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bedroom hymns

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The room is dark except for the yellow glow exuding from the lamp on her nightstand. It's silent, save for the quiet, even breathing of the semi-naked woman on her bed. And really, a more alert version of Laura would've known exactly what to expect from the situation. Nobody asks to use your spare key without an agenda. But in the status quo of her exhaustion post three back-to-back pointless meetings at UBA, nothing could’ve prepared her for the delicious, mouth-watering vision she stumbles upon as she crosses the threshold into her bedroom.

Bradley is lying belly-down on her bed, her feet crossed in the air behind her back. Her head is propped up against her hand, a knowing smirk firmly in place, dripping with faux-innocence. Her other arm lays in front of her bare breasts, shielding them from view. Her back, Laura notices, still sports bright red scratches from the other night, which aggressively crisscross their way through pale skin. 

She wears nothing but a tiny scrap of fabric that has no business calling itself underwear. The thin band of the lingerie elegantly encompasses her hips before giving way to black satin. The garment is clearly one or two sizes too small, but it puts up a valiant effort to cover most of Bradley's ass.

Then it hits her. It’s hers.

Bradley had joked about it their first night together. Something along the lines of "Of fucking course Laura Peterson wears silk underwear", which had gravely wounded the vegan in Laura and resulted in a brief unfolding of the excruciating minutiae of silkworm murder. "Jesus…", she'd let out before shutting Laura up midway through her explanation with a kiss, "you're lucky you're sexy."

It takes her a minute, but Laura snaps out of her reverie just in time for it to catch up to her. Bradley Jackson is naked on her bed, save for her own underwear. She could cry. 

Instead, she moans.

The low-registering sound comes out of her mouth before she has a chance to stop it, and it does nothing to assuage the beam of pride that visibly exudes from Bradley at the elicited reaction.

"Is that…", she attempts to ask even though she already knows the answer. 

Bradley interrupts her before she has the chance to finish the question. "I would’ve gone for the matching bra too if we didn’t wear different cups." 

Cheeky. A bout of sarcastic laughter makes its way past Laura’s lips, her eyes still glued to Bradley’s all but naked form.

“You’re unbelievable." she whispers, still incredulous. 

Bradley has the decency to blush at that, and Laura’s fragile heart skips a beat. “This is not criticism.” she adds, a knowing smirk finally taking over her features.

“Good to know.” Bradley retorts as she sits up on the bed, bringing her legs to dangle off the edge. Her arms move away from her breasts, and the reflection of something catches the dim light of Laura’s nightstand lamp just right. 

Oh. Oh

Laura isn’t often surprised. She makes a point of being excellent at reading people. To understand what makes them tick. To embrace the subtext. It's what makes her excel at her job. No amount of journalistic experience would've been enough to prepare her for the sight of Bradley Jackson donning a pair of discreet silver barbells on her nipples.

She feels more than controls the way that her jaw slacks at the visual. It’s pathetic, really, and for a brief moment she feels like a horny teenager, but she can’t help herself. Laura is a woman hypnotized.

“Since when do you—“, she attempts, really attempts, to keep the arousal off her voice, but it comes out like molten honey anyway.

It makes no sense. She has seen this woman naked four times now. Five, really — there’s no time like the present.

Bradley bites her lip at the tone, an unusually shy smile just scratching the surface.

“I take them off when they’re showing through my clothes," she explains, looking down at her own breasts and then back at Laura. “Quite often, lately.”

Laura huffs out an incredulous laugh before she’s kneeling in front of her lover's spread legs, hands coming to rest on her thighs as if on instinct. Her eyes feel heavy on Bradley’s skin. She opens her mouth, but nothing seems to come out.

Bradley laughs openly at that. It’s not every day that Laura is rendered speechless and she knows it.

“God...” she finally manages before tracing the outline of a breast with her index finger, her touch almost reverential, leaving goosebumps in its wake. “Can I…”

Bradley nods eagerly.

Gently, Laura pinches a nipple. The touch is just enough to get it to harden, and the jewelry becomes more apparent against Bradley's skin. It's been a while since she's had sex with anyone while leaving the bars on, but she finds herself eager to experience it with Laura.

Tentatively, Laura takes her breasts in both hands, twirling the skin experimentally. A little mewl escapes Bradley's lips at that, and Laura feels her confident demeanor slowly find its way back to her. A smirk breaks through her features, and she's delighted to look up and see Bradley sporting a matching one.

"Hi." she whispers through her lust-clouded haze, looking up at Bradley as her smirk gives way to a soft smile.

"Hi there." Bradley replies, surrendering to the tenderness for a minute. Laura presses a soft, lingering kiss to the underside of Bradley's breast, and the other woman brings a hand down to wrap around Laura's dark tresses.

"Come here", Bradley commands softly and pulls Laura further up so that their breaths are ghosting over each other's mouths, Bradley's jewelry rubbing against the thin fabric of Laura's dress shirt, just over her breasts. "Good day?"

Laura can't help but laugh at the contrasting domesticity of the inquiry. 

"It is now." she responds as she softly presses their mouths together once. Twice, eliciting a sigh. Three times and her tongue finally demands entrance.

They kiss slowly. Bradley wraps her legs around Laura's waist, bringing them closer together, her arms coming up to cross around the other woman's neck. Laura's hands renew their grip against the skin of Bradley's thighs, leaving small, crescent-shaped marks on her warm flesh. Parting for air proves itself to be a challenge neither woman feels particularly eager to tackle.

"Laura…" Bradley whispers against her mouth with a whine, and Laura looks at her through heavy half-lidded eyes. "You aren't naked enough."

A soft chuckle escapes her. Laura's come to find that Bradley is the perfect balance of lovable brat — albeit infuriating at times — and sensual lifeforce. It makes for a sexy, intoxicating ride.

"You did get a headstart…", Laura teases, her hands forsaking their grip on Bradley's thighs to unbutton her blouse. 

Bradley slides the offending fabric down Laura's shoulders, making quick work of the zipper on her linen slacks. 

"Are you complaining?", she asks with a gleam in her eye as Laura observes her deft movements, lifting her knees a little to rid herself of the slacks entirely.

"No, ma'am." Laura chuckles out through a strained southern accent as Bradley yanks her closer by the swell of her lace-clad ass. A small noise of surprise leaves her lips at the contact, cutting through the snark. Bradley's pride feasts on it.

They gravitate towards one another effortlessly, their mouths meeting in a far more urgent kiss. Laura's hands take hold of Bradley's breasts once again, palming her nipples with interest before appreciating the silver barbells on her lover's chest with her thumbs. Bradley tenderly holds onto Laura's face with one hand, the other slipping just under the waistband of her underwear, resting atop the curve of her ass.

Reluctantly, they part for air once more. Laura leaves a trail of wet kisses down the column of Bradley's neck, biting on the skin of her jaw for good measure.

"Where do you want me?"

Everywhere, Bradley wants to say. Instead, she pushes Laura down so that she's kneeling between her legs again.

Knowingly, and with a smug smirk in place, Laura resumes trailing kisses along Bradley's inner thigh, stopping just shy of her satin-covered sex. Donning a near predatory look, she bites on the edge of the fabric, pulling it down slowly with her teeth. It's wet where it clings to Bradley's center, and Laura has to lightly tap on the back of Bradley's thighs to get her to lift her hips. Neither woman dares make a sound, too entranced in the act itself. The garment slides off, fruitlessly clinging to one of Bradley's ankles.

"Open." Laura whispers as she presses a kiss to Bradley's knee, urging her legs further apart. A low moan escapes her now, echoing through the silence of the bedroom. 

Softly, Laura runs her hands up Bradley's thighs, her thumb grazing the inner flesh. All the while, she presses an open-mouthed kiss on her lower stomach. Bradley's hips rut against the contact, urging her closer with a groan.

Always so impatient, Laura thinks to herself, not for the first time. Making love to Bradley, she's decided, is like pouring wine onto an empty glass. The way it eagerly swims around the rounded edges before settling nicely on the bottom. That's Bradley. 

Laura licks a line from the woman's navel down to the apex of her thighs, reveling in the way her breath seems to falter. A raised eyebrow silently requests permission, and a vigorous nod from Bradley offers the go-ahead. 

All at once, Laura's mouth is on her, hot and warm and ever so skilled. A surprised little "Oh!" escapes Bradley's lips at the feeling, the first swipe of Laura's tongue always somewhat overwhelming. She licks lazy lines up Bradley's slit, avoiding her clit for the time being. It's delicious and it's torturous. 

Laura means to go slow, she really does. Bradley, however, has other plans. Ever eager, she wraps her right hand around a lock of her lover's hair, gently guiding her movements. To her surprise, Laura lets herself be led. Bradley's center is lathered with arousal, and it's not long before it coats Laura's face entirely.

The erotic sight catches up to Bradley in no time, a low growl forming in her throat. She feels more than she sees Laura smile against her cunt, and it's enough to make her rut against her face once again.

Laura's hands find purchase on Bradley's hips, gently urging her forward onto her tongue like a woman starved. The strength of her grip is sure to leave a bruise on her hipbone, and Bradley shivers at the thought.

It's almost embarrassing, really, how quickly the evergrowing warmth in the pit of Bradley's stomach builds. She grips Laura's hair tighter on reflex, effectively grinding her cunt against the other woman's face. The tip of Laura's tongue comes to rub just below the hood of her clit and she's done for.

"Laura," she breathes out, and it's all shaky and desperate. She repeats her name in a crescendo like a mantra, drawls it out with her southern accent as pleasure invades her senses. "Yes."

It hits her like the ocean sweeping across the shore, something breaking loose inside. Bradley moans with abandon, her thighs still shaking in the aftermath. Laura's expert licks turn into gentle kisses along her inner thighs, her death grip on Bradley's hips softening gradually.

"All good?" Laura asks, looking a little like the cat who got the cream. 

"So good." Bradley's response is giggly but heavy with exhaustion, and she uses her loose grip on Laura's hair to pull her up so they're at eye level. She licks a line from Laura's chin to the edge of her jaw, tasting her own arousal. 

Always so good, she thinks to herself as her teeth sink into pale skin.

Neither is sure who initiates it, but their mouths meet in a messy kiss, all tongue, and teeth, and passion. Bradley tastes herself but also something that is uniquely Laura.

Experimentally, Laura runs her fingers through Bradley's sensitive folds.

"Oh!", she gasps in surprise, not expecting contact again so soon.

"Is this okay?" Laura asks against her lips as two of her fingers circle Bradley's entrance.
Bradley wraps a leg around Laura's waist, urging her closer. "Yeah."

Smirking, Laura gently enters Bradley with two digits. A long moan catches in Bradley's throat at the intrusion. "Yes."

Laura gives her a minute to get acquainted with the feeling before slowly moving in and out. Bradley throws her head back with a groan, and Laura's eyes drift towards the silver barbells on her chest once more.

A small motion and Laura has a nipple in her mouth, her tongue tracing its edges curiously. Bradley gasps once again, one hand flying to the nape of Laura's neck on reflex. She sucks on it tenderly at first, getting to know the foreign taste of metal, urging a "fuck" from Bradley's lips. 

"Is it just me or do these make you oversensitive?", Laura asks with genuine curiosity as she bestows similar treatment on the neglected breast, her fingers pressing deeper inside. Bradley manages a nod amidst the haze of her pleasure, giggling to herself a little at how good it feels.

Tentatively, Laura chances a bite on Bradley's nipple. It's confident enough to make itself felt, but not hard enough as to hurt. With a groan, Bradley's legs draw wider, inviting her deeper. "Again", she asks with a whine.

Laura bites down on the pebbled flesh, softly drawing it between her teeth, and the noise that escapes Bradley isn't something either of them recognizes.

"Can you…" Bradley starts but needs to take a moment to gather her thoughts. She holds onto Laura's thrusting hand, gently guiding it upwards so the heel brushes against her clit. "Like that."

Laura nods against her breast, tracing the underside of it with her tongue. And she would tease, would call Bradley eager, would make her work for it a little longer, but the simple truth is she's not in the mood to deny Bradley anything.

"Faster?", she asks. Bradley shakes her head no. "Harder." And Laura acquiesces.

She works Bradley through her pent-up desire, fingers rubbing against that sweet spot inside her over and over again. Bradley moans and it's languid and delectable and sexy, and Laura feels herself being driven a little crazy.

Determined to bring forth Bradley's undoing, she surreptitiously adds a third finger, latching her mouth onto a breast once again and sucking on it with abandon. Bradley gasps at the sudden assault.

A whisper of "oh my God" escapes Bradley's lips as she melts into Laura's touch. "Please." she pleads, subconsciously thrusting into Laura's hand.

Laura grinds her hand against Bradley's clit with a little more force and then she's shaking, hands finding purchase on Laura's shoulder, nails scratching down her back.

Gasping for air, she buries her face in the crook of Laura's neck, breathing her in with her oxygen. Cradling her head, Laura runs a thumb across her cheek as she withdraws her fingers from her sex, a whimper cutting through the air. Laura laughs a little before pressing a kiss to her hair, trying not to dwell too much on the intimacy of it.

"You're incredible." Bradley whispers softly against the skin of her throat, and Laura has to try a little harder. 

"I bet you say that to all the girls." she jokes because that's what she knows best.

"Mmm, no, just you."

The silence that befalls them overwhelms Laura a little, and she clears her throat before gently pulling Bradley away.

"Sorry, my knees are killing me." she says matter-of-factly as she forsakes her spot on the floor, climbing onto the bed and patting the spot next to her. Bradley lies down beside her on her stomach, one hand drifting lower to rub reassuring circles on Laura's overworked knee.

"I appreciate you tending to my geriatric joints."

Bradley's circles quickly turn into a playful slap to Laura's thigh. "Idiot."

She pulls her closer then, kissing her slow and soft. Absentmindedly, Laura begins tracing a line up and down Bradley's back.


Bradley's eyes widen at the question, and she can't help but chuckle a little.

"No, what about you?"

"Well…", she begins with her signature raised eyebrow, taking the opportunity to press wet, open-mouthed kisses along Bradley's spine. "I'm sure we could work out something simultaneous."

The suggestion is enticing, albeit slightly intimidating.

“Laura, I don’t think I can come like that." Bradley admits. ADHD: 1. Bradley Jackson: 0.

“Mmm, then don't.” she counters, tracing a line up Bradley's spine with her tongue. "No rush. It can just feel good.”

And that hadn't actually occurred to Bradley. Her pleasure has never been something to be drawn out and savored. No, she's always tried for the quickest way to the end game, and sixty-nining had most definitely never been a part of that equation.

Bradley nods her agreement, turning around and pulling Laura into a lingering kiss, unhooking her bra in the process. The garment falls onto Bradley's chest, and her deft fingers come down to rid Laura of her underwear too. The older woman moves to assume her position, throwing the lingerie haphazardly across the room in the process, but Bradley stops her. 

"Let me be on top." she requests, pressing gentle kisses to Laura's arms. "Your geriatric knees, remember?"

And Laura laughs openly at that because it's easy and it's fun. "Okay."

Bradley sits up, but Laura's hand on her arm halts any further movements.

"Hold on." Laura says with a smile, sitting up too so they're face to face. Gently, she gathers most of Bradley's hair around a tight fist, a few loose strands rebelling out of her grasp. With her right hand, she pulls on the hair tie around her wrist before carding the blonde tresses through it. A firm yank on the ponytail ensures its security.

They look at each other in silence for a moment, basking in the intimacy of the gesture. 

“Have I told you I like it when you wear it like this?”, Laura whispers, lazily playing with one of the escaped strands.

Bradley ducks her head in a frugal attempt to hide the blush that overcomes her.

Laura smiles deviously and leans in close. “It leaves all this,” she nuzzles the other woman's neck, “accessible to the public.” She leaves a trail of open-mouthed kisses along the curve of her jaw, under her ear, and down her cleavage.

"The public, huh?" Bradley retorts even as her eyes flutter closed of their own accord.

"Audience of one." she whispers as she gently bites the flesh of Bradley's shoulder, and the younger woman tries not to read too much into what was surely a throwaway line. Right?

"Now turn around and get on top." she commands, and Bradley's breath hitches in her throat. She moves on all fours towards the apex of Laura's thighs, straddling her face, adjusting herself so that their height difference isn't too much of an inconvenience. Gently, she lays the weight of her upper body onto Laura, feeling their sweaty skin sticking together. A delighted little sigh escapes her of its own accord.

Laura's arms wrap tightly around Bradley's thighs, pulling her down onto her mouth until wet heat meets her waiting tongue, eliciting a gasp of surprise. Bradley's still a bit oversensitive and the sudden contact sends a shiver down her spine.

"Get to work, Jackson…" a voice in her head tells her, and she begins lapping at Laura's folds softly. It's the first time she's been touched that night, and Laura moans appreciatively against her center, sending vibrations straight through her core. 

And she was right, Bradley muses. It does feel good, because all she can feel is Laura, and all she can see and taste and hear is Laura, Laura, Laura. Laura's warm tongue gently circling her clit, Laura's long fingers absentmindedly drawing small, spiral-like patterns against the curve of Bradley’s ass as the skin beneath them erupts in shivers, Laura's uneven breathing interwoven with quiet mewls of pleasure…

“Slowly, honey, I’m not going anywhere.” Laura whispers against Bradley's inner thigh, and it's only then that she realizes she's been bucking her hips into her face. A blush instantly covers her skin, and she's grateful for the current positioning of their bodies.

"Sorry." she whispers against Laura's inner thigh, running her nails down the soft skin there. A moan erupts from deep within her chest at that, and Bradley smirks a little at her accomplishment.

"It wasn't a complaint," Laura manages, her signature cocky tone firmly in place. "I promise."

She punctuates her promise with a soft bite to one of Bradley's folds, startling the younger woman, her hips bucking into her face again of their own accord.

"Can I use my fingers?", Bradley asks, circling Laura's entrance with two digits.

"God, yes." comes Laura's strained reply, and Bradley meets little resistance as she promptly slides inside. Laura’s mouth ceases its movement for a minute as she gasps at the intrusion, rolling her hips, taking her in further.

Bradley thrusts experimentally, licking slow circles around Laura's clit. It's slow and wet and delicious, an appreciative hum escaping Laura at the feeling. "Yes, that's good."

The validation has Bradley grinding against her lover once more, her speed increasing until she feels herself riding Laura's face.

''Wait, stop!" she commands with a desperate whine, lifting her hips slightly. Laura immediately pulls away.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Laura does her best to look at her despite the awkward angle, craning her neck a little, and Bradley's heart flutters at the genuine concern she finds in her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm all good just… let me focus on you for a second?", she pleads as she presses a tender kiss just above Laura's knee. Her tone drips with affection. Laura mirrors the action, smiling softly. 


Bradley resumes her thrusting, keeping it slow the way Laura seemed to like. Her partner's shaky exhale lets her know that she's doing something right. 

Her lips close around Laura's clit again, and she gently swipes her tongue across it from side to side. She works her up gradually, never switching up the pace too drastically. It builds within her core like a crescendo. Bradley enters her with a third finger, a slight burn accompanying the feeling of fulfillment. All the tension in Laura's body settles on her lower abdomen; unbound pleasure just scratching the surface, waiting to send her over the precipice. 

The all-consuming feeling of Bradley's head between her thighs pairs nicely the direct view she has of the other woman's neglected throbbing center. Bradley sucks her clit into her mouth and Laura's driven wild. "Yes! Yes. Fuck."

Her legs shake under Bradley, her orgasm crashing over her in involving waves. Awash with relief, she lets out a throaty laugh that takes both women by surprise. She feels flushed and sweaty and sated, overcome with unbridled contentment. 

Bradley climbs off of her, her body meeting the mattress with a heavy thud. She cranes her neck from side to side, feels her back muscles stretch beneath her.

"You're something, you know that?", Laura whispers, and there's a newfound lightness to her tone.

"I think you've mentioned that before…" Bradley replies with a giggle as she stretches her spine, arching her back just so. She exhales heavily, and the movement gives Laura a front-row seat to the rise and fall of her breasts.

Laura is suddenly reminded of the angry, reddened state of Bradley's cunt just moments before, and determination brews deep in her stomach.

"Come here," Laura's contralto voice carries the command. She extends her hand to Bradley, pulling her closer. She meets her halfway with a kiss, lurching down to barely catch Bradley's mouth. It's messy and tired, but fervorous all the same. 

Bradley moves to straddle her, but Laura has other plans. She disconnects her lips softly, shaking her head as she sits up without a word. Carefully, she turns her lover around, positioning herself flush against Bradley's back. A gentle hand wraps itself around her throat, urging her not to move. "Like this."

All she can do is nod her agreement, too enthralled by the sudden shift in Laura's demeanor.

Laura brings her left hand around to Bradley's center, dipping her fingers through the wetness slightly. Bradley spreads her legs a little, accomodating the intrusion, and Laura rewards her with a series of soft kisses to the back of her shoulders. The hand on her throat comes down to splay across her sternum.

"Please." Bradley whispers, and she doesn't quite recognize the tone of her own voice.

Laura rubs the pads of her fingers over her clit, gently moving them up and down, covering the bundle of nerves in her arousal. Slowly, she begins drawing tight circles around it, subconsciously bucking her hips into Bradley's ass.

“More.” Bradley protests weakly, panting with every breath. Her chest rises and sinks with exhaustion.

Laura enters her with one finger first, burying it to the hilt. Bradley nods her approval, taking over the ministrations on her clit. "Another one."

A second digit plunges into her sex, and a shaky breath escapes her. 


Sweet, caring Laura, always checking in, always making sure, always so fucking attentive. Sweet, caring Laura is going to be the death of her.

Bradley doesn’t answer, just nods once and bears down on Laura's fingers with more vigor, every thrust matched with a moan. She’s close, Laura can tell.

She sets a punishing pace, pushing into the fluttering walls of Bradley's cunt and drawing out. Bradley moves against her, practically sitting on her lap, chasing her release. Her free hand moves back to brace itself behind Laura's neck, pulling her into a messy open-mouthed kiss. It's dirty and sweaty and Bradley's afraid to pull a neck muscle from the exertion, but as she finally moans her release into Laura's mouth, the pain becomes a secondary factor.

"Baby…", she whispers against Laura's lips, "baby, that's enough."

But Laura doesn't stop. She nuzzles Bradley's neck, breathing her in, and begins pounding into her with renewed force.

"Laur— ah!” she pleads, feeling her legs tremble under her. "I can't anymore."

"Shh, one more," she whispers against Bradley's skin. "One more, baby. Come on."

And then Laura's skilled fingers curl inside her just right, and Bradley feels herself nod her consent vigorously. 

"Do you need another?", Laura asks and Bradley is as surprised as anyone at the obscene noise that tumbles out of her mouth at the thought.

"Please. Please. Laura, please." she feels herself beg, gasping over the words as if she were running out of air, rutting against the other woman's hand as if it were her lifeline. 

Laura pushes a third finger inside, aided by the filthy amount of arousal dripping from Bradley's center. A series of unidentifiable expletives make their way past her mouth, but she's too far gone to mind.

"I'm so close. Don't stop, baby. Keep going. Fuck, I'm so close." Bradley whispers the words like a mantra, and Laura acquiesces with a steady hand on her hip, guiding her through it.

It's white-hot and overpowering as it explodes, coating Laura's hand with arousal, drawing the most guttural sound from deep within Bradley's throat. 

They stay in silence for a couple of minutes, catching their breath. The rapidly cooling sweat on their skin leaves them exposed to the night breeze that drifts inside through the bedroom's open window.

Carefully, Laura removes her hand from between Bradley's legs, wrapping both arms around her naked waist.

"Come here," she urges, leaning back onto the bed and pulling Bradley along with her, enveloping her further in her embrace. Surrendering to the tenderness of the aftercare, Laura presses the gentlest of kisses on her jaw.

"Did you like your surprise?", Bradley teases, her voice strained with exhaustion.

Laura breaks out in laughter, resting her head on Bradley's shoulder. "Yeah, good surprise."