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Safe Inside

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Danny should’ve known not to get on that electric scooter after he had too much to drink. He especially shouldn’t have waited until all his friends had gone home to attempt the dangerous task of riding down the biggest hill in West Hollywood. The consequences of his previous not-so-smart actions left Danny in his current position; awkwardly laying in the grass at the bottom of the hill with bruises, bloody scrapes on his hands and knees, and the wind knocked out of him.

Slowly Danny came to his senses, or as much to his senses as his alcohol impaired mind would let him. Everything hurt and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. He tried to sit up but immediately fell back against the grass when dizziness overtook him and a sick feeling settled in his stomach. “Fuck, I’m gonna die here” he thought to himself.

He took a few deep breaths, ignoring how badly his ribs hurt, and sat up again, keeping his eyes closed this time and letting his body get used to the new position for a minute. When he opened his eyes, he glanced down at his shaking hands, trying to count his fingers to make sure he hadn’t lost any. When he turned his hands palms up, he saw that they were covered in blood from the cuts and scrapes that resided there.

Panic began to overtake him and a lump formed in his throat when it registered in his brain how bad this really was. There was so much blood. Why was there so much blood?

“Help! You need to get help!” His brain screamed at him. He looked around. His own apartment was all the way at the end of the block, and he couldn’t even remember where the hospital was. Deciding that both of those places were out of the question, his eyes fell on another apartment complex that was only a few hundred feet away. Lucky for him, his favorite person in the world lived there. Roy.


Roy heard a soft knocking on his door at about 1 in the morning. “This better be good” he mumbled to himself, stumbling down the dark hallway towards his front door, fully prepared to cuss out whoever was waiting on the other side.

The door swung open to reveal a very distressed looking Danny. The younger boy was leaning heavily against the doorframe. His cheeks were red and covered with tear stains and his shallow breathing showed that he was only a moment away from bursting into tears again. His clothes had dead grass and leaves stuck to them and his hands and knees were dripping in….blood?

“Danny what the fuck ha-“ Roy started to ask.

Danny’s face screwed up. “Just hold me” he whimpered, collapsing forward into Roy’s arms and sobbing into his shoulder. Danny’s full weight was too much for Roy to hold, so he sat both himself and Danny down on the floor with his own back against the wall and Danny still in his arms.

The younger boy reeked of alcohol so Roy just rubbed his back and shushed him, whispering words of comfort in his ear, fearing that trying to get answers out of Danny would only upset him more. Danny wasn’t always the most relaxed person when he was drunk.

They sat like that for a while until Danny visibly began to calm down. His sobs had subsided into sniffles and his body shook significantly less than it had when he arrived. Eventually he sat up and looked at Roy. “I fell” he whined with a pout.

“How’d you manage that?” Roy asked, already knowing Danny’s explanation would involve some very questionable decision making on the younger man’s part.

Danny shrugged and looked down. “I-I just wanted to like…go home faster and-and so I saw this scooter…and I thought that if I yanno,” he made an unidentifiable gesture with his hands, “rode it…I could go home……but then this happened” he held up his injured hands for Roy to see and more tears welled in his eyes.

Roy rubbed Danny’s back again. “It’s okay, we can fix this. Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” Roy suggests, looking down at Danny. The injured boy just nods and lets Roy get up to go get the supplies.

Roy returns moments later with bandages, medical tape, antibacterial cream, and a wet washcloth. Danny holds his hands out in front of him so Roy can go to work.

He starts by wiping away the dried blood on Danny’s hands and gently applying the antibacterial cream. Danny squirms and makes sounds of discomfort as soon as the antibiotic touches his wounds but Roy is quick to remind him that this is important and he’ll feel so much better once he’s done. Roy bandages up his hands and repeats the process with both of Danny’s knees, sealing each bandage with a kiss.

“See? All better.” Roy says with a smile.

“Mhmmm” Danny sighs, leaning forward to put his head on Roy’s shoulder. “I wanna sleep” he mumbles, eyes falling shut.

“Not here Dan” Roy told him, pushing the younger man off of him and helping him stand up. Danny swayed before Roy wrapped an arm around his waist and lead him to the bedroom. He pulled the covers back so Danny could slide under them. He gingerly did so and pressed the side of his face against the pillow, staring up at Roy with tired sparkling eyes.

“Let me guess…you want me to stay with you?” Roy said, knowing Danny’s constant need to cuddle when he’s not feeling the best.

“Please?” Danny asked.

“Fine.” Roy gave an exaggerated sigh and climbed into bed next to him. Danny immediately snuggled up into Roy’s arms, laid his head on his chest and closed his eyes. The pair stayed silent for a few moments, the feeling of each other’s steady breathing calming them both.

Eventually Danny broke the silence. “I love you Roy” he said. “Like a lot…like I really actually love you”

“You’re drunk Dan…go to sleep” Roy told him.

“No I mean it. I love you.” Danny repeated, looking directly into his eyes.

Roy stayed silent and just hugged Danny tighter while he tried to process what he just said. Was he serious? Drunk words were sober thoughts, right? His hand found its way into Danny hair, fingers gently combing through the dark brown locks while Roy contemplated his next words. He had a whole speech planned incase this day ever came. A whole list of reasons why he loved Danny and why he was afraid to ever tell him how he felt. The timing just didn’t feel right for all of that now though. Danny was drunk and hurt and probably couldn’t comprehend much right now so Roy decided on a few simple words that were short and to the point.

“I love you too Danny…like really actually love you.”

After getting no response from him, Roy looked down at the boy laying against his chest, only to find that he had fallen asleep.

“Curse the fact that playing with his hair makes him fall asleep” Roy internally scolded with an eye roll.

Roy kissed Danny’s hair, pulled the covers up over both of them and went to sleep as well, realizing he’d have to wait until morning to see just how much Danny remembered.