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Our First Time This Century

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Nothing beat a good bath after a day of hard work. Satoko sighed as she rubbed her ear with the end of her towel. She just wanted to flop into bed and let her body sink into the mattress. She slid the door open. Rika was curled up by the low table, with—

“Rika, what are you doing and where did you get that?”

“This?” Rika waved a hand at the bottle of wine. “Found it in the kitchen earlier. I’m not one for this brand, but the store’s closed by now. Beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Rika, we’re underage!”

Rika lolled her head to the side. “Oh, come on, Satoko. What do you think happened at all those town council meetings?”

Satoko scowled. “Come on, we’re better than a bunch of old fogeys. Do you really want”—our last night together—“to end tonight on a note like this?”

Rika leaned her face against her knuckles. “I’m just sharing my favorite pastime together with you, Satoko. I did regret not doing it before, but of course, I knew your delicate sensibilities when it comes to rule-breaking.” She grinned like a cat.  

Satoko scoffed. “We don’t have a great track record when it comes to liking the same things, especially when you try to force it on me.”

Rika twirled the flute in her hand. “Not particularly, no.” She sighed and set the glass down on the table. “Well, it’s not like there won’t be plenty of time to enjoy this on my own. With a better brand, even.”

Satoko sat down, scrubbing at her damp hair to have something to do. Rika had a point; there would be plenty of time for Satoko to indulge in her own interests without having to worry about Rika. Rika never wanted to climb trees, or go bug catching, or work with her hands to build things (most often, traps). Satoko could do anything she wanted after school now that she didn’t have to study just to keep her head above water. She should have felt anticipation at the thought. Instead, seeing Rika’s distant, wistful expression told her she wasn’t the only one in this boat.  

“We could see if the TV works?” Rika asked, making Satoko laugh in startlement. “What is it?”

“Maybe Shion-san had a point. We really are some old married couple.” Rika wanting to drink together, Satoko scolding her for it, then falling back on watching some variety show together. Wait. Did that make Satoko the wife?  

“We are not,” Rika said flatly, cooling the room temperature a few degrees. “Married couples…commi— live together.”  

Satoko breathed out slowly, trying very hard not to dig her nails into her palms. It was one step forward, two steps back with this girl. “We went over this. I really, really thought I’d do anything to be with you. But, I can’t reject myself to be with you.”

Even if being with Rika is being myself, a voice within Satoko whispered.

“Why would you phrase it like that?” Rika insisted, glaring at Satoko. “Reject myself? Did you have to say it like that, trying to remind me how much it hurts you to be with me?”

A cruel part of Satoko delighted in the hurt in Rika’s strained voice. There was always going to be some part of Rika that Satoko could reach, without fail, and if it had to be through callousness, then that was what it took.

And wasn’t Rika being heartless, herself? If Rika wanted to pick apart Satoko’s wording, then what could Satoko do at this point to convince her? If there were a universe with just the two of them, without Hinamizawa, without St. Lucia, without the rest of the world in their way, that would be the perfect answer. But even after a hundred years, Satoko had never been able to find that Fragment.  

“I waited a hundred years to share my future with you, Satoko!”  

“Don’t be naive, Rika. If you had to fight for a hundred years, then do it for yourself, not for others.” Satoko had realized that from the very beginning, but her Rika only learned it after a century. She could be so slow on the uptake.

Rika scooted closer to Satoko and grabbed for her. She held their joined hands up, imploring. “But, you’re my best friend!”

Smack! Satoko’s palm was hot from where she’d struck Rika across the face.

“You don’t have to act all fake cutesy with me when you beg, Rika. I know you prefer working your problems out this way, don’t you? No one at St. Lucia would ever dream of doing it to you in an argument. It’s my best friend right.”

Rika’s fingers rested on her cheek, in shock. That didn’t explain how the flush had reached the rest of her face.  

“You—” she whispered harshly. She reached up, and shoved Satoko over. Satoko went down with the force, heart pounding. Rika crawled on top of Satoko, knees bracketing her torso, long hair falling into Satoko’s face. Satoko wanted to brush the strands away, but that would mean looking away from Rika’s furious eyes. Everyone else saw Rika and thought she was a girl whose anger burned cold, but only Satoko was privy to this, a spark that could catch light and then all you could do was watch and wait for the explosion. 

“I should have known you would never be kind and gentle. That was always my job, wasn’t it?” Rika scoffed. “For all of your mannerisms, being a lady doesn’t suit you much.”

“My, my, I’m hurt. We know who’s the better cook and cleaner, and I’m quite the lady.” Satoko puffed up her chest, and felt her grin go smug when Rika’s eyes darted down. “More so than even darling Rika-sama.”

“Stop being distracting. I’m trying to talk to you.”

“Really? The moment you tried to beg me, you turned it into a game, with a winner and a loser. I’ll do whatever it takes to win. Club rule number 2.”

The tips of Rika’s ears were pink. Considering Rika’s reaction to her now, and her reaction to Satoko’s exposed stomach earlier. Hm, was that why she didn’t follow Satoko out? But of course, Rika would rather Satoko get angry at her than admit what her own body signaled to her. Maybe Satoko had an advantage over her best friend that didn’t quite fall within best friend territory.

“Maybe you’re more like our past club leader than you thought, Rika? I never thought you’d be so easy.” Satoko had always thought it had been charming, if idiotic, of Keiichi-san to fall for Rena-san’s charms. Satoko closed one eye as she tugged at the fabric by her chest, popping a button on her pajama top loose. Rika’s gaze followed Satoko’s motion.

“No one but me knows that Rika-sama is so perverted, huh?”  

“Another one of your best friend rights?” Rika muttered.

“No, this is just me being a former Hinamizwa Branch School club leader!” How ironic. In the Fragments, her childishness was her greatest tool. No one took a second look at the young, eccentric, rambunctious girl, no matter how odd her requests were. Yet here, it was her mature body that would win her over. Rika always did make things interesting for her…!

Rika thought she had the high ground, but Satoko had the sense to request self-defense lessons from Shion-san. It was a simple thing to slide her arms up, knock Rika off balance, and roll them both over. The pinned Rika kicked uselessly with her legs, unable to escape. Or, Satoko thought it was useless, until Rika jarred the side table, sending the bottle of wine wobbling. Satoko let go to dive for it as Rika covered her head. Satoko managed to stop it from tipping, but Rika had already escaped.

“Ugh, how much did you work out in the Fragments?” Rika stood up, swaying, as Satoko faced her.

“Don’t be ridiculous. What’s the point of building muscles if I’m going to discard them for the next life? I studied much more useful things!” Satoko went high, and Rika blocked her face, making it an easy feat to sweep Rika’s feet out from under her, hauling her by underneath the armpit.

Rika struggled, but wow, Rika really hadn’t bothered learning how to defend herself even after being killed in countless worlds. If they had longer, Satoko would have passed on Shion-san’s expertise, and taken the time to teach her thoroughly. It was a simple thing to pin her down, a mirror of their earlier position.

Satoko’s palms flattened against Rika’s. Rika’s legs wrapped themselves around Satoko’s waist. Time suspended between the two of them. They had an eternity in the next moment to decide what to do next.

So when both of them tugged at the same time, and their met, it felt inevitable. Their mouths moved in unison for their first kiss. It was Satoko’s first kiss, and she was certain it was Rika’s too. Satoko had learned how to kill others and herself in hundreds of ways, with dozens of different methods, but she didn’t have any muscle memory for this. Tonight, she had to learn how to make Rika happy for the first time.

Satoko shoved her knee between Rika’s thighs. Rika broke her kiss, lifting her head back and exposing her neck as she let out a high-pitched whine. Honestly, Satoko had no idea how Rika could enjoy her roughness, but then again, she had no idea why a surge of lust overtook her as she grabbed Rika’s hair. Rika bit down on the sleeve of her pajamas as Satoko tugged her head down so their eyes could meet.

“Just imagine,” Satoko whispered in Rika’s ear, “we could have bent you right over a classroom desk. Or no, how about a club room? Right where you have your tea parties. Right on top of the tablecloth where I could have had you?”

“Satoko,” Rika groaned. She squeezed with her thighs, pulsing rhythmically against Satoko.

“This is what you’re giving up, Rika, for your dream.” Satoko leaned back, tucking her hand down Rika’s pajama pants and resting her knuckles against the front of Rika’s panties. “If you had”—push—"stayed with me”—grind—"in Hinamizawa, I would have, done this to you. For you! Every night!” Satoko reeled back, and grabbed Rika around the neck with her other hand. “But you’re so stubborn, we’ll just have to fit it all in tonight, huh? Precious Rika-sama doesn’t know what’s good for her!”

“Satoko,” Rika moaned. Her eyes welled up with unshed tears, but her hips shoved against Satoko’s knuckles. “C’mon, Satoko.” Rika reached up, her fingernails digging into Satoko’s shoulders. “You think this is good enough to get me to stay? D-don’t—ahh! Make me laugh.” A single tear rolled down her cheek. “Show me what makes you so good for me, Satoko. Or maybe it’s true, that I could do better on. My. Own.”

“Stupid Rika.” I love you, Rika. Satoko removed her hands and worked on the buttons of Rika’s top. A hint of pink fabric peeked out, and by the time Satoko had finished unbuttoning and shoving Rika’s pajama shirt off her shoulders and tugging her pants partway down her thighs, she rose an eyebrow.

“Were you going to wear a bra to sleep? Why would you do that to yourself?” But it did give Satoko the show of Rika’s matching pink, lacey bra and panties. Satoko’s mouth hung open pathetically at the sight, and might as well slap dog ears and a collar on her for how she was reacting.

She worked on rolling down Rika’s panties. Rika panted, shifting her legs and bending her knees with uncharacteristic impatience in an attempt to help. Of course, Rika made it even more difficult to remove them, with her pants still pooled around her knees, not that Satoko was trying very hard to undress her as fast as possible. She moved down Rika’s body, breathing over the new, uncovered bits of Rika’s body. It was difficult, running into new experiences after living through as many lifetimes as they have. It was one thing to be novel, but novel and good? Those were things should be savored.

But even Satoko couldn’t hold herself back for long. By the time she’d reached Rika’s exposure, she rested her nose in Rika’s coarse hairs. She felt even closer to holding Rika’s life between her fingers than when she’d had hand wrapped around Rika’s neck. Rika’s warmth made Satoko’s mind swim. Satoko raised her face, pulling away from the intoxication, before testing out her tongue on the small nub peeking out from the middle of Rika’s hairs, like it was hidden behind a curtain.

Rika’s body jerked, and her toes flexed against the tatami as she whimpered. They probably should have moved to the futon for this part, but neither of them were stopping now. Satoko pressed her knuckle against Rika’s thighs, encouraging her. Rika picked up the suggestion, spreading her legs, inviting Satoko to look, and preferably, touch.

Satoko knew how to take the hint. She circled Rika’s entrance with the fingers of her right hand, taking careful note of Rika’s breathing. Huh. So that’s what it looked down there, from this angle. She dipped her fingers inside, and Rika gasped. Satoko didn’t know if she was doing this right, but however and wherever her fingers grazed, she won more sweet, vulnerable noises from Rika.

They’d both spent a hundred years where an act like meant nothing to them. Satoko pushed her bangs against Rika’s thighs, rubbing her forehead back and forth. They’d spent their young adulthood studying, suffocating under societal pressures to succeed. Now that she was here, inside Rika, all that time spent apart felt wasted.  

Rika’s legs locked around Satoko, her heels digging into Satoko’s back, as she grunted. “Come on, Satoko! I thought you’re supposed to prove yourself to me.”

Satoko rolled her eyes, before lowering her lips again. Rika mumbled in assent as Satoko kissed her there, trying to memorize the feeling of the tender rough skin against her lips. Rika’s legs clenched as Satoko swirled her tongue around. Her other hand dug into Rika, and assured now, Satoko sucked.

Rika shoved against Satoko’s mouth, jarring Satoko’s teeth and jaw. If anything, that made Satoko redouble her efforts. Thankfully, she had always had a talent for physicality. It seemed second nature to shift her position and pressure based on the noises and movements Rika made. They were attuned in a way they’d never reached at this age. Rika liked a steady, solid rhythm when it came to Satoko’s fingers inside her, but she kept shoving her lips into Satoko’s mouth, body asking for more, harder. Satoko’s mouth was going to ache, but so would Rika’s whole body, so there was no way she could do no less than exactly what Rika needed.  

Rika yanked on Satoko’s hair, guiding her back to her, and Satoko set a punishing rhythm for the trouble.

“Satoko, I need you to”—Rika groaned—“make it—”

Satoko couldn’t ask her to elaborate, so she sucked harder, and Rika moaned.

“Like before, when we were fighting—"

Well, Satoko was a little too occupied to slap her again. So Satoko reached out with her free left hand, feeling around Rika’s side. Her fingers caught on Rika’s bra, and she dug her nails into Rika’s side just beneath it. Rika’s voice went high and thin. Her hips lifted off the floor, chasing all the pleasure Satoko gave her. So, Satoko dug her nails harder, then in a jagged, deep motion, scratched as hard as she could. She could feel Rika’s skin tear beneath her fingernails. Rika cried out, yanking Satoko’s head down, and Satoko sucked harder, digging her fingers into Rika as deep as she could. Rika clenched around her, throbbing under her mouth and around her fingers as she sank her way down from her high.    

After several moments of feeling nothing but her heartbeat in her ears, Rika’s hands gentled—the signal for Satoko to back off. Satoko removed her nails from Rika’s side as she sat up. There were angry red scratches down her side with dots of blood that were just starting to seep out. Satoko compared the fingers of both hands—one wet and swiftly cooling in the air, the other with red stained beneath the nails.

Rika tapped at her side. “Satoko, come on. Let me—”

“No,” Satoko said, still looking at her hands. “Just—watch me. I want you to remember this. When you’re all alone at St.  Lucia, I want you to remember how I’m doing this, and use it for yourself.”

Rika’s chest heaved as their eyes met. Rika finally nodded.

“Can you undress, at least?” Rika tugged at Satoko’s shirt; all of Satoko’s clothes had stayed on, making her pout.

Satoko laughed, sitting back on her haunches. She didn’t torture herself by wearing a bra to bed, so her breasts hung free the instant she popped the buttons open. Rika’s eyes were fixed on her chest, and that was certainly an advantage Satoko would use in the future. For now though, her body was too ready for its own release. She shoved her pajama bottoms and panties down in one go. Rika could look at her chest if she wanted to, but Satoko intended to make it difficult for her to look away from where the action would be.

As slow as she went with Rika, Satoko didn’t reserve the same mercy for herself. Her wet fingers went inside herself with practiced ease, while her blood-streaked fingers pressed against her clit. The instant she touched herself, Satoko knew she was close. Pleasuring Rika had gotten her almost all the way; now it was just a matter of finishing up. She grinned as she looked at Rika. But her Rika didn’t look back, mouth agape, too entranced by where her hands were.

It was watching Rika lick her lips that was enough. Satoko pushed into her own fingers, holding it as pleasure crashed over her body.

Satoko removed her hands, shaking them out, then paused. She didn’t know if she was unwilling to touch her clothes to make herself decent again. Then she felt Rika settle her shirt around her shoulders, buttoning it up for her, before tugging up at her panties and pants.

“T-thanks,” Satoko mumbled, as Rika sat back and worked on getting her own clothes in order. Satoko eyed the scratch marks on Rika’s side before they disappeared under her shirt. “You should probably put some ointment on that.”

“I will,” Rika said, before leaning forward and bringing Satoko into a hug. The most vulnerable Satoko had felt all evening, so of course, she hugged Rika back.



Rika shifted, pressing her cheek on top of Satoko’s breast. Satoko had no attachment to her own body, but it seemed like Rika did, and was taking advantage of their only one futon situation as she curled up closer. “Don’t work at Angel Mort. Mii’s uncles have plenty of other businesses you could work part time in. How about the toy store?”

“Ugh, you know how many times I’ve played Memory in there? If I never have to step foot in there in any lifetime, it would be too soon.”

Rika didn’t respond as Satoko idly played with the end of her hair.

“Well,” Satoko acquiesced, “I don’t think I’d mind being a barista. European style cafes are quite a trendy place for a high schooler to work at, don’t you think?”

“And you…um…” Satoko frowned. Rika could have friends, but there was… “Don’t, I mean, I expect to be the only person you share a bed with.” If Rika was okay with that? Satoko couldn’t imagine any other possibilities, but also, everyone noticed Rika’s charms.

“I wouldn’t even need to promise you that, Satoko. It’ll happen regardless.”

“Yeah. No need for promises. Just do it.” Words meant nothing if you couldn’t prove it through your actions.  

“Mm-hmm. I was right, though. We really aren’t a married couple.”


“Nope. We’re just a regular couple. But couples don’t live together, not when they first start dating, so it’s fine.” Rika took Satoko’s hand in hers, and oh, she really was nervous.

“So we went from a married couple, to just dating? Figures we’ll do this backwards,” Satoko snorted. “Did you know, after a hundred years, I’ve never dated anyone? And here you were, wanting me to try new things.”

Rika buried her face against Satoko’s collarbone. “Well, it’s a start.” 

Satoko smiled, and squeezed Rika’s hand back.