out, we did come here to get your pirate back.” Regina tensed even as she spoke and quickly pushed down her bathrobe before she picked up the spell book. “Last time my magic was hard to get to, I used a spell from this book. It might help us even if we can’t exactly get rid of your...phallus yet.”

“Right,” Emma said as she narrowed her eyes. “Do you think we’ll find Hook?”

“Your parents might have already found him, dear.” Regina focussed on the magic again, this time letting it envelop her and she felt the way it pressed into her, every nerve in her body trembling as she took in the power of it.

She’d enjoyed her magic lately, more than anything else besides maybe having sex with Emma, and when it wrapped her up she moaned softly. It was arousing to have magic again and when she opened her eyes, she looked into Emma’s green eyes and only saw a deep want that she couldn’t ignore.

“Fuck, that’s sexy,” Emma murmured even as she stepped closer to Regina. “Are you sure you don’t want one last…”

Regina didn’t answer, but responded by pulling Emma against her and kissing her with more passion than she’d ever felt. Emma wrapped her up in her embrace, lifted her into her arms and guided Regina’s legs around her waist before she stumbled forward and against the desk. 

“Focus on the bedroom,” Regina breathed against Emma’s lips and with their combined magic, they transported to the bedroom. They were naked, the bathrobes left behind in the study, and Regina grinned. “Very clever, dear.”

They kissed tenderly for a long while, touching each other softly instead of what had had been, and enjoying the taste of each other in a way that they hadn’t done before Regina had gotten her magic back.

Emma was sure Regina could just wave her hand and get rid of the cock, but she also knew that Regina was enjoying it as much as she was and there was no way either of them would willingly end this before they were ready. 

Regina felt Emma’s precum drip onto her pussy and she bit her lip, her own arousal growing by the minute.

She had never before been kissed with so much love and affection as Emma could kiss her, and it had been way too long since she’d enjoyed an afternoon of sex as much as she was now. Every sexual encounter in her life had been rough and fast, or even forced, and this was a welcome change.

She didn’t want to give it up for anything.

“Emma,” she breathed as Emma moved closer and covered Regina with her body, before she seemed to think of something else and rolled them over so that Regina was on top of her. Her cock pressed against Regina’s folds and Regina moved her hips. They both moaned as even after everything today, they still needed more.

“Regina,” Emma whimpered even as she reached between them and moved her hand as if she wanted to do something. She stopped short and moaned in frustration before Regina realized what it was that Emma wanted. 

She lifted her hips, and Emma quickly positioned herself before she pushed her hips up at the same time as Regina let herself sink down. The way they crashed into each other was perfect, and sparks of magic seemed to start between them.

Regina wasted no time and started moving, her breathing shallow and her back arched as she grabbed onto Emma’s thighs.

Emma moved one of her hands from her waist to her core and pressed her thumb against her clit, and the two of them moved together for what seemed like an eternity.

Changing her position, Regina leaned forward and pressed herself against Emma before she kissed her deeply. She enjoyed Emma’s taste and she wanted more, more, more.

Emma wrapped an arm around Regina’s waist, lifted her up enough so there was a little room between them, and then began pounding into her, hard and deep and everything that Regina needed. 

She could feel herself tightening around Emma, and Emma grunted out as she came closer and closer, and then fell over the edge and spilled herself into Regina’s tight cunt, before Regina followed her and milked her for all she was worth.

They didn’t break the kiss until both were breathless and dizzy and Regina gasped as she pulled back, feeling empty in a way that surprised her before she realized what had happened, and she grinned down at Emma.

“Did that—?” 

Emma breathed deeply a couple of times before she hummed, her hand moving between them again and feeling her own wet folds again instead of the boner she’d been sporting.

“Yea, I guess it did,” she murmured even as she kept her hold on Regina, not willing to let go just yet. “That was interesting.” 

“It was indeed,” Regina lifted a brow. She shuddered when she felt their combined juices leave her body and she took another deep breath before she rolled off of Emma. 

“What happens next?” Emma asked, her voice soft and uncertain.

“I think we need to take a shower,” Regina replied, pushing back her own uncertainty.

She didn’t know what happened next, but she was sure that they would find out soon enough.




They took separate showers.

Regina was already settled in the kitchen, a cup of coffee in front of her, when Emma joined her and poured herself a cup. 

There was a tension between them that Regina hated but she had no idea how to get rid of it. They’d just spent an afternoon having the best sex she’d had in her entire life. There was no way that that didn’t get awkward, especially since they were in the Underworld because of Hook, and Robin was there too.

Regina had forgotten all about them while she’d spent her time with Emma in their bubble, and she took a sip of her coffee before she turned her gaze toward Emma, who’d been just as deep in thought as she’d been.

“I think it’s best if we just forget about what happened here,” she said gently, an answer to Emma’s question from before. “I know we both feel like there’s more, but I also don’t think it is. You were spelled, and I helped. Let’s just keep it at that.”

Emma’s jaw jumped as she clenched her teeth and she nodded her head, even though she didn’t look like she agreed at all.

“If that’s what you want.” 

It wasn’t. It was nowhere near what she wanted and Regina almost said it, but pulled the words back just in time.

“It is. Emma, we’re both taken, your...your pirate is the reason why we’re here and I can’t just ignore that. You risked so much to be here, to save him. You need to follow through, and you need to give it a chance.” 

It hurt to say, but she knew that she was making the right choice.

“I know.”

Regina swallowed thickly against her tears even when she could hear the tears in Emma’s shaky voice. She never wanted to make Emma cry, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she ignored everything else and went to build a life with Emma.

Even though just the thought of that made her feel so much love, and happiness. 

“We’ll still be friends, nothing will change between us...right?” 

“Of course not,” Emma said, her voice strong and sure for the first time since she joined her in the kitchen. “I love you, that’s not changing.”

Regina looked at Emma in surprise before she smiled. “I love you too.”