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Perfect rainy day ~

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U"Drip drop drip drop drip drop drip dr-" "would you shut up baka!" "What? I'm bored..." yasuna was looking outside the window. Now it was raining that day. Yasuna and Sonya were getting out of school like normal but then it started pouring rain so yasuna grabbed her hand and ran to her house without any saying or questions. So now Sonya was stuck here until the next day.

"I wish I was at home and not with an dumb girl like you." "Heyyy! I'm not dumb! Why do you have to be so rude?" "No reason...." They sat there in awkward silence for a while. 'Should I really do this...' yasuna thought. Her pet cat in the room and got on the couch. "Ohhh!" Yasuna had an idea. She ran to her room and got out the puppets she made before. She had the Kitty and the alligator that Sonya used.

"Sonya-chan! Look I found them again!" "Oh...great" Sonya was no amussed. "Here" she gave Sonya the alligator. "Why do I have to get the alligator again?" Sonya alittle peed off. "Because your mean like one so why not?" "I'm not mean!" She twisted yasunas hand. "Owwww!" Yasuna wailed. After a few minutes they talked and "played" with the puppets while

Waiting for their high school uniforms to get dry. "Sonya..Chan.....gues what....I have a secret to tell you.." yasuna went to Sonya's ear and blowed in it. "Really?" Sonya asked. "Nope..." yasuna got Sonya's puppet and made them kiss. Sonya's eyes got bigger and her face turned bright red. "What are you doing!? Baka baka!!" She slapped yasuna twice. "Ow... I sowwy...." "shut up!" Sonya covered her face. Yasuna turned alittle red too.

"Sonya Chan. I like you." Yasuna said while smiling. Sonya looked up and blushed massively. " you too stupid." "Hehe" yasuna kissed her cheek. "Aww are you embarrassed sonya~" "no I am not!!!" She smacked her hand. "Owie...hehe Sonya Chan likes me." Yasuna said to herself.

Today was certainly the perfect rainy day.