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Making Waves

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It was unpleasantly hot out.

Hillary tossed and turned in bed. Her nightgown, damp with sweat, clung uncomfortably to her body, and no matter which way she laid there was no relief from the heat. She grabbed her pillow, flipped it over, and buried her face against it, hoping that the side that had been against the mattress would be cooler. Disappointingly, it was just as warm as the side she’d been laying on. She cursed under her breath and laid on her back, sweaty and sticky and frustrated that she couldn’t get to sleep.

“Having a bad night, honey?” The sound of her husband’s voice startled her slightly; he hadn’t moved in ages so she’d assumed that the heat hadn’t been a bother to him, that he’d been fast asleep. But apparently he was not. Bill turned over to face her, looking equally sweaty and uncomfortable in his T-shirt and shorts.

“Sorry,” Hillary apologized, “Did I wake you?”

“No, I couldn’t sleep either.” He replied. “It’s hot as hell tonight.”

“It sure is. I don’t know why Al has such a hard time convincing people that climate change is a problem-this weather should be convincing enough on its own.” She joked dryly, earning a soft chuckle from Bill.

“Yeah, this is worse than any summer we’ve spent in Arkansas!” He agreed. “But I was doing some thinking while we’ve been laying here, and I’ve got an idea for how we can cool off.” Hillary raised an eyebrow at him, curious.

“Oh? What is it?” She asked.

“Why don’t we go for a swim?” Bill suggested.

“That’d be nice, but we’d have to go alert our agents.” Hillary pointed out. “It’s late. I don’t want to bother them and make them rush around just to watch us swim.” It was such a hassle to even go out into their own backyard now; everything had to be planned and calculated and secured by the Secret Service first. Not that they didn’t appreciate having the extra security for themselves and their daughter, they appreciated it greatly, but sometimes it could be stifling.

“We could always sneak out without telling them.” Said Bill. “No one would notice.” Hillary thought it over. It would be nice to enjoy a truly private moment together, one without the watchful eyes of their security detail, and nothing else would relieve the heat like a swim would.

“Well, alright.” She gave in. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go out for a little bit.” They got out of bed, stripped out of their pajamas, changed into their swimsuits, and each grabbed a towel. The pair slipped out of their bedroom, quietly closing the door behind them. Even though Chelsea’s room was on the same floor as theirs she was currently away at summer camp, so there was no need to worry about waking her, but they knew that the Secret Service would be lurking about, wanting to keep tabs on their every move. They made their way down the stairs, down into the West Wing, through the Oval Office, and out onto the South Lawn, managing to avoid being spotted by any agents. Sneaking through some bushes and being careful not to scrape themselves on the branches, they finally arrived at the pool. Despite the grandiosity of the White House the pool area wasn’t anything particularly fancy. It was shielded from prying eyes by a swath of trees and bushes, and there was a simple cabana built at one end of the pool, where swimmers could change and shower, while a horseshoe pit sat at its east side, installed by the White House’s previous occupant, who had been quite fond of the game. There were a few tables, shaded by large umbrellas, and some plastic chaise lounges for relaxing on by the poolside. The pool itself wasn’t any ornate shape, just a simple rectangle of blue illuminated in the darkness by some LED lights lining the perimeter. Some steps lead down into the shallow end and a ladder and diving board sat at its deeper end. It was simple, but there was something beautiful and calming about its simplicity. In a lifestyle that was as high stress and hectic as theirs, Bill and Hillary appreciated the moments of calm and simplicity.

“Ladies first, my First Lady.” Bill smirked, gesturing to the steps. Hillary rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t help but smile. She draped her towel over the back of one of the chaise lounges and made her way down the steps, feeling immediate relief from the heat as she waded into the shallow end. Bill set his own towel next to hers and followed behind her, reaching beneath the water to hold her hand. They waded towards the other end of the pool together, the bottom sloping gradually steeper as they went along. Soon the water was level with Bill’s chest, but Hillary had to stand on her toes to keep her head above it.

“I don’t think I can walk any further with you, unless I want to be walking underwater!” She giggled.

“I think there’s a way we can both walk a little further together.” Said Bill. He turned to face her, placing one hand on her back and the other under her knees, scooping her up so he was carrying her bridal style. She drew her arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him.

“Thanks for the lift, honey.” She thanked him. He kissed her back and waded deeper into the pool, until the water reached his neck. Bill stood there for a while, holding Hillary close to himself, both of them enjoying one another’s company, enjoying the coolness of the water, staring up at the endless expanse of the night sky together. There was too much light pollution from all the hustle and bustle in Washington D.C. for them to be able to stargaze; the only stars that could really be seen in the heart of the city were the fake ones projected in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s planetarium. But the moon was perfectly visible, casting a soft glow down upon them. Bill turned his gaze from the sky to his wife, seeing her staring back at him, an absolutely smitten smile gracing her face.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked, breaking into a smile himself.

“You.” She replied. “You look very handsome in the moonlight.”

“Well, I’m glad you think so!” He chuckled. “I think it makes my hair look grayer than it already is. But I guess that I should be glad that it’s not thinning yet even though it’s going gray.” Hillary kissed his cheek and then slipped out of his grasp, treading water beside him. He moved forward, to a depth where his feet could no longer touch the bottom of the pool, and he treaded with her. They swam around together in the deep end, trading kisses and flirty words and playful splashes whenever one would say something that the other found to be particularly risqué. This was definitely a lot more fun than staying in their sweltering bedroom all evening. Hillary swam over to the side of the pool, climbed out, and sat on the edge with her feet in the water, watching amusedly as Bill did several trick jumps off of the diving board to show off for her. After his last jump he swam up to her and rested his hands on her thighs.

“You know, Hillary, I wouldn’t mind a midnight snack by the poolside, and you’re looking pretty delicious right now…” He leered. He parted her thighs and brought his face in closer to her...

“Oh! Not outside, Bill!” She scolded him, drawing her legs up out of the water and scooting away from the edge. “I know that it’s late and it’s pretty secluded out here, but someone might still see. I’d be mortified if the Secret Service came looking for us and walked in on you doing that!”

“I know, I’m just playing.” Bill assured her. “I wouldn’t actually do it outside. But you’re real cute when you’re flustered.” He climbed out of the water and sat at her side, placing his arm around her shoulders. A blush tinged her cheeks; the swim had helped them escape the heat of the night, but now there was an entirely new heat making it difficult to get to sleep, a heat that couldn’t be remedied by a dip in the water…

“Bill, why don’t we go inside and have a bath together?” Hillary proposed. “That way we won’t go to bed smelling like chlorine, and the tub has the privacy that the pool’s lacking…” She ran her hand down Bill’s chest to hint at what she had in mind for them. A blush came to his cheeks as well, and he nodded, getting the message. They grabbed their towels, dried off, and then quietly headed back to the White House.

Safe and secluded in the master bathroom, the pair stripped out of their swimwear, and Bill ran a bath for the two of them. Hillary grabbed a bottle of rose-scented bubble bath mix that was sitting on the edge of the tub and poured a bit of it into the water, watching as the faucet ran and filled the tub with floral, pink-tinged bubbles. Bill shut the faucet off and the pair stepped in and sank down into the water together. It was warm, though not unpleasantly so. It almost felt cozy. Bill pulled Hillary close to him so they were chest to chest and started trailing kisses down her neck. She let out a content sigh and reached her hand up out of the water to stroke his cheek, inadvertently leaving some bubbles stuck to his face. Amused by this, Bill lifted his mouth from her body, scooped some more bubbles up in his hands, and pressed them to his jawline, giving himself an impressive pink beard.

“How do I look?” He smirked, gesturing to his face. “I think this is a beard that could rival Lincoln’s.”

“Lincoln was a fine president, but you’re much more handsome than he was, with or without a beard.” Hillary flirted with him. She leaned in to kiss him, bits of his bubble beard coming off and sticking to her chin as she pulled away. They both giggled at this, and Bill reached up and brushed the bubble remnants off of their faces. He cupped the bubbles in his hands and blew them out, sending them flying across the tub.

“You know, honey, blowing bubbles is fun,” Said Hillary, giving a coy smile, “But there’s something I like to blow even more…”

“Oh?” Bill replied, feigning ignorance but knowing exactly where things were heading. “Well, why don’t you show me?” And she did.

The last of the bubbles had finally disappeared, the water had grown cold now, and despite the heat of the night and heat of one another’s bodies the pair was starting to feel uncomfortably chilly. They got out of the tub, dried off, and Bill crawled back into bed without even bothering to redress in his pajamas. Hillary joined him, equally naked, and pulled only the bedsheet over themselves, leaving the cover strewn across the foot of their bed.

“We’re going to get all sweaty again laying here.” She pointed out as she sidled up to Bill and laid her head on his chest.

“Well, that just means we get to enjoy a shower together in the morning.” Said Bill, drawing his arms around her. “I’ll brave the heat and the sweatiness so I can have you near me.”

“I think I’ll have an easier time sleeping now.” She mused, shutting her eyes and settling into his embrace. “It’s still uncomfortably hot out, though. Damn global warming…” Bill grinned a mischievous grin.

“I’ll warm your globe, baby.” He purred seductively, making Hillary snort with laughter, and he couldn’t help but crack up as well. After their swim and their fun in the bath both of them were too tired for anything else that evening, but Bill was still determined to get some cheesy flirting in before they went to sleep, and Hillary was determined to give as good as she got.

“I don’t want to set the world on fire,” She sang, more than a little off key, “I just want to start a flame in your heart.”

“In my heart I have but one desire,” Bill continued the song, also off key, “And that one is you, no other will do.” He pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “Goodnight, honey. Love you.” She grinned and pressed a kiss to his nose.

“Love you too.”

The End