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cherry flavored conversations

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Ningguang was not a boat person. 

She may have a palace in the sky, yes, but it doesn’t move, let alone move like the universe was angry at you. 

It was unpredictable and she had to admit, grudgingly, impressive. 

And she wasn’t going to let any of that stop her from her job. 

The conference room was exquisite and dripping with rare Liyue decors: jade-carved figures adorning the U table, glaze lily extract gems threaded together to create a glittering chandelier swaying with the rock of the water.

Keqing had argued with her passionately before she had left, saying she knew how she didn’t enjoy the seas but that had only made Ningguang more convinced to go by herself. 

And she had. The other seven men in the room were representatives from Mondstat and Sumaru (four and three respectively) and their voices had become a blur of monotonous humming. 

Twirling her pipe in boredom, she very much regretted not taking Keqing up on her offer despite the blow to her pride. 

“Excuse me, gentlemen,” she decided enough was enough for now, “where might the restrooms be?”

All seven heads jerked up in succession, eyes wide as if they had forgotten she could speak. 

“Le-Lady Ningguang, take the exit to your left and it will be down the hallway to the right,” a young man stammered. 

She felt her lips curve up in a slight grin and coughed to cover it up. It was always refreshing to see such up and coming young minds so …enthused… to speak to her.

“Thank you— Jack, was it?” 

Maybe that was overkill— maybe she had a tiny power trip problem, but the way Jack’s face bloomed red as he nodded was worth it. She had said she was bored, hadn’t she?

And so she walked out into the ship, heels clicking against the wood of the floor rhythmically. 

She didn’t really need to use the bathroom so she guessed she might as well take a look around. 

This was Liyue’s premier diplomacy ship, so it was no surprise the hallway walls were mostly decorated with pictures of scenery and famous tourism spots. A couple right turns down there were two vases of Jueyuen Chilis and a Jade-lined mirror. Another left turn and there was a painting that stretched both of her arm lengths of Liyue from its entrance. Quite pretty. 

She reached out a finger to trace the raised paint strokes, but instead she paused. 

The hair at her nape rose as a slight creak sounded from behind her. 

Gems out and ready to shoot, she began to turn around but before she could reach, an arm was around her neck. 

Instincts kicked in and she her fingers were hooked around the attacker’s elbow in an instant, prying away the insistant pressure as she arched her back upwards. 

The attacker was not slow in any definition either— they grunted at the dig at their pressure point but swung their other arm around her lower waist and shoved their leg between her’s in retaliation, taking away her leverage. 

Archons, this person was good. So good that she was getting the sense that she knew her.

“Giving up already, Lady Ningguang?” Beidou’s deep voice whispered into her ear from behind her in a clear mockery of that man earlier. So she had been eavesdropping.

Ningguang closed her eyes and laughed lowly, gradually leaning into the body behind her. 

“You’re going to wish I was—!,” she punctuated the was with a twist of her leg under Beidou’s, throwing her off balance and sending her stumbling into the wall behind them with a grunt. 

Ningguang turned around and there she was, in all her glory. Hair frazzled but her signature arrogant smirk disappointingly unmoved. 

“Beidou, why are you here, hm?”

Ningguang took her time walking up to her and crowding her against the wall. She knew she played the game as well as Beidou did. 

“I’m a pirate. This is kind of my job.” She shrugged like Ningguang should have known breaking and entering into random diplomatic ships was her number one hobby. 

“Sure,” she replied, bringing a hand up to stroke down her cheek and grip her chin between her thumb and forefinger. 

She leaned in until she could feel her breath on her mouth, “Not because, oh, I don’t know, you were jobless and missed me?”

She didn’t miss how Beidou’s eyes flickered down to her lips before meeting her eyes again. 

“Or…,” she pressed her knee lightly against the apex of her thighs, “because you couldn’t stop thinking about how you took me over my desk last week?”

That had Beidou taking in a quick breath and shivering against the weight of her body. 

She took her time responding, pulling herself back together. 

“And why would that be the second thing you thought of? Sounds a lot more like you’ve been thinking about it.”

She wasn’t wrong. 

“Tell me,” Beidou ground down slightly on Ningguang’s knee, still against her, “did you jerk off to that? Finger yourself at that desk?”

Ningguang tensed as Beidou wrestled a hand free from between them to trace a line down from her forehead, down the ridge of her nose, across her lips and chin and neck and chest, as she continued. 

“You talk so damn big about wanting to avoid me like a plague—,” her finger was near the center of her abdomen now and though it was through layers of clothes, it burned, “—but we can’t seem to stay away from each other for more than a few days.”

Ningguang was breathing heavily, partially from lust partially from anger that one finger and a little bit of degradation could have heat pooling in between her legs like this. 

Beidou’s touch had stalled right between her hipbones and transitioned into using both hands to rub torturous circles on the sensitive skin there. 

She couldn’t win an argument like this. Hell, she wouldn’t be able to argue if she tried from how her brain was short circuiting. Beidou also knew from the smug way she was staring into her eyes. 

So instead, like every argument they’ve had, she switches her technique from verbal to physical, pulling Beidou down to press their lips together. 

It was exactly was she needed, finally more contact than a single finger. 

Beidou’s hands, strong and rough from life on the ship, gripping her waist, her tongue pressing against her lower lip, the inside of her mouth, her own tongue— and all she could think was how did I go a week without this?

Beidou broke the kiss, her lips red and slick (making Ningguang proud, for some reason). 

“Really wanna keep going out here?” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand (something that shouldn’t have been hot but still was). 

Ah, she had completely forgot they were in the middle of a hallway. And while she was supposed to be overseeing a meeting, more so. 

She wished she cared. 

So she grabbed Beidou’s hand and pulled her back through a couple more corridors (—who had allotted them to spend so much on a ship—?!) and into a single person restroom that was, by now, unsurprisingly beautiful. 

But she wasn’t focused on that. As soon as Beidou was inside the room, Ningguang was lifted onto the sink’s countertop and Beidou wasted no time discarding her clothes. 

Her teeth dug marks against the skin of her neck, sending sparks through her veins. It was messy and rushed but somehow that made it all the better. 

She could hear herself moaning vaguely but all of her other senses had tunnel vision on Beidou, Beidou, Bei-

“dou—!” She begged as cool skin hit her chest. 

“Hah, no bra today?” She said, running her fingertips down the sides of her torso. “It’s a bit cold out on the ocean though, isn’t it?” Her hands moved back up to her chest, using her thumbs to touch around her breasts, everywhere but her hardened nipples. 

Ningguang didn’t really feel like arguing, instead arching her back in a plea for touch. 

“Let me help you warm up, then.”

And finally, her hands were where she wanted them, thumbing her nipples and kneading her chest, as she pressed a muscled thigh between her legs.  

Ningguang groaned, hands scratching at Beidou’s back and taking the hint to grind onto her thigh. 

“I need— ah!— I need your mouth,” she bit out, her head craned back. 

“Here?” Beidou butterfly kissed down her neck, to her collarbones. 

“…Or here?” She leaned down a bit and looked up with hooded eyes before taking a breast into her pretty red mouth. 

Fuck,” Ningguang moaned. 

Beidou gasped exaggeratedly at that. “Language like that from the Tianquan?! Such bad manners…” And she bit down around her areola, her tongue flicking across her nipple. 

Wetness was most definitely soaking through her sheer undergarments by now, the ache there was almost unbearable. Beidou’s thigh wasn’t enough, she needed more, she needed her—

“—here?” Beidou asked before dragging her palm across her clothed clit. 

Ningguang moaned out a slew of obscenities at the friction. It felt like her whole body was a coil of tightness and anticipation. Nothing was enough. 

As if reading her mind, Beidou slid her underwear down and off her legs, mindful of her heels. 

“Suck.” She held her ring and middle finger up to her mouth in a clear message. 

With no hesitation, Ningguang took them into her mouth, relishing in the way the lines of her skin and calluses brushed against her tongue. She made sure the slide was as messy as possible, purposely letting saliva drip off her lips and scraping her teeth lightly against her knuckles. 

“Good girl,” Beidou said after a few moments, letting her not slicked hand brush through Ningguang’s hair. 

“Now…,” she dropped onto her knees onto a mat conveniently in front of the counter. She grabbed Ningguang’s legs and swung them over her shoulders, pulling her to the edge of the counter and forcing Ningguang to lean on her arms to accommodate the change in position. The cold surface completely contrasted the tantalizing hot breath hitting her cunt. 

“Are you just going to sit and stare at it?” She asked after a couple seconds, masking the faint embarrassment of being studied with annoyance. 

She was joking but when Beidou glanced up at her, her expression was dead serious, her eyes cold as daggers. 

“You’re stunning, even here. All the more so here, actually,” Beidou said, keeping eye contact as she leaned forward to press her lips to her clit, sort of like a kiss. 

It was weird, Ningguang tried to tell herself. Too intimate. But her body obviously thought otherwise, since her legs trembled around Beidou with arousal.

She was about to complain some more despite the unusual mood, however the moment she opened her mouth, Beidou was back in between her legs, licking a pointed line up her clit. 

“Ah, Beidou,” Ningguang said like a curse, her hole clenching from the stimulation. 

And it kept coming— by no means delicate like the kiss was. It was dirty, hard strokes with the flat of her tongue partnered with the occasional dip into her cunt to spread the wetness. 

Ningguang could hardly keep her eyes open from the ecstasy shaking her body, all she could hear were her moans of Beidou’s name echoing off the walls. 

It seemed like Beidou had gotten lost in it too, completely forgetting about her slicked fingers. 

“I need your fingers,” Ningguang got out eventually. She was so wet she most definitely didn’t need any extra lube anyways. 

Beidou pulled away for a second, recognition lighting her eyes and she laughed heartily. 

“Hah! You’re right,” she rotated her wrist, accompanied by a couple cracks. “Ready?”

Ningguang nodded, then jerked in surprise when a slap landed on her hole. 

“Beidou, you—,” she started furiously but it turned into a moan as Beidou slid two fingers into her. 

By now Beidou knew she liked a stretch, liked it deep. When they were in a more— ahem—private location her favorite was riding Beidou’s strap-on with minimal preparation. And on the occasion when she takes Beidou, she always keeps a vibrator in her, to feel full, owned. Nothing she would ever admit to, of course. 

But with Beidou it was no secret. She knew her to the core, even if the majority of their conversations were arguments. It was frightening. It was arousing. 

Two fingers right now was good enough, her fingers long and curling into her walls just right.

Ningguang moved her hips in a pathetic attempt at controlling the rhythm and Beidou took her clit back into her mouth and sucked hard— once, twice, and her fingers curled deep inside of her, pushing her over the edge. 

It was the strongest orgasm she had in weeks, her thighs shaking with the strain as the tension broke and her hips snapped up. It didn’t stop when it usually would either, the waves kept coming as her hole clenched around her still moving fingers. 

As her trembling died down, Beidou moved back a little but kept her fingers buried deep inside. 

“Ning, I wanna try something,” she said, albeit very breathily. 

“Not to stroke your ego too much, but that almost felt like I ascended. I’m not sure if I can go for another round so soon,” Ningguang replied, tone sweeter than usual from the post orgasm haze and the nickname. She placed a hand on top of Beidou’s head and stroked her hair absentmindedly. 

“Trust me,” Beidou replied earnestly despite having to have been worn out. 

Ningguang raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I won’t question it. Don’t take it personally if I can’t come again, though.”

Beidou laughed at that and replied, “Sure.”

Arrogant scoundrel. 

She raised a finger and— it started shooting purple sparks. 

Oh. She saw where this was going. 

She started slow, caressing her inner thigh before a tiny bolt of electricity connected with her skin. 

It wasn’t like anything she had ever felt before, the shock rather than hurting, went straight to her cunt. 

The second place was her breast, Beidou carefully observing her every reaction. She pinched a nipple between her index and thumb and then zzt. 

Oh my—,” the words escaped her mouth as her back arched almost violently. That sharp pinch was still very tiny, but traveled out from her breast up to her neck, her fingers, her stomach to the point where she was gasping for air, perspiration starting to form on her hairline.

“Is it okay?” Beidou asked. She looked concerned but also flushed and eyes wide. 

“M-more than okay.” The stuttering was shameful but she couldn’t control it. Thankfully Beidou was too focused to make fun of her.

“Great,” she breathed in, “try and relax for this one.”

Ningguang tried to let the tightness seep out of her limbs as Beidou sucked marks into her neck.

She spread her legs and brought a finger up, sparks and all, right in front of her clit. And then—

oh my fucking god 

It was pain and pleasure all in one, way too much yet not enough. Her fingers fought for purchase on the counter and she knew her heels were pushing painfully into Beidou’s back.

“Please, please, I need you inside of me,” she groaned in desperation.

Beidou obliged, one finger pushing into her and then after a few drags in and out, shocks her from the inside.

All hope of not being heard was lost, because Ningguang outright yelled. 

Is it an orgasm? Ningguang didn’t know. At one point its blinding euphoria and then the next she’d slumped in Beidou’s arms, trembling.

“Ning? Are you okay??” Beidou asked, hands framing Ningguang’s cheeks.

She cleared her throat and then replied, “I think so.” She tried to stand up from the counter but collapsed back into Beidou before her heels could touch the floor. “This was an extraordinarily bad idea.”

Beidou chuckled and Ningguang could feel her laughter vibrating against her chest, see her grin paint faint dimples into her cheeks. It was everything too much at once and she forced herself out of the embrace and onto wobbly legs.

“You can’t seriously be thinking of going back to that meeting.”

Ningguang crossed her arms. “It would be terribly disrespectful of me to just, leave.”

“Yeah, well, it would be terribly disrespectful of you to go fuck your least favorite business partner in the middle of said meeting for something near an hour,” she spits back.

Ningguang froze, a scowl creasing her face. “Get out, Beidou.”

Beidou raised her hands in surrender. “What? How in Tevyat are you gonna go back to a meeting looking like that?!”

Which sounded an awful lot like ‘I should be the only one seeing you like that’.

“Watch me,” she almost growled. “Go back to your ship and maybe I’ll give you a job later so you won’t be this bored.”

“You aren’t my boss and you know it.”

Ningguang stalked up to her, eyes blazing. “I am still the figure of Law here in Liyue and I wish you’d remember it. I will never let anything get in the way. Not my emotions, not my sex life, and not. you.

“Fine. Come get me later when you realize you can’t be a perfectionist, boring, mora-chasing machine mockery of a leader forever.”

The bathroom door slammed and Ningguang blinked. It felt like she was dreaming.

But it was fine. 

She didn’t even bother to look in the mirror as she exited and walked the length of the ship back to the meeting room where the men were still at it, though obviously uncomfortable.

“Ah! Lady Nin…,” one of the men went to say before taking in her state.

“Someone give me a rundown on what you have accomplished in the past hour,” she spoke with a freezing nonchalantness.

“…Haha! Yes! We discussed more of the trade policies between Mondstat and Liyue, especially concerning mining materials and…”

She listened intently, though it was nothing of importance and she felt like she was going to keel over.

But that too, of course, was nothing of importance.