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"Does it hurt?" Hyun-su asks one night, laying his palm over the gentle swell of her belly, the baby's little kicks pushing through his fingertips. 

"What?" Ji-won lazily peeks open an eye, only to find Hyun-su staring curiously at her. 

"Does it hurt when the baby kicks?", he asks again. 

She laughs at his words, but realises he's being serious by the deep furrow in between his brows and bites back her laugh. "No, it doesn't," Ji-won shakes her head, but it might hurt a little when she grows bigger," she continues, holding up two fingers with a small space between them. 

Hyun-su frowns even more. He doesn't like the idea of Ji-won getting hurt. If he could, he would bear all the discomfort and pain Ji-won has to go through, even though he doesn't understand. Quickly, he lowers his head to the level of her belly and whispers a few words, too soft for Ji-won to hear. 

She chuckles. "What are you doing?" 

He looks up at her, with a cheeky glint in his eyes. "It's a secret," he says, his hands never leaving her baby bump, never quite figuring out what the odd sensation arising from his chest was whenever the baby kicks in response to his voice, not until much later, he found out, it was, in actuality, excitement and love. 

"Yah, sharing secrets with your daughter already?" Ji-won tuts in disapproval, albeit fondly. 

He only smiles, and presses a kiss on her belly. 

Please be good to your omma, he whispers. 

"Are you done yet?" Ji-won wriggles uncomfortably. 

"What's wrong?" Hyun-su sits up abruptly, always alarmed at the slightest discomfort Ji-won has nowadays. 

"I need to pee."