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You can feel unstoppable

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Test your limits

You can feel unstoppable


Almost there, I can see [you're] so ready


. . .


"Can you feel me, baby? Feel what you do to me? How hard you make me?" His hand is tight in her loose curls, guiding her mouth along his shaft slickly. She tests his hold, pressing forward while he tugs back and gets him all the way down her throat, nose against his pelvis, the burning pull against her scalp delicious. 


Her knees ache against the floor of his trailer but the thrill she gets from knowing that they're on set, that anyone could overhear them, that someone could find out what she's doing right now, eclipses any pain she's feeling. They're playing a game, and she's losing. 


Put your arms behind your back and keep 'em there. Move them and I stop. Good girl.


"Fuck, you're incorrigible. If you needed me to pull your hair all you had to do was ask nicely." She whimpers around a mouthful of cock and rubs herself harder against his leg, asking him with her body while her mouth is full. 


You're going to suck me off. Make me come. Don't look so smug… it's not going to be that easy.


"That's right baby. Show me." He's got both hands in her hair now, wrapping her thick mane over his hands and pulling, fists tight against the base of her skull as he uses his grip like reins to fuck her face more thoroughly.


The game is you've gotta come first. But I'm not gonna help you. And those arms stay behind your back the whole time, sweetheart.


"You're doing so well, such a talented cocksucker, Rish. It's like you were made for this. Those perfect lips. Those eyes." She's drenched his pant leg clean through now, her clit swollen and raw against the rough material. Her breath hitches every time he bottoms out, scraping himself against her soft palate and making her throat constrict around his head. "What do you think, baby? Do you think you were made for this? Made for me?"


How exactly do you expect me to do that, Chris? Hump your leg like a dog in heat?


His possessiveness makes her head spin, makes her drip and pant around him, makes her cunt clench around nothing in agony. And still none of it is enough. Tears spring to her eyes unbidden as he thrusts hard enough to gag her, her frustration more the cause than his rough treatment. 


You're a smart girl, Mack. I'm sure you can figure something out.


"Clock's ticking, Mariska. Lunch break is almost over. D'you really wanna go back out there like this?" She spreads her legs even further in her desperation, sliding down his shin until he catches her with his boot, the cool leather wrenching a gasp from her as she shamelessly grinds herself down onto it. Oh fuck.


"Ohhh you dirty girl. That's right. Take what you need. Fuck yourself against my boot like the wanton little slut we both know you are." She didn't care what she looked like anymore, didn't care how needy and pathetic this made her. All she could think about was how badly she needed release.


"Watching you like this, seeing you give yourself over to me, to your own pleasure, it's so fucking hot. I can't tell you how much this is turning me on. How proud I am, baby. Keep going. Just like that. Rub yourself against my foot while I keep fucking your pretty face." She could barely hear his stream of filthy praise over the rushing in her ears, her heart ready to escape the confines of her chest and drop, still beating, to the floor at his feet. She was so close.


"Do you want to know what I think? I think you were, Mack. I think you were made just for me. And I think you're going to come for me." She can hear the hitch in his breath, the twitch of his cock against her tongue, and she knows he's holding back, that he wants her to win this time. 


He untangles one hand from her hair, making up for it by viciously tightening his grip with the other, and wraps that hand around her throat palm up, squeezing just enough to slow her blood flow, making the room spin. She knows he can feel the outline of his dick in her throat like this too and it's weakening the steel certainty of his control. His balls tighten threatening against her chin as he holds himself deep, deep and growls at the restraint it takes not to flood her mouth right now.


"I'm not gonna be able to stop it much longer, baby. Fuck." She keens like she's dying, and she might just be, everything going hazy around her from lack of blood and oxygen, her very atoms coalescing into a single point of existence inside her, a singularity of need.


"Please." It comes out choked and sloppy around her mouthful of him but his answer is immediate and just as desperate. The hand in her hair wrenches her backward, his cock making an audible pop as it's forced from her lips, long strands of thick saliva trailing between them. His other hand ratchets tighter around her throat until she's seeing stars, everything whiting out around the edges as he presses his boot up hard between her thighs, countering her weight as she bares down. 


"Come now or not at all, Mariska. Last warning." So she does, every muscle bowstring tight, a silent scream caught by the vice grip of his fist around her throat, the gushing proof of her victory running down the sides of his boot to splash the floor. 


He releases her hair and throat at the same time, guiding her down onto her back on his trailer floor bonelessly as she sucks in frantic gasps of air, room still carouseling around her wildly. She's still lying there useless as a rag doll trying to catch her breath when he hitches her legs up around his waist and buries himself to the hilt in one punishing thrust, the air knocked right back out of her, eyes rolling back in her head.


"God, you drive me insane. I need to fuck you now, Mackie. Be a good girl and let me fuck you." She couldn't stop him if she tried right now, not that she has any desire to, but feeling so helpless, completely at his mercy, has her clenching around him all over again. He hooks her thighs under his forearms at her whimper and now he's even deeper inside her, every brutal stroke hitting that spot that makes her moan and thrash and drip for him. Her clit is so swollen and sensitive from rutting against him earlier that every push of his pelvic bone has her mewling and trembling beneath him.


"Fuck I can't. Oh fuck baby. Gonna fill you up so much it pours out of your mouth and spills down your fucking tits." The second orgasm hits her like a freight train, she can feel it slamming into her the same way he is now, lightning coursing through her entire body and frying the last vestiges of her higher brain functions. All she knows is the fire licking her skin and the electric blue of Chris's eyes and his voice as he calls her name and then they're both coming and coming and coming.


A shrill beeping sound cuts through the fog of her subspace soaked brain and it takes far too long to realize it's the alarm they set before Chris pulled her up the stairs and into his trailer for a lunch they never even ate. She's still on his floor, completely naked to his almost fully clothed, and he's still balls deep inside her. Fuck they were going to be late again.


"Son of a bitch. I'll go, tell them you've got a headache and need a few more minutes. Can you move?" His shit eating grin above her makes her want to slap him but she's not entirely sure she can lift her arm. He slides out of her and they both curse. "C'mon." He pulls her into a sitting position as he extricates himself from their tangled mess of limbs, fastening his fairly ruined pants and unrolling his shirt sleeves. "You gonna be okay? Probably shouldn't let a PA find you in half an hour naked and covered in cum still on my trailer floor." 


"Fuck off." She manages to swat his calf, hard, and roll over onto her knees, not quite ready to try standing just yet. "Go before they come looking and find both of us like this." 


He bends and grabs her flushed face, kissing her fiercely, teeth biting into her swollen bottom lip until she moans. Fuck there's never enough time. "Go, go. I'm okay."


"You sure? We've probably got a few minutes before anyone starts to worry. You should eat something." He's lingering, not wanting to break this little bubble they've created and head back out onto reality. She knows the feeling all too well. 


"I'll grab something on the way out. Now go before you realize I'm still naked and dripping five feet away from you." He growls out an affectionate curse word or two then forces himself towards the door. His hand is on the latch when she calls out to him again.


"Hey, asshole… I love you."