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your opal eyes are all i wish to see

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“Who lives here? Another Councilor friend of yours?”

     Vi’s only saying that because while she’s learned that Caitlyn really only speaks if she needs to, she’s never heard Caitlyn so quiet . Quiet as in eyes shut, tight, controlled breaths exhaled through her nose and not her mouth because her lips are pressed into a thin line, all due to pain. So she says it to fill the silence.

     From what she could observe in a few glances on the bridge and for the few minutes off of it, Caitlyn has a deep cut on her leg that’s keeping her from walking properly, a dozen little cuts on her arms from who knows what that must sting but can’t be too serious, yet another very serious puncture wound on her upper arm. Not to mention the rough scratches on the side she landed on that rough up her skin and makes pink and drops of red seep through, showing through the torn fabric of her sleeve. And that was from a few seconds of surveying. What else is there that Vi couldn’t pick out at face value?

     Vi distantly recognizes that she’s scared for her, worried. Caitlyn hadn’t said more than directions to wherever they were now. Didn’t even complain when Vi suggested they take to the dirty alleyways instead of bright, patrolled streets where they would’ve been safe anyway due to Caitlyn’s status.

     “No,” Caitlyn replies through gritted teeth. There are silent tears running down her cheeks. “It’s mine.”

     Now that Vi looks around again, that makes more sense- there’s a map of Piltover on the floor with pictures and pinpricks guiding yarn all over it. Maybe there are even more of those fancy top hats she wears in the closet. Powder would get a kick out of those-

     She sighs. Right. Powder.

     “Can you help me to the washroom?” Caitlyn asks as they pause in the middle of the room. “There’s antiseptic and bandages and everything in the cabinet. I can patch myself up before we need to speak to my parents-”

     Vi turns and sits Caitlyn down at the side of her bed. “Are you crazy? You can barely walk.” Caitlyn’s already reaching down to inspect the wound on her thigh. “Let me-”

     “It’s fine.”

     Caitlyn’s not fine. Caitlyn’s not very good at hiding her pain, considering the grimace reaping through her expression as she fiddles with the ripped fabric of her pants with the same arm that’s injured.

     So Vi marches off into the washroom and ignores Caitlyn’s meek protest, reaching the obnoxiously large vanity and opening the cabinet door below it. Antiseptic, bandages, stitching kit, the like are in her arms within seconds and in a few more she’s plopping down beside Caitlyn on her equally obnoxious soft, huge bed.

     “You don’t have to,” Caitlyn mumbles. “My dad used to be a medic, we could go find him-”

     “I’ve done this for my family plenty of times before. It’s nothing.”

     Or, it’s supposed to be nothing. All those years ago, when Mylo or Claggor got roughed up and Vander was busy at the bar, it was Vi patching up their wounds, Powder handing her the things she needed as she said them aloud. That was nothing, laughing light-hearted jokes like “You should’ve avoided this, dumbass” or “You better have hit them back.”

     This wasn’t nothing. This was Vi’s fingers brushing over Caitlyn’s skin as she helped her remove her shoulder pads and her sleeve that is covered in blood from her arm and Caitlyn awfully dead silent as she pressed a towel to the wound. Dead silent.

     Vi couldn’t take it. “Talk to me, cupcake.”

     “I’d rather let you focus on not making this worse.”

     “Sheesh, you’re weirdly more stubborn when you’re injured.”

     Caitlyn makes an offended noise, which fades into a short whimper, and flinches away from the towel. Unsuspecting, Vi pressed forward harder to reach the wound and it’s all a domino effect as she presses too hard.

     Vi huffs, placing her free hand on Caitlyn’s shoulder and mumbling, “Hold still.”

     Caitlyn huffs too, probably because she seems too exhausted to do anything else. “I’m sorry,” she says.

     Vi takes the antiseptic and dabs some onto a clean part of the towel. “For what?”



     “Powder,” Caitlyn starts again, “was only able to steal the crystal because she set a fire. I saw the fire. If I had instructed some of the other enforcers to stay put, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

     Vi takes a minute to think through the events, piecing them together. She shifts, her left hand moving against Caitlyn’s skin, and Caitlyn goes still for a moment.

     “I’d still be in Stillwater if things had gone differently. And I’m happy about that,” Vi replies. “It’s both our faults for what happened afterward.”

     “So I’m still sorry.”

     Vi ignores that too, taking her hands away to thread the needle. Caitlyn visibly relaxes, and Vi asks, “Doing okay?”

     Caitlyn shakes her head, her dark hair spreading over her collarbones, effortlessly shining in the morning light, but it doesn’t seem like the answer. “I just keep thinking about where it all went wrong. It isn’t fitting together right in my head.”

     “Probably because you have multiple injuries that I still need to treat,” says Vi, holding up the needle. “Ready?”

     “Are you sure it’s even deep enough to need stitches?”

     Vi scrunches up her face. She isn’t sure what could’ve made the wound, but there’s no way this will close on its one before it gets infected. “Pretty sure.”

     Caitlyn takes a deep breath. “Okay. Okay, do it.”

     Vi makes it through one stitch before Caitlyn’s gripping the wood of her bed hard, her teeth digging into her bottom lip. “You’re going to be fine,” Vi assures, while she couldn’t say the same for herself. “It’s not a big wound, just deep, so it’ll be over soon.”

     She gives Caitlyn a minute to steady herself, in which Caitlyn bows her head and sighs. “Sorry,” she whispers.

     “Stop saying that,” Vi says. “Ready?”

     “Yeah,” Caitlyn replies. “Yeah. I trust you.”

     Vi snorts. “Yesterday morning was a different story.”

     “That’s because I thought you walked us right into a death trap.”

     Vi pierces her skin with the needle again, and Caitlyn breathes out. “I shouldn’t have left you on the bridge,” Vi whispers. “You put so much trust in me from the start. I- thank you.”

     “Of course. What were you- shit - in Stillwater for anyway?” Vi stills, blinks, and Caitlyn turns her head toward her. “Nevermind. That was insensitive.”

     “It’s not the crime that I-” Vi hesitates and shuts up. She finishes the stitch before continuing. “I’m sure you know the explosion that hit one of your family’s penthouses a couple of years ago.”

     Caitlyn gapes. “Jayce’s workshop?”

     Vi shrugs. “I guess. He invented those weird crystal thingies, didn’t he?”

     “Yes, him and Viktor. That was you ?”


     Caitlyn twists her lips, seeming conflicted. “You could’ve blown me up, but you technically jumpstarted his career.”

     Vi chortles and puts on a posh accent. “My sincerest apologies.”

     “Are you trying to mimic me?”

     “I wasn’t trying to, but it does sound like you when you bring it up.”

     “You’re so annoying,” Caitlyn scoffs as Vi wraps a bandage around her arm.

     “I should knock you on your ass for that, but I won’t.”

     Simply because it’s her .

     “Oh, I’m incredibly grateful for your mercy.”

     Vi smiles weakly, lifting Caitlyn’s arm and cleaning the scratches and cuts there with the towel. It’s not quiet now, with part of Caitlyn’s serious injuries cleaned up and her breathing slowly returning back to normal. In the morning light, the sun hits her at another obnoxiously perfect angle. Caitlyn’s collarbones are shiny with sweat, her hair covering part of it, the side of her face outlined with light. Her shiny-blue eyes are gleaming and Vi forces herself to look away, pressing her forehead to Caitlyn’s shoulder to completely remove it all from temptation.

     “I say,” Caitlyn prompts as her head shifts, presumably to look down at Vi, curious, “that we find my father after this so he can relieve some of this god-awful stinging, get my mother to talk to the Council about the undercity, and then get some rest.”

     “Sounds like a plan,” Vi says, but all she wants to do is find Powder. She could be dead from that last explosion. Ekko could be dead. She saw the enforcers run onto the bridge during the aftermath, saw Silco pick up Powder’s body. What will they do with her? What will the enforcers do with Ekko?

     Worst-case scenario and yet the most likely, all of her family was dead.

     She sinks to the floor after applying the antiseptic to Caitlyn’s arm, Caitlyn watching her with wide eyes. The cut on Caitlyn’s thigh is sticky with the remnants of Powder’s flying bomb-things, so she grabs the tweezers that came with the stitching kit and works to get them out. The ripped fabric keeps getting in her way, destroyed strands coming up between the tweezers instead of the metal.

     Vi looks up at her. “You okay with me cutting up these pants?”

     “They’re not mine, anyway,” Caitlyn says with a nod, then thinks better of it. “Just take them off.” Vi blinks, startled, and Caitlyn hurries to correct herself. “I mean- there’s another cut above my knee, and it’s just-”

     “Easier,” Vi finishes for her, nodding to herself. This is nothing. This is supposed to be nothing. It’s just cleaning up wounds. That’s all. Fuck’s sake. It’s nothing. This isn’t nothing. “Are you sure?”

     Caitlyn nods. “I trust you.”

     Caitlyn does the zipper and Vi helps drag her pants down, and it’s all so terribly intimate that Vi wants to run. But she doesn’t. Because this isn’t those rare moments out of solitary confinement in Stillwater, finding the nearest girl who thinks her even remotely attractive and rushing for a secluded spot that’s never really secluded but finding one and hurrying . This isn’t that. Those were nothing.

     Regardless, Vi focuses on getting the shards of metal out of Caitlyn’s cut first, feeling Caitlyn’s intoxicating stare on her the entire time. Caitlyn isn’t quiet, instead, her breathing is a bit heavier now, nodding wordlessly when Vi says this one needs stitches too. It takes a bit longer, this cut is longer and wider, but Vi gets it done as best as she can while she’s trying to ignore the way her heart is thundering, trying to avoid Caitlyn’s eyes when she looks up to assure her when Caitlyn makes a noise of discomfort: “Hey, it’s okay, almost done.”

     The cut above her knee is less than serious, merely a cut that needs cleaning and then will heal on its own. But Vi makes sure to put equal care into it, cleaning off the droplets of dried blood from her skin and applying antiseptic with diligence, so close that she feels her breath come back to her off of Caitlyn’s skin.

     When she’s done, she lingers there. Caitlyn’s here, all right, not quiet, she’s okay. And Caitlyn’s staring down at her, her chest rising and falling with each careful inhale and exhale, a question in her eyes.

     Before Vi can stop herself, she’s moving, pressing her lips to the space just above the cut. A soft kiss, nothing more, not until she looks up to find the question gone from Caitlyn’s eyes and instead replaced with something like awe and wanting.

     Caitlyn nods, gripping the bed sheets. “Go on,” she whispers.

     Well, that confirms everything.

     So, Vi, caught up in delirium, presses another kiss to her skin, just a bit higher, then another. Caitlyn’s skin is soft and smooth, warm under her touch, and Caitlyn’s breathing is short now, to the point that Vi glances up again to check on her.

     That’s when Cassandra Kiramman kicks open the door.

When Caitlyn comes back, Vi is laying on her bed, head and a hand dangling over the foot of it and thinking. At least the embarrassment of Councilor Kiramman finding her kneeling before her half-naked daughter was gone from her thoughts now.

     “We’ll present our case to the Council,” Caitlyn says, blinking and bewildered, “tonight.”

     Vi nods to herself, eyes refocusing in on the map below her. She makes a lazy gesture toward it. “You did all this yourself?” she asks with a short laugh, rolling onto her back. “And I thought Powder could get obsessed.”

     Caitlyn collapses onto the space next to her. “What happened to her… it’s not your fault.”

     “Before the bridge or after?”

     “All of it.”

     Vi closes her eyes, running a hand over her face. If she thinks far, far back, maybe it’s her fault because she was the one who followed their parents to the bridge where they were killed and let Powder come with her, where Vander found them. There are many places in the story that could be counted as her fault. But it was all mainly because she left her.

     She changes the subject to another one that’s been on her mind. “You scared me back there, cupcake,” Vi mumbles instead.

     She hears Caitlyn shift, and when she looks over, Caitlyn’s on her side, looking at her… just looking. “My dad gave me some medicine to dull the pain,” she says, “so I’m all right.” Vi chooses not to respond and can’t think of anything else to change the subject to (she keeps digging these holes she can’t get out of), and Caitlyn says, “Talk to me.”

     “Stealing my line now?”

     “It’s payback for stealing the inventions that my parents funded six years ago.”

     Vi snorts and turns to face her. “On the walk here…” she begins, exhaling, “...there were lots of times I thought you passed out. You weren’t- it just freaked me out. That’s it.”

     “What else?”

     “And-” Vi’s cut off by Caitlyn shifting again, flipping herself around so their faces are leveled at the wrong end of the mattress. “You’re getting your shoes on the pillows.”

     Caitlyn chuckles, meeting her eyes. “So are you.”

     Vi smiles. Her laugh is definitely something, something she hasn’t heard before, something precious. “I just thought you’d be more protective about your stuff.”

     Caitlyn just shrugs. “I don’t feel like pausing to take them off. Come on. What’s on your mind?”

     A beat passes. Vi has so many things going on in her mind that she isn’t sure where to start, let alone what she should say or what should stay put. She was thinking now, she wasn’t thinking then, but Caitlyn encourage it so maybe, but then there’s the thought of the enforcers discarding Ekko’s body who knows where, the Firelights without their friend, Powder unconscious in Silco’s grasp-

     “I don’t-” Vi tries and ultimately fails (she always seems to be doing that), taking a breath and starting again. She hasn’t had someone to talk to in six years. Maybe she’s forgotten how to do this, or if she should. “So many things went wrong last night, and I’m trying to figure out where I could’ve inserted myself to make it go right. Nothing went right. We don’t have the gemstone. Ekko’s gone, Powder’s gone, you could’ve been killed-”

     “There’s no way you could’ve made everything go right,” says Caitlyn delicately. “Marcus betraying us would’ve happened with or without you there. Powder going for the gemstone would’ve happened with or without you there-”

     “If I hadn’t left her in the first place none of this would’ve happened,” Vi interrupts, and she hates herself for the way her voice breaks. Caitlyn frowns, but she hasn't broken their locked gaze this whole time. “Vander told me to take care of her and I didn’t. I failed him, her, Mylo, Cla-”

     “Listen to me,” Caitlyn says, reaching out and brushing her fingers over Vi’s cheek. Against her better judgment, Vi takes her hand. “You can’t save everyone. You don’t understand- I- this whole trip I’ve seen you do everything you can for others and nothing for yourself. For example, you jumped off a cliff after being stabbed to bring us to shelter.”

     “I’ve had time alone, for myself,” Vi replies. Days upon months upon years of time to herself, actually, locked away in a cement box, but she doesn’t say that. “I can finally help everyone now.”

     “You can’t help everyone if you don’t help yourself.” Caitlyn moves her hand and laces their fingers together. “We have a few hours until we speak to the Council. What would you like to do?”

     Vi closes her eyes again. “Whatever’s convenient, honestly.”

     “Then we’re going to sleep,” Caitlyn says matter-of-factly, kicking off her shoes now. “You can borrow some of my clothes if you’d like; we need to get the bloodstains off yours. You can use my shower too, if that’s okay, I’m sure it’ll be refreshing. I don’t think you want to sleep in bloodstained clothes, so we can sleep while it’s being washed, and get you some food-”

     Vi cuts her off because Vi hasn’t had someone so eagerly look out for her in years, so maybe that’s why Vi kisses her then. Maybe that’s why she takes hold of Caitlyn’s face so tightly in her hands to make sure that Caitlyn won’t leave, that Caitlyn is real in the first place. Maybe that’s why she smiles casually when Caitlyn pulls back with a bewildered expression, something nice filling her chest when Caitlyn smiles back. And maybe that’s why Vi lets herself fall asleep in Caitlyn’s arms, in Caitlyn’s clothes, in Caitlyn’s bed.

They sleep too long. The apparently half-assed attempt at an alarm clock that Caitlyn reports she put herself up to in order to compete with Jayce at the age of ten is faulty and rings an hour before they have to be up and going instead of two.

     Vi throws an arm over her eyes. “Your bed is too comfortable to leave.”

     “Yet I do it almost every day. Get up.”

     Vi catches Caitlyn by the arm and draws her back in, smiling as Caitlyn glares. She’s happy, she realizes. Vi hasn’t been really happy in a long time and has probably forgotten how not to get lost in it.

     “Come on,” she whispers, moving her hand to Caitlyn’s face and pulling her closer. “Don’t leave. I’m great at getting ready quickly.” (She’s not.) “Few more minutes.”

     After at least a minute of discussion, Caitlyn relents, falling down next to Vi with a huff. “What’s our plan?” Caitlyn asks, brushing her fingers over Vi’s forehead and moving the strands of dark pink away from her eyes. “Just explain that Silco’s behind all of it and work for a solution?”

     Vi nods, sobered up now. She brings they're faces close enough to breathe each other in, unsure of what else to do. She’s been kind of winging all of this since she kissed Caitlyn, and she doesn’t know if Caitlyn knows that. The small kisses, the hugging, the touching, the whispering was all initiated by Caitlyn and Vi acting as if she knows what she’s doing. And it’s nice. She’s drowning in it.

     "Did you know your eyes are quite grey? But also blue. Like an opal," Caitlyn murmurs softly. Then there's a grin and pride in her voice. "I've been trying to come up with a name for the color this whole time and I've finally found one."

     "You're cute," Vi mumbles in return. More to herself, really. She would've never called anyone else that. She should really get a grip on herself.

     “I didn’t think I’d like you this much after a few days,” Caitlyn breathes. “You’re quite nice. I don’t want you to forget that, okay?”

     Vi’s mind short-circuits. Nice? She’s all bruises and callused hands and bandages at all times. Not nice .

     “Thanks,” Vi mumbles. She doesn’t know what else to say. Caitlyn Kiramman is going to completely destroy her and she’s going to like it. “You’ve been better than I expected.”

     Caitlyn snorts, running her finger over Vi’s tattoos. “That’s a compliment if I’ve ever heard one.”

     “Shut up,” Vi murmurs, pulling back and kissing her. The room is dark now, the dim lamp Caitlyn had turned on in the corner the only light source, and Vi wouldn’t have it any other way.

     Kissing she knows. She knows it and yet it comes to her in distinct ways with Caitlyn, as if she’s done this with her specifically before, knowing when to tilt her head, when to pull back to catch their breath. Caitlyn is perfect in ways Vi can’t describe: her lips are perfect, her fingers are perfect, her exhales are perfect. Fuck, that shouldn’t even be possible. It’s just breathing-

     But then Caitlyn’s tangling her fingers in Vi’s cropped hair and Vi is breathless and nipping at Caitlyn’s bottom lip and Caitlyn pulls gently and it’s different. The atmosphere’s shifted into something deeper, and Vi wants to wander into it.

     “Come on,” Vi whispers against her lips, feeling Caitlyn inch forward just slightly. The way Vi knows it, sex is quick, brisk, hurried, and just for release. The tension in her stomach whenever she kisses her is there and yearning for more, so maybe this is all why she says, “We have time.”

     Caitlyn tilts her head. “Do we?”

     “Yeah. Of course we do.” Vi places two quick pecks on Caitlyn’s lips. “Council will understand, won’t they?” she asks drunkenly.

     Caitlyn laughs, shifting and straddling Vi’s waist. “I don’t think so.” But Caitlyn leans down and pushes their lips together, kissing her until they’re both gasping for breath, and Vi’s gone. Destroyed. “My parents have caught me with girls in my room before. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. I want you too bad to stop-”

     “You’ve done this before?”

     “Of course I’ve done this before.”

     “Right. Of course you have.”

     “Have you?”

     “Sort of- shit that’s good.”

     Vi registers that she isn’t thinking properly now. All she knows is Caitlyn, on top of her. Caitlyn, kissing her. Caitlyn, panting against her lips. Caitlyn, slowly beginning to shift her hips against Vi’s. And Vi’s hand in her navy-blue hair. Vi’s own hips moving on their own accord, trying to provide Caitlyn the stimulation she needs.

     “I’ve got you,” Caitlyn exhales softly, moving her lips to Vi’s ear. “I want to make you feel good,” she whispers, her breath igniting a fire in Vi’s stomach. Vi frantically nods her approval, arching her neck as Caitlyn places her lips there.

     The next thing Vi knows, she’s helping Caitlyn wrench their clothes off, because they’re hurrying, chuckling softly at Caitlyn’s wide eyes. “You’re very pretty,” Caitlyn murmurs.

     “Prove it,” Vi finds herself saying.


     “Prove you think I’m pretty. Show me where.”

     Caitlyn seems to understand what she was saying now, ducking down and sucking at Vi’s neck. A noise left Vi’s throat, her heart roaring as Caitlyn kissed and bit at nearly every inch of her skin.

     “You sound pretty too,” Caitlyn mumbles against the hollow of her throat, the vibration of her words thundering down Vi’s spine. Her hands are against the nape of Vi’s neck as she mos downward, positioned in a way that makes Vi feel worshipped.

     “That’s nothing compared to what you’ll get if you go lower,” Vi pants.

     Caitlyn looks up. “Prove it,” she mimicks and moves to kiss Vi’s breasts. 

     That sends Vi’s mind into a spiral she isn’t sure she’ll ever get out of, the heat of Caitlyn’s mouth enveloping her nipple. Vi’s hips stuttered against hers, her back lifting off the mattress. A soft, keening moan forced itself out of her mouth, a feeble sound compared to Vi’s usual confidence, both things Caitlyn seemed to relish in.

     Caitlyn’s lips are everywhere, kissing Vi’s hot skin as if she is candy and Caitlyn is an excited child. Vi doesn’t mind, doesn’t mind at all, losing herself to the arousing sensation below her navel, each peck, each lick sending jolts straight to her core. She is sure she’s a sight to behold as sweat drips down the side of her neck, and the bead reaches her collarbones before Caitlyn swoops up to catch it in her mouth.

     “Someone’s wanting,” Caitlyn chortles, moving her hands down now, over the planes of Vi’s breasts, her sides where her ribs poke out and down her waist, coming to clutch her hips. “Your skin is burning. Do you have a fever?”

     Another sound, like a pitiful whine, falls out of Vi’s lips, wrapping her legs around Caitlyn’s hips as soon as Caitlyn moves to kneel between them. “You’re the sickness.”

     “Or am I the cure?” Caitlyn asks as Vi’s hips move again, searching for friction. Caitlyn relieves some of it, her mouth moving against the flexing muscles of her stomach.

     “No, definitely the sickness,” Vi gasps. She’s lost. “I know myself. I don’t whine.”

     “You just did.”

     “My point.”

     Caitlyn’s mouth arrives at Vi’s hips, kissing where her hands are leaving bruising marks. Vi’s hand makes a fist in Caitlyn’s hair, baring her neck to the ceiling. “How long have you wanted this?”

     “Long enough.” Vi’s voice is breaking in her yearning.

     Caitlyn moves a hand to where her muscles make a V. “Can I?”

     “ Yes .”

     Vi doesn’t recognize herself anymore, nor the sounds her vocal cords are producing as Caitlyn slides down her underwear. Vi flicks them off to somewhere off Caitlyn’s giant bed, the early evening air making goosebumps rise on her skin. Caitlyn’s warm mouth and hands kiss them away, and Vi welcomes her kiss when Caitlyn connects their lips.

     “Please.” Her mouth forms a half-choked sob when Caitlyn leaves, her free hand flying to cover her mouth, her fingers spreading over her face. That was revealing . Her cheeks are hot, her eyes lidded, exposed when Caitlyn gently takes her hand and moves it away, threading their fingers together.

     “I want to see you,” Caitlyn whispers, her other hand traveling downward, a finger separating her folds. Vi hasn’t felt this in a while and has definitely forgotten how to act because her canting hips are definitely new. She scrunches up her face at the thought, her breath catching. She was suffocating. “Gods, you’re wet.”

     “Yeah, that’s what happens when you do this kind of stuff.”

     She says that because it’s the only thing that’s on the surface of her mind: sarcasm as a defense mechanism.

     Vi’s mind is saying one thing and her body is saying another, her mind saying this isn’t right and this isn’t her and her body wanting more, proving what she feels deeper below the surface. She’s no stranger to vulnerability- if The Lanes didn’t teach her it, Stillwater certainly did- and it’s showing up as a bad thing where it’s unwanted.

     Caitlyn’s fingers tighten around her own. “Let your guard down,” she says gently. “You can tell me what you want.” Vi squeezes her eyes shut and opens them, finding Caitlyn’s worried face staring down at her. “I can be gentle.”

     “I know, and you are, it’s just-”

     Caitlyn frowns. “We can stop.”

     Vi takes a few steadying breaths. She knows she wants this. It’s the fact that she’s not in her usual defense mode is that’s getting her. She’s vulnerable right now, in a place she doesn’t know well, under a person that used to work for the same force that killed her parents, and yet she’s ultimately not defensive. She’s just now trying to build that back up.

     Like Caitlyn said, she needs to let her guard down.

     It’s new. It’s scary. It’s change. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it.

     And so, Vi says, “Go slow.”

     Caitlyn nods, placing a delicate kiss on her lips and running her thumb over her knuckles. “Keep me updated,” she says, kissing across Vi’s cheekbone. “I meant what I said. I want to make you feel good. But I can’t do that if you don’t tell me how you’re really feeling.”

     Vi nods this time, their noses brushing as Caitlyn pushes their foreheads together. Caitlyn’s hand moves to her clit, her thumb making a circle before pausing. Vi’s breath hitches, just able to spill out the word, “Good.”

     Caitlyn continues, her pointer and middle finger making their way down while her thumb resumes a slow pace. Vi tilts her head up, satisfaction filling her, and Caitlyn follows her, keeping their faces close.

     They’re in this together, Vi realizes. That’s what Caitlyn is trying to say.

     Her fingers reach her entrance and Vi tenses. Caitlyn stops. “Not really. Not yet,” Vi says and feels Caitlyn nod and her fingers retreat upward. Her thumb moves and Vi’s breath spills out in pants, pleasure running through her. “Yes- that’s good. Faster, a bit.”

     Caitlyn listens, increasing the pace of her movements while keeping her grip on Vi’s hand gentle. Vi, however, squeezes both Caitlyn’s hand and hair hard, trying to understand the rhythmic noises and sighs falling from her lips. They’re soft. Wanting. They replicate what she’s feeling. That isn’t bad. This is nice. Really, really nice.

     “Try it again,” Vi mumbles. Caitlyn kisses her, a mere press of lips, and moves one finger down this time. She pauses for an answer, presses tentatively when nothing comes, testing. Vi moves her hand from her hair to the nape of Caitlyn’s neck, her legs tightening around Caitlyn’s hips, before nodding. “Go ahead.”

     “You’re sure?”

     “I think so.”

     “I’m not going to do anything unless you’re sure.”

     Vi bites her lip. “I’m sure. I want you inside me.”

     “Tell me if you need to stop,” is what Caitlyn says last, and pushes the tip of her finger into her. Vi breathes in, breathes out, nods, and Caitlyn pushes in further, down to the second knuckle. It’s odd, different, but a good newness. Vi’s open, she realizes, ready.

     “Go on,” she whispers, and with a bit more coaxing from Caitlyn’s finger, she’s fully in.

     “Okay?” Caitlyn asks. “I’m going to give you a minute to adjust.”

     Vi moves her hips carefully, pausing at the pleasure that runs through her. It’s interestingly foreign, but it becomes more familiar as she moves again, forward, back, rocking against Caitlyn’s hand in irregular movements. Caitlyn’s still, the pressure on her clit stationary. Vi presses into it, shifting her hips, and then Caitlyn’s finger glosses over that one spot in her and everything snaps into a blissful place.

     “Fuck,” Vi pants. She’s beginning to see stars. “That’s good. Can you-”

     “Yeah,” Caitlyn says and moves her thumb, moves her finger, and Vi meets it, a moan spilling from her mouth. Caitlyn pushes in, and there goes another. And another. Caitlyn moves her head, placing delicate kisses along the line of her throat.

     Vi feels so full, so good, the stimulation driving her out of her mind. Three places. Caitlyn’s finger curled in her, leaving and returning gracefully. Caitlyn’s thumb making unrelenting circles on her clit. Caitlyn’s lips making art with bruises on her neck. “Caitlyn,” Vi sighs brokenly.

     Caitlyn’s head snaps up. “Yeah?”

     “Oh- no, that was a good-” Her sentence breaks on another moan, her head rolling back.

     Caitlyn exhales. “Wow, you sound lovely.”

     “Told you,” Vi replies playfully because everything is starting to light up. She wraps her legs around Caitlyn’s hips tighter, pulling her to her. She’s a wheezing mess, their bodies sliding together perfectly in time with the other, sweat building where friction was pleasing. “Give- give me another.”

     “Are you-”

     “Please. Please, Caitlyn,” Vi begs because that’s the only thing she can do as she pushes herself down and up on Caitlyn’s finger.

     Caitlyn withdraws, and when she’s back, there’s another finger with her. Caitlyn’s buried in her, and Vi’s clenching around her, swimming in delicious pleasure. This is so good, she doesn’t want it to stop. “Faster,” she finds herself mumbling, finds herself moving her hands to Caitlyn’s bare back and clawing at it, leaving pink streaks in her nail’s wake. Caitlyn doesn’t seem to mind, drifting her now free hand to Vi’s hip and pushing her down into the mattress.

     They’re both keen to get Vi off, it seems, and it’s working, Vi rolling her hips in time with Caitlyn’s fingers plunging into her. Vi’s desperate, her mouth forming noises she is fairly sure hasn’t ever been breathed into existence five minutes ago but doesn’t have the capacity to care. She’s faintly aware of Caitlyn’s name repeatedly flowing from her lips.

     “Is this seriously the best you can do?” she asks manically, deliriously. She doesn’t really mean it, she’s caught up in the greatest feelings she’s ever had in her life-

     Caitlyn nips at her skin. “You’re in no position to talk when you’re practically screaming my name-”

     “Oh, did I hurt your ego?”

     “Vi, I was trying to be gentle.”

     “You were, you were, you’re amazing,” Vi echoes softly, and she knows she sounds crazy for switching tones so quickly, but Caitlyn only smiles and kisses her. Their lips are together for mere seconds before Vi is arching her back, whining.

     She’s on the edge, Caitlyn’s fingers in her and moving on her clit devouring her composure and ensuring that. Her eyes fly open, her eyebrows creased and her lips parted and whimpering. Caitlyn presses a kiss to her forehead, whispering, “I’ve got you, I’ve got you, what do you need?”

     Vi’s vulnerable again, she knows it, because the moment she spills she’ll be gone and in the tendrils of ecstasy and completely defenseless. “Need you,” she’s saying, and Caitlyn’s nodding, kissing her again.

     “I’m right here. I’ll take care of you,” Caitlyn assures her, and Vi’s nodding frantically and grinding into Caitlyn’s hand. It takes seconds more of that feeling of Caitlyn inside her, kissing her neck, circling her clit, that flash soon threatening to overtake her and drag her under. It does, and she’s coming with a groan that fades out of her hearing as the sound of her heart thundering replaces it. 

     Caitlyn helps her ride out the aftershocks, but she’s too lost to comprehend the soft things Caitlyn is whispering in her ear. She knows her eyebrows are pinched together, knows that her neck is strained and her hands are on Caitlyn’s neck, in her hair, holding on for dear life. But all she can really feel is the relief that spreads through her body, mixing with wondrous pleasure that she didn’t even know existed.

     “Gods,” Vi breathes as soon as her throat lets her form words, prompting Caitlyn to gently lay her down. She’s breathing hard, and Caitlyn is too, her expression faintly dazed as she presses a kiss to Vi’s forehead.

     “Are you okay?”

     “Better than that.”

     Vi does her best to unwrap her legs from Caitlyn’s hips, but she’s still shaking and the shifting reminds her of Caitlyn’s fingers still in her, and she shivers. Give her a few minutes and she’ll be coming again if they stayed like that, but Caitlyn notices and withdraws them carefully, the last thing needed to let Vi sag against the bed.

     They fixate themselves, Caitlyn coming to straddle Vi again, just to lay down, scoop Vi into her arms and rest her chin rest against Vi’s shoulder. Vi lets her, aware of Caitlyn’s controlled breathing and her not-so-controlled pulse as Vi presses a kiss to her neck. Vi’s relaxing and Caitlyn is not. She’s worked up. She’s-

     “You’re close, aren’t you?” Vi murmurs in her ear. Caitlyn nods frantically. “Who knew that the gracious Caitlyn Kiramman could get off on the mere sounds of someone-”

     “Oh, shut up,” Caitlyn mumbles and sighs. “I’ll come down in a minute or two. I don’t want to put you up to-”

     Vi shakes her head, nipping at Caitlyn’s earlobe. “Let me take care of you,” she whispers, and Caitlyn’s breath catches and her fingers toy with the dark-pink strands of hair at the nape of Vi’s neck. “I’d do literally anything to see you come.”

     Caitlyn shifts her hips at that but remains mostly stationary. “What will you do?”

     “What would you like me to do?” Vi asks, moving her hands down Caitlyn’s skin, making her way to Caitlyn’s underwear, and toying with the edges. “I could taste you, I could do the same as you did to me, both, or you can show me what you want.”

     “Show you what I want,” Caitlyn echoes softly.


     “That might be a problem. There’s many.”

     Vi smirks. “Show me one.”

     Caitlyn does exactly so, sitting up and wrenching her underwear off, clenching her jaw. “This’ll get you off again, I know it will,” Caitlyn mumbles as she straddles Vi for the third time.

     “And how do you know that?”

     “You seem the type.”


     And then Caitlyn is reaching for Vi’s hands, placing one of them on her right hip and the other between the apex of her thighs. Vi’s lips part in awe, unsure of where to look: Caitlyn’s bare chest, her breasts full and perfect, Caitlyn’s stomach, where her muscles flex as- Caitlyn’s hand moving hers, coaxing her legs farther apart and pressing her fingers to her clit.

     “I think you can figure it out from here,” Caitlyn says, removing her guiding hands and instead putting them on Vi’s waist. Vi is still in awe. “Come on .”

     “I didn’t think you had the stomach, cupcake.”

     “I’m far more experienced than you.”

     “Who would’ve guessed.”

     Caitlyn makes a face at her and Vi stops teasing, moving her fingers downward and using the heel of her palm to press against Caitlyn’s clit. Caitlyn sucks in her bottom lip, her eyes squeezing shut as Vi finds her entrance.

     “You’re so beautiful,” Vi whispers, then meets Caitlyn’s eyes. “You’re sure?” 

     “Yes. Yes, I’m sure.”

     Vi grips Caitlyn’s hip tight, raising her up as she lines her fingers up with her entrance. Caitlyn sinks back down, going rigid as Vi’s fingers enter her, and Vi knows exactly where Caitlyn needs it but stays still until Caitlyn nods.

     Vi curls her fingers inward and a pathetic noise claws its way out of Caitlyn’s throat. Vi smirks. “Found it.”

     “Stop reveling and fuck me,” Caitlyn says urgently. She moves her hips forward, pressing against the heel of Vi’s palm, a small noise leaving her. “You move, I bounce, that’s the way this goes, or are you not as smart as I thought you-”

     A quick move of Vi’s hand and Caitlyn’s shutting up, Vi’s fingers moving within her and her palm moving with it. Caitlyn moves her hips, pushing up and dropping down. A few tries and they’re in sync, Vi’s fingers brushing against that spot in her as she sinks down.

     Vi’s in heaven, she’s sure because Caitlyn is rolling her head back and she’s riding Vi’s literal fingers, her breasts bouncing and Gods the noises she’s making, they sound angelic. She closes her eyes and listens, the wet sound of Vi leaving and entering her, the sounds making their way out of Caitlyn’s mouth, the latter sending jolts straight to her overstimulated core.

     Caitlyn’s stable enough, bouncing with ease now, so Vi speeds up her fingers in compensation for taking her hand off Caitlyn’s waist, snaking around her and glossing over her own clit. She stifles a noise, and Caitlyn’s hips stutter, her next sentence breaking. “Told- told you that you’d get off on this.”

     Vi nods absently. She’s still sensitive from her last climax, so the stimulation is devastating. And Caitlyn is near too, based on the way her hands fly from Vi’s waist to her hand, pushing Vi’s hand closer to her and grinding into it hopelessly. Vi circles her own clit, and sends them both closer to finishing with speeding up.

     “Who’s the one turned on by this now?” Caitlyn asks, smirking down at her for a mere second before gasping and scrabbling at Vi’s hand. “I’m so close.”

     “Fuck, me too. That was quicker for me than I thought it- it would be,” Vi replies, whimpering as she feels her overstimulated clit start to give way.

     Caitlyn’s bouncing irregularly against her hand now, panting out words accompanied by whines like yes please please don’t stop I’m so close fuck Vi yes yes yes-

     Vi pinches her swollen clit, moves her other hand, breathes out a moan, and it’s over for both of them. She forces her eyes open to commit Caitlyn finishing to memory- the way her lips part in a silent scream, her whole body jerking against Vi’s hand, sweat dripping down her temples, and her eyes shut tightly. Vi follows her over the edge of breathless oblivion no more than seconds later.



     “How romantic, Vi.”

     “I know, cupcake, I know.”

     Vi has only taken one proper breath before Caitlyn groans and gasps, “Shit- oh my gods- we’re going to be late, come on, Violet-”


     “For emphasis. But-” Caitlyn turns and presses a long kiss to Vi’s lips, pressing their foreheads together- “you’re perfect. You’re amazing. Thank you for trusting me.”

     Vi’s done for. She’s jumped off two cliffs during her time with her and has fallen off one that leads to the damned tendrils of desire.

     Caitlyn pecks her lips again just after Vi nods because she’s still in awe and doesn’t know what to say but think I’m so happy you exist

     “Let’s do that again when we don’t have an audience with the most powerful people in the city, yes?” Caitlyn smiles down at her. And Vi smiles back.

     “Trust me, the moment we get out of that Council meeting, I’m all yours."