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Aqours Christmas Carol-oke

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Since Mari, Kanan, and Dia had graduated two years ago the members of Aqours had spread all around the world, quite literally in fact. Mari was attending college in Italy while Dia was in Tokyo, and Kanan had gone overseas to get her divers license. The next year they were soon joined by Chika, Riko, and You. Riko had gone to a music college in Tokyo, while You took up her lifelong dream of becoming a sailor. Chika meanwhile, had expected to just end up working at her family’s inn, still believing herself to be something of a “normal monster” in comparison to her friends. But as all her friends were always quick to tell her that’s the furthest from what she was, which was proven true yet again when upon graduating she ended up following Mari’s footsteps, becoming Director of Students at the merged Numazu High School.


Of course no amount of distance could keep them away from each other, and at Christmas time when they all returned to Uchiura they would always make sure to spend as much time together as they could. This particular year Mari had an idea.

“A karaoke bar?” Riko asked as she sipped her hot chocolate. The group were currently at a cafe together when Mari had proposed they go.

“I heard one opened in Numazu,” She said, “You can rent a room and they have tons of songs and you can order drinks and everything! I think it’d be fun!”


“Could we even afford that?” You asked “I thought those places were usually pretty expensive.”

Everything was silent for a second as Mari just looked confused.

“Guess that answers that.” You laughed.

Dia cut her off “Are you sure this is a good idea? Need I remind you Mari some of us are still underage.” She emphasized her point by unsubtly gesturing towards her sister and her friends.

“Oh Dia lighten up,” Mari teased, “you don’t have to order alcoholic drinks you know. Besides, we'll be renting our own room too.”

“I think it would be fun!” Chika interjected excitedly. “Let’s do it! It’s been forever since we’ve all sung together too!”

And so it was agreed, and a week later everyone met at the karaoke bar. Dia, Ruby, Hanamaru, and Yoshiko, all of whom came together. “Wow!” Ruby exclaimed as she took in the room. There were a few couches, a couple tables, a stage with a big screen on the wall and massive speakers on it’s side, a little computer where they could pick songs, and a window where they could order drinks. The whole room was lit by brightly colored neon lights.

Dia wasn’t focused on the room however, Chika, You, and Riko were all fiddling with the computer, nothing of note there, Kanan and Mari were sitting together, both trying fancy cocktails. “I thought you said we weren’t ordering drinks!”

“I said you didn’t have too.” Mari corrected as Dia glared.

Kanan laughed. “We’re just having one, don't worry.” She soothed, though she wasn’t entirely sure whether the “we” in that was true as she glanced at Mari.

Chika interrupted them “Come on you guys come check this out! We can even add our own songs!” She said excitedly. “Let’s do some Christmas songs!”

Of all people, it was Yoshiko’s face who lit up the brightest, “I have an idea! Can I go first!?”

Chika was surprised. “Yeah sure, if you want Yoshiko,” She shrugged. Her, Riko, and You took seats as Yoshiko bounced up.

She spun dramatically and posed with her fingers over her eyes. “It’s Yohane right now! Come join me on stage my little demon!” She pointed at Hanamaru, “Zuramaru! Let us duet!”

Hanamaru was about to make a sarcastic comment as she got up to join Yoshiko but was quickly entranced by the karaoke machine. “There’s so many songs! It’s the future zura!”

Kanan laughed. “Guess they haven’t changed at all.” she whispered to the others. Chika laughed but also was smiling proudly.

“You’d be surprised!” She said, “in a lot of ways not at all but you should see the idol club now! Yoshiko’s fallen angel routine is really popular and Ruby and Hanamaru do an amazing job as presidents! It’s bigger than ever now!” Dia beamed with pride as her sister blushed and tried to hide, Chika could go on forever and probably would have if not for Yoshiko tapping the mic.

“Alright!” She began, her voice as deep as she could make it “Are you all ready to hear the serenade of a fallen angel and her little demon!?” Hanamaru elbowed her, “I mean, of two fallen angels!” Hanamaru elbowed her once again, “OUR serenade is that good enough for you!?” The others laughed as Yoshiko pouted, “Just start the song.” A dark and old sounding beat kicked in as Yoshiko and Hanamaru grabbed microphones. “We’re Marley and Marley! Avarice and greed!” They started singing.

“So cool!” Ruby said quietly.

“This is actually very appropriate for them.” Riko laughed.

Everyone clapped as they finished, Yoshiko dramatically took a bow and she and Hanamaru sat down. “That was so much fun!” Hanamaru said.

“It looked like it! You two did a great job!” Ruby complimented, she eyed the karaoke machine, she wanted to go up but was nervous.

Chika bounced up. “Can I go next!?” She raced up and quickly set the song, “If we’re doing songs from Christmas specials then I have the best one!” The music kicked in and she began to sing “It’s shaping up to be a wonderful holiday! Not your normal, average, everyday!” The others laughed as Chika sang her heart out for her cover of the Spongebob Christmas song. She beamed as she finished and took a bow, laughing as she sat down.

“I think that was a good choice, very quality.” Mari said as she sipped from her third cocktail.

You got up next, “I’ve got another christmas song! It’s not from a tv show but I think it fits the tone we’re going for.” She laughed as she got up and soon began a cover of “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”

Mari finished her drink as You finished her song. Everyone, including her, was laughing together. “Thank you mateys!” she laughed as she took a bow. As she walked off the stage Mari got up.

“Ok bellas,” she began, stumbling slightly as she went to walk on stage. “I’ve got a song!”

“Oh dear god.” Dia whispered quietly.

“Hit it!” Mari shouted as an incredibly intense mix of guitar and drums blasted through the speakers. “It’s just one of those days!” She screamed as loud as she could, “Where you don’t want to wake up! Everything’s f-” suddenly the music cut as Dia stood at the computer glaring at her friend.

“Mari!” The girl in question burst out laughing, so had everyone else, well except Ruby.

“What was wrong with that song?” Yoshiko had a devilish grin.

“Oh you have a whole artform to learn about.” she said as she rubbed her hands together devilishly.

“NO!” Dia shouted. “She doesn’t! Mari, pick another song! If you’re not going to do a Christmas song you could at least do something that’s not going to get us kicked out please!”

Mari pouted. “Oh you’re no fun… fine I’ll go with the back up!” She said, as she began the music of ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer’, well that was the intended song. “Oh Dia got run over by a reindeer!” She started singing, barely keeping herself together between laughter.

Dia sighed. “At least this one’s appropriate I guess.”

When Mari sat down she was almost in tears laughing. “It’s just a joke Dia.” She smiled, and Dia ended up laughing herself.

“Alright I’ll give you that, it was funny, now, it’s my turn.” She grabbed the microphone and started the music “Wow! Mari kissing Santa Claus! I saw Mari kissing Santa Claus!”

No one laughed louder than Mari. She elbowed Dia as she sat down. “See, wasn't that fun bella?”

Dia crossed her arms “If you wanted childishness I figured I’d give it to you.” She hmphed.

“I think I’ll go next, anyone up for a duet?” Kanan asked.

Chika was excited. “I’ll go! I don’t think we’ve ever sung together, just the two of us!”

Kanan smiled. “Let’s do it then! Hope you ladies don’t mind a bit more of a traditional Christmas song.” She said as she picked the song and the music kicked in.

“Feliz Navidad!” She sang, pointing her mic toward Chika, who beamed as she sang into her’s.

“Feliz Navidad!” She returned.

“Feliz Navidad! ¡Próspero año y felicidad!” They sang together.

“Come on, sing with us everyone!” Chika cheered. They all did and soon their little rented karaoke room was filled with the voices of the nine Aqours members.

“Feliz Navidad!” Mari slurred.

“How many drinks have you had!?” Dia asked.

“Seven.” Mari chuckled, Dia glared.


“I mean they are pretty good.” Kanan laughed.

“Feliz Navidad!” Ruby sang out, the first time she had all night, Hanamaru elbowed her friend as the group song finished.

“You should go up Ruby, you still haven’t sung yet, zura.”

“Uhh,” She hesitated, “Dia! Will you do a duet with me?” She asked as she whispered her idea to her older sister.

Dia grinned. “Absolutely Ruby.”

Both girls took the stage, Dia went to the control panel and while picking the song, changed the settings so all the neon lights in the room changed to blue. She nodded satisfied. “We have to make it authentic.” A very familiar set of notes started playing through the speakers as Snow Halation began to play. The two girls recreated Muse’s routine to the best of their ability, which was easily the issue was more there was just two of them on stage than not being able to remember the dance moves, Dia had it all memorized to heart. She even flipped the lights to orange as Ruby sang out.

“Todokete Setsunasa ni wa namae o tsukeyou ka Snow halation!”

Everyone clapped as they finished. “That was incredible!” Chika cheered.

Last up to perform for the first time was Riko, who did her own cover of “Last Christmas”, Chika praised her endlessly for it afterwards, prompting You to immediately go up and do her own cover. Soon a mini competition broke out as each of the girls did their own cover.

“Last Christmas” Kanan sang

“I gave you my heart!” Hanamaru sang, stopping herself before she said zura.

“And the very next day,” A five drinks in Mari sang

“You damned me to hell for it!” Yoshiko shouted angrily,

“That’s not the song Yoshiko.”


“I have a song I’d like to do!” Ruby suddenly blurted out after Chika finished her own cover of Last Christmas. Nervously she picked a song and grabbed the mic, as she began singing .Awaken the Power. She started slightly nervous, not used to solos still, but soon got into it, by the end no one was clapping louder than Dia who had the biggest, most proud smile imaginable.

Riko looked at the clock. “I think our time is almost up.”

“Then I have the last song we need to do!” Chika jumped up, she looked at Riko and You who nodded in understanding. All three girls took the stage as Chika plugged in a small USB drive to the computer. “We’ve actually been working on this for like a month!” She admitted, “Thought this would be the perfect time for us to show you all!” And so the three girls began to perform Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai together.

Once that was done and the group all sang their praises Dia looked at the time. “We still have a few minutes left.”

“We should do a song together!” Chika suggested. “You know, like all nine of us!”

They crowded round the three mics as Chika turned on the first song they had ever sung together, Mijuku Dreamer.

The night was a reminder of a fact the girls already knew, no matter how far they spread, Aqours would be together forever.