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Supergirl Saves Christmas

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The cold December air blew all over National City. Snow covered the tops of buildings while sidewalks and streets were blanketed. Cars slowly drove around while people walked, their bodies bundled up to stave off the biting cold. It was particularly busy for all, with many people purchasing last-minute gifts or meeting others at restaurants and coffee shops. It was a relatively calm scene.

Walking down the snow-covered sidewalk, a heavy winter coat over her body, a red stocking cap over her head, and a drink carrier in hand with cups of coffee was Kara Danvers. She adjusted her glasses as she walked, her smile ever-present on her face as she looked at the merry sights all around.

Even after living on Earth for so long, Kara always found herself in love with the Christmas season. From the decorations to the weather to the food (obviously), Kara loved it all, and what she especially loved more was spending this wonderful time with her family and friends

Suddenly, that calm was broken by the sound of tires screeching, followed by police sirens. A brown van slipped and slid through the streets while two police cars gave chase. Despite the bad conditions on the road, the van was escaping the pursuers.

Kara sighed as she made her way into a small alley, flying high and setting the coffees on the roof of a building. She whipped off her glasses, her super suit immediately materializing over her body. She sped off, a red and blue blur zooming.

Flying around another building, Kara spotted the escaping van, the two police cars still in pursuit. Kara flew after them, keeping the van in her sight. Suddenly, the van took another sharp turn, causing the two police cars to skid along the slick road, jumping up onto the sidewalk.

Kara sped up, finding the van once more. She flew ahead before descending to the road, smirking as she stuck her hands out. The van tried speeding into her but when they connected, the front collapsed as the heroine caught it, the force from the car speeding causing her and it to slide a little before they came to a stop in the road.

The doors opened and the criminals attempted to flee but Kara zoomed around and apprehended them, holding them upside down by their ankles; they both dropped the duffel bags they held.

Kara huffed. “Fellas, it is Christmas Eve,” she said in a reprimanding tone. “Do you really not have anything better to do?”

The men grumbled as Kara slowly descended. As she landed and placed the robbers on the ground, the two police cars finally caught up. One of the officers climbed out and approached. “Ah, thank you, Supergirl.”

“All in a day’s work,” she said.

The officer withdrew his cuffs and placed them on one of the men. “We’ll take it from here. Nice work.”

“I hate these upticks around the holidays,” Kara said.

The officer nodded. “Yeah, but there’ll always be something.” He tipped his hat and said, “Merry Christmas.”

Kara gave a small wave. “You too.” She walked away a little and took off flying, heading back to where she set down the coffees. She grabbed them and slowly descended back to the alley, placing her glasses back on and letting her regular clothes return. Her work done, Kara exited the alley and made her way towards her destination.

A few minutes later, Kara arrived at L-Corp. She walked through the main entrance, shaking the flurries from her hair. She smiled and nodded to a few familiar faces as she headed to the elevator. As she entered and pushed the button, she frowned as she felt the coffees, finding them a little cold.

Kara just finished warming the drinks with her heat vision when the elevator arrived on her floor. She stepped out, smiling as she found Jess at her desk wearing an overly-fluffy Christmas sweater with a snowman on it. She looked up and smiled.

“Hello, Kara,” she greeted.

“Hi, Jess,” Kara said. “Is she in?”

Jess smiled. “Go right ahead.”

Kara nodded and immediately headed for the door. It opened and she smiled when she saw seated at her desk with various papers around her was Lena Luthor. She stopped typing to look at the new arrival and smiled warmly.

“Hello, Kara,” she greeted.

“Hey, Lena,” Kara replied sweetly. She approached and handed one of the coffees to her. “I brought you this.”

Lena sighed as she took the coffee and took a sip, groaning at the taste. “Oh God, I needed this.”

Kara looked past and asked, “What are you working on?”

Lena gestured at the screens in front of her. “What am I not working on? I swear, I finish one thing and another is dumped in front of me.”

Kara giggled. “It sounds like you need a break, and I just know how.” She leaned against the desk and said, “I’m having the usual gang over for a Christmas party at my place. Ugly sweaters and spiked eggnog all around. Wanna come?”

Lena sighed. “As tempting as it sounds, and as much as I’ve had fun at events with the others, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I’m just too busy.” Lena sighed as she closed out one tab (of six). “Besides, I don’t really get much into the ’Christmas spirit’.”

Kara gaped. “What? How could you not?”

Lena looked at Kara with an arched brow. “Take a wild guess.”

Kara’s face dropped a little as she understood. “Oh,” she said softly.

Lena sighed. “Christmas cheer wasn’t exactly ‘common’ when Lillian came into the picture.” She turned in her chair and said, “One year, I had received from a distant relative a teddy bear. It was the cutest thing ever, with brown fur and dressed in a blue sweater.” She trailed off and said, “Lillian took it from me, claiming I was ‘too old for such childish nonsense’.”

Kara’s brow furrowed, finding another reason she’d like to smack Lillian again.

Lena nodded. “So yeah, every Christmas since then was just another day for the Luthors.”

Kara shook her head. “It doesn’t have to be like that anymore.” She placed her hand on Lena’s shoulder. “Remember, you aren’t them. You’ve proven that multiple times.”

Lena sighed. “I know, and thank you, Kara.” She looked back at the computer and said, “I have to get through all of this, but I’ll try and make it.”

“Yay!” Kara exclaimed. She gave Lena a quick hug and said, “Thank you, Lena. I hope to see you there.” With that, she pulled away and turned to leave, giving Lena another small wave before she exited. As she entered the elevator, she released a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding.

“G-Great party, Kara!”

Kara chuckled as she escorted Alex and a very drunk Kelly to the door. It was a little after midnight and the three of them were the last ones in her apartment.

“Thanks for coming over guys,” Kara said.

“You need any help cleaning up?” Alex asked.

Kara shook her head. “No, I’ve got it. You get home to Esme.”

Alex smiled. “Thank you, Kara. Tonight was great.”

“Y-Yeah!” Kelly said loudly. “Thanks for being such a gracious host!”

“No problem,” Kara said.

Alex sighed as she held up her swaying wife. “Okay dear, let’s go home.”

“Ooh,” Kelly cooed. “Why so eager, dear?”

“Now,” Alex said sternly. She waved to Kara and said, “Goodnight, Kara. Merry Christmas.”

“M-Merry Christmas,” Kelly slurred.

Kara chuckled as she closed the door and turned to her apartment. She immediately started getting to cleaning, grabbing a trash bag and shoveling junk into it. It had been an incredibly fun night. All of her friends and family were there, J’onn had shown up dressed as Santa. They all had a merry time...

...the only sad part was the Lena couldn’t show.

Kara sighed. It had been a little over a month since the wedding, and the awkward tension she felt every time she was with Lena became more obvious each meeting. She wants more than anything to confess, to tell Lena everything about how she feels.

But she was scared. What she and Lena had now had been shattered and rebuilt; their friendship was strong but at the same time fragile. Kara knew something like this could very easily beak it once more.

Kara tied the trash bag and set it in her kitchen before she turned out the lights. She walked towards her room to go to bed, but stopped and looked out her window. It was snowing fairly heavily now, and through the flurries she saw the L-Corp building. Lena’s office light was still on, meaning she was still there.

Kara turned and headed to her room, changing into her sleep clothes and falling onto her bed, closing her eyes and falling asleep.


Kara felt like she had only shut her eyes for a few moments when she opened them again. She rose a little and looked at her alarm clock, finding it to be a little after four in the morning. Groaning, Kara got out of bed and headed to the kitchen.

Kara opened her fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, opening it and taking a long sip. She looked back outside towards the L-Corp building. The office light was off, meaning Lena had gone home at some point.

Kara was about to take another drink when something caught her eye. She looked back and saw a bright red light through the blinding snow. She squinted and saw the light seemed to be falling; it grew brighter and brighter before it disappeared.

“What the...” Kara thought. She pulled her glasses off, letting her suit materialize before she walked onto her balcony and took off, flying towards where the light had fallen. She hovered in the air and spotted what appeared to be wisps of the light coming from a wooded area of a park.

Kara flew down and landed on the ground. She walked slowly and cautiously through the trees, following the fallen trees and broken branches. Suddenly, Kara heard soft footsteps slowly approaching from behind her. Kara stopped, and the steps grew closer and closer. Readying herself, Kara turned to confront them before stopping immediately.

Standing behind her was a reindeer. It had brown and white fur and large antlers. It looked at Kara, tilting its head in curiosity as it approached. Kara slowly raised her hand and the animal sniffed it, causing Kara to chuckle.

“Hey buddy,” Kara said softly. “What are you doing out here?” She looked and noticed the reindeer was wearing a harness with silver bells all over it.

“Probably escaped from some Christmas park,” Kara thought. Suddenly, the reindeer’s ears perked and it took off running.

“Hey, wait!” Kara called after it. She floated and chased after the reindeer. The animal guided her through the broken trees once more before arriving at a clearing. Kara’s eyes widened.

Standing around the clearing were eight other reindeer, all varied somewhat between them. However, they were wearing the same harness with the bells as the one Kara chased. She looked ahead and found something else: a large, immaculate sleigh that was broken all over.

“Oh, chestnuts,” a voice complained. “Look at this mess. There’s no way I can fly this.”

Kara watched as a figure appeared from behind the sleigh. It was a portly, older man, his hair and full beard white. He wore a large red coat and pants, both trimmed with white fur. Atop his head was a hat of similar fashion. Around him was a black leather belt and on his feet were large leather boots. He turned around and his eyes widened behind his spectacles.

Kara’s eyes widened when the realization hit her. “Santa?”

Santa let out a jolly laugh. “Supergirl!” he exclaimed. “It’s great to meet you.”

Kara stood completely still as she softly replied, “Y-You’re real?”

Santa smiled. “Why of course I’m real. I’m standing right here, aren’t I?”

Kara rubbed her eyes and looked again, finding the jolly man still there. “N-No. I must’ve drank too much.” She looked between him the sleigh and the reindeer. “This can’t be real?”

“Can’t it?” he asked. He reached into the sleigh and withdrew a large leather-bound book. He flipped it open and scanned his finger over it. “Hmm, Supergirl, or maybe I should call you ‘Kara Danvers’, or maybe ‘Kara Zor-El’ would be appropriate.”

Kara watched as he flipped a few pages. “I recall you writing for a sled many years ago, and you suddenly went flying a little too far and too high when you hit a particularly sharp ramp.”

Kara gaped in shock. “ did you know all of that?”

Santa chuckled. “Because I’m Santa, of course.”

“’re real,” she said in surprise. She looked around and asked, “What are you doing here? What happened?”

Santa sighed. “We were coming in from the east when the storm picked up. Extremely high winds managed to break off some parts of the harness and the snow meant we came in blindly.” He gestured to the sleigh and said, “This thing’s busted so badly.”

Kara looked at the damage and said, “I can get people here to have it moved to a discrete location so they can fix it.”

Santa gleamed. “Oh, thank you, Supergirl. Thank you.”

“One moment,” Kara said. She walked away a little and brought up her communicator to hail Alex. Finally, the other end picked up.

“Hello?” she answered groggily.

Kara chuckled. “H-Hey, Alex. Uh, whatcha doin’?

“I was sleeping,” Alex replied. “What is it?”

Kara trailed off and said, “I...I need a little help.”

“W-What?” Alex asked. “I thought you said you didn’t need help cleaning.”

 “W-Well, it isn’t exactly me, rather, someone else needs help,” Kara explained. Suddenly, one of the reindeer began to sniff her. “No, stop it...” she hissed before looking down “...Blitzen.”

“Kara, who needs help?” Alex asked. “Who are you with?”

Kara looked back to Santa. “’s best if you see yourself. Alert the D.E.O., and bring along some transport to take away materials.”

Another sigh. “Okay. I’ll get them on the line. Activate your locator.”

“Thanks, sis,” Kara replied. She activated the locator and returned to Santa, not knowing things were about to become far more complicated.


It was about twenty minutes later when D.E.O. trucks arrived at the scene. Agents clambered out and began setting up around where Kara was located. From one of the cars, Alex exited and began directing the agents.

“Okay, establish a perimeter, begin gathering any foreign material and close off this site,” she ordered. “I don’t want any civilians within one-hundred yards of this-” She stopped when her eyes fell upon Kara standing next to nine reindeer, a large sleigh, and a large man in red.

“H-Hey, Alex,” Kara greeted as she weakly waved.

Alex looked at the bizarre scene before her. “Kara, who is this?”

Kara collected herself. “Well Alex, agents, this is Santa Claus.”

Everyone froze as they looked upon the man standing next to Kara. Alex shook her head and approached. “Okay, seriously Kara, who is this?”

Santa chuckled. “She said. I’m Santa.”

Alex cocked her brow. “Enough funny business, buddy. Either tell us or we’ll be taking you in.”

Santa’s brow raised as he held up his leather book once more. He opened it, flipped a few pages, and stopped. “Esme, daughter of Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen. She has been a very good girl this year. She is asking for pink roller skates and a baby girl doll.”

Alex’s eyes widened. “How do you know that?”

Santa turned and flipped another page. “Agent Vasquez wrote asking for a new motorcycle helmet.”

Nearby, Vasquez lowered her face warmer and pumped her fist. “Yes!” she exclaimed.

“Vasquez, you still write letters to Santa?” the agent beside her asked.

“Absolutely,” she replied.

“Okay!” Alex interjected. She groaned into her hands and said, “I can’t believe I’m asking this, but Santa, what happened?”

Santa closed his list and replied, “Well the shortened story is this: bad weather, sleigh crashed, too damaged to fly.”

Alex sighed. “Okay.” She turned and said, “Agents, gather up everything to get it to HQ.”

The agents got to work, quickly gathering up the pieces of sleigh while one backed up towards it. The back opened and agents attached a winch to drag it in. The reindeer were gently coaxed into the other vans.

Alex shook her head and rubbed her eyes. “I cannot believe this.” She turned and said, “Well Santa, come with us.”

“Of course,” he said. He followed Alex to one of the vans and climbed in. Kara let out a breath.

“I am not going to hear the end of this,” she thought.

Kara and Santa were seated in the small lounge area of the D.E.O. Santa had removed his coat and hat, leaving him in a red shirt with suspenders.

The door opened and Vasquez walked in. She smiled giddily as she brought over a small tray and set it in front of Santa.

“Here you go, Santa,” she said. “I brought you some cookies and hot cocoa.”

Santa chuckled. “Oh, thank you, my dear.”

“Anything for you,” she replied happily with a pat on his back. Kara shook her head, shaking lightly with laughter.

The door opened again and Alex walked in, her own mug of cocoa in her hand. “Okay Santa, we’ve assessed the damage to your sleigh. It’s quite extensive, but we can get it patched up in a few days.”

Santa smiled. “Oh, thank you. I appreciate-” He suddenly sputtered over his words and dropped the cookie in his hand. “A few days?!” he exclaimed,

“Yeah,” Alex said. “Is that a problem?”

Santa nodded fervently. “Absolutely. I still need to finish my deliveries!”

Kara, Alex, and Vasquez’s eyes widened. “Oh shoot.”

Santa immediately stood and began pacing. “Oh dear, isn’t there anything you can do?”

Alex shook her head. “I’m sorry, Santa, but the damage is so severe that even if we had agents working on it 24/7, it wouldn’t be enough.”

Santa groaned. “Oh, this is a disaster. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been doing this? I’ve never missed a year. I have never even have had so much as a close call.” He sighed as he sat down.

Vasquez’s eyes widened. “W-What? What about the children?”

Santa shook his head. “There’s nothing that can be done. It’ll take-” He paused when his eyes fell upon Kara, who was still wearing her Supergirl attire.

“-a miracle,” he finished. He sprang up and smiled. “Supergirl, you can finish the deliveries!”

Kara’s eyes widened. “Wait, what?”

Santa nodded. “Yes. All I have left is National City and the area around it. With your super speed, you can reach all of the homes in time to deliver the presents.”

Kara was taken aback by what Santa was asking of her. “I-I’m honored, but I don’t think I can pull off what you do, Santa.”

Santa approached Kara, fixing her with a serious stare. “Kara, you are speaking to the man who knows everything about everyone on Earth. I have seen all you have done, and all the people you have helped. You are more than capable of undertaking this task.”

Kara took Santa’s words in before she turned. Alex smirked and nodded her head while Vasquez’s hands were together in a begging motion. She turned back to Santa and nodded.

“Okay,” she answered. “I’ll do it.”

Santa cheered. “Thank you, my dear!” He laughed and said, “Okay, let’s get you prepped. We haven’t time to waste!”

Alex, Vasquez, and Santa were gathered around a large, hologram display table, Santa’s list and sack nearby. The door opened and they watched as Kara walked out. She wore Santa’s large coat, belt, and red hat. She extended her arm a little.

“A tad too big for me,” she said.

Santa chuckled as he walked over and waved his hand. The coat shrunk and conformed to Kara’s body shape. “There we go,” he said.

Kara smiled and she approached the table. “Alright, so what’s the plan?”

Alex approached with a pair of earpieces. “You and Santa will each wear these. Santa will remain here with his list giving you the names while you show up to the homes for deliveries.” She pushed a button on the table, bringing up a hologram of National City.

Kara looked as Alex gave her a pair of goggles. “These goggles will highlight the homes we relay to you.”

Santa crossed his arms. “You think you can handle this?”

Kara nodded. “Absolutely.”

Santa smiled. “Good.” He grabbed his sack and handed it to Kara, her eyes widening when she noticed how little it weighed.

“Huh, it’s lighter than I imagined,” she said.

Santa chuckled. “It’s got all kinds of tricks.” He checked his pocket watch and his eyes briefly bulged. “You’d best get going.”

Kara nodded as she hefted the sack over her shoulder before she walked out towards the loading bay Santa’s damaged sleigh was held. The door opened and snow flurries instantly flew in. Kara placed the goggles over her eyes before she took off into the winter night.

“Alright, who’s first up on the list?” Kara asked.

There was a short pause and Santa replied, “Brayden Abbott.”

A green light flashed in Kara’s goggles and the house was highlighted. She sped to the house, landing gracefully upon the roof. She looked at the chimney and immediately noticed her first problem.

“Uh, Santa,” she said. “How do I go down the chimney?”

“Press the belt buckle,” Santa replied. “It’ll shrink you down to fit.”

Kara walked towards the chimney and looked down. She looked at the belt and sighed.

“Here goes nothing,” she said. She pressed the buckle.

Kara immediately felt a strange sensation course through her body. She was suddenly compressed enough to easily fit down the chimney. She levitated up and floated down the chimney.

“This is officially the strangest day of my life,” she thought.

Kara reached the bottom of the chimney and she reverted to her actual size. She instantly felt a little eerie standing in the home of a stranger.

“Okay, this is creepy,” she said quietly into her earpiece.

“Just keep your cool, sis,” Alex replied.

Kara opened the sack and began reaching for the presents. However, she found presents for different kids.

“Greg Berlanti, Jessica Queller, Ali Adler, Ted Sullivan,” she read. She pushed the button on her earpiece and asked, “Santa, how do I find Brayden’s?”

“Oh!” Santa exclaimed in surprise. “I almost forgot. You just reach in and say their name. It’ll appear in your hand.”

Kara reached in and whispered, “Brayden Abbott.” She felt a gift in her hand and she pulled it out, smiling when she found it read To Brayden, From Santa.

Kara smiled wider as she placed the gift and all of the rest underneath the tree. She clapped to herself and turned to leave, stopping when she saw a plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

Kara’s eyes widened and she immediately activated her earpiece. “Hey Santa, since I’m making the deliveries, I get to have the milk and cookies, right?”

Santa chuckled. “Why absolutely.”

“Yes!” Kara quietly cheered. She wolfed down the cookies and hefted the bag over her shoulder. “One down, several to go,” she said before taking a sip of milk.

Far and wide Kara flew. From the rural countryside homes to the suburban households to the cramped city apartments, she quickly made her way to every house to bring the good boys and girls their gifts. The wind pounded all over, the snow blinded her a little, but she kept it up.

“You’re doing great, Kara!” Santa exclaimed. “Next is Esme Danvers-Olsen”

Kara smiled giddily as she flew in the direction of Alex and Kelly’s place. She elected to enter through a side window, quickly entering before any cold air could creep in. She looked inside and covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

“What is it?” Alex asked.

Kara looked upon Esme asleep on the couch. “It looks like Esme tried to catch a glimpse of Santa, but alas, sleep overtook her.”

Alex laughed on the other end. “How adorable.”

Kara got to work placing the presents underneath the tree. Once she finished, she headed over to the plate of milk and cookies. She smiled as she bit into one of the sugar cookies set out for her. As she chewed, her eyes wandered and they fell upon the photos on a nearby table.

They were photos from Alex and Kelly’s wedding. She smiled at the pictures of the two brides, photos from the ceremony, and the party after. She saw the pictures of her and Alex, her and Kelly, her up on the stage, then she paused.

Kara looked upon the picture of her and Lena. They looked so happy together; they had fixed everything between them. She should be happy, right? But Kara knew better. She wanted more.

Kara let out another sigh as she bit into another cookie. She thought back to all that she and Lena had been through; the good, the bad, the ugly, and despite it all, they came out alright. Kara just wished for a little more.

Kara’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone yawning and groaning. She froze as she watched Kelly exit her room and slowly walk towards the kitchen. She opened the fridge, staring blankly inside before she grabbed a bottle of water. She closed the door and shuffled back towards her room. She looked at Kara.

“H-Hey, Kara,” she said groggily before entering her room.

“Was that my wife?” Alex asked.

Kara shook herself from her thoughts about her and Lena to answer, “Y-Yeah. She didn’t even give a double-take.”

Alex sighed. “Good Lord. Well, it’s good that one of us can be attentive enough to notice someone in our home.”

Kara let out a small laugh before she quickly drank the milk. She hefted the sack once more and walked back to the window. She stopped and quietly knelt next to Esme.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered. She smiled when she saw Esme shift a little before she turned and headed to the window. She quickly opened it and floated out, softly closing it once more before taking off.


Kara zipped and zoomed once more across National City and the surrounding area. Santa read off each name, Alex highlighted the house, and Kara left the gifts and ate the cookies.

Kara place the gift under the tree, a large chocolate cookie in her mouth. She stood and floated back to the chimney, pushing the belt to slim herself and ascended. Once she made it to the roof, she looked and noticed that the sun was barely peeking over the horizon.

Kara removed the cookie from her mouth (with a large bite) and said into her earpiece, “Adrian Zaslavsky, done.”

There was an ecstatic cheer on the other end. “Kara that was the last one!” Santa exclaimed. “You did it!”

Kara’s eyes widened. “I did?!” she asked.

“Yes!” Alex replied. “And by the looks of it, not a moment too soon!”

Kara shot high into the air and cheered loudly. She laughed giddily and yelled, “Merry Christmas to all!”

Alex laughed on the other end. “Get on back here, sis, before there’s a ‘Santa Sighting’.”

Kara smiled and took off towards the D.E.O. She landed back at the back loading bay, where several agents were gathered and cheering her on. She landed and walked inside, finding Alex and Santa approach.

“You did fantastic, dear!” Santa exclaimed.

Alex ran over and hugged Kara. “Great job, Super Santa.”

Kara rolled her eyes. “And thank you both for helping me.”

Santa chuckled. “We weren’t about to leave you out in the cold.”

The three laughed as they turned to Santa’s sleigh. It wasn’t completely fixed, but it was patched together and in far better condition than when it first arrived.

“It’ll do to get me back to the North Pole,” Santa explained. “I have three-hundred-and sixty-four days to properly fix it.”

Kara smiled as she watched the agents lead the reindeer to the sleigh. They secured the harnesses and placed them in their correct orientation. Within moments, the sleigh was ready.

Kara walked past the reindeer, giving Dasher a couple of pats on the back as she approached Santa. She removed the hat and handed it to him.

“Well, it was an honor to help you, Santa,” she said.

Santa smiled as he put his hat on and took back his coat and belt. He whipped the coat a couple of times and it expanded to its proper size.

“I don’t know how I could thank you, Kara,” he said.

Kara waved her hand. “No need, Santa. Giving the people I am duty-bound to protect a good Christmas makes it all worth it.” She held out his sack, which was now empty.

Santa chuckled as he took the sack. “Well, maybe I’ll find some way to-” He looked into the sack and paused. “Oh no.”

Kara’s brow furrowed. “What? What is it?”

Santa looked back up. “It looks like you missed one.”

“What?!” Kara exclaimed. She watched as Santa reached in and pulled out a small gift-wrapped box.

Santa nodded. “You’d best get this to them fast.”

Kara quickly grabbed the present and said, “Don’t you worry, Santa. I’ll quickly get this to-” She looked at the tag and her eyes widened.

To Lena, From Kara

Kara looked back at the present and opened the top of it. Her eyes widened when she looked inside and found what was inside. She looked back to Santa, who was smiling warmly.

“H-How?” she asked.

Santa chuckled before tapping his head twice. “I know all, remember. Christmas is a time to be with those we care about, and those we love.” He chuckled again as he watched Kara’s cheeks lightly blush. He patted her shoulder and said, “Go get ‘er, girl.”

Kara quickly nodded and took off running out again, flying out of the bay and into the air.

Lena groaned as her eyes opened. She glanced at her alarm clock and found it was only a little after six in the morning. She looked out through her curtains and saw the sun beginning to rise over the horizon. Yawning, she decided to climb out of bed.

Lena headed into her kitchen and began making her morning coffee. The office was closed for today, so she figured she’d probably just laze about her apartment today. She turned back around to focus on her coffee when she heard a knock at the door. She walked to the door and opened it, finding Kara on the other side

“Hey, Lena,” Kara greeted.

“Kara?” Lena asked. “What are you doing here?”

Kara shrugged. “Well, I missed you last night, so I figured I’d stop by.”

Lena sighed. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I was just so busy last night.”

“No, you’re fine,” Kara said with a shake of her head.

Lena smiled. “Well, don’t just stand there. Come on in.”

Kara walked in, her steps a little shaky as she made her way in. A million thoughts and many more scenarios over what could happen raced through her mind. She sat on the couch, setting Lena’s present at her feet.

“You want coffee?” Lena asked.

“Y-Yes, please,” Kara answered. She waited a little, longer, trying her best to come up with the best way to explain well...everything.

Lena returned with two steaming mugs of coffee. She handed Kara one and sat down next to her. “So what brings you by?” she asked. “I figured you’d probably be with Alex and them.”

Kara blushed a little and said, “I-I figured you’d want someone to spend the holiday with.” She sipped her coffee. “I know you said Christmas wasn’t exactly the happiest time for you but no one should be alone for the holidays.”

It was Lena’s turn to blush now as she giggled. “Always there for others.”

Kara nodded and smiled as she and Lena turned to watch the sun slowly rise over the city. She looked at Lena and immediately could feel her nerves were beginning to creep on her. “Now or never, Danvers,” she thought. She turned and said, “L-Lena?” The other woman looked at her. “I...I need to tell you something.”

Lena’s brow furrowed. “What is it?”

Kara took a deep breath. “W-Well, it’s just that...” She trailed off again, suddenly with a heavy feeling in her chest, “ and I have been through so much together.”

Lena nodded. “That’s an understatement.”

Kara continued. “Yeah.” She took another sip and said, “Between you and me, so much had been thrown at us. We made each other laugh, we made each other cry. We both hurt each other in so many ways.”

“Kara,” Lena said softly. “I am so sorry for everything. I-”

“Please,” Kara interrupted. “I need to keep talking or I might not be able to go on.” Lena nodded and Kara continued. “The time apart from you was some of the most difficult of my life.”

Kara smiled. “Then, in the end, it all worked out. Despite everything, we returned to each other, and I felt that our connection to each other had become stronger than ever.” She paused again, knowing she was getting closer.

“After our talk at the wedding, a lot has been on my mind, and all of it was about you,” Kara said. She set her coffee on the table and scooted closer to Lena. “I care about you, Lena. I don’t think I could, nor would I want to imagine my life without you in it.”

Lena’s eyes widened. Kara’s words seemed to crash into her, flooding her with so many emotions. She scooted next to Kara, placing herself right next to the blonde.

“Kara,” she finally said softly. “I regretted pushing you away the instant it happened. There were so many nights I wanted to call you, but my pride made me not do it.” She looked away sadly. “I...I wanted you to feel as hurt as I was.”

Lena returned her gaze to Kara. “But when I would see you, I could see the pain in your eyes. I then remembered everything that you had done for your friends, the city, the world, heck, even this universe.”

Lena threw caution to the wind and reached out, gently taking Kara’s hands in hers. “But you were always there for me, Kara. Through thick and thin, no matter how trivial or major, you were always there at my side.” She smiled as she gently squeezed Kara’s hands. “I need you in my life, Kara. With you, I feel happy and truly...loved.”

Kara let out a small gasp and she surged forward and embraced Lena. She smiled when she felt Lena’s arms wrap around her. They had hugged several times before, but to the both of them, this felt so much different, but in a good way.

Lena pulled away, a single tear slowly falling from her eye. “This is the best Christmas ever.”

Kara smiled. “Well then, I think I know how to make it better.” She scooted away and grabbed the present she had brought. “Merry Christmas, Lena.”

Lena’s eyes widened. “Oh, you didn’t have to get me anything. I don’t have anything for you.”

Kara waved dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry about it.”

Lena smiled and took the box. She slowly opened the lid; her eyes widened and she gasped. She reached in and withdrew the gift: it was a brown teddy bear wearing a blue sweater.

Lena gaped and looked up at Kara. “H-How?”

Kara rubbed her wrist. “Well, I had gotten it from a good friend I had made.”

Lena felt a few more tears slowly fall as she looked at the bear. She looked up at Kara and instantly knew her feelings were correct. She surged forward, placing her lips on Kara’s.

Kara’s eyes flashed wide as Lena kissed her. She could feel her pouring her heart into the kiss, and Kara eagerly returned the kiss, her hands gently caressing Lena’s face. After a few moments, they pulled away, goofy smiles on their faces.

“How long have you wanted to do that?” Lena asked.

Kara giggled. “So long.” Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of jingling bells. The two girls looked outside; Lena’s eyes widened.

Floating near Lena’s balcony were nine reindeer, a large, patched-up red sleigh, and a jolly, white-bearded man. He waved at the two.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” he cheered. “Merry Christmas, Supergirl!” He took his reins and snapped them, causing the reindeer to run in the air and they sped off and away, disappearing in a flurry of sparkles.

Kara looked over and saw Lena’s quizzical and shocked expression. “Was that...Santa?” she asked as she turned to Kara. She saw the sheepish look on Kara’s face and asked, “And how did he know your name?”

Kara chuckled. “’s a long story.”

Lena smiled, shaking her head in disbelief. “Oh, I have got to hear this.”

“In a minute,” Kara said. She turned to Lena and smirked. “But first...”

Lena smiled wider as Kara leaned in, kissing her once more. Lena pulled away and grabbed a nearby blanket, placing it over her and Kara. Their arms wrapped around each other underneath and Lena placed her head on Kara’s shoulder. The two remained silent in each other’s arms as they watched the Christmas sunrise, a new chapter of their lives beginning anew.