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can we keep her?!

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Simon's in the living room, sitting on the couch with his phone in his hand when he hears a pitter-patter on their tiled floor, making his brows furrow. The front door slams shut and he looks up to see JJ running into the bathroom, something in his arms.

"JJ?" Simom calls. He's a little concerned.

"Uh, nothing!" JJ replies. Simon probably would've left him alone if that answer hadn't made no sense.

"What have you done?" he sighs, walking toward the bathroom. The door's locked, so he shakes the handle. "J, open the door!" Simon yells, trying to push it open.

"No! Piss off! I'll be out later," JJ responds, and three blond hears the tap running. He huffs in defeat as he starts thinking of the worst. Did JJ steal something? Why was he in such a rush when he came in?

And what the fuck was that pitter-patter that he heard on their floor?


Simon decides to go for a walk whilst he waits for his roommate to finish whatever he's doing, making sure to tell him before he leaves. JJ only tells him to have a good time by shouting through the door and he sighs, wishing he could just see already. Simon needs to know what his twat of a boyfriend has done because knowing his said twat of a boyfriend, JJ often goes on impulse alone and Simon's always left to sort out the aftermath.

When he gets back home, he notices that the bathroom door is open and he looks inside, seeing mud all over their once spotless bathroom.

"JJ, what the fuck!" Simon yells, suddenly pissed as he makes his way to the living room, because he is not fucking cleaning that up and then --

And then, there's a dog on JJ's lap. Or more specifically, a white husky. On JJ's lap.

"Shh! You'll wake her up," the younger frowns, petting the puppy's newly cleaned -- that explains all of the fucking mud -- fur, and Simon is frozen in place.

"Where did you find a fucking husky?!" he whisper-shouts with wide eyes. "JJ, she could be someone's dog!"

"No, she was alone! I checked for a collar and even asked around the building. Si, can we keep her? Please?" JJ pleaded, looking at the blond with hopeful eyes.

"How are we going to take care of her?"

"I'll figure something out. Just, please?" JJ smiled widely up at him, and Simon hated how easily he gave in to this fucker.

"Cute git," Simon mumbled, wiping a hand over his face. "Okay, fine. But I am not cleaning up that stupid bathroom," he sighed before beginning to walk to his room. He heard JJ cheer from the living room before whispering a few apologies, obviously having woken the dog up on accident. Simon chuckles fondly to himself with a shake of his head.

God, he's too in love.


Simon slowly warms up to the dog, finding that the small animal is actually fun to have around. Especially when JJ has a late night stuck filming whatever, leaving him alone until he woke up the next morning with his love in his arms. It was always a nice surprise.

They still don't know what to call their new little mate, though, just referring to her as dog for the moment. It was dumb, but it worked.

"What about Morpheos?"

"We're not naming her after the Matrix, JJ."

"But it's such a good film!"

Simon even ended up asking their friends for ideas, rolling his eyes at the dumb, basic names they gave him. He wanted it to be special, despite how sappy that sounded. Owning a pet together was a big thing and he didn't want to waste it on some ugly ass name.

"What if we just call her Mud? That's where I found her," JJ blurts out one night whilst they're in the younger's bed watching TV. The dog is lying inbetween them, stretched out like a log with her head propped up on Simon's leg.

"We can't call a dog mud, JJ. It makes no sense."

"That's bollocks, we totally can!"

"No, we can't!"

"Nah, watch. Pick a language."

The older furrows his brows.

"Pick one!" JJ urges.

"Okay! Uh, Latin? I don't fucking know," he sputters, watching as JJ starts to type quickly on his phone, indulged in whatever he's doing. Simon sits there, confused, but then JJ practically shoves the phone in his face.

"Really? Mud in Latin? Luto?"

The dogs ears perk up and Simon's eye catches the movement as they both turn to face her.

"You really like that name?" the blond smiles, scratching her behind her ear. She leans into it.

"It's a cool word. Luto. I like it, and so does she," JJ grins. Simon huffs out a laugh.

"Luto it is, I guess."

Luto walks up the bed to lick at his face, Simon yelping and trying to push her away as JJ starts cackling.

It's always funny to see people's faces when the pair tells them what Luto actually means.