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Best Wishes

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Song is starting to think it might just be a pastime for both her and Silva to stumble back to their cabins half drunk at this point. It's a good thing that there's barely anyone else at this hour, late as it is. Still doesn't help that their friends still at the tavern had given Song knowing looks as she excused both her and Silva, and that Silva had been sprawled over Song's back to even notice them, which means only Song gets to be more then mortified for the both of them. At least Silva's doing a very good job of being very distracting, given the lips nipping at the back of Song's neck.

It's a very good thing there aren't many people out at this hour; if anyone were to even squint at them, it's more than obvious what's happening. On the other hand, it's also tempting for Song to turn around right now and give Silva a taste of her own medicine, but Song is making a valiant effort to at least get them back to their cabin before Silva gets even more bold.

"Silva, you're making it too hard to move," Song says, valiantly taking steps forward to get them back to the ship. At least, Song wants to get them back before anyone they know spots them. It would embarrass the both of them for years. Maybe Song should just carry and fly them back to the ship instead.

"Are you... saying that... I ate too much?" It'd taken a moment for Silva to respond and her words had come out slowly. How much had she drank? Song turns her head, trying to look stern, but Silva's got her face scrunched up now. It's a cute look, and Song finds herself smiling all too easily at it instead.

"That's not what I'm saying," Song quickly says, to stop Silva from getting any strange ideas. There's still tons more cafes and places that Song wants to take her to. "But can't you wait until we get back to the cabin?" A pout appears on Silva's face and it makes Song far too amused when she sees it.

"Oh." Silva seems to think about it before her face somehow manages to scrunch up even more. It makes Song think she's throwing a tantrum but she's too wobbly on her legs right now and swaying a bit too much for that. "I... I think?"

Silva sounds so unsure of herself and Song can't help but laugh again, reaching out to grab Silva's hand. That seems to do something, as Silva looks down and visibly swallows. She slowly nods. "Okay," she says, more to herself than Song, "okay."

It's a little hard trying to get Silva to coordinate with her but Song somehow manages, Silva managing to stumble after her. It's much easier than last time at least, because Silva is focusing on trying to keep herself upright instead of glued to Song's back. Her grip on Song's hand is tight, like she's afraid Song will let go.

Miraculously, the walk back to the cabin is uneventful, in that they don't appear to run into anyone. Of course, that must be because it's late, and everyone that would be awake at this hour is either holed up in their own cabin instead or already at the taverns. That's good, because Song doesn't think she could handle any more embarrassment right now, and deep down, she's afraid that everything will catch up to Silva and she'll lose all her courage and dammit, Song's already been waiting for so long!

As soon as Song gets the door to her cabin open, she pulls Silva through and kicks the door behind her. It slams shut with a loud thud and she winces at the loud sound. She hadn't meant to do that, and now she's thinking she might have woken up someone, and maybe they might come and investigate, and Song will have to explain that it was her bad—something tugs on Song and pulls her forward and Silva is suddenly breathing against her neck, arms wrapping around Song tightly and Song forgets what she'd been worried about.

"We're okay now, right?" Silva says, and Song finds her throat too dry to answer, because Silva sounds far too sober than she'd sounded earlier on the walk back. Had Silva been overplaying how much she'd been drunk? No, that doesn't sound likely; Silva's awful at pretending. Then...

It takes Song a long while to figure out how to answer, so long that Silva ends up leaning back to look at her. The room is dark save for the moonlight streaming through the window on the wall opposite of them so it's a bit hard to make out Silva's features, but there's no mistaking the heady look in Silva's eyes. The heat shoots through Song like an arrow, pooling down in her stomach.

With each passiing second, her heart seems to drumer harder and louder. Silva's waiting for her answer, watching her. Somehow, instead of being the hunter, Song feels like the prey here, like she's the one trapped in the crosshairs of Silva's rifle.

No, that isn't right; Song has always known exactly what she's wanted this entire time.

Song is the one that closes the distance between them. almost gliding across the floor to Silva, now staring at her with wide eyes. Silva's breaths are coming out faster, and Song can see how she almost instinctively wants to take a step backward. She doesn't though, and when she swallows, Song follows every movement of her throat with her eyes.

"Silva," Song starts, and stops, feeling herself faltering despite her earlier show of courage. Silva locks eyes with her, and Song knows they're both feeling the same way, when Silva offers a shaky smile and reaches out, the tips of her fingertips touching the back of Song's hand.

"Song," Silva breathes, almost like a prayer.

Hearing her name spoken like that is all the encouragement Song needs to lean forward and kiss Silva. It's slow, and Silva seems to freeze up again before responding although she's still hesitant. Song presses a bit firmer against her lips, her hands rising to Silva's face. She's not sure if she's trying to hold Silva or pull her closer. Maybe both. Both sound nice. Silva doesn't seem to mind, at least, her hands coming to rest on Song's hips and tug her closer.

Song kisses her again. She doesn't want Silva to let go, doesn't want Silva to move away, doesn't want Silva to doubt that this isn't what Song wants, doesn't want Silva or her back away, not when they're so close to... so close to...

Silva presses back against her now, her hands roaming all over Song, rough and callused hands and fingers caressing her skin. Song breaks away and gasps for breath, her body trembling as Silva traces circles on her lower back. Song feels like melting, feels like sinking to the floor into a puddle, but Silva's got her steady. It's almost funny, since Silva is the reason she's feeling like this.

Silva starts to move to her belts. At least this time, Silva knows how to unbuckle and get them off this time. It still makes Silva grumble though as she works on them.

"Really though, who designed this? None of this is practical," Silva mutters as she detaches the clip that holds together the belt looping around Song's waist. "How do you even get into this all the time?"

"Siete would cry if he heard you complain about his outfits." Song is trying to focus on also getting rid of Silva's clothes but the feeling of Silva's callused hands sliding all along are far more distracting than she realizes. "And"—Song bites back a moan as Silva's hand moves up the length of her back—"haven't you watched me put this on several times already?"

"It still doesn't make sense to me even if I did." Silva has a look of utmost concentration on her face right now, eyes narrowed and brow furrowed tight, like she's looking through her scope. "This is worse than doing maintenance on my gun."

Song laughs, her voice breathless. As a comment from any other, it would feel strange and offputting to be compared to a gun, but considering how much care and love Silva puts into maintaining her weapon, Song thinks of it as a compliment instead. "Are you thinking of me as a gun?"

"What? No!" Silva looks at her like she's appalled that Song would even suggest that. "First, you're... uh..." Silva narrows her eyes as she thinks, swaying slightly as her fingers start to fumble now, "soft—I mean! As in, because you're... uh, not metal, and also I can't take you apart like I can with a gun—wait that doesn't sound right—I mean—"

Song can't help it; she interrupts Silva with a laugh. It isn't that she's embarrassed though, but everything Silva is saying sounds so silly that she can't help but laugh, giggling now. Silva winces like she's said something strange, and Song can feel her starting to pull away from her own embarassment.

Before Silva can, Song reaches out to Silva, her gloved hand touching Silva's collarbone and sliding her hand down her sterum, fingers moving lower to her stomach. She can feel first and then hear Silva suck in a breath, and it makes Song grin, slowly pulling Silva back with her other hand.

"Should I wear something easier next time?" Song asks, breathless when she feels Silva's hands starting to move again. Somehow, she manages to unclip the rest of her outfit and starts tugging at her top. Song unfortunately has to pull away but she shrugs off her cape and pulls her belts free and now she can finally pull off her top over her head.

Silva pauses to look at Song, breathing in sharply as she looks at Song's now bare skin. It isn't as if Silva hasn't seen her like this, but she stares so intently. Song wonders what she must be thinking of; or judging from Silva's wide-eyed and slack jawed expression, maybe she isn't thinking at all. Song feels a bit embarrassed but she pushes past it.

Her heart is racing and maybe her hands are shaking but she manages to undo the belt wrapped around Silva's middle, pulling it free. All it takes is another quick tug from Song, and Silva's top falls open.

Well... Song can't blame Silva for staring now when she's doing the same exact thing back. And just as before, it isn't as if she's never seen Silva naked either but the thought of what they're about to do and what's about to happen and that it's with Silva is turning Song's mind inside out.

Now they're here, staring at each other, seemingly frozen in place even though both of them are half naked at this point. Song's getting the faintest sense of déjà vu for some reason but it must be because they've come to this point so many times and haven't gone further. Which is a lot less than Song would like, if she had to be frankly speaking.

Silva still hasn't moved at all but her hands are twitching, like she can't decide what she wants to do. This is one time where Song doesn't like where Silva's being too considerate about her.

Something in the air seems to buzz the same time Song moves forward. It does make her pause, that odd sense of déjà vu coming back but she moves to kiss Silva instead, getting that thought of her mind. She pushes Silva toward the bed, unable to contain herself anymore.

When they fall onto the bed, that's when it seems like Silva's finally regained her bearings because she finally meets Song's kiss and lets her hands roam all over Song's body. Almost all but ripping off her gloves and tossing them somewhere in the room without another care, Song returns the favor, letting her hands travel all over Silva.

This moment is wonderful, more than Song could ever ask for, but as the heat continues to build inside of Song, she's aching, craving for something more. Song kisses Silva one more time before moving lower, lips trailing downward. The blush on Silva's face travels all the way down her neck and even lower. Song wants to look at what sort of face she's making, except Silva brings a hand to her face, caressing her cheek before sliding into her hair and pressing her down.

The encouragement is more than welcome for Song. As she kisses down the skin of Silva's neck, she pauses to suck at various points, enjoying the gasps coming out of Silva. It takes a long moment for Song to move on, lips and tongue trailing downward.

Once Song gets to the top of Silva's breasts, the hand in Song's hair tightens for a split second before relaxing. It'd be fun to tease Silva right now and see how embarrassed she gets, but Song think they're both too impatient for that. She feels that way herself, at least. She feels if she stops to do anything else, something might happen and they both might lose their nerve and then it'll be another while before they'll be able to see each other again and have this chance. Song's waited too long to risk this again. With her mind made up, Song trails her lips down, mouth about to reach Silva's nipple—

Silva suddenly pushes her back, eyes wide. "Hold on, I forgot to answer your question earlier. Uh, I mean, you don't have to change your outfit—actually, we should go somewhere with just the two of us and you can dress up nice with one of those dresses I saw you buy with Korwa—I swear I just happened to come across you buying it! And I promise I won't get drunk and it'll be a little more romantic because Cucouroux says I should at least think a little harder about these things and also so it'll be a real proper date and everything and there won't be work to interrupt us and I swear I won't fall asleep on you and—mmmphh!"

Song shushes her with another kiss. While it would be a bit funny to let Silva ramble on, Song's in no mood for that right now (but she'll definitely need to ask later about that bit with Korwa.) Her hands travel down to Silva's pants and tries to tug them off but they're on too tight, and thankfully Silva finally gets the idea and tries to kick them off, except they get stuck around her knees, and now Silva's furrowing her brow in annoyance, pulling away from Song to look down at herself. Or she's pouting, really, now that Song looks at her. It's cute, and despite herself, Song is giggling, reaching out to poke Silva on the nose.

"Uh, give me a... uh, moment. I'll get them off properly," Silva mumbles, wiggling around as she tries to move her legs, except she's trying not to kick Song at the same time.

"Silva, really, it's fine," Song says with a small laugh. Then it hits her what they're—what she's about to do, and it almost makes her freeze up. Fantasizing about it, and then actually going through with it are very different things, Song is quickly realizing.

When Song doesn't move any further, Silva seems to realize and calls out to her. "Song, hey." Song looks up, biting her lip out of nervousness. Silva's breathing hard but there's a small smile on her face and she reaches out for Song's hand. Despite the alcohol from earlier, Silva's eyes are shining with concern. "You okay there?"

"I, uh." Song closes her eyes for a quick second. The warmth of Silva's hand is a comfort—it always has been. Even now, Song feels herself growing steady, getting her nerves back. Silva's here with her, and Silva hasn't told her to stop, and she's smiling so encouragingly even though her blush is going all the way down to her chest... what more could Song really ask for?

"Yeah," Song says, her voice quiet before she nods. "Yeah," she repeats, louder now and leans up to kiss Silva. It's slow but no less deep, lips and tongues pressing against each other. When she feels Silva starting to shift restlessly, Song finally lets her hand drift down below, fingers sliding between Silva's legs.

Silva's breath quickens again, her hips jerking upward against Song's hand. She looks mortified, the blush going all the way down even to her breasts... but she doesn't tell Song to stop. Song finds herself waiting though, watching Silva, who looks up at her. There really is no mistaking the heady look in Silva's eyes, and Song can't look away. Even when Silva reaches over and takes her other hand, Song doesn't stop looking at her. If she could, she'd look at Silva forever. Her eyes, no matter where or how far away Silva is, can always see her.

"Ready?" Silva asks, her voice hoarse. Song feels like she should be the one to ask that, but there's something about the way Silva looks right now that's captivating her. She's wanted this moment for so long, to hear Silva moan for her, to see her come undone, to feel everything with her. Song has always wanted it all... and Silva is wiling to give that to her. Silva has never been scared of her (even if Song had thought so once), and to see her want Song in the same way Song does...

Song nods, and slips her fingers inside.

Silva comes back to the bed with her blue coat in her hands. Just as she's about to throw it over Song though, Song pats the space behind her. Silva blinks, taking a moment longer to process what Song is asking before moving exactly where Song wants her. Song takes the coat and wraps it around Silva instead and leans back against Silva inside, sighing in contentment.

There's really no where else she'd rather be than here in Silva's arms. The coat is warm against their bare skin, but Song is finding that nothing warms her better than Silva herself. It's an amazing feeling, and Song is now wondering why it's taken her so long to discover this. Silva's mumbling something into the top of her head but unfortunately for Song, her ears aren't as good as her eyes. Maybe Silva isn't really saying anything though. That's good. That's fine. This is more than fine.

"Silva, I can't hear you, what are you—" Song stops to giggle when Silva's breath brushes past her ear. Silva pauses and moves her head to the side of Song's, pressing kisses down her face now. Her kisses are featherlight, and it makes Song giggle again. It's nice being treated this way, Song has to admit, but...

Song turns her head and catches her lips. When she feels Silva smile against her lips, she smiles back too, and when they pulls away, it feels like neither of them can stop smiling. Song kisses her again, and again, and before she realizes, she's pushed Silva back down on the bed, leaning over her. Seeing Silva sprawled out underneath her, hair splayed around her like a fan, the marks all over her skin, makes the heat rush through Song again. Like this, Silva is so beautiful.

"Silva." Song runs a hand down Silva, from her neck to the middle of her breasts. Silva shudders under her touch, her hands coming up to rest on Song's bare hips.

Distracted and with many other things in mind, Song misses the telltale vibrations in the air, the same ones that had appeared earlier.

"I see you've managed to make progress since the last time."

They both freeze. Song realizes immediately who's just spoken—no, what's just spoken.


In the corner, the Two Crown Bow is shining, glowing with power and consciousness.

"Why are you awake now?!" Song cries out as she scrambles off of Silva. At least she hadn't screamed this time. Moving out of instinct, she covers reaches for the blanket and pulls it up to cover herself. If Song were to think back, she'd realize that she's covering herself from a talking bow.

"I am merely congratulating you two. Why are you so testy?" Song thinks if the Two-Crown Bow could make expressions, it'd be sulking right now.

"What do you mean congratul—you didn't have to interrupt!" Song feels hysterical arguing with her bow. Is it even hers? It keeps following her around, and it isn't as if she can really get rid of it at this point. "You just stopped talking—I mean, I thought you weren't going to talk anymore!"

"I meant to speak up earlier, but you were already occupied. Although, it looks like you did not need my help this time." For some reason, it sounds disappointed.

A strangled sound comes out of Song as she covers her face. Embarrassment is too light to describe what she's feeling right now. Sheer mortification might be better. She's tempted to make a hole in the wall and fly out right now, if it weren't for the fact that she has nothing else on.

Speaking of Silva, Song looks over at her. Silva is laying on her back, staring up at the ceiling while making various expressions, none of them good. It's like she can't decide what she wants to be, or maybe she's trying to think she's had too many drinks earlier and she's hallucinating again. That might be it. This seems to happen when Silva's had a few too many drinks. Maybe there's a correlation somewhere.

Their eyes meet, Song grimacing and Silva squeezing her eyes shut before opening them. She slowly pushes herself up, half dazed but realization now dawning on her that yes, the last several minutes are most assuredly happening right now.

"In any case, it is good you have managed to succeed this time. It will not do to become distracted by carnal desires in the middle of the battlefield. I have seen it happen to the soldiers under my command." The Two-Crown Bow seems to pause, flickering briefly before it continues. "When I was mortal, I confess it happened to me a few times, when the form of the Archer King as he fired arrow after arrow at our enemies back then looked so sublime that I—"

"Don't!" Song gasps with horror when she realizes where exactly this story is going. This is the absolute last thing she wants to hear, especially from a talking weapon, especially now that she knows there's the soul of someone who once lived inside. "Don't finish that. Please."

The Two-Crown Bow vibrates again. Song gathers magic at the tips of her fingers, her hand glowing slightly in the darkness. The Two-Crown Bow stops vibrating.

It looks like Silva has other ideas though, as she suddenly sits up and gets off the bed. Without even batting an eye at the chill of the air and floorboards, she walks over to the Two-Crown Bow and picks it up. As if sensing danger, the bow starts to glow, its light flickering. It seems to get faster the longer Silva holds it.

"Do you wish to wield me, sharpshooter? Great power will come to you if you wish to take my mantle," the bow says suddenly, and is it strange for Song to think the bow sounds... scared? Its light seems to flicker even faster than before. "Wield me, and be granted power far beyond your comprehension!"

Silva doesn't say anything but she turns around to Song, her eyes sharp like she's locked onto prey. "We're taking this to the Gunsmiths and melting it down."