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Cozy Coco

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It may have been cold and snowy outside but inside the apartment was warm and cozy, not to mention crowded. Christmas was on the horizon, and with the tree filling up space in the already pretty packed living room (also known as Maki’s bedroom) and six occupants in a space barely made for three meant things were certainly ‘cozy’. None of the girls particularly minded.

Honoka was contently laying with her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder, happily watching TV while Umi read a book. Rin was curled up and spinning her chair around while contendly enjoying her bowl of 11 at night instant ramen. Nearby Hanayo had already fallen asleep on her own chair, having had a busy day practicing for an upcoming concert. The combination of Rin’s managing and the strict training regimens Umi had drawn up for her had left the poor idol exhausted. Maki meanwhile was on the opposite end of the couch from Umi and Honoka, watching the TV with attempted disinterest.

“Why are we even watching this?” She asked.

“Because it’s a Christmas classic~nya!”

“Rin, we're watching the Spongebob Christmas special.”

“Exactly!” Rin and Honoka both shouted in response. Umi jumped from the sudden movement next to her, Hanayo managed to squeak out a quiet “wha” before immediately falling back asleep.

Any possible argument Maki could have was interrupted by Nico’s arrival, holding a tray with six mugs of hot chocolate. “The world’s greatest idol is here with the world’s greatest coco!” she proclaimed. Maki rolled her eyes. Nico shoved a mug at her in response. “Just drink it.”

For all her icyness she still did so immediately. Mugs were passed around, each of the girls thanking her, finally Nico held a mug up to Hanayo and waved it under her nose. The sleepy girl blinked a couple times, then graciously took it. “Thank you.” She smiled.

Nico had taken a spot on the couch now, there was a comfortable silence as everyone enjoyed their coco.

“You always make the best hot chocolate Nico.” Honoka complimented between sips.

Nico beamed with pride. “Years of practice!”

“I’m guessing you used to make it for your siblings a lot?” Hanayo asked.

“Well of course! Besides, everyone should know how to make coco.”

Maki hid her face behind her mug. “Your’s is pretty good.” She quietly added. Nico’s smile grew as tauntingly (in Maki’s eyes at least) wide as it could go. Rin ran up to her and rubbed her cheek against her’s.

“It’s obviously amazing if even Maki likes it!”

“Rin stop!” Maki protested as she tried to push her away, it didn’t work. Rin was now just sitting on the shoulder of the couch.

“Ooh!” Honoka bounced completely ignoring the two redheads, “Pass the remote! I think Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town is supposed to be coming on.”

“I like that one.” Maki admitted quietly as Nico passed Honoka the remote. They all couldn’t help but laugh at how red she was by now.

Cozy was definitely a good way to describe their little home that night.