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The days leading up to the event that Chaeyoung would later describe as ‘the worst thing ever’ (and even later as ‘the best thing ever’) thankfully don’t pass by too fast.

Chaeyoung’s sitting inside her at-home studio, one foot on the table, no shoes. It’s okay, she can do whatever she wants now. She’s no longer a trainee— she was for so long that even now, after 3 years of having debuted, she sometimes forgets.

Things change, like her hair constantly, the clothes brands, apartments— always in better neighbourhoods with bigger houses, the number of people screaming her name while she’s singing.

And obviously, the comments.

[+562] [-325] not the chipmunk winning song of the year lmao
[+682] [-407]
at least she won a daesang tonight. where was your fav? sucking teddy’s dick praying for a good song?
[+703] [-543]
my fav has 13 daesangs and yours has 2 and they’re both just soty lmao jennie was sleeping soundly in her million dollar bed knowing she had the best album this year and she’s this country’s top female artist
y’all are crazy

Chaeyoung chuckles and throws away her phone. She is grateful to people who defend her online but she has to agree that they get in their heads too much.

The rivalry between her and Jennie Kim has expanded to the fandoms as well and now Chaeyoung wakes up every morning to open her secret twitter account to see Jennie’s fans insulting every little thing about her. But it’s fine.

She finds it deeply embarrassing herself to have a secret account where she’s marketed as a fan of Jennie. But she opened it before all the shit hit the fan and now she hates and loves it at the same time. Having blocked so many of her fans, it’s the only place where she can get news on Jennie.

And it’s to keep an eye on her. Not because of old, maybe-fond memories she has.

And it’s not because she’s attracted to her and ‘just wants to see her face’— as Lisa keeps saying.

Thinking of her, Chaeyoung finds her phone again and calls her, getting a glass of red wine for herself to enjoy on her balcony.

“Hey,” Lisa’s heavily breathing, “what’s up?“

“You’re working on award nights, too?” Chaeyoung frowns, taking a sip of her drink.

“Yeah, but I’m home, they kicked me out of the studio,” Lisa confesses, the music in the background finally stopping.

Chaeyoung recognises it, “You’re gonna make the choreo for the new girls? Their debut song?”

The smile is evident in Lisa’s voce, “I did that already, working on the b-side now.”

“Wow,” Chaeyoung chuckles, “you really did it, huh? Little Lisa.”

“You’re not that much older than me,” Lisa replies, “what are you up to?”

Chaeyoung opens her mouth.

“No, let me guess,” Lisa interrupts her immediately, “you’re on some blog and you’re reading people saying that you shouldn’t have won Song of the Year. Am I correct?”

“No,” Chaeyoung rolls her eyes, “I’m enjoying a glass of wine on my balcony.”

“I think that’s even sadder,” Lisa comments.

“I think you’re an idiot and I hate that I’m your best friend,” Chaeyoung deadpans.

“Sure you do,” Lisa chuckles, “so, what are they saying this time?”

“That her winning Album of the Year wasn’t enough since her album sold so many more copies than mine and that that alone is why she should have won instead of me,” Chaeyoung confesses.

“She’s been in the game for five years and was famous even before,” Lisa, finally serious, tells her, “you’re in your third year and the build-up to your debut wasn’t like hers. Stop being down about things you can’t change.”

“I’m not feeling down,” Chaeyoung sighs, looking at the city lights.

“I know you, stop trying to hide,” Lisa tells her, “you need to stop looking at what people say, it’s not good for you.”

“But I need to see praise with my own eyes,” Chaeyoung huffs, “ that I know that I’m doing well.”

“Well?” Lisa scoffs, “Chae, you’re doing amazing. You turned a disaster of a company into a major business, you won all the rookie awards you could have. People sell out your fan meetings, your concerts, your magazine covers and even your clothes. Critics speak highly of you. You’re doing amazing.”

Chaeyoung hides a sob, “Thank you, I needed that.”

“I know you did,” Lisa sighs softly, “do you wanna meet tomorrow? We can go to that sunflower park you like so much.”

Chaeyoung’s chuckle is wet, “Okay.”

“Okay,” Lisa repeats, “now I’m gonna go back to the choreo and you, Miss, are going to finish your drink and have a long night of sleep, okay?”

“Okay,” Chaeyoung sounds more sure this time.

“Great,” Lisa chuckles, “goodnight, honey.”

“‘Night, Lili,” Chaeyoung hangs up.

She quickly finishes her drink and gets ready for bed.

Not for the first time, she wonders if the other side of her bed will be empty forever.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Career >

Park Chaeyoung (born February 11th, 1997) is a South Korean musician.

She is signed under Jin:lift Entertainment [1] and has trained for a total of four years in different companies. Fans speculate she trained at YGE for a while since a song was released with a voice that sounds remarkably like hers.[2]

Rosé debuted in 2018 with her first mini album R, containing the emotional On the Ground and Gone, that earned her four [3] Rookie of the Year Awards.

She promoted the mini-album for a few months, performing at college festivals and holding fansigns.

In 2019 Rosé released her first full length studio album, As If It’s Your Last [5] that became certified gold in Korea and appeared in the Billboard 200 Chart at 145. She did her first international tour In Your Area and sold it out in a matter of days.[6]

She released a Japanese mini-album Crystal Snow at the end of 2019 and toured the country. The album topped the Oricon Chart and it’s the 8th Korean album most sold in Japan.[7]

In 2020 she became the global ambassador for YSL and Tiffany & Co.[8]

Rosé released a mini-album, Hér [9] at the beginning of 2020 and spent the whole year on a sold out arena tour.

She has won the Daesang for Song of the Year for two consecutive years, in 2019 for the Korean Version of Crystal Snow and in 2020 for her lead single Dream of You. [10]


Personal Life >

Chaeyoung was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia as a kid. She has an older sister, Park Chaewon, who’s the only family member Chaeyoung shows. She has said multiple times that her family is extremely close.[12]

After her debut she had two dating scandals [13] that were later revealed to be false by both her company and the other people’s representatives.

Her best friend is Lalisa Manoban [14], now choreographer at Jin:lift, who used to be a back up dancer for her.

She has a terrier mix named Hank.

Scandals and Controversies >

Her only scandal occurred in 2020, when she attended Seoul Fashion Week and laughed at Jennie Kim when she stumbled on the runway. [15]. Many think it was for revenge, when just a few months before the rapper had laughed at her voice cracking on stage [16]. The company released a statement that apologised for her behaviour. She also posted a hand-written letter on her Instagram page. [17]

Apart from her feud with Jennie Kim, Chaeyoung has not yet had another scandal.


“You’re an idiot.”

Jennie looks up at Jisoo only to earn a whack on her head, “Dunno what you’re talking about.”

“Really?” Jisoo raises her eyebrows and quickly goes on Jennie’s instagram page, “where.. here! Thank you all so much, my lovely Jensetters! It feels good to win an award when you know you deserve it, don’t you think so? and winking face. You’re adding smoke to the fire.”

“That’s not how that saying goes,” Jennie rolls her eyes, “And? It’s a shit-show already, at least people can enjoy it. We can’t all be bland and flavourless like her. Blandsé.”

“I feel like I’m hanging out with a toddler,” Jisoo dramatically lays down on Jennie’s couch, “how did my life come to this? Babysitting the most paid artist in our country?”

“Speaking of babysitting..” Jennie starts, sitting next to Jisoo’s head and turning the TV on, “did I tell you about Secret Sister?”

“The MNET show?” Jisoo asks.

“It’s JTBC, but yes, that one,” Jennie corrects her.

“No, what about it?”

“They want me in an episode,” Jennie smiles, “Yoorim already confirmed, because she knows I like watching it.”

“And will you be the unnie?” Jisoo raises a brow.

“Yeah,” Jennie nods, “the younger one doesn’t know anything, it’ll be a surprise.”

“You.. as the older one..” Jisoo snorts, “you know that you’ll have to take care of her, whoever she is, for a full day? And night? You’re a younger one by nature.”

“How dare you,” Jennie hits her forehead, “speaking like this to the one who visited you on set in the frozen weather for two weeks straight.”

“That was unnecessary,” Jisoo rolls her eyes, “and I already thanked you for it.”

“I can take care of you,” Jennie insists.

“Because I’m the person you’re the closest to,” Jisoo turns to look at the TV.

“No, because I can take care of people!” Jennie insists, “all the trainees used to love me.”

“Because you were the most popular and it helped them get insider connections,” Jisoo murmurs, “can I sleep here?”

“Go brush your teeth,” Jennie sighs, watching her best friend walking away.

She looks outside the window, she can take care of some rookie who probably adores her. She’ll be fine.

“You know what would be extremely funny?” Jisoo snorts, once they’re in bed.

Jennie fixes her sleeping socks, “What?”

“If the dongsaeng ends up being Park Chaeyoung,” Jisoo giggles.

“This isn’t funny. I’m serious. Stop laughing,” Jennie hits Jisoo with her pillow, “if you just jinxed it, I’ll hate you for the rest of my life.”

“Fine by me, at least I’ll be entertained,” Jisoo shrugs, “now turn off the light, I have a CF to shoot tomorrow.”

“For a bad sense of humour?” Jennie tries.

“Idiot,” Jisoo rolls her eyes, “for some make up thing, I don’t know.”

“Glad to see you taking your job seriously,” Jennie snorts and finally gets under the covers.

“Don’t act like you’re not gonna ask me to spoon you in fifty nine minutes.”

“I won’t.”

Exactly fifty nine minutes later, she does.

miss jennifer on Secret Sister? lmao. can she even take care of a plant?
as if she sees anyone or anything but herself ㅋㅋ she’s so selfish, remember how she ignored her juniors bowing?
she didn’t see them! and Jennie visited Kim Jisoo on set for two weeks to keep her company. she’s lovely and you guys just don’t understand her
please, that’s only because they’re friends and it’s also good publicity for her. jennie has always been a spoiled brat, rich, the favourite of the agency.. she has no struggles, she didn’t have to pave her own way like rosé did.

“I am telling you that you’re not releasing that song.”

Jennie tries to keep the tears under control. Crying is losing, crying is weakness. She can’t afford either.

She clears her throat, “The song is ready. I wrote it, I composed it and I produced it. Teddy said it’s a perfect Soundcloud release.”

“You sing the songs we give you,” the CEO looks at her in the eyes.

Jennie takes a deep breath and she can hear her manager, Yoorim, taking a step forward, “Sir, the song means a lot to Jennie and we think it could touch the hearts of the whole country.”

“That’s not how we’re marketing Jennie,” the CEO shakes his head, “first of all, she doesn’t sing. Second, no one wants a song about friendship. Jennie raps, Jennie goes in for the kill. Jennie doesn’t make music that makes people cry. Understood? Now leave.”

“Sir, it’s been five years,” Jennie closes her fists, “you only let me participate in the process, never let me do anything on my own. It would break the current Soundcloud record exactly because it is different! People will be curious! And I’m 25, I can’t keep playing the ‘bad girl’.. people have figured out that I, like any other person, have a personality.”

“I said no,” he turns around in his chair, “go.”

Jennie takes a step forward but Yoorim grabs her hand and takes her outside, letting Jennie cry on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” Yoorim sighs.

“He’s always like this,” Jennie sniffles, “I make so much money for him, why can’t I make songs on my own if everyone thinks they’re good?”

“Because he’s a misogynistic piece of shit who believes that women should stay at home and clean the house,” Yoorim hands her a tissue.

Jennie tries to delete the signs of her tears and they both head to the company gym.

Jennie works all her rage out.. and then some.


When she gets home, she’s surprised to find Kuma running towards her. Jennie smiles and picks him up, gently scratching his chin.

Kuma licks her arm and Jennie rolls her eyes, before letting him outside in the garden.

Jennie thinks this apartment has been her favourite so far. She had to change many because of stalkers and some since she was making better money.

She lives in Hannam with almost everybody else now and she loves it. No one disturbs her, she can enjoy her own peace or go to her garden without making headlines about some stupid thing.

Like those she saw that morning. A rumor saying that she had a sponsor when she was a trainee, that’s why she made it.

Which pisses Jennie off because she was working hard everyday to improve, not sucking some old dude’s dick for a record deal. The person posted anonymously so it’s not a credible source at all, but Jennie knows that the people who hate her will cling to that.

The person also said she trained for a while with Jennie and that’s why she knows— and Jennie doesn’t really want to think of the people she used to train with. Only one of them, actually.

If Jennie were crazier, she would have thought that the rumour was started by her. But she knows she must be busy and there’s no way.

Still, it’s cool that no one knows that their training periods overlapped at some point.

Just the two of them do.

Jennie shakes her head to get rid of her thoughts, she makes herself a chamomile and waits for Yoorim’s call.

Her manager is supposed to tell her more details about the whole Secret Sister program, maybe even the name of the rookie so that she can look her up and do her research.

The phone rings and Jennie immediately grabs it, “Hey.”

“Hello, Jennie,” Yoorim doesn’t sound too joyful, “so.. I have news about the program.”

Jennie nods, “I’m all ears.”

“So..” Yoorim hums, “the filming will happen on the 3rd and 4th of March and the episode will come out two weeks later.”

Jennie nods, “Okay?”

“So.. uh..”

“Why are you stalling?” Jennie chuckles, “whoever it is, it can’t be that bad. I actually spent some time looking up new rookie groups and learning about them.”

“Jennie, honey,” Yoorim says, “I just want you to remember that you signed a contract which means you’ll have to do it.”

Jennie can feel a headache starting to brew in her brain, “Is it someone from that group that I didn’t bow back to? Because I met them backstage and apologised, I really didn’t see them.”

“It’s not any of them,” Yoorim sighs, “look, you’re not gonna like this. At all. But it’s just two days and you’re a good actress.”

“Jisoo gave me some tips,” Jennie shrugs, “so.. who is this rookie that apparently would be a nightmare?“

“She’s not a rookie,” Yoorim starts.

“Oh?” Jennie exclaims, “all that research for nothing..”

“She is your junior,” Yoorim continues, “she’s one year younger than you and she’s been active for three years.”

Jennie nods, “Can I get a name?”

“Yeah,” Yoorim sighs, “it’s just.. I know you’ll hate it and I know that you also hate being forced to do stuff. But you already—”

“Signed the contract, yes,” Jennie can’t wait anymore.

“Park Chaeyoung.”

Jennie feels like her heart stills for a second. Three thousand thoughts taking her brain by storm.

Surely it’s not her.

No way.

The show wouldn’t be so cruel. Or would it? Because everyone wants to see her and Chaeyoung interacting.


Jennie clears her throat and hopes for a second, “From which group?”

“You know who I’m talking about,” Yoorim tells her.

Jennie’s out of hope, “Great. Just.. great. I’m gonna go for a run. See you later.”

Jennie hangs up the phone and runs upstairs, feeling so frantic she can’t stay still. She quickly gets changed and gets out of the house, running around the neighbourhood.

It’s the only way she can run away now.

Jennie shakes her head, feeling tired. She stops to drink some water, then starts running again.


The name alone brings so many memories: switching between languages, singing softly, promises.

“We’re both gonna make it,”

“I’ll meet you at the top!”.

Newly bleached hair covering her pillow, a skinny arm around her waist, all those goosebumps-inducing, softly whispered ‘goodnight’s.

Hopelessness, admiring from afar, bitterness. That time she spent days helping Jennie ice her ankle, rumours.

A far echo of a laugh, Jennie’s heart shattering, confusion, silence.

Jennie hates it. She hates it all.

The first tear comes up and is rendered more visible under the sun. Jennie runs for two hours.

Jennie Kim

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Career v

Jennie Kim (born January 16, 1996) is a South Korean musician, rapper, singer, composer and producer.

She is signed under YG Entertainment [1] and trained for five years. She was known as YG’s Ace and, still as a trainee, collaborated with label-mate G-Dragon. [2]

Jennie debuted in 2016 with her first mini album, containing the hits Solo and Pretty Savage, that earned her the fastest PAK in history, the record of fastest artist to get a first win at several music shows and a Song of the Year Daesang nomination, which she went on to win, [3] along with a Rookie of the Year award sweep.

The next year she started by touring Asia, selling out every arena, making The Pretty Savage Tour one of the highest grossing tours in the whole country. [4]

She released on May 18th 2017 her first full length studio album, Burn [5] that not only blew up in South Korea but also got into the Billboard 200 chart at number 22, the first time for a Korean female soloist. [6]

She toured once again with the Crazy Over You Tour selling out so fast that the company was forced to add more dates and almost doubled. [7] This time she visited more countries. While in the US she went on several late night shows.

She released an album each year, Siren in 2018, Like the Wind in 2019, Not About You in 2020 and Lovesick in 2021. [8] [9] [10] [11]

Each album took her to a new level of fame, reaching a legend-like status, both in her country and in the rest of the world.

In 2017 she became the face of South Korean brand Hera. She’s also an endorser for KT Corporation, Samsung, Lotte Confectionery. [12] In 2018 Dashing Diva, Ace Bed and Lotte Chilsung got added to the list. [13]

In 2018 she became a global ambassador for Chanel, Nike, Burberry and Calvin Klein. [14]

She has collaborated with Gentle Monster to create Jentle Home: a sunglasses, glasses and accessories line designed by her. [15]

Jennie recently came back from her Born to Be Alone Tour and is rumoured that she’s working on new music. [16]


Personal Life v

Jennie’s parents divorced when she was a teenager and her mother obtained full custody of her. Her father, Kim Jaehwan, is the chairman of the Hotel chain Golden. Her mother is a lawyer. [21]

Jennie is a single child even though she expressed that she would have loved someone else since ”I was always home alone,” she once confessed.[22]

After her debut she had a few dating scandals that were later debunked by the company [23] and two that were confirmed, one with label-mate Kim Jiwon and the most recent one with actor Lee Dongmin. She is now single.

She is close friends with Oscar nominated actress Kim Jisoo. [24]

She has a pomeranian named Kuma.

Scandals and Controversies v

Since she gained the nation’s attention before debuting, Jennie has been in the public eye for far longer than just her career.

Her first scandal in 2017 when the rookie group Cherry bowed down to her and Jennie seemed to ignore them. [25] The company later released a statement saying that Jennie simply didn’t see them and apologised backstage.

In 2018 Jennie made a song about the Sewol Ferry Tragedy after donating to the parents. Many said that her charity is performative because she posted about it. [26]

The biggest scandal occurred in 2019, when at-the-time rookie singer Park Chaeyoung (Rosé on stage) was performing at MAMA for the first time and had a voice crack. Various videos clearly show Jennie laughing at her. [27] The company released a statement claiming that she was talking to other artists and laughing because of them, but many don’t believe it.

No big scandal happened after that, but her rivalry with Rosè still continues to be a hot topic since the two singers keep encouraging it.


When Chaeyoung comes up from the gym, she isn’t expecting to find so many missed calls on her phone. Most of them are from Serim, her manager, and Chaeyoung briefly considers calling her back before seeing she’s sent her an email.

Content with that, Chaeyoung hums a song while she gets some food ready for herself. Award show season just ended, maybe that’s why that song is stuck in her head.

She quickly looks up the lyrics she remembers so that she can download it and, even though no one can see her, she rolls her eyes when she sees: Falling - JK (feat. Jennie).

She often wonders if all the coincidences mean anything, maybe the universe wants her to do something about the ongoing feud. Maybe someone could explain to her why there’s even a feud in the first place.

Because she remembers training at YG for almost a year, she remembers when Jennie taught her Korean, helped her break the dorm rules to go out and have some fried chicken. She remembers Jennie’s smaller hands entangled in her long hair, helping her with braids. She remembers every single thing each of the two of them whispered in the middle of the night.

And then, next thing she knew, Jennie made a joke about her sexuality— which Chaeyoung at that point had only told her. And then Jennie became cold. And then Chaeyoung was shifted to JYPE. And then Jennie laughed during her worst moment on stage, when she knew it was her first big performance. She should have known how much it meant to her. And yet she laughed.

And she started shading her and Chaeyoung.. Chaeyoung didn’t have it in herself to not fight back. Mostly because it made her angry— their sweet friendship, their intertwined pinkies, those secret butterflies in her stomach. It pisses her off to this day, not knowing what she did that made Jennie hate her like that.

Because she reads the comments, she knows everyone thinks there’s no reason behind it, she’s just mean. But Chaeyoung used to know her and that’s not who Jennie is.

And yet she still doesn’t know.

Shaking her head, Chaeyoung finally moves away from the kitchen and goes upstairs to take a bath.

She finally closes her eyes and relaxes, the comforting smell in the background and the warm water doing wonders for her sore body.

Her company isn’t strict, that’s a good thing about coming from a small company that only recently became relevant. But the diet and exercise are still something she has to do. And she hates exercising.

A quick memory flashes before her eyes, “Come on, if the push ups are too hard just do them on your knees, I’ll cover you”.

Chaeyoung bitterly chuckles at the long lost innocence.

Deciding she’s had enough she walks back downstairs and orders dinner. Finally she remembers Serim’s emails and nothing could have prepared her for what she finds.

Subject: Secret Sister
Jo Serim < >


Hi Chae,
I keep calling you but you must be busy.
I won’t lie, I wanted to tell you about this in person or at least talk to you on the phone, but you’re leaving me no choice.
Usually the producers don’t share who the secret sister will be, for the sake of authenticity in your surprise. But even they felt like you had to know before you went to the filming.
Your secret sister will be Jennie.
Yes, I already tried everything to get you out of there. We came to a compromise that if you really feel like you can’t do it, then you won’t have to. It’s kind of a sacrifice, but we care about you more than the money or credibility we’d lose.
Let me know your decision soon.
Try not to be too mad.
I’m sorry.

Chaeyoung doesn’t know how to react to the news, she’s pretty sure she’s kept her mouth open ever since she read the name. Crazy how six letters can spell out pain.

Chaeyoung throws a look at her dinner, then shakes her head and grabs another bottle of wine. She texts Lisa an ‘S.O.S.’ and waits for her to show up at her door.


“And that’s all,” Chaeyoung hums, eyes not leaving the ground.

Lisa hums, then stays silent for a bit.

“You’ve got nothing to say?” Chaeyoung chuckles.

“I’m struggling to understand why you seem more hurt than pissed,” Lisa confesses.

Chaeyoung sighs, Lisa doesn’t know about the trainee days.

“I’m just too exhausted to be pissed,” she shrugs instead.

“Mmh,” Lisa nods, “they gave you an out.”

“They did,” Chaeyoung nods.

“Are you gonna take it?” Lisa softly asks, “I mean, they are going to lose some money and some credibility with JTBC but you know your company cares about your well-being more than that.”

“Jennie must have known, right?” Chaeyoung abruptly changes the topic.

“I guess?”

“And she was okay with it?” Chaeyoung’s mind feels heavy.

“I don’t know, I guess so, since we didn’t hear anything from their part,” Lisa reasons.

“Why.. why would she..?”

“The ratings will be off the roof,” Lisa tries.

“Right,” Chaeyoung nods, “what do you think?”

“I think that maybe in those 24 hours you could figure out why she hates you so much,” Lisa shrugs, “maybe the two of you just need to talk. And I mean talk— not scream at each other like that day at the fashion show.”

Talking to Jennie. Figuring out why they’re even doing what they’re doing.

It would never work.

Chaeyoung might not know a lot— but she knows Jennie. And how determined and stubborn she is.

And yet.. and yet the secret fan account isn’t enough. Maybe Chaeyoung wants to see her again. Even if she’ll just get insulted for 24 hours straight.

Maybe Chaeyoung missed her— or at least who Jennie used to be.

Or maybe Chaeyoung just cannot get over her first love, no matter how many ways she’s tried.

Subject: RE: Secret Sister
Park Chaeyoung < >


Count me in, I’ll do it.


The day arrives faster than everyone wanted it to.

Jennie is sitting in her makeup chair, not sure how to act, not sure how to be.

She’s had some very deep talks with Jisoo, they even went to a SPA the day before to try to calm Jennie down.

It’s useless. She’s going to see Chaeyoung again after all this time and she’s not sure how to feel.

Taking a deep breath, she waits for the hair and makeup to finish.

One hour passes while testing out cameras and giving Jennie stuff to sign, before they officially start filming.

Jennie takes a deep breath, then puts on a smile and faces the camera, “Hello,” she bows, “I’m Jennie Kim. I’m a rapper. And today.. today I’ll be a Secret Sister.”

Jennie starts walking around the city, followed by the camera crew, “I have the name of the artist who’s going to be with me for the next twenty four hours,” she chuckles and shows the printed paper to the camera, “Park Chaeyoung, you guys know her as Rosé— uh, let’s go there!”

Jennie and a few members of the crew enter the cafe, “I don’t want to show up empty handed,” she explains.

She quickly buys for every cameraman, before she gets her usual Caramel Macchiato and a bitter Americano for Chaeyoung.

People might see it as her being mean, but that’s actually Chaeyoung’s favourite drink.

Jennie keeps chatting to the camera while they make the way to the park where it will be revealed to Chaeyoung that Jennie is her Secret Sister, “I looked it up,” she explains, “the internet said this is what she drinks.”

Jennie talks a lot, trying to drown out her thoughts, “I don’t know her personally, but because of a misunderstanding she started hating me. I wasn’t laughing at her voice crack,” she lies, “I was just chatting during her performance and Jieun made a joke at that moment. But it looks like she thought it was an excuse.”

“Do you think you could rekindle your relationship?” the PD asks.

“Well, I don’t know,” Jennie shrugs, “it’s been years, we have both been petty.. I don’t think twenty four hours are enough for all of that, shit, I don’t think all the time in the world is.”

“But you will try?”

Jennie chuckles, “I guess? I— oh, here we are.”

They have reached the section of the park that’s meant just for them and Jennie’s heart tumbles in her chest. She can see her, she’s at the viewpoint, looking at the lake nearby.

Jennie is surprised that she still doesn’t feel any rage. She’s just nervous.

She looks gorgeous even from behind— long blond locks, the elegance she exudes even by just staying still, her cute skirt and top that shows a line of skin.

“Let’s go,” Jennie whispers.

Chaeyoung looks like she’s also chatting with the cameras, before they tell her something and she turns around. She hides a smile just in time for no one to catch it. Jennie did.

Even after all these years, even after what she did— Jennie’s still sure she must be the most beautiful woman that ever existed.

“Hi,” Chaeyoung bows, “I’m Chaeyoung, please take care of me.”

Jennie’s mind goes back a few years. She heard those same, exact words before. Only with a stronger Aussie accent.

“Jennie,” she nods, her mind playing tricks on her, “I’ll be you unnie for the rest of the day. Here..”

Chaeyoung accepts the coffee, takes a sip and nods, “My favourite.”

“I kno— I looked it up,” Jennie recovers quickly, “you hungry?”

She used to always be hungry, Jennie remembers she ate a lot. She looks skinnier now, Jennie hopes they’re not making her follow a diet.

“Sure,” Chaeyoung shrugs.

Jennie leads her to where the picnic is set up and Chaeyoung fakes an excited reaction for the cameras.

Jennie sits down and notices that Chaeyoung’s appetite is how it used to be. That’s good, she almost smiles.

They’re eating in silence while the crew is gesturing to them to talk about something.

Jennie clears her throat, “So.. do you need advice from a sunbae?”

Chaeyoung takes her time chewing, “Actually.. yes.”

“You can ask me,” Jennie shrugs.

“Okay,” Chaeyoung’s first smile of the day looks mean, “what do I do when a sunbae bullies me?”

“Have you done something to that sunbae that may have caused them to act that way?” Jennie rolls her eyes.

She should’ve known.

“No,” Chaeyoung firmly replies.

“I guess.. you bully them right back, then,” Jennie shrugs.

If this is going to be the vibe she might as well add fuel to the fire.

“Thanks, sunbae,” the word sounds ironic, “I’ll try that.”

“Seems like you’d be good at it.”

“Oh— you’d be better at it,” Chaeyoung smirks, “you’re considered an Ace, right?”

“I have more than one talent, yes,” Jennie shrugs. If only people knew how her company treated her.

“I have more questions,” Chaeyoung’s fake smile is starting to wear off, “how would you feel if you made a mistake on your first stage and it became famous because someone laughed at you?”

“I don’t know,” Jennie twirls her hair with her fingers, “how would you feel if you were walking a runway for the first time, stumbled and all you could hear was someone else’s laugh?”

“That’s enough,” the PD steps in.

“Fine,” both Jennie and Chaeyoung sigh at the same time.

They spend the afternoon walking through the park. Jennie points things out (“that’s a lake,” “that’s where you watch birds,”) and Chaeyoung always has the same answer (“I know, I can see it, too,”).

It’s so frustrating that Jennie wants to rip off her hair and run home.

They finally stop arguing only when they find a dog. They play with her a bit, before her owner excuses herself.

“You have two dogs?”

Jennie is surprised at the sudden question, “Yeah, but one is with my mother.”

“I have one,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “how do you get him to not sleep in your bed?”

“I gave up,” Jennie confesses, “it’s his bed now.”

Chaeyoung snorts, then tries to hide it, “That’s why we’re here, advice,” she smiles at the cameras.

The rest of the day passes in a similar fashion: going from being passive-aggressive and snarky tones to more lighthearted small talk.

Their second location was chosen by Chaeyoung’s team, so they enter the karaoke booth when it’s dark outside.

“We should sing each other’s songs,” Jennie acts like the PD didn’t just tell her to say that.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to do them justice,” Chaeyoung rolls her eyes.

“Try it,” Jennie shrugs.

Chaeyoung goes with Solo, taking Jennie by surprise because they came up with the concept and chorus of it together, back when they were still trainees.

Her singing is flawless as it always is and the English helps her with the rap. She gets a 94 score, then passes the mic to Jennie raising her brows. Kind of like she’s saying “Go on, try and beat that.

Jennie decided to follow in her footsteps and sings Gone.
She gets 97 and smirks at Chaeyoung.

The PD wants them to sing a duet, but they ignore him and continue to fight for the highest scores.

Only when Jennie gets a 100, Chaeyoung lets go of the mic and shakes her head, “The golden one, of course.”

“Are you serious?” Jennie rolls her eyes, “you got 99 earlier on the song with my fastest rap and you’re complaining? I’m not sorry for having talent.”

“Neither am I,” Chaeyoung stands up, “and I’m in no way below you.”

“Those are your words, not mine!” Jennie exclaims.

“You copied my voice cracking in On the Ground!” Chaeyoung yells, “that was such a big moment for me, you made it worse and now you keep making it worse. Do you know how it feels being laughed at?”

“I do,” Jennie nods.

“Because you slightly tripped?” Chaeyoung scoffs, “that’s not the same thing.”

“I’m not talking about that!” Jennie raises her voice, “I’m talking about before..”

Chaeyoung frowns, “What?”

“Don’t you fucking dare act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!” Jennie yells.

“I have no idea!” Chaeyoung exclaims.

Jennie is about to open her mouth, then remembers the cameras, “Well, I’m glad you don’t remember it. At least it had no impact on you.”

Chaeyoung looks lost now, “What..?”

Jennie shakes her head and turns to the PD, “The hour is over. We’re going home.”

They get into separate cars while they reach the apartment that was rented.

The house is warm until they come in and bring their frost.

Jennie is still fuming, Chaeyoung is mostly confused.

She figures Jennie must be talking about something that happened when they were trainees, but all Chaeyoung remembers is Jennie’s tasteless jab at her sexuality.

Jennie excuses herself and heads to the terrace. She puts her feet in the pool and stares at the water.

Does Chaeyoung seriously don’t remember? How could she, when Jennie was almost traumatised and it took her years to open up to someone again?

Jennie knows now that this show was a bad idea, they never should have agreed to it. Things between them can only get worse.

Chaeyoung must have a million questions and Jennie doesn’t like being humiliated. There’s a reason why no one else knows about their trainee time.

Jennie just sings to herself, the cameramen having left the house filled with automatic cameras.

She hears Chaeyoung clearing her throat behind her, but Jennie pays her no mind.

Chaeyoung goes to sit next to her and hands her a plate, “I made pancakes.“

“I’m not hungry.”

“Let’s sneak out, I’m so hungry!”

“Where would we even go?”

“That pancake place is open until late, come on!”

“You and your love for pancakes are gonna get us kicked out of the company.”

“Just have one,” Chaeyoung offers.

“Fine,” Jennie grabs one with her hands and quickly eats it, “t’was good.”

“There’s more,” Chaeyoung hands her the plate.

Jennie quietly eats them, gaze not leaving the plate.

“I figure you must be on some kind of intense diet,” Chaeyoung’s voice sounds smaller, “but I know you love them.”

Jennie clears her throat, “Thank you.”

“I am sorry.”

Jennie chokes on her pancake.

“Are you okay?” Chaeyoung pats her on the back a few times while Jennie coughs.

“I’m fine,” Jennie finally breathes, “did the PD tell you to say that?”

“He did but I’m not saying that because of him,” Chaeyoung chuckles, “I honestly don’t remember anything bad happening before my MAMA stage. That’s why I’m sorry. I must have hurt you but.. I don’t know how.”

Jennie stands up and they both head to the kitchen, “How can you not remember?”

Chaeyoung shrugs, “I loved our tra— when we spoke after I debuted. I thought we could be friends, I even let you get away with saying something that bothered me. Why are you so mad at me?”

Jennie is changing into her pjs, “It’s even worse that you don’t remember it. And when exactly did I say something that bothered you?”

“That day..” Chaeyoung looks around at the cameras, “nevermind. I’ll tell you another day.”

“You think we’ll talk again after today?” Jennie scoffs.

“Why not?” Chaeyoung shrugs, “if we just clear the air.. we could stop this. I mean, it’s exhausting, isn’t it?”

Jennie chuckles, “It is.”

They both get into bed, each of them on one side, staring at the ceiling.

“So.. if I give you my number can we settle our differences?” Chaeyoung whispers after a while.

And Jennie is tired of putting up a strong front, she’s tired of acting petty and in moments like these she always misses Chaeyoung. And she’s just here, an arm away, more beautiful than ever. And she smells like home— feels. She feels like home.

So she nods.

“Goodnight, Jennie,” Chaeyoung smiles.

“‘Night, Chae,” Jennie can’t help but smile back.

Secret Unnie Ep. 312/323
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minji98 March 18, 2021 12:00 am

so.. do we all agree that definitely something happened behind the scenes that we don’t know about?


jihoonie March 18, 2021 12:03 am

they stopped themselves from saying things the whole time.. something’s up
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fei March 18, 2021 12:05 am

why do i kind of think they used to be friends? like, rosie’s favourite drink is written nowhere on the internet, i looked it up. also her knowing about jennie’s love for pancakes?
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rika March 18, 2021 12:07 am

they only argued about petty things.. you could see them get serious from the pool and more kind the day after when they went shopping. the conversation they had in bed honestly made it obvious that it was never about laughing at each other
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p_minsu March 18, 2021 12:10 am

i feel like the fact that they said that talking off camera can fix their relationship solidifies all of our theories. they knew each other before fame, something must have happened there. i just can’t figure out how rosie doesn’t remember it if it made jennie that mad
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nana March 18, 2021 12:13 am

i don’t wanna be delusional but i’m gonna be anyway ahah maybe they trained together, you know how agencies swap trainees around. and when they fought they were always far apart, i feel like seeing each other in person so close made them remember the good times. they were smiling more the second day, rosie kept brushing against jennie’s hand while walking (smooth) and the way jennie looked at her in bed????
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yui March 18, 2021 12:15 am

then i’m gonna be delusional too because i saw it too ㅋㅋ what’s it gonna be? JenYoung? ChaNni?
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mina March 18, 2021 12:16 am

you guys are crazy but i am #TeamChaennie
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min_ju March 18, 2021 12:20 am

chaennie sounds so cute!!! i hope they become friends again soon!!
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Jennie feels terrified, watching the show air.

They made it obvious that something else had happened, they made it obvious that deep down they know and care for each other.

She made it obvious that she just couldn’t take her eyes off Chaeyoung. She doesn’t know if it’s the memory of old feelings or what— but she knows that she wasn’t careful.

What would Chaeyoung even think after watching her like this?

Jennie huffs.

There’s a new number in her phone and a few text messages, she hasn’t opened them yet.

If Jisoo were there, she’d hit her for being a coward. And this time she would be right.

Jennie just feels like she exposed herself too much on the second day of filming.

That’s why she’s ignoring Chaeyoung’s texts.

from: +82 11 565 7883

received: 16/03/2021 13:00:12

jennie? it’s chaeyoung


from: +82 11 565 7883

received: 16/03/2021 15:05:34

everything okay?


from: +82 11 565 7883

received: 16/03/2021 23:52:41

there’s nothing to be scared of, you know me


from: +82 11 565 7883

received: 17/03/2021 00:24:08

please don’t run away. don’t shut me out again.

Chaeyoung keeps texting her every single day, never receiving a response.

“Should I just stop?” she wanders.

Lisa, from where she’s lying on the floor of the practice room, shrugs, “I don’t know, do you want to talk to her that badly?“


“No,” Chaeyoung sounds defensive, “it's just that we agreed to actually talk and she’s not letting me in.”

“Maybe she only said that for the cameras?” Lisa tries.

“No way,” Chaeyoung shakes her head.

“Maybe she’s just really hurt,” Lisa finally stands up, “and she’s scared of you hurting her again.”

“I don’t even know what I did,” Chaeyoung explains.

“That only makes it worse since, whatever it is, took such a toll on her,” Lisa sighs, “just show up at her place and force her to go out.”

Chaeyoung’s eyes widen.

“I was kidding,” Lisa quickly says, “please don’t do that.”

Chaeyoung just smiles.

“What have I done?” Lisa shakes her head.


Jennie is working on a song. She doesn’t know why, but after watching the episode again she noticed that if no one was paying as much attention as she was, then her worrying was useless.

But she did see the scene where Chaeyoung went to the kitchen, tried to make pancakes only to realise they were missing butter. Jennie had no idea that she even went out to buy it that night.

And the gesture warms her heart. Chaeyoung remembers, just like she does. And maybe she was serious when she said that they could somehow fix this.

The song she’s working on came out of nowhere. She just had a dream of her and Chaeyoung drifting through space— and it was dumb, but it gave her the idea that maybe there’s something else. Like a higher force that wants them to reconnect.

The universe, dreams, fate.

That’s what the song is about.

Jennie records a background vocal when her phone alerts her that someone ringed the door.

She’s not expecting anyone so she’s curious to see who it could be. Also it’s almost 1am.

And yet she freezes when she sees Chaeyoung through the camera.

“I know you’re home!”

Jennie can’t help but chuckle, “I’ll buzz you in.”

“No need to,” Chaeyoung smiles, “just follow me.”

And Jennie can’t help but think about how many roads she drove to— all, inevitably, leading her to Chaeyoung.

Jennie wears her mask and heads outside.


They’re sitting in the restaurant they always went to when they were trainees.

Mrs Han recognises them from back then and offers them a private room. Both of them bow down, thankful.

“No need to thank me,” the old lady chuckles, “I put pictures of both of you here and my business has really taken off.”

Jennie did notice pictures of a much younger her, same with Chaeyoung, at the entrance.

“Why are we here?” Jennie asks once they’re alone.

“At least here everything’s still the same,” Chaeyoung explains.

“We’re here and we’re far from being the same as back then,” Jennie shrugs.

“No talk about whatever happened,” Chaeyoung stops her, “at least not tonight.”


“We can fix it another day,” Chaeyoung smiles, “now I just want to catch up.”

Jennie is caught by surprise: Chaeyoung doesn’t want to just find out what went wrong and apologise. She actually wants to build something— maybe with stronger walls and a better foundation this time.

They stay in that joint until nearly 4am and Chaeyoung feels transported to another space and time.

Just the two of them, eating junk food and chucking at every stupid joke.

Jennie tells her about how hard she’s been working, putting out an album each year— as part of her contract.

“I’m happy I ended up elsewhere,” Chaeyoung comments, biting on a french fry.

“How is it?”

Chaeyoung tells her briefly of how much of a disaster her company used to be, back when only a boy group and her were the only artists.

Then, after she shot to fame, everything changed and the company became considered one of the most profitable in the country.

“You saved a damn company?” Jennie laughs.

“Basically,” Chaeyoung looks at her nails, faking arrogance.

Jennie just keeps laughing, “Maybe you’re not that bad after all.”

“Yeah, same to you,” Chaeyoung says once they’re back outside Jennie’s apartment, “I might decide to keep you around.”

“Cool,” Jennie snorts, “let me know about that.”

“I will,” Chaeyoung’s suddenly turns sweet, “go inside. And sleep. No working on music when you can’t see the sun.”

“Fine,” Jennie pouts.

“I should have been the unnie,” Chaeyoung sighs.

Jennie chuckles, “You’ve always been good at taking care of me.”

“Me?” Chaeyoung exclaims, “you helped me feel at home in a foreign country, with a language I barely knew.. you took care of me from the beginning. And look how well I’m doing now!”

Jennie feels her throat close up, her conversation with Jisoo still fresh in her mind.

“I’ll go then,” she smiles, a little choked up.

“Go already,” Chaeyoung pretends to be annoyed and shoos her away with her hand.

Jennie takes one last look at her— her bare face, the long blond hair, her pink lips— and goes inside.

She then watches from the window as Chaeyoung drives away.


“These ones..” Chaeyoung removes the sunglasses to put on an identical pair, “or these?”

Jennie actually tries to see the difference. And fails, “They look the same to me.”

Chaeyoung rolls her eyes.

“The first ones,” Jisoo comes back from the shoe section of the store, “they elevate your face.”

“Thank you,” Chaeyoung throws a pointed look at Jennie, “can’t believe you designed sunglasses.”

Jennie snorts, moving to the jackets nearby, “How do you even know about that?“

“Oh?” Chaeyoung chuckles, flustered, “it was a big deal.”

Jisoo looks between the two of them, not really sure of how she got here.

She only knows that she woke up to Jennie blaring her car’s horn to get her outside and tell her she was going shopping with Chaeyoung.

Jisoo nodded, because what did that have to do with her?

And Jennie told her that she’d have to come along because Chaeyoung made her flustered.

Jisoo blinked once. Then twice.

Then went back inside to get dressed and here she is— hanging out with the country’s top female artists who hated each other's guts until a month ago.

Jisoo knows that there must be more to the story, because Jennie’s told her that they hang out often. And the effort they’re putting into making up makes it seem like they actually used to have something great, something worth fighting for.

Jisoo shakes her head as Chaeyoung drops a hat on Jennie’s head and they both chuckle like teenagers with a crush.

She sighs. It'll be a long afternoon.


“Do you wanna go to dinner?” Jennie asks her a few hours later.

“Are we all going?” Jisoo asks.

Jennie nods, “Yeah, Chae knows a secret place nearby.”

Jisoo’s had enough of third wheeling, “Can’t,” she smiles, “but thank you anyway.”

“Don’t thank me, I didn’t want you there,” Jennie snorts.

“You woke me up just so—”

“Okay, bye Jisoo,” Jennie chuckles.

Chaeyoung walks closer, “Goodnight, it was lovely meeting you.”

“You too,” Jisoo smiles, “have a good night.“

They watch her car get away.

“Come on,” Chaeyoung grabs her arm, leading her, “it’s not too far from here.”


The restaurant Chaeyoung brings her to is everything Jennie had expected. All private rooms, fancy staff with outfits that remind Jennie of planes, no lingering smell of any type of food.

The lady at the entrance smiles at Chaeyoung, as if she had already met her. Which is possible since she said that she knew this place well.

“Prenotation under Park Chaeyoung,” she smiles, “for two.”

She didn’t know Jisoo was coming— Jennie figures.

“Follow me,” the lady leads them through a corridor before opening a door to the terrace.

Jennie can barely contain her awe. The terrace is set up for them only. There’s fairy lights, what looks like a comfortable table and a bottle of champagne in ice.

“Are we celebrating a birthday?” Jennie jokes once they sit down.

“We’re celebrating our friendship,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “isn’t it pretty?”

“This place is amazing,” Jennie nods.

“I’m glad you like it,” Chaeyoung smiles, “my friend Lisa does choreo at our agency, but sometimes she’s called to other ones and she heard about this place from some idols.”

Jennie nods, she follows Chaeyoung’s instagram, “I’ve seen her on your social media. She’s a terrific dancer.”

“She is,” Chaeyoung smiles, “she helped me a lot over the years.”

“You’ve always been a great dancer,” Jennie frowns.

“Well,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “I had to improve.”

“Right,” Jennie nods.

She remembers being jealous of Chaeyoung back when they first met, because dancing came more naturally to her. It took her a few minutes to memorise long choreos. On top of that, her honey-like vocals only needed some polishing.

“So,” Chaeyoung starts after they order and there’s champagne in their glasses, “aren’t you glad we did that program?”

Jennie looks down at her plate, “Yeah, of course.”

“Then let’s toast to that!”

They do and end up giggling until they start drinking. Jennie downs the whole flute in one go.

She has questions that she needs answers to. She has been hanging out with Chaeyoung for months and there are some things they still haven’t talked about.

“Remember when we first met?” Jennie trieste after the food arrives.

Chaeyoung chuckles, “Yeah. I only knew like, twelve words in Korean. You helped me so much.”

“We were friends,” Jennie continues.

Chaeyoung’s expression darkens for a second before she nods, “The best of friends, yes. We were always together.”

“Then why did you..” Jennie takes a deep breath, “why..”

Chaeyoung frowns, “Is this related to why you hated me?”

“I never hated you,” Jennie corrects her.

“You know what I mean,” Chaeyoung smiles.

“Yeah, it’s.. it’s the whole reason,” Jennie answers the question.

“Can’t we do this another time?”

Jennie sighs, “We’ve been friends for months! How much longer are we gonna pretend that our past doesn’t matter?”

“Just a little bit more,” Chaeyoung’s voice comes out feeble, “please. Because I don’t know what I did but I hate that I hurt you and I just.. I wanna spend time with you and not think about how much you must have hated me. I’ll be out of denial soon and we’ll talk, but give me some more careless days.”

And Jennie could never refute her, “Sure.”


Saying that Chaeyoung is freaking out should be the understatement of the year.

Lisa’s laughing at her on speaker, “So Hank did a number two in the living room? Just clean that shit up. Literally.”

“I hate you,” Chaeyoung yells to be heard while she actually cleans after her dog.

“What time is she coming over?”

“Around nine?” Chaeyoung throws everything away and goes back to clean the floor, “we decided after dinner.”

Lisa hums, “Is she staying the night?”

“Depends,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “we just decided the films we’re gonna watch, we don’t know how long it’ll take. And you know we both love baking.”

“Grandmas,” Lisa snorts, “look, I gotta go. Talk later.”

“Bye,” Chaeyoung says, hearing the call ending.

Jennie said she had something to take care of at the agency. Chaeyoung knows she’s preparing for a comeback, that’s why she’s so excited to finally see Jennie again. Even texting has become difficult.

Chaeyoung sighs and looks around. Her apartment looks brand new.

She smiles and puts some chips in small bowls, grabs some beers and brings everything to the table in front of the couch.

The intercom buzzes and Chaeyoung feels her stomach dropping, a roller coaster type of feeling.

She can’t conceal her smile as she hurries to answer.

She doesn’t need to question why she’s feeling so jittery, she already knows.

“Package for Park Chanyeol?”

Chaeyoung frowns, “I’m sorry?”

“I have a package for Park Chanyeol,” the delivery man replies, “apartment 210.”

Chaeyoung sighs, “This is apartment 110, sir. You have to cross the garden and you’ll find the 200s lot.”

“Oh? Thank you,” the man exclaims, “I’m sorry, miss. Goodnight.”

Chaeyoung rolls her eyes and goes back to the couch.

She doesn’t know what else to do. Her hair is washed and smells amazing, she’s dressed comfortably but not too shabby. She isn’t wearing make up but Jennie once told her she looks just as good. Jennie’s guest loafers are ready.

All Chaeyoung has to do is wait.


When the doorbell rings, Chaeyoung wakes up with a start.

She looks at her watch and it’s a little past ten.

She hurries to the intercom while fixing her hair and finally sees Jennie, “I’ll let you in.”


When Jennie finally arrives, Chaeyoung mindlessly hugs her. She finds herself surprised when Jennie holds her back, tighter.

“I’m sorry it took so long,” Jennie leaves her bag near the door and changes into the guest slippers, “the main single has an insane, contemporary-like choreo and it’s been kicking my ass.”

“Hey, that’s my job!”

Jennie snorts, “Idiot. Why do you have straight lines on your cheek?”

Chaeyoung checks her reflection in the mirror, “I fell asleep on the couch.”

“I’m sorry,” Jennie lowers her gaze, “I tried to get out of there.”

“It’s fine,” Chaeyoung shakes her head, “we have demanding jobs. It’s fine, I get it. It’ll be like this when I release my new album.”

“How’s that coming along?” Jennie asks, sitting on the couch, “last time you had five tracks ready and three concepts in mind.”

Chaeyoung chuckles and settles next to her, “I now have eight tracks ready and I think I’m gonna stop at ten.”

Jennie nods, “Did you decide which one’s the new single yet?”

Chaeyoung shakes her head, “I have two potential ones but I’m still not sure.”

“You still won’t give me any spoiler,” Jennie protests.

“Because you did about your single?” Chaeyoung raises her brows.

“Fair enough,” Jennie nods, “the name, at least?”

“Nope,” Chaeyoung smiles and turns the TV on, “so we’re starting with Princess Mononoke?”

Jennie gets more comfortable, “Sure.”

Chaeyoung clicks play.


At around 4am they find themselves in a competition of endurance. Howl’s Moving Castle is playing, their legs are intertwined and they can barely keep their eyes open.

“So I’m guessing I’m staying the night?” Jennie asks when the credits start rolling.

“Of course,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “come on, let’s go to sleep.”

“Gotta wash up first,” Jennie yawns, “I didn’t wash my hair at the company because I was already too late.”

“Okay,” Chaeyoung nods, “let’s go to the bathroom. I’ll wash your hair, you look like a corpse.”

“Thanks,” Jennie snorts, following her upstairs.

Chaeyoung makes her sit comfortably with her face up and hair in the sink, slowly turning on the water.


Chaeyoung chuckles and waits for the warm water to come before wetting Jennie’s hair, “Why don’t you ever dye them?”

“Company says I fit the concept better with dark hair,” Jennie rolls her eyes.

“Can I say real quick that I hate your company?”

“Please do,” Jennie snorts, “it’s horrible. Sometimes I don’t even feel like a human being.”

“I get that, but not because of the company.”

“You have freedom,” Jennie sighs, “like, you can decide on the title track, you can write songs.. for my new title track I had to ask my producer Teddy if he could add something small so that his name would be in the credits and the company will let me release it.”

“That’s genius, though,” Chaeyoung gently washes the shampoo away.

“Yeah, but I shouldn’t have to go to such lengths.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Chaeyoung nods.

“I’m thinking of not renewing the contract,” Jennie confesses, “it expires in four months.”

“That’s..” Chaeyoung stops for a second, “that’s an extremely good idea. You should do it.”

“And then?”

“Honey,” Chaeyoung chuckles, massaging her scalp, “you’re the most prestigious artist this country has. Every agency wants you.”

“..would yours want me?” Jennie’s voice comes out smaller than usual.

“I can ask,” Chaeyoung smiles, “but I’m sure that they would.”

“How would you feel about that?” Jennie asks.

“Are you kidding me?” Chaeyoung chuckles, slowly washing the conditioner out, “I’d love that. Like when in school you had class with your best friend!”

Jennie chuckles, “Okay.. I’ll think about it.”

“You think too much,” Chaeyoung shakes her head.

“It’s because I have to compensate for you,” Jennie smirks.

“Very funny,” Chaeyoung deadpans.

“Still,” Jennie shrugs, “I feel like I would burn so many bridges down if I leave the company.”

“Who cares?” Chaeyoung shrugs, “what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”

Jennie nods, “Sounds like lyrics.”

Chaeyoung chuckles, “When you spend a whole day writing songs, this is what happens.”

“Right,” Jennie chuckles.


When Chaeyoung wakes up she heads downstairs and finds Jennie in her clothes, making big, fluffy pancakes.

She hasn’t seen her yet and Chaeyoung takes her time to admire her. Her hair is a bit messy and her having to stand on her tiptoes to reach anything makes Chaeyoung want to coo at her.

She’s humming one of Chaeyoung’s songs, a b-side from one of her first releases— and she’s surprised that Jennie even knows it. She figures that Jennie must have kept up with her because she cared, even after whatever thing she did that hurt her.

And then again, Chaeyoung has a Jennie stan twitter account so she can’t really talk.

“You’re here!”

Chaeyoung smiles and walks closer, resting her chin on Jennie’s shoulder from behind, “Smells good.”

Jennie chuckles, “They’re almost ready. Set up the table?”

Chaeyoung wasn’t talking about the pancakes. Still, she lets go and sets up the table.

They’re both still too tired to talk, so they limit themselves to just smile at each other when they make eye contact.

Which happens a lot.

Chaeyoung puts the dishes in the sink and settles on the couch. She only has a schedule in the evening and she knows Jennie has a free morning, too.

“Oh?” Jennie passes next to the library, “what’s this?”

Chaeyoung squints to see which book she’s talking about, “Oh, which one?”

Pachinko,” Jennie reads, “by Lee Minji.”

“Oh!” Chaeyoung exclaims, “it’s the story of three generations of a Korean family during the Japanese colonisation. I loved it.”

Jennie hums and heads to the sofa with her book. Chaeyoung chuckles and takes the one she’s currently reading, an analysis on sapphic love in literature.

Jennie puts her freezing feet under Chaeyoung’s thighs to warm them up and they spend the morning like this.

Chaeyoung’s heart aches, knowing that she can’t spend every single morning like this.

[+782] [-98]
pictures of jennie leaving rosie’s apartment in the morning ㅋㅋ why does this feel so romantic
[+1022] [-201]
no okay wait a second because if either jennie or rosie were men there would be a huge dating scandal
[+903] [-322]
yes!! thank you!! they’ve done nothing but go on dates for months but no one takes it seriously because they’re both women
i cannot believe chaennie is real when we started it as a joke ㅋㅋ

Jennie has been feeling jittery all morning, incapable of standing still. Her new single and EP will be released at midnight and Jennie is counting down the minutes.

She just asked Teddy for help on the production, the producer lied to the CEO and told him he did more. Jennie almost cried.

People won’t know, but the lead single is her first song made completely by her that is going to be released.

It’s a wonder that the CEO let her sing, but Teddy must have told him something and convinced him.

Jennie is at home. Kuma is asleep.

Jennie needs to do something or she’ll go insane.

She quickly grabs her phone and calls the number— wondering when she started calling her instead of Jisoo or other close friends.


Jennie smiles, “hi.”

“New release nerves?” Chaeyoung tries. There’s a smile in her voice.

“Exactly,” Jennie nods, “do you perhaps have some time today?”

“Of course I do,” Chaeyoung replies, “hey, wanna go strawberry picking?”

Jennie snorts because that is so like her, “Okay, you’re picking me up?”

“Of course,” Chaeyoung replies, “be ready in fifteen.”

“I will,” Jennie nods, before handing up.

She happily skips to her closet and finds some clothes that she thinks might be appropriate for strawberry picking.

She doesn’t know how it works or anything like that, but Chaeyoung saw someone on social media doing it and she’s been talking about it ever since.

Jennie chuckles, puts some food and water for Kuma, then hurries downstairs— where Chaeyoung’s SUV is waiting for her.

“Hey,” Jennie smiles, entering the car, “finally realising your dream of becoming a farmer?”

“Funny,” Chaeyoung snorts, starting the car.

“No, seriously,” Jennie laughs, “I remember you showing me your horse fase.”

“Oh yeah,” Chaeyoung nods, “what time do you need to be back?”

“At least an hour before the release so.. eleven?” Jennie tries, “damn, how many strawberries are we picking?”

“Idiot,” Chaeyoung smiles fondly, “we could get dinner afterwards.”

“Sure,” Jennie shrugs.


The afternoon distraction definitely helps Jennie.

She thinks about the song, she does, especially when Chaeyoung smiles bright or slightly touches her.

But then she gets lost in those moments, so much that the song gets lost in all her feelings.

Strawberry picking is fun— Jennie decides. Both her and Chaeyoung take it very seriously, focusing on the ones they can take and filling their baskets.

When they’re done, they head to pay, thank the owners for the experience, then get back into the SUV.

“What now?” Jennie asks, “It’s still 7:30pm.”

“Stop doubting me,” Chaeyoung punches her arm.

“Got it,” Jennie laughs, “sorry ma’am.”

“You weren’t this irritating a few months ago.”

“Says the one who calls me to bring toilet paper to her house every week,” Jennie snorts.

“I’m a forgetful person,” Chaeyoung pouts.

“Yeah,” Jennie’s voice turns serious, “you are.”

“Jen..” Chaeyoung sighs.

“It’s fine,” Jennie shakes her head, “we’ll talk about it when you’ll be ready. I’m fine with waiting. I am.”

Chaeyoung just sighs against, distressed, “We’re here.”

Jennie looks at the fancy restaurant in front of them.

They’re both not dressed appropriately for it, but they don’t care.

Jennie looks around and it seems like the staff knows Chaeyoung well.

Is this where you take all your girls?

She doesn’t have the courage to ask.


Jennie felt down during dinner, but Chaeyoung imagined it was nerves because of the single.

That and the fact that they still haven’t talked about whatever thing happened that unleashed all of this.

And Chaeyoung knows that she can’t avoid it forever, not if they want to be friends, but she’s also scared of what she could have done or said.

Jennie leaves some food on her plate and they both get in the car again.

And Chaeyoung.. she doesn’t want to let go of this night. Jennie’s looking outside at the few stars that a city like Seoul allows them to see.

They’re chatting quietly about different topics. First it was strawberry jam, then Chaeyoung’s ear piercings.. and some topics after that, Chaeyoung decides she doesn’t want to go home.

So she takes a road that she knows will take longer to get where her and Jennie live.

Jennie’s talking about horoscopes and the stars and doesn’t seem to notice.

Chaeyoung drives and drives, until Jennie finally looks up, “Where are we?”

“The usual road was closed.. roadwork,” Chaeyoung lies, “I had to take another one.”

Jennie hums and launches a debate about mint chocolate ice cream— and Chaeyoung wants to live in this car forever.

But all good things reach an end and now she’s waving at Jennie while she gets inside her house.

Jennie enters, pets Kuma, then looks it up. There was no roadwork. The usual road worked just fine.

She smiles while getting to her computer for the meeting with the team— Chaeyoung wanted to spend time with her. Chaeyoung took the long way home to be with her more.

“Why are you so smiley?” Yoorim's voice comes from the computer.

Jennie shrugs, “I’m excited about the songs.”

Serendipity by Jennie

Home / Music / Jennie Kim / Serendipity EP / Analysis

Hello, we already talked about the difference in style between Jennie’s music and this EP and we went through the whole tracklist, but now I wanted to talk about the story that I think connects the songs.

let’s briefly go over them:

Serendipity: talks about a love decided by fate, literally starting with the sentence ”all of this is not a coincidence”. Mentions the providence of the universe, says that their happiness has been destined, that they can just leave it to faith. Very sweet, just not that realistic > is she just daydreaming?
(Note: no gender related pronouns are used.)

Stigma: it sounds like a coming out song, to me. It’s about not having courage to do something and others suffering because of your lack of courage. And obviously the line ”It can’t be erased even if I hide it and conceal it,” the question “Are you calling me a sinner?”. And the last verse just points to the idea of religion against homosexuality > has she fallen for someone of the same gender?
(Note: no gender related pronouns are used.)

Singularity: this time it sounds like the song might be about someone again, but it’s different from Serendipity. “I hear that sound today, yet again” she talks about this sound ringing in her ear. Then she confesses she “threw herself in the lake” and “buried her voice for you”, which leads me to believe she has history with this person, yet can’t seem to find it in herself to bring it up.
“Tell me, if even this pain is fake, what should I have done, then?” > this part, too. She didn’t get to express her pain, so it’s like it never happened. The question just brings heartbreak because it makes you realise she had no other choice to do what she did back then, whatever it was.
(Note: no gender related pronouns are used.)

Euphoria: and with the last song, we’re happy again, or so we think. The whole song talks about being in a dream and being euphoric there. It differs from Serendipity with the lines “It’s different from a plain word like fate, you’re looking at the same place with me with a pain in your eyes.” Also our narrator begs the other person to stay in the dream (“Please don’t ever wake up from the dream.”)
> maybe “the dream” is the only place where they’re allowed to be together?
(Note: no gender related pronouns are used.)

Please tell me what you think about this masterpiece! (and convince me none of this is about a certain Park Chaeyoung.)


Chaeyoung looks at her phone again and she can hear Lisa sigh.

“She’s coming, don’t worry,” Lisa says.

Chaeyoung looks up at her, over the remains of their late-afternoon brunch, “I’m not worried.”

Lisa hums, “Is that why you keep looking at your phone?”

“It’s just..” Chaeyoung huffs, “when I met Jisoo it was completely casual because we just went shopping. Now it’s more the.. the whole official meet the friends kind of thing.”

Lisa nods, “You talk as if you’re dating.”

“Shut up,” Chaeyoung rolls her eyes, “how did I ever think this could be a good idea?”

“You didn’t,” Lisa snorts, “Jennie saw me dancing and thought I was cool, so she asked you to make us meet.”

“Right,” Chaeyoung nods, “that’s how it went.”

“Hi! Sorry I’m late,” Jennie looks at Chaeyoung and winks, “roadwork.”

Chaeyoung rolls her eyes, knowing that Jennie will never live it down, “Hi.”

“I’m Lisa,” she smiles, “it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“You too!” Jennie smiles back.

“Are you hungry?” Chaeyoung asks.

Jennie shakes her head, “Hot chocolate is fine.”

Chaeyoung nods and raises her hand. A waiter is at their table immediately. Both Lisa and Jennie get hot chocolate with marshmallows (only the idea makes Chaeyoung want to puke) and she orders a green tea for herself.

Lisa and Jennie are talking, giggling about something. She catches her name and listens in a bit more, before realising it’s one of the many stories Lisa has from working with her.

“And that’s how we got a tennis ball stuck inside the ukulele,” Lisa finishes.

“You guys have fun,” Jennie is cracking up.

“Jisoo is pretty fun,” Chaeyoung shrugs.

“Right,” Jennie chuckles, “she’s just a bitter old woman who acts like a bitter grandpa, shaking her fists and all.”

“That’s not true,” Chaeyoung snorts.

“Why don’t we invite her too, next time?” Lisa asks.

“Sure,” Jennie nods, “she’s almost done with filming.”

“I’m a huge fan of her acting,” Lisa admits.

“That’s an understatement,” Chaeyoung snorts.

Jennie finishes her drink quickly, “Should we go?”

Chaeyoung stands up, “Yeah, let’s go.”

Lisa pays for all of them, then they get closer to the ice skating rink, where they book the skates (while Chaeyoung makes fun of Jennie’s tiny feet— earning a slap on the shoulder in response.)

“We can’t all be giants with insane proportions,” Jennie pouts, standing up.

“She’s so cute,” Lisa comments.

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung can’t take her eyes off her clumsy walk, “she is.”

“You’re in it deep, my friend,” Lisa walks her by.

Chaeyoung checks for a second Lisa and Jennie on the rink. They’re both naturals, getting accustomed easily. She sighs. Why was she the one who proposed this?

Chaeyoung walks to the door, then into the rink. She immediately grabs the bar at her side and slowly walks forward, risking to fall down five times.

She reaches Jennie and Lisa.

“You’ve made it,” Lisa snorts.

“You could have told us you didn’t know how to,” Jennie says, instead.

“I can!” Chaeyoung pouts, “but I’m close to comeback season and I can’t risk getting injured.”

“Right,” Jennie nods, “how’s the album going?”

Chaeyoung smiles, “It’s done.”

“Will you tell me more about it now?”

Chaeyoung shakes her head and Jennie huffs.

“Where’s Lisa?”

“Her—,” Chaeyoung looks around before she spots her helping some kids, “over there.”

Jennie smiles, “I’m happy you had someone like her during all these years.”

Chaeyoung feels choked up without knowing why, “Yeah.. she’s been helpful.”

Jennie smiles and, with a gesture, invites her to skate with her.

Chaeyoung takes a few tiny steps and Jennie catches her by her coat when she’s about to slip.

“Seriously,” Jennie shakes her head, grabbing Chaeyoung’s hand and putting them both in her pocket.

She starts skating slow and Chaeyoung manages not to fall.

On the ground. Other types of falling might be happening.

Chaeyoung finally feels more confident and she looks up and the street is gleaming, laughter is everywhere and Jennie’s smiling at her, blindingly, their hands still in Jennie’s warm pocket.

Yeah, she couldn’t have chosen a better place.


“I’m sorry for crashing your date,” Lisa comments while Chaeyoung drives her home.

“What?” Chaeyoung snorts, “this whole meeting was so that you two could meet.”

“Please, maybe at first,” Lisa shakes her head, “but you totally acted like you were on a date! Why are you not dating yet?”

“What are you even talking about?”

“I’m talking about the fact that you clearly have feelings for each other,” Lisa rolls her eyes, “yet no one is making a move.”

“Look, I will,” Chaeyoung sighs, “after we finally talk about everything.”

“You still haven’t talked?” Lisa’s surprised.

“I keep postponing it,” Chaeyoung admits, “I’m scared.”

“Come on,” Lisa comments once they stop outside her building, “she forgave you already for whatever you did, but you need to talk about it, otherwise everything will go to waste. And it seems like she wants to talk about it.”

“She does,” Chaeyoung rests her head on the steering wheel.

“Then talk about it, dummy,” Lisa hits the back of her neck, ”I’m going now, next time you invite me, please, bring someone else too so I won’t be alone, goodnight!”

“Night,” Chaeyoung huffs.

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Characters: Jennie Kim, Park Chaeyoung | Rosé, Kim Jisoo, Lisa | Lalisa Manoban,

Additional Tags: Canon Divergence, Enemies to Lovers, Enemies with Benefits, Hate to Love, Angst, Smut, Happy Ending, Fluff,

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Playing With Fire



Growing up in a competitive industry has shaped Jennie Kim into the perfect celebrity. The demand for her is high— but no one knows she’s falling apart at the seams.

And somehow, the only one who can make her feel something, even if negative, is her rival, Park Chaeyoung.

So, when Chaeyoung, a bit drunk, offers to go back to her place, Jennie doesn’t have it in her to say no.

And sometimes we mistake envy for hate.

Or hate for love.



Hi everyone, i’m back with the second chapter, sorry to keep you waiting but I had an exam.
But enough about that, did you guys see the pictures of Chaennie skating with Lisa??? So domestic im gonna cry and collapse. they’re so cute and they gave the inspiration to continue this :)

also, here’s the fic playlist



Chaeyoung nervously waits in the conference room.

“One minute left!” Serim sends her a smile.

Chaeyoung smiles back, looking at the projector. She texts that to Jennie, one minute left.

Jennie’s reply comes immediately, an exaggerated number of exclamation points. But it does make Chaeyoung smile.

“10.. 9.. 8..” the room starts chanting.

Chaeyoung smiles for the video that one of her team members is taking.

“..2..1.. and it’s up!”

Chaeyoung looks at her computer and she sees her album staring back at her. Finally uploaded.

They all applaud and open the champagne, opting for a small office party instead of a big one. It was Chaeyoung’s request— no one asked why.

But, then again, no one asks why she’s texting and why she leaves the building in Jennie Kim’s car.

“I’m so proud of you!” is the first thing Jennie says, enveloping her in an impractical hug inside the car.

Chaeyoung chuckles, “Have you even listened to it, yet?”

Jennie shakes her head, “I don’t need to listen to it to know that it’s the best album I’ll hear this year.”

“You’re exaggerating,” Chaeyoung huffs.

“I’m not,” Jennie hits her.

They reach Jennie’s house and make their way to Jennie’s bedroom, where they both collapse on the bed.

Jennie talks to her about her long day of photoshoots and Chaeyoung tells her that she wanted to change all the songs last minute. They chuckle while staring at the ceiling.

It feels comfortable, it feels domestic.

Chaeyoung doesn’t have to worry about the other side of the bed being cold and empty, because that’s where Jennie sleeps. And she’s warm and she’s everything Chaeyoung has ever wanted and then some.

And she’s glad she hasn’t listened to the album yet, because she’d know it’s about her and Chaeyoung doesn’t know how to have that conversation since Jennie is straight, for all she knows.

“Can you tell me more about the album now?” Jennie asks, “I’ll listen to it in the morning anyway.”

Chaeyoung thinks about it. Jennie showed up at her agency at midnight to bring her to her place so she wouldn’t obsess over the album release.

Jennie’s always been there for her and Chaeyoung owes her.

“What do you want to know?” Chaeyoung smiles, quickly changing her tight skirt to Jennie’s biggest sweats.

“What does the title mean?”

Chaeyoung chuckles, “Koi no yokan is a Japanese term that just has no translation. A more realistic version of “love at first sight,” I would say, the sensation upon first meeting someone that you’ll eventually fall in love with them.”

“Oh,” Jennie nods, “that’s pretty.”

Chaeyoung goes through the tracks briefly, explaining them to Jennie without adding too much detail.

“So, a whole album about falling in love?” Jennie murmurs when she’s done, voice full of sleep.

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung smiles softly, eyes half closed, “kind of.”

A whole album about falling in love with you.

Jennie hears Chaeyoung fall asleep from her breathing, then she sighs, puts headphones on and listens to the album.

She finishes it with tears in her eyes and a belated realisation.

Chaeyoung is in love with someone. She doesn’t understand why she’s apologetic, but she’s in love with someone.

Maybe making her listen to this album was her way of telling Jennie to back off.

Maybe she knows. Probably she knew back then.

She just pretended like Jennie said something funny to avoid telling her she didn’t feel the same.

New tears wash Jennie’s face.

She’ll fall asleep hours later.



Q & A with Rosé

MusicBox interview by Kim Yujin

Park Chaeyoung, Rosé on stage, has become in just three years one of the biggest musical acts to ever come out of South Korea.
Today, MusicBox asked Park to talk about her new album Koi no yokan and the inspiration behind it, as well as questions from three very lucky fans!

Why did you choose this name for your album?

Rosé: I just came across this term while reading Japanese literature and it kept getting stuck in my head, I knew I had to do something with it [chuckles]. While I was writing the songs for the album I realised that more or less they all related to someone I felt that way about, so I just chose that as the title.

Can you briefly summarise it for us?

Rosé: Oh man.. that’s hard. It’s an album about falling, I guess? And being apologetic to the person you’re falling for because you screwed up in the past.. [looks around] what? Too real?

We heard you were more involved in the production process than ever?

Rosé: Yes! I usually can’t make decisions, it takes me a while but with this album everything flew smoothly, I didn’t even want to leave my studio for a second! My— my friends had to drag me out. Of course my team helped but this time they only made it easier for me without butting in too much and I feel grateful for them. If I didn’t choose to do it like this it wouldn't have taken so long [laughs] I’m sorry!

The album, while fitting perfectly in your discography, sounds different than the rest. How?

Rosé: The production is more stripped back sometimes and a mess other times, that’s what it is. I love a big chorus but I also like the sound of my guitar and my voice alone. I know my fans love my acoustic performances and others prefer my big singles, so I thought this album would be perfect for everyone, given the eclecticism of the instrumentals.

Do you plan on touring to perform it live?

Rosé: That’s.. I’d love to do that. I can’t confirm nor deny because my company is handling it, but I would love to make these songs come alive by singing them in front of a crowd.

Is the whole album about real life or did you pull from imagination? by mary_u

Rosé: Hi, Mary! Apart from a couple of songs that are more about abstract concepts, everything else comes from my actual life.

Is the album all about the same person? by joy93

Rosé: Hi, Joy! Yes, I wrote everything about the same experience I had.

Was there someone who inspired this album? by minmin

Rosé: Hi, Min! Yes. There is.


Koi no yokan by Rosé, Jin:lift Ent, ₩ 22.906 October

For MusicBox’s review, click here.


Chaeyoung thought it was herself second guessing things, but now she’s sure. Jennie is being distant.

She stopped replying immediately to texts— but that was okay. They’re both busy, it happens.

But she also said she was busy on the only day Chaeyoung could hang out, she keeps chuckling saying that she’s busy preparing for her end of the year performances when Chaeyoung asks her to sleep over.

Chaeyoung hasn’t seen her in over two weeks and she misses her. Even showing up at her place was useless because the guard told her that Jennie wasn’t home.

And Chaeyoung doesn’t understand what happened, she just remembered the events after Jennie shut her out the first time. And she doesn’t want to relive them.

Because it was more than a sting. For Chaeyoung, who was head over heels for her, it wasn’t simple bleeding. It was an artery exploding, not some needle blood.

And for Chaeyoung now, who still is head over heels for Jennie, it hurts in her stomach. The feeling of having done something wrong.

Thinking of it, she hasn’t seen Jennie since her album was released. What if Jennie didn’t like the album?

Chaeyoung paces back and forth before she stops. What if Jennie understood that the album was about her and didn’t know how to reject her?

Chaeyoung whines, she’s tired of asking herself questions that should be for someone else.

Chaeyoung puts the leash on Hank and brings him outside, going to the dog park not far from them. Not ready to meet all the other celebrities who live in Hannam.

She waves at two boy group members that live in her building, before unleashing Hank and letting him play with the other dogs.

She sees him with the cutest Pomeranian.

“That’s Kuma,” Chaeyoung gasps, looking around. She finds her immediately, sitting on a bench while looking at her phone.


Jennie jumps, hand going instinctively over her heart, “Hi, you scared me.”

Chaeyoung shrugs and sits next to her. She pretends not to notice Jennie moving a bit far away. She tries not to let it get to her, but man, Jennie must be really disgusted by her feelings.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” Chaeyoung starts, “how are you doing?”

“Well.. busy,” Jennie shrugs, “you?”

“Same,” Chaeyoung hates this conversation.

“Well,” Jennie chuckles, standing up, “I think Kuma and I have to go home now.”

Chaeyoung frowns and grabs her coat, “Jennie.. what happened?”

Jennie frowns but it looks fake, “What do you mean?”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I’ve just been busy, Chae,” Jennie smiles and walks away.

Chaeyoung rolls her eyes, then watches her go.


The following days turn out to be busier than Jennie expected.

They’re getting ready for MAMA, where Jennie is supposed to perform last, being the biggest act in the country.

Chaeyoung is second to last and Jennie sees it as an improvement from last year when she was in the middle of the show.

Jennie’s feeling confident about her performance: ignoring Chaeyoung really gave her the time to master it and now she could do the choreo changes in her sleep.

They’re doing one last costume test and Jennie just stands there, letting people do their jobs.

It hurt, ignoring Chaeyoung for this long. But Jennie doesn’t want the pity she’ll get.

Chaeyoung most likely knows about her feelings.

Chaeyoung is in love with someone else.

It’s painful. Jennie’s pride won’t accept it. That’s why she’s fine with the ghosting.

“And we’re done,” Yoorim smiles, “Jennie, dear, we’ll come pick you up later this evening, okay?”

Jennie smiles and nods, quickly getting into more comfortable clothes.

The crew leaves her house and Jennie collapses on the couch. She hates that she loves Chaeyoung’s album, even if she used it to reject her. Still, she listens to it.

Around track five the tears arrive. Jennie grabs her phone.

“Hey?” Jisoo replies, “you never call me at this hour.”

“I’m..” Jennie sobs, “I’m sorry, I—”

“Hey, Jen,” Jisoo moves somewhere else, “honey, what’s going on?”

“Chaeyoung and the album,” Jennie murmurs.

“What about them?”

“It’s to make it clear that she’s in love,” Jennie says.

“Okay..?” Jisoo’s tone is sweet, yet confused.

“It’s a way to reject me,” Jennie explains, “she must have found out about my feelings.”

“Oh, Jennie,” Jisoo sighs, “have you talked to her about it?”

“No, that would be humiliating!”

“But she didn’t tell you who it was about,” Jisoo reasons, “plus, you’re the only person she has hung out with for the last year. Who do you think made her fall in love?”

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“No, you are,” Jisoo sighs, “you always assume the worst and take it as the truth. Trust me, Chaeyoung is confused from all the ghosting you’re doing, she has no idea about what you’re feeling and—”

“How would you know?” Jennie pouts.

“Lisa told me,” Jisoo stops her there, “it’s a long story, but, what I was saying is more important: you need to communicate with each other. The both of you.”

“There’s no need.”

“Really?” Jisoo snorts, “because your whole relationship is misunderstanding after misunderstanding.. because you don’t talk to each other!”

“Fine,” Jennie huffs, “I’ll talk to her after the show tonight.”

“Good,” Jisoo nods, “that’s great. Need help for the speech?”

“God, yes.”


Jennie is sitting in her designated area, Jieun and Suzy at her sides. She can see Chaeyoung, a few female soloists away from her.

They barely greeted each other on the red carpet.

The night is coming to an end and Jennie sees Chaeyoung being brought backstage, ready for her performance and suddenly that’s everything Jennie thinks about.

It finally arrives and it looks magical and fairytale-like. Chaeyoung’s on a swing, the back of her dress is so long it reaches the ground.

She quietly sings the first song of her new album, the 1. And it’s one of those songs that make you ache inside regardless of what you feel.

Jennie, while listening to the song, couldn’t figure out who Chaeyoung would have wanted to be the one for her. Her private life is just that— private.

As soon as she finishes the song and with some help, she gets down on the ground and rips the back of the dress away, ready for her single Electric.

The lights change as the song grows sexier and Jennie has some water to swallow.

Chaeyoung’s incredible in the way she switches from fairytale princess to sultry late night performer.

Jennie claps with a bright smile on her face when it’s time.

After two awards and a skit, they start announcing the Daesangs, Album of the Year is first.

Jennie sees the competitors in the compilation, she isn’t there as she hasn’t released a full album that year. She cheers extra-loud for Chaeyoung’s.

The host is making her go insane as he waits and waits until the says the name, “Koi no yokan, Rosé, congratulations!”

Jennie jumps on her feet and claps her hands.

Chaeyoung turns back to look at her for a second and smiles back.

And Jennie knows.

They’ll be alright.

chaennieluvrs Follow

Theory: KNY is a chaennie album

if you follow me on twitter or even here you must know i’ve been going crazy from all the chaennie content we had this year. since they’re both my ults i couldn’t be happier that they stopped hating each other. i made another post on their relationship based on the things they say to/about each other.

now let’s find some chaennie in KNY!

Starting with the 1 we get a glimpse of the past, according to the chaennie timeline and from the lyrics “And if you wanted me, you really should've showed / And if you never bleed, you're never gonna grow / And it's alright now / But we were something, don't you think so?” alluding to their past and watching it with fondness instead of resentment.
And ”If one thing had been different / would everything be different today?” that brings us back to whatever Rosie has done to ruin what they had.

Electric doesn’t add more to the story, but it does bring us to how she’s feeling now: “Whisper in my ear, I'm the only one you're lovin' on / Take advantage of the moment, you're the only one that I want.” she wants to be exclusive!!

Back to December is the queen of realising what she’s lost, recalling old memories “Then I think about summer, all the beautiful times / I watched you laughin' from the passenger's side / And realized I loved you in the fall.” probably Jennie had already given up.
“Maybe this is wishful thinkin' / Probably mindless dreamin' / But if we loved again, I swear I'd love you right.” if you think of how they treated each other, it makes sense.

Drunk is in the same vein as BTD, with the casual conversations and realisation of what could have been, what that love she was feeling was. (”It's been a while since we last spoke.” “I never have thought / When you're gone / I'd find it hard to carry on / And it's probably 'cause / I fell in love way back then / And I think about us when / All my friends are drunk again).

Afterglow is still an apology to whatever she did to Jennie, also asking herself why she ruined it. ( “Fighting with a true love is boxing with no gloves / Chemistry 'til it blows up, 'til there's no us / Why'd I have to break what I love so much?) and in the bridge she’s desperate even after putting all the blame on herself: “Tell me that it's not my fault / Tell me that I'm all you want / Even when I break your heart.” )

coney island begins with a gorgeous apology ( “Will you forgive my soul / When you're too wise to trust me and too old to care?”) and then her reminiscing about her past with jennie and apologising for not making her top of the list (“Sorry for not making you my centerfold.”)

with safety net we move away from the past and checking on what she’s feeling now (“You're making me forget my past / Never thought I'd feel like that again) they’re moving on (I've never been this scared before / Feelings I just can't ignore / Don't know if I should fight or fly / But I don't mind / Tripping, falling with no safety net.) and rosie’s falling in love.

drive is a metaphor for how they are right now. they keep driving in circles instead of going forward ( “All we do is drive / All we do is think about the feelings that we hide.”) even when she has these feelings (“It's bliss / It's so simple but we can't stay / Over analyze again, would it really kill you if we kissed?”)

easier than lying gives us another glimpse inside her mind, her insecurity over jennie’s feelings (“Tell it, "Quiet down, you're bein' loud / But it beats harder every time you come around / But do you love the sound?”) and just focuses on the what-if Jennie doesn’t love her back (“Losing you is easier than / Lying to myself that you love me”)

I miss you, I’m sorry brings us back to the beginning of the album but instead of being stuck in the past, it continues to them during/after secret sister (“Thought you'd hate me, but instead you called / And said, "I miss you" / I caught it.”) while also expressing her disappointment over it not working out (“Nothing happened in the way I wanted / Every corner of this house is haunted.”)

mess it up again acknowledges her shortcomings (“Did I fall out of line when I called you? / When I told you "I'm fine", you were lied to / How could I think that all that I gave you was enough? / 'Cause every time I get too close, I just go mess it up.) but finally shows progress and change (“I keep thinking maybe if you let me back in / We can make it better, breaking every habit / Pull myself together, you could watch it happen.)

message in a bottle is such a cute song and it feels like that’s what Rosie’s doing right now, she’s launching this album knowing that Jennie will listen. This is her message in a bottle. (“I'm reachin' for you, terrified / 'Cause you could be the one that I love / I could be the one that you dream of / You could be the one that I keep, and I / Can be the reason you can't sleep at night / Message in a bottle is all I can do / Standin' here, hopin' it gets to you.)

last track, the very first night lets us all in on whatever secret shenanigans they have going on now + new references to cars (“I drive down different roads but they all lead back to you / 'Cause they don't know about the night in the hotel / They weren't ridin' in the car when we both fell.”) as well as their past since it’s basically confirmed that they knew each other from before (“I'm the one on the phone as you whisper / "Do you know how much I miss you?" / I wish that we could go back in time / And I'd say to you / I miss you like it was the very first night.”)

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Jennie almost runs through the maze of corridors that make up the MAMA backstage area. She hasn’t seen Chaeyoung since she won her prize— she didn’t return to her seat.

Jennie’s still in her stage outfit, a black Chanel dress and high heels, making it more difficult for her to run.

She finally sees a staff member that doesn’t seem busy, “Hello,” she smiles, “did Park Chaeyoung leave already?”

The girl smiles, awestruck, “No, she’s in her changing room. Number 17, next corridor on the right.”

Jennie bows, “Thank you so much.”

The girl just smiles back and Jennie follows her instructions, stopping in front of the door with a 17 taped on it, underneath it ‘Rosé’, ‘Chungha’, ‘Heize’.

Jennie remembers her days of sharing backstage rooms. She hasn’t in a few years now.

She knocks on the door and one of the managers lets her in, immediately recognising her. Jennie sees cameras around the glimpse of Chaeyoung, so she quietly says hello to the other artists in the room— Jennie knows them. She goes to the same gym as Chungha and Dahye used to be her neighbor before she moved.

They chat for a while as their crews do their jobs and Jennie can finally get a better look at Chaeyoung. She’s filming something, probably another episode that her company will release on Youtube soon.

It’s her first time winning Album of the Year. It’s a major step in her career. Jennie gets it, but she’s also running out of patience.

And Chaeyoung looks like she’s going to start crying at every minute and all Jennie wants to do is hold her, dry her tears, tell her that she deserves this and all the good things that will happen to her.

Jennie has never felt so in love.

The crush she had back then was ridiculous compared to this.

They finally take off the cameras and Jennie nods at Serim, who encourages her to come closer.

“Hey..” Jennie says.

Chaeyoung turns around, “Jennie?”

Jennie nods, “Yeah, it’s me. I’m so proud of you.”

Chaeyoung’s face slowly crumples and the dams break.

“Oh no,” Jennie murmurs, gently wrapping her arms around her, “baby, no, what’s wrong?”

“I.. I’m so overwhelmed,” Chaeyoung manages to say through the sobs, “and you’re talking to me again and..”

“It’s okay,” Jennie shushes her, moving away from the hug to dry her tears, “do you wanna go somewhere?”


Jennie nods with a smile.

“Sure,” Chaeyoung quietly whispers, “let me change.”

Jennie nods, “We’ll meet in the garage after we both change?”

Chaeyoung nods and Jennie goes back to her own room.


Truthfully, Jennie has nothing planned, it was just something she said in the moment. Just to spend more time with her because she’s ignored her for so long, putting her feelings above their friendship.

She’s only recently realised what a shitty move that was— Jisoo definitely ripped her a new one for that.

She changes as soon as she can, tells Yoorim she’s going out with Chaeyoung and gets the okay, before hurrying to the garage.

Chaeyoung’s already there, in some jeans and a sweater. Red face, still gorgeous.

“Did you not come with the company car?”

Jennie shakes her head as she guides her to her car, “Yoorim was over so we went with mine.”

Chaeyoung nods, “Where are you taking me?”

“Where no one can find us,” Jennie shrugs.

“Okay,” Chaeyoung nods.

Jennie lets her decide the music and they both sing along until Jennie sees a sign and gets an idea. Incheon, the beach— she knows Chaeyoung used to live close to one before moving to Korea, she always spoke fondly of it.

She keeps driving for a while, then she finally stops the car.

Chaeyoung looks up from her phone and snorts, “Are you gonna murder me?”

“Yes,” Jennie rolls her eyes, “and then eat your flesh.”

“Idiot,” Chaeyoung whispers as she gets out of the car.

“I heard that!”

“Good,” Chaeyoung smirks, “you were supposed to— oh? It smells like the sea!”

Jennie chuckles and leads her to the public beach closest to them where, thankfully, no one else is.

Chaeyoung runs around, a goofy grin on her face the whole time. They both dip their feet in the water before running away screaming— December is unforgivingly cold.

After a lot of running around, playing tag and taking pictures, they finally settle down on the sand.

“I’m gonna have to wash sand off my pants for the next two weeks,” Chaeyoung chuckles.

Jennie smiles, “How are you feeling? You were crying pretty hard back there..”

Chaeyoung sniffles, “It’s just.. I worked so hard on this album. And.. I was so scared of how people would react to it, I was sure they’d hate it and,” tears start flowing again, “and instead I won a prize for it..”

“Chae,” Jennie sighs, hands caressing her cheeks, “it’s an amazing album, a masterpiece. I can’t think of anyone deserving that award more than you.”

“So you did like it..”


“You started ignoring me after it dropped..” Chaeyoung murmurs, gaze moving away.

Jennie takes a deep breath, “Who’s the album about? You didn’t tell me there was someone in your life that.. that you felt that way for.”

“Is that why you ignored me?”


“What does that mean?”

“Okay,” Jennie nods, wishing she at least had a drink in her hand, “we’re doing this, we’re talking about this.”

“..about what?” Chaeyoung slowly peers up.

“About why I shut you out,” Jennie’s heart rate keeps increasing, “both times.”

Chaeyoung nods and locks her gaze on the sand, “Okay.”

“So..” Jennie starts, “I started training really young, all I did was school, sing and dance, I didn’t have a normal time growing up. I didn’t know how things worked, I was behind everyone my age.. clueless— lost, I guess.”

Chaeyoung hums.

“So when you showed up I didn’t get why I felt this.. this urge to spend time with you and touch you constantly and..” Jennie takes a deep breath, “I thought it was a friendship thing but I didn’t act that way with the others. I was extremely confused.”

Chaeyoung nods to let her know she’s following.

“That’s why,” Jennie continues, “I asked so many questions when you came out to me and told me you liked girls. I didn’t even know that was possible but I did my research and came to the conclusion that I also liked girls. That what I felt for you was exactly the same as what I felt for boys I had crushes on.”


“So I realised I wasn’t straight and I definitely liked you as more than a friend,” Jennie sighs, “and.. I don’t know, maybe it was my naivety but I thought that maybe you’d like me back. So I confessed.”

Chaeyoung looks up in a second, brows furrowed.

“And you laughed at me.”

Chaeyoung stills.

“And then I ran away crying and..” Jennie takes a deep breath, “and then I told the trainers that you’d fit better with JYPE, so they switched you. I never wanted to see you again. It was my first time exposing myself like that, you were the person closest to me and.. and you laughed at my feelings. I was so mad that yes, I laughed on purpose at that award show. I didn’t find it funny.. and I was actually worried.. but I wanted you to know how it felt. To get out there just to be laughed at.”

“Jennie, I—”

“Please let me finish,” Jennie murmurs, “so then everything blew up and you laughed at me again which was.. honestly my worst nightmare. So I started the whole feud.. I— I wanted you to hurt like you hurt me. But, I mean, I still looked at you from afar, seeing how you were doing, listening to your music. I was mad.. but I still cared. And that’s why I didn’t back off of the program. And I’m so incredibly thankful for the year we had because.. because there’s so much of you that I absolutely adore and hearing you sing about someone else.. It destroyed me.. so I had to take a step back once again. But I like what we have and I’m fine with my feelings not being.. reciprocated. I just want you in my life.”

No one says anything.

“That’s all, I guess,” Jennie moves some sand away from her jeans.

Chaeyoung takes a few minutes to elaborate everything, so much that Jennie starts to worry.

“I thought you were joking,” Chaeyoung sounds choked up.

Jennie looks up, “Huh?”

“That night.. in the practice room,” Chaeyoung continues, “after we did our evaluation and you and I stayed back. You were the first person I came out to, because I trusted you. But it was a long journey for me to accept my sexuality. And I was sure that you knew about the crush I had on you— I followed you around all the time, I was always complimenting you.. And then you showed up like, two days later saying that you liked girls too and you liked me. It seemed.. too easy, that you could change sexuality so fast.. so I thought you were making fun of me and my crush. Not with the intention of being mean— just a bit ignorant. That’s why I laughed.”

Jennie swallows the knot in her throat.

“I laughed because I thought you were joking,” Chaeyoung repeats, “I can’t even imagine how much it must have hurt you. I’m sorry.. I know I’m late but I really am.”

Jennie can finally breathe again, tears pooling in her eyes, “I should’ve said something instead of getting you away and then ruin your stage. I’m sorry, too.”

“But,” Chaeyoung continues, “the only reason why I took part in the program was because I wanted to see you again, I wanted to fix this and find out the reason behind your hate.. I get it now and I don’t know how I could ever stop apologising.”

“We both have a lot of apologising to do,” Jennie chuckles, wet, “so many misunderstandings.”

“Too many,” Chaeyoung smiles, “also, I’m sorry but.. all I did this year was hang out with you. How could you ever think there was someone else for me?”


Chaeyoung smiles, tears still slowly running down her cheeks, “You’re an idiot if you think that any of those songs could be about someone that’s not you.”

Jennie’s eyes widen, “So the name..”

Chaeyoung chuckles, “Koi no yokan is a Japanese term that just has no translation. A more realistic version of “love at first sight,” I would say, the sensation upon first meeting someone that you’ll eventually fall in love with them,” she repeats, “and that’s what I felt the first time I walked into the practice room and you stopped dancing to come and greet me.”

They’re both a mixture of giggles and tears, but it’s okay. It’s them. Finally talking about what haunted them for years.

“My EP was about you, too,” Jennie confesses, “wow, that’s embarrassing.”

Chaeyoung snorts, “I have a fan account for you. You can’t speak about embarrassment.”

“You what?” Jennie squeaks.

“I made it when you debuted to keep an eye on you,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “then I just.. kept it.”

Jennie bursts out laughing and takes out her phone, “Wait, I’m making an account too.”

“No,” Chaeyoung throws herself on her and, with her longer arms, manages to get Jennie to drop the phone, “you’re mean.”

Jennie realises the position they’re in and gulps— Chaeyoung’s completely on top of her, their faces are close.

“I’m not mean,” Jennie whispers.

Chaeyoung’s eyes keep shifting to her lips and Jennie slightly nods.

Chaeyoung raises herself on her elbows and just stares at her, taking it all in. The warmth and glow that Jennie naturally has.

She’s the one who takes the first step, her hand reaching behind Chaeyoung’s head and gently leading her down until their lips touch.

Then Chaeyoung is the first to start moving her lips on hers, tasting her coconut lip balm and then finally Jennie. Chaeyoung moves her hand and rests it on Jennie’s cheek, gently moving her head to the side before kissing her with more hunger.

After all, they’ve both waited years. Wasted years— Chaeyoung thinks.

They separate from the chaste kiss and giggle at each other, both too high on happiness to be able to speak.

“You’re mean,” Chaeyoung repeats, “and you’re mine.”

Jennie blushes but rolls her eyes, “How could we have gotten this so wrong?”

Chaeyoung chuckles and leans down again, this time opening her mouth and allowing Jennie in. They switch positions, Jennie getting on top of her, her thighs against her waist. Jennie wastes no time with her tongue, meeting Chaeyoung’s with ease— as it should have been from the beginning.

Wandering hands explore each other’s bodies with no hurry, just gentle caresses and slight tugs of hair. Jennie’s freezing hand settles on Chaeyoung’s hip, underneath her sweater.

They don’t know how much time they spend exploring each other, but when the sky starts clearing up, they both stop. And it’s painful being separated now.

They giggle their way to Jennie’s car.

“So..” Jennie starts once the signs for Seoul appear.

“So that was great,” Chaeyoung says.

Jennie snorts, “It was.”

“I’m up to do that again sometimes,” Chaeyoung comments.

“I’m up to do that again all the time.”

Chaeyoung snorts, “Whipped.”

“Okay, twitter user jennie underscore 97,” Jennie cheekily replies.

“Why did I tell you that?” Chaeyoung huffs.

“Because you like me so much,” Jennie laughs.

“This is a nightmare.”

“Hey,” Jennie hits her arm, “, did you mean what you said?”

Chaeyoung furrows her brows, “When I said what?”

“That I’m yours,” Jennie looks straight at the street.

Chaeyoung’s hand takes one of hers and squeezes it, “If you’ll have me.”

“You already know it,” Jennie turns shy.

“Then you’re mine,” Chaeyoung simply shrugs, “and I’m yours.”

Jennie smiles, “I like that.”

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung smiles back, “I do too.”


When Jennie wakes up it’s in the middle of the afternoon.

She briefly goes over all the events that happened the night before in her head. She grins and pets Kuma, who’s sleeping soundly next to her.

She makes her way downstairs and eats some leftovers from the day before, opening her laptop to see what’s going on.

She chokes on the noodles when she sees ‘Chaeyoung’ and ‘female lover’ trending everywhere. Frowning she reads the articles and it feels like her heart stops beating for a second.

There are pictures of the two of them on the beach, talking, hugging and kissing. But Jennie’s back is turned to whoever took the pictures, so the only recognisable person is Chaeyoung. It is obvious that Jennie is a woman, though.

Jennie’s in a state of shock, she’s not quite sure what to say, she just knows that she has to run to Chaeyoung to make sure everything’s okay. She never talked about coming out.

And yet she’s worried that if she shows up where, she’s sure, is full of paparazzi, she will be part of this too.

Not knowing what to do, she calls Jisoo.

“Hello, lovergirl,” Jisoo yawns, “I can’t believe no one recognised you.”

“Shut up,” Jennie huffs, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Have you talked to her?” Jisoo asks, “her team still hasn’t said anything.”

“What do I do?” Jennie whines, “I want to be with her right now but I’m scared.”

“Have you called her, at least?”

“Not yet, I wanted to hear from you first,” Jennie replies.

“Honey,” Jisoo sighs, “you have to talk to her and figure it out.”

“I will,” Jennie nods to herself, “I’ll call her and maybe go to her place tonight so— oh, a new email.. flight details?”

“Oh,” Jisoo exclaims, “that’s right, you’re going to Paris tonight.”

“I forgot about that,” Jennie huffs, “fuck.”

“Fuck is right,” Jisoo says, “talk to her before you leave, okay?”

“Of course,” Jennie nods, “I’ll text you later.”


Jennie doesn’t know what to do, but in the end she decides to call— straight to voicemail.

“Fuck,” Jennie huffs, trying again and getting the same results.

She keeps refreshing the page to see if there’s news, but it’s just more articles about the same thing.

Except for one that just came out.

Chaeyoung’s company released a statement.

She came out as a lesbian and confirmed that she’s in a relationship.

Jennie’s heart jumps in her throat, she didn’t know what Chaeyoung would do but this wasn’t it. Chaeyoung is incapable of taking decisions, it takes her time, yet she took such a huge one.

And she protected Jennie.

She needs to talk to her.

from: +82 22 733 6590

received: 18/12/2021 14:51:12

hey, it’s me


from: +82 22 733 6590

received: 18/12/2021 15:01:34

i’m so proud of you for how you handled the situation


from: +82 22 733 6590

received: 18/12/2021 17:32:41

i hope everything’s okay


from: +82 22 733 6590

received: 18/12/2021 18:00:08

i’m leaving for paris tonight. i wanna talk to you before that, please


from: +82 22 733 6590

received: 18/12/2021 20:17:08

i’m boarding now. call me when you can



Chaeyoung finally gets out of the company at dinner time.

From when she woke up with Serim explaining the situation, Lisa showing up at her house and holding her while she made her decision, talking to the CEO about what to do— she hasn’t had a second to breathe.

And now she’s driving home but, for the first time, she doesn’t want to go look at the comments online. They can say whatever they want. She’s sure of Jennie.

Growing up insecure she never really took big decisions, they stressed them out too much, so having other people making them for her was amazing. Yet this one was personal and she’s proud of herself for coming out— at least other girls that feel like her will have someone to look up to, will see that you can still make it, that there’s nothing wrong with liking other girls.

Yes, Chaeyoung is proud of herself. She wished she wasn’t forced to come out, but at least a big weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

The company didn’t mention Jennie but it was obvious they knew it was her— they just asked her if the other person preferred to stay silent and Chaeyoung said yes for her.

If Jennie ever wants to come out that’s for her to decide.

She arrives home and takes a bath, finally looking at her phone, not surprised to see it blowing up. She briefly chats with her sister and the rest of her family, then gets to Jennie’s texts.

Her eyes fly open and she looks at the time. Jennie’s on the plane already.

Chaeyoung curses. She remembers Jennie telling her about going to Paris but she forgot with all the mess that happened.

Sighing she looks up how long the flight is.

Now that she knows how easy it is to talk things through, she wants to have a real conversation with Jennie.

She’ll call once Jennie will be in her hotel.

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the not-so-mysterious girlfriend


Hello, it’s Umi again!
Today I just wanted to talk about the other girl in the picture. I already wrote my post about Chaeyoung’s coming out and, as I said there, I think it’s terrible that she was outed and that she was very brave to take the situation and twist it into something good.
I know I said I wouldn’t analyse this too much, but I can’t help but wonder how no one in the media thought that the girlfriend might be Jennie Kim?
As we all know they had a feud for three years that ended a year ago. A year they spent attached at the hip. There was literally no one else in Chaeyoung’s life unless it’s a staff member.
I know it’s their business but I just wanted to make it clear why I think it’s Jennie.
First of all: their songs are obviously about each other, both Jennie’s EP and Rosie’s Album. They spend a lot of time together, spend the night over— so, who else could it be? They talk highly of each other and honestly I don’t wanna be a delusional Chaennie but they seem so enamoured with each other.
Second: The guy who took the pics said that they came with a car and his description matches one of Jennie’s cars. The one she used to go to the MAMA Awards. Yup.
Third: in the pictures you can see the back of the hoodie the other girl is wearing and, oh, would you look at that, that’s the same thing Jennie was wearing after the show.

So I think there’s enough evidence to not call delusional the people who think Chaennie is real!

What do you think? Leave your comments below!

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Jennie has been in Paris for a week now. She has attended fashion shows, concerts and parties. She’s had photoshoots and even a fan meeting.

She still has a week ahead.

She still hasn’t properly talked to Chaeyoung.

And it wasn’t for lack of trying this time, but they both have to handle busy days and the inconvenient time zones. Sometimes they call each other but just chat lightly before one of the two falls asleep.

Jennie sighs, waiting for the photographer to call her for the last look. She’s shooting for Chanel, a collection made exactly for her and she’s been behind the cameras the whole day.

She just wants to get back to the hotel and take a relaxing bath.

“Go in,” Yoorim pats her butt.

Jennie gets once again behind the cameras and follows the instructions almost mechanically. Her mind is just elsewhere.

When they’re finally done they show her the shots— they can’t see it, but it’s obvious to her that she didn’t give it her best, too preoccupied by the one who’s been shaking up her heart for so long.

She gets in the taxi and drinks whatever herbal tea Yoorim got her, “Go to sleep immediately, you have another morning show to attend.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jennie snorts.

Yoorim shakes her head and walks her to her floor, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Jennie smiles, seeing the elevator door close in front of her manager while her key beeps green and lets her open the door.

The scream that leaves Jennie’s mouth is almost animalistic.

She puts a hand on her heart that’s rapidly increasing in rate, “Holy shit.”

“I’m sorry,” Chaeyoung immediately kneels down next to her, “oh, fuck, I’m so sorry.”

Jennie stops.

Chaeyoung’s here.

With her.

Her eyes widen, “What are you doing here?”

“In your room?” Chaeyoung helps her stand up, “your manager.. the young one, he let me in.”

“Here in Paris,” Jennie manages to say, still unsure if the lack of sleep is causing this hallucination.

But Chaeyoung’s hand feel warm and she feels real and Jennie— Jennie’s so relieved to see her that she could cry.

So she does.

“Oh, no,” Chaeyoung chuckles, holding her tight between her arms, “I’m sorry I scared you, I thought you had seen my texts. Please, don’t cry.. I can leave.”

“No,” Jennie pouts, looking up at her, “don’t leave.”

“Okay,” Chaeyoung fixes her hair, “I won’t.”

They stay in the warm embrace for a bit more, before they sit down on Jennie’s bed.

“I didn’t see your texts,” Jennie starts, “obviously.”

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung chuckles.

“What are you doing here?” Jennie murmurs, “I mean, I’m glad you’re here but.. honestly I’m not even sure if this is real.”

Chaeyoung grabs her hand and intertwines it with hers, “Does this feel real?”

Jennie nods.

“I came here because I was scared of our impossibility to communicate,” Chaeyoung explains, “I can’t go through other difficult moments with you just because we don’t know how to talk. And I’m not busy this week so.. I thought I’d come.”

“You’re staying the whole week?” Jennie’s eyes widen.

“I can go if you don’t want me,” Chaeyoung shrugs.

Jennie frowns, “You’re so dumb.”


“So dumb,” Jennie repeats, “thinking that I don’t want you when I’ve done nothing but think of you the whole time I was here.”

Chaeyoung’s cheeks turn rosy, “It was the same for me. Lisa actually kicked my ass, like physically, and told me that yes, I should come here.”

“Lisa’s fun,” Jennie giggles, “I’m happy you’re here but I’m also exhausted.”

“Go take a bath,” Chaeyoung smiles sweetly, “I’ll order dinner.”

Jennie nods and heads into the bathroom. She gently washes herself before just soaking in the warm water, feeling at peace, finally.

Chaeyoung’s here.

Everything will be fine.

She gets out and drys her hair quickly, wears the sweats and hoodie she sleeps in and goes back to her room.

Chaeyoung has also changed into something more comfortable.

They take the food out on the balcony, in the warm little dining room there, and Jennie smiles when she notices Chaeyoung has got her pancakes for dessert.

“I’m so happy you’re here,” Jennie confesses.

“I’m happy to be here, with you,” Chaeyoung replies, “I feel like that day everything happened too fast and I saw your texts too late and now.. now we can finally go at our own pace.”

Jennie nods, “That day I was so worried about you that I forgot that I’d leave in the evening.”

“It’s fine,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “not gonna lie, it was.. world-changing that I woke up with a dating scandal. With a woman. And I know I should have consulted you first but.. I thought it was best to let you decide for yourself if you wanted people to know.”

“Thank you for that,” Jennie nods, “my agency would have kicked me out already.”

Chaeyoung’s face is filled with sympathy, “I know, that’s why I kept it vague. But I was lucky, my CEO just.. asked me what I wanted to confirm and told me that everything would be okay and.. you know, there are negative comments and weird comments.. but also good ones! People being happy for me, people who got the courage to come out from me.. I’m happy to be out now.”

“And I’m happy for you,” Jennie sighs, “just.. I don’t wanna keep it a secret. But I also want to avoid trouble with the agency..”

“Take your time,” Chaeyoung just smiles, “you don’t have to do anything right now.”

They clean up after themselves, brush their teeth and both get in Jennie’s bed.

“It’s nice,” Chaeyoung comments.


“Talking to you,” she giggles, “we should have done this before.”

“Yeah,” Jennie agrees, “we should have.”

“That’s really why I came here,” Chaeyoung looks away, “I feel like the misunderstanding when we were trainees could have been avoided if only we had talked to each other and I now regret not having called you to ask why you were ignoring me. Everything would have been easier and I can apologise for back then because now we have this.. but I don’t want to miss another chance or ruin everything just because we don’t put ourselves out there.”

Jennie can’t stop smiling, “You’re right. I think about that, too. If I had asked you why you laughed we would have never got hurt like that.. and kept going for so many years. I.. it’s scary but this is me putting myself out there,” she clears her throat, “after you, I only dated two people. They were nice, but that was it. Now.. I’m not sure what this is but I like you too much to let you go. And.. I want you to be mine. Just mine and no one else’s.”

Chaeyoung smiles gently, “You know, you’re really the kind of person one doesn’t get over. This whole year, every time we met, I fell a little deeper. And there’s no one else I want but you.”

“So.. are you my girlfriend now?” Jennie shyly asks.

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung’s smile is blinding, “I’m your girlfriend.”

“Okay,” Jennie chuckles, “then goodnight, girlfriend.”

Chaeyoung laughs and kisses her forehead, “Night, baby.”

Maybe this is paradise— is Jennie’s last thought before falling asleep.


Over the course of the next week they do their best to keep their cover.

Jennie attends everything in her list, sometimes Chaeyoung comes along— dressed as a member of the staff. Otherwise, she waits for her in the hotel with warm food.

They share the bed, share some kisses here and there and both of them are walking on air, their eyes brighter, their laughs louder.

They spend as much time as they can together, in the privacy of the hotel room, under the covers where nothing can touch them.

“As I was saying,” Yoorim is sipping coffee while looking at Jennie, “tonight’s event got cancelled, so you have the whole day. Remember to pack tomorrow morning because we leave here at 1pm.”

“So I have a free day?” Jennie claps her hands, “this is the best.”

“Don’t get in trouble,” Yoorim looks pointedly at Chaeyoung still asleep on the bed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jennie winks.

Yoorim rolls her eyes, “Fine, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Have a good day,” Jennie says, watching her leave.

As soon as the door is shut, Jennie jumps on the bed and sits on Chaeyoung’s stomach, “Wake up!”

Chaeyoung opens her eyes and yawns, confused, “Mmh?”

“I have nothing to do all day,” Jennie says, excited, “let’s go out together.”

“Sure,” Chaeyoung murmurs, still half-asleep, “water?”

Jennie gets up and throws her the bottle.

They get ready quickly, cover their faces with masks even if they’re not too worried about people recognising them, and head outside.

Jennie’s hotel is central, so they decide to just walk around.

Some Christmas decorations are up already and Chaeyoung can’t stop talking about her family back in Australia. They stop in a cafe and take pictures of each other, laughing about the ones where they make silly faces.

After the first hour of wandering around, Chaeyoung finally reaches to grab Jennie’s hand and enjoys watching her flustered for the next ten minutes.

They stop for lunch near the Seine and Jennie laughs at Chaeyoung trying to pronounce the french dishes.

Jennie has never felt like this on a first date— or in a relationship in general. This is fun, new but old at the same time. There’s mischief, messing around, maybe even magic.

Jennie has never felt like this for anyone else.

They visit a few museums on their way back— Chaeyoung is a big fan of french impressionism and Jennie just looks at her like she looks at the paintings.

They make it back to the hotel when it’s dark and cold, but they’re both still bright.

Yoorim is waiting for them at the door, rolling her eyes as she hands both of them their flight information and tickets. Jennie thanks her and both her and Chaeyoung enter the room.

“I’ll shower, you order?” Chaeyoung asks.

Jennie nods, willing her mind to stray away from thoughts of Chaeyoung in the shower.

She shakes her head and goes through the menu, ordering their favourites.

While she’s in the shower she hears Chaeyoung getting the food and setting up the table in the small living room.

They settle on the couch and put on a movie, thankfully they find the channel in English, and quickly devour their food.

“I’m so full,” Jennie laments, slowly moving closer to Chaeyoung for body warmth.

Chaeyoung chuckles and puts an arm around her shoulders, making her rest her head on her chest.

“You’re adorable,” Chaeyoung comments, “how has your mandatory ‘bad girl’ image lasted so long?”

Jennie snorts, “I know, right? I keep telling them but no one listens to me.”

“I was intimidated by you for a few days when we were trainees,” Chaeyoung chuckles.


“Yeah, just in the beginning,” Chaeyoung nods.

“Do you remember it all?” Jennie asks.

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung smiles, “more than any other trainee period I’ve had.”

“I remember the beginning, too,” Jennie murmurs, “I fell so hard.”

“Mmh,” Chaeyoung’s hand caresses her back, “tell me more.”

“Idiot,” Jennie rolls her eyes.

“You were the first person I really had feelings for,” Chaeyoung shrugs, “I had had crushes before, but nothing could have prepared me for you.”

Jennie hides her face in her hands, “Please, I always made up stupid lies to spend more time with you.. I was so obvious. You’re just thick.”

Chaeyoung laughs, leaving a kiss on her temple, “You’re such a baby.”

Jennie’s face morphs into a smile.

“Stop hiding,” Chaeyoung rolls her eyes, “I know how much you like it when I call you that.”

“You know,” Jennie smirks, “I don’t think you know exactly how much.”

Chaeyoung’s smile falls.

“I really like it,” Jennie stresses the ‘really’, “I guess.. it makes me feel good?”

“Do not,” Chaeyoung’s at a loss for words, “don’t start this.”

“Start what?”

“Put that innocent face away, I know what you’re doing,” Chaeyoung finally smirks back, “baby.”

“Mmh, yeah,” Jennie nods, “it has consequences.”

“Yeah?” Chaeyoung asks, “wanna tell me more in detail?”

“I don’t know..” Jennie looks up in a second, “could you handle it?”


Jennie chuckles and sits on top of her, both her hands on Chaeyoung’s shoulders, moving her face closer to her neck, “I like the way you treat me.”

Chaeyoung gulps, “Yeah?”

“Yes,” Jennie moves closer to her ear, “sometimes it even makes me.. wet.”

“You..” Chaeyoung grabs her and moves her away, before grabbing her waist and kissing her. Not gently like the other times.

Chaeyoung’s almost aggressive in the kiss, finding herself wanting Jennie more and more and more, so much that her hands immediately slips under her hoodie and grab it to take it off.

Jennie’s not wearing a bra and her nipples are hard. Chaeyoung almost moans at the sighs, before attacking her mouth to one boob, sucking and flicking her tongue on her nipple with the sound of Jennie’s moans in the background.

She can feel Jennie slowly moving her hips, rubbing against her and she can feel herself growing even more aroused, one of her hands playing with Jennie’s other boob.

“You’re a dream,” she whispers, coming for air, before taking Jennie’s lips in a kiss again.

“Please,” Jennie whines into the kiss, “I’m so fucking wet, it’s ridiculous.”

Chaeyoung’s head is spinning, “Mind if I feel it?”

Jennie just takes her hand and brings it to her warmth. Even the leggings of her pyjamas are wet.

“Holy shit,” Chaeyoung rubs her through the pants, enjoying the faster breathing and the airy moans.

“Okay,” Jennie nods, grabbing Chaeyoung’s shirt, “this. Off. Now.”

Jennie removes also her bra and divides her mouth between each boob, moving her hips faster on Chaeyoung’s hand, finally hearing the little sounds she makes.

“Can we..” Chaeyoung starts, “take this to bed?”

Jennie nods and stands up, “Good idea.”

Chaeyoung grabs her ass once she’s up and holds her with her arms from behind, leaving languid kisses on the side of her neck— and maybe a mark or two.

“Bed, come on,” Jennie says, throwing herself on it and turning around to face Chaeyoung.

Chaeyoung doesn’t go with her where the pillows are, she stops at the height of her stomach, leaving warm kisses down her belly, “Can I?”


Chaeyoung quickly takes her leggings off and stares for a second at the smooth skin and that small piece of lingerie.

“Chae,” Jennie whines, trying to find her head with her hands.

“On it,” Chaeyoung smiles, firstly licking her over the fabric, while Jennie curses in the background.

She finally removes the panties and feels her mouth watering, seconds before she dives right in. She stays there licking between Jennie’s folds, sucking on her clit until Jennie is trashing and her back is arched and she’s so wet that the blanket under her is too.

“Come here,” Jennie manages to say through the moans.

Chaeyoung goes back up and they kiss once more, Jennie tasting herself through Chaeyoung.

“I want you so bad,” Jennie whispers.

“Have me, then.”

Jennie nods and starts touching her over her sweats, mouth focusing once again on her chest.

She swiftly removes her pants and underwear together, before finally moving down on the bed and putting herself between her long, smooth legs.

Jennie goes straight in with her tongue, trying to see how deep it can goes, then she replaces it with two fingers and focuses solely on her mouth on her pussy.

Chaeyoung’s high-pitched whines increase when Jennie both licks and rubs her clit at the same time— she looks up to see Chaeyoung’s face and the way she’s grabbing her boobs.

When her jaw aches, Jennie comes back up and they lose themselves in another passionate kiss, tongues loose, hands all over each other’s bodies.

“How do you wanna..?” Chaeyoung whispers.

“Stay down,” Jennie orders, before sitting on her, their cores touching, “move.”

“Okay, baby,” Chaeyoung smirks.

Jennie whines and starts moving, rubbing her pussy against Chaeyoung’s until she’s close to tears, her body not responding to her anymore— just moving by the pleasure.

“Switch,” Chaeyoung says when Jennie’s legs are trembling too much.

Jennie lays down on the bed and Chaeyoung sits on her, angled, holding her leg as they both move to meet each other in the middle.

“Fuck,” Chaeyoung curses, hips moving faster until her moans are swallowed by the shock of pleasure she feels. She quietly slows down until it’s too sensitive.

Jennie pulls her in for a kiss, but Chaeyoung knows she hasn’t cum yet.

Chaeyoung plays with her nipples while her mouth is back on Jennie’s pussy, alternating licking with sucking.

“Sit on my face.”


Chaeyoung just helps her stand up, she lays down and then she slowly makes Jennie come down on her face. Here Chaeyoung can work better, her mouth moving all over while her fingers work Jennie’s clit.

Jennie’s hips make some move on their own, her almost yelling— before slowing down and riding the aftershock.

Jennie gets up and lays down next to Chaeyoung.


“Wow,” Jennie echoes.

“To think that this could have happened before,” Chaeyoung snorts.

“Why think about that?” Jennie leaves a quick kiss on a mark on her neck, “think that it’ll happen again.”

“You’re gonna kill me,” Chaeyoung shakes her head, “come on, let’s go shower.”

Jennie giggles and jumps on Chaeyoung’s back, enjoying her ride to the bathroom.


Jennie is not sure of how it happened, but she’s laying on the floor of one of the practice rooms at Jin:lift Entertainment.

Jisoo on her right and Lisa staring at both of them with amusement.

“I’ve never been so tired in my whole life,” Jisoo confesses.

Lisa gently kicks her shin, “You only learned one choreo.”

“It was hard,” Jennie has to admit.

“But it felt good?” Lisa asks.

Jennie smiles, “Yeah, it did.”

She was supposed to hang out with Jisoo, get lunch and then figure something out. Only that Jisoo brought Lisa with her (apparently they became really good friends while her and Chaeyoung were going on dates) and then Lisa brought them to work with her.

Jennie’s company told her to rest, but she was the one who asked Lisa if she could dance with her because she missed it. Jisoo joined for the fun.

“I can’t believe I’m spending Christmas Eve with you two,” Lisa muses, throwing two bottles of water at them, “I didn’t even know you guys like, a year ago.”

“But you’re so glad we’re here!” Jisoo tries.

“It’s Christmas Eve?” Jennie asks instead.

“Yeah,” Lisa nods, “I only know because Chae cares about that stuff.”

“Where is she?” Jisoo asks, finally standing back up.

“Probably working in one of the studios,” Lisa shrugs.

“Does the company demand more from her?” Jennie asks.

“Nah,” Lisa shaks her head, “the company’s chill, but knowing her, she’s already written another album about you.”

Jennie throws the bottle back at her, “Shut up. You have no feelings.”

“That’s what I used to think about you,” Lisa snorts.

“I always knew,” Jisoo smiles, “she’s a softy.”

“Shut it,” Jennie rolls her eyes, “if you had a girlfriend you cared about—”

“Woah, woah,” Lisa stops her, “girlfriend? It’s official?”

“Yeah,” Jennie nods, “..Chaeyoung didn’t tell you?”

“Oh,” Lisa snorts, “she probably has, I just tune out all her Jennie talk.”

“Same thing,” Jisoo laughs and they high five, “if I heard about that day in Paris one more time I probably wouldn’t be here right now.”

Lisa laughs, “At least you don’t get the very explicit details.. I hope.”

“I don’t,” Jisoo shudders.

Jennie pouts, “You two are the worst friends one can have, wow.”

“Jennie, please,” Lisa sighs deeply, “everytime I look at Chae’s face I can’t stop thinking about you on top of—”

“No!” Jisoo covers her ears, “ew.”

“Stop thinking about it!” Jennie exclaims, “delete that from your memory.”

“I wish I could, trust me,” Lisa nods.

“Or don’t,” Jennie smirks, “we’re both hot. You’re welcome.”


Jennie just laughs, “But seriously, you’ll be like me too when you’ll have in your life someone that you actually love and— holy shit.”

“What?” Jisoo asks.

“This is the first time I’ve said it out loud,” Jennie murmurs.

“Love?” Lisa tries.

Jennie nods, “I.. I love her. I do.”

Lisa smiles, “That’s great.”

Jennie giggles, “I truly do, I love her. So much.”

“Then tell her, not us, you idiot!” Jisoo slaps the back of her head.

“Yes! I’m telling her!” Jennie feels euphoric, “I’m gonna go find her!”

“Okay.. bye?” Jisoo tries.

“She’s weird, I like her,” Lisa snorts, watching her run away.

Jennie runs to the elevator. Chaeyoung brought her to her studio once before and she remembers where it is. She gets on the fourth floor and goes all the way to the end of the corridor, only to find the door closed. And it looks like the lights inside are off.

Jennie rings the little doorbell but nothing happens, so she frowns.

“Looking for Chaeyoung?”

Jennie turns and recognises one of Chaeyoung’s label-mates, Seulgi, “Yeah.”

“She went home an hour or so ago,” Seulgi says.

Jennie nods, “Thank you!”

She goes back and gets out of the company, catching a cab nearby. The whole ride over she tortures her nails, biting them because what if Chaeyoung doesn’t feel the same.

She’s pretty sure that she does, or at least, she hopes so.

But they’ve been so happy. And they’ve had so many good moments. And they haven’t seen each other since the airport two days before.

But Jennie is just happy to be in love. And she wants to say it.

She doesn’t even care if Chaeyoung doesn’t say it back. She just needs her to know.

She quickly pays the cab and goes straight to Chaeyoung’s building. She knows the code, so she lets herself in.

She opens the door, completely excited only to stop when she sees a bunch of people around. Her mouth is left hanging and she’s pretty sure that this is Chaeyoung’s family. She met them once when they were trainees and she’s familiar with her sister.

“Jennie?” Chaewon asks.

Jennie bows deeply, “Happy holidays.. uh.. oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t know—”

Jennie wants to die. She doesn’t even want to think of what Chaeyoung’s family thinks of her.

“Come in, dear,” her mother smiles at Jennie, “I think we have some leftovers from lunch if you’re hungry.”

“I..” Jennie can’t do anything but follow the orders, “sure. I’m very sorry to intrude.”

“It’s okay,” the woman smiles, “you’re dear to our Chaeyoung, it’s not intruding.”

“She’s wrapping presents upstairs,” Chaewon tells her.

Jennie nods, a mouthful of rice in her mouth.

“Or just wait until she comes down,” Chaeyoung’s father chuckles.

Her parents go outside to play with Hank and Jennie feels intimidated to be alone with Chaewon. She obviously knows about the past.

Jennie puts down the chopsticks, “Okay, say it.”

Chaewon chuckles, “You.. you’re such a mystery to me, you know?”


“Because Chae used to adore you,” Chaewon shrugs, “and then you started being mean to her. And now you’re.. dating?”

“That’s.. we had a misunderstanding,” Jennie tries to explain, “I didn’t actually hate her I just—”

“I know,” Chaewon interrupts her, “Chaeyoung told me.”

Jennie just stays silent. She knows how close the two sisters are. She needs to win Chaewon over, “Look, I know it’s complicated. But it was just.. miscommunications and we were way younger. I was mean, I know I was, but it was the only way I could find to deal with how hurt I was. And I apologised sincerely to your sister and she accepted it. This past year.. has been amazing and honestly all I care about is.. having more amazing years like this. I don’t want to hurt your sister anymore, I’ll do my best not to.”

Chaewon’s face softens, “I know. You must really like her, huh?”

“I love her.”

Chaewon’s surprised for a second, then she smiles, “Does she know?”

“I came here to tell her,” Jennie explains.

“Then go—” she stops and they can hear steps down the stairs, “nevermind, she’s coming here.”

Chaewon heads out with her parents while Jennie remains there.

“I’m done!” Chaeyoung smiles, then stops, “where— Jennie?”


“Oh,” Chaeyoung leaves the boxes in her arms on the ground, and rushes to hug her, “what are you doing here?”

“I had something to tell you,” Jennie chuckles, “I didn’t know they were here.”

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung chuckles, “it was a surprise.”

“Should I go?”

“Why?” Chaeyoung frowns, “stay with us!”

And Jennie does.

They spend the rest of the afternoon playing games, Mr and Mrs Park obliterating everyone at charades, Chaeyoung and Jennie killing it at karaoke and Chaewon winning all the card games.

When the night comes, the Park family goes back to their hotel, while Jennie stays with Chaeyoung— who’s currently making hot chocolate for the both of them.

They settle on the couch and drink it.

“Lisa texted me earlier,” Chaeyoung starts, “said you rushed here.”

“Yeah,” Jennie chuckles, “I should’ve called.”

“No, baby, it’s fine,” Chaeyoung kisses her temple, “my family loved you.”

“I was so scared,” Jennie admits.

“I bet my sister talked to you..”

“Yeah,” Jennie nods, “but it’s fine. I had fun. I’m just sorry I intruded.”

“You didn’t,” Chaeyoung smiles, “they were happy to have you here.. see you with me.. mom said to not let you go.”

Jennie chuckles, “You should listen to her.”

“I was already planning on doing that,” Chaeyoung grins, “god, we’re disgusting.”

“We are,” Jennie nods, “Jisoo and Lisa really opened my eyes this morning.”

Chaeyoung bursts out laughing, “They’re just haters.”

Jennie finishes her drink and puts the mug on the table in front of them. She cuddled up closer to Chaeyoung.

“So?” Chaeyoung asks, “why did you run here?”

“I.. have something to tell you.”

Chaeyoung nods and leaves her own mug on the table, turning to give her full attention to Jennie.

“I want to come out,” Jennie says, “with you. I mean.. and say I’m with you.”

Chaeyoung’s eyes widen, “Oh, I’d love that but.. what about your agency?”

“Screw them,” Jennie rolls her eyes, “I’m the one that makes them the most money, they’re not gonna kick me out. I already checked and I wouldn’t be breaching the contract. I want to do it.”

“Why now?” is Chaeyoung’s simple question.

Jennie shrugs, smiles, “Because I love you.”

Chaeyoung is stunned.

“And I just wanted you to know that,” Jennie continues, “and.. the whole world too, I guess.”

“Oh no,” Chaeyoung pouts, “I’m gonna cry.”

Jennie’s confused, “What? Why? Baby, it’s fine if you don’t, I really just wanted to tell you.”

“I don’t?” Chaeyoung seems upset, “it was all I could think of when we were in Paris, I wanted to tell you so bad!”

Jennie’s smile grows, “Are you upset because I said it first?”

“No,” Chaeyoung hits her arm, “I’m happy that you feel the same.”

Jennie waits for it.

“But also because you said it first,” Chaeyoung pouts.

Jennie giggles and tries to kiss her, which is difficult with all the laughing, but they manage.

They stay in their bubble for more time, sweetly kissing and talking in soft whispers, before coming back to reality.

“Jen,” Chaeyoung starts, “I love you and I’m happy you love me back, but there’s no need for you to come out. You don’t have the same support from your agency that I have.. I’m worried.”

Jennie stands up, grabs Chaeyoung’s hand and helps her up.

“Worried? There’s nothing to be worried about,” Jennie stands on her tiptoes and kisses her, “as long as I have you, I’m fine. I love you.”

Chaeyoung slowly kisses her, “I love you, too.”

“We’re so cheesy,” Jennie comments while they go up the stairs.

“Yeah,” Chaeyoung snorts, “I didn’t know I had it in me.”



When Chaeyoung wakes up, it’s to the sound of a phone buzzing.

She rolls her eyes and tries to drown out the sound with her pillow. It doesn’t work.

Jennie isn’t in bed with her, but Chaeyoung can hear her singing downstairs.

She smiles, wishing all her mornings to begin like this.

She turns off Jennie’s phone and looks at hers. She sees everyone on her secret twitter freaking out and she soon finds the cause:



hello everyone, i just wanted to say that i am bisexual, @rosétwt ‘s girlfriend is me and i love her very much. thank you for listening.

6:30 AM - 25 December

600k Retweets 1,5M Likes




we all love you both so much #chaennie

6:37 AM - 25 December

222k Retweets 500k Likes



Chaeyoung just smiles, shakes her head and walks downstairs where Jennie is making pancakes for them.

“You’re crazy,” Chaeyoung smiles.

“It’s your fault,” Jennie just shrugs and they both laugh into the kiss.

And Chaeyoung knows that there will be repercussions for that tweet, but she doesn’t care.

After all Jennie was right, as long as they have each other, they’ll be fine.



Korea’s superstar Jennie Kim kicked out of YGE

This morning at 6:30 AM Jennie Kim posted from her twitter and instagram accounts the same message.
The country’s it-girl comes out as bisexual and reveals to have been dating fellow artist Rosé (Park Chaeyoung).
This move was not approved by her company, YG Entertainment, who removed her name from everywhere and put out a statement saying she is no longer with the company and they are now suing the rapper for breaching the contract as.. (Read the rest of the article by subscribing to The Korea Times)




Jennie has never experienced award shows like this.

She had to always have a neutral face, never interact too much with the performances, be stoic during teary speeches.

And now she’s dancing.

Her girlfriend is performing and Stay is a great song to dance to and Seulgi and Yeri brought her to their table to be all together.

Jennie’s having fun.

She thinks of two years before, when she pretended to be bored doing Chaeyoung’s performances, she remembers the year before when she finally stood up and clapped for her and now. Now it’s completely different. It’s a celebration and Chaeyoung sends her kisses when she’s done.

A few minutes later they’re showing the nominees for Song of the Year.

Jennie whistles when Stay appears and Chaeyoung hits her thigh, embarrassed.

Only to cheer even harder when Jennie’s I Walk the Line ends up winning. The main camera is on their hug, before Chaeyoung pats her butt and Jennie makes her way to the stage.

She smiles as the cheers grow louder. One year ago she was scared she lost all her fans, only to find out they nearly doubled in size.

“Hello and thank you so much for this award,” Jennie starts, “I’ve had.. a hard year, I’m sure everyone knows,” she chuckles, “but every time I was shot down I managed to stand back up and that couldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have a strong support, like my agency, Jin:lift and our dear CEO Seokjin, that took me in when it was a risk and let me have the freedom over my music that I always wanted. I wanted to thank my manager, Yoorim, for following me in this adventure and all the members of the staff, especially Lisa— the best choreographer I’ve ever had. Also Jisoo, of course, for teaching me how to walk away with class and all her support,” she looks down and smiles, “all my new label mates for being the most caring people I’ve ever met and, of course, the reason why I wrote this song in the first place. Chae, thank you for these past two years. I love you more each day and I could only be able to do what I love doing because of your advice and your comfort and your presence.. well, because you’re mine, I walk the line. For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide. Thank you!”

Jennie quite literally runs off stage to fall into Chaeyoung’s arms.

Chaeyoung watches Jennie’s performance of the song through her tears.

She remembers the idea behind it that Jennie explained to her, while she was casually playing around with the old piano they have in their new house. How she could only go through struggles fearlessly because she had her. Jennie only walked the line because Chaeyoung was hers.

Jennie’s still backstage when a boy group wins Album of the Year, but comes back in time to watch the last performance before Artist of the Year is announced.

When asked on the red carpet who she thought would win, Jennie immediately said Chaeyoung’s name. She’s had an amazing year, released two top of the charts albums and toured worldwide.

Jennie said that she’ll complain if someone else wins.

When reminded that she was also nominated she just laughed and said Chaeyoung would win.

Which would be a big deal because Chaeyoung’s never won Artist.

They wait with trembling legs, hands intertwined. When the nominees show, Jennie holds tighter. They wait until the suspense is over, together.

“The Artist of the Year award goes to..” the MC smiles, “Rosé, congratulations!”

Chaeyoung is stuck and Jennie jumps up before her. Laughing, Jennie helps her up and only then Chaeyoung hugs her tight. Jennie leaves a quick kiss on her cheek (the red stain is very apparent) and Chaeyoung walks on stage to receive her award.

“Uh.. hello, I’m Rosé,” she bows, “I honestly.. I never imagined I would get to a point where I could win such an award. I owe it all to so many people, everyone in Jin:lift who has supported me all these years, Lisa, of course, for making every dance extremely hard but rewarding, Jisoo, too, for teaching me how to act,” she chuckles, “I wanna thank my parents and my sister because they’re my support system ..and my dog, Hank. But most of all I want to thank the person who made me fall so deep that I had all the creativity to write two albums about her. Thank you, Jennie, you accept me even when I’m lacking, you see the best in me and I can only look up to you. Seeing you go through hardships this year and then ending on top.. makes me want to be brave. You make me want to be brave. And to write music about you until I can no longer do it. I love you. Thank you!”

The camera catches their sweet kiss once she comes down from the stage.


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Singers Jennie and Rosé Answers Questions from Fans

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Jennie Kim has been known as the country’s it-girl since her debut. Rosé has quickly become one of the most famous soloists. Just last year they stopped their feud and revealed they were dating, which caused Jennie to be kicked out of her former agency, YGE. She is now in Jin:lift with her girlfriend. Today, the happy couple is here to respond to your questions!


To Jennie: how did you feel when you won the case against your former agency?

Jennie: It felt great! I knew they were going to try and sue me for contract breach so I did my research before coming out. I was confident so when they sued me, I countersued for just two dollars and seeing their faces when I won the case was priceless!


To Rosé: how did you manage to write two albums in only one year?

Rosé: I had lots of inspiration! I can only write songs when I’m highly inspired and since Jennie and I got a house together she inspires me every day. Every little thing she does or say makes me want to write a song about it!


Would you ever collaborate? Or debut as a duo?

Jennie: We’d love to collaborate! We talk about it all the time and the agency also encourages us to! But a duo.. no, it’s not something we want.
Rosé: I agree. Our styles are too different and we like it this way. And actually we already have a song together.
Jennie: What? Don’t lie to them!
Rosé: Hankuma!
Jennie: Oh right! We wrote a song about our dogs. I don’t think that one’s seeing the light.


Since you’re both close to Kim Jisoo, have either of you ever thought about acting?

Rosé: I actually have! I think I’d make a great actress.
Jennie: Babe, you can’t even lie to me!
Rosé: Right. But you could! I think you’d be great at it.
Jennie: I’ll stick with music, thank you so much.


You guys are relationship goals! How do I confess to my crush?

Jennie: Don’t think too much of it and just do it!
Rosé: Baby, it completely backfired for you.
Jennie: Yeah, because you were an idiot.
Rosé: True.. but yeah, just confess, what’s the worst that could happen?
Jennie: That they laugh in your face.
Rosé: Oh, you’re in so much trouble for saying that.
Jennie: But really, just confess.
Rosé: Yeah, be brave!


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When Chaeyoung finishes posting on Instagram to thank her fans, she finally joins Jennie in bed.

She’s asleep already and she looks completely at peace.

Chaeyoung smiles to herself, still emotional from the award show.

She thinks of how long it took, but they finally got to where they are supposed to be. All the hurt, harsh words, misunderstandings that swayed them. And sure, it took them time and a lot of words and tears to get here, but now it’s paradise.

Perhaps they took the long way, but— as Chaeyoung gets in bed and leaves a kiss on the back of Jennie’s head— at least now they’re home.

[+562] [-325] remember two years ago when we would be here fighting instead we’re crying over a kiss
[+682] [-407]
lmao what a glow up! did you guys listen to their speeches? they’re so in love, i’m so happy for them
[+703] [-543]
same!! honestly when’s the wedding
right?? they act more married than my parents and they’ve been married 30 years
lmao let’s trend #ChaennieWeddingWhen