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Boa probably shouldn’t have brought home one of the youngest girls in the company, but Karina’s already here, so it’s too late to do anything about it. She’s not going to kick her out now. Not when Karina looks so good in the dim lighting of Boa’s living room, perched on her couch, her eyes wide and expectant.

Boa takes a slow sip of wine as she mulls over her options. She can have Karina’s mouth, if she wants. She can touch Karina. Or she can sit back, relax, and do nothing but watch.

Karina is on the edge of her seat on the couch. Her hands are halfway obscured by her long sleeves and her fingers worry the edges. She’s sitting so straight, with her shoulders back, like she’s about to do one of SM’s mock media interviews. Well, if she’s ready to perform, then Boa’s happy to be the audience.

Boa sets down her wine glass on the side table.


“Yes sunbae-nim.”

Outside of work, the honorific creates unwanted distance. It will have to be changed soon, but Boa doesn’t have the energy to think of what it should be replaced by right now. She only has one thing on her mind. She leans forward, plants her elbows on her knees and rests her chin on the back of her hand.

“I want to see you touch yourself.”

Without missing a beat, Karina replies. “Yes.”

She stands up on shaking knees and unbuttons her jeans. The zipper rasps as it’s undone, and then Karina is tugging her jeans down over the curve of her ass, bending to remove them from the length of her legs. She’s tall—as tall as Boa wishes she could have been.

Her panties are simple—white cotton with lace edges. Karina bites her lip and hesitates for a moment with her thumbs hooked in the waistband.

“Off, Jimin-ah.”

“Right,” Karina says. Her voice shakes. Boa wonders why she’s nervous—they’ve spent enough time together recently for the Dreams Come True remake, and Karina is beautiful. Surely, she can’t be nervous about being naked in front of her.

Once her panties are off, Karina looks to Boa with her brows pulled together. It’s as if she’s asking a silent question—now what do I do? Boa wonders what she’s gotten herself into. Karina can’t be so inexperienced that she doesn’t know how to touch herself, right?

“Sit on the couch.” Boa is quickly tiring of having to give directions. The wine is making it harder and harder to string words together. “Spread your legs. I want to see all of you.”

Karina makes a sound in her throat—like a whimper—and then does as Boa says.

She’s waxed, because of course she is, and Boa has to fight the urge to roll her eyes. Still, she’s gorgeous there, just like she is everywhere else, and Boa leans back in her chair to watch. Karina’s hand skims over her thigh and then descends between her legs.

She starts by cupping herself gently. Her hand shields the most intimate part of her body from Boa’s eyes, but when Karina starts to move her hand, Boa can imagine the sensation. Up and down it moves, like she’s warming up the skin. Boa is overcome by an urge to add to that warmth with her mouth, but she holds herself back. She really does want to watch first.

“Sunbae-nim,” Karina whispers. Her eyes keep moving from Boa’s face to the side of the room, as though she wants to look at her but is too shy to maintain eye contact.

“Keep going.”

Karina nods once and then spreads her legs further apart. Boa is surprised, and, because of the wine, slightly confused when Karina’s fingers dip below her clit without touching it at all. Through the dim lighting, it’s hard to see exactly what she’s doing, but it looks like she’s just rubbing her fingers in loose circles around her folds. It doesn’t seem pleasurable at all. Eventually, she tries to push a finger inside herself, dry, and Boa cringes internally.

“Are you nervous?” Boa asks. “Just do it the way you normally do.”

Karina nods like she understands, but the awkward movements of her fingers against her folds betray her. Her body doesn’t respond at all—her hips don’t jerk or roll and her thighs don’t twitch. Even her expression remains flat. It continues like that for several minutes before Boa realizes something.

Karina has no idea what she’s doing.

“Jimin-ah,” she chides, almost annoyed. She had been hoping for a show, after all. That’s why she’d risked so much to bring the girl home. “Don’t tell me you don’t know how to get yourself off.”

“I—” Karina trails off. “No, I’ve touched myself before.”

“Okay. And have you ever given yourself an orgasm?”

“…I think so?”

“You think so,” Boa deadpans.

“I mean—I’ve tried!” Karina blushes bright red. “I’ve tried a few times. But not until kind of recently. And whenever I did—I don’t know—my hand would get tired so I’d give up. I didn’t—I don’t think I felt the way I’m supposed to feel.”

Boa sighs. Looks like she’ll have to do everything herself. No surprises there. She downs the rest of her wine, sets the glass back down, then rises from her chair and strides over to Karina with purpose. Karina’s head cranes up to look at her as she approaches.


“Legs open wide, Jimin-ah.”

Karina obeys, and Boa sinks to her knees. She looks up at Karina calmly as she rubs insides of her thighs a few times to relax her. “You really should know how to do this yourself. But since you don’t, I’ll help you out this time.”

“S-sunbae? Wh—” Karina cuts herself off with a loud grown when Boa sucks her thumb into her mouth, pulls it back out, and then presses it against Karina’s clit.

“Oh my god.” Karina’s hips jerk up. “What are you doing?”

“This is how you touch yourself,” Boa says. Gently, she allows her thumb to start moving against Karina’s clit. The motion builds slowly. The movements are unhurried but incessant, and they cause Karina to let out small, sharp breaths. She sounds confused, almost, like she’s experiencing this type of pleasure for the first time. Maybe she is. The thought is jarring. Boa vaguely wonders if it’s really possible that Karina, twenty-one years old, has never achieved an orgasm on her own. The idea that she will be the first person to do that for her is bewildering and enticing, especially since Boa hasn’t been someone’s first anything for over a decade now.

Once Boa’s got a steady rhythm going, it’s not long before Boa notices Karina starting to get wet. The pink flesh of her cunt glistens. Wetness trails down her folds and onto the couch. When Boa leans further in, she can smell its sharp, earthy scent. It turns her on.

“I assume you’ve gotten wet before,” Boa says. Her tone holds a hint of mockery in it.

“Yes,” Karina whines. “Sunbae-nim. When I watch you dance. When you touched my hips in choreography practice to guide me on a move. That’s when it happened last.”

“Oh?” Boa smiles up at Karina. She’s still moving her thumb in tight circles around her clit. “That’s cute. How about before that?”

“Don’t know. When I’d read manhwas. Unh—oh god, sunbae-nim, please, I can’t—”

“Ahh, manhwa?”

Boa knows she’s being frustrating on purpose. She blames the wine. And besides, she can’t say she’s not enjoying this. A lovely girl begging for her touch—it’s cute. “Jiminie used to touch herself to drawings of girls kissing? Because she couldn’t work up the nerve to ask a real girl to touch her?” Boa laughs. She leaves Karina’s clit alone for a moment to drag her fingers from the bottom of her cunt up through her soft folds. “So cute.”

She gathers more of Karina’s wetness between her fingers. There’s a lot of it—Boa can’t remember the last time she got that wet. She uses it to coat Karina’s clit, make the touch easier on her, and hopefully more pleasurable. It works—Karina throws her head back against the couch and her mouth falls open.

“Don’t hold back—I want to hear you.”

“Yes,” Karina heaves. Her chest rises and falls rapidly with her heavy breathing. She appears to be getting close.

Boa does her best to keep up the speed of her fingers, but her hand is starting to tire. She would have liked to finish off Karina like this, so she would know how to do it herself in the future, but she’s probably gotten the point by now. So Boa lets her hand fall to Karina’s warm thigh, and then she leans in.

The first touch of Boa’s mouth to Karina cunt has Karina crying out like she’s in pain, but Boa knows better. It’s the shock, the pleasure, and the desperate desire to have more all at once that’s causing her to make those sounds. Boa doesn’t mind giving her what she wants because she’s so sweet—figuratively and literally. Maybe it’s been a while since Boa’s gotten her mouth on someone, but she’s sure that no one has tasted this good in a long, long time. Salty, sure, but not unbearably so. Bitter, too, but not in a bad way. And somehow, underneath it all, a current of sweetness that Boa knows she will want to taste again. Next time, though, she’ll make sure Karina returns the favor.


Boa doesn’t take care to be gentle as she closes her mouth around Karina’s clit. Karina is soft, wet, and burning hot between her lips. Boa chases her taste with her tongue, loses herself in how much she likes it. Above her, she can sense Karina shuddering as she nears her climax. Boa keeps up the effort as best she can with the wine making its way through her system. It’s not too hard—it’s almost like muscle memory now, doing this. The only difference is that Karina has never done any of it before. Boa can’t deny the fact that that excites her, even if it was annoying to not get the show she was expecting.

Karina’s gasping now. She’s loud, just like Boa told her to be. She sobs and writhes, unconsciously rolling her hips to meet Boa’s mouth. Boa will have to teach her how to control herself—how to sit still and take what’s given to her—but that’s a lesson for another day. For now, she doesn’t want to give any more instructions. All she wants right now is for Karina to come.

“Sunbae—Sunbae-nim, I can’t—I’m—”

Boa doesn’t let up. She sucks harder, flicks her tongue back and forth, lets Karina take what she wants from her.

“Oh my god, oh god—” Karina sobs again, and then her whole body tightens as she approaches her orgasm. Her thighs close around Boa’s head, which makes Boa’s mouth press harder against her cunt. And then, with a string of curses, the likes of which Boa has never heard her use before, Karina comes. Boa keeps her mouth against her throughout it, her tongue licking up and down her clit the whole time. Karina gasps for breath. She sounds as though she is unable to get enough air into her lungs as she rides the waves of her high, her stomach and thighs tightening and relaxing only to tighten again.

When Karina’s hips begin to jerk uncontrollably, Boa finally pulls her mouth off of her cunt. She can tell that Karina feels raw and overstimulated from the force of her first orgasm, so she soothes her with gentle strokes of her palm over the sensitive flesh. Every few seconds, Karina’s body twitches again. She’s still coming off her high.

“Feeling okay?” Boa asks.

Karina doesn’t respond for a moment. Then, a slow, lazy smile makes its way across her lips, and she nods. Boa isn’t expecting it when Karina leans down and kisses her and gets a taste of herself. She then seems to remember the situation and pulls back suddenly. “Sorry, I don’t know why I—”

Boa laughs. “It’s fine.”

“Sunbae-nim.” Karina sounds touched. She stands up, now unselfconscious about her naked lower half, and grips Boa by the elbows to pull her to her feet.

Boa is dizzy when she stands. Maybe it’s because she stood up too fast, or maybe it’s the wine. Or maybe it’s because Karina is kissing her again, her tongue chasing the taste of herself in Boa’s mouth.

“Jimin-ah. Let’s call it a night.”

Karina pulls away from her mouth and licks her lips. She’s being uncharacteristically bold. It’s as though she herself is drunk from her orgasm. If it really was her first one—something Boa still isn’t sure she believes—then that would be understandable.

“Yeah, okay. Sure. Good night, sunbae-nim.” Karina lets go of Boa’s arms and moves to put her underwear and jeans back on.

“Wait,” Boa says. “You can spend the night. Don’t leave now, it’s late.”

“Oh.” Karina blinks. “No, that’s okay. I really should get back to the dorm.”

“I’ll make an excuse for you if your manager calls. Don’t worry. Just—just take the couch.”

Karina breaks out into a grin. She really is a lovely girl. “Alright. Thank you.”

“Mm,” Boa grumbles. Her head is starting to hurt. She walks into her room and turns on the light. She’s about to shut the door behind her when something stops her. For some reason, her bed looks bigger than normal. Although she has slept alone in it for years now, tonight she doesn’t want to.


Karina is beside her in an instant. “Yes, sunbae-nim?”

Boa looks at her for a moment. She reaches out and strokes her fingers through her long, soft hair. “Would you like to sleep in my bed with me?”

Karina smiles. She takes Boa by surprise again when she moves in closer and lets her hands rest on Boa’s waist. “I was hoping you’d ask.”

Boa leads her into the bed and turns out the lights. She gets under the covers, and Karina curls up against her back. It’s a stark contrast to the way she had been sitting on the edge of her seat on Boa’s couch at the start of the evening. Now, she’s so relaxed. And she’s also so warm. When Boa closes her eyes and allows herself to let that warmth wash over her, she begins to drift towards sleep. Maybe it is a good thing that she brought Karina home with her tonight after all.