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Omegaverse The Walking Dead Rewrite (with omega Daryl Dixon focus)

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Waking the first thing Rick could recall was the smell of death, not the sterilized hospital and the scent of the nurses and doctors. “Nurse! Nurse!” Nothing, silence. However the scent of death, and the sound of groaning. Rick managed to get himself up on his feet, the Alpha male was nervous. He groaned himself as he stepped out into the halls of what he once remembered as a bright place that tried to make its occupants safe.

He could still hear the sound of groaning, there were no scents of betas or other alphas, only that of death. He looked around trying to be less disoriented but instead he was more disoriented.

Don’t Enter Dead Inside.

The door with chains wrapped around it, the wing for omegas, was bursting with the scent of death. Rick stepped back.

He stepped past bloodied walls and bullet holes, past the dead bodies that piled high on the patterned floors.

What happened?

How was this possible?

How long had he been in a coma for? He remembered getting shot, remembered Shane screaming and visiting him once with flowers that he remembered seeing wilted beside his hospital bed.

Stepping into the light his stomach turned, the air still stunk of death, and bodies upon bodies laid in rows. He sobbed as he was hit with a thought, Carl, he needed to find his son.

He hadn’t even thought of his wife, a few days before his coma he remembered finding the divorce papers. Their marriage had never been perfect, they had only gotten married because somehow miraculously she got pregnant, a beta and an alpha hardly could ever conceive. He had done his duty as a good alpha and married her anyway, she was supposed to be just a fling to help with his need to breed, and then Carl.

The light of his life, his little alpha son born to a beta and alpha.

He found a bike after walking for what felt like hours on his weak legs, as he hopped on the bike he saw it. The stench of death came first, then he saw the wriggling body only half a body. He gasped seeing it, he felt shakier but he had to keep going. Forcing himself to go forward he managed to get his legs to push to his home. He let out a deep breath as he ran inside, “Carl! Lori! Carl! My boy! Son!”

Silence, he ran to Carl’s room and thankfully found a piece of clothing. He scented it, trying to calm his nerves. It wasn’t much, but it was something. He held the shirt in his hand as he looked about, he collected a few things in a bag trying to think logically despite the confusion.

Kitchen knife, batteries, a few flashlights. Matches, a box of unopened granola bars, poptarts, and some medicine from their cabinet. He didn’t know what got into that woman, she had taken photos. Not supplies. She had always been insufferable.

He grunted as he turned to head to their room, he put on new clothes trying to get out of the death scented hospital garments. He sobbed trying to collect himself once again before he got up and carried the bag out to the front, he sat thinking until he saw a man wobbling towards him.

He realized quickly however something was wrong with him, he didn’t scent like a man, but like that of the dead. He yelped seeing someone rush out, the smell of Alpha and beta suddenly mixing, the alpha shot the wobbling creature before he was hit over the head.

When he woke he was in a house he vaguely remembered by scent, neighbors, but the alpha and beta were not his neighbors. They were strangers, the alpha yelled until he saw the other alpha male standing above him.

“Did you get bit?”

“Bit? No, you shot that man.”

“Wasn’t no man.”

“What did you just say?” The alpha snapped at the beta.

“Sorry, that was not a man.”

“Then what was it?”

“What are the bandages for?”

“I got shot, why did you shoot him then?”

“Why wouldn't I? He was dead, had to, those walkers are dangerous.”

The smell of confusion wafted off the alpha male, “Walker?”

“Did you just wake up from a coma or something, how can you not know what a walker is?”

“Actually, I did just wake up from a coma.” Rick stated, “This morning.”

The beta and alpha looked between one another, “There is a lot to tell you about then. What is your name?”


“Well Rick, nice to meet you. My name is Morgan, and this is my son Duane.”

“Hello.” The beta smiled at him, Rick smiled at the pup.

“We should talk then.” Morgan uncuffed him and they began to talk. Rick felt his head spinning as things were explained to him. The news, the bombings, the goverment falling, death over taking the world. Omegas were practically extinct now, they had already been rare and now they were in high demand and were in more danger from humans than the walking dead. The safe houses and shelters, how Morgan had hoped they would make it to the Atlanta one eventually.

“What’s keepin you?” Rick asked, Morgan took Rick aside.

“My wife, she's dead. I know that, but…but I can’t bring myself to do it.”

That was when the car alarms began to go off, the young pup raced to his father sobbing into him. Thankfully his scent was calming him down, but it wasn’t enough to keep him completely silent. Rick looked out the boarded windows, his heart beating quickly, panic growing. His scent thick with concern.

“Sit Rick, they will disperse.”

Four days of talking and planning and explanation later they were at the police station. Rick was thankful to see that there were guns upon guns, and the showers worked. The young pup chirped in excitement, the alphas smiled at one another taking their sweet time with the water cleaning themselves and feeling better.

“I have to find my son,” Rick stated as they parted ways. “We will meet again, my friend.”

Morgan smiled parting ways with Rick, he hoped they would and that they would all be safe and be able to survive this world.


Rick made his way to Atlanta, finding a horse was the easy part. As he turned a corner he came face to face with thousands of the undead. The horses' hooves beat into the ground catching the attention of a highly observant young beta.


Glenn watched a clearly idiotic man jump from the horse leaving it as a sacrifice and ran into the tank. Glenn rolled his eyes.

“Hey stupid! Yeh you, you comfy in there?”

Rick looked up thinking the walker he had just killed was talking now. He shook his head realizing that he was wrong, it was a radio.

“Are you alive in there?” The voice spoke again.

He scrambled towards it, picking up the walkie he was thankful to see it still worked. “Yes hello, are you there?”

“I’m here, you have one free way out of there. You gotta get to the hatch and run, head towards the alleyway in front of you. I will be there.”

“I left a bag of guns, can I get to it?”

“If you are fast, yes, if you don’t think you can don’t do it.”

Glenn waited, he watched the idiot rush from the cap, kick down two walkers and then jump. He rolled, grasping the bag of guns and then running as quickly as he could up the alleyway. Glenn grabbed the Alpha’s arm and raced with him up to the roof. “Are you stupid?”

“Possibly. Thank you for saving me, beta.”

“The name is Glenn, and whats yours officer stupid?”

“Rick,” he smirked at the Betas' spunk. “You got a group?”

“Yes, and those guns are going to come in handy, we have a few pups. Lots of women.”

“Alphas and Betas I assume?”

“Yes, we haven’t seen an omega in months.”


“You trying t-”

“No, just trying to figure things out. May I scent you? I am just trying to figure things out, please?”

Glenn slowly bared his neck to the large alpha, he felt safe with him. “Go ahead,” Rick scented his glands. His scent was a mix of dough, and grass. He smiled, stepping back.

“Thank you Glenn.”

“I hope the group will take you in, the prime is alright but his mate is prissy as all hell, if they do would you try to take the spot as prime? We need it more than ever.” Rick looked Glenn over, he bared his neck to the boy.

“You want to be my first pack mate?”


“Go for it,” Rick stated, he had already scented him and he liked what he smelled. There was courage in him as well, Glenn stepped forward scenting him. It took a minute to catch the scent in particular he was looking for, not just a normal Alpha scent but one of power. Within an instant it was clear the two were packmates, Glenn now looked to Rick as his prime. “Ready to go?”

“We have a few people waiting for me here, let's go collect them first.”

Rick followed him over a few rooftops until they raced down stairs, Rick stepped out when there was a gun in his face. “You knot-head, how could you do that! You just rang the dinner bell and we are all going to be killed!”

The beta gasped as his scent became clear, alpha, she stepped back. “Sorry, Andrea is a bit wound up. I’m Moralis,” an alpha held out his hand, “this is Jaqui.” The female beta waved her hand, “and this is T-Dog.” Another beta.

The group then heard gunshots. “Dixon!”

Rick followed the group, the pack of guns weighing him slightly, as soon as Rick got onto the rough spotting the Alpha shooting from the rooftop something was off. T-Dog tried to fight the Alpha to get him to stop shooting, Rick was quick to help the beta who was now under the alpha and was being wailed on.

“Get off me!” He shouted. “You wont kill me, you're a cop.”

“Officer friendly” Rick replied. “You can’t use being an alpha to beat betas into submission.”

T-dog growled but his whine was clear, he was angry and scared. “Rick, you didn’t have to.”

“I did. You all go down, T-Dog here is the key for this. Go with the others, if we gotta run, I am letting you make the choice if he comes or stays.”

“Alright..thank you Rick.”

Rick nodded and stepped away from the alpha screaming at him, after figuring out their best plan to return T-Dog dropped the key to the alphas cuffs. It was too late to do anything, Glenn was already on his way back to their campsite.

As the others piled into the moving truck they surrounded the new alpha with thanks. “No one will miss him ya know T-Dog, except maybe Daryl.”

“Whos Daryl?”

“The knot-head Merel’s little brother. A beta, we don’t think that Daryl is half bad, but his brother well. You saw him, he is an idiot and can't control his temper.” Moralis explained.

As the group finally returned the moment Rick stepped out of the truck he caught three familiar scents.


He raced forward seeing his pup, his son, he dropped the bag of guns which Dale was quick to put away in the RV. “DAD! DAD!” Carl yelled running forward to scent his father, Rick threw his arms around the young alpha male.

“Carl! Oh my god, I am so thankful to find you alive. Oh my are so strong.”

“Mom said you died,” Carl whimpered.

“She had every right to say that, if I hadn’t woken then I would have been dead sooner than later.” The alpha male scented his son, within seconds the prime alpha in Carl’s world was now his father.

Lori looked to Shane, her mate mark to Rick was covered by a new one for Shane, Rick smelt it on her but didn’t push. She had a right to move on, and he knew before all of this she was planning to anyway. Carl held onto his father, the scents of all the members of the camp were mixing, masking the stench of death. Rick smiled wide, finally feeling safe here, feeling like he belonged.

Shane raced to his ‘brother’. “I..I thought you were dead! I am so sorry…I didn’t mean to with Lori..I thought you were dead. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, I understand brother. She and I were done before this anyway.” Shane hugged the other alpha, no one had seen Shane break once since this all began. It was clear Rick was prime and that Shane was giving up his position at that moment, they scented one another for the first time in a long time. Shane stepped down as Prime Alpha allowing Rick to take that position, the shift in the pack was instant.

Rick was Prime, Shane second in command with Lori as his mate. Carl was now next in line as the Prime Alpha’s heir. The betas and alphas that had accepted Shane as their prime were now under new leadership, and those who had already accepted Rick as their prime the only one in the entire group beside Merele who hadn’t accepted anyone as their prime was Daryl Dixon. The ‘beta’.

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Everyone sat around listening to Rick explain what had happened, how he had woken in the hospital and learned what the world had turned to. “I met an alpha named Morgan, he saved my life along with his son, a beta named Duane.”

“You haven’t seen an omega either then.” Shane muttered. “There aren’t any, if we find one we need to protect them like our lives depend on it.”

“I believe that,” Rick replied, “but this pack comes first.” Carol watched the alpha’s talk, her husband was hesitant to allow his family near the alpha but he knew it was safer. He was just a beta despite desperately wanting to be an alpha, their daughter was 11 and had presented as beta just like himself and her mother. Carol was thankful he was letting her be close to their new alpha.

Carl was running around with Sophia after a while of listening to the Alpha’s talk, Dale a beta was watching for any signs of Daryl. The ‘beta’ had said he was going to look for something to eat for everyone while he waited for his brother, Daryl finally emerged from the forest line with a large row of squirrels and rabbits hanging off his belt. His heart stopped for a second when he realized his brother's scent wasn’t around.

He began to panic, he was running out of supresents, Merle had promised that he would bring some back. Daryl composed himself as grew closer to the pack, the new Prime’s scent intoxicating. He shook his head about to turn and run when he was stopped by Sophia and Carl in an instant.

The younger ones knew his secret, suppressants didn’t have an effect on pups. They could smell past it, the pups loved Daryl and no one knew why exactly other than ‘he was cool’. Moralis’s pups were by his side in an instant, anywhere Daryl went the pups were close by, Rick took notice of Daryl and the pups after a moment of silence.

“Where is my brother?” Daryl asked, he was strong willed but knew when to back from a fight. If he went too far someone could learn his secret other than the pups. They had been sworn to secrecy and promised to help Daryl hide what he was. He set the squirrels and rabbits down to present what he had found, he had set it between Rick and Shane unsure who to try to please. His Omega tendency trying to show through, he tried to push his panic down.

“Daryl, my name is Rick, I am prime now. I am sorry but your brother was being dangerous, I had to handcuff him to the roof.”

Daryl stood staring at Rick, his hands balled up in firsts and they shook. Not with rage, but with pure panic. His brother was supposed to get him suppressants. The pups all looked at one another smelling his fear, he gulped trying to push back the cry only an omega could make that was about to escape his throat. The pups clung to him trying to calm him down, everyone watched them carefully trying to decipher their movements, Daryl didn’t dare move in fear of hurting them.

“You left him.” He finally managed out, the pups dispersed as his legs trembled. He was shaking with a rage and fear he had never felt before. He knew what real fear was, being locked in a closet only allowed out to eat and take suppressants, being whipped and beaten and threatened to be sold into an omega ring for misbehaving. This was almost worse, the idea of being left in a world like this without the things that protected him from sex and pup hungry Alphas.

“We had to, he was being a danger, and I dropped the key.” T-Dog replied. “I am so sorry Daryl.”

Daryl shook, his head dropped as he thought about what to do next, he couldn’t go back for him, he was almost out of suppressants. “I…I know he is an idiot..but I need my brother.”

“Daryl,” Shane said standing slowly, Sophia stepped in front of Daryl but he shook his head and she moved away. “We can’t go back, that place is a danger zone, and you know what he was doing to everyone. He was dangerous.”

Daryl broke, no one had seen him cry, they didn’t know he was capable of it. A sob escaped his lips as he tried to stop himself. “I need him.”

“You don’t need him honey,” Andrea said trying to comfort the ‘beta’, “he wasn’t good for you either. We saw the bruises.”

Daryl turned to look at her, Ed lowered his head knowing they knew what he was doing too. “I do need him. I do..I can’t..I can’t do this without him.”

“Daryl,” Rick tried to ease the man, Daryl looked to this new Alpha. As he did he felt something hit him like a wave, Rick felt it too, Daryl tried to shake it away but Rick didn’t. “Daryl, please just sit and talk about why you need him.”

As Rick said sit, Daryl sat, no questions asked. Everyone’s eyes grew wide, Daryl had never listened to an Alpha in the camp once, not even Merle. Daryl looked down at himself realizing that Rick was doing things to him he couldn’t control, not even suppressants could keep away, he felt slick run down his leg. No one noticed his twitching leg or his movement to try and get away but Rick sat across from him and he stopped. The pups sat around the omega watching the Alpha waiting for his next move. “Can you talk to me about this?”

“No.” Daryl hissed trying not to break down again. “I can’t, we…we just promised to help each other. I would hunt and fish for the group and he would get me things I needed from runs.”

“What things.” Rick asked.

“Arrows, weapons, p-”

“Things for us.” The pups all blurted trying to help Daryl hide his secret. “He would have Merle find us toys and books, he didn’t want anyone to know about it though.” Carl stated, Daryl calmed, he couldn’t control himself around this stupid Alpha. Sophia raced to her momma pulling out a book and doll, Morales's kids each pulled out a toy as well and Carl brought out a book or two. Everyone had seen the toys appear but assumed they came from another parent.

Everyone looked at Daryl, the parents eyeing him. “You were getting those things? I thought they came from you, Moralis.” Lori said.

“I thought they came from you Carol.”

“I thought they came from you, Lori.” Carol laughed. “You care about our pups a lot.”

Daryl nodded, hiding his face. “I just..they like me and I like being around em, but hell y’alls kids can be a lot. Sometimes I need a break and those toys seem to work fine. I mean I do like em a lot don’t get me wrong but when they are constantly asking for me or seeing what I am doing or asking what Merle is doing. I can’t always keep up with the little things.”

The kids giggled trying to keep the conversation towards them not him, they knew that he was terrified of people finding out his secret. Each one had been saved by Daryl at one point, or been given something. The pups hardly left his side at all, and the adults nodded understanding his need for some privacy.

“I just would like a second okay, to think.” Daryl whined, everyone nodded and he ran to the tent.

Two tablets left, two.

He was screwed, he couldn’t go back into the city, and he wouldn’t even know where to look. He had to fess or get caught. He took a deep breath and emerged from the tent, as he stepped back out the tablets shaking in his hands he smelt Rick. He shook and stopped dead in his tracks, the Alpha stopped inches away from him. “Daryl, I wanted to just apologize, I know how scary it can be losing a brother. I shouldn’t have cuffed him, but I had to, he almost killed T-Dog.”

“That racist son of a bitch has always been good at being stupid and getting cuffed. He was two days out of jail when the world went to shit.” Daryl muttered, he looked at Rick. “I have something to tell you. Tell the pack alright..”

“What is it?”

“Can I do it in front of everyone?”

“Yeah, of course, let's go.”

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Daryl followed Rick back to the crackling fire, he held the tablet bottle tight in his hands, they would learn soon anyway once his suppressants were gone. The pups huddled close to Daryl once again. “Pups, I gotta tell em.”

Carl stood, the young Alpha becoming protective in an instant, everyone saw him move, stepping in front of Daryl as if he could protect him if something went wrong. The three beta girls kept close waiting. Carl’s chest rumbled a slight growl escaping, Daryl chuckled as he stepped up. “I have something to say, since you will find out in two days anyway.” He unclenched his fist, the tablet bottle becoming visible.

“I’m not a beta.” He managed, everyone stared at him dumbfounded, Carl continued to stand in front of Daryl rumbling in protection. “Merle has been doing runs for me to get more…I have two days left…and I..I don’t even know if he had found any..I…I do send him to get stuff for the pups though cause it's in my true nature. I am an omega…I..I didn’t say nothin cause I was scared alright…I know I’m a scarcity and..and I was worried you wouldn’t let me hunt anymore.. Would keep me locked Just locked up alright.. I was scared and I wasn’t planning on telling you but I am almost out..”

Rick watched Daryl shake, his son standing in front of him for protection.

Andrea laughed out loud, “So that’s why the pups like you.”

Daryl looked at Andrea trying not to sob, he had expected them to yell at him, try to lock him away like his father had done. Ed eyed the omega but didn’t move, his daughter glaring and the other pups doing the same. “You aren’t mad?” He managed out.

Shane tried to hide his smile, “No Daryl.”

Daryl sighed in relief, this was the first time anyone had wanted him as he was. For everyone else, they had a feeling of hope, no one had seen an omega in a long time or at least they thought they hadn’t. They finally thought life was moving forward, Rick cocked his head seeing the Omega stay stiff unsure of himself. They had a connection, something Rick wanted to pursue but he knew it would be too soon to push. He had just arrived, just became Prime, he had cuffed Daryl’s brother to the roof. He shouldn’t try to push him, he would plan to court but not yet.

Daryl continued to shake a bit, he looked between the four pups standing protectively around him. “You all go back to your parents now.” He muttered, they nodded racing off as they were told. “I won’t stop hunting, or fishing, or being useful just cause I’m not hiding it. My heat only comes around every other month. I will be useful okay. I can hide away during my heat..I know it will make things hard, I know what it can do and I don’t want to be trouble. If we find more suppressants I will start taking them again.” Daryl stated. “I won’t be locked up alright, I can’t.”

Everyone nodded. Rick smiled, Daryl was strong and he loved that, he wanted to court the omega and take him as his mate as soon as he could possibly fathom but he had to wait. “Alright, all we ask is that you be careful. You stay here during your heats at least alright, we can have the betas take care of you if yo-”

“I can take care of myself, no use wasting resources on me.” Daryl mumbled, “really I am fine.”

“Daryl, how long have you been on suppressants?” Dale asked, the older man seemed to know things.

Daryl looked at Dale dumbfounded, he closed his eyes and thought. “Since my first heat, after my first I was on them. I was eight and I am twenty-three now. So..uhm..a while.”

Rick let out a gasp of shock. “That is 15 years.”

“Yeh, I know..”

“Daryl, that isn’t healthy for your body.” Lori tried to explain. “What was your last heat at least.”

“When I was eight.” Daryl replied, everyone looked at him, he hated the staring but didn’t move. “Why?”

Amy and Andrea instantly felt sick for Daryl. “That isn’t good honey. Even on suppressants you’re supposed to let the heat occur.” Andrea started, Daryl stepped back a bit. His world crashing down on him, he was trying to piece together the things he had been told and the things that were real. “Why have you taken them for so long?”

“My pa..told me I had to. That it was required by law for omegas to take suppressants until they were mated or the omega ring. I was supposed to be sold when I was sixteen, buyer fell through and I had fucked up again. Then uhm dad passed and so I kept taking them waiting for my mate.. Merle kept giving them to me so I assumed I had a prescription. Even when he was in jail or I was running in the streets I was taking them. I mean once the apocalypse started it was more out of fear. My old man said the only thing an Alpha wants an Omega for is pups.”

Rick and Shane growled, the omega ring. It had been their main station at work to bust them. Daryl looked at everyone who was trying to hide their tears or their anger towards Merle and his father. “What?” Daryl was confused as to why everyone was looking at him like he was a hurt pup.

“That isn’t true Daryl.” Rick began.

“What isn’t?”

“There is no law for omega’s to take the pill, omega rings are bad Daryl illegal. Rick and I were on the force to break up the rings, didn’t you learn this in school?”

Daryl froze. “Omegas aren’t allowed at school.” The words repeated in his head. Omegas were meant to serve their mate, to give them pups and to do the housework, but he was a bad omega. He wasn’t supposed to be born as an omega, it was wrong for males to be omegas, he had to be kept hidden.

Carol felt a sob escape her lips and Ed shook his head. “Who told you that?” Rick growled.

“My pa, and Merle. Merle helped me learn to read and write though, and would get me out of the closet from time to time. That’s how I know how to hunt and shit, he would let me out from time to time when dad was on a bender.” He smiled thinking about his little spouts of freedom, then back in the closet.

“Closet?” Amy almost cried.

Daryl furrowed his brow, the stars sparkling in the sky and the fire crackling. “Yeah, the closet. The omega proofed closet, scent blockers so no one knew I was there, really it was my room but ya know. Stupid lock..I mean it was left unlocked sometimes but after a while I figured out that leaving it was bad, shouldn’t leave the closet. Rules..rules don’t leave the closet. Don’t ask questions. Omegas are supposed to serve and breed, stay in the closet or be sold.” He was rambling now, everyone was staring at him like he was crazy.

“Daryl, those are lies. Your father abused you, Merle helped him do it too. You never had to take blockers, omega rings are illegal. Omegas don’t just breed and serve, they work too. They were lawyers and cops, we even had an omega president once. They became so rare because of the rings, kidnappings and rapes, murder. Daryl being an omega is a gift and the way you talk about it sounds like a curse. Omegas went to school, and were teachers too.”

Daryl’s head was spinning. He knew the abuse was wrong, the pain and fear he felt he knew was wrong. He had assumed the omega ring was for bad omegas, but he didn’t realize it was illegal. He had been locked up after his first heat and never let out again until his father died when he was twenty, he had been on the streets but always had his suppressants, Merle would let him crash with him when he wasn’t in jail and had always made sure he had the pills. So he didn’t break the law, now he was coming to terms with it being a lie.

Rick stepped forward and the omega stepped back making a sound that only Omegas could make when in distress. Rick pulled away and everyone watched Daryl, the first real signs of being a true omega.

“ mean it isn’t true? It was all a lie, I was abused or tortured for no reason and brother helped?!” He was raging now, his body shaking in fear and anger. “I was..I was so scared to fuck up and go outside with people becuae I was told I was a curse. I..I never wanted to go to the ring, or mate just to have pups..but I wanted out of that goddamn closet…It was so small and cramped and smelled mean I didn’t have to be locked up? I could have watched movies and gone to school and..I could have..I could have met people like me? You mean there were male omegas…you mean that I wasn’t bad..I was good..I was a good pup and wasn’t bad that I presented like that?” He sobbed again. “I..I could have I could have had a life…I didn’t have to live my life in a closet, taking pills, and cowering under a whip..I could have had friends..I could have been normal…this isn’t normal.”

“Daryl.” Amy tried to comfort the omega but he pulled away and raced off towards his tent. Everyone looked to one another, unsure what to say or do, they had just gotten so much information and their own heads were spinning. Rick sighed and went to find the omega.

Chapter Text

“Daryl, please let me in.” Rick called.

Daryl mumbled something and Rick came in. “I said go away, not come in.”

“We didn’t mean to upset you.” Rick said softly. “Really ‘mega we didn’t.”

Daryl eyed him, omega, he was being called omega now. He eyed the Alpha male, he wanted comfort and this wasn’t comfort. “Will..will you let me scent you? Join your pack, since it seems my family betrayed me, tricked me and abused me. I just need comfort please.”

Rick smiled and nodded, he lifted his neck exposing his scent glands, Daryl muttered in pleasure as he took in Rick’s scent. He took a moment to take it all in but felt at peace as he knew he had been accepted. He continued scenting, he felt more slick between his legs but shook that off. Rick tilted Daryl’s chin up taking his time scenting through the suppressants till he found his real scent. “Shit Daryl, it’s strong.” He smiled. “I promise we will protect you but let you live for yourself too, we won’t force anything on you. You can still hunt and fish and help us and I would like to ask no more suppressants but I understand in some cases they will be safe to take. Daryl, being a male omega is the rarest placement, you really are a gift. What.. do you know if you have a working womb? Not all males do, it would be completely different if you did, not all males have one. Some male omegas just scent that way, not have a womb.”

Daryl thought and rushed to his pack, he pulled out a notebook from Merles bag. He tossed it at Rick. “First page got my chart from the ring. I was checked by a doc for my price.”

Rick opened it, he eyed the page.

Dixon, Daryl
Age: 15
Price: 5-10 mil
Placement : omega
Status: virgin
Womb: working, fertile
Age at which can be sold - 16

There was a picture of a young Daryl looking scared, a bruise on his eye. “Daryl, this is sick.”

Daryl lowered his head. “I’m..I’m not a curse?” He repeated again this time a question. “Not a curse?”

“No Daryl, you’re a gift. On top of your skills you are quite literally the rarest omega known to man. Hardly any male omega is capable of reproduction, most omegas are docile and can’t deny what an alpha says to them. You, on the other hand, are strong and tough. Capable of survival and while you’re badass it seems you still have some omega goodness in you with the pups. I don’t care if you're not a normal omega, this makes you more valuable to us.”

Daryl eyed Rick, “More Valuable?”

“More valuable.”

Daryl eyed him, this tent smelt like his brother and it was driving him nuts. He felt unsafe with Merle even though he was his brother, he had always been there but now he wondered if the man was just waiting for the right buyer to sell him off to. Why else would he have the chart. Rick was flipping through the notebook, names of men and what drugs they sold. Names of rings and their high prices, Merle is more dangerous than ever with the knowledge they have an omega.

“Daryl,” Rick began noticing the unease of the omega. “Would you like to sleep in my tent I can sleep in here. Your brothers scents bothering you isn’t it?”

Daryl shook his head. “Nah, I’m good.” He was trying not to make himself look weak, he wasn’t, being omega wouldn’t change the worth he had. He needed to prove himself to this new Alpha.

“Offers always open, sleep then, I will see you in the morning Daryl.”

Daryl nodded. He pocketed the suppressants, he would keep them for when he needed to hide his scent. Rolling into his pillow he sobbed, he hardly ever cried but his emotions were overwhelming.

Everyone woke the next morning to the strong scent of omega and cooking rabbit, Daryl was sitting on a stump cutting open a medium sized hare. Beside him a fur was tanning. Sweat dripped down his muscled body, Rick watched him with want but shook his head trying to push it back. “Mornin,” Daryl grunted, “breakfast.”

They hadn’t noticed the multiple cooked squirrels and rabbit already waiting to be eaten. Other skins tanning, hanging by his tent. He was a bit bloody but it was normal to see Daryl dirty, the pups chirped and yipped in excitement. They raced to eat, the others sat around trying to ignore his smell, they hadn’t realized how strong it was, what his scent meant in other terms.

Rick sat beside the omega. “Daryl you didn’t have to.”

“Omegas serve their pack, cook.” He replied. “I may not be a full fledged normal omega but it’s the least I can do. Alpha.” He eyed Rick, Rick felt a lump in his throat, Daryl was intoxicating, he tried to ignore the feelings taking over. Daryl ate last but his piece was larger then a few had taken. He watched them eat and talk happy about their meal, Daryl watched the alpha males talking. Shane and Rick had looked over the whole of Merles notebook that night and we’re starting to worry.

There was a few things in the book they didn’t think Daryl even knew.

“Seller meet up, still willing to buy now that dads gone. 20 million.” Merle was planning on selling Daryl, for double his asking price. There were other things, drugs he was selling, drinks to buy, a picture of Daryl’s back that sickened Rick more than he had expected. He wanted to see it in person but didn’t want to pry.

Daryl was watching everyone carefully, a few things had changed already. The betas were more protective over him, asking if he needed anything, asking how he was doing. Asking if he was hungry or thirsty or too hot or too cold. He found it infuriating, but he accepted their questions and always answered with an “I’m fine.”

Now that the pups didn’t have to hide their admiration for the omega, not that they did a good job at it in the first place, they were constantly on top of him. Asking him for advice or help, asking him to play or read to him. Everyone love watching the omega with the pups, “I’m gonna take these monsters to the water. Put em to work and have em fish.” Daryl called, the pups excitedly piled into the car, Dale gave Daryl a few extra rods for the pups.

Chapter Text

Dale watched them from the top of the RV. Daryl was a natural with them, the pups happily reeled and caught a few. Daryl was in the water helping with the fish when he scented death. “In the water, get in the water now.” He yelped, the pups all turned their heads and saw four walkers. “Water now.” Daryl snapped again, the pups raced to the water hiding behind rocks. Daryl nodded, splashing them, hiding their scent the best he could.

Dale had stopped watching them for the time being knowing they were safe with Daryl.

Daryl stepped out of the water, a rock in hand, his bow in the truck. “Shit..alright don’t move pups.” The pups nodded and he came close to the walkers. He was in protective mode, his one goal was to protect the pups. Daryl growled, catching the walkers attention. “Come on assholes.” He yelled, they followed him, Daryl chucked the rock at the largest one's head. It dropped quickly the pups watched with wide eyes as Daryl looked for another one but nothing.


Dale went to check on them again when his stomach dropped. “Rick! Shane!”

The alphas came running, Dale handed off the binoculars. The pups were hiding behind rocks while Daryl led three walkers away weaponless yelping and whining to keep their attention. Rick grabbed his gun and Shane raced after him. “What’s wrong?” Lori yelled.

“Daryl’s leading three walkers away from the pups.” Rick snapped racing away towards the lake and Daryl.

Daryl tripped backwards over his own feet, the three walkers closing in. He growled, panic taking over, the pups were fine and out of range now. He kicked one off of him as he grabbed for a sharp rock in reach, he stabbed it blood spraying over him as it fell forward. He rolled out of its way, he was close to the truck now he could get the bow if he could just open the door. He opened the door as one reached for him, he kicked it away again, a whine escaping his lips. He managed to get to his bow shooting through both their heads just as Rick and Shane got down to them.

Daryl turned bloody and heaving seeing the Alphas. “Daryl!” Rick yelled as he raced to the omega. Daryl brushed him off walking around the walkers and towards the pups.

“Y’all can come out now pups.” He yelped. The four pilled out wet but fine.

“You’re awesome!!” Carl yelled.

“Thanks for saving our lives Mr. Dixon.” Sophia called. Moralis’s daughters nodded their thanks. He smiled and nodded, his back hurt like hell from tripping and he was coming down from the raged high. He just wanted to protect the pups, the pups rushed to his side but with the smell of blood and death coming off of him was enough to have them step back. “Are you okay Mr. Dixon?” Sophia asked.

“Just fine pups, just fine, as long as all of you are okay.”

“We are fine, you killed them all by yourself! You were awesome, killing two with a rock and then two with one arrow! You’re strong as an Alpha!” Carl yelled. Daryl smirked and shook his head.

“I was just protecting you.” Daryl said with a smile.

Rick and Shane watched Daryl, the path of destruction around them was clear, Daryl was strong, and Daryl would protect the pack with his life, specifically the pups. “We got a few buckets of fish,” Daryl said, trying to ignore the walkers around them. “The pups are a natural.”

“Daryl, I think you need to sit down.” Rick noticed the smell of fatigue.

“I’m fine Rick.” Daryl muttered. “Promise.”

The alpha didn’t want to fight the omega but he wanted to ensure he was okay. “Please Daryl, sit.”

Daryl grunted feeling a need to listen, his knees grew weak as he fought what Rick said but he finally was on the ground. He looked up with a grunt, “alright I’m sittin, what?”

“You just need to calm down, you just did a lot.”

“Wasn’t that much,” Daryl snapped, “how come I have to listen to ya? I’ve never listened to an alpha before, why now?”

Shane looked between the two with wide eyes. The pups had taken the fish to the truck and Shane planned on driving them back. “Good luck courting that one,” Shane said to Rick, “he won’t be easy.”

Daryl looked at Shane. “Courting?”

“You two have a connection, I think you like him, and he likes you.”

Daryl flushed, Carl was smiling big, he would be more than happy to have Daryl as his mom. Rick tried to hide his excitement, the idea of having this omega as his mate was a dream. Daryl furrowed his brow after a minute. “What is courting?”

“’s uhm. I guess I should explain it so you know when I start doing it. It’s when someone wants to be your mate, the one who takes the lead in the relationship so in this case alpha to omega will give gifts or do things for the one they want as their mate to try to win them over. So something I may do for you is give you more arrows for your bow, set up a new tent, help you through a heat if you ask me to. Feed you or offer you my portion of something.”

Daryl looked at him wide eyed. “You’d want me to be your mate? What the hell is wrong with you? I don’t want pups right now. I got these four.” He pointed towards the pups watching him.

“Daryl mates and pups don’t need to be the same. I can mate you and never have pups if you don’t want them. I don’t want you for pups Daryl,” Rick stated, “I mean pups would be amazing with you as my mate but I don’t expect it. Carl loves you. I would be happy if we only had Carl.”

Shane smiled and managed to get the pups into the car without much fuss and started to drive off.

Daryl eyed him with question, he didn’t understand, the point of an omega was to breed. “Alpha I don’t understand, isn’t the point of an omega to breed?”

Rick kneeled by Daryl. “No, Daryl the point of an omega is not to breed. You only have to breed if you desire to. I won’t make you breed if we mate, I can always wear condoms or not knot. Who knows you may never catch, the amount of suppressants you’ve taken may even make it impossible to have a pup at all. The goal isn’t to breed, the goal is to mate and make you feel safe and have someone you can turn to so you don’t have to go through a heat alone. However I don’t expect you to accept my courting right away, I expect you to give me a run for my money. Once I court you for a while we can start dating officially and then maybe one day you will let me mark you.”

Daryl eyed him confused by the idea of dating and mating without pups. “Dating..”

“You don’t know what dating is, do you?” Rick asked, Daryl shook his head. He felt embarrassed by not knowing things, not knowing what these clearly easy concepts were. “Dating is what couples do before they mate, when they are boyfriends and girlfriends, boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriends. Sometimes people don’t end up mating when they date, before the world went to shit they’d go to movies or eat together. Go to sports games or aquariums, zoos, just going on drives or parks. Now that the world is like this, drives we can still do, but other dates will be harder, it just means I want to mate you when you’re ready.”

“Why does it matter when I’m ready? Why don’t you just take it? That’s what an alpha is supposed to do. Take an omega, breed them, use them.”

“No Daryl, only bad alphas do that. Only evil alphas take without permission. If we become a couple, become mates, I would want you to give me the okay for each step.”

Daryl looked him up and down. “ want to date me?”

“I’m going to court you first, I don’t want this to be on my terms.” Rick said holding out his hand, “let’s get you back to the camp and clean you up.”

Daryl hesitantly took his hand, Rick smiled looking him up and down. “Alright..maybe I’ll let you try.” He smiled. “But it won’t be easy. I ain’t easy.”

Rick smiled, helping him into the car. “Thank you for saving my son.”

“Of course, if I can do one thing it’s protect the pups.”

“You can do a lot more than that,” Rick said smirking, “really you can.”

Chapter Text

Daryl tried to hide his smile, he shouldn’t want an alpha he shouldn’t want to be with the prime alpha specifically. As they came back to the camp everyone raced to see Daryl. “You saved our pups!” Lori claimed. “Thank you Daryl.”

“They told us what you did, fighting them without your weapon till the very end,” Morales said.

Ed held out his hand, “thank you for saving my daughter.”

Daryl took it, shaking it cautiously, he didn’t like Ed but he cared about Sophia and Carol. Carl smiled happily, Daryl smelt like blood and death. “Go use the shower,” Dale suggested, Daryl nodded, running off to shower. He needed time to think, to take in what Rick had said.

He wanted to be his mate? Why? What was his deal, who would want him as a mate?

He stripped, looking himself over in the mirror he cringed, bruises from Merle littered his body, turning the scars from the whip his father used on him, seemed to mock him. This wasn’t right, omegas weren’t useful, they were breeders and toys. Not worth being a mate to a prime like Rick. He slammed his fist but needed to shower, he was confused, his life was like a weird roller coaster with mostly downs. He let the steam waft over him, he needed answers to his life. He needed to talk to Merle about the lies he had been told.

He needed to go see his brother if he was still alive.

He got himself dried up and then dressed, stepping out he saw all eyes on him. His scent was strong, he shook, feeling their stares. “Rick,” Daryl called. “Can we go talk to Merle? I need answers.”

“Daryl, I don't think that’s a good idea,” Rick said. “I have something to show you.

Daryl eyed Rick, “what?”

“Merle was planning on selling you for double what it said your cost was. 20 million,” Rick said, pulling out the notebook and handing it to Daryl. He flipped to a back page.

Daryl read the page, it was clearly Merle's scrawled handwriting. “No.”

“I’m sorry Daryl.” Daryl broke, he nuzzled Rick's scent gland for comfort, Rick held him close. “Daryl I’m sorry. Omega, I don’t want you to worry, we will protect you.”

“What’s the name of the guy who he was sellin me to?”

“Uhm, it says Joe. Claimers.”

“Mother fucker.” Daryl growled. “Those bastards, they are a all-alpha gang. They probably planned to take turns breeding me..”

“Daryl I’m sorry.”

“I need time to process everything, I don’t want to..I don’t want to make worry about me..but I don’t know what’s happening..I’m trying to piece my life together like a damn puzzle. So many lies I don’t know what’s true. My brother planned on selling me! He helped abuse me and he planned to let some monsters rape me.” Daryl growled the scent of rage and sadness mixing, Rick held Daryl close trying to help him by exposing his scent glands better.

Lori watched the two, the scent of sadness radiating off of Daryl. Lori knew something was going on. She was thankful Rick didn’t seem to be pissed off that she was now Shane’s mate. It seemed Daryl was taking her spot however and it did piss her off, Carl seemed to like the omega more than herself and Rick didn’t look her way anymore. “Rick..I’m sorry but I need time by myself…”

“Use my tent, don’t go back to your old one. I’m going to collect your things and you can sleep in mine.”

“What about you?”

“We can share it, I don’t tend to use it unless I’m sleeping.”

Daryl eyed the alpha but nodded heading to the tent that Rick claimed. Stepping in his scent was thick, his clothes in a pile on the floor, Carl seemed to share this tent and his mother’s going between the two. Daryl laid down in Rick's cot, the scent of his alpha calming him enough to sleep. Daryl work to screams, he raced out to see walkers roaming the camp.

Chapter Text

Sophia and Carl huddled together terrified, Daryl raced out bow in hand. He scooped up both pups and ran to the truck, “Don't move you got me?”

Both pups nodded, Daryl raced away slamming the door and making sure it was locked. He saw Rick and Shane fighting back to back shooting the dead and yelling to others to get away from the walkers.

Daryl shot an arrow saving Rick’s life, Rick turned to nod a thank you. Daryl nodded hearing another scream, he raced off seeing Andrea holding Amy’s limp body and crying. Carol sobbed running from her tent. “Ed..Ed’s dead!” She sobbed, while he was a bastard and abusive she still loved him.

Daryl held the beta, their scents calming one another, “shh it’s okay.” Daryl promised. “It’s okay.”

Carol thanked Daryl, they took a minute to accept what was happening death everywhere. “Sophia?”

“In the truck with Carl, safe.” He promised.

Carol took a deep breath, thankful the omega saved her daughter again. Daryl ran off to ensure the pups' safety, they were still in the car. Morales and his family had driven off leaving mid-fight. Daryl growled at the cowardly move, the dead finally gone, everyone checking on the others. Daryl took the pups from the car and held them close, they calmed Daryl and Daryl calmed him. Lori went to take Carl from Daryl but he shook his head. “No. I want to stay with Daryl.” The young alpha male growled at his mother, the beta felt hurt but walked away, Carol offered her arms to Sophia but the pup always stayed with the omega. Carol wasn’t hurt by it; she was glad knowing if anything happened to her Sophia would have someone to turn to.

Rick ran towards Daryl and the pups. Shane followed close behind. “Thank god you three are okay.”

“Fine, just fine.”

“Mr. Dixon saved us again,” Sophia said, clinging to the omega. The man watched Rick, the alpha trying not to say anything about how attractive he looked with those pups hanging off of him.

“We should end it,” Daryl said looking to Amy and Andrea. “That girl is a ticking time bomb.”

“Don’t be insensitive, omega.” Lori snapped. Daryl backed down, her status as the seconds mate gave her some authority even if everyone thought she was an uppity bitch.

Glenn and T-Dog spent the time collecting bodies, Jim had been digging holes for their people, the pups clung to Daryl refusing to leave his side. Rick watched the pups and Daryl carefully, he had to protect them above all.

Rick was giving off a specific scent, Shane and Lori noticed it as a need for the omega who was holding the pups talking to them calmly.

“Have you started courting yet?” Shane asked, looking towards Daryl.

“Not really, he’s confused by the concept and believes what he was told that I only want him for pups. I tried to explain dating and courting but I don’t think he understands.”

Shane nodded trying to get the idea better. Lori watched them talk about the omega, a growl forming in her chest. She strode forward, ripping her son from the omega. “Get your own pups.” She snapped.

Daryl yelped in panic as the young alpha whined reaching for Daryl. Lori’s claws retracted swiping at the omega as he reached for Carl, Daryl whined the sound only an omega could produce as he pulled back blood pouring from the wound.

Shane and Rick raced to his aid hearing the whine, it was audible to everyone but it called any alpha in range to his protection. Carl was fighting with his mother, Sophia ran off to Carol crying that her friend had been hurt by the beta Lori. Carl ripped from his mothers' arms and to Daryl’s aid, the three alphas standing around Daryl who looked hurt and confused. Blood poured from the scratch she gave him. “Why..why’d you do that?” He whined, Carl growled at his mother.

“Yes Lori explain,” Rick snarled, the authority in him made her crack.

“That knot clencher is getting all the attention, he keeps taking my pup, and he doesn’t deserve you, Rick.”

Shane slapped her hard, she stepped back gasping. “You don’t get to call him that!” Carl yelled trying to get to his mother but Daryl held him back. “He’s a better mom than you are! I want to be around him, not you!” Carl snarled.

Rick glared at Lori. “Why does it matter if he and I mate eventually? You and Shane are mates, or are you wanting to come back to me? I won’t take you, I found the divorce papers before my accident, I know you didn’t want me.” The alpha snarled, she stepped back. Shane glared at her, “Shane take your mate out of my sight.” Shane was quick to remove her, but returned to check on the omega..

Daryl whimpered in pain, her claws had dug deep. Carol had appeared with Sophia in tow, she cleaned the wound as he struggled to sit still. Rick held the omega trying to keep him calm, his scent glands exposed to Daryl if he wanted to take in his scent to calm him. Daryl looked between the two alphas and Carol. Sophia hiding behind her. “Sorry..didn’t think me watching the pups was bad.. I ca-.”

“It isn’t bad! You’ve saved them multiple times, Lori is an insufferable bitch sometimes. She just is jealous and hates being not wanted. I’m sorry she hurt you.” Rick said, looking Daryl over softly. “I promise you she’s the only one who’s bugged. We all are upset with her though.”

Daryl nodded, Carol soon had his arm wrapped. Carl smiled, thankful to Sophia and Carol. “Thanks for taking care of me..” Daryl managed. He wanted to know why things were so weird, why being an omega was complicated.

Rick wanted to kiss Daryl, but he didn’t dare push him. Daryl was working through a lot, and now more. Shane thanked Carol who nodded and headed off, Sophia following. “Lori’s a bitch I’m sorry.”

“S’fine.” Daryl said again. "I’m fine,” he grunted. Carl looked between his dad and ‘step’ dad and to Daryl.

“You got hurt cause of me I’m sorry.”

“Wasn’t you pup.” Daryl said. “She just doesn’t like me that’s all.”

Carl lowered his head but was thankful that Daryl didn’t seem mad. Andrea began to cry harder, everyone turned their attention from Daryl to them. Amy was reanimating, Shane went to shoot when Andrea put the knife in her sister’s head. “I’m sorry sorry.”

“I’m sorry we couldn’t save her.” Rick said. “I failed as an alpha.”

“You didn’t fail. We hardly lost anyone.” Dale said calmly, Daryl nodded in agreement.

“Two deaths, Ed and Amy, that's all. Morales and his family bailed but that wasn’t your fault.” Daryl said, sweeping his hand to show the others were alive. “We all are.”

Andrea stood and walked past them. “You didn’t do that to my sister Rick. You didn’t fail.”

Rick lowered his head, that was when Daryl nuzzled into him, Rick felt a calmness wash over him scenting the omega. “You didn’t fail alpha.”

Rick felt butterflies every time Daryl called him that. “Let’s collect resources everyone, this isn’t safe anymore. We need walls, we need to pack up and move.”

“Where are we going to go?” Dale asked his prime, he wasn't going to say no to what his alpha had to say but he needed answers before the pack left.

“The CDC still stands,” Glenn said, “we could try there.”

Daryl nodded. “It’s got walls, and we have so many guns from when you collected em, that we should be fine.” The omega was eager, and hopefully, the CDC had suppressants for him. He needed the blockers, his heat was coming soon and it was going to be weird having it for the first time since he was eight.

“Jim was bit!” Jacqui called, everyone turned to see the beta with blood seeping from his clothes. Shane in an instant of panic shot him dead. There was a long silence, Shane tucked tail running off to help Lori pack their things. After burying Jim, and taking a moment to process everyone began packing up, Daryl left most of his brother's shit but kept his drugs for a rainy day. He climbed on his bike and revved it ready to go. Rick nodded to the omega, and they began to make their way forward.


Daryl watched carefully as he swerved through the cars and dead bodies. His scent was thick, his heat was coming soon and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. They came to the walls of the CDC, and everyone piled out.

“The doors come on!” Rick snapped, the pack moved as one. Rick in front, the pups and Daryl in the center, the betas surrounding them, and Shane at the rear.

“The doors aren’t open! We have got to get out of here!” Lori snarled, walkers were everywhere. Her panic was spreading through the pack who shifted uncomfortably, unsure if they should run or protect the pups and omega. Daryl looked up as Rick did, seeing the camera move.

“No! Someone’s in there! Please we have pups! Women and an omega please!” Rick yelled the camera twitched again.

Jenner hearing the word omega instantly unlocked the door. “In hurry!” His voice called, everyone raced inside. Daryl felt relief as they entered the walled facility.

Jenner appeared smiling. “A real omega my god, your kind is nearly extinct.” Jenner walked around Daryl, his scent thick with his coming heat. Jenner was a beta, but he was a scientist and wanted answers to the world and why omegas were dying faster.

Daryl watched the beta circle him, “I will allow you all to stay here if the omega will allow me to do some tests.”

Rick stepped toward. “Daryl is mine,” he growled, “you don’t get to use him as a test subject.” Daryl felt hot, he wasn’t anyone’s, yet Rick had this idea in his head otherwise.

“It’s fine alpha,” Daryl grumbled, “as long as my pack can stay here it’s fine.”

Rick stepped back, he needed to let Daryl be in control of himself, it was his oncoming heat that was driving the alpha crazy. “Sorry, I will be kind, I promise. Let’s get all of you something to eat and then we can talk about the test arrangements. There are hot showers too, and rooms for everyone individually or together. There’s a library, some toys for the pups too. Come let’s eat, it is time for a celebration. An omega is alive.”

Daryl felt confused, he was being worshiped, and he didn’t need all of this.

His pack however was thankful for him at this moment, he was saving their lives being an omega. Daryl sat beside Rick and Jenner, they stuffed their faces full of food they hadn’t seen since before the apocalypse, for Daryl some he had never seen.

He drank a bit but it wasn’t helping, Glenn’s face was red. “Keep drinkin little man.” Daryl said, everyone laughed even Andrea who had little to smile about now that Amy was gone.

“So you’re all alone here?” Lori asked. “Everyone else is gone?”

“Way to kill the mood Lori.” Shane said, Jenner nodded.

“I’ll show you to your rooms.”

Shane and Lori
Rick and Carl
Carol and Sophia

Each one was bunked or had their own rooms, Daryl laid in his bed feeling a pain he had never felt before. Everyone could smell the heat coming from his room, Rick was pacing but wouldn’t go close knowing it could send Daryl into a panic. Having an alpha so close during a heat could cause him concern.

Daryl held onto his bed sobbing, there was an uncontrollable heat rising in his stomach and slick growing between his cheeks. He sobbed as he felt more pain, what was happening? Was a heat supposed to hurt?

“Ah..fuck..fuck.” He sobbed feeling more pain, his stomach turned; he rolled over throwing up from the stinging pain. He didn’t remember his heat hurting at eight, he remembered a strange feeling wanting to be fulfilled but not this.

He sat up feeling a cramp ripple through his stomach, his knuckles turned white as he held onto the bedside. He didn’t realize he was whining for an alpha until the door opened and Rick stepped in.

“Daryl oh my god, what happened?”

Daryl whined his body begging for Rick, Rick stepped back calling for Carol and Andrea. The women ran in seeing Daryl clutching his side feeling pain ripple. “What’s happening to me?” He sobbed, “what is this?”

“Honey I think it’s your heat, but because of the suppressants, your body isn’t used to it. Deep breaths come on.” Rick watched from the door wanting to knot Daryl hoping to help him. “It’s not usually supposed to hurt,” Andrea said as Daryl whimpered in pain. “There may be a hot sweat and your body is going to call for an alpha but this, this is nothing like I’ve heard of.”

Daryl whined more, feeling his pants grow wet with slick, he ran past them into the bathroom locking the door. Carol and Andrea looked at one another then Rick. “You may need to knot him, may stop hurting for a while.”

Daryl pulled his pants down to see blood and slick. “Carol..Carol am I supposed to bleed?”

The betas gasped and Rick felt sick. “ Daryl you’re not. Let me in honey please.” Carol called. Daryl unlocked the door hiding himself from her with his bloody pants on the floor. Slick and blood dripped down his legs.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Honey, just take a deep breath. I think we should get Jenner.”

Daryl whined but nodded more blood dripping. “What is wrong with me…what’s wrong with me?” He kept repeating.

Andrea ran to get Jenner while Rick paced back and forth his omega in pain.

Chapter Text

Jenner ran in with a few medical supplies, “let me see the omega.”

Daryl stood shaking in concern his knees felt like jelly. “Please…help.”

Jenner looked him over and his eyes grew wide. “Daryl, you’re really special, this is normal for your kind.”

“But Carol said omegas don’t bleed!” He whined.

“Normally male omegas don’t, but you have a working womb. Eggs that need seed to seed, you’ll produce slick and blood when your heat comes. The blood only occurs the first day of your heat letting the alpha know you’re fertile.”

Rick signed, thankful his omega wasn’t dying. “Rick is your mate, he should help.”

“No he isn't, I don't have a mate,” Daryl claimed. “Is it supposed to hurt? My heat?”

“ hurts?” Jenner looked move concerned now.

“Like hell.”

As if to prove a point he bent over whining and groaning, pain bubbling into his abdomen. “Put your pants on, let's go do an ultrasound just to look in there.”

Daryl whined and did as he was told. Rick was as close as he possibly could be without setting himself or Daryl off. Daryl whined as he was laid on a table. “Alright, shirt off.”

Daryl panicked. “No.”

“Daryl, just your stomach needs to show,” Rick promised. Daryl looked to his alpha and nodded, he lifted his shirt but refused to take it off. Carol and Andrea watched hoping everything was okay. Daryl sobbed as he felt more pain rush through him, Rick wanted to hold him to make him know it was okay. Jenner looked around inside.

“Well look at that, a genuine omega male womb.” Jenner exclaimed, Andrea and Carol watched the screen amazed. Rick smiled seeing the womb he hoped would eventually carry his pups.

Daryl whined, feeling another stent of pain. Jenner watched in the ultrasound as a ripple appeared. “Oh my Daryl, that would explain the pain. I can’t take it out though, how long it’s been in there.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Daryl whined, he was confused. Take what out?

“See that.” Jenner pointed to a small square-shaped item. Daryl nodded confused. “That's something they put in breeder omegas, that makes their heats hurt so much they almost beg to have a knot by any alpha that will take them. However, it seems Daryl’s stronger than most omegas. When did it go in.”

“I’ve been to the doctor once when I was 15. I was supposed to be sold into the ring at 16.”

Jenner stared at Daryl wide-eyed. Carol and Andrea felt horrible for him. “So what you’re saying is my heat that happens every other month is going to hurt like this. Every time.”

“Yes. When you’ve been knotted it won’t hurt until you come off the high. Or pregnancy, you won’t have a heat during your pregnancy. So that’s about six to eight months without one, the box won’t hurt your unborn pups. It will expire in 15 years.”

“I’m not getting knocked up to stop this..Holy fuck.” Another ripple of pain knocked into him, Rick reached out and the three betas shot him looks and he stepped back.

“Fuck..Ah this is hell. F..fuck!”

He whined and whimpered and soon Rick was pushed out of the room. “Wait no, I want to be with my omega.”

“He isn’t your omega yet,” Carol said, “he is a pack mate and we have to protect him. Even from our own alpha, you know that.”

“Let Rick in please..I want to talk please..alone.”

They nodded but stood outside the door. “ brother and dad really fucked me up huh?” He laughed through the pain. “Wish I was back on those suppressants…I..I want you to start courting me.” Daryl grumbled trying not to let the pain blind him. “At some point I’ll get used to this pain, but I would like to be able to go to you for help when I’m ready.” He grumbled feeling the pain rise up in him again. “I may just give into you, but I want you to try and win me over.”

Rick smiled if he had a tail it would have been wagging. “Ah..hell..this sucks…mother fuckers..” he wished he had killed his father and his brother. He thought Merle was always there for him and he was wrong. He was really trying to sell him for cash.

“I’ll try, I promise omega.” Rick smiled, turning to leave to not make anything worse.

“Alpha..” Daryl whined stopping him. “Alpha thank you for helping me.”

Rick turned his head and nodded. “Get some rest now omega.”

Rick stepped out of the room, the three betas let him pass and then ran to Daryl. “I have some pain pills, they will make it so you’re a bit lethargic but they will help ease that pain some.”

Daryl sighed in relief. “Thank you, Jenner.”

“We can do some tests after your heat, okay.” Jenner smiled. Daryl nodded, thankful for his help. He couldn’t believe his father made it so his heats hurt, made it so he’d be begging to breed. He cursed as he felt another cramp, he stood pushing past the pain.

“Daryl, you should sit.” Andrea urged.

“No I’m not a weak bitch, I’m nobody's breeding whore and I’m nobody's problem. Thanks for the pills.” He walked to his room, heat radiating from him.

Daryl grunted trying not to cry as he collapsed in front of his door. Jacqui stepped out of her room to see Daryl, she raced to the omega, “oh no. Rick! Shane!” Both alphas ran out to see Daryl passed out, blood and slick soaking his jeans.

Chapter Text

“Fuck. Give him here Jacqui,” Rick offered, the beta carefully handed off the omega to her prime. Shane hovered to ensure he wouldn’t snap and take the unconscious omega. Rick lifted him up and carried him into his room, he had cleaned his sick already and waited for Shane to stop hovering. “I’m not going to fuck him, he needs new pants.”

Shane was hesitant but nodded turning around, Rick pulled Daryl’s pants off, his cock growing hard seeing the omegas dick. The smell of his heat and slick calling to the alpha. He shook his head and grabbed clean yoga pants. He grunted getting them on and then stepped back, “I don’t want to leave him like this.” The omega was shuttering in pain. “You know those machines we busted two years back, the ones that make heats for omegas almost impossible to survive without a partner? Daryl’s got one.”

Shane gasped. “No! You can’t be serious. If Merle lived I’ll beat his face in.”

“I think we should let Daryl do that.” He watched ‘his’ omega convulse in pain. His body was trying to accept the pain pills, they were supposed to be helping but the machine had its own way of working past the pills. Only suppressants could stop the pain, the machine only worked during a heat. Daryl shuttered again before waking sitting upright howling in pain. Both alphas ran to his side as he whined.

Shane offered his hand. “Hey’s okay. You’ll be okay.”

Daryl whined and shook his head. “This hurts like hell,” he looked down. “Who took my pants off?”

Rick smirked a bit and Daryl narrowed his eyes. “He didn’t do anything to ya, I turned around but he didn’t he’s just trying to take care of you.” Shane promised. Daryl took a deep breath, courting, maybe Rick was courting.

“Alpha..I just should leave me this is going to make traveling and anything hell. I can’t hardly walk without passing out.”

“I will not leave you!” Rick snapped, Daryl sat back trying not to cry. He wasn’t going to hurt him. He wasn’t going to. “I need you ‘mega.”

Daryl whimpered as he thought about the pack, the pups. “Can you send the pups in here? Their scent might help me.”

Rick and Shane nodded, Shane went off to find Sophia and Carl. The two pups came running when they heard their friend was in pain. As the pups piled on top of him Daryl took a deep breath of their scent and smiled, the heat subsiding some, the pain not as strong. He smiled as the two pups cuddled into the omega. Rick felt butterflies again as he watched them. “You two are helping tons.” Rick noted. “He’s not crying anymore.”

Daryl smiled, he was thankful the pups were careful around him and were willing to help. Lori walked in smelling the thick heat and scent of blood. Seeing Carl sitting with the omega she growled. Daryl whined hearing the beta. Shane picked Lori up and carried her out of the room.

“What the hell is that omega doing with my pup?”

“The pups are helping ease the pain of his heat. He has a small metal box in his womb, it makes the heats of any omega nearly impossible to handle. The scent of the pups helps ease him.”

“He needs his own god damn pups, not mine and Carols.”

“Carol is happy Sophia can help him. Just the other day you were so happy Daryl was good with the pups.”

“Well, my son doesn’t need that omega.”

“Your son adores that omega, don’t act like that Lori.” Rick snarled as he appeared out of Daryl’s room. “Our son wants to help Daryl. You should trust him.”

“He’s just a pup.” Lori grumbled.

“An alpha pup. He just wants to help his pack.” Rick snarled. She stepped back. “Do you want to be a member of this pack Lori or not?”

Lori nodded. “I do, I'm sorry, prime.”

“Then act like it and try and help your pack.” Rick snapped before turning on his heel.

“Keep fucking up Lori and see what happens. I can’t stop him from removing you.” Shane snapped at his mate. The beta snarled but turned away racing off no one would offer her comfort. Everyone however was going to check on Daryl.

T-Dog and Glenn sat at the door frame, Jacqui and Carol sat at the foot of his bed, Andrea and Dale on chairs facing him. The pups sat beside Daryl trying to ease his pains, Jenner was standing in the doorway now as Rick sat beside the omega Daryl’s head in his lap and Shane sat close to the bathroom door.

“You doing okay Omega?” T-Dog asked finally.

He nodded, the trembling had stopped, he felt safe with his pack around him. Even Jenner made him feel safe, the pups smiled knowing they were helping the most. Daryl felt his stomach flip and he sat up quickly, Rick moved his hands from the omegas hair as he raced off towards the bathroom. Shane sidestepped and Daryl closed the bathroom door with a slam, throwing up, he was embarrassed. Everyone was there, he knew they could hear him and most likely smell it, he grunted standing and wiping the rest from his lips before washing his hands. He stepped out and slowly back to the bed, this was only day one of five. He was fucked.

After a while the others went to their rooms, Rick stayed offering to sleep beside him, and promised not to touch him in any way he didn’t ask for. Daryl gave in after a while, trying to fight with the alpha was essentially useless. Daryl kept himself turned away from the alpha, Rick sat waiting for him to sleep for a while. Daryl finally gave in to sleep and Rick smiled feeling some peace knowing the omega was at least well enough to handle sleep.

He wanted to touch the omega, wanted to ease the pain in other ways but refused to hurt him like that. He wanted to court him, gain his trust and eventually mate him. Daryl turned in his sleep rolling into the alpha, Rick stiffened as Daryl’s arms wrapped around the alpha and he muttered in his sleep. Rick gulped feeling desire. He eyed the omega, want building up in his chest, the omega turned again, fidgeting in his sleep.

“I love you Daryl.” Rick whispered and there was no reply.

Could he love the omega? Did he know him well enough to love him? He wanted to, he wanted to love him and care for him.

Rick continued to watch Daryl when the omega began to cry in his sleep, whimpering and whining, Rick sat up shaking the omega. “Daryl wake up, come on wake up.”

Daryl woke and slammed his first into Rick’s face. “Get off me you bastard get off! You can’t have me! I won’t be your breeding slave.”

Rick sat back. “Daryl, I’m not going to do that to you.” Rick said, offering his hand to the omega trying to get him to snap out of it.

Daryl sat back his eyes adjusting as he smelt Rick’s scent. “Fuck..fuck I’m sorry I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to alpha I’m sorry please don’t hurt me I’m so sorry.”

Rick watched him, he was panicking, it was clear that hitting an alpha meant something bad to Daryl. “Daryl calm down. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. Are you okay? What were you dreaming about? Or nightmaring.”

Daryl whined. “J..Joe.” He whispered. “If Merle had gone through with his plan. Why aren’t you hitting me? I hit you pretty hard.”

Rick snickered. “For one, you didn’t mean to, two I won’t hit an omega unless I’ve got to, and three I care about you. You don’t hit people you care about unless you need to.”

Daryl lowered his eyes, “what makes it that you would need to?”

“If they are hurting you, hurting themselves, or others,” Rick replied. “Or they betray you like if Shane tried to take you from me or Carl I’d kill him anyway. He’s my brother but I’d kill him.”

“Is he really your brother?”

“No ‘mega figure of speech,” Rick said, smiling at the omega. Daryl nodded, he understood that well enough, he was still trying to understand things, he had been free from a cell for only a few years before the apocalypse started. Then there was life on the streets or camping to survive, he still had a lot of things to learn.

“Rick..what would you do for your ‘brother’?” He asked air quoting the word.

“Anything, he was my partner at work, and he and I grew up together. I’d take a bullet for him, I mean I let him have my wife and there was no fight about it, Lori and I were mates. Carl is my son, but now it’s just me and Carl. Carl loves you, ya know. Lori chose Shane but I don’t hold it against him, if it was me or him I’d fight to make sure we both made it out alive. I wouldn’t want to lose him. I’d go after him if he got lost, I’d try and save Lori for him even though she sucks.”

“You’d do that for him?”

“Yeah, I would. I love him like family.”

“My brother wanted to sell me, they both wanted to sell me. They hurt me and have hurt me..they keep hurting me.” He whined as he felt more pain from his heat beginning to bubble. “Alpha..I want to learn what real love is, what a family feels like.”

“Our pack is a family, we do love you, Daryl.” Rick smiled. Rick watched Daryl as he whimpered, writhing in pain. Rick held Daryl close, hoping his scent would help, Daryl was strong as hell but this clearly hurt him more than the omega had expected.


“I will you know no strings attached, you don’t have to want me or agree to my courting if I help with this.”

“No. I don’t… I don’t want to give into it so quickly. I need to get used to it…I need to work through this then..then when you’ve courted me and mated with me you can help.”

Rick nodded holding Daryl in place as the omega sobbed, he hated this more than anything but he was going to push through it. Rick laid his head on Daryl’s shoulder, Daryl muttered trying to ignore the need for Rick. He had to push through this, had to, he whimpered more as the pain flushed through him.

Rick wanted to kiss Daryl, let him know he was okay, but he knew he needed to wait. Daryl yipped as he felt Rick’s finger brush his scent glands. “Ah..”

“Sorry sorry, I can leave.”

“No stay.” He whined, “stay.”

Rick nodded trying not to move, Daryl wiggled in his spot feeling the weight of the Alpha. He whined again but didn’t move, Rick was breathing slowly trying to stay calm for the omega.

Daryl whined this time the call for an alpha. Daryl yelped as Rick was on top of Daryl within seconds. Daryl cried out in panic, Rick looked down at the omega with a horrified look. “I’m sorry.” Rick snarled, he stood running out the door, Daryl was breathing heavily. Rick had been on top of him and he wanted it, even though it scared him he wanted it, he turned to the side tears running down his face. He needed Rick and he had run off leaving him alone.

Rick sat against the door in the library, he lowered his head, what had he done. Why did he do that? Daryl looked so pretty laying under him even for the seconds he was, and yet he had scared the omega.

“Fucking idiot.” Rick growled at himself, he wanted to go to Daryl but thought he should leave him alone. Daryl sobbed harder from both pain and sadness, he should have let Rick help. Should have let the alpha do what he wanted, now he was alone. He rolled over again, the scent of his heat was wafting through the halls. Daryl stood whining, he needed his alpha, he took three steps before he was on the ground.

Chapter Text

He growled slamming his fist on the ground, he forced himself on his feet. He wasn’t anyone’s bitch, he wasn’t going to let a heat take him out.

“Rick!” Daryl yelled. Rick stepped out, as did a few people trying to see what was wrong with the omega when Daryl let out a soft whine. Rick noticed the look in his eyes, the alpha stalked forward before two of the betas stepped out stopping Rick. “Let him pass.” Daryl yipped, they stopped and sidestepped out of the way.

Rick picked up his speed picking up the omega and slamming the door. Daryl yelped, he hadn’t expected the skinny alpha to pick him up like a rag doll. Daryl whined as Rick laid the omega on the bed. “Do you want me to?”

“No, but I need you here.” Daryl snapped, Rick sat back looking Daryl over. “Please alpha stay.”

Rick sat watching Daryl as his body continued to shiver with pain, Rick wanted to fix him, make the pain go away. “I’m sorry Daryl, I wish I could do more.”

“Kiss me stupid.” Daryl snarled, Rick’s eyes grew wide.


“Better do it fast or I’ll take it back.” The gruff omega snapped. Rick leaned in and kissed the omega, sparks flew and Rick had more desire to ease the pain than ever. Daryl smiled as their lips met, he leaned forward trying to get closer to the alpha.

“Alpha.” Daryl muttered into his lips. “Thank you.”

Rick nodded. “Daryl, I want to win you over.”

“Then start trying,” Daryl grumbled. Rick smiled, he nodded in excitement. Daryl smiled at the alphas pleased looked, his eyes glazed over as another painful shock ran through him.

Rick leaned forward trying to offer his scent but the omega began to squeal in pain. “Hey hey it’s okay..I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. I’ll go get some heated water bottles okay?”

Daryl nodded, breathing heavily as he hissed in pain. He curled into himself, trying to focus on the kiss he just shared with the alpha.

That was when it dawned on Daryl. Rick has been courting him since that first day. Offering his tent instead of his own, offering to stay with him during this heat even when he couldn’t do the one thing he wanted to, the way he held him without forcing sex or kisses, letting Daryl take the lead in their relationship despite being an omega. Allowing Daryl even with his status to fight and prove himself.

Rick had been courting it just wasn’t physical items yet.

He was bringing a hot water bottle, did that count as a courting gift?

Daryl yipped in pain as Rick raced in the bottles in his hands. Daryl took them quickly curling around the heated bottles. He sighed in relief, the pain subsiding again. He smiled thankful for Rick, Rick smiled laying a blanket over Daryl. Rick waited until the omega fell asleep again and headed to his room with his son.

“Is Daryl going to be my new mom?” The young alpha asked, his eyebrow raised. Rick eyed his son.

“Would you be mad if I said yes?”

“No, I want Daryl to be my momma.”

Rick smiled a rumble of pride emitting from his chest. “So I can keep courting him?”

“You better dad.”

Rick smiled, taking a deep breath kissing his son's forehead. Carl smiled before the two fell asleep.

Daryl woke finally feeling capable of moving, a plate sat on the bedside table with a note. “Eat up ‘mega. Hope you like all this. Rick.”

Daryl smiled, a courting gift.

He ate calmly, drinking the cup of water and taking a pain pill he was able to walk around and move without concern. He smiled thankful it was calming down, he started heading up the stairs to Jenner.

Everyone was talking about their next move when Daryl got up the steps. “Hey.” He called. The pups came running wrapping their arms around the omega Daryl snickered as he held the pups picking them up carefully.

Rick smiled seeing the omega standing and seeming as good as normal. “Daryl, you’re doing better.”

“Hot water bottles, sleep, and a good meal helped. Pain pills too.” Everyone laughed at the omegas comment, he strode in holding the pups close. “What are we talking about?”

“I thought we had more time, the building is going to explode soon. I need you all to collect your things and go.” Jenner looked between them all. “I’m sorry I wish this could have been stable. I’m sorry I have to make you leave during a heat.”

Daryl grunted but knew it was going to happen at some point. “Don’t apologize.” He held the pups close. “Let’s go.”

The omega has spoken, now they needed Rick’s say. “Let’s go.” The alpha stated, everyone was rushing to collect their items. Their cars were packed and they were off, Jacqui stayed behind. This world wasn’t for her, she hated it and couldn’t keep going.

Daryl couldn’t ride the bike like he wanted, so he was in the car with Rick, Shane, Lori, and Carl. “How are you feeling omega?” Shane asked, Carl was leaning against Daryl and had fallen asleep. Lori was staring at them but stayed silent.

“Better, I’ll get used to the feeling eventually. It only has a day or two left I think.”

Shane nodded, eyeing Rick. “So are you two courting officially then?”

Lori huffed trying to hide her anger. “Carl gave me the okay. So I’m trying my damndest.” Rick smiled, the two alphas seemed to know it was going to piss off the beta, Daryl was smiling watching the beta squirm. “So yes we have.”

Carl muttered in his sleep. “Momma.”

Lori and Daryl both looked down at the young alpha. Lori bristled at Daryl, he didn’t move as the young alpha grew closer to him in his sleep.

Rick and Shane watched them from the rearview mirror. Before Lori could fight with Daryl the RV stopped. “Hell.” Rick stepped out of the car. Everyone followed their alpha out into the car-filled road. Carl woke and clung to Daryl, Sophia held close to the omega. Andrea and Glenn watched the omega and pups close, their concern for the ‘vulnerable’ pack mates clear. Rick was thankful for their need to protect his intended mate and the pups.

They began to move cars, collecting items from within them. Lori was huffing and complaining like usual. Daryl had sent the pups to Carol and stepped up to Lori. He was busy collecting cans of food and things for the pups when she started whining. “You know what bitch, pull your weight.”

Lori turned towards the omega. “What did you just say to me, knot-clencher?”

Daryl growled, he hated that word. “You heard me! Pull your damn weight.”

Rick and Shane heard their yelling as the omega yelped, feeling pain from his heat. Lori took the chance to swipe. He dropped the items in his hands as she did so, Daryl never wanted to hit a woman but he didn’t want to back down.

Daryl growled and went to slam his fist when Rick picked him up and carried him off, Shane doing the same with Lori. “Get off me! Let me hit that stupid bitch.” Daryl growled.

“Omega sit.” Daryl looked at Rick and sighed, sitting quickly. “What happened?”

“Stupid bitch..she keeps huffing and complaining like this is only affecting her. I told her to pull her weight..I did call her a bitch but that was being nice. She called me a knot clencher.”

Rick grumbled. “I’m sorry.” Rick lowered himself down to his level. “You can’t pick on her though. She is Shane’s mate, Shane is my second.”

Daryl lowered his head. “Yes alpha.”

Another wave of pain hit him and he whined, Rick reached for him when T-Dog yelled. “Walkers! Walkers!”

Daryl was up in an instant racing towards the pups, he rushed Carol and the two pups inside the RV. Dale was on top, Andrea was inside the RV as well. “Keep them safe,” Daryl grunted running off again. Rick and Shane were under a truck. Lori inside a car, Glenn and T-Dog were hiding inside a second car as well. Daryl was looking for a safe place to hide.

Daryl scented it before he saw it. A walker close beside him, he took his arrow in hand slamming it into the walker's head. As the body dropped Daryl felt another rush of pain, he hissed and ran, he opened a door to a car and slid in. Everyone watched waiting for the walkers to disperse, they wouldn’t move until they heard their alpha tell them it was clear.

Daryl hissed in pain, he whined and it wasn’t quiet. Rick and Shane’s heads shot up from under the trucks hearing their omega whine. Daryl cursed as he called a few walkers back to him, the door wasn't shut as well as he had hoped. A few began to make their attempt at getting to him. He kicked over the one side and raced off past the alphas, his scent thick with panic and pain.

Rick tried to move and Shane held him down. “You’ll both get hurt.” Shane hissed.

Daryl whimpered again, “Not now bitch.” He whispered to himself.

His legs faltered, he went flying over himself. The dead groaned getting closer, he hissed, turning overshooting through two. Dale watched in panic, he couldn’t get a clear shot without hitting Daryl too.

“Not today mother fuckers.” Daryl grunted as he kicked one back. As it tumbled the fourth tripped over it. Daryl stood and then dropped the heats pain shooting through in droves. Daryl whimpered calling both the alphas, Shane was quick as he let go of his alpha, Rick was on his feet running towards his omega.

Daryl saw Rick coming for him. He smiled thankful for the help, the two walkers were still scrambling for him. He was backing up the heat forcing him to be slow. Rick stabbed one and kicked the other away, Daryl managed to shoot it with his arrow before he was suddenly in Rick’s arm bridal style.

Daryl growled but Rick ignored his protests racing back towards the group omega in tow. It looked clear and everyone piled out of the cars, RV, and trucks, Daryl felt shame. He should be able to fight the dead off and not need an alpha to save him.

Dale went towards his alpha. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t get a clear shot. I’m sorry alpha.”

“Don’t apologize Dale, I would rather you not try than shoot my omega.” Rick said. Daryl blushed.

That phrase again.

My omega.

He wasn’t Rick’s, not yet anyway. “We need to find stability anywhere.”

“There may be farm land,” Daryl said. “This is backcountry further in. They usually are super traditional though.”

Andrea nodded. “Our pack is semi-traditional, a clear prime but we have two alphas, a second in command with a beta mate. A living alpha that took the primes mate, an unmarked in heat Omega. We may pose a threat to some.”

“We will have to take our chances,” Rick said, refusing to put down the omega. Daryl wiggled in his arms but couldn’t fight his tight grip. Daryl growled but Rick growled back and Daryl backed down exposing his neck, Rick grinned licking his scent glands and Daryl nearly lost his mind.

“Fuck you.” Daryl snapped as he tried to think straight. Rick snickered climbing into the back of the car, Lori was in the passenger seat, Shane the driver. Carl sat beside Daryl who was trying not to beg Rick for his knot.

Rick could smell the want on him but didn’t move. His heat would be over soon, and then they would be safer for a while, Daryl wouldn’t be so disoriented or weak. They could recoup and talk about what needed to be done.

Driving further forward they came upon a beautiful farm.

Chapter Text

Rick didn’t let Daryl leave his side. “I will go see if anyone’s there. Looks well kept.”

Rick dragged Daryl along, the omega glad to follow. The strength in his leg had returned. “Alpha,” the omega whined, “slow down.”

Rick slowed his pace, Daryl didn’t have to jog to keep up now. As Rick went to knock on the door he was nearly knocked over by two betas racing out. One was a pup maybe sixteen the other older, their eyes were glued to Daryl. “Daddy! We have company!” The younger of the two called. “An omega daddy! A real omega!”

Soon an old man appeared at the doorway. “Well, I’ll be.” He was an elder alpha, he looked between the two and then saw the small pack waiting in the wings. “What can we do for you?”

The pup was stuck to Daryl like glue, she was taking in his scent and trying to get a good look at him before he winced in pain. The older alpha looked at him with concern. “Is he okay?” The older daughter asked.

“S’ fine.” Daryl muttered. “Just my heat.”

The two girls looked amazed the alpha wasn’t breeding him as they spoke, the younger daughter looked between the two. “Why aren’t you helping the poor thing?”

“Hasn’t given me permission,” Rick replied his omega beginning to grow weak in the knees. “Can we stay here? Please, we will all pull our weight we promise, when Daryl’s heat ends in a day or two he’s a good hunter. We can leave if you want after his heat but at least let us stay please.”

“You just brought our family more hope than ever with this omega, please stay, I have rules, however. I need you all to follow. I have three others on the farm too, my names Hershel and these are my girls, Maggie my eldest and my youngest Beth. I also have Otis, Patricia, and Jimmy. Otis is an alpha as well, the rest betas. Your boy here is the first omega we have seen in a long time.”

Daryl nodded, he had heard that a lot recently. He suddenly dropped to his knees, Maggie raced to grab for him but within a flash Rick was holding him up. He didn’t growl at the young beta but gave her a look.


“What’s wrong with him?” Beth asked, not trying to sound mean.

“I have a device implanted in my womb, makes my heats worse. Pup.” Daryl said before Rick adjusted him to hold him better. Daryl groaned in pain.

Hershel’s eyes grew wide. “Oh..oh come get him laying down. Your pack may enter my home and we can talk about arrangements and land rules.”

Rick nodded to Shane who let the pack grow close, Daryl wiggled in Rick’s hold as Rick followed the old man to a room where he could lay down.

“What did he mean by device?” Beth asked her sister. Maggie had heard of omega-rings and didn’t want to scare her sister.

“Sometimes bad people kidnap omegas. That’s why they were rare before the apocalypse, sometimes they had a small chip or device put inside them to make their heats hurt so badly they wouldn’t put up a fight if someone tried to breed them. This omega looks really strong though, I think they are trying to fight the pain and that’s why it is hurting them so badly.” Maggie explained. Beth gasped, this omega looked nice, and clearly, he was willing to travel with two alphas without the worry of being attacked so she felt she could trust them. She hoped nothing bad had ever happened to the poor omega, she lowered her head praying he would be okay.

Maggie watched her sister when she saw him.


Her eyes grew wide and she felt a flutter in her stomach. Glenn looked at her and felt the same way, a connection was being formed at that very moment. Beth saw the look exchanged and tried to hide her smile, the rest of the pack piled into the beautiful farmhouse as Daryl yelped in pain. Everyone's heads turned towards the room where the omega was laid up. Shane went to stand beside his alpha and felt Rick bristle.

“Whoa brother, I don’t want your omega,” Shane promised, Rick eyed Shane trying to snap out of the sudden need for Daryl. Daryl looked between the two alphas and as his eyes fell on Shane Rick growled.

Daryl felt a sudden jolt of electricity run through his body. The pain seemed to be gone, Rick’s eyes were growing black with want.

Shane saw the look in his eyes. “Rick look you need to see reason,” Rick growled at his brother looking right at Daryl.

“Run Daryl.” Shane snarled at the omega, Daryl looked at them both and stood racing.

The pack panicked as Shane yelped, Rick pushed him out of the way as Daryl ran through the house past the pack and out the door. Daryl had never felt a need to run from Rick until that moment, “Mine!” Rick snarled, Daryl whined, scenting Rick close. Daryl however couldn't help but smile, this felt right oddly enough, felt real. He wanted that alpha just as much as that alpha wanted him, but Daryl wasn't going to give in so easily.

Rick was inches behind him, Andrea, Glenn, and Shane were racing to stop the alpha from doing something he was going to regret.

Daryl tucked tail, he rolled and turned catching Rick off guard. Rick snarled as he skidded to a halt, Daryl laughed as he kept running. His body knew this was right, knew their connection was real.

As Daryl ran past his pack mates he smiled. “Let him catch me.”

The three stood dumbfounded as they were suddenly crashed into by their alpha, like bowling pins. Rick growled, for a moment however he recognized their scents and didn’t attack but rather pushed them out of his way chasing his omega.

Daryl was enjoying the chase. He felt slick run down his leg and knew his scent was strong, he wanted Rick to catch him but not without a fight.

“Keep the pups inside. He may just take him when he catches him.” Shane said as he made it back to the house. Maggie wanted to see the chase end but knew better. Hershel chuckled remembering he and his mate running around like love sick pups.

Suddenly Daryl was tumbling, he had tripped over his own feet and was on the ground. Rick smiled seeing his ‘prey’ defenseless.

Rick pounced and Daryl only half fought. “Off me, get off.” Daryl muttered but Rick didn’t budge. Daryl threw a punch with a smile on his face. Rick stopped his fist midair which didn't help how turned on Daryl felt.

“Mine.” He whispered growling.

He scented the omega and licked his glands again and Daryl moaned. Rick’s eyes grew wide and black full of desire and want, Daryl eyed Rick. “Take me alpha. Take me.” The omega grumbled, Rick smiled picking up his prize. Daryl yelped as he was carried like a sack of potato’s past the house. His pack mates and new friends watched as Daryl flailed surprised by the alpha's speed and strength. Rick carried him towards the RV and slammed the door closed before they heard Rick snarl marking his spot for the time being.

“Took him long enough.” Shane rolled his eyes. “Surprised he managed this long honestly.”

Lori rolled her eyes and she was angry but didn’t say a word. Carl looked at Sophia with a big smile. “He’s gonna be my new momma!”

Sophia smiled, chirping for her friend.


Daryl sat back heaving as Rick began to undress without a word to the omega, as Rick’s top came off Daryl felt heat rise up within him. “Off now.” Rick snapped, Daryl looked at himself and realized he wanted his shirt off too.

“I don’t think so.” Daryl whined. “Anything but the top.”

Rick growled but the omega even in a heat didn’t back this time, Rick rolled his eyes and dropped his pants, his cock outlined by his boxers. Daryl moaned again causing Rick’s eyes to deepen black and he was suddenly on top of the omega in seconds.

Daryl whined as he had his pants ripped from him, oddly enough Rick didn’t force his shirt off. “May I ‘mega may I breed you?” The alpha grunted his voice husky. Daryl nodded as he got his boxers off, the floor of the RV covered in slick.

“Gentle, first time.” He muttered, Rick grinned at the idea of a virgin hole, it was setting him off again. He ripped his boxers off and without warning had his cock lined with the entrance, his tip pressing against him teasing. “Fuck me please alpha.” The omega begged. Rick didn’t wait to be told again, he was careful to go slow at first, Daryl’s eyes grew wide feeling his entrance be slowly stretched by Rick’s cock.

“Alpha!” Daryl moaned loudly.

Rick quickened his speed but was careful to not hurt the newly deflowered omega. Daryl was moaning and whining in pleasure, Rick thrusting deep and enjoying himself. The RV rocked and the scent of sex wafted through the air, their moans and groans also hearable from the farmhouse.

“I’m going to claim you as mine when I knot you.” Rick growled. “You’re mine omega.”

Daryl nodded. “Yours yes yours..fuck..Ah.ah..alpha alpha..please I’ yours.”

Rick smiled as he slammed against Daryl’s most sensitive spot and stopped his knot catching. Daryl howled in pleasure before he felt Rick pull his shirt to the side biting down in his glands forming the mate mark. Daryl moaned into the bite feeling his chemistry change, the bliss began to run through him.

Daryl realized then he now belonged to the alpha male entirely, there were no if’s, ands, or buts about it. Daryl was now Rick’s by right, he had been claimed by the alpha male as his mate. Daryl was in euphoria, feeling the knot twitch as seed-filled Daryl which caused him to cum as well covering his Alphas chiseled chest. Daryl grunted in surprise as he drilled deeper with the knot, seed squirting out. “My omega. My mate. Mine.” Rick repeated between lapping at the bite mark he had created.

He was now prime mate, he had authority, the pups in the pack were his even if they had a mother already. He wasn’t going to force them to call him mom or take the pups it wasn’t something he would do, he felt Rick adjust the knot stretching him.

“Shirt off.” Rick ordered and Daryl couldn’t deny him. He had to follow his mate's order, the only thing about their union he was upset about, the control. Daryl wiggled taking off his top, Rick smiled seeing his naked form entirely. Rick grunted in anger as he saw now light bruises but he was sure they were once darker. Daryl tried to hide his face but was stopped as Rick captured his lips in his.

Daryl moaned as Rick stood with him in hand and laid him on the couch, the floor now covered in slick and cum. “I love you omega.”

Daryl moaned. “I..I..I love you too. Alpha.”

“Why did you not want me to see you shirtless ‘mega. You’re mine. All of you.”

Rick’s eyes were still glazed over with lust. Daryl leaned forward enough Rick could look down his back some. He growled more, his chest rumbling in anger, Rick’s knot deflated after another few minutes and Daryl was flipped over on his stomach. Daryl yipped as Rick lifted his ass up re-entering the omegas wanting hole, Rick eyed his scars.

“Mine, mine, mine,” Rick growled as he began to thrust inward, Daryl moaned and whined in pleasure as his alpha took what he wanted but was soft and kind. “Mine ‘mega, mine.”

“Yours alpha..yours..” Daryl was breathless, the pain of the heat had fully suppressed and he was only in bliss. “Ah..ah Rick!” Daryl grunted in satisfaction as Rick knotted again. Daryl couldn’t move now, Rick was busy suckling his shoulders and neck leaving love bites. Daryl whined as he felt another bite on his back shoulder, then another to the shoulder blade. Rick was careful with his wounds but they didn’t stop him.

Rick smiled satisfied as his knot held Daryl close. The knot pulsating filling Daryl with seed. Rick grunted as the knot deflated Daryl fell forward breathing heavily. Daryl turned to look over Rick, his body shook and ached but he felt good.

“Alpha..” Daryl moaned, Rick leaned forward kissing him, his eyes no longer black but blue. “Alpha thank you.”

Rick stared at Daryl both men breathing heavy. “Sorry..sorry I was going to court you..wait for you t-“

Daryl kicked him off the couch startling the alpha, Rick stood tall but Daryl wasn’t scared of his alpha. Rick glared but Daryl smiled and his anger subsided. “Shut up. I told you to take me, I told you I wanted it. If I had said no would you have been able to hurt me?”

Rick hesitated. “I would like to say I could stop myself.”

“You didn’t hurt Glenn, Shane, or Andrea when they were chasing you.” Daryl grumbled. Rick eyed him.

“Yeh, you’re right. You’re mine,” there was another low grumble, “only mine Daryl.”

“Yes alpha yours, only yours.”

Rick smiled and nibbled on his fresh mate mark causing the omega to wiggle in unfathomable bliss. “You ready to see our pack as pack mother ‘mega?” Rick asked as he began to dress his omega. Daryl groaned.

“I can dress myself alpha.”

“Shh, no. I want to take care of you. Mine.” Daryl nodded his fight dropping once Rick brushed his scent glands. The newly formed mate mark warm. “Come on now.”

Daryl finally got completely dressed, Rick picked up his mate kicking open the RV door. Daryl flushed trying to hide, for he saw all eyes right on him.

Chapter Text

Shane smiled. “About time brother.”

Daryl rolled his eyes as Rick set his wobbling mate on a chair his legs felt like jelly. Without warning, Sophia and Carl were on top of the newly mated omega. “Means I can call you momma now?” Carl asked nuzzling him, smelling his father on the omega.

“If you want to, yes.” Daryl smiled taking a deep breath as Sophia looked at her mother with a smile.

“By pack law these two are yours now.” Carol said.

“I’m not going to take your daughter from you.” Daryl growled. “She is under my charge but she is yours Carol.”

“But you’ll take my son?” Lori asked, appearing in the doorway. Daryl grumbled but his new status as the prime alphas mate was instant, all the betas growled at the woman as she appeared even Shane was standing in front of Daryl.

“I want him as my momma,” Carl spoke up, the young alpha sticking close to Daryl. Hershel watched the pack carefully, Beth felt a need to be close to Daryl as well but she had no reason other than she still counted as a pup. Jimmy as well at only 17 he was still a pup for another year.

Lori felt betrayed, but with Daryl’s new status as prime omega, she had no say. She rolled her eyes and walked away. Daryl held Carl and Sophia close. “Mine.” He whispered, nuzzling the pups.

The two young pups clung to Daryl. Rick smiled seeing his mate holding the pups and then it dawned on him, Daryl could have gotten pregnant after two knots so quickly. It didn’t seem to phase Daryl, but the omega was silently concerned about the idea. He didn’t know the first thing about pregnancy, especially in the apocalypse.

Finally the two pups raced off to play with Beth and help her with her farm duties. “Those pups are rambunctious,” Hershel noted. “So your pack, we need to make rules to ensure we all get along. That beta, Lori is she going to be a problem?”

“I don’t plan on her being an issue, however, I will have my pack keep an eye on her,” Rick promised.

“I also wish you wouldn’t hold weapons, this farm is safe. There is no need for them.”

Rick hesitated, he had two pups and his omega here, but he nodded. “Your farm your rules.”

“Please stay out of the barn,” Hershel added. “It is just better to ignore.” Rick didn’t ask, but he wanted to, he was worried for his packs safety but this man had let them into their home. “As for rooms, you, your pup, and omega can stay in the guest room. Your second and his mate can have the pull-out couch. Sophia can stay with Beth as well as Carol. Andrea, can stay with Maggie. T-Dog and Glenn the other couches. Dale can have the couch in my office.”

“Thank you for allowing us to stay here.” Rick said.

“Seeing that omega has given us some hope.” Hershel said as Daryl, while wobbly, began to walk towards his mate. Rick carefully wrapped his arm around Daryl’s waist, the omega preened into his hold.

“Hershel is allowing us to stay here.” Rick smiled. “For the foreseeable future.”

Daryl looked wide eyed at the elder alpha. “Really?”

“Really,” Rick smiled, kissing his omega. Daryl looked Hershel over.

“Thank you, if not for any of us, for the pups. They need some security, not wondering who will die next or when their next meal will come.” Daryl was twitching to see the farm in its entirety.

“Rick seems like a good man, as does your pack, follow my rules and you’ll be safe here.”

“Rules?” Daryl asked, the concept of rules having been a negative thing. Rick felt Daryl grow stiff.

“I’ll be telling the whole pack honey, and they aren’t bad.” Daryl’s stiff posture eased some. “Alright pack huddle,” Rick called. The pack was sitting around them within seconds.

“Hershel’s farm Hershel’s rules, there aren’t many but I am also adding a few. The barn is off-limits, he asks we don’t have weapons on us so we should agree to that. He has given us sleeping arrangements which we can talk about later, I am asking everyone to help out with the chores. Hershel didn’t ask this, but as his guests, we should be as helpful to him as we can be. We should also set up patrols. I will ask him if at least a knife can be permitted just for safety reasons. The fence needs securing as well, we should secure the fence to ensure the safety of our pups.”

No one would fight what their Alpha had to say. They didn’t like the idea of no weapons, but it was what it was. Daryl smiled seeing his pack standing strong together, this place could be good for them if they stood together and helped Hershel with the farm chores.

Otis and Patricia were happy to see two healthy pups and an omega, Jimmy and Beth constantly asked if they could play with the pups or go talk to the omega. “You two need to leave the poor omega alone,” Maggie said. “He just got here and it seems those pups are all over him all the time.”

Beth and Jimmy nodded, running off to play with the pups and keep them distracted. While Sophia and Carl were young they didn’t play young, they liked skipping rocks, looking for frogs and bugs, or just cloud watching. Rick had them on a schedule as well, school was important, Carol was happy to teach them. Daryl felt embarrassed he couldn’t teach his pups more than survival skills, he had been told omegas didn’t go to school. He knew the basics, but nothing more. He grumbled but didn’t argue when Carol offered for him to join in on some lessons to ‘keep an eye on the pups’ when in reality it was so he could learn some too. Rick smiled seeing his pack thrive with the new pack mates.

Hershel had agreed to let Rick become prime over his pack after the second week there. Maggie was perusing Glenn, both betas unsure of each other but both wanted to get to know one another better. Beth and Jimmy were happy to help with the younger pups and were happy to have a large happy family.

The next three weeks were calm, the pack had begun to work well together. Rebuilding fences, doing farmhouse chores, cooking, hunting, everything was going well. Daryl was the happiest that his heat was gone.

Lori was always bugged by the pups, the attention Daryl was getting from her ex, and the way that Rick cared for Sophia now too because by pack law all pups, once the prime took a mate, belonged to them by right.

That night the worst everyone was expecting was the oncoming storm.

Daryl slept soundly beside Rick, Carl curled up on a cot beside them. Suddenly Daryl woke in the middle of the night, something was wrong.

He didn’t wake Rick or anyone else, he began to scent carefully walking room to room when he realized a scent was missing.


Chapter Text

He trudged on his shoes, grabbed his crossbow and headed outside. He began to scent the air, the smell of coming rain was thick but he picked her scent up in the woods.

What the hell was that girl doing?

He ran out attempting to scent her, his eyes scanned the tree line. It was dark, he shouldn’t have left but he had to find his pup. He didn’t want to yell for her, not when he couldn’t see much in front of him. The scent of rain grew thicker and he knew he wouldn’t be able to track as well as usual.

He needed to find his pup.

“Sophia.” Daryl called quietly.


Daryl whined, he then realized his mistake as he smelt the dead. Fuck fuck fuck. Stop your whining. He thought to himself, he raced through the darkness following her scent until he tumbled. He landed flat in the water groaning; he smelt his own blood, one of his own arrows sticking through his side. He turned carefully when he saw Sophia's doll, scrambling in the water he picked up the toy feeling blood roll down his side.

He looked around himself, the scent of death thick, his blood and Sophia's scent lingering. Then he smelt Lori and his rage became uncontrollable, he scented the doll and realized both the nasty beta and the pups scent was thick on it.

He turned trying to get his surroundings under better control. He raced through the woods, Sophia's scent still traceable until the storm began to roll in. A flash of lightning stuck inches away from Daryl and he knew he had to turn back, but his heart hurt for his lost pup. Why was the scent of Lori thick on the doll? Why was she with Sophia?

The omega began to climb, blood pouring.

If she dies this is your fault, you should be a better pack mother. The voice of his brother laughed in his head.
Find a foothold.
So you go looking for a little girl, but not your dear big brother Darlina?
Grab for that tree branch.
You really are just a breeder bitch, should have sold you sooner.
Almost to the top.
Maybe that alpha will drop you flat, just wanted a nice hole to stick his knot in.
Scramble but safe for now.

That was when he heard a scream, Daryl turned and ran towards it further into the deep woods.

The scream and thunder had woken the pack. Rick turned over to check on Daryl when he realized his mate was gone.

“Dad, where’s momma?” Carl asked, concern wafting in the air.

“Sophia’s gone!” Carol's heartbroken sob filled the house. The pack convened downstairs another flash of lightning.

“Sophia and Daryl are both missing,” Rick stated coldly.

Glenn appeared with a look of panic. “Daryl’s bow and shoes are gone.”

“Daryl must have woken and not scented her, his omega instincts won’t let him turn back till he finds her. He is a good tracker and he had to go looking for her.” Andrea said as another flash of lightning startled the pack. The entire pack smelt of concern, all but Lori.

“He can’t track in the rain, her scents going to be lost.” Rick growled. “Why is it that you don’t smell as concerned as the rest of us Lori?”

Lori stepped back. “What am I supposed to do? Go look too? Keep better track of your pup and mate and I wouldn’t have to be in this position.”

Rick flew into a rage and the beta whimpered as Rick got close. He tried to calm down her being his pups birth mother and being his second mate. That was when he scented her. She smelt like Sophia, and the woods.

Shane and Carl scented her as well and their eyes grew wide. “What the hell did you do Lori?!” Shane growled wanting to slap her silly.

“I didn’t do anything.” She growled.

“Liar. You smell like the pup.”

Carol turned her eyes growing dark. “What did you do to my pup!” The older beta pounced on Lori, the women rolled on the floor. Rick and Shane pulled them apart, Lori’s lip bled and Carol was growling in anger. “What did you do?”

“Nothing.” Lori chimed again.

Daryl kept running he could hear a squeaking cry, as he raced forward he was blind sided by a walker. He cried out shooting it fast; he was thankful he had an arrow prepared. A few deep breaths later he was running again. “Puppy! Yell for me! I’m coming!”

Sophia heard Daryl and turned yipping. She was tied up in an old abandoned shed, two walkers were working on getting inside. Daryl smelt her fear first, he raced forward kicking one away and shooting the other. He began working tirelessly on the ropes. “Mommas here, I’m here.” Daryl cooed trying to ease her fear.

“Miss Lori told me it was a game!” Sophia cried kicking and crying. “Momma..momma…” Sophia sobbed as Daryl cut the rope. Daryl held her close to him breathing heavily. “Why did she do this momma?”

“Lori’s a bad lady, my little girl.” Daryl replied, kissing her cheek trying to calm her once more. Another flash of lighting and the tree beside them crashed starting on fire. Daryl’s eyes grew wide, multiple undead were on their way hearing the noise seeing the fire. Daryl picked Sophia up and began to run, his breathing hitched as he felt more blood dripping down his side. Six walkers followed him, his blood calling to their hunger.

He couldn’t lead the dead back to the pack but he needed Sophia safe. He looked around for some sign of safety, a tree she could climb or an abandoned truck. Nothing.

“Sophia, I need you to be brave for me okay?”

“Yes momma.”

“Take your doll, and run. Run straight ahead and start howling for Rick okay? Can you do that for me, puppy?”

Sophia looked behind them, six walkers making their way. Daryl bleeding.

“Yes momma.” She kissed his cheek and began to run. Daryl sighed in relief as he heard her howling for Rick. Rick and the others turned, hearing her howling. Rick and Shane were on their feet in seconds running out when they saw her coming out of the tree line, she calmed seeing the alphas. As she calmed a hand reached out, she turned and screamed.

Daryl turned hearing the scream, it was one of terror, he managed to kill four out of the six walkers and even with the injury he could outrun them. He started sprinting out when his world turned upside down. The smell of Sophia’s blood was thick.

Bursting from the trees Adrenalin kicked in, an arrow sticking out of him he was twitching with rage. A walker pulled away having bit her shoulder.

No one had heard Daryl scream the way he did, the walker turned and he shot it without stopping his quick pace. Sophia was sobbing uncontrollably, blood pouring from the wound. Daryl was holding her sobbing. “Puppy, I’m sorry I’m sorry I..I’m no Sophia no.”

Rick and Shane were slower then Daryl, as they stopped seeing the sight before then Rick howled mourning the pup. Daryl was bloody, covered in her blood and his own, Rick noticed the arrow and panic set in. Rick went to grab the dying pup from Daryl, who growled at him, Rick sat back watching the omega sob, shaking in rage and fear.

“Momma you saved me from being eaten alive…” she whispered, wiping a tear from his face, a bloody fingerprint being left on his cheek.

“I didn’t save’re still..still bit pup.” Daryl whined, Rick wanted to have Hershel check on Daryl but knew to wait.

Sophia curled into Daryl. “You saved me.” She whispered. “You’re a good momma.”

Daryl cried harder as the little girl began to convulse. Life fleeting. Carol ran out, rain drenching the pack that was coming to their aid. Carol took Sophia from Daryl’s hands. The omega shook seeing Lori, before anyone could process what was happening Daryl was on top of her in seconds. He was punching her and screaming about how she did this, this was her fault.

Rick pulled Daryl off as Lori pulled the arrow from his body. Daryl whined and howled trying to get to the beta bitch. “Call off your fuck slut.” Lori hissed. Shane slapped her hard and Rick tried his best not to fight holding his bleeding mate.

“ took my pup out in the woods and tied her up in a shed. If I hadn’t gotten there when I did there would have been six..six walkers gnawing on her you bitch. I’m going to kill you.” Daryl was breathing heavy, his body covered in blood, dirt, and rain.

“Lori!” Rick growled, the beta women stepped back. “You endangered my mate and got a pup killed. You know the laws.”

“Ancient laws or new laws don’t apply anymore.” The beta growled. T-Dog was holding her back while the alphas growled and the omega kept yelling about killing her. Carl was watching from the porch, Hershel holding him back.

“You killed my pup!” Daryl growled.

“Some omega you are, you were out there and she still died.” Lori growled. She was smug, all Daryl wanted to do was kill her.

Rick yelped as Daryl was out of his arms and had Lori back on the ground. T-Dog didn’t move, no one did, she had gotten the pup killed. As the prime’s omega mate Daryl deserved to divvy out the punishment. He grabbed for his bow, Carl ran in the house not wanting to watch but knowing she deserved it.

“You got my pup killed.” He hissed. He looked to Shane who gave the okay, then Rick. “You killed my pup.”

Lori struggled but was no match for the strong omega. Lori scratched and snapped at him, but soon the arrow flew and Daryl growled climbing off her now dead frame. Daryl raced to Sophia now, blood kept pouring from his wound but didn’t want to leave his dead pups side. Carol and Daryl sobbed over her. “I’m sorry I didn’t save her…”

“Daryl you went out in a storm, got yourself hurt, and yet you act like you didn’t lift a finger.” Shane said. The omega dropped his head feeling sick, he winced in pain. “Rick he’s badly injured.

Before Daryl could fight Rick had the omega in his arms running back to the farmhouse. Hershel was quick to help sew up the wound. Daryl whined in protest, he grumbled and argued but didn’t move when Rick told him to stay and get better. Daryl rolled his eyes trying not to think about the pup he just lost but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had been a few days since and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

That should have been him who got bit.

Chapter Text

He began to feel anxious, he tried to stand when he felt sick again. He laid there thinking hard about what was supposed to happen next. How would they get over her loss, would they ever?

That was when Carl walked in. “Momma, are you doing okay? You smell funny.”

Daryl lowered his head. “Sorry pup, I’m just upset over Sophia you know.” He was mourning the loss of his pup, Carl saw her like a sister and wanted to see her smile again.

“Lori killed her,” Carl whined, “you had to kill her, I don't blame you.”

Daryl nodded. “Yeh, I did. I’m sorry though pup.”


“She was your mom.”

“No, you’re my mom.” Carl replied. Daryl smiled seeing the pup smiling at him, Carl climbed into the bed with him when Daryl eyed his son. “You smell different.”

Daryl thought for a moment. “What do I smell like?”

“Usually like pine, but now you smell like vanilla.”

Daryl froze. “Wait..what.”

“Vanilla, I remember that smell because I liked the ice cream. Momma what’s wrong?”

Daryl sat up but winced. “I need you to get Glenn for me okay. Don’t tell anyone about the scent.”

The young pup nodded, pups could smell things before even Alphas. Their noses were still developing, it’s why suppressant blockers didn’t work on them either, thankfully Daryl didn’t have to worry about Beth or Jimmy at sixteen the nose developed fully.

Glenn walked in and Carl left to find his dad. “What can I do for you, omega?”

“I need you to do a run for me, please, I need you to get me a pregnancy test. Don’t tell anyone please. I’ll tell Rick as soon as I know but I need to know for sure before I tell him.”

Glenn’s hyperbolic tail was wagging. The idea of Daryl being pregnant was both exciting and scary, but that meant their prime alpha was strong and so was Daryl. “I can do that of course Daryl. You really think you are?”

“Thank you. Yeh..” he was scared. He wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing. The beta nuzzled his prime’s mate trying to ensure him to be calm. Daryl took a deep breath thankful for Glenn. He hated the idea of being weak.

Daryl was scared, they had just lost Sophia, could he really be a good mom?

Glenn was quick, he began asking if anyone needed anything because he wanted to do a run. No one questioned his motive. He ran off to do the run, he found two tests made specifically for male omegas and then found some other supplies. He came back smiling like a pup, Daryl was up and moving at least which made the pack smile. His stance was one of a man on edge, constantly concerned about something. Glenn knew what it had to be, if he was with pup.

When Daryl saw Glenn the man sighed in relief, he was always scared when one of his packmates went out on their own. After losing Sophia and becoming pack mother it made him more on edge about it. “Did you get the stuff?” Daryl grunted.

“Two, made for your kind too.”

Daryl exposed his scent gland to Glenn in thanks, the beta smiled thankfully taking in his scent. Ricks musk masked any sign of pregnancy due to the mate mark. His usual omega scent was masked a bit by Rick’s scent but if anyone were to stumble upon Daryl they would smell both alpha and omega. “Thank you again Glenn.”

Glenn nodded, bounding off trying to hide his smile. Daryl ran off to take the tests, reading the instructions he peed on both sticks and waited staring at the tests trying not to cry or smile.

His eyes grew wide as they both came back positive. He picked them up, his hands shaking, his scent was mixed with excitement and concern. “Oh…oh no..I can’t be..I..I can’t this..this fast..I..he’s going to be so happy. So is Carl..I’m happy.. puppy I promise just nervous..” he was talking to his unborn pup already. He had a need to protect it whatever it was or no matter how many there were. Daryl smiled as he laid his hand on his flat stomach. “I need to tell him.”

He got up and went to find Rick, he needed to tell his alpha. He held the tests tightly in his hand, he was stopped by Carl who scented him again. “Why do you smell like that?” He asked, the sweet scent becoming more noticeable. Daryl smiled, bending down.

“Can you keep a secret just for a few hours?”

“Yeh momma.”

“I’m pregnant.” Daryl whispered, showing the test to ‘his’ son. “Dad doesn’t know yet. No one does.”

“I’m gonna be a big brother?!” He whispered loudly. Daryl laughed as Carl began to chirp in excitement. “Momma, that's amazing. So that’s why you smell like that.”

“That’s why I smell like this.” Daryl replied. “Soon everyone will be able to smell it but right now only you can. I need to tell your dad but I haven’t yet. I just found out myself, so promise to keep it a secret until I tell you he knows.”

Carl nodded enthusiastically trying to hide the scent of one very excited big brother. Daryl laughed, kissing Carl’s head and raced off to find Rick.

Chapter Text

“Hey Rick.” Daryl began as he entered their room. Rick turned his smile growing wide as he saw his omega standing in the doorway. Daryl had the tests hidden in his back pocket. “ omegas and Alphas usually have sex outside of heats?”

Rick’s eyes grew wide, excitement brewing in his chest rumbling with desire.

“Yes. You just can’t get pregnant off your heat, and your slick while there, isn’t as helpful. I’ll be careful and I won’t knot you unless you ask.”

Daryl smiled, he knew as he got bigger sex would be harder. Daryl blushed as Rick walked up to him and closed the door quickly locking it. Daryl nuzzled his alpha as he was picked up and laid on the bed Daryl grabbed the tests while Rick was turned around finding lube and slid them into the drawer of the nightstand before he began to fumble with his clothes.

Daryl managed to get his shirt off, Rick was naked within seconds watching his omega struggle with his belt. “Want to get kinky?” Rick asked as he pulled the belt free waving it in front of his mates face. Daryl smiled and nodded. “I don’t need the belt, I got cuffs.” Daryl’s eyes grew wide as the ex-cop pulled a second set of cuffs from his belt. Daryl wiggled his pants off and Rick cuffed his mate to the bed carefully.

Rick smiled as he lowered himself down to the point in which he could spread the lube on his waiting hole. “What made you want me? Right now hmm?”

Daryl smiled as he spread his legs more, his wrists stuck above his head. “Just wanted to please my alpha.” In reality he didn’t realize pregnancy made him horny. Daryl wiggled begging his mate to use him. Rick smiled looking over his mate, he was taking in this sight before anything bad happened. “Fuck me alpha, please alpha.” Daryl begged.

Rick smirked seeing the omega expose himself more to him. Rick lined himself up and slowly entered his omega, he loved Daryl and he was glad he could do this intimate act outside of heats. Lori never wanted sex unless she was coming into a betas equivalent of a heat herself. This was different, Daryl was good to him, even though the omega was still nervous about letting him take charge and accepting sex for more then just the alphas pleasure.

Rick looked Daryl over before clamping down on his mate mark to ensure their bond. Daryl moaned into the bite, he rocked his hips against Rick the alpha moaning into the slow fucking Daryl was getting. “You so needy for me hmm ‘mega? Going to fuck yourself on me? You keep doing that I may knot you.”

Daryl grunted trying to get more friction, Rick began to fuck into Daryl slow and steady. Daryl moaned and muttered into each slow fuck, soon Rick began to add speed to the fucking. Daryl wiggled and moaned whimpering for more. “Good boy fuck..” Rick grunted as he got close. “I need”

“Knot me alpha.” Daryl begged, it was going to be a while before he could again without hurting their pup. Rick smiled as he did as his omega said, he was deep inside his knot forming. Daryl felt the seed fill him up, he panted and moaned as Rick uncuffed him. “Thank you alpha.”

“Thank you ‘mega. Thank you for letting me knot you and use the cuffs. My kinky little omega.” Daryl blushed feeling his knot bulged. Daryl felt like he was floating, Rick smiled seeing his mate in such a state of euphoria.

“You can tie me up whenever.” The omega mumbled. Rick smiled seeing him blush and try to hide his face.

“Don’t hide from me my pretty mate.” Daryl turned his head as Rick opened the bedside table to put the cuffs away. Rick’s eyes grew wide seeing the positive tests. “Daryl! Oh my god you’re pregnant.”

Daryl nodded trying to adjust but the knot kept him stuck. “I was going to tell you after the knot came out opened the drawer. Pregnant..I’m pregnant.”

Rick nuzzled his mate, licking his mate mark, as the knot deflated Rick laid beside Daryl. “It’s amazing, I can’t believe it Daryl..I..oh god this pup is going to be spoiled I..I can’t believe it. How long have you known?”

“Just today, I took the tests right before I came in here. Carl knows, and I sent Glenn to get them but..but you’re the pups pa..I wanted you to know as soon as I could, but I also wanted you to be able to enjoy yourself..before I get too big and I complain too much.”

Rick imagined watching Daryl grow round with his pup or pups growing inside. “Daryl..I..I didn’t think it would happen so fast..I know you may not be ready and I’m sorry..but I. I love you and promise I will protect you and our pups.”

Daryl smiled. “With it as their father I’m ready. You can’t keep me down all the time just because I’m pregnant though. I want to help, until I can’t okay.”

Rick nodded. “I know Daryl, I won’t keep you down until you shouldn’t be on your feet. Hershel can check you out he was a veterinarian. I know you aren’t an animal, but it’s the best we got. They are going to be so spoiled, and love life because their momma is strong and they have a big brother who I’m sure couldn’t contain his excitement, and a dad who loves them already. A whole pack who I’m sure will help raise this little tyke. The best of all is we have this farm they will be able to be raised in, they won’t be scared on the road, their cry won’t call hundreds of the dead.”

Daryl smiled as Rick began to kiss his flat stomach. Rick began to kiss up his chest until he got to his mate mark and scented while lapping at the mark. “Fuck..I can smell it now.”

“Vanilla.” Both men said at the same time laughing as they repeated one another.

Rick loved the scent of his omega in the first place, so this was beyond inviting. The idea of his pup growing inside his omega was intoxicating to his senses and his need to protect Daryl was intensified. It wasn’t just about Daryl now, it was about his unborn pup too. Rick went back to kissing his stomach, he left soft careful nibbles on his side and stomach before lowering down to his hips.

Daryl whined in want as Rick began to kiss his shaft. Taking his balls in his hands. “Ah..what are you doing…I’m the don’t need to please me like that..”

Rick looked up. “That’s where you’re wrong love.” The alpha growled. Daryl eyed him confused.

“But omegas are to serve their alphas,” the omega began trying to recite the backwards rhetoric he was brought up with.

“If it makes you feel better serving me is letting me please you sexually, but your desires need to be fulfilled too ‘mega.” Rick grumbled as he took Daryl’s full length in his mouth and began to suck. Daryl moaned and muttered holding Rick’s hair in his hand.


Rick pulled away for a moment. “Cum when you need.” He muttered as he licked the slit of his cock and began to suck more, faster with more intention and meaning. Daryl squeaked under his alpha as Rick slid two fingers in his hole stretching and teasing. Daryl moaned as a third finger entered and he came without warning. Rick smiled, swallowing the cum that shot down the back of his throat, he pulled away licking his lips.

Daryl blushed breathing heavy. “You know, it’s said that swallowing the cum or your pups father is supposed to help them bond in the womb.” Rick kissed up his stomach until he was under his lips now. Daryl smirked.

“Maybe we will have to try it, hmm? We should tell the pack first though. They’ll be able to scent it on me soon enough and Carl is not actually as good at keeping secrets as he believes he is.” Daryl smiled sitting up. Rick nodded.

“You’re right, thank god I have an amazing mate,” Rick began to dress Daryl then himself. Daryl learned quickly that serving and acts of kindness were one of Rick’s love languages. He liked dressing Daryl after sex or showers, or just dressing him in general. He always made sure the omega ate first, or that Daryl was hydrated.

Now that Daryl was with pup Rick felt a strong need to do more, even when the omega was independent Rick wasn’t going to let him have as much freedom but had promised it. So he’d be kind enough to let the omega have his freedoms, but he wasn't going to let the omega put their unborn pup in danger.

Rick and Daryl finally finished dressing, “I think we should let our son tell the pack.” Daryl suggested. “Call everyone around and then tell Carl to tell the big secret.”

Rick rumbled in pride. Our son, that statement, our son. Hearing him claim Carl as his own made Rick feel a sense of pride. “I think Carl would love that.” Rick said, kissing his omegas neck.

Carl was running around with Glenn and Shane tossing a ball between them when Rick and Daryl appeared on the porch. The scent of pride was waving off Rick like a beacon. “Everyone, we have an announcement!” Rick called, the pack came together, including Hershel, Otis, and Patricia.

Daryl smiled at Carl who was sitting on Shane’s shoulders. “Carl, you want to tell them the big secret?” Daryl eyed the boy, Carl chirped.

“I’m gonna be a big brother!” Carl shouted whooping in excitement. Everyone was silent for a moment before a group howl started, there was excitement, pride, and power in the idea of a new pup. Specifically the prime couples pup, and a male omega being the carrier.

Daryl had never expected such a joyful sound to be made by a pack for him. He never expected to be expecting a pup, he thought his life would be full or pain and torture. But he was actually happy for once in his life, he was the prime alphas mate, he had a pup, and one on the way. He had a pack that depended on him and who he depended on. He smiled and Rick nuzzled his mate, he held his hand on his flat stomach.

This was a beginning, and for now the pack had reason to celebrate even Carol who’d just lost her pup was excited for the new addition to the pack.

Chapter Text

That next morning Daryl saw a change happen in the pack, usually, they were very aware of allowing Daryl to be in charge of himself. However he was now being doted over more than usual, “Y’all nothing changed from yesterday, quit it.”

“Yes it has, you’re pregnant.”

“I’ve been pregnant since my heat, which was almost a month ago now. I went out to get Sophia pregnant and took an arrow, I’m fine, puppy is fine.”

Rick’s head shot up. A low grumble leaving his throat, Rick eyed Daryl and stepped towards him slowly. As soon as Rick got close enough Daryl was in his arms and being carried to Hershel. “What the hell put me down!” The archer yelped and hollered but everyone knew better than to get between a pregnant omega and their mate. Daryl was set down beside Hershel

“Check on pup.” Rick grumbled.

“Is there a reason? Or is it just a check? I have an ultrasound machine however it is just meant for dogs.”

“Daryl took an arrow while pregnant. I need to make sure my pup is safe. If..If there is a chance that the dead no matter how they die become a walker and my pup dies inside of him..I don’t want him to be eaten from the inside.”

Daryl looked at Rick with wide eyes, that thought made his stomach flop. Hershel nodded getting the severity of the alpha's concern, while it wasn’t possible the pup was harmed having an alpha this on edge was the concern at hand.

Daryl saw the look in Hershel’s eye, he didn’t seem worried about the pup but was concerned about Rick. “Will you with me check the pup Daryl?”


The alpha's eyes didn’t leave his mate, the entire time Hershel worked Rick watched. As the cold gel for the ultrasound covered Daryl’s stomach Daryl whimpered in surprise. A low growl left Rick’s lips but Daryl was quick to silence him. “Was just cold, just cold.”

Rick nodded watched the machine now, he wanted to see a sign of life. “Now it may be too early to see any sig-“ Hershel went silent as he moved the machine to the left.

There was silence, Daryl panicked worrying something was wrong. He looked to Rick who looked like he was high, Daryl looked at the machine but couldn’t understand the screen.

“You’re healthy omega, my healthy mate and my pups. We’ve got two of them wriggling in there.”

Daryl’s mouth hung open. “Two?! You mother fucker.”

“Language.” Hershel tried to calm the panicked omega.

“What am I going to do with two? am I supposed push those out of me.”

He was hyperventilating, Rick leaned close, his scent calming the omega. Daryl felt conflicted, he wanted these pups, but he was scared shitless, how could he carry these to full term? Would they come earlier than planned because they were twins? He had hundreds of questions and concerns but by the look on Rick’s face, he was ecstatic.

“You did this to me.” Daryl grumbled. “So you get to stay up with them and..and you get to get up at night when I’m craving things.”

Rick snickered. “I already planned on that.” Rick kissed the omega. Carl came running in with Shane in tow, Shane stopped with a wide smile on his face looking over the screen.

“Well hell brother, you going to be able to handle twins?”

Rick smiled turning his head to see the alpha with his son. Carl began to chirp. “Two! You really mean it!”

Daryl nodded letting Hershel point the small early staged pups on the screen, it was for both himself and Carl. Daryl watched it dumbfounded as the small fetuses seemed to move. Male omega pregnancies moved faster but with twins it was always a waiting game.

Daryl adjusted with a smile, Rick kissed his son then his mate before he stood. “We should tell the pack hmm?”

“Does this mean they are going to be more all over me?”

“Yes and I’m fine with that.” Rick smiled, Daryl rolled his eyes as the alpha nodded a thanks to Hershel and took Daryl’s hand in his. The pack was waiting eagerly having watched Rick pick up the omega and walk off as if he was angry not that long ago.

As they emerged from the house Rick smiled, scenting of pride. Daryl smelt of excitement and fear. “We have not one but two pups inside my omegas womb.” Rick barked in pure joy. Daryl eyed the pack, another howl of excitement beginning. Daryl flushed, how was it that all these people were excited for his pups birth. It was odd but he almost wanted to thank the apocalypse for giving him a family. A life.

He didn’t know if he would have met Rick otherwise, he knew that the alpha and his ex were having marital problems before the apocalypse started but how would they have met?

Maybe Rick and Shane would have saved him from Joe and the claimers and Rick would have rehabilitated him. Or maybe they would have met when he went to bail his no-good brother from jail, or he would be in a fight, or maybe they would have never met. That sent a wave of panic down his back. He shuttered, and Rick turned to look his mate over.

“What’s wrong Daryl?” Rick asked.

“Just thinking, what would have happened if the apocalypse didn’t happen. If we would have ever met, if we would have had these pups. If I would have been sold to Joe..”

“Don’t be thinking like that!” Rick chimed. “I would hope we would have met Daryl. That I could have loved you this way in a normal world..but we don’t get that. No point dwelling on it. Daryl, I love you.”

Daryl smiled. “I love you too, Alpha. Rick.” Rick smiled kissing his cheek. Carl, Jimmy, and Beth were sent off to 'school', Carol was excited about the new additions and wanted to do a lesson on puppies for the excited young pups.

Daryl followed Rick checking on the packmates, everyone was happy and felt good.

Another week passed and Glenn got curious about the barn. The curious beta climbed the back ladder, the hair on his back bristled as the scent of death filled his nose. He climbed the last ring and sat atop the hayloft when his heart felt like it almost stopped.

At least twenty walkers in a small space pressed against one another. Glenn nearly yelped when he realized that sound would call the walkers. He raced down the rings of the ladder running into Maggie.

“You weren’t supposed to see that.” The beta whined.

“Our alpha needs to know! We can’t hide that from him! We have pups on the way, pups here, and an omega.”

“Those are my family..friends in that barn.”

“They are walkers.”

“You can’t say anything.”

“I have to Maggie!” Glenn hissed.

“No.. you can’t please.. my father.”

“Is no longer Prime Alpha, his say doesn’t matter anymore.. Maggie please let me tell my alpha.”

“Come on a run with me..then okay.”

“Maggie are you serious?”

“Just please, come on a run.”

Glenn nodded, he followed the beta female closely. Daryl watched the two as they headed for a car, he smiled, he had seen the way they acted with one another he was hoping they were courting. Not that he completely understood the idea. Maggie and Glenn started up the car, Glenn turned his head towards Maggie. “We need to tell alpha.”

Chapter Text

Maggie felt bad for lying to Rick, but she had to follow her father's wishes. “Why won’t you let me tell our alpha?”

“My father says not to..and those people aren’t walkers they are just sick people.”

“They are dangerous Maggie! They killed Sophia.”

Maggie lowered her head. “No, Lori did that.”

Glenn frowned, they pulled into the pharmacy parking lot. “We should get prenatals for Daryl.” Glenn said, trying to hide his anger. “Would be good for us to do.”

“You’re right we should.” Maggie replied, “Alpha would be proud of us.”

Glenn nodded, they walked inside and began to collect as many puppy related things as they could. A book for Rick titled. Alphas, the all knowing guide to safe sex with a pregnant mate, prenatles, pregopops which they found were lollipops made for pregnant omegas and betas. Maggie went to check out more medical supplies when she screamed. Glenn raced to the betas side killing the walker that attempted to bite her.

“Told you. They aren’t sick! The people they were are dead. They are just hungry monsters.”

Maggie was breathing heavily and the beta panicked. Glenn held her, “shhh it’s okay Maggie.” Glenn held her. “Shh..” Maggie cried into Glenn. The betas held onto one another as they shivered. “I love you Maggie.” Glenn whispered.


“Yes. Really.” Glenn whispered. Maggie leaned up and kissed him softly. “We should get back to the pack, to the alpha and tell him the truth.”

“You’re daddy is going to be pissed but….but it’s the best thing for us. We need to tell the pack, protect the omega, the pups.”

Glenn and Maggie were quick to leave. “I’ll say it.” Glenn replied. “First let’s give these to alpha and omega.”

Glenn and Maggie walked up to the alpha, who was sitting on the couch with Daryl sleeping in his lap, with smiles. “We got gifts.”

Rick smiled at them as he opened the bag. Daryl stirred and smiled at the betas reaching for the bag, Rick tsked and the omega lowered his hands. Rick pulled the book out first. The betas blushed as he winked at Daryl handing it to him to thumb through. Daryl was all shades of red. Rick pulled the prenatals out and smiled. “You two really care about our omega don’t you?”

“Of course we do. There’s one more.” Maggie smiled.

Rick riffled through a few bottles of prenatals, and found the pregopops. Daryl swiped them with a smile. “Hell yeh.”

Rick snickered as the omega pulled one of the wrappers off the lollipop sticking it in his mouth. He took one bite of it and Rick snarled. “Lick the damn thing, they are called suckers, not biters.”

Daryl rolled his eyes and began to suck on it. He gave Rick a look as he licked it a bit seductively, Rick eyed the omega then looked at the betas. They looked at one another as Daryl snickered, licking the pop. “Thanks. These are good.”

The two nodded and then sat across from the prime couple. “We have something to confess Alpha, I learned this morning.”

“I’ve known for a long time now.” Maggie lowered her head.

Rick sat up eyeing the two betas, Daryl attempted to move when Rick pulled the omega into his lap. Daryl let out a humph as he gave up and relaxed, Rick watched the betas. “What is it?”

“There are walkers in the barn.” Glenn managed. Daryl nearly choked on the sucker in his mouth.

“What?!” Rick growled, the hair on his back standing up. He moved his hand protectively over Daryl’s stomach. Daryl whined as Rick set him on the couch and stood. “Where is Hershel?”

“I don’t know..but dad thinks they are sick. Not monsters!”

Rick looked between the two betas, then to his mate who was biting the sucker again. “I need to talk to Hershel.”

Daryl paced as his mate left him inside with Shane, Shane watched the omega pace. “I want to be out there.”

“There is a small hoard in the barn, he told me to watch you and keep you inside.” Shane watched the omega. He was holding his stomach as he paced.

“S’ fine.”

“No it isn’t. You could get hurt ‘mega.”

“I want to be with my mate.”

“Daryl. You gotta stay inside.” Daryl mumbled and continued to pace. Shane nodded watching the omega. “I’m sorry that you’re upset.”

“I want my alpha,” Daryl grumbled. “I should be able to help protect the pack. It’s my pack.”

“We appreciate that Daryl, but you have two beautiful lives growing inside you. So you should stay inside, we need to protect those pups.”

Daryl muttered and nodded. “You’re right..” The omega muttered, finally sitting. Shane sighed as the sound of bullets went flying, Hershel watched acting as if he wasn’t affected until his wife and son walked out of the barn.

“Daddy!” Maggie cried. “Stop.”

Hershel fell to his knees. He had given him permission to shoot the walkers, and was regretting it. Daryl tried to open the door when Shane stood in front of it. “No. You stay here. Alpha’s orders.” Daryl grumbled but didn’t push Shane to let him out. “Daryl sit please.”

Daryl paced for a moment before don’t as he was told. The door opened after a moment and Rick stepped in. “The barn is clear now.”

“I could have been out there.” Daryl snapped. “Alpha I could have helped!”

“No,” the alpha repeated. “Please Omega, I want our pups protected. You need to be safe, I need you safe.”

“You told me until I couldn’t be on my feet or help I was allowed to help alpha. You promised.”

Rick stopped and lowered his head. “I’m sorry, you’re right. I told you that you wouldn’t be trapped and that you would be able to help and I didn’t let you. I’m just nervous about losing you, about losing our pups. I love you Daryl and I can’t lose you.”

Daryl gave him a lopsided smile as Rick lowered himself to his knees slowly lifting the flap of his shirt planting a kiss on his belly button. Daryl wanted to be mad but he couldn’t be. “Alpha,” Daryl mumbled running his fingers through his hair. “You’re a pain in my ass. I love you too.”

Shane smiled watching his alpha and mate. Maggie and Beth came inside sobbing. Daryl followed Beth trying to comfort the pup.

Rick and Shane shook their heads. They wanted to help comfort Beth and Maggie, maybe even Hershel but the elder was struggling and the beta was locked in her room. Beth sobbed into Daryl’s arms. Daryl braided her hair back as he listened to her cry. “I’m sorry pup.” Daryl nuzzled the girl once her hair was back and she laid against him. “My momma died in a fire..” Daryl began. Beth looked up. “She was in and out of my life, didn’t stay long but I remember it was before I presented so I could be out with the other pups. The sirens going, when I came riding on my bike I saw the window to her room engulfed in flames..she liked to smoke in bed.” He nuzzled Beth, Rick was in the doorway listening, Daryl’s life had been one hell after another. Beth cuddled the omega, her smile soft; but there was a smile. Beth felt content knowing the omega she clung to so desperately had also lost his mother.

“Will you tell me more about your life mom?” Beth asked, Daryl stiffened.

“Beth, you don't have to call me that you know. When Hershel agreed to combine the packs, pack law didn’t require us to claim you or Jimmy. You don’t gotta call me that.”

“I want to.” The blond replied, “Really I do.”

Daryl looked her up and down before adjusting on the bed. “Alright, what do you want to know? There isn’t much good, not since I was eight, and then until the apocalypse began.” Beth didn’t know how to respond.

“Alright..first kiss.”

“Rick.” Daryl replied, smiling at the thought of the Alpha male. Beth thought for a moment but decided against her next question.

“Did you have a favorite food?”

“Ate a lot of deer or squirrel,” Daryl replied, he laid his hand on his stomach thinking about how he would fight to ensure his pups were happy.

“I liked when momma made pie,” Beth thought back, the scent of vanilla from Daryl catching her at the right moment. “Warm apple pie with homemade ice cream.” Daryl smiled, he had never actually had ice cream but two of his pups seemed to be talking about enjoying it. Even before he was locked away due to being an omega he hadn’t enjoyed many things in life. He remembered having pie once however, that was good shit.

“Do you have a favorite color?” Beth questioned, Daryl snickered thinking about it. Rick’s eyes were a pretty blue.

“Blue.” Daryl replied watching the young beta process and then she asked another question.

“Why blue?”

“Rick’s eyes are a nice blue,” Daryl smiled, “I just like it. Black too, wear a lot of black.”

Beth nodded, she began to feel tired, the omega stood leaving her to sleep. He left the room slowly, Rick scared him nearly half to death as he exited her room earning him a punch to the face. “Shit sorry..sorry alpha. You can’t startle me..hell.”

“Jumpy are we?” Rick questioned readjusting his jaw. Daryl growled a bit and the alpha smirked, Rick growled back. Daryl narrowed his eyes but bared his neck trying not to cause issues, Rick smiled licking along his collar bone, Daryl muttered into the kisses. “Mine.” Rick grunted, Daryl smiled and nodded, the group was calm again feeling the threat to their omega and pups gone.

The next day Maggie came running for Daryl, Daryl was watching Carl feed chickens with a smile on his face. Daryl finally felt like this place could be good for them, no threats, everyone happy. “Beth, it’s Beth, she collapsed!”

Daryl stood quickly following the scared beta, Shane and Otis had gotten Beth to her bed but she wasn’t responding. “Hey pup, come on look at me.”

Nothing, the girl was frozen.

“Where is your father?” Daryl asked concern etched on his face.

“Daddy went out to town after the walkers in the barn, he left this morning.”

“I’ll go get him.” Daryl began, he went to grab his crossbow when Glenn and Rick stopped him. “I am going to get him, you can’t stop me.”

“The town isn’t secure, please Daryl, for me. Please stay here, keep an eye on our pups.” Rick begged. Daryl could smell the fear on the alpha, he was concerned for his pups, including the ones they acquired. Daryl set the crossbow down and looked between Rick and Glenn.

“Fine..but you better bring him back safe.” The beta and alpha nodded, Daryl kissed Rick’s cheek quickly trying not to make it a big deal and headed back to Beth. “Hey pup, just keep thinking about your mama's pie and ice cream. Maybe one day I will learn how to make it for you.”

Chapter Text

Rick and Glenn were quick to pack up their car and head out towards the small town, “Where could he be?” The alpha grumbled, he should be with the pack, with his family. Glenn kept his eyes out and his nose ready, trying to pick up the scent of the elder alpha. Glenn saw the bar before he smelt Hershel.

“That one right there alpha,” Glenn pointed towards The Carriage Bar, they saw a horse tied to a post as well. “He is in there.”

Rick sighed in relief, the pair headed in to find the elder holding a bottle of alcohol. “I had promised never to drink another day after Maggie was born. Seems I don’t keep my word, I believe you know. That the dead aren’t safe, but neither are the living. My family got lucky that it was your pack that stumbled upon our farm.” The elder set an empty shot glass on the table. “You are alpha, take care of my family, go.”

“Beth collapsed and needs her father.” Rick growled, Hershel raised a bushy white eyebrow. “You may feel sorry for yourself, and yes you may have given me your pack for protection, but that girl needs her real dad. I am not the man she needs right now, Daryl is trying to wake her up, but she needs fluids and your scent. Please come back with us, please.”

Hershel thought for a moment. “Bethy..alright. I’m..I’m sorry, you’re right. I need to do better for my family, and the pack.”

Rick sighed in relief, that was when they smelt two alphas. They sauntered in like they owned the entire town, “Well hello there friends.” The skinner of the two alphas began. “The names Dave, that there is Tony.”

The two smelt funny, their scents mixing oddly, they had a plan in their heads and it was wafting over the other two alphas and the beta. “Hi.” Tony said, he was larger than Dave but it was clear he wasn’t the lead alpha between the two.

“Mind if we get a drink?” Dave asked while he poured. “What are your names?”

Rick looked to Glenn, Glenn to Hershel. “I’m Rick, this here is Glenn, and this is Hershel.”

“You got a pack? A place to hold up? You smell like you got a place,” That was when Dave’s eyes grew wide scenting an omega. “You got omegas?”

“No, there aren’t any Omega’s left in this world,” Rick replied, he gulped not realizing his mate's scent was so strong on him. “Why have you seen some omegas?”

The two looked at one another and laughed off the question, they could tell the alpha male was hiding something, they could hide things too. “No, haven’t seen any.”

“Wish I could knot one though,” Tony smiled thinking about it. Rick growled, so many alphas only wanted sex and knots. They didn’t worry about the omega at all in the situation, the two alphas turned to look at Rick who’s eyes narrowed in rage.

“Whoa buddy, what’s that about?”

“I was a cop, before all this, men like you make a bad name for alphas.”

Glenn watched them, their eyes were narrowed as well, they were thinking about their next move. Glenn ducked as Tony took a shot, Rick was a quick draw, Dave went down first. Within seconds Tony was down, the alpha breathed heavily looking at the destruction they had caused, the scent of blood and death growing thick.

It had taken longer to find Hershel than the beta or alpha wanted to admit, and now they needed to go, it was growing dark by the time they had talked Hershel into returning. Hershel and Rick began to head towards the car Glenn in tow when they heard and scented more unfamiliar alphas and a singular beta.

The small group held their breaths. “You guys, is that Dave and Tony? Smell that! They are dead.” One voice snapped.

“We should just get out of here, may be the undead.”

“No smell the air stupid, two alphas and a beta.”

“We don’t want any trouble, just get.” Rick yelled. “Your men fired first, we were defending our territory, defending our pack.”

“Tony is such a hothead,” another voice whispered, “Dave too.”

“They killed our packmates, we can’t let them die in vain!”

“No we should get going,” the softer voice said. The three began to fight amongst themselves. Glenn and Rick nodded to one another, they made a promise to the pack omega. Bring him back alive. Bring themselves back alive.

That was when glass shattered, gunshots rang out. The dead were closing in, the scent of fear and death were wafting through the air and the bar. Rick growled, his pack was in danger and he needed to save them. Rick threw open the doors and began shooting. Two down and a third to go, the beta.

The others ran to the car, Glenn shooting at the dead. The other groups beta was screaming, his leg caught in the fence. “Please please don’t leave me please please please.”

Rick growled. “Hershel can you cut off the leg?”

“No please! Please don’t do that!” The beta begged.

Hershel shook his head. “Not without his consent, and it would rip the leg wrong.”

“Fine let’s pull him off and get him in the car.” Rick hissed. The betas howling loud. The boy had to be nineteen or twenty, but it meant he wasn’t a pup anymore, which made Rick thankful. He didn’t want him to latch onto Daryl.

The omega was getting restless, his alpha should have been back by now. He was growling and pacing, the scent of concern followed him. Only the pups and the sixteen and seventeen-year-olds could smell the vanilla except for Rick. He could smell it on him due to being the father.

Daryl was rumbling when he heard the car, he let out a sigh of relief running out to see them. Hershel, Glenn, and Rick stepped out of the car.

Daryl ran to Rick, Rick kissed his forehead and then Carl came running. He picked up his pup and waited for the pack to get closer, Maggie hugged Glenn then took her father's hand and raced the elder alpha off to help Beth.

Daryl then smelt an unfamiliar beta. “Who’s in there?” Daryl asked, he bristled whoever it was smelt like blood and was out cold.

“Young twenty something. We ran into some trouble, they left him behind. We don’t want him to stay, but his leg is pretty badly injured. Hershel is just going to patch him up and then we will consult what to do with him. His pack was a threat to us. To you Daryl. His pack asked if we had an omega, they talked about wanting to knot one.” Daryl growled, the betas standing around them hissed. Shane was pacing. “Four alphas that we saw, this the only beta. We will get information first then either kill or drop him off far away from here.”

“We should kill him. Threat to our omega.” Shane snarled.

“I’m not disagreeing, but his pack could be larger. We need to know.” Rick replied. The other alpha nodded, everyone was watching Daryl. He had taken Carl out of Rick's arms and was scenting the boy for mutual comfort. Carl laid his head on Daryl’s shoulder, the strong omega was just watching. He didn't want to be left out of the interrogation and wasn’t sure how to ask or tell Rick he wanted to do it.


Three days had passed by now, and they had learned the boy's name was Randall. Beth was back on her feet, if she wasn’t with her sister she was with Daryl. Carl was happy to have pack siblings, the laws of packs made it so, and even if Rick and Daryl didn’t require all pack laws to be followed the others felt it necessary. This did however help with a few things they hadn’t thought through.

Shane and Otis being the only other adult alphas other than the elder and their prime set up the plans for runs, patrols, and gun training. The betas had tasks between themselves as well, Jimmy and Beth being the youngest still went to school with Carl but then had farm duties, which Carl helped with. Andrea was a good shot and was allowed to help with patrols, Glenn and Maggie primarily did runs for the group. Patricia and Carol liked house chores and taking care of the elder pups. T-Dog and Andrea, when she wasn’t on patrol, helped Rick, Shane, and Otis rebuild the fences. Dale was a jack of all trades in the pack, kept watch from the RV, worked on the cars, helped on the farm or with Hershel.

Daryl was restless and Rick saw it. Being a man who kept his word Rick said Daryl was allowed to do patrols when with Shane and Rick. The hunter was also allowed to go with Otis under the watch of Shane or Rick to find smaller game like rabbits or squirrels. The omega also helped watch his pups, it was as if his omega instincts just knew that the pups were his by law. He didn’t want Jimmy or Beth to feel obligated to call him mom or listen to him, he didn’t even expect Carl to do it despite being the mate to his father.

Yet all three pups, regardless of how close to adulthood they were, looked to Daryl as their mom. Daryl didn’t deny that he enjoyed the way it felt when he was with the pups. They made him happy and he felt oddly good about it. If Daryl or the pups weren’t busy you often saw Daryl being trailed by the three. Rick and Shane joked they were his ducklings.

Randall was being kept in the supply shed, he was blindfolded, gagged, and bound. The beta couldn’t smell anything from inside the shed either.

“We need to start questioning him.” Rick stated. The pack nodded in agreement.

“I wanna do it.” Daryl remarked. Everyone watched the omega wide-eyed.

“Daryl you’re pregnant no,” Rick mumbled.

“The little beta can’t get to me, he’s tied up. I want to do it. You said until I couldn’t help I could do something. This is what I want to do.”

Rick looked to Shane for help but the alpha shrugged and laughed. “You have one stubborn omega on your hands, Rick. If he’s so determined I’d give him permission or he’ll do it without it.”

“Listen to ‘em Rick.” Daryl smiled. Carl was sitting on the omega's lap. Beth and Jimmy on the floor by his legs.

Rick mumbled, a rumble of concern brewing in his chest. “Little brat..alright fine. You have to wear my shirt, and Shane’s pants though.”

“Why?” Daryl questioned.

“Scent Daryl, you smell like omega. Soon that pretty vanilla scent is going to be something the whole pack and others will be able to pick up on too.” Rick replied, Shane snickered as the omega began to piece together the idea of hiding his scent with clothes.

“Fine, if that will make it so ya let me.”

Rick nodded, Shane left to grab a pair of pants for the omega. Rick left to grab a shirt for his omega, he moved the book Maggie and Glenn had so kindly gotten and picked out a flannel for his mate. The two alphas returned down to the first floor, Daryl took the clothes and headed to change.

Appearing back in the living room Rick snarled at the scent of Shane on his mate, Shane rolled his eyes reassuring the alpha that he wouldn’t be taking his mate (again). “Sorry sorry..I know I know. I told you to do it..just he smells like you and me… which is good..just feels weird.”

Daryl laughed. “Well it seems to be working, I’ll be back.”

The omega grabbed a knife and headed out to the shed. “You’re really letting him go out?” Andrea asked with concern. Carol paced, the pack hated the idea of their omega being in danger, his pregnancy wasn’t helping their concerns.

“Look you all know Daryl is stubborn. I did promise I’d be willing to let him do some things until he was too far along. He’s going to do what he wants with or without my permission so I’d rather give him consent and take precautions.” Rick grumbled. “Knowing him he’d do it anyway.”

The others nodded. “Yeh… you’re right.” T-Dog nodded, offering Carol his hand to squeeze. The pack made their way outside to keep tabs on Daryl.

“So, tell me about your stupid pack,” Daryl growled, removing his gag. By Daryl’s scent, the beta assumed he was Alpha.

“Almost all Alpha, only a few betas..we just move from place to place. There’s about twenty of us, find other packs and take over..the..the last pack we found had a pretty omega. The alphas took turns knotting her, while the betas watched..” Randall smelt like want and fear.

Daryl growled. “What happened to her?”

“Died.. too many knots.”

“If they’d let the betas would you have taken turns on her too?” Daryl growled.

“I mean yeah, you’d too if you’d needed to knot.” The beta snapped. Daryl growled, lowering himself to the betas level, his scent glands close to Randall’s nose.

“I am an omega you knot-head.”

The beta scented him now, he began to panic as Daryl stabbed a knife into his bad leg. Daryl began kicking and hitting him rage taking over, the pack smelt blood, and Rick went running.

“Please please stop please I’m sorry I’m sorry.” The beta cried out. “I.I didn’t know..I’m sorry…”

Rick opened the door as Daryl stabbed the boy's leg again. “What happened?”

“Get your rabid omega off of me!" Randall screamed. Rick’s eyes grew dark at the mention of Daryl’s second gender.

“How does he know?” Rick snarled as Daryl stepped out.

“The mother fucker started talking about how his pack finds groups and takes over. That the last pack they found had an omega, she died because the alphas took turns knotting her while the betas watched. I asked if he would have raped her too if the alphas let him. He said yes, thought I was alpha and said I would have if I needed to knot. I told him because I was angry.” Daryl growled. Their pack heard him, concern wafting over them.

Rick’s eyes grew wide. “That pack..that pack needs to be'’re not going to end up like her.” Rick snarled, “we need to kill that thing in there.”

Dale wanted to protest, but the fact that the boy had said he would rape someone made him hesitant. They needed to protect their pack, their prime’s mate, and future pups.

“Rick..we should drop him off in the middle of nowhere,” Dale said, hoping to give the boy a chance to approach his life.

“His pack might find him and then they will know there is an omega here,” Rick replied. “He needs to die.” The pack nodded in agreement. Dale didn’t want to argue, but Daryl was important.

The pack watched Rick think. Shane wanted to help his prime decide on what to do, but he didn’t want to make any suggestions. Rick needed to decide this as prime. “We will execute him in a few days..alright. We need to learn some more about his pack if they have weapons or anyone captive. Daryl, I want you to stay away from him now, okay.”

Daryl lowered his head but nodded, “yes alpha.”

Rick smiled, thankful his Omega was going to listen at least for now. Rick looked between his pack, a cold chill blew through them. “Winter is coming, we need to use the fall to collect items and finish the fences. For now, let’s make a meal and talk about our options with that thing.”

Daryl felt off, he placed his hand on his stomach, it was still pretty flat, hardly a bump at all. His stomach then growled, he was hungry. Carol heard the grumble and smiled. “Our omega is hungry.” Taking his hand in hers she led him inside, she handed him an apple to eat while she and Patricia began to cook.

Daryl took a bite of the apple thinking hard. He felt sick for the omega he never met, that his kind was under attack just for their ability to carry alphas seed with little to no problem like that of betas.

Chapter Text

Daryl rolled over in bed, Rick smiled at his mate. “Hey ‘mega how you feelin?”

“Good,” Daryl smiled, Rick placed his hand on his stomach with a smile. “What alpha?”

“Just..just not sure how I managed this.” He hummed at the sweet vanilla scent. “Thank you for allowing me get you pregnant with my pups, for being my omega.”

Daryl smiled trying not to get emotional. “Yours only.” Daryl nudged Rick’s hand till his alpha got the idea, their fingers interlocking. “I promise.”

Rick smiled, he kissed Daryl’s hand trailing up his arm to his mate mark. The alpha male nibbled softly on the spot causing Daryl to squirm. “Sh..Shit Rick..why does it feel like that?”

“It’s sensitive hmm?” Rick hummed. Daryl only nodded mewling as Rick began to nibble more. “It’s always going to be a sensitive spot ‘mega. It’s the fact you’re pregnant that doesn’t help. Your skins going to be more sensitive.”

Daryl mumbled into his alphas soft kisses. Rick nibbled on his mark a bit more before Daryl pushed him off the door opening. “Alpha,” it was Glenn.

Daryl rolled over to watch the boy come in. Daryl hid himself under the covers. He didn’t want everyone to see his scars, only Rick was allowed that.

“What is it, Glenn?” The alpha asked, sitting up with a smile. He was shirtless, Daryl watched the alpha with interest.

“Breakfast is ready.”

Rick smiled. “Thank you.”

Daryl felt his stomach rumble, “the pups are hungry.” Daryl mumbled.

“Really the pups?” Rick asked snickering. Daryl nodded ignoring the comment.

“Yes, the pups are hungry.”

Glenn stepped out, Daryl tugged a top on before getting out of the bed. “Alright omega let’s get those pups fed then.”

Daryl smiled following Rick through the house and down to the dining room. The others sat around the table already. Rick smiled seeing the pack together, the new and the old. Daryl sat, his stomach grumbling, he was used to going days at a time without a meal, but being pregnant seemed to change that. He was supposed to eat first, then the pups, the elders, then the prime alpha, then the other alphas then the betas.

Rick didn’t require it, like many of the other laws yet their pack seemed to follow it in one way or another. Pack laws were reforming.

Ancient ones that had been lost with the rise of technology, many families in the modern world only followed some traditions. Now with the modern world at a fall, it was as if the apocalypse jump-started ancient rules within the formed packs subconsciously.

Their pack knew they had a few requirements, pups and the omega needed to be protected at all times. With Daryl being the prime’s mate he was the most important one to protect on top of Carl. Rick was prime which meant he had the final say, Shane was his second which meant he was Rick’s confidant. However, with Hershel as elder, the two alphas would turn to him if they couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Daryl put his plate together, he nodded to Carl and Beth who started putting their plates together Jimmy followed. As the pups finished Hershel got together his plate, Rick smiled watching his pack. The two alphas got their plates together as Rick finished his own. Then the betas, the largest group but there was plenty leftover.

Daryl felt like he was starving, he couldn’t get enough. The twin pups were ravenous, Rick smiled watching him eat. That was when T-Dog lifted his head. “Did you make dessert? What smells like vanilla?”

Rick grinned hearing the comment. “That’s my omega.” Rick chimed, pride bellowing from his chest. “The pups are coming along,” Rick smiled wide, Daryl blushed trying to hide in a chicken leg.

Everyone sniffed, the vanilla scent growing strong. Daryl’s usual pine scent with a hint of Rick’s musk was essentially now just an after smell.

Carol smiled for her friend. “These pups are going to be so spoiled.”

The pack laughed, smiling at the idea of two little mini Daryls and Ricks running around the farm.

Daryl smiled holding his stomach with care, he wanted to be able to see the bump but it was still flat. He looked at his pack and smiled, he was thankful to know his pups would be protected the best they possibly could be by them all.

“Rick,” Shane began. “With the coming cold, we should start putting the cows in the barn.”

“Yes, we should. That alright Hershel?”

“Yes, we can start corralling them. The horses will be a good help.” Hershel smiled, he was honestly surprised the alpha asked permission for many things. This man was good, he didn’t use his status as prime alpha to hurt the pack or require them to do anything they didn’t want to.

Daryl smiled watching the sun shining out the window, as the pack finished eating they waited till Rick stood. Until Rick was done they wouldn’t leave, Daryl could if he wanted to but that was it. Daryl watched his mate with a smile, the alpha stood when he was done and the others dispersed. Daryl watched his mate, as did a few others.

As alpha, he didn’t have to help with cleaning up after their meal, yet he started collecting dirty dishes with Patricia and Carol.

Daryl smiled, he was such a wonderful man, an even kinder alpha. The fact he was prime showed a lot, he had a strength he would use only if he needed to, and yet there was a kindness. Many prime alphas were brutes, even normal alphas were, but this pack consisted of four alphas and a pup alpha. Somehow all five were kind until provoked, Rick walked towards Daryl who lifted his chin up exposing his scent glands for his alpha. Rick smiled, taking in the vanilla smell with pride. He kissed his neck then his lips before turning back to help finish cleaning.

“God Daryl smells wonderful,” Rick muttered under his breath, Carol smirked.

“You really love him, don't you? This isn’t just because he’s an omega?”

“No, I..I planned to court longer than I did’s not just because he’s an omega. I fell for him hard, his scent calls to me in a way Lori’s didn’ was like he’s made for me. He was so intoxicating even before the truth of his scent, he’s mine. I..I don’t know Carol, how to explain it. I just know if anything happened to him I’d lose it.”

Carol nodded understanding completely, the way Daryl let Rick kiss him and love on him was something no one could have expected. Andrea and Glenn kept talking about that day they first arrived at the farm when Daryl told them to let Rick catch him. Daryl allowed Rick to do the things he did to him, no one thought differently, Rick was good.

Chapter Text

Three days had passed and the alphas planned to kill Randall, Dale was feeling horrible for the kid, he had a whole life ahead of him that he could change for the better.

Dale knew the alphas plans and unchained the beta boy, the boy was scared and confused, his gag was then undone and the blindfold taken off. “Go, get out of here,” Dale ordered offering a knife in protection, the young beta panicked, slicing his throat. Dale’s scream was gurgled, the others of the pack were inside or doing a job; no one heard it.

Daryl was out in the field with Glenn and T-Dog, Shane and Rick were talking to Otis about heading to the shed to end the betas life.

Andrea raced to Rick when she couldn’t find Dale. “What’s wrong?” Shane asked, nuzzling the girl; they had become close since Lori died.

“I can’t find Dale, his scents gone.”

The three alphas scented the air, vanilla wafted from the field, the others scented, then they picked up blood. Otis and Shane took off towards the shed Rick looked at Andrea. “Get the pups inside, get Daryl inside too, now.”

Andrea nodded, she raced to collect Jimmy, Beth, and Carl from the chicken coop. She’d go to Daryl after, knowing two betas were with him. Maggie was helping Patricia and Carol fold some laundry when Andrea burst in holding Carl. “Somethings wrong, I’ve got to go find Daryl. All of you stay put.”

The pack nodded understanding, Maggie kept Carl close knowing the young alpha was a flight risk. Otis opened the shed door, he yelped in panic as Dale’s body jumped forwards biting him. Otis screamed in surprise and pain, blood squirting from his wound. Dale was a walker, Shane shouted for Rick who was inches behind them. They had to end both of their packmates' lives, Shane Otis, Rick Dale. “Where is that fucking beta?”

The two alphas raced off seeing a small trail of blood, the boy was smart enough to cover himself in the blood hiding his scent.

Andrea raced to find T-Dog, Glenn, and Daryl. When she arrived at the field her heart stopped. “Where is Daryl?”

“He went to pee.” T-Dog said pointing at the woods. The field and woods weren’t close. “Why?”

“Somethings wrong, we have to get him. Now.” The two males raced to find Daryl while Andrea headed back to the house. Andrea was panicing, she didn't know if watching the pups or helping the others find Daryl was the right move.

Daryl zipped his pants and turned when he was backed into a tree, knife at his throat. Daryl looked the beta up and now. He could see the bruises from when he’d beaten him badly, the beta sniffed catching the vanilla. “You’re pregnant?”

Daryl nodded, holding his hands up trying to show he wasn’t a threat, the beta snarled. “Please..don’t.” Daryl whined a bit, the beta eyed him unsure of his plan.

He planned to rape or kill him, but he was with pup. “Walk!” The beta finally snapped, continuing to hold the knife at his throat. Daryl hissed, being forced further into the woods. Daryl didn’t usually let himself be taken anywhere, but he wouldn’t put his pups' lives in danger. Randall tripped over himself and Daryl took the chance to fight, he grabbed the knife and held it in front of himself.

Randall backed up two steps, that was when he saw the hundreds of walkers coming their way and took off towards the farm. Daryl turned and terror took over, he tucked tail racing after the beta. His breathing was heavy.

Glenn and T-Dog spotted Randall coming first, T-Dog took the shot killing him. T-Dog smiled until he heard Daryl scream no and kept running.

“What’s wrong?” Glenn yelped scenting the terror coming from Daryl.

“Walkers! Walkers! Go! Go get the others in the cars! Too many of them go.” Daryl went tumbling over himself but caught himself at the right time and kept racing towards the house.

Glenn and T-Dog nodded while listening to their prime’s mate. They took off to tell the others. Rick and Shane heard the gunshots, they turned their heads to see the army of walkers making their way towards the farm. Their stomach's dropped, this was supposed to be a long-term stay. They wanted to raise the pack here, they needed these walls.

Shane and Rick headed towards the barn. “Light it. It will give everyone time to run.” Shane suggested.

Rick nodded and the two alphas began to pour gasoline and then they lit the fire. Jimmy saw the fire in the dark, he felt it was right and took the RV to help whoever lit it.

Shane and Rick got out but Jimmy was taken by the army of undead. T-Dog had Beth, and Carl in his truck. Glenn and Maggie were in one, Patricia didn’t make it running with Beth she was taken over. The girl screamed as her friend was taken. Carl held his 'sister' trying to help her calm down.

Shane pushed Rick out of the way as three walkers closed in flames blazing from behind them. “Protect the pack brother,” Shane yelled as he was bitten. Rick tried not to cry as he raced to the house, Hershel wasn’t giving up, he was shooting at the dead.

“This is my home!”

“We have to go we have to!” Rick snarled, he pulled the old man into the van praying his mate and pup were safe.

Andrea ran hearing Carol scream and cry. Andrea fought off two getting covered in their bodies but alive, T-Dog thought she was killed and yelled at Carol to get in the truck. She piled in and they took off.

Andrea screamed as she was left, but no one heard her. She headed away from the dead just trying to survive.

As the pack arrived at their designated meet-up spot everyone climbed out of their cars.

It was morning now.

Rick sighed in relief as Carl came running to him, Rick held Carl close. Hershel saw Maggie and Beth come out of their cars and ran to his daughters, Carol and T-Dog stood watching them. “Daryl in the car?” Glenn asked, waiting to see their omega.

Rick’s blood ran cold.

“What? You mean he’s not with you?” The alpha panicked.

The pack grew concerned, Carl and Beth tried not to cry. “Andrea was supposed to get him,” Rick growled.

“She died,” T-Dog whined. “Daryl told us to get the others in the car.”

Rick narrowed his eyes. “You left my pregnant mate?!” Everyone moved quickly as Rick strode forward, T-Dog coward exposing his neck to Rick who calmed trying to get a straight head. “We need to go back for him.”

“That place is a danger zone.” Maggie cried. “We can’t.”

“We need to get him back! I..I need to know my mate is alive!” He was whining, they had never heard Rick whine. The entire pack was concerned, the idea of the omega dying was overwhelming.

There was a silence as they tried to come to a conclusion, the silence interrupted by the reviving of a motorcycle. The smell of blood and vanilla wafting towards the pack.

“Mom!” Beth and Carl screamed in unison racing towards the sounds.

Daryl hopped off the bike stumbling forward. The pups threw their arms around him, the blood and guts covering his body didn’t seem to phase them. Rick ran as fast as he could, the pups let go of their ‘mother’ as Rick held him tightly. “I’m sorry..I’m sorry I wasn’t there I’m sorry. I’m so glad you’re okay, oh my were out there all night..All night by yourself.” Daryl whined as Rick let go of him. “What’s wrong?”

As Rick let go of Daryl the omega stepped backward, wavering. He was breathing heavily, he eyed Rick and in silence ripped his right leg jean up the side. Rick held his breath expecting a bite but it was just a bloody wound. “What happened ‘mega?”

Daryl looked at him sheepishly. “Went back for my preggopops and that damn book, stair fell in.”

Glenn and Maggie couldn’t help but laugh, Rick sighed and held the omega close. “We didn’t need the book.”

“Well, I needed my pops.” The omega snapped as he opened his pack, there were a few bottles of prenatals and some packs of food, and a doll with a flower wrapped around it.

“Doll?” Rick asked raising an eyebrow.

Daryl stumbled towards Carol handing it to her. Carol smiled at Daryl kissing his cheek softly. “You didn’t go back for this did you?”

Daryl nodded. “Mother needs the memory of her pup.” Rick’s heart melted, he then realized he had to break it to Daryl Jimmy lost his life. Both Daryl and Carol lost a pup with Sophia.

“Daryl..Jimmy didn’t..”

Daryl turned slowly and nodded, he had noticed the loss of Jimmy’s scent when he arrived. He held it together for the time being. Beth and Carl raced back to Daryl, they held him tightly. He tried not to cry as they held him but once Beth started crying so did he. Rick wrapped his arms around Daryl, Carl, and Beth and Daryl sobbed.

“We can’t lose any one else.” Daryl whined.

“We won’t ‘mega I promise.” Rick kissed Daryl’s mate mark as the man sobbed holding his pups close.

“Let’s get that wound wrapped before we head out. It’s going to start getting cold soon. We need to find some sort of shelter before it starts to snow.” Hershel said.

Daryl yelped as Rick picked him up and set him on the hood of a car. Hershel cleaned out the wound, the omega sobbing in pain. Rick held his hand tight. He couldn’t let anything happen to the rest of his pack, they had already lost so much. They would survive the winter.

Chapter Text

They were thankful at least that they had some of the harvesting season left, they found many crops and growing berries on plants around. They siphoned gas and kept driving, finding small houses to huddle up in during the night.

The pack was thankful at least to have a kind and caring alpha instead of one that required all pack laws to be followed. Some days it was hard to find food, if they followed pack law many wouldn’t eat at all. Daryl didn’t accept food all the time even when everyone offered their share. Oftentimes Rick wouldn’t accept food either, some times when the pack insisted on Rick eating he’d cut off a part for his mate or the pups instead.

Daryl was showing now and Rick was both scared and overjoyed. Daryl enjoyed seeing that the pups were growing, feeling them move was an odd sensation. While they are small, due to the anatomy of male omegas he could feel them even as old as they were.

The scent of vanilla followed them wherever they went no matter how many layers Daryl wore or how many times they encountered the dead. They were thankful that it seemed hardly anyone was moving during the colder seasons.

As the cold blew in Rick grew more concerned for his pack, but it seemed by the light of God or whoever was up there something wanted them to survive.

The pack came across a house that looked untouched. While it wouldn’t hold them forever, it would keep them safe from the cold. Rick made sure to lock up the house and then divide out rooms, Beth and Maggie shared a room, T-Dog and Glenn shared, Carl wanted the living room so they let him have it, Hershel and Carol had their own rooms, and Daryl and Rick shared. Despite the rooms being given out, from time to time the pack would huddle in the living room together. They didn’t know why they did it but it made them feel better just knowing that the pack was there.

It was their more primal instincts coming out, the need to know the pack and pups were safe, the need to have their alpha watch over them. Nights they would all lay together in the living room the pack dynamic became clearer.

Rick and Daryl shared the couch, the pregnant omega liked sleeping on his left side so he could see the pups that slept on the floor right beside the couch. The pups laid together seeing one another as siblings now and nothing more, Hershel and Carol, who counted as an elder beta because she was older than the remaining betas, slept on the other soft pull-out armchairs. The betas, T-Dog, Maggie, and Glenn slept in a bit of a semicircle that curved around the pups and Daryl. Rick slept holding onto his mate, but in a way that he could easily get out to attack and defend if needed.

It was clear the betas knew to protect the pups and the omega. The elder and sub-elder were backup defense, Rick first to attack if anything went wrong protecting his omega and the pups.

Rick smiled seeing his pack work so well together, their dynamics an impressive tell of the world around them. Daryl’s stomach was growing, the omega hardly able to contain his excitement for the pups anymore, he was always holding at least one hand on his stomach. Or talking to his unborn pups telling them about their amazing pack and older siblings. He loved telling them the most about their father.

That night they chose to sleep as one again, Daryl’s hand laid over the couch and Carl held it. Rick smiled seeing his sleeping mate and pup so well connected. Rick’s arm was wrapped around his stomach, feeling the round belly that held the lives of his unborn pups. Daryl whined in his sleep and Rick shot up, his whine was just in sleep but Rick was still concerned regardless.

He nuzzled his mate, leaving kisses along his neck. Daryl woke to his mate sucking on his collarbone. “What is it?” Daryl asked.

“You were whining,” Rick whispered back, Daryl looked down at his hand smiling seeing his younger pup holding his hand. His ‘daughter’ wrapped around his ‘son’.

“Don’t remember why then,” Daryl replied sleepily. “Sleep alpha, I’m fine.”

Rick nodded, he held his omega close, snow was coming down hard. The pack had no fear of the freezing cold thankfully, but they still feared the dead and the unknown. Rick kissed Daryl before falling back asleep, that morning the pack woke to a large amount of snow.

“Can we go play in it momma?” Carl asked, Beth looked eager as well. Daryl looked to Rick who nodded his approval.

“Alright, just be nice to one another. Stay close.”

The pups nodded, throwing on their jackets and gloves that they had found in the closet. Daryl and Rick watched from the doorframe of the house, the pups were giggling and smiling as they made a snowman, they suddenly got very quiet and a snowball went flying hitting Rick square in the face. Daryl laughed out loud and Rick growled racing after them in the snow, the two pups squealed in joy as their pack father and for Carl, his actual father caught up to them and carefully tossed them in the snow. Hershel and the betas watched from the window, smiling and laughing.

They didn’t think they could have so much joy in such a dark world. Daryl watched with a wide smile on his face as his family played. “Hey momma,” Rick called, Daryl raised his head, never having heard Rick call him that before. “Catch.”

Daryl yelped in surprise as a pile of snow came barreling at him. Daryl sidestepped quickly dodging the snow. Rick snickered but Daryl had a trick up his sleeve. “Pups attack.”

Rick’s eyes grew wide as he was tackled into the snow by his son and Beth.

Maggie was laughing so hard she was crying hearing their alpha yelp and bark at the pups as they tackled him. By the time the pups, Daryl, and Rick came inside Rick was covered in snow. It was in his growing beard and hair, Daryl was smiling proud of himself for the assault the pups caused.

“Pack,” Rick began with a smile, the betas and elder alpha turned their head, the pups watching carefully. “Watch those two while I deal with my omega.”

Daryl’s eyes grew wide as Rick carefully picked up his mate, the man's arms flying as he tried to get out of his grasp.

“What does dad mean? He’s not gonna hurt him right?” Carl asked the concern for his mom evident in his voice.

“No, he’s going to do the opposite of hurting him.” Maggie replied with a smirk, Glenn’s face was a deep crimson, T-Dog and Maggie made a bet that Daryl would come out in Rick’s arms unable to walk, Hershel laughed and turned to Carol beginning a; when I was a young alpha story.

Beth and Carl were discussing what they thought the genders and second genders of their coming siblings would be when they heard the door to the alphas bedroom slam shut and Daryl yelp in pleasure.

Daryl yelped in pleasure as Rick bit down on his mate mark. Daryl was laid gently on the bed and Rick began to undress quickly. “You think you can just use our pups against me hmm?” The alpha grumbled as he tossed his clothes against the door.

Daryl watched the omega with a smile in his eyes, “They listen,” Daryl remarked, “so it’s not hard.”

Rick smirked and crawled into the bed slowly making his way towards Daryl. His clothes were ripped off of him in seconds leaving the omega exposed. Daryl blushed, he was hard now.

“Look at you round with my seed growing inside you.” Rick smiled, licking his lips. Daryl blushed at the comment. “My omega.” His eyes flashed that deep dark black like their first time and Daryl moaned.

Rick eyed him and smiled as he lowered himself to take the omegas length in his mouth. Daryl whimpered in pleasure not expecting the alpha to pleasure him like this after having the pups attack him in the snow. Rick smirked humming against his length, Daryl mewled as he licked his slit, tasting the precum.

Omega males weren’t able to get anyone pregnant even when they didn’t have wombs but they still had the ability to cum in pleasure.

Rick smirked as Daryl’s fingers tightened around the sheets and mewled again. Daryl moaned as Rick began to bob his head, “cum for me ‘mega.” Rick grumbled, Daryl’s legs twitched as Rick began to stretch him out with two fingers and he came as if his alpha saying it caused it to happen.

Rick smiled swallowing before he moved some pillows around to help his omega feel comfortable, he was sorta glad his omega had gone back for that damn book. “You’re okay with this right?”

“Yes, alpha take me.” The omega begged. “Please alpha please!” He whined in want. Rick smiled stroking himself for a moment before lining himself up with Daryl’s entrance.

“Shh now, don’t be so loud we bring the neighbors,” Rick muttered as he began to thrust in and out. “Ahh, yes..”

“Why? They’d have to call the cops..officer.” Daryl moaned. Rick laughed at the comment, he licked at Daryl’s mate mark as he continued to thrust slowly. Daryl mewled and moaned.

Rick was slow and careful, he didn’t want to hurt the pups growing inside him. Daryl was moaning louder now and Rick couldn’t help but purr as he did so.

Maggie and T-Dog eyed one another waiting to see who won the bet, T-Dog had said Daryl would be walking while Maggie said he wouldn’t be.

Daryl whined and whimpered some more as Rick got close, the alpha pulled out covering his mate in seed. “No knot?” Daryl whined.

“I don’t want to hurt them, or you. Once these two come I’ll knot.” Daryl nodded understanding, Rick smirked seeing Daryl adjust on the bed. “I wasn’t done,” Rick mused.

Daryl’s eyes grew wide as he was carefully flipped on his hands and knees. A pillow laid under him to handle the weight of his growing stomach.

Daryl yelped in surprise as Rick went back for more, the omega enjoyed the rocking sensation as he was fucked carefully. Daryl was loud, he was muttering and moaning, taking Rick well.

Beth and Carl had been taken back outside to play in the snow, Daryl’s yelps being heard all throughout the house. Glenn kept messing with his collar hearing the moans from the omega and the alpha in their room. Carol and Hershel snickered, while Hershel was a man of god in this world a mate mark was enough to consummate.

Rick finally finished pulling out again, Daryl had been quick to take the seed down his throat. As the omega swallowed Rick grunted in surprise and lust. “You said it would be good for the pups.” Daryl moaned as he laid back breathing heavy.

“Mhhm mine.” Rick muttered laying beside his mate content. “My pretty omega.”

Daryl grunted in pleasure as Rick cleaned him off best he could with wipes they had found. Daryl’s legs felt like jello.

“We should go out there and make sure the pups know you didn’t hurt me alpha.” Daryl muttered kissing Rick softly. Rick nodded with a smiled licking his mate mark and helping him dress. Daryl went to walk when his legs almost came out from under him. Daryl yelped as Rick picked him up and carried him out to the couch.

Maggie snickered and looked at T-Dog making a grabby hand motion. The man rolled his eyes and riffled through his bag handing the girl some beef jerky. “Damn.”

Rick eyed them with a smile seeing they were making bets on their sex life now. “Pups?”

“In the snow again.”

Rick smiled as Glenn brought them in, they had their hands behind their backs as they ran in. Seeing Daryl was safe they raced to their alpha and shoved snow down his shirt. Rick yelped in surprise as the cold covered his chest, Daryl laughed until the alpha pulled his shirt off and took the remaining snow and poured it over Daryl’s head.

Daryl yipped a small grow escaping his mouth.

At the alphas move the three younger betas and the pups were quick, Rick was suddenly in their arms being carried out into the snow now topless. Daryl laughed as Carol helped him up to watch from the window as the alpha was tossed into a pile of snow and pelted with snowballs.

The three betas and two pups came running as the alpha got out of the snow and raced in after them.

If they hadn’t known Rick was a good man, and a better alpha it wouldn’t have even been a thought, but Rick was a good man and a great alpha. Daryl smiled as Rick picked him up and helped him to the couch nuzzling him and kissing him, lapping at the mate mark while laying his hand on his stomach.

Thankfully even with the screaming and laughing the dead didn’t come near.

They were going to survive the winter, and as a pack they’d thrive.

Chapter Text

Snow was melting now, the house they were holding up in had kept them warm, but it wasn’t suitable, the door could easily be taken down, and the dead were beginning to grow more restless. The group was moving from place to place to protect their pack and their heavily pregnant omega.

Daryl was surprisingly happy, he didn’t complain about the moving, and even when his mate requested him to stay in the car if he could he’d get out and help check the area or shoot a rogue walker. That night they were held up in an old house, the pack had become more used to sleeping together and they enjoyed it more, they didn’t tend to divide up space. They worked as one.

Daryl was laying with Rick when he felt the movement, it had become more frequent and it made him smile each time, this time however Rick got to feel it too. Rick began to chirp like a pup as he held his hand on the middle of Daryl’s pregnant stomach. Small ripples hit Rick’s hand, the pups kicking like crazy. “You like that alpha?” Daryl mumbled as he rolled onto his back, Rick was sitting up now watching the kicks come. The pack was watching Rick and Daryl with light in their eyes, no matter how bad it got the prime couple and the thought of two little pups running around could get their hopes up. Rick nodded with a smile as he continued to watch, mesmerized.

Carl and Beth were growing curious now, Daryl side eyed Rick who smiled beckoning them close. “You want to feel your siblings?” Rick asked.

“Yes please,” Beth smiled. The girl was careful as she placed her hand down, Daryl smiled watching her do so, she was hesitant but the moment her hand got the first kick her eyes were wide, and her smile bright. She turned to look at the pack with a large grin plastered on her face. Maggie and Hershel smiled, Beth was flourishing with the pack, with Daryl as her mother and Rick her surrogate father. Rick never required the girl to call her dad, he never asked her to and Hershel knew very well the man wasn’t trying to take his daughter from him. Carl then placed his hand down beside his ‘sister’s’, the two pups wide-eyed as the kicks came to their hands.

“Can we name them when they come momma?” Carl asked, watching Daryl excitedly, Rick snickered. The two had expected them to ask that.

“As long as you follow one rule, they deserve new names. We have lost so many, but they deserve their very own.” Rick remarked. The two pups squealed excitedly, Daryl grinned as the pack watched carefully.

“You can touch too, you know.” Daryl offered, it wasn’t often that Daryl accepted physical touch from anyone but his pups and mate. The pack looked at one another before eagerly taking turns. Maggie and Glenn held their hands on his stomach together, they had been courting and wished for their own pups one day. Their fingers were slightly interlocked, that's where the kicks came between their fingertips. T-Dog was shy about it, but was eager he looked at Rick who nodded with permission. In a pack this was a big deal, allowing your pack even the betas to touch your mate's stomach while pregnant meant a lot.

As the man's hand wrapped softly around the bump the kicks were softer but still feelable, he smiled big. “Thank you.” T-Dog whispered as he stepped to the side. Carol was quick to set her hand down, the rush of euphoria flushed over her.

“You are going to be a good mother,” the woman smiled nodding to Daryl. Daryl smiled, the doll he had ensured she got was still wrapped in her bag. “You already are.” She turned her head to the side, Carl and Beth were happily discussing the names of their future siblings. Daryl smiled, he felt a tinge of sadness thinking back to the pups he had lost.

Sophia and Jimmy, as well as the pups that were ripped from him by their father Moralis.

Hershel was last but certainly not least, he had felt the pups a few times while checking on the omega but he was adamant this was the best time. Rick smiled as he watched his pack commit this intimate act. He wished Shane, Andrea, and Dale were here too and wished they could see the omega growing with life.

Rick then laid his hand back down, Daryl smiled looking up at his mate.

Their prime.

Daryl grinned as Rick began to rumble with pride, the pups would be here soon, and he needed walls. Needed security. Rick kissed Daryl’s belly button getting a sweet kick from within, Daryl snickered as the alpha adjusted his jaw a bit.

“Those little things have a good kick in them,” Rick noted.

“Gonna be alphas like their daddy,” Daryl remarked, he honestly hoped they weren’t like him. Weren’t plagued with the curse the world had made being an omega. They were wanted by all to collect or use, Daryl was beyond lucky his pack was good, that his alpha loved him.

Rick smiled, his pack was close, they had gone through so much together. Their scents intermingling, the strongest that of Darly’s the sweet vanilla.

The groans brought them from their happy moment. Rick was quick to stand, the pups stepping behind him. Maggie and Glenn helped Daryl up on his feet while standing on either side of him, Hershel and Carol each stepped in front of one of the pups and T-Dog took the back, they had a straight shot to the cars and their huddle was one of protection. Daryl grumbled but knew it was safest for him to be in the middle.

They quickly got into the cars and drove more, they parked in the middle of the woods sleeping in the cars that night. Rick, Daryl, Beth, Carl, and Hershel in one while Maggie, Glenn, T-Dog, and Carol slept in another. Daryl adjusted uncomfortably but wouldn't complain, he refused to act like he was more miserable than the rest of them just because he was with pup. The next morning they kept driving, Daryl was ready for these two rowdy pups to pop, they stopped to convene on gas and other necessary things when Daryl let out a soft whine. He didn’t mean to, but as a small foot kicked into his ribs he doubled slightly. The pack was quick to check on their omega, he waved them off.

“Just a damn foot in my ribs.” He muttered, tapping the left side of his stomach in hopes of repositioning them.

Rick cocked his head, the entire pack knew Daryl was probably feeling it more than he let on. “You want to take a walk ‘mega?” Rick asked, Daryl, nodded eagerly. Rick handed him his crossbow and they began to walk down an old rail. The pack stayed back knowing Rick wanted time alone with his mate. “Are you really feeling okay? None of us have heard you complain once, not when we knew you were hungry or needed to adjust how you were sitting. You haven’t let out much as one whine until today.”

“This isn’t the only thing we are all dealing with,” Daryl replied, rubbing his hand down his stomach.

“We aren’t all pregnant Daryl,” Rick finally replied after a minute of silence, “you are Daryl not us.”

“Yeh, I know but..the entire pack is a part of our relationship, they are relying on us. We are prime, us. I may be the one carrying our little monsters,” at the comment he got another kick to his ribs, he winced a bit but didn’t buckle, “but you are their father. Those pups over there are their siblings, those betas and that elder look to us for answers. They protect us, they protect our unborn pups as well as our living ones. I am not going to make it worse for anyone than it has to be.” Daryl grumbled. “So what if I miss a meal, I was raised in a goddamn closet, there were times I went weeks with only a cup of water and suppressants. This,” he waved his hand over his stomach than at the trees around them, “is easy Rick.”

Rick was hesitant about what to say next, but there was a low growl that escaped his throat. “Weeks?”

Daryl narrowed his eyes, “what?”

“Weeks, you said you went weeks in a closet with only suppressants and a cup of water. Is that true?”

“That ain’t the point,” Daryl replied.

“But I want an answer.”

“Yes. Alright, yes. The longest was two weeks and five days, then I got a half-empty bag of stale chips and a new bottle of water, and more suppressants. I asked for more and got my first lash Rick. You want to do this now?”

Rick stopped hearing the whine in Daryl’s words. “No..I’m sorry..I shouldn’t have..I’m sorry.” Daryl exposed his neck to Rick, the alpha leaned in taking in his mate's scent. He calmed then did the same for Daryl. Daryl eagerly took in his mate's scent, the memories of the past he was still trying to understand knocking like the dead. “I just worry about you Daryl, you are my mate. Our bond is stronger than Alpha and Omega, our bond isn’t just about our pups. Or that you could give me them.”

Daryl nodded, he turned and kept walking trying to clear his head when his eyes grew wide. “Damn shame.”

Rick came out of the bush and his mind started working. “That’s it.”


“We are making that our home. We can take the courtyard, then the inside little bits at a time, we can do this, that is where we will live. Those fences, the walls, we can do this.”

“Can I help?” Daryl asked, raising his crossbow, he was eager to please his mate. Rick was hesitant but nodded.

“As long as you and I are together, we can do it. About to pop or not,” Rick kissed Daryl quickly, he was excited. The scent of contentness wafting through the woods being taken by the wind. Daryl smiled, thankful he was still going to be useful. He wanted to make sure that this was the pack's home, and that he was a part of its beginning. Rick and Daryl headed back, at the scent of their alpha the pack knew a plan was hatching.

“There is a prison close, we can take it, it has fences. Guard towers, we can make this a real home. We need walls for the packs pups, we need to begin to farm and rebuild. We need this, we need this place and we need this win. We can do this as a pack, we have become so strong we can handle this. There will be walls for once, there will be a place we can use to make whole. I need this, I need to know my pups are safe, that my pack is safe, that my omega is safe.”

The pack nodded ready, they had become a machine in the last few months. They had ups, and they had downs, this was going to work for them. “We are ready, alpha.” T-Dog smiled.

“We want this too.” Glenn remarked, Maggie took his hand in hers and raised them up.

Hershel and Carol agreed as well.

“You pups in for it?” Daryl huffed, he wouldn’t go if the pups didn’t.

“Yes momma.” Carl chirped, Beth smiled nodding in agreement.

“Then we take it, and it will become ours.” Rick barked, they nodded piling into the cars to prepare. The drive over to the prison seemed to breathe new life into the pack, Daryl was itching to shoot a few walkers. Hershel wanted a safe place for his daughters, and the pups, Glenn and Maggie wanted to see life flourish and relationships sharpen. T-Dog wanted to make sure Rick knew he could be counted on, Carol wanted walls to protect these pups better than her own, Rick wanted a safe place to raise his family.

The pack piled out of the cars, Daryl once again placed in the middle as they began to cut open the fencing. T-Dog kept the outside while Maggie and Glenn took either side of Daryl. Hershel and Carol were in charge of the pups, Rick took the lead, the pack rushed through while Glenn began to wrap the fence together. This was going well, so far, and they hoped it continued this way.

Daryl was starting to get real excited at this point, the scent of vanilla and pure pleasure was rushing from Daryl. Rick eyed the pregnant omega wondering if a knot this late would either send him into labor or get him pregnant again.

He shook the thought from his head and they began to plan.

“Alright, Daryl and Carol up in the guard towers. I need my good shots.”

Daryl smiled proud of his abilities, Carol nodded excitedly happy to be given a job. “Beth, Maggie, and Glenn I need you down here killing and getting their attention so I can run and shut the gates. Hershel, I need you and Carl in the opposite gun tower, all eyes on me. T-Dog, I need you here, you open the fence and close it when I go out, same when I finish.”

The rest of the pack nodded. Daryl, Carol, Carl, and Hershel raced to their positions.

“You okay pookie?” Carol asked Daryl as he huffed up the steps.

“Oh shut it, just fine.” The heavily pregnant omega snarled at her.

The two laughed it off as they got up, Daryl looked to his pups with pride, then to his mate. A bit of fear but overall they were feeling pretty good about how the series of events were playing out for them. Daryl continued to watch carefully, Rick nodded and T-Dog let him inside the walker-filled fence. Those in the guard tower began to help take out the threats that weren’t going to the sound of rattling fences or yelling.

Daryl let his arrows fly, he felt exhilarated, his unborn pups kicking as if they were helping in the fight for their new home. He laughed as they did, Carol eyed the omega when she saw the movement under his shirt.

“They helping?” The beta questioned.

“Kicking ass.” Daryl replied, smiling big.

The two nodded at one another as they continued to help take out the dead, Rick raced through shooting the ones he needed. He was quick and adrenalin was taking over, he kicked one back and slammed the gate closed locking it up. He turned, there were a few coming for him but thankfully the guard tower was there. Daryl shot an arrow right beside his head, Rick turned seeing a walker had been much closer than he had thought. Daryl nodded to Rick who nodded to Daryl.

They were going to do this.

Rick raced up the guard tower and Daryl smiled. “Light it up!” Daryl shouted the others began to shoot. Daryl felt the pups kick a bit more before the gunfire ceased, they had done it.

They had done it!

The group howled in joy, they raced out to get to the fields, they would take some time to pull the bodies around and make space but this, this was a real start. Daryl was slow to make it down the steps of the guard tower. As he stepped out into the light Rick and Hershel were the first to pick up on a new scent radiating off of Daryl.

Rick was getting more excited, the pups were coming soon.

“What are you looking at me like that for alpha?” Daryl snapped, he was being eyed by everyone but Rick in particular was freaking him out a little. “No time for sex.”

Glenn, Beth, and Carl yelped in surprise at the brash words. Rick smiled and narrowed his eyes a bit. “For one, there is always time for that, and two, you smell like milk. Milk and vanilla.”

Daryl stopped moving, he brushed his stomach in surprise.

He didn’t know he could smell like that, that the pups would have this effect on him. “How long am I gonna smell like that for?”

“Till you finish feeding, if they go a whole year you may smell like your pretty pine and milk. Or if you get pregnant again, vanilla and milk.”

“Ain’t no way you are putting more of those,” he pointed at Beth and Carl, “Inside me. These four are already pains in my ass.” Beth and Carl snickered, the pups inside kicked in reply. “I don’t need another one anytime soon. Four is enough, four is far too much.”

“But we want more puppies!” Beth cried.

“You aren’t carrying them inside you, little lady.” Daryl barked back, the girl smiled in response. He shot an arrow into the furthest guard tower. “Momma wants that one back.”

The two pups looked at one another and raced off trying to push the other one over in the process. “No, I want to bring it back!” Carl yelled as Beth pulled it free. The two began a yelling match, but Beth had it first. They began to run back to Daryl, he took the arrow and shot it again.

“Oops.” Daryl said with a smirk, the pack laughed as the pups raced off to get it for their mother. “Going to tire those little monsters out so they stop ganging up on me with their father. No more, not for a while. You got me.”

Rick nodded smiling, they watched for about half an hour as Daryl would shoot the arrow and the pups would retrieve. The last arrow the pups began to growl and yap at one another, “Carl be nice to your sister!” Daryl shouted as Carl pushed Beth. Carl lowered his head, the sheriff hat hiding the smile in his eyes.

“This is going to be a good place for us Rick,” Hershel began, “once we get all those bodies out we can start a farm. Maybe find some wild pigs or escaped cows. I think we could set it up real nice.”

Daryl yelped in pain, everyone turned to look at him with concern. “You little asses.” He snarled to his stomach, everyone could see a foot poking out of either side, what they couldn’t see was the fists in his ribs. “They gang up on me like those two. Butt heads too,” he looked at Rick. “Wonder where they get that from.”

“Don’t blame me for this.” Rick snapped holding up his hands in self-defense.

Daryl looked at the two pups watching them. “Momma wants you two to go collect all the arrows I shot, go.”

The two got up and raced off claiming themself the one that would bring Daryl back the most arrows. Once the pups were out of earshot Daryl leaned closer. “You are the one who knotted me during my first heat and knocked me up. This is your fault.” Daryl snapped back, Glenn started to feel hot again averting his eyes. The others laughed at his comment, he was growing more comfortable with the pack and willing to say whatever he wanted when he wanted.

“Well then, maybe I just won't knot you next time you beg for it,” Rick replied with a fire in his eyes.

Daryl mumbled something under his breath as T-Dog and Maggie made another bet. The pups finally returned with arrows. They each had the same amount so there was no fighting going on between them. The rest of the day was spent piling bodies into the truck to burn when they could, they then set up a nice place to rest and sleep.

Rick kissed Daryl lovingly, Daryl grinned, he leaned in and whispered something to Rick who eyed his mate before standing. “Excuse us please.”

Maggie smiled and T-Dog tossed a rock handing her two bullets and a piece of his dinner. Glenn gave them a curious look when Daryl yelped being picked up by Rick. Despite the weight he had gained he was still easy for Rick to move. Daryl was set carefully on the ground and whisked off to the furthest guard tower. They walked up the steps stopping for kisses and laughing at the bet that Maggie and T-Dog continually kept on if they would stop for sex or not. As they shut the door and Daryl was laid out Rick smiled.

“Last time before those little puppies get here,” Rick remarked.

“Maybe.” Daryl replied. “Maybe.”

Rick smirked as he tossed his shirt off, Daryl was quick with his own. His scars embarrassed him still, there was always going to be shame behind them but with Rick, it wasn’t bad. He didn’t feel the need to hide anymore. Soon both of the men had their pants off and Rick helped the omega into a kneeling position. “Hold the bars alright, if it gets too much I will stop, no questions asked,” Rick ordered. Daryl nodded, spreading his legs apart slightly, he held onto the bars, his head hanging down the hair that had grown longer, hiding his baby blues. Rick began to slowly enter into his mate.

Daryl moaned at the sudden feeling, Rick’s thrusts were soft and sweet. He could be brutal if he wanted but this wasn’t the time, Daryl was a week if not a few days from giving birth and he just wanted to give him one last time before he was going to be feeding and resting for a while. Rick smiled as he stroked Daryl’s cock, Daryl grunted moaning and muttering under his breath. “Cum for me.” Rick growled, Daryl bucked his hips pushing back on the alpha male. Rick let out a surprised hmph as Daryl came and Rick knotted.

“Fuck!” Daryl yelped, Rick panicked but didn’t move. The rush of seed sent Daryl’s eyes crossing. “Ah..fuck..yes.”

“Did you do that on purpose?” Rick mumbled.

“Maybe.” Daryl grunted, he needed that, he had needed that so badly.

Rick rolled his eyes trying not to upset Daryl, he was just worried this would do more damage than good. However, the omega seemed fine as he breathed heavily and shook in bliss and pleasure. “ feel so good taking all of me Daryl.”

Daryl blushed and whined in pleasure as the knot finally popped. Rick helped Daryl back into his clothes, he watched him carefully for a good ten minutes before he let him down the stairs to ensure he didn’t go into labor.

“No pups yet.” T-Dog whispered back to Maggie who handed one bullet back slowly.

Glenn rolled his eyes, he loved Maggie but that women and sex bets were getting out of hand. Daryl sat slowly with the help of Rick and Carol. The pack made their way to their sleeping pile soon after. Daryl laying against Rick, Beth, and Carl laying as close to their mom as they could get without Rick growling. Maggie and Glenn were sleeping closer now, and then T-Dog. The semi-circle still mostly applying, with Hershel and Carol on the outskirts of the arrangement. They would clear out a cell block in the morning, they needed to be prepared if Daryl went into labor.

That next morning they woke to the sounds of the pups bickering, Daryl opened his eyes to see Beth running around with Carl’s hat in her hand. “Beth! Give your brother his hat back.” He yelled, the girl stopped and handed it over. The rest of the pack started to wake and prepare for the day, they had a long road ahead of them. Rick watched the pups chase and run, they finally had space and felt safe enough to do so. He smiled, he was so thankful that they had found this prison.

“Those two are going to end up killing one another,” Daryl grumbled watching Beth and Carl throw a rock back and forth. “Honestly.”

“I’ll talk to them, tell them they are giving their mother heart palpitations.” Rick smiled, Daryl narrowed his eyes letting out a low growl. He made sure no one was in the line of fire and shot an arrow past Rick’s head. He was growing more agitated the closer to popping he got. Rick cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. “Did you just shoot at me?”

The pack was silent watching their alpha talk to his mate, the pups were rushing to get the arrow Daryl had shot. “Yes.”

“You could have killed me.”

“I’m a good ass shot, If I wanted to hurt you I would have,” Daryl remarked as Carl came running, arrow in hand. Daryl took the arrow from the pup and looked past Rick with a smile, “You can’t get this one.” The archer said to both pups as he shot the arrow again. Everyone turned to watch it, the arrow glided through the air twisting in the air. It went through both fences landing between the eyes of an unsuspecting walker. “As I said, if I wanted to kill you or injure you I would have.”

Rick turned back to look at his mate who had turned to walk towards the truck to find a ball for the pups, his hips swaying with each step. Rick’s eyes were wide and his body told him to take that omega right there in front of the whole pack to assert his dominance, but all he wanted to do was kiss him.

The others were talking, Daryl was impressive and an asset they needed. Rick had picked a good mate, they all hoped that even if Daryl had kept his second gender a secret Rick would have picked him as his mate.

“Are y'all ready to clear out a block?” Daryl asked, poking his head around the truck, he watched Rick with a smile. “Cause I sure as hell am.”

The pack whooped in excitement, they were going to claim this space for themselves. The courtyard was already theirs, now they needed walls.

Rick smirked watching his mate hand out weapons. The pups took weapons as well and they began their tirade.

The biggest issue was they needed to spread out to attack but they also had a need to circle the vulnerable and weaker of the pack.

Daryl was fine with being with the pups he knew if anything did happen he would be able to protect despite being so far along. However Rick didn’t like the idea much, so he split the group, Carl and Beth, with Hershel and Carol. Maggie, T-Dog and Glenn, then himself with Daryl.

The normal inmate walkers were fine and easy to deal with, it was the undead riot cops and swat that made it more difficult. Daryl shot an arrow in hopes of getting through the shield mask and found it was no use. The archer growled as his arrow bounced back towards him. He grabbed it quickly and Rick stepped in front of him stabbing upwards into the skull of the walker.

The positives about them wearing the mask is they couldn’t bite, the negatives was the brain was hard to get to.

Blood spraying, bodies rolling, arrows and bullets flying they fought through the hoard of undead through to their new home.

Cell Block C.

Rick found keys, he handed one to Daryl, one to Carl, and one to himself. “This, this is where we set up. We will slowly cut down other blocks but for now, this is what we call our space.”

Daryl began looking cell to cell. “Daryl, what are you doing?”

“Finding my nesting spot.” He yelled back as he climbed a set of stairs, they watched him and Rick hid his smile seeing him wobble. Daryl entered the guard tower, more room here.

Then without a word, he began to walk out to the car for the blankets and coats that had kept them warm all winter as well as the few pillows that they had been able to keep. He walked in and out a few times and no one could stop him.

He was nesting.

Rick couldn’t help but smile seeing the usually very brash and careless archer become meticulous about each item's placement. Pillow here, blanket there, coat there, Rick’s shirts in a pile in the corner. They watched him with smiles on their faces as he sat in the center and looked around making sure it was all perfect.

“What does nesting mean dad?” Carl asked.

“Means your siblings are coming real soon,” Rick replied with a grin as Daryl began to move and fluff pillows.

“Not yet..not right.” He mumbled as he moved more pillows or an odd shirt around. He grumbled still feeling something was wrong he was missing something.

“What’s wrong mom?” Beth asked, Daryl turned his head to look at the girl when he saw the hat. That damn sheriff's hat.

“When the pups come, can I use the hat? Kinda as a little bed-ish..till we find them a crib?” Daryl asked, watching it intently.

“Yeh of course,” Carl said, taking it off.

“No you should wear it till then, let your sister too. That way the pups can get used to your scent.” Daryl replied, refusing to take the hat from the pups. They nodded and Beth took it over for a little bit. This place could be perfect, all he wanted was that hat.

Chapter Text

The next day the group took a well-needed rest, all except Daryl. He kept rearranging his nest, kept moving pillows or shirts. The only thing he knew was where the hat was to go.

“Dare, just calm down. You’re fine, it’s all okay. We have this place now. The pups won’t even know that this space looks like this.”

Daryl turned, Rick hadn’t called him Dare before. “New nickname?”

Rick smiled and nodded. “Just come rest, you need the rest please.”

Daryl was hesitant but did as he was told, he laid beside Rick fussing with his shirt. No matter how many times he adjusted it the bump forced it to ride up, he wanted to meet his sweet puppies, needed to meet them. He was restless and they just were waiting. The day went by calmly, the pups enjoyed the walls, the pack enjoyed the safety.

“Tomorrow we should find the cafeteria and infirmary.” Rick chimed, the pack nodded. Food and medical supplies, with Daryl’s coming pups they needed it more than ever. Male omega births were different from any other, C-Sections were nearly impossible to perform due to the movement of the inner body to make room for the pups without killing the man giving birth. They had to give birth rectally and it had to be done quickly or else complications could arise. One pup was hard enough let alone two.

Daryl was napping, he didn’t nap often, he hated naps. He didn’t want to be lazy; they had things to do and a place to clear. The group however was thankful he was finally resting up, taking care of himself first.

Rick watched his mate sleep, he smiled at the rise and fall of his chest, seeing small kicks come from within. Watching the life growing inside him, all he could do was smile. This was their life and he couldn’t even complain, he had a family. He had pups on the way and a loving mate, two pups, and a pack. A real pack that loved him and his family, this was more than he had ever expected to have.

If he had ever woken from his coma in the world before he didn’t know what was waiting, possibly a lonely room and a grown son with pups of his own. Maybe he wouldn’t ever have woken. Maybe when he woke he would find his mate and best friend had gotten married and were having pups of their own, that his son called Shane dad.

Would he have ever met Daryl?

He would have hoped so, that if Daryl had been sold to the claimers, that he would have been the one to rush in and save the day. Rehabilitate the omega, promise him a better life. Maybe they’d still be like this, expecting twins and surrounded by new friends.

But that wasn’t the cards they were dealt.

The group ate and talked, planned out runs after the pups got here. Not all pups liked their mother's milk and would need formula. They also needed diapers, bottles, baby supplies, clothes, and Daryl wanted them to have a crib of their own eventually. He knew it was a big ask but he wanted them to have something for themselves.

Sleeping that night the group felt good and safe, feeling nothing could go wrong.

That morning they got to work.

Glenn, Maggie, T-Dog, Hershel, and Rick put on the riot gear and headed into the tunnels. Carol stayed back with the pups and Daryl who paced the entire time they were gone worried about his pack and mate.

Things were going well until a large group of walkers appeared. They fought and screamed attacking as one, but Hershel got bit.

They raced him into a room, and Rick did the only thing he thought he could. He cut off the point of infection. Maggie sobbed as her father thrashed until the pain took over and he passed out. “Get him on a gurney!”

“Guys!” Glenn started shouting.

“Glenn what did I say!” Rick barked back.

“Alpha look!” Glenn snapped, he usually didn’t fight back but a group of men were staring right back at them.

Rick stood and growled asserting himself as Prime before rushing Hershel back. The men looked at one another and slowly followed. They were an all-alpha pack, which was rare. They followed the trail of blood and then the scent of vanilla and milk filled their senses.

“A pregnant beta?” Axel asked. “We shouldn’t bother them.”

“Shut it.” Tomas snarled. “We can take her for ourselves.”

“Tomas! That’s not okay.” Big Tiny argued.

“Fine, I’ll take her for myself.” The man snapped back. Oscar, Big Tiny, and Axel gave him an angry look, Andrew didn’t have an option, he’d follow Tomas anywhere. He’d saved his life in the big house.

As they grew closer Daryl smelt the unfamiliar alpha scent, T-Dog was waiting with his gun but Daryl wanted to protect his pack and himself. He walked out with the bow ready, his mate and pack dealing with Hershel.

“Stay back.” T-Dog begged, Daryl shook his head and held the arrow up. He was turned slightly so the bump was hidden surprisingly well.

Tomas stepped out. “Who the hell are you?”

“Who the hell are you?” Daryl growled his body shaking.

“Wait. You ain’t no beta!” Axel exclaimed the scent of vanilla thick. Daryl growled, Rick’s head jumped at the mention of Daryl being omega.

“Daryl Dixon-Grimes ass back here now!” The alpha roared. Daryl had never been called Grimes, and he liked it. He nodded to T-Dog and raced off. He saw his alpha and his eyes were red, Daryl sank exposing his scent gland. Rick scented him, seeing he was safe he headed off to see the alphas threatening their safety.

“Who are you?” Rick snapped again.

“Tomas, and my pack. Oscar, Big Tiny, Axel, and Andrew.” The alphas nodded at their name. “That’s my cell block, give it back.”

Daryl appeared again behind his mate. “Congratulations boys, you’ve been pardoned by the state of Georgia.”

Rick turned a low growl rumbling in his chest and Daryl headed back behind the safety of the locked gate. Tomas growled wanting the omega.

“As my mate so kindly explained, you’re free to go.”

“No, this is our house.”

“We shed blood for this place, my pups are going to be born here. Get out.” The man growled, Rick was angry and wanted them out, he wanted his mate safe. His pups safe, his eyes were lighter now but any second another raged high could appear.

Rick began to growl, his nature showing true, it was rare Rick showed the true primal side. Axel and Oscar faltered, baring their necks to show submission to the alpha male. Rick smirked and nodded accepting them on his side.

Big Tiny went to move to bare his neck too when Tomas sliced, killing him instantly. His neck bleeding profusely, “get the brain stupid! Rick growled, T-Dog shot the man trying to fix the growing issue.

“I want my house back.”

“I will kill you for this place, go” Rick snapped, his teeth bared. Tomas raced at Rick who fought back, their teeth snapping and spit flying. Soon Tomas was on the ground, Andrew got scared and ran into the catacombs. “Stand down or I will kill you!” He yelled again, Tomas struggled fighting until Rick scented the fear and the alpha male smiled. Tomas was let up but took another swing, Daryl had appeared again not liking the sound of his mate in danger and an arrow flew shooting Tomas in the forehead.

“Daryl Dixon-Grimes!” Rick barked again, his mate kept defying him. Daryl smirked but realized too late what he did, his mate was in a blood rut. Daryl was pinned against the wall, their pack watching. “Lock the pups in a cell. They don’t need to see this.” Rick snarled. Glenn and T-Dog did as instructed knowing not to move.

“This here is mine.” Rick snarled at the two new alphas as he nipped at Daryl’s mate mark. The man mewling at his touch.

His mate being in danger as well as the pups then the blood and death had sent him into his first blood rut. His instincts told him that the pack needed to see this, see him take the omega and fuck him rough and hard even with the pups in there. They were ready to come whenever his concern was minimal, the need for everyone to know what belonged to him high.

“Alpha!” Daryl whined. “Ah..”

“Consent I need consent.” Rick snarled, even in his blood rut he was still a good man.

Daryl nodded. “Yours..yours take it I’m yours.”

“Fuck yes you’re mine.” Rick snapped, biting his mate mark spot again.

Daryl had heard of a blood rut, it was something his brother claimed to come back from after a gang fight or drug deal gone wrong.

“Why I’ve never seen an alpha ask permission from their mate during a rut let alone a blood rut.” Axel exclaimed.

“Rick’s no normal prime alpha,” Maggie replied as Daryl’s pants were thrown to the side, and soon the sound of ripping fabric was heard as Daryl’s boxers were torn.

Rick had his pants around his ankles and his cock out in full display as he picked up his mate and laid him on one of the dining benches. “Shirt on. Promise.” Rick grumbled as he lifted Daryl’s hips and thrust forward. Daryl was moaning and whining as he was fucked, Rick was surprisingly careful even in the height of a blood rut.

Daryl was loud and the pups were trying to drown out their mother's pleasured cries. “Mine, mine, mine mine,” Rick grunted with each thrust, the pack watched amazed by the kind touches and loving kisses Rick was leaving on him despite his current situation. “You’ve got to stop defying me, stop putting yourself in danger.”

Rick growled his thrusts growing faster yet soft.

“Yes alpha..s..sorry alpha..ah!” He whined moaning loudly as he was knotted. Rick smiled as the rush of seed exploded, he continued to breathe heavily. He looked to the two alphas who were watching dumbfounded.

“This is mine.” He snapped again. “Daryl is mine, mine.” He growled. “You think of touching him. Any of you.” He looked between his pack the new members and the old. “I will kill you.”

Everyone nodded understanding the threat. “T-Dog, Glenn, and you.” He pointed to Oscar. “Get those bodies out, burn them.”

“Yes alpha.” Oscar replied. Axel watched Rick as he picked Daryl up surprisingly easy with the knot still deep inside him and the bump causing a block so he wasn’t as close as he wanted to hold him and walked him up the stairs and into their nest where more moaning and whining was heard from the pregnant omega.

“Well that was one interesting welcome,” Axel exclaimed.

“Get used to it. They fuck like bunnies. Even while pregnant.” Maggie replied as she joined Carl, Carol, and Beth in the cell with her father.

“You’ve got to stop misbehaving.” Rick snarled at his mate who was muttering nonsense at this point his mind fuzzy. “Do you understand me Dare?”

“Yes alpha..sorry alpha..sorry..I just don’t want to be useless.”

Rick’s heart burned as he heard that, he leaned close kissing him. The knot wasn’t budging yet. “You aren’t useless Daryl. You are my mate and the mother of my pups. You are perfect, not useless. Just stop putting yourself in danger,” Rick kissed him again, his knot twitching. Daryl blushed as he felt another soft kiss. The knot finally popped after three minutes of soft kisses and pleasured moans. Rick pulled away from him and then lowered his body kissing the belly of Daryl. “You are not useless, you are my mate. You are bringing life to this world, you aren’t useless.”

Daryl smiled and nuzzled Rick. They kissed again and soon Daryl was out cold. Rick pulled a new pair of pants on and headed down the steps, everyone was watching him.

“Sorry about that..” Rick held the back of his neck with a slight chuckle.

“Don’t be sorry, we are all honestly surprised that’s the first time you’ve done that in front of us.” Maggie replied. “I owe T-Dog more bullets.”

“Maggie, how many bullets are you going to bet on our sex life?” The alpha questioned. She blushed and Glenn smirked, coming closer to his mate.

Axel bowed his head to Rick. “This is my pack now too, and I’ll put my life on the line for it. Sorry about how this all happened. Your mate is nice, you’ve got a good family here.”

Rick smiled, thankful for Axel’s words. “Thank you. You’re Axel right, the other Oscar? We run on our own pack laws and rules, you’ll learn soon enough but the number one rule. My omega and the pups of the pack come first.”

Everyone nodded, Axel blinked in understanding. “So he is an omega then. A real omega.”

“Yes, and we have to protect him. At all costs. He may be prime alphas mate, but his life's in danger from everyone. Alphas want him for their own pups, or just to fuck, he’s strong too and that can put him at risk. He’s just different and being different can put you at risk in their world. He is also prime alphas mate, a prime mate which means other alphas will want him just for the fact they can say they beat Rick and took his mate. That would happen beta or omega.” Carol replied.

“The worlds changed a lot hasn’t it?”

“In many ways, our natural pack ways have returned, laws of old are returning as well. The dead walk and that isn’t helpful, but there are more threats than the dead. Other packs and their alphas.”

Axel nodded, T-Dog, Glenn and Oscar soon returned. “Oscar, alpha. Alpha, Oscar.” Glenn introduced them together. Oscar showed his scent glands again, Rick scented them both and accepted them officially as packmates. The pups came running out of the cell as Hershel came too.

“Dad, dad.” Carl barked, the young alpha happy to see the elder waking. “Come quick!”

Rick was fast to check, Beth was holding her fathers hand while Rick, her surrogate father, held her shoulder. “Hey Hershel..sorry for cutting off the leg.”

“You saved my life alpha, let me have more time with the pack and my girls. Let me make it another day. I am grateful.”

Rick smiled, breathing a sigh of relief. “I’m glad. I’m glad you’re not upset with me.”

The elder scented the air, sex and the two new alphas thick in the air. Despite Daryl’s vanilla and milk combo that was more prevalent. “Blood rut?”


“‘Bout time.” The alpha barked, “shoulda claimed him before the pack long before.”

Rick was surprised by the comment but smiled. “Once the pups come I will again.”

The elder nodded to the prime, Daryl continued to sleep off the sex. His pups moving, inside ready to come out and see the world.

The next two days were spent clearing more, Hershel was finally up on his one good leg Daryl, Beth, and Carl were outside walking with him.

Maggie and Glenn were down with Rick at the fence, Axel and Oscar were burning bodies, Carol and T-Dog were getting the cars pulled in.

Then the alarms went off.

And the walkers came.

Chapter Text

“Noo!” Rick barked seeing the walkers behind his pups, mate, and the elder alpha. Daryl yelped in surprise.

“Get him and your sister to safety!” Daryl growled at the young alpha. Carl panicked but listened to his mother racing off with Hershel and Beth locking themselves inside the gate.

Daryl shot a few, spotting the hat he ‘needed’ he stopped, picked it up and ran. He went deep into the prison.

“We need to get those turned off!” Axel and Oscar yelled to their prime, Rick nodded racing behind them. Glenn and Maggie worked tirelessly killing any walker they could.

Where did the omega go?

Carol and T-Dog fought hard, T-Dog yelped as he was bit but got Carol to safety behind a door.

“ not now..anytime but now…” the omega started sobbing, water rushed down his jeans and the pains he thought he was feeling earlier were in full swing.


“Anytime but now puppies anytime..” he whispered sobbing as he shot his way through the darkness until he came to the boiler room.

He raced in. Seething and whining in pain Daryl picked up a few boxes and chairs pushing them in front of the door to make sure nothing dead got in.

“Why..why now why now..this ain’t right..” The boiler room was dark and dank. No soft bedding that he had so carefully placed, no Rick, no Hershel. No pups ready to hold their new siblings.

Daryl dropped the hat and started sobbing, he took his pants off as he felt another rush of pain. He started breathing in time with the alarms blaring.

Taking off his shirt to use as a cover for one of the pups he looked around seeing a clean towel. “That’ll have to do.” He groaned. “Scream with the alarms, less sound.” He whispered to himself.

He laid down and started pushing, an alarm blare scream.

Push, alarm blare scream.

Blood, is there supposed to be blood?

He didn’t know.

This wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

Rick, scented the rogue alpha first. He started shouting to Axel and Oscar to help with the rogue first then the alarms. Everyone was busy fighting the dead, each thinking Daryl was safe or with someone else.

Another alarm blare, scream, and push.

A little head poked out, he smiled in relief the small pup seemed to make it out the rest of the way easy. “Well hello, little one.” Daryl whimpered, wrapping the small male pup in the towel. He had found a box just big enough for the one small pup and laid him inside. The pup cried for a moment then seemed to calm. “Alright, one more to go.”

Daryl kept pushing, screaming now louder. “Little ass kicker..” he grunted and groaned as he kept pushing. His son was punching the air with small fists, that was when he smelt it.


His first born was an alpha male, he calmed, wasn’t like him. Good.

He kept pushing, the next pup becoming visible. He screamed and cried, breathing heavily and feeling light-headed.

Thank god.

He was almost done, he kept pushing, kept going. The alarms seemed to stop, but his screams were loud. He could hear the dead now. Slamming on the door, his son started barking at the door. “Oh little one shh. Ahh..ahh..fu-“

Finally, the small pup emerged fully. A small female, but her scent was alpha as well. Thank god they weren’t like him.

They both cried for a few minutes, as they cried Daryl felt his chest grow wet.


Food they needed food.

He brought them each up, cleaning them off then having them latch. They ate happily kicking at one another.

They were his; he had done it by himself, he had pushed his pups by himself and brought them into this world.

His alpha would be proud of him. Two alpha pups and the omega was still breathing. They were fine, fine, all fine.

Then the dead ruined his moment.

The door began to budge, the chairs and boxes moving.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Daryl wrapped the pups up and laid them apart. The little boy in the box, the little girl in her father's hat. He then put them under a desk and pushed a broken door over the entrance. He then held his bow at the ready, he was ready to fight for their lives.

Stop putting yourself in danger. The words echoing in his head. Stop.

He couldn’t stop, he needed to protect his pups. Get back to his pack. Blood caked his thighs, his naked body shaking as the first walker appeared.

Arrow flying.


Another arrow and then another until the arrows were gone. Two left, two more walkers standing between him and safety. He grabbed for his knife and began staggering towards the monsters that threatened his pups.

The first was easy to take out, the second had a riot helmet. Daryl hissed as he fell backward hitting the ground hard. He groaned, his pups hearing him whine, began to bark. The barks were small but they were barks.

The little alphas we’re trying to protect their mother.

Daryl chuckled, but the smile left quickly as the walker began to move towards the desk they were hiding under.

He turned and began to crawl in pain towards the dead. “Not my pups you bitch!” Daryl roared, the walker turned and Daryl pounced, stabbing upward killing it.

He raced to his pups, freeing them from under the desk his heart stopped. The pups weren’t barking, only the girl.

His son was groaning and glassy-eyed, the scent of life gone.

Daryl dropped to his knees as he quickly grabbed for his daughter. He sobbed as hard as he had ever sobbed before. He howled in terror as the tiny tiny walker reached for them.

Daryl sobbed, holding his daughter tight to him. “ I’m…no..I’m sorry. You were supposed to live..what happened..what..what happened..”

He looked over the pups, nothing looked wrong. Nothing seemed wrong. Yet the pup was dead. He set his daughter back in the hat and cradled it in his arm.

“I cant do it..I can’t.”

He screamed and threw his knife across the room. The little walker's hands reached for him again. He pushed the box out from under the desk and watched it while sobbing uncontrollably.

He failed.

He failed.

Rick was going to hate him. Rick was going to hate him for losing their pup.

What happened? How could it happen?

Sometimes pups just died, but it wasn’t supposed to happen to him. Not to him. He cradled his daughter while sobbing, hearing the little walkers groans, he tossed another rock it’s way. He couldn’t kill it. That was his pup.

That was his puppy.

He had carried him and delivered him. The pack had already grown attached. The pups were so excited.


Rick was so happy to see the growth, to feel their kicks. He’d talk to his stomach at night, tell them stories. He’d kiss his growing belly.

Now there was only one pup and a ghost.

He sucked in a deep breath of air, looked down at his daughter.

“Alright, little ass-kicker…we can survive. Keep his memory alive..right?”

The small girl placed her hand on his face, he smiled.

He had to survive for her, for Carl and Beth. For Rick, if Rick would still have him.

He sighed, Rick wouldn’t want him. He lost their pup, Rick was going to hate him. He sobbed harder as the pup curled up in the hat and fell asleep. The boy groaning, Daryl couldn’t bring himself to end it.

So he sat in the dark, listening to the groans, hating himself.

Chapter Text

The pack reconvened together in their cell block, but Daryl wasn’t there. Rick started to panic, the smell of vanilla gone masked by that of death. “Where is my omega!!!” He yelled.

Daryl was sobbing still, his daughter asleep, his son gone groaning in hunger. He finally passed out holding his pup tight. What happened? Why did it happen?

The pack was running looking frantically for the omega. Everywhere they went the scent of death was all they could smell.

No vanilla.

“Where is he?!” Rick growled, he was raging now. Any walker in his path was gunned down.

T-Dog was dead, and Carol had been saved by Glenn. They were all looking for Daryl, they all needed to find him.

Daryl woke with a start, Little Ass Kicker was pawing at her mother for food. Daryl helped his daughter latch and kept staring at the box. He couldn’t kill it, he couldn’t.

That was his little boy.

His daughter finished feeding and fell asleep again, he managed to get his pants on. He picked up the hat that held his daughter and then stared at the box. He needed to bring it with him. He hesitated before picking the box up carefully, he didn’t want to look at the pup. It’s low groans broke him more and he dropped to his knees, he pushed the box to the side again and held his surviving pup close. She continued to sleep, he sighed and laid his head against the wall.

What was he going to do?

Rick ran room to room, killing walkers in his wake. He was essentially clearing the entire prison alone. Maggie found him, and her heart broke for him. He was holding his daughter sleeping and in the box beside him was a newborn pup-sized walker.

Maggie howled, calling to Rick who came running. Rick appeared and felt relief. His beautiful omega passed out with a little female alpha pup cradled in his arms inside the sheriff's hat, then he saw the groaning pup wrapped in a bloody towel and in the box. Only it wasn’t a pup, it was dead.

“No! No no.. no..oh no…” Rick dropped to his knees. Daryl slowly woke up seeing Rick and he sat back quickly.

“I’m sorry.” He began. “I..I’m sorry! I don’t know..I don’t know what happened..I..I’m sorry…I failed I’m sorry..I don’t..I..don’t..I’m sorry..sorry alpha. hate me don’t you…I..I..I’m sorry. I couldn’t do it..I can't because he's my puppy…” Daryl was sobbing hysterically now.

Rick looked up, “why would I hate you?” The alpha inched closer, Daryl backed up, shying from the alpha's touch. “Daryl I don’t hate you, look at what you’ve done.” The path of dead walkers was vast. “You are breathing, you birthed those pups on your own, you are mine Daryl.”

“I lost him.” Daryl sobbed. “I lost him..alpha I’m sorry.”

“Daryl, you can’t control this. Talk to me.”

“I hid them under the desk…so many walkers..then..then when I went to get them out he was dead..”

“Honey that happens to pups sometimes, there isn’t always a reason. It happens.”

Daryl sobbed, his little girl waking and pawing for more food. Daryl mumbled and helped his pup latch. “I..I..I’m just..sorry…I..I loved them both so much…I love him. I can’t kill him… someone’s gotta do it but it can’t be me..I’m sorry!”

The pup growled at her father as he got close, but then she recognized his scent and calmed.

“We will have someone take care of him, and have a funeral…Daryl I love you.”

“Why..why I lost our pup.”

“That isn’t your fault. The only time I would hate you is if you killed our pups or betrayed me. You wouldn’t do that and I know it. I love you.”

Daryl smiled, he was so thankful for his mate he held his pup close, she fed happily, Daryl looked to Rick. “I love you too alpha.”

Rick smiled handing the box to Maggie who watched the little walker sadly. “Let’s go let the pack know you’re safe. We lost T-Dog too..”

“Oh… T..I’m not..I’m not sure I can walk. That pushing took a lot, lot of blood.”

“Blood? We need daddy to look at you.” Maggie snapped, she looked concerned.

Rick quickly but carefully picked up his mate, the little pup clung to her mother. They raced through the compound back to their pack.

“The pups arrived?” Carol asked seeing the one.

Daryl looked down in shame. “Only one made it.” He managed out through tears. The entire pack felt that loss but knew Daryl was taking it the hardest. Maggie set the box down with the undead pup.

“We will have a funeral for T-Dog and the lost pup in the morning. Daryl and I can’t end our pups life it’s to raw..whoever could we’d be indebted to you.”

“I didn’t know them, I’ll do it.” Axel said.

“Thank you.” Rick said softly. “Daryl and I need time to rest. Hershel, will you check him? He said there was lots of blood.”

“Yes alpha.” Hershel said, the pack stepped out to let Hershel do what he could.

“That would be why you lost them.” Hershel noticed the pouch in which the male pup was developing in was punctured. Daryl hadn’t pushed out after birth. “That’s why the blood, he was going to die no matter what you did Daryl. It wasn’t your fault.”

Daryl looked to Rick still feeling guilt but the relief that the death wasn’t his fault did give him hope for potentially having more one day. “Twins is tricky business, for omegas only about half of their twins, especially when both are alphas like you said are viable. You’re lucky he went full term or he would have eaten you inside out.”

Rick gasped the thought of losing his omega and both pups was frightening.

“See Dare, you did good,” Rick stated, Daryl preened at the approval.

“You did. You did very well. All alone you did well.”

Daryl sighed, he needed to survive to raise his pups and to give Rick a life with him at his side. Maybe more pups, but for now he needed to be there for Little Ass Kicker.

Rick kissed his omega lovingly. Daryl was thankful he hadn’t killed the pup, that giving birth hadn’t done it. He did wish however that someone would have told him that both of them might not make it, that he was likely to lose one. Everyone but him and the pups seemed unfazed as if they had prepared for it.

He wasn’t prepared at all.

Chapter Text

Andrea had been the luckiest beta alive. She had been found and saved by a badass katana-wielding, biter walking, female alpha named Michonne.

The female alpha had proved herself, she had protected the beta and kept them both alive the entire winter. She had begun courting the beta after two months of being with her, and Andrea was happy to accept the courting.

They had grown close during the winter, talking about the life they lived before and the friends or lack thereof that they lost or had during the apocalypse.

“An omega, really?” Michonne asked again as Andrea began to talk of Daryl. How he was pregnant when they run off the farm. “We have to find them and make sure he had those pups.”

“Yes we will.” Andrea agreed. She was worried about her old pack.

They were cut off by the sound of a helicopter, they raced after it.

Waiting and watching they found that the helicopter had gone down and saw that another pack of mostly alpha men appeared.

The two sat waiting watching when they were intercepted by the very same alpha male that Andrea and her pack had left behind on a rooftop.

“Well damn blondie, you still alive. Where my little brother?”

Andrea stared at him, then she stood and punched him as hard as she possibly could. “You damn red neck monster! You wanted to sell your brother! You planned on selling your little brother to a pack of alphas to breed him! You god damn monster! I’m going to kill you myself!”

She attempted to attack him again when a few guns were pointing at their heads.

“Well Merle, you didn’t tell us your brother that you have been looking for was an omega.” The man who seemed to be their leader was.

Merle gulped. “Never came up.” Merle hadn't planned on telling anyone, no one was supposed to know what Daryl was. Yes he had planned to sell him, but came to the conclusion he had been wrong for it.

“Well now, we really do need to help you find him don’t we.” The man smiled. “Who are your friends?”

“I don’t know the alpha samurai but the blonde I do. Part of the pack that left me on the rooftop.”

The man chuckled as the female beta bristled, the female alpha stepped in front of her intended mate. “Let us go.”

“No, you need to help us learn about Merle’s brother.”

Andrea and Michonne were helped into a car, their weapons taken.

Michonne and Andrea were concerned, and Andrea realized she had just put the omega she cared so much about in danger.

Chapter Text

Daryl smiled as he watched his small daughter suckle, she acted as if she was starving at all times. If she finished eating she would sleep then wake up and eat again. Daryl was exhausted, and he was still reeling from losing his young son.

Rick was amazing, he was attentive and kind. If Daryl needed something Rick was there in an instant, if little ass-kicker woke and Daryl was asleep Rick would rock her and give her the attention she needed until Daryl would wake and she’d feed.

“We should let the kids name her now, little ass kicker is adorable but I don’t want her saying ass kicker when asked for her name.” The alpha smiled watching his mate feed the small wiggling pup.

Daryl smiled. “Bring the kids in, we did promise.”

Rick nodded, calling in the pups. Beth and Carl rushed in with smiles on their faces waiting beside Daryl’s side as the young alpha female continued to eat.

“Your little sister needs a name.” Daryl smiled, caressing her tiny cheek. The female alpha pulled away milk dribbling down her chin as Rick took her in his arms to let the pups see her better.

Beth and Carl nodded with a smile. “Judith. Judith Dixon-Grimes.” Carl said, smiling down at his young sister. The young alpha male held out his arm to hold her.

Rick smiled carefully, handing the pup to her brother. Beth held out her finger that Judith quickly took holding tight. Daryl smiled seeing his little family, he knew they were missing many members but his pups he missed the most.

He wanted to see Sophia and Jimmy huddled in that pile looking at the twins. But instead he had three out of the six pups he should have. He tried not to sob again, but the scent of sadness wafted from him regardless.

Rick took notice and nodded to his pups to head down the stairs and let the others see Judith and inform them of her name while he spoke to their mother.

“I’m sorry…” Daryl whispered.

“Don’t be, I know you miss him.”

“Not just him, Jimmy and Sophia too.” Daryl replied, fumbling with pulling on his shirt. “There should be six pups here today. Not three.” He lowered his blue eyes and felt tears trickle down his cheeks.

Rick lowered himself to the ground and held onto his mate tightly. “I’m so sorry. I really am sorry. I wish I could go back and fix things..I’m sorry Daryl really. We need to be strong for our pack, each other, and our surviving pups so we don’t lose anymore.”

Daryl only nodded cuddling into Rick. “Sorry..sorry alpha.”

“Don’t apologize. We have lost so much, too many packmates and pups.”

“He never had a name.” Daryl finally managed. “He never got one.”

“We can name him Daryl.” Rick smiled meekly. “I promise.”

Daryl grew silent, maybe that would help him, to put a name to the face he didn’t know for long. “Will you name him, Alpha?”

Rick nodded and held Daryl as he sobbed for a moment longer. “Nathaniel Dixon Grimes.”

“What does Nathaniel mean?” Daryl asked, seeing the look on his mates face.

“Gift from heaven.” Rick replied, planting a kiss to Daryl’s forehead. “He was our gift, and I know it may seem silly, but I am sure he will continue to look down on us. I’m sure everyone we have lost is watching him for us, taking care of him. Shane I’m sure.”

Daryl smiled thinking about that idea. That his pup had so many who loved him even after death watching him. Dale, Amy, T-Dog, Shane, Otis, Patricia, Jimmy, Sophia.

A small smile came to his face thinking of his lost pups taking care of one another.

“Thank you…that helps a lot alpha.”

Rick smiled and kissed him again before helping him stand. “We should see our pack now, show off our family.”

Daryl nodded with a wide smile on his face, he needed to be strong for his pups alive or lost. Rick helped Dary down the stairs. He was still somewhat weak from having the pups in such a traumatic way.

He smelt of milk and pine and Rick’s musk now. The pack almost missed the smell of vanilla but knew it would take a while for Daryl to want another pup.

“She is so beautiful,” Maggie commented as Daryl took hold of his pup once again.

“She really is. Our little Judith.”

They smiled as he held her, he slowly began to bounce her as Beth began to sing. Everyone smiled, this was their home. This pack would grow strong together. Carol watched as Axel and Oscar tried to get close to see the pup better. Rick nodded to allow them close, Daryl smiled, thankful that Axel and Oscar offered their skills to protect the pack when they didn’t have to.

“The pups picked a good name.” Hershel smiled.

“Yes they did.”

Carol grinned as Daryl got his pup to sleep, Carl handed the sheriff's hat to his mom to lay Judith in.

“Maybe we should go find her a crib and some supplies,” Maggie said, offering her and Glenn to go on a run.

“Are you sure? She’s plenty fine in the hat.” Rick worried about losing more of his people. His family.

“She needs clothes, diapers, food when she gets bigger, toys and a crib. She won’t fit in there forever.” Maggie replied.

“Just be safe, do you understand me?” Rick ordered. They nodded. They would ensure the pack and the pups thrived. They felt obligated to do so, they needed to do this.


Andrea and Michonne had been given the tour of Woodbury. They had been offered a place to stay in exchange for any information on Merle’s little brother they had. Andrea was hesitant with what she gave away.

“He ran out of suppressants after you were lost, he and Rick started courting, Rick mated him and it wasn’t long after we lost so many and the farm was overrun. I don’t know if he got away, or if anyone has survived.” Andrea explained. She would not give us that he was pregnant or that he should have had the pups by now.

Michonne was extremely uncomfortable with the Governor and the people in Woodbury. They acted like life was fine and normal. That there was nothing to fear outside of the walls.

Pups played, they had pets, people had jobs. They had a normal town.

But it wasn’t as normal as it presented itself as.

Of course there still were no omegas, omegas were a rarity now and that put everyone on edge for the survival of their species. Betas were able to have alphas pups, but it was hard on their bodies. It was rare for any betas pups to have any placement other than beta. However at times with the strong seed of the right alpha, some betas could have alpha pups.

Omegas however came exclusively from an alpha and omega union. Alphas placements also were seen more often from an alpha and omega.

The rarity of omegas was at its highest, and now Alphas feared they would see the same rarity in twenty years.

“What do you want with Daryl anyway?” The beta asked the governor.

“To bring him here, offer him and his pack safety. Reunite him with his brother.” The man replied. “Offer walls.”

Andrea thought about it, that was all they had wanted: walls and safety. Michonne didn’t trust that answer, she could smell it on the alpha male he was a liar. That he was hiding more than he was telling the truth. Andrea wanted to believe in the walls, the safety. However she could tell by the look on her alphas face she didn’t trust it.

After two weeks of explaining the same things over and over again on both sides Michonne claimed she was leaving. Andrea tried to argue, but ultimately chose to stay behind as her intended mate left.

The governor smiled, “bring her head back to me.” He ordered Merle. Merle nodded racing to find the alpha female and kill her for his prime.

He wanted to find his brother, and Andrea was his best chance.

Chapter Text

Daryl was antsy, he didn't like the idea of Maggie and Glenn going out to get supplies. He knew Judith would need them soon, but he feared them getting hurt because of his pup.

Maggie and Glenn were busy collecting baby supplies when they heard footsteps. They quickly hid behind a door, but their scent wasn’t hard to spot, and Merle wasn’t just smelling the betas, but that familiar scent of his brother. His head shot up as he began to look around for those who were sharing the scent.

“I know you’re out here.” He yelled, the two looked at one another unsure of what to do. “Where is my little brother?”

Glenn’s heart began to race.


“No.” Glenn hissed, he pulled the gun from his pocket, Maggie gave him a concerned look. Glenn wasn’t one to fight unless something really important was at stake.

“Come on, I can smell him on you. Where is he? I won’t hurt you if you just come and tell me. Come on, why don’t you just tell ol’Merle where he can find his puppy brother and I will walk, leave you be.”

Glenn was unsure what to do, he knew Merle was a knot-head and very well was most likely lying, but he needed to keep Maggie safe as well. He tried not to move, that was when Merle began to walk right towards where they were hiding. Glenn and Maggie decided their only saving grace would be to fight.

Glenn stepped out into the light. “Well hey china. Where is he?”

Glenn growled at the comment, Maggie stayed hidden unsure of what to do. If they both got caught it could be worse for everyone. She steddied her breathing and watched as well as she could without becoming visible. “Fuck off, we all know what you planned to do to him.”

Merle’s eyebrow raised in surprise, Glenn wasn’t the confrontational type. “Well times have changed, I would never hurt Daryl.”

Maggie realized then what the true issue was, this man was the dangerous alpha brother of their primes mate. She balled up her fists, her anger rising. “Get out of here Merle.”

“No, I don’t think I will. Take me to Daryl, and I will leave you all alone.” Merle showed off his ‘hand’ and Glenn realized that Merle had cut his own hand off to survive being left on the rooftop. “Least you can do, since you and officer friendly lost me a hand.”

Glenn bristled as the alpha took a step forward, Glenn was trying not to crack under the alpha's presence. Michonne was watching from a nearby abandoned car, unsure of who these people were. However she knew from Andria’s stories that Daryl was the omega who was supposedly pregnant when they parted. She wanted to help protect this special omega just as much as the betas before her did.

Maggie watched as Glenn staggered but didn’t back down, she had never been so proud of her mate. Glenn raised his gun holding it on Merle, “I said stay back. I won’t tell you where he is. Not after what you did to him, what you planned on doing to him.”

“Little omega bitch has your head all in a tizzy,” Merle replied, Glenn narrowed his eyes. Maggie hid her growl, no one talked about Daryl like that. “Look, I can take him off your group's hands. I am sure he’s been tiresome, he ain’t no good for your pack. Glenn, just let me see him.”

“You will not see him!” Glenn growled again. “Daryl is our alphas mate. You won’t do good sticking your nose in our packs business.”

Merle eyed Glenn, then he saw the basket sitting at the door and his eyes grew wide. “He’s pregnant?” He stooped down and picked up a stuffed toy and formula. “You have to let me see him please Glenn.”

Glenn was unsure why the alpha had a sudden change in demeanor, his eyes looked softer and his face had a mix of emotions. “No.” Glenn snapped again.

The alpha male stood straight, his eyes narrowing. “You will take me to see my brother right damn now or I will cut your throat and let you bleed out right here.” Maggie stiffened at the threat to her mate but didn’t budge.

Glenn froze at the threat, “Rick will never let you.”

“Rick isn’t my alpha,” the man growled, Glenn yelped. “So, are you going to let me see my brother, or am I going to have to kill you and find him myself?”

“Fuck you!” Glenn snarled, he took aim and shot, the bullet hit Merle’s prosthetic and clattered. Merle growled and Glenn yelped as the alpha pounced.

Maggie appeared and hit him over the head with the back of her knife. Merle hit the ground hard. “Now what do we do with him?” She asked looking over the alpha male, drool pooling by his face.

“Maybe we should bring him back and have him locked in one of the other cell blocks? He has to have a group.”

“He does, a dangerous group.” Michonne said, stepping out from behind a car. Her weapon concealed her hands up. Glenn and Maggie looked at one another in surprise. “I come in peace, he was trying to kill me, I ran from their group. My intended, Andrea, you know her is trapped there by the leader.”

“Andrea survived?!” Maggie asked in surprise.

“Yes, and she told me all about your pack, and Daryl. I am happy to help your pack, and join you if you will allow me to. That man is a monster, but I think you should let your alpha decide his fate. I will help you get him in the trunk.”

“I think we should, she seems to be telling the truth.” Maggie said, nudging Glenn. He nodded.

“Alright, let's tie him up and blindfold him just in case.” Glenn replied, Michonne took charge, she hefted the alpha male into the trunk, helped them back up the supplies and sat in the back to keep an eye on him.

Arriving back at the prison Michonne was pleasantly surprised to see what seemed to be a well working machine. She saw multiple members of the pack out and about, two pups running along with one another chasing what seemed to be arrows shot from a bow. That was when she spotted him.


He was holding a small bundle in the crook of his arm and the crossbow the arrows the pups were chasing in the other hand. Daryl’s head pricked up in excitement seeing his packmates had returned, Rick appeared with the other alphas behind him to greet them.

Glenn and Maggie stepped out of the car first. “Rick, we have a friend with us, she says Andrea is alive, and helped us with something.” Glenn said as Michonne stepped out. The female alpha nodded curtly, Rick eyed her up and down.

“Helped you with what?”

“Daryl needs to go inside,” Maggie suggested. Rick furrowed his brow, Daryl was on his way to them.

“Daryl, go inside please. I will be there in a moment.” Rick grunted, Daryl nodded unsure what this was about, but after having Judith he was much more submissive to his mate. He headed inside past them without a second look, Judith began to whine for food and he rolled his eyes before heading to his nest to feed. “Helped you with what?”

“Merle.” Glenn replied. “He is alive, and was looking for Daryl. He attacked me, Michonne helped us with him and got him tied up in the trunk. If you want to kill him okay, but Michonne says he is a part of a larger group that is hostile. They have Andrea.”

Rick was hesitant, Merle was a danger in many ways. It was also going to be hard to hide the fact that Daryl’s brother was in the prison even with all the different cell blocks. “We should find out more about this other community and pack. Michonne, you have a place here if you promise to follow pack rules and law. We will save Andrea when we know more as well, thank you for helping my pack mates. Lets get him in a cell in the other block away from Daryl till we know what to do with him. I have to tell Daryl, but I also want to be cautious about this. Daryl knows he is dangerous, but the trauma he went through under Merle’s watch is raw. I don’t want to set him off.”

Michonne nodded, she was thankful Rick was as good of a prime as Andrea had said. She helped the other alphas hoist Merle to another cell block and then joined the pack inside. Daryl was fast asleep, with Judith asleep in her hat. Maggie and Glenn set up the crib they found and gave it to Rick who carefully picked up his sleeping pup and laid her inside.

He prayed they would be safe, he needed to know more about that community and if they were as hostile as Michonne said. For now, he just needed to be strong, for them and Daryl.

For his family.

Chapter Text

Daryl hadn’t asked why he was sent away, if he was being honest he had assumed it was because of the female alpha.

However Michonne was a great help, she was strong and brave, they had finally finished clearing out the prison the best they could despite the damage to the walls on the opposite side with her help.

Their pack was strong, in its truest form.

Rick was still concerned about Merle however.

Axel, Oscar, Michonne, and Rick headed towards the cell Merle was being kept in when Daryl had fallen back asleep after a long day of feeding and work.

“I want to see my little brother.” Merle growled.

“You won’t be seeing my mate anytime soon.” Rick snarled.

Merle’s eyes narrowed as he looked the alpha male up and down. “Did you force him into that? The Daryl I know would never just give in to an alpha. No matter how hard we tried.” Merle eyed the man, even if he had been planning on selling Daryl off he was still protective to a degree.

Rick growled again. “For your information no, he agreed to my courting. He told me I could have him. Not that you would care for courting, we know what you planned on doing to him. He knows what you planned. This isn’t about Daryl, this is about your community. The man who runs it, and if they pose a threat.”

Merle began to laugh, he rolled his eyes and turned the conversation back to what he wanted. “Is he pregnant? I saw puppy supplies in the box.”

“No, he isn’t pregnant.” Rick replied.

Merle eyed him, the idea of him already having had pups seemed impossible so it wasn’t even a thought in his mind. “Did your ex get knocked up?”

“No.” Rick snapped. “Again Merle, this isn’t about Dary, or pups. This is about your community.”

“I won’t talk until I see my brother is alive and fine, and not knocked up.”

Rick looked between the other Alphas, “We should talk to Hershel, he will know what's best.” Michonne suggested, they nodded and turned to leave. Merle began to sprout profanities as they did. Rick flipped him off and shut the door behind them.

“We can’t let him see Daryl.” Rick grumbled, he was concerned, if Daryl found out they had his brother here things could go bad. However he didn’t like lying to his mate.

Daryl was up early that morning, Judith was being doted on by the betas and his pups and he needed a break, he stretched and took his bow. He wanted to explore the prison more, wanted to explore their home, they were bound to use more of the prison for things at some point and he wanted to help make things perfect. Maybe it was the nesting feeling, maybe it was just a need to be more than a milk tank and puppysitter. Rick and the other Alphas were busy clearing out around the area in the woods, and the others were busy taking care of other things.

Daryl headed towards one of the cell blocks he hadn’t ever seen before when the scent hit him like a truck.


He raced towards the cellblock ready to kill, but seeing the sleeping form of his asshole alpha brother he froze.

He had never really been strong enough to fight back, no matter how many times he tried his punishment had always been worse. He eyed the alpha male, why was he here? How long had he been here? How did he get here?

Daryl aimed the arrow at his leg and shot, Merle jumped in agony yelping.

“What are you doing here asshole?” Daryl asked as he lowered himself to a crouching position. Merle’s eyes grew wide smelling the milk on his younger brother.

“You have a pup?”

“I do. I’m happy, and you being here is fucking that up.” Daryl replied as blood poured from his brother's wound. “You wanted to make me a fuck toy to a gang of alphas, why do you care if I have a pup?”

Merle sat up seething in pain, “Get me out of this cell Daryl.”

Daryl eyed him. “Fuck you. What the hell, I haven’t seen you in almost a year and you think you can just waltz back into my life and have the same role. I don’t follow your orders anymore knot-head. I don’t do what you want or ask, I have a mate, a family, a pack. You and pa were never a family to me, you both just saw me as a bag of cash. Fuck you and dad. You can die here for all I care.”

“I want to see it, the pup.” Merle replied, he was trying to ignore the comments.

Daryl growled. “You have no right, my pup does not have anything to do with you. They will never know you existed. Fuck you!” Daryl raised his bow again, Merle raised his arms in self defense, the metal ‘hand’ catching Daryl’s attention. “What happened to your hand?”


“Your mate handcuffed me to a roof, I cut it off. You worried about your big brother now?”

“No.” Daryl replied standing. “Like I said you can die in here,” he turned to leave when Merle growled.

“If you don’t let me see your pup, when I get out of here I am going to take you both to my pack and let them do what they want with you. Sure my alpha would love a new toy, and a pup to parade around.”

Daryl turned quickly. “You do not get to threaten my pup!” Daryl was shaking in rage, it was what Merle was going for. Daryl didn’t know the true strength an omega had, more specifically when their own pups were threatened.

Daryl was at the bars, “If you even think of coming anywhere near them I will kill you myself.”

“I could just kill it, probably a no good whore like you anyway. Is it an omega? You think maybe? If it was presented as a beta it sure could be like you. Nothing but a toy for alphas.”

Daryl was growling but thankfully for him the pup was an alpha, so his rage was only slightly higher. “Merle you better shut your trap.”

“When did you get balls Daryl? Or is that just radiating from your mate? How was it? Did you like being used as a knot whore? Taking his knot just to get knocked up and have his pup? You loved it didn’t you? You would have loved the pack I found you, maybe they would have knocked you up too. Probably would have killed your pup just to keep you ready for another.”

Daryl’s fists were wrapped around the bars, he wanted to kick the shit out of Merle more than he knew how to express. “What is your pup anyway? Girl or boy? Whatever it is, sure its going to be just as dumb and useless as you are.”

Daryl’s eyes flashed red, his Judith was strong and brave and would do amazing things in this world. He pulled at the bars and the hinges shifted, Merle smirked as he took the opportunity to attack.

Daryl yelped in surprise as the bars came out, that was when he was hit in the stomach. Merle had him on the ground pinned. “I won’t kill you, but I sure as hell am going to hurt you.” Daryl yowled as he blocked a fist, the metal hand however wasn’t as easy. Any blow even minimal was painful.

“Can’t even fight me now? I was right, dumb and useless.” Merle spit on him, he stood up as Daryl laid thinking about his next move. He eyed the alpha who towered over him now, Daryl decided enough was enough.

No more abuse.

No more Merle.

He was quick, rage fueling him. No one talked about his little girl like that. Merle let out a yell of surprise as he was slammed to the ground, Daryl punched him hard clawing at his face. Merle lifted his hand for cover and Daryl took the time to sink his claws into his abdomen. Merle growled, kicking him away.

Daryl pressed himself against the wall, he had his bow in range but even with his brother's leg injury he was still persistent. Daryl took another swing, Merle ducked and punched him back. Blood poured from his lip, Merle hissed as Daryl took another stab at his stomach. He reached for his bow when it was kicked away with speed.

Daryl snarled as Merle pinned him against the wall. “When I bring you to my alpha, he is going to fuck you sensless while I watch.” Merle growled. Daryl whined as he was hit in the gut with the metal hand.

Daryl yelped as he was thrown to the ground, a swift kick to the abdomen sent him wheezing, blood dripping from his nose and lip. Merle smiled as he looked down at the whining omega. “What a pathetic whore.” Merle growled. “Your pup is better off without you.”

Daryl cried out in despair, maybe that was true. He couldn’t even fight off his own brother.

Merle soon had Daryl’s hair in his fist and began to drag him out of the cell block, Daryl growled and hissed in pain as he was dragged outside.

Rick and the other alphas were coming back in when they heard Daryl yelling.

“Well hello officer friendly.” Merle growled as he lifted Daryl up by his dark locks. The omega was dangling and trying to reach for his arm to hold himself up better.

“Daryl!” Rick yelped as the other alpha tsked and brought Daryl closer, his metal arm now holding him to his chest by his throat. Daryl was still scrambling trying to get out of his grasp. “Let him go!”

“No, see what is going to actually happen here is you are going to give me the keys to that truck over there, and then little brother and I are going to go. Keep your pup, Daryl will be knocked up by his next heat by my alpha anyway.” Daryl’s eyes grew wide in panic, his breathing hitched. He was wheezing and scared, he thought he was stronger, and he had been wrong. “Or I kill him here.”

“No, please don’t.” Rick begged.

“Keys.” Merle growled. Rick didn’t know what was best, lose his mate or fight and maybe lose him anyway.

Rick fidgeted with the keys on his belt, Daryl hissed as Merle began to tighten his grip. Daryl had a look of terror on his face, he was praying Rick wouldn’t give him the keys. He would rather die than become another alpha's toy.

Before anyone could think Merle was on the ground bleeding, Daryl scrambled forward into Rick’s arms sobbing hysterically, and Carl stood at the door with a smoking gun in hand.

Chapter Text

Merle spasmed as the bullet sunk into his side, blood pooled around him, but he was still alive. Good for him maybe?

He was dragged back into the cell block and placed in another cell, this time it was double secured with a second set of locks.

“Aren’t you going to fix this? That brat shot me!” Axel, Michonne and Oscar shook their heads walking out of the cell block. Let him rot for all they cared.

Daryl was sobbing, he couldn’t control his emotions, the pain from his wounds were throbbing and he couldn’t stop the thoughts of being raped by another alpha while his brother watched and laughed. The idea of being forced to endure another pregnancy so soon after losing his pup and having Judith, the idea of being someone else's omega had sent him overboard.

Rick held him, they were sitting in the middle of the courtyard and Daryl couldn’t stop sobbing, he hated that he was crying but for once he felt somewhat justified in it. Rick continued to hold him as Daryl cried, everyone watched as Daryl shook and sobbed. “He…he was going to…to let his..his alpha rape me..” Daryl whined as he nuzzled into Rick. “He wanted to watch..”

Rick’s eyes grew wide, “What?”

“He said he wanted to watch..” Daryl sobbed, gasping for breath.

Rick wanted to get up and shoot the alpha male himself but knew he needed to be there for Daryl at that moment. Merle was grumbling to himself, the bleeding eventually stopped and he was pissed.

This would have gone his way if it weren’t for that stupid brat.

Rick held Daryl until he finally stopped crying hearing Judith whine for him. Carol handed the small pup off to Daryl who held her as tight as he could without harming her. He looked over the small pup, she reached for his face and he gulped concerned that his brother was right. That he wasn’t good for her, she whined more and he stood slowly limping inside, he needed time to think and she was hungry.

Rick followed behind but Daryl turned to look at him. “You should have told me he was here.” Daryl growled before turning back to head up to their nest. He sat and removed his shirt getting Judith in the right position before he closed his eyes trying to piece together what to do, what was he thinking trying to be the primes mate?

What was he doing being a mother?

Carl and Beth stepped into the room, Daryl looked up with a soft smile on his face.

“Are you okay momma?” Carl asked as he sat beside him slowly.

“Thanks to you, yes I am.”

Carl beamed at the praise, Daryl was lucky that his pup cared so much for him to protect him like that. Beth nuzzled Daryl.

“Who was that man?”

“My brother.” Daryl replied softly. Beth’s lashes batted trying to understand, how could siblings be so terrible? She gave him a soft peck to the cheek and the two elder pups sat with their mother while he fed their youngest sibling. “Some people don’t understand the importance of family.” Daryl began. “I need you two to look out for one another alright? No matter what happens I need you to remember you are siblings first, you have an obligation to protect one another including Judith.”

The pups nodded in understanding.

“Not everyone believes in the importance of family and a pack, but we do. We should.”

Beth and Carl nodded, holding each other's hands across Daryl’s chest, his body slightly bruised from the attack, dried blood stuck to his lip. The pups soon left him as he finished feeding Judith and laid her in the crib.

“Daryl please let me explain.” Rick whined as he entered their space. Daryl only nodded curtly, he sat beside Judith’s crib.

“Go on then.” Daryl said after a moment of silence.

“I was trying to protect you, he has only been here as long as Michonne has I swear it. He is a part of a dangerous pack, they have Andrea and we needed information.”

“They have Andrea?” Daryl asked, eyes wide.


“We have to get her, if that brute is willing to do things to me he may be willing to do things to her. If they know of me, or of us they may do anything. With Merle gone..with Merle gone it could push their alpha over the edge.”

“Daryl, you just had a puppy, two puppies and you were just beaten by Merle. You aren’t coming on the rescue mission.”

“Damn It Rick,” Daryl wanted to argue but since the pups he couldn’t argue as much, he had to listen. “I want to be useful.”

“You are useful, Daryl please you are useful. You are more important than you even know.” Rick leaned forward caressing his bruised cheek softly. “You are more precious to me than my own life, I just need you safe. Please.”

“Fine..fine’re right, but I can help. If..If we are going to get Merle to talk it is going to be me who does it.”

“I won’t allow you near him.”

“Yes you will, I will do it with your supervision or without it Rick. We need answers, we need to know how hostile they are and if we need to protect ourselves more than we have here. We need the truth and right now, no matter how much I hate it. My brother is the only person who can give those to us, he is a monster yes but he has the answers.”

“Michonne knows where it is located,” Rick replied.

“But does she know the inner workings? How long was she there?”

“Less than a week.”

“Then we need my brother, I will be fine Rick please. He is in a cell.”

“He was when he got to you too, what even happened Dare?”

“I ripped the bars off. I was angry and he kept saying things about Judith a-”

“You ripped the bars off?” Rick asked, impressed and honestly aroused.

“Yes Alpha.” Daryl mused. “I did. Now before you need to knot, we should go talk to him. With his injuries he may become a walker before we have time to question him.”

“We knot after?”

Daryl couldn't help but snort, he nodded. “As long as you are the knot yes, I fear what he says..that if their alpha gets a hold of me I won’t be yours anymore.”

Rick gave him a worried expression. “I will never let anyone have you Daryl, I love you.”

Daryl nuzzled him, their lips met for a mere thirty seconds but it was enough, they were one anothers mates. They were one anothers paths in life, and Rick would go through hell to protect him. “I need you to make me a promise right now though. I need you to.”


“If we ever get in a situation and it is one of the pups or me, if you even hesitate I will kill you myself, you give me up. If their lives are in danger and they offer a trade of my life for theirs, you have to give me up.”

Rick had a panicked expression on his face. “Daryl.”

“No Rick, I am being serious. My life for theirs. No matter what that means, my death or my body you give me up.”

“I can’t just give you up.”

“If you don’t and one of them is killed or injured because of it I will never speak to you again. I need you to make this promise and I need you to do it now.”

Rick lowered his eyes but then nodded. “Alright, I promise. Your life for theirs, but I will do everything in my power to retrieve you, it will only be temporary.” Daryl nodded, he tilted his chin up and Rick planted a kiss on his lips. “You are mine, I will not lose what belongs to me.”

Daryl accepted the moment, he held onto Rick who held him tightly. “Beth and Carl can keep an eye on Judith, you’re right we need to do this and do this quickly.” Daryl nodded, he pulled his shirt back on, they stepped out and the pups came running up the stairs to them. “Watch your sister please.” Rick nodded to the door.

The two pups agreed and slipped inside, the other alphas followed them back into the other cell block.

“You got protection this time, coward.” Merle growled coughing in pain. Blood pooled the floor around him.

“You don’t,” Daryl snapped, “tell us about your pack and maybe we will patch it for you.”

“No, I won’t be telling you nothin’ the only thing you all get to know is if Daryl steps foot in there his ass belongs to my alpha.”

Daryl growled, Rick held him back, the other alphas watched curiously. “Merle you either answer our questions or we kill you, simple as that.” Rick snarled.

Merle eyed the four alphas and omega, his brother nodded in agreement. “You mean nothing to me Merle, you lost me a long time ago. I could care less if you die or not, but we want answers.”

“Oh come on puppy.”

“Don’t call me that.” Daryl hissed. “I ain’t a puppy anymore.” Merle laughed then whined in pain. Daryl smirked, he had never heard his brother whine their entire life, but he knew Merle had heard him whine plenty of times. This felt good, “My pup did a good job shooting you asshole.”

“Your pup is an ass.”

“Good on him.” Michonne said with a smile, “Knows we protect one another, our omega first and foremost. Now answer the damn questions.”

“Fuck off.” Merle snarled.

Daryl growled rolling his eyes in disgust. “Never was one with words were you.”

“Can say the same about you little puppy, you wouldn’t be able to read or write if it weren’t for me anyway.”

“Whatever, now tell us about your alpha.”

“His knot is going to fill you well.” Merle growled, Daryl hissed and Rick held him closer.

“I’ve got you shh, it’s okay.” Rick promised, Daryl nodded trying to calm down.

“I am sure he is fucking Andrea now though, he sticks it whatever hes got.”

Michonne growled. “We need to get her out of there.”

“Maybe we don’t really need him after all, you know the way there, it can't be hard to case the place out.”

“Wait,” Merle growled realizing they would honestly kill him, “I want to see my niece or nephew and then I will give all the answers you want.”

“No.” Rick snapped. “You do not get to see our pup.”

“Then no answers.” Merle growled.

“Go to hell,” Daryl snapped, “you are not getting anywhere near my pups.”

Merle watched them through the cell door, “You really have changed. Not as meek and scared of your shadow. Maybe dad and I shoulda beat you better.”

Rick’s eyes flashed red, Daryl held onto Rick trying to keep his alpha stable. “No, don’t he isn't even worth your time. Let's just let him starve for all I care. Now, we need to leave, please. He won’t give us what we want, he isn’t going to help us.” Daryl urged. Rick tried to fight the anger in his soul, Daryl needed him right now.

“Yeh, listen to your bitch.” Merle growled. Daryl tried not to turn and yell, tried not to give Merle the light of day, this wasn’t worth their time. They needed to case out the place and find Andrea and learn about the pack Merle came from.

He wasn’t a bitch, he was a strong omega who had three beautiful pups who needed him, and a pack that cared about him. He finally had a family, something he had dreamed of since he was just a little boy, and now he needed to protect them. He needed to ensure they were safe. He had to.

He had to protect his pack, and forget about the past.

Chapter Text

The four alphas and Daryl left the cellblock, a cussing and growling Merle left behind.

“What do we do with him? We can’t let him go, he will lead his group here.”

“Kill him.” Daryl suggested, he had never thought he would say it not out loud at least, but this was the last straw. His brother could beat him, and sell him to whoever he wanted, but his pups were off limits.

“Daryl are you sure?” Rick asked, his brow furrowed.

“Never been so sure in my whole life Alpha,” Daryl replied, his body shaking with rage. “I will do it, I want to do it.”

“Daryl are you sure?” Michonne asked, echoing her prime. Daryl lowered his blue eyes to the ground, his busted lip twitching as he bit the inside of his cheek.

“Yes, please.”

Rick nodded, “If you want and only if you want. I won’t make that choice for you, and you don’t have to do it for anyone but yourself.”

“It isn’t for me, it's for my pups, for their protection. I need them safe, and he-” his voice cracked his hand shaking as he pointed back towards the cell, “is far from safe. I could care less what he does to me, he can keep beating me like he and my pa did..he can sell me off and watch me be used by every alpha left on this goddamn planet. But my pups are off limits, off limits to everyone.” There was a deep growl in his voice. Rick’s eyes were wide, Axel and Oscar were shocked by his statement, and Michonne could only nod understanding having lost a pup of her own once.

“Daryl,” Rick said, stepping forward. Daryl looked up, his eyes darting between the four alphas. “This needs to be for you too, what they did to you, what he did to you. Revenge doesn’t always fix things, it won’t change the past, but it may make you feel a little better. I want you to do this when you are ready. He can stay there for a few days or you can do it now.”

“He isn’t safe to be left unchecked, my bow please.” He held out his hand, Rick pulled it off his back and gave it to the omega. Daryl nodded in thanks and headed back into the cell, one arrow left the lucky arrow that had been blessed by both pups in their games of fetch.

“You came back,” Merle chuckled, “not as tough as you think you are.”

Daryl cocked his head, his eyes narrowing as he smiled a bit, “I think you mistake me for that scared boy who was forced to live his life in a closet, big brother.”

Merle looked him up and down, his scent milky and fresh, there was something new about him. The way he stood, there was more confidence, the way he talked he wasn’t scared to voice his opinion anymore. “Well shit, you really have changed.”

“Last words?”


Daryl lifted his bow, the arrow trained on the skull of the alpha. “My mate is a man of law, any last words?”

Merle’s eyes grew wide in shock, he had never expected his end to be the little omega. “I was wrong.”

“What?” Daryl grunted, confused.

“I was wrong, I had said you would amount to nothing but a hole for an alpha to get quick pleasure. Seems that I was wrong, you may be something yet. I wasn’t a good man, I was a worse brother, and I accept what you’re about to do pup.” Merle eyed Daryl, Daryl’s hands shook as he held the bow. “I deserve it, what we did to you, no one should have lived the life you did. I think it was worse than being in the ring itself, so go ahead little one, take what you deserve.”

Daryl felt tears rushing down his face, damn omega emotions.

He nodded. “I’m taking my life back.”

With that the arrow flew, Merle didn’t move, he didn’t stop the fate waiting for him. Merle had done one thing for Daryl his whole life and it was at that very moment. He had let him take control, let him be the master of his own fate.

Merle had given Daryl the key to the closet, and he was finally stepping out for the first time.

Daryl dropped to his knees, his body ragged with sobs. “Why did you have to step up..step up and admit you were wrong now..” Daryl crawled towards the now dead form of his brother. He pulled the arrow free and looked it over, his fingers running along the feathered end. He finally was free, free of a past that haunted him at all hours, and yet he didn’t know what to do now. He slowly pulled himself off the floor, what he needed now was his pups and his mate.

He cleaned off the arrow and headed out of the cellblock. With one last look at his brother, Daryl was walking away from a life of regret to one of hope.

He was in control of his own life now, no one to hover over him and tell him lies.

He may be an omega, but he was going to live life like a man without a placement. He was strong like an alpha, had compassion and love like an omega, and a care for his pack like a beta.

He was no normal man, he was just Daryl.

That was all he had to be, himself.

He just had to be Daryl.

Chapter Text

Daryl stepped into the light, Rick was waiting for him alone. “I promised you something.” Daryl smiled sheepishly, Rick grinned remembering their conversation from before.

“Are you honestly okay though, love?” Rick eyed his mate, Daryl nodded. “Really?”

“Yes alpha, really, really I am okay.”

Rick smiled and took Daryl’s hand leading him back inside their safe and secure cell block. The other alphas watched as Rick and Daryl stepped in, something about Daryl seemed different, but they couldn’t place a finger on it.

He felt more confident now.

The two made their way up to their room, Daryl and Rick stopped dead in their tracks as they opened the door. Daryl’s heart melted, his smile was wide. The three pups were cuddled together on the floor out cold. Beth held a sleeping Judith in her arms, Carl being the protective alpha male he was, had one arm wrapped around Beth, while his other hand was set carefully on Judith.

Rick looked to his mate, seeing his blue eyes round with love as he stared down at his pups. “I want another one.” Daryl whispered.

Rick’s eyes grew wide with shock. “You what? You just had Judith and Nathaniel, you sho-”

“I know, I know..I just really love that. Look at them all, and it just makes me feel funny inside like I could have another one. I don’t think we should now, but it's just..I just you know.” Daryl was getting flustered now. Rick smirked at his mate.

“When you are ready we can go for it, but for now we should wait. Alright?”

“Yes alpha, I understand I wasn’t really saying now.”

Rick smiled as he crept close, he carefully took Judith from Beth’s arms and placed the sleeping puppy into her crib. Daryl picked Beth up without much effort while Rick picked up Carl and they carried them to their beds. Everyone watched as the two carefully placed their pups into bed, the way the pack felt about their prime and his mate was something else. These two were truly a power couple, “If you need us we will be enjoying one anothers company.”

Maggie smirked, Glenn handed her a bullet having joined the game she once had with T-Dog. Hershel and Carol began to work on dinner, while Michonne, Axel, and Oscar headed to take care of Merle’s body, Maggie and Glenn cleaned up the cell block while their alpha took his omega up the stairs.

Daryl yelped in surprise as Rick picked him up quickly, Daryl never thought he was light, and he wasn’t. Yet Rick picked him up like he weighed as much as their puppy. Daryl grinned as Rick laid him on the bed and began to undress himself. Daryl followed his mates lead, Rick smiled as he looked over Daryl’s body.

“Just perfect, my perfect mate.”

“Alpha.” Daryl blushed, Rick smiled as he cupped his cheek and began to kiss him with intensity. Daryl muttered into the kisses as he felt his slick covering the bed. Rick couldn’t help but smile at how ready Daryl was for him already. He lined himself up and entered his mate's body slowly. “Ah..faster please.”

Rick couldn’t help but smile, his speed began to grow with each deep thrust. Daryl held the sheets tight in his fist as Rick began to deepen the thruts. Daryl moaned loudly, Judith stirred but didn’t wake. “Ah shh momma, you don’t want to wake her.”

Daryl grunted as he was gagged, a simple piece of fabric wrapped around his head and placed in his mouth. Rick couldn’t help but smile, he was pleased with himself, Daryl’s eyes crossed his pleasure as he was pounded into. His grunts and moans still loud but muffled, the others couldn’t help but smile hearing the pleasured moans of their prime and his mate.

Daryl gripped the sheet letting out a whimpered yet pleasured moan as the knot formed. Rick chuckled as he quickly readjusted their positions, Daryl was now sitting on top no longer quivering under his mate. The knot sunk deep as Daryl’s full weight came down on it. Rick removed the gag with a grin.

“Good boy.”

Daryl blushed and swatted at Rick, the alpha’s eyes flashed and before Daryl knew it his mate mark was being renewed. Rick held his hand over his mouth to keep him quiet, Daryl panted as he felt a rush of euphoria. “You belong to me.” Rick muttered as he pulled away from the mark. Daryl nodded, words weren’t forming, his brain felt fuzzy. Rick scented him, he smiled, feeling pleasure as cum filled his mate. “You smell so good ‘mega.”

Daryl shook in pleasure as Rick lapped at the renewed mark.

“Yours.” Daryl managed.

Rick smiled and nodded, he continued to kiss Daryl’s body up and down until the knot finally released. Daryl laid breathlessly by his side, Rick smiled, planting a few more soft kisses along his body. “Sleep Dare, you never know when the hungry monster will wake.”

Daryl nodded accepting the order, he pulled on boxers and pants first before rolling to his side and falling asleep. Rick was surprised he wasn’t hiding his scars, his usual rule was his shirt stayed on if anyone could come in. It seemed things were really changing, truly going Daryl’s way.

Rick chuckled, pulling his clothes on, the alpha male stepped out and walked down the steps to see his pack waiting for him. “We found some seeds while we were getting supplies for Judith, can we plant them?” Maggie asked.

“Of course, this place is our home, we should fortify and begin anew.” Rick smiled, he felt refreshed.

Maggie smiled, Beth had woken up by now and she wanted to help her sister. Hershel made his way with his daughters to a place to begin farming. Glenn and Axel helped. Oscar and Michonne were talking about fortifying the broken gate on the other side of the prison, while they had cleared everything out, they found the dead were getting in from the broken fence. Rick smiled hearing his pack speak and work to better their future.

“Carol, how are you?” Rick asked as he sat beside the female beta.

“Good, how is he?” Carol asked, “We saw Merle.”

“Fine now, good, he seems happier.”

Carol smiled. “After Ed died, I felt lighter, freeer. I am sure he is feeling the same way.”

Rick nodded understanding what she was getting at. “He will never be the same, not after losing our son and then with what happened to him before, but he seems to be turning a new leaf.”

“Losing a child is painful, I know you felt that loss too, but it’s different for the mother. Carrying your pup inside you, feeling it move, bonding with them before they are even born. I know Daryl felt the loss with Sophia and even Jimmy, but this..this will never leave him.” Rick nodded, he knew very well what Carol was getting at. “Foods almost done.” Carol chirped as she stood, the stew nearly finished.

Rick smiled thankful for his entire pack, his mate was stronger than anyone could ever know, there were multiple alphas working together, betas that worked as one to protect and reclaim, and pups that were thriving. “Thank you Carol, for cooking for us tonight.”

Carol smiled. “Anything for our pack, for you and Daryl.”

Rick smiled, blinking his thanks, they were thriving, and they needed to keep it that way.

He needed to know more about this self proclaimed governor and his pack. They also needed to save Andrea and bring her pack into their fold.

Carl was soon awake, he rushed to his father. “Whats up pup?” Rick asked as he pulled him into a hug.

“Hows mom?” Carl asked, eyeing his father.

“Really good, thanks to you bud. You did something really brave.”

Carl beamed, he had saved Daryl in a way and no one was going to forget that. Carol couldn’t help but smile at their interaction, and how lovingly both the elder pups called Daryl mom. “Foods done, Carl can you go get the pack?”

“Yes Miss Carol.” Carol called as he raced off, Rick smiled and headed up the steps to wake Daryl. The omega however was already awake, their young daughter latched to him.

“She never stops.” Daryl muttered as she patted his chest with her tiny hand. Rick smirked as he sat beside him. He placed his hand on her small head, a small growl emitted from her lips. “Don’t interrupt her feeding season, she gets scary.” Daryl warned his mate, Rick couldn’t help but smile as the young female alpha stopped her growls as soon as his hand left her. “She likes food.”

“I can see that,” Rick smirked. “Darling, if you want more food you gotta let momma eat, come on now.”

The female pup eyed her father but seemed to understand what he was telling her to do. She unlatched and wiggled, Daryl smirked and Rick took the small pup from him to let him put on a shirt. Judith reached for Daryl, he took her back quickly before heading down the steps with his mate.

The pack sat together as one eating and talking, laughing and speaking of the future. They needed this prison for the betterment of the pack, for the future, for Judith, Carl, and Beth. For Daryl.

They finished eating and headed off to bed that night, smiles on their faces as they finally felt like things were going well. They slept as a pack that night, Daryl in the center with Judith in her hat. Carl and Beth in a semi circle around the female pup and their mother. Rick held Daryl, while the betas formed the first circle, the three alphas forming the next, then Carol and Hershel the outer layer.

Their pack bonds were strong, they were a family, a strong family.

Chapter Text

Daryl woke that morning feeling great, he was the first up, he was surprised how well Judith had slept through the night if he was being honest. He managed to get himself out from Rick’s hold and without waking anyone else get himself and Judith out of the cuddled pile and outside into the morning air. He walked the perimeter, gun at his side, Judith tucked into him. The dead didn’t seem to bother much with him, however his steps were silent for the most part. As he walked along the perimeter he saw a fast movement through the tree line. He squinted as he lowered himself behind a pallet pushed up against the fence.

He knew his scent would give him away if he wasn’t smart about it, but then his fear turned into excitement.


He was quick, he raced back inside and placed Judith back in her hat, the pup still asleep. He then pushed the hat into the crook of Rick’s arm. He was back outside in minutes, he opened the fence in the best place he knew without causing any noise and was outside the safety of the fence line.

His bow strapped to his back, he followed the tracks and smiled as he came to the clearing in which the deer had settled. “Hello breakfast.” He whispered to himself as he took his shot. He had been tracking it for a while now, but he didn’t think anyone had woken to notice him gone. His arrow struck true and he hoisted the deer over his shoulder. He was weaker from nursing and carrying the twins, but this wasn’t as hard as he had expected it to be.

He didn’t realize how far he had walked until he saw the prison in the distance. “Fuck. Rick is going to kill me.”

Daryl picked up his speed, blood from the deer dripping over himself. He looked around before darting forward, the trees no longer shielding him from view. As he darted forward he heard two familiar voices on the other side of the fence.

“Rick, over there!” Maggie yelled.

“He’s got a damn deer.” Axel shouted.

Daryl lowered his head but kept moving, he got through the fence and patched the hole and shuffled up with the kill over his shoulder. Rick held a wiggling Judith in his grasp, “What the fuck were you thinking Daryl?” Rick asked as he grew closer, his eyes were dark.

“Food.” Daryl replied as he dropped the deer in front of Rick. “That was what I was thinking, Alpha.”

“Daryl, you can’t just leave without telling someone.”

“Everyone was asleep.” Daryl replied, Judith reached for him and he took her carefully from his mate avoiding the blood. “I saw it and took the chance alright..”

“You are an omega Daryl, with a newborn pup who needs you. I need you, you have pups who need you. You can’t just go off without saying something.”

“Omega.” Daryl repeated, “Right..cause that makes a difference.”

“It does Daryl, you know it does.” Rick reached up to caress his cheek but Daryl stepped back. “Dare.”

Daryl looked down at Judith, the tiny pup curling up into him. “You promised not to make it so it made a difference, you promised promised I could still do what I had always done.”

“I did yes, and I do, I just need to know where you are going Daryl. You just had two pups, you are nursing her. That takes a lot out of you, I just need to know where you are ‘mega.” Rick finally got his hand up to his cheek. “I love you and I would die if I lost you.”

Daryl looked down at the deer, “I’m sorry. I love you too Alpha. I really do, I just..sometimes it’s hard to just give up what I am good at.”

“I don’t expect you to give it up, but a warning would have been nice. You were just gone, and with the threat of the other community…I just you know how we all worry. How I worry.” He looked down at the deer next. “You did really good Daryl, really you did. This is going to feed us for a while honey. I just need to know babe, please. Dare.”

“Yes Alpha. I promise. Next time I will tell you, sorry..”

“Stop, I’m sorry. I just woke up without you there, and I just worry so much. I love you and I can’t lose you, go get cleaned up, Axel and Oscar can work on the deer.” Rick kissed his cheek and took the small pup into his arms. He nodded and headed away to get cleaned up and think about what he was doing. He wasn’t going to just give up what he was good at because of his placement, he would never be able to do that.

Daryl finished getting cleaned up when he heard a scream, everyone heard the scream. They came together in the cell block, it wasn’t one of them. He took Judith in his arms quickly, the pups and Daryl and a few of the others were locked up in the cell block to ensure they were safe. Daryl mumbled, but he knew he needed to be with the pups now, he needed to be kept safe and care for Judith.

Five figures fought through the catacombs, one screaming about a bite. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Axel, and Maggie appeared to their rescue. “Please help her please!” A frantic looking dark haired teen begged, they looked to one another and knew that the woman was beyond helping.

“She is far to gone,” Rick replied. “We can’t.”

“Then help us!” The other woman said. She was beta, as was the boy, the screaming women a beta as well. The two men alpha.

Rick nodded, the white skinned alpha male sobbed as he ended the life of the screaming beta. “I love you.” He whispered as she left this plane of existence.

“Welcome to the pack,” Rick held out his hand, “we have rules, and we will have to talk before you can come up with everyone else.”

That was when the boy's eyes grew wide, he could smell the omega on Rick. “Mom. Where are they?”

Maggie smiled. “I will take him up,” she held out her hand. The two alphas and the beta looked at them curiously as the beta boy followed Maggie blindly.

“How old is he?” Rick asked the others as the two disappeared.

“Sixteen.” The women replied.

Rick nodded. “Ah..That makes sense.”

“Why did he say that? His mom is here, dead.”

Rick couldn’t help but smile. “My mate is an omega. Your boy is sixteen, so in terms of pack law, he belongs to my mate now.”

“An omega!?” The women exclaimed in excitement. “You mean, there are still omegas out here?”

“At least one.” Rick replied, Glenn nodded with a smile.

“We will do anything to help you protect them.”

“Names?” Rick asked.

“My name is Sasha, this is Tyreese and Allen. That was his son Ben, the woman was Donna.” The female spoke and acted much more alpha than the men. Placements didn’t always seem to make the most sense.

“My names Rick,” he smiled, “I am prime here, I am willing to take in alphas but there are rules as I said. We have strict pack law, pups here and my omega.” That was when they heard the wailing of a very young pup.

“A puppy?” Sasha spoke again, her eyes wide in shock.

“No more than a month old,” Axel beamed, “our prime and his mate are strong.” Rick smiled, his pack took pride in his family.

“We promise, we want to just help.”

“Then come on, we will talk about rules when you all have had something to eat. You look terrible, smell like death.” Rick lead the way, Allen couldn’t decide if he would stay or take what Rick had. Tyreese just wanted safety for himself and his small pack, Sasha just wanted to see the omega and puppy. Start a new life here.

Rick watched as the new members filled into the space between the gate to the cell block. Daryl was up in their room, the pups all with him, including Ben, as he fed an angry and hungry Judith. As the new packmates entered the smell of milk and pine wafted around them. Sasha took in a deep breath and smiled, she could be happy here.

“Welcome, sit, and eat.” Carol said as she appeared with plates in hand. She handed one to her alpha who took it with a smile, in some cases pack laws and food had to be different.

Sasha, Tyreese, and Allen sat together as the other pack mates came to greet them, the pups and Daryl still hidden in their room. “The omega?”

“Busy feeding our pup.” Rick replied with a wide smile. “My mate always takes care of the pups before all else.”

“A good omega,” Allen commented.

Rick nodded in agreement. “The best.”

Chapter Text

Daryl smiled at his new pup. “What’s your name?”

“Ben.” The dark haired boy said with a grin. “So you really are an omega?” He asked as Judith finished feeding.

“Yes I am.” Daryl grinned wide at him. “Not that I think that changes much, but I am an omega.” Daryl replied. He grunted as the little female alpha slashed at him with her tiny claws. “Damn Judith..” A bit of blood dripped right above his peck. Carl snickered.

“Mom give me her.” Carl offered his hands. Daryl handed the tiny pup to her brother, Daryl put a bandage over it and then put his top back on. The pups waited for Daryl, he finished cleaning up and dressing and took the tiny pup back from Carl, “I think I smell food momma.”

“Lets go then.” Daryl grunted, the pups smiled, Bed followed Beth and Carl running down the steps. Allen, Sasha, and Tyreese watched in anticipation to meet this omega, Daryl stepped out of the room and headed down the steps Judith, she was holding onto him tightly.

“A male omega!” Sasha yelped in surprise. “With a working womb? Oh my god!”

Tryeese stood and offered Daryl his hand as he got to the last step, Daryl shook his hand in thanks. “No thank you, but thanks for the offer.” Daryl replied as he walked up to Rick. “She cut me.”

“She what?” Rick asked as he took the squirming alpha pup.

“Yeh she slashed him with her little claws dad.” Carl replied with a chuckle, Daryl gave his son a look. Rick smiled.

“She really is a monster when it comes to her food isn’t she?” Rick asked.

“Yes she is.” Daryl grumbled as he was handed a meal. He sat and the pups sat around him excitedly. Tyreese and Sasha watched Daryl with wide eyes, they were beyond surprised with the fact that this man was a living omega with a womb. Omegas were unheard of now, and he, well he was extremely special.

Daryl continued to eat happily, that was when he felt a pain he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Son of a bitch.” Daryl hissed, Ben and Carl looked up to Daryl with concern. Beth held his hand carefully.

“Momma are you okay?” Beth asked concerned.

“Fine..fine..fuck.” Daryl looked up at Rick and his heart began to beat faster, pain rippled up within him again. “Alpha.”

Rick looked at him and his eyes softened seeing Daryl stifle a whine. “Oh, is it back already?” Rick walked up to him quickly, Beth took the puppy from her ‘father’ and watched them carefully. “Michonne, you’re in charge for the week.”

“Alpha?” Michonne questioned.

Daryl hissed in pain, it was blinding. “I swear to all things if you get me pregnant again right away I will kill you myself.” Daryl growled.

“I can’t make that choice,” Rick whispered back. “That is all your body.”

Daryl rolled his eyes, a few of the others began to catch onto what was happening. “Well it seems we won’t be seeing them for a little while.” Maggie started with a laugh. Daryl hissed at her, Rick laughed and picked him up without warning.

“Alpha!” Daryl yelped in surprise.

“Beth, Carl, Ben, keep an eye on Judith. When she needs food send Maggie in to let us know please.” Rick hollard. The pups nodded, the smell of Daryl’s heat hit everyone like a truck. Michonne then understood why she was now in charge, it was only for a week but it still felt nice he put her in charge.

“Heat. Wow..that is something isn’t it.” Sasha giggled.

Maggie laughed. “They fuck like bunnies anyway, Rick just enjoys the heat more.”

“How would you know that? He got pregnant after his first heat with Rick.” Glenn chuckled at his mate.

“Didn’t you see how dark his eyes were?” Maggie asked again. “Here give me Judith you three go play in the yard, they get loud.”

Beth gave her the small pup and the three went out to play and practice shooting. “So how long have you all had the omega?” Allen asked.

“Daryl has been with us since the start, but he ran out of suppressants, none of us knew what he was.” Glenn replied, Carol smiled as Axel began to help clean up.

“He looked in pain,” Tyreese began, “are his heats painful?”

Hershel nodded. “Daryl didn’t have an easy life, his father and brother tried to sell him to the omega ring as a teen. He has a chip implanted in his womb, which makes his heats unbearable. He surprisingly was doing well the first heat, but once Rick became his mate it got worse. He needs Rick to help him, he can’t get through the heat without help. Luckily our alpha is extremely kind, and doesn’t let Daryl deal with it alone.”

“I didn’t know that was even a thing.” Sasha whined, knowing that the omega had been through so much before all of this started was terrifying. “He was going to be sold into the ring?”

“Yes.” Carol replied softly. “It’s sad honestly, knowing the hell he lived through. He wasn’t sold immediately because of the fact he was a working womb, his price dropped and his father was furious. Before this all happened, the apocalypse, his brother had found a group of men to sell him to. We just hope to never run into those men, or well..we don’t know what will happen.”

“My god.” Sasha gasped.

That was when they heard the sound of Daryl whining and begging. Rick’s grunts of satisfaction, Sasha felt her face grow hot. “They aren’t very subtle are they?”

“If they knew the pups were outside they would probably just do it right in front of us all.” Maggie replied with a chuckle.

“Ah Rick!” Daryl screamed in pleasure.

Rick smiled down at his mate, Daryl yelped in surprise as Rick picked up his speed, Daryl held onto the bed tightly. “Ah fuck I have missed this, not that we havne’t had sex..but you are flat bellied now. Closer to me then you were before..ah yes..”

“Fuck fuck..” Daryl moaned out as he was fucked into deeply. “Knot me please..fuck.”

Rick couldn’t help but smile as he stretched Daryl out more and continued to pick up his speed and enjoy his mate. “Shh now..I will I will.”

Daryl couldn’t help but moan and mutter as he was used without concern. Rick didn’t have to worry about being soft or careful anymore, he could do as he wanted now. Daryl felt himself be flipped, his head pressed into the pillow as Rick slammed into him more and deeper. “Ahh..ahh..fuck..Rick..ah.”

“Ah Daryl, my sweet Omega..” Daryl squealed as his back arched and Rick knotted him. Daryl yelped in surprise and moaned as he was taken fully. Daryl grasped the bed as Rick leaned forward into him kissing up and down his neck and leaving small marks and bites along his body. Daryl yelped as Rick pulled him onto his knees, the knot still deep inside him.

“Ahh..fuck..fuck.. Rick!” Daryl hissed.

“Shh you can handle me can’t you?” Rick asked with a smile as he continued to pump him full of his seed.

“Yes alpha..yes.”

“See what would have happened if your heat started outside the fence Dare?” Rick asked as he took another bite at his mate mark. Daryl yelped in pleasure as Rick continued to thrust despite the knot already being formed. “What would have happened, Dare, you gotta be more careful. More cautious honey.”

“Yes alpha..sorry alpha..ah..”

“Shh now, don’t worry love. I just worry so much about you darling.” Rick whispered, the two sat together in pleasure until the knot popped. Daryl turned and gave him kisses. “She really did get you didn’t she? Little monster.”

“She did, little ass kicker.”

“She has a name darling.” Rick whispered softly.

Daryl nodded, “I know she does. But she is a pain in my ass.”

Rick couldn’t help but laugh at the comment. “Daryl, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Daryl muttered sleepily, Rick kissed him softly and then turned to look him over and he was already asleep. Rick dressed and headed back to his pack.

“He's asleep.” Rick smiled, taking his puppy. “Where are the other three?”

“Playing in the yard.” Oscar remarked. “That sounded like you had a good time.”

“Oh shush.” Rick muttered. “He is mine, at least you all know it.”

“That we do alpha.” Michonne laughed. “We should talk about Woodbury while he sleeps and the pups play.”

“Yes we should.” Rick sat. “Fill in our new packmates.”

Chapter Text

“What is Woodbury?” Tyreese asked curiously?

“Another community, we don’t know if they are actually dangerous, but we do know at least one member of the community is and claims their prime alpha is.” Rick replied as Judith fell asleep in his arms. “He attempted to take Daryl, my omega, to the alpha and he would let him watch him be raped. Not only is this of course disgusting, but the man was Daryl’s own brother.”

Sasha gasped in disgust. “How can we help?”

“I don’t know what our action plan is yet if I am being honest.” Rick rocked Judith. “I want to send people in but I don’t know how dangerous it is. I worry greatly about sending anyone in from my pack. One of our packmates is being held there, we don’t know if she is being held captive in a cage or just there as an unwilling member of the community. According to Michonne they don’t let you leave. She was there, and it wasn’t a good experience, Daryl’s brother was trying to kill her after she left. We took him captive and he got out, nearly killing Daryl in the process. I don’t want to attack a community that may not be bad and just perceives that way. I also don’t want them to know of us either. If they get a hold of Daryl it could be extremely bad, if they are hostile we should eliminate the threat. Their leader may just be bad, not all packs are like their leaders. I understand that, and there may even be pups there. I don’t want to do anything brash.”

Sasha and Tyreese looked at one another. “Send us in, we can stay in contact with a walkie if needed, but we have the least ties here. We can go in and assess everything, they may not be as bad as you have been told, but we will be cautious.” Tyreese suggested.

“Are you sure?” Rick asked, eyeing him with question.

“Yes, send us in. We can help here, but if it isn’t as bad as you think then there isn’t a threat right? We also don’t know your other pack mate, they won’t be in danger of giving us away unless you want them to know you sent us.”

“I would like Andrea to know we care and worry for her. So I suggest going in and letting her know you are there but I would give it a few days before you do. Get a feel for the community, the leader.”

“We can do that.”

“Just you two or Allen as well? I wouldn’t want to send Ben in.”

“Send Allen as well but maybe do it after we arrive? A few days after, so it doesn’t seem we know one another. We may be treated differently as well, some people just mesh better than others. I think if we know what we are dealing with it will be good for us to get a feel for the community. We will make different connections between the three of us.”

“I think that is a great plan, so you three will be our eyes on the inside.” Rick smiled as the pups came running in.

“Bethy, will you take your sister please?”

“Yes sir.” She smiled and took the tiny pup in her arms and sat beside her sister and father. Rick smiled as the two male pups sat beside her with a grin.

Ben was taking well to the new community and surroundings, Beth and Carl were already taking well to him and they were happy to call him their brother. Rick watched the pups with a smile, he enjoyed seeing them like this. Judith woke with wiggling arms and a tiny bark whine, “She is constantly hungry.” Rick took the tiny pup and headed up the stairs. “Dare, you gotta get up, pup is hungry.”

Daryl grunted as he woke, he did as he was told and took Judith quickly. “Always hungry aren’t you little one?” Daryl asked as he fed her. Rick smiled watching the two of them with big eyes.

“God I love you, Daryl I love you more than I know how to explain.”

Daryl smiled looking up with soft blue eyes. “Thank you for loving me. I never thought I would have this,” he looked down at Judith who was happily eating.

“What are you referring too,” Rick asked curiously.

Daryl couldn’t help but smile. “This, love…a family. Pups of my own. I thought I was going to be a chained up sex slave to some hoffiying alpha or a pack of alpha males. I never thought I would get pups, not like this at least, if I did get pregnant if I had been sold.who knows what they would make me do.”

Rick felt physically sick, the thought of Daryl being chained up and used by other alpha males horrified him. “I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you, I love you so much and I promise to protect you.”

Daryl smiled as Judith finished eating, she yawned and punched the air. He laid her down in her crib and stood, he walked to Rick and gave him soft loving kisses. “I know that you promise me these things, but this world is dangerous, we don’t know what will happen. I just want to have you while I can, I never want you to feel that you have failed me if something bad does happen. I know what the risks are, just me being alive is a risk, being an omega is a risk. I know that Rick, I know what I am and what can happen to me. I just want love while I can have it, I want to feel this good while I can.”

“Dare,” Rick was stopped by soft kisses pressed to his lips. “I want to protect you. I will protect you.”

“I know, but if we get separated by the dead or the living I don’t want you to feel guilty for what happens to me. If you are going to do anything, I want you to protect our pups. Promise me, promise please.”

“I already made this promise.”

“Sort of, but this, I want it..I want this promise that you will protect them.”

“I will always protect our pups, I swear it.” Rick kissed his face softly, Daryl yipped as another bubble of pain came upon him. Rick caught him as his legs faltered.

“Fuck..this sucks.” Daryl hissed in pain as Rick laid him down into bed and they started up again.

“Again?” Sasha questioned hearing them, the pups giggled and headed back out to the yard to play.

“Get used to it,” Maggie snickered again, “honestly I would get used to it.”

They nodded with a soft laugh, the pups were busy playing for over a half hour when they heard a gunshot, the pups raced back inside. “What was that?” Daryl asked as he sat back, he yelped the knot keeping them close. “Fuck..I’m can’t even go check.”

“Michonne is in charge right now,” Rick promised, he kissed his neck up and down. “It’s okay.” Daryl nodded, Rick smiled as Daryl relaxed a bit.

Michonne, Tyreese, and Axel headed out to the yard to see if they could find the source of where the gunshot came from, but there wasn’t another shot and they didn’t want to head out of the safety of the fence. They waited for a while but nothing happened, no more gunshots, no sign of life. Rick and Daryl finally parted after the knot popped, Daryl was hungry and was tired. He couldn’t decide if he wanted sleep or food more, Rick could see it in his face that he was conflicted about something.

“Hungry darling?”

“Yes.” Daryl muttered.

Rick rustled through their backpack and handed him a granola bar. Daryl was quick to consume the bar, he allowed sleep to take over afterward. Rick headed back down the stairs.

“The gun shot?”

“No idea alpha.” Michonne replied, “We went out to check, didn’t see or hear anything again.”

“Alright, maybe we should send you two in, and then in another week Allen?”

“I think so. I think the faster we get in there the better.” Sasha agreed, Rick nodded. “Michonne since you know the way are you willing to take them in, don’t go in yourself or close enough to be spotted but if you send those two towards the way, I don’t want them to get lost or killed before they reach the gates. Don’t forget the walkie,” he smiled.

“Of course Alpha, happy to.” Michonne was smiling in pride, she was happy to help her pack and alpha in any way she could. Sasha and Tyreese packed up their stuff and were ready to head out, Michonne handed them a walkie and they packed to head out. The pups gave them hugs before they left, they hadn’t even been there for a day and yet they were already a member of the family. Michonne smiled as she headed out with the two new packmates, she only worried about them scenting like their pack, but the weather seemed to want to help. It began to storm, their scent was masked by that of rainfall.

Throughout the rest of the day Daryl woke and Rick helped him through what he could, Judith chose the worst times to wake up and it was always when Daryl was in pain, but he was a mother and that was his first priority.

Michonne dropped Sasha and Tyreese off a mile away from Woodbury. They headed forward to complete the journey on their own, they wanted to help the new pack and the best way for them to do that was through going into the community to learn the truth of if they were dangerous or not. As they got to the gates they were stopped by a few men on the walls with guns.

“We are just looking for shelter please!” Sasha begged, the men looked to one another and nodded. As they entered the community they both felt like something was off, they looked around and saw that there weren't many people out however it was storming and late.

“We will show you to our prime, he will decide what to do with you.” Martinez said, they nodded following the alpha male alone. As they walked they saw the beta woman that was said to be from their primes pack, a blonde sitting beside a man with glasses. She looked nervous, her scent a mix of concern and calm. The beta male sitting beside her watched them walk past and into the ‘office’ of their prime.

“Governor, we have two new recruits.”

Sashsa stifled a laugh, governor. Tyreese stood tall, “We just want to pull our weight, just looking for a place to stay.”

“I can understand that, sleep, we will talk in the morning.”

They looked around and realized he meant on the floor, great welcome. They nodded and settled into the office for the night.

“Who are they?” Andrea asked as the Governor left the office. Milton followed closely behind.

“Just two travelers looking for a place to stay,” he smiled, “you know I hate to think that Merle is out there all by himself, and your girl with the swords.” Andrea rubbed her arm softly, Mitlon patted her back in comfort. “Come to bed with me, you two.”

It wasn’t a question, it was a command, Milton rolled his eyes. He hated it when he got like this, he didn’t particularly enjoy being his bedfellow but if he commanded it he was to do it. The world had changed a lot, if a prime wanted to take a packmate regardless of their alignment of sex to bed with them they were entitled to it. They were to do as they were told, he followed Andrea who was also upset by the idea into his room, they undressed and laid together. The Governor in the middle, Andrea to his left, and Milton to his right. The two betas watched one another till sleep took over.

Andrea felt like this was hell, but she had let her mate walk, and she had stayed.

Sasha and Tyreese were hoping to find answers for their new pack and wanted to check in with Andrea. To let her know they were there to help her.

Chapter Text

Andrea woke first, she attempted to slip from his grasp but Philip had a tight grip. Milton woke next, she smiled softly at him with sadness in both of their eyes. They intertwined their fingers to give one another some strength before he woke. “Morning,” he grunted, kissing both of their foreheads. They both smiled at him but behind their eyes was disgust. “Off to work with you Milton, Andrea I want you to help with the newcomers this morning.”

“Yes Alpha.” She whispered back. Milton was quick to head off to work, he was thankful to be left alone for a while, Andrea walked beside him until they split off. “Hello,” she smiled as she opened the door to the office. “The Governor told me to come and work with you, show you around. I’m A-”

“Andrea!” Sasha smiled hugging her like they were old friends.

“Do you know me?”

“Rick sent us, to save you and find out about this place.”

Andrea relaxed and held the women. “Oh my god really? He wants to save me? How does he know I am here? How is Daryl and the pups, did he have them?”

“A beautiful little girl,” Sasha smiled, Andrea frowned knowing there was supposed to be too but smiled knowing he at least survived and so did one pup. “Michonne is his second, she wanted us to find and save you. She told me to tell you she loves you.”

Andrea tried not to cry. “Thank you, so much. Alright well this place isn’t what it seems, the Governor is..dangerous and he has Milton and I captive as his bedmates.”

“The man that followed Michonne to kill her, Daryl’s brother, said that his prime would rape and breed Daryl.” Tyreese muttered. Andrea’s eyes grew dark.

“Daryl’s brother was going to kill Michonne?”

“He was sent by his prime.” Tyreese replied. “He nearly killed Daryl attempting to take him back here, he is dead now. Carl shot him in the side and Daryl finished him off, they told us everything that Merle did. Good riddance, but if that is the kind of man this prime kept at his side, well who knows what else he would do.”

“A lot of things,” she hissed, “we need to act like we don’t think anything is wrong here. It won’t do us good. We need to protect one another to get back to our pack.”

“Glad you are on board. Lets see the town then. Milton, is he safe to bring with us?”

“If he will leave here, yes, he will be safe.”

Sasha and Tyreese nodded, they followed her and learned about the town, they met Milton and he was told of the prison and filled in on more information. Milton smiled thinking about being saved, he was loyal to a fault but Philip wasn’t the man he once knew, maybe even loved. This was a different man, a monster of the man he had adored. “We just have to keep our heads down, fly under the radar.”

Sasha and Tyreese were given a small apartment and put on wall duty, they didn’t like many of the others on the wall, mostly just yes sir kind of guys that liked guns. This wasn’t a normal community, they thought things were essentially fine until they came to learn of the ‘fight shows’. The dead and the living fighting and people cheering, that was dangerous, that was dumb. They walkied Rick each night for the next week, they told him about Milton and Andrea being forced to sleep with the prime, the walls, the fights.

Allen was sent in that next morning, Philip could smell something about the alpha males feelings that made him interested in him. Milton was standing beside his prime when Allen came to the town, Andrea, Sasha, and Tyreese weren’t around at the time either.

“Come sit talk.” Philip suggested to Allen, the man smiled and they sat across from one another. Milton stood waiting patiently. “You seem like you have something to say to me.”

“Is he safe to speak around?” The man asked, looking at the beta standing in the corner of the room.

“I trust him with my life, of course.” Philip smiled, Milton smiled at him thankful for the comment. “Go on then speak up.”

“I know of a certain thing you want, where to find it, how to have it.”

“What are you talking about?” Philip asked, eyeing him curiously. “I don’t desire things.”

“You desire an omega,” Allen smiled, “Daryl Dixon. You want him don’t you?” Philip sat back smiling, Milton bit his lip.


“Go on.” Philip grinned. “How do you know him?”

“I came across their pack, their prime is tough but we could take him with how many people you have here. Or I can slip in and get him, bring him here. He recently had a puppy however so she would need to be brought along, she is still feeding.”

“She? He has a daughter?” Philip didn’t want to replace his Penny, but he didn’t know if Milton would find a cure. “That is wonderful news isn’t it. Where are they located?”

“The prison.”

“Impossible, it was overrun.”

“Not anymore,” Allen remarked, “isn’t overrun anymore.”

Philip crossed his arms. “What is it you want giving me this information?”

“Just one night a week with him, hes an omega for godsakes of course I want to fuck it.” Allen salivated at the idea, listening to his moans the entire week had been killer, he missed his wife and wanted to know what an omega felt like.

“Deal, but I keep him during his heats. If he is going to have pups it won’t be from you,” he smiled at the thought of having an omega on top of his two betas. “Milton darling,” the alpha male looked to the beta who was trying not to shake. “Will you go find Martinez, I want to go see the prison.”

“Yes alpha right away sir.” He raced off, he needed to find Andrea first. “Andrea, oh god its bad Andrea.”

“What is it Milton?” She asked as he fell into her arms.

“The new guy who arrived, he told Philip..about Daryl..about the prison! He wants to go find him as soon as possible, the man asked for one night a week with him and he agreed to it as long as he kept him during his heats. He wants the puppy too, Judith he wants her too.”

Andrea growled. “We can’t let that happen.”

“I have to find Martinez..tell them..walkie them now..get him out of there.”

He raced away to find Martinez, Sasha looked to her with a nod and slipped away. She was going to kill Allen, she wanted him dead. He had just put their pack in danger, their omega, his own son, and the puppy. “Rick come in, come in Rick! Now!”

“What is it Sasha?”

“Get Daryl out of there, now. Allen, he fucked up, he told their Prime. Get Judith out too, he wants them both.” She was frantic, Tyreese felt a rage in his soul he had never felt before.

Rick’s heart bursted, “Thank you stay safe.” Rick raced inside the cell block, Judith was being sang to by Beth as Daryl held her, Carl and Ben were chasing each other around the cell block laughing. This was what he wanted, not to hide away his mate and their pups. “We have to go Daryl. Allen, he told the other pack about us, about you.”

Ben stood still shaking, “That bastard!”

“That is no way to talk about your father.” Daryl hissed standing, Judith barked softly wishing for Beth to sing again. Ben nodded sadly, he knew that, but his father had betrayed them.

“Pups you too, I want you three with your mom. Please. Judith has to come. Maggie!”Maggie appeared quickly, “I need you to take the pups and Daryl as far from here as you can get.”


“Please now, go, alright I can’t do this without you listening to me. I need you to go now, please. Your father will be fine, we will be fine, but we need them out of here. I will send Glenn to get you all when they leave, “Go to the house we stayed at during the winter, stay in the car. Don’t go anywhere once you get there. Understand?”

“Yes Alpha.”

Rick kissed Daryl, sadness taking over him, this wasn’t what he wanted. “Please, stay safe.”

“I will I promise.” Daryl felt his body shake, he was angry, he wanted his life to be happy. He loved those little moments with the pups, Beth singing to Judith while their brothers played. “I promise.”

Maggie started up the car, Carl took shotgun, Daryl held Judith and sat in the middle back seat. Ben and Beth on either side of him, they left quickly, praying they would make it out before anyone arrived. Daryl held Judith close, him over them, that was his choice and it always would be.

“Maggie, stop the car,” Daryl hissed he could hear something they couldn't. Omega’s senses heightened when they had pups, it was to help them protect their pups. She nodded and pulled into the dense woods, as she pulled in a car sped past. He sighed in relief and then froze, another car. “Don’t move.”

She didn’t, she listened as well as she could, a second car followed the first. She watched wide eyed, they had a military grade weapon. Daryl felt frozen, they had left their pack behind. “Go, now.”

She nodded and started up, they made their way but they were being tracked, a third car had stayed further back to hold up if anything happened, and they had seen the car. They followed behind, as they pulled up to the old house Daryl handed Judith to Beth and went to piss. He turned to go back when a gun was pressed to his temple.

“Hey ‘Mega.” A dark voice growled, he closed his eyes in fear. “My alpha is going to be so proud of me, look at you, he is going to give me whatever I want for you.”

“Please don’t do this, please.” Daryl hissed, he knew they wouldn’t kill him, but injuries could range. “I have pups, please.”

“I know, but I am more concerned about getting you back right. Walk.” Daryl did as he was told, he saw the car, and felt frozen. The man pushed the gun into his back and he kept walking. Keep the pups safe, keep Maggie safe.

Maggie saw him first, her heart dropped seeing the gun in his hand. “Don’t move.”

“Mom!” Carl screamed but Maggie locked the door. “What are you doing? We can’t leave him, please Maggie. is going to flip…what about Judith! She needs food, she needs mom.”

“If I try and help, both of us will be taken or all of us. Do you want your sisters with that madman? Do you want all of us in danger Carl?”

“No..” Carl sobbed looking at Beth and Judith. “But Mom..”

“I know..I know..I can’t..we can’t.” She had never felt so conflicted, she couldn’t do this, she couldn't leave the pups but she didn’t want Daryl to be taken either. “Fuck..alright what do we do…”

Her prayers were left unanswered, as he was taken into the car. Daryl thrashed but was quickly knocked out with the butt of the gun. Maggie froze, the man started walking towards their car, she looked between the pups and herself.

“Give me your gun Carl, now.”


Rick watched as two cars pulled up to their gates and a man stepped out. Michonne hissed, “That’s him, their prime.”

Rick stepped up to the gate. “How can we help you?”

“I hear you have an omega here, I would like to offer you a place to stay, all of you. A prison is no place for an Omega, for pups. I would like to have you all join us, wouldn’t you like that? No more prison gates, you can become my second.”

“I won’t be doing that, this is our home, my omega stays where I stay.”

“Can I meet him? I would love to see a real omega in person,” He smiled brightly.

“No, I don’t just let anyone see my mate,” Rick eyed the man and his companions. “You have one of my people, a blonde woman. Andrea.”

“Ah, yes, I do. She wants to stay,” He looked him up and down. “Maybe we can do a trade, her for him.”

“Fat chance,” Rick snarled, “not in a million years. My mate stays here.” Michonne growled, but she agreed, Daryl was priority number one. “I would rather die.”

“Makes that a battle of the alphas doesn't it?”

“An alpha battle?” Rick grumbled, “I..I suppose it would. My mate and pack, and your pack on the line.”

“May the best alpha win, we will leave, but I will be back. I will be winning this alpha war.”

Rick hissed, a growl deep in his throat, but at least they were leaving. At least Daryl was safe, maybe he should have kept them all here.


Maggie stepped out and raised the gun, “Step away from the car, you have the omega, you don’t get the pups too.”

“Ah, little beta bitch.” Martinez growled, his gun was also pointed at her, “fine alright back in the car, I don’t need them anyway.”

Maggie was slow but side stepped to get to the car, as she did, he shot at her leg. She screamed, Beth sobbed holding Judith tight. Carl and Ben were terrified, but the man seemed to leave. Maggie sobbed, her body was ragged, blood poured. The gun shot and screaming was calling the dead, they pulled her into the car and slammed it shut locking it as a small hoard appeared. “Glenn will be here soon, take a deep breath Maggie.” Carl cried as he cut some of his shirt to try and wrap her leg up.

“I..I’m sorry I didn’t save him..I..I didn’t save your mom.”

“Don’t Maggie, don’t! I shouldn’t have said what I did..” Carl was mature for his age, but right now his concern was a hungry screaming Judith, a bleeding Maggie, and the walkers that were banging at the car.

An hour had passed, Maggie was shaking in pain, the puppy wasn’t growing silent, and the dead were growing louder.

Glenn appeared and his heart sunk, he managed to shoot through them and opened the car door to see Daryl wasn’t there and Maggie was passed out from the pain and blood. “What happened! Where is Daryl?”

“ taken.. Maggie tried to stop them but he shot her. Judith is hungry.”

“We will get back as soon as we can. I will leave that car here, we gotta get her back and sewn up. Rick is going to freak out.”

“I know..” Carl sobbed as he got himself in the back taking Judith from Beth’s arms rocking her to try and calm the hungry pup. “Dad is going to flip..”

Glenn was speeding and he knew it, but he could care less, Maggie was bleeding. Judith was starving, and the pups were terrified. Daryl was kidnapped and in the hands of dangerous men.

He tried to think but he couldn’t as they pulled up to the prison.

Rick raced out and his heart began to beat fast, why were they only driving one of the cars? As Glenn stepped out and pulled Maggie from the car things started to piece together. “No! No!”

“Dad!” Carl screamed. “Judith needs food, we need to worry about Judith right now. Mom is strong, mom is brave. We can do this..Dad we need to worry about Jude right now. Please please dad.”

Beth and Ben were holding onto one another trying not to think about what Daryl might be going through right now, Rick closed his eyes and took the screaming alpha female from Carl.

“I am going to kill that man if its the last thing I do.” Rick growled as he raced inside to get Hershel for Maggie and formula for Judith.

Chapter Text

Daryl woke up strapped to a chair, this wasn’t exactly going his way. He growled and shook trying to get free, he was thankful his heat had passed or he would be screwed. Literally and figuratively.

He managed to knock the chair to its side and break the wooden chair in half by the time the door opened, his arms strapped to the chair still however despite his best efforts. He growled as a man walked in, he smelt like Andrea. “What are you doing to Andrea?” He barked, the man smiled and stepped forward.

“The man asked about you darling.” The man's voice grew gravely, Andrea and a man with glasses stepped in. Andrea raced to Daryl, she held him tightly.

“I’m sorry.”

This felt like her fault, if she hadn’t assumed Merle had told Philip that Daryl was an omega he would have never known, Milton was sent to untie the omega from the now broken chair. Daryl backed up but Andrea gave him a look. Milton was a good man.

“My three loves in one room, wonderful.” Philip smiled, “Wonderful isn’t it. Milton dear, come here, Andrea.” The two stood by his side now, Andrea was shaking and Milton was thinking about doing something that may end in hell and or death. Daryl was standing pressed against the wall, he was terrified, this man was terrifying. “Sweet Omega, don’t you worry. I won’t be doing anything too harsh so far. Just want to get to know what I own.”

Daryl felt frozen, he hated this, he didn’t want this, Andrea was shaking. “I want to see all of what I own. The three of you, strip for me, alright.”

Daryl looked up and a growl escaped his lip.

“Philip don’t do this.” Milton begged.

“Oh, don’t do this? I own this, and you, and her.”

Daryl didn’t like that he was referred to as an item, it wasn’t his ideal situation and he wasn’t stripping for some crazy man. “Bastard. I won’t be undressing for you.”

“I think you will be.” Philip snarled, Andrea was thrown towards Daryl. Daryl caught her fast, they both tumbled to the ground. He smelt of milk and Rick, she hated this more than she could explain. Daryl shook, the two held onto one another in terror. “Come on now, or undress each other. Milton go help Andrea if she won't do it for me.”

Milton walked towards the two, Andrea pulled off her top, and Milton his own. Daryl wouldn’t budge, by the time Milton and Andrea were naked Daryl hadn’t moved a muscle. He wasn’t going to give into this sadistic man's wants or desires. Philip growled in anger, “Come on undress. Take those damn clothes off Omega!”

“Fuck you!”

Philip felt a rage in his soul, he rushed forward and slapped Daryl as hard as he possibly could. “You stupid mother fucker, I am going to fuck you and my sweet betas as much as I want. I get whatever I want. When I want.” Daryl was slammed against the wall, he sobbed out as he was pushed. He whined, that omega whine, and Philip couldn’t help but smile. “Isn’t that a pretty sound.”

Daryl sobbed as his clothes were ripped from his body, he shook terrified of the eyes on his body. He hated his scars, Andrea had seen them only once before, and now two men were watching him in a way he didn’t want them to. Daryl felt his body go ragged as Philip picked him up and slammed him into the ground. Daryl backed up terrified, Andrea pounced on Philip who threw her to the side, she rolled hitting her head on the ground. Milton decided enough was enough and took his chance and attacked.

Daryl stood quickly pulling on his boxers and pants while Milton and Philip tumbled, he then yelped as Milton was thrown at him. Both men were on the ground again, Andrea was out cold and Milton knew he was going to die today.

Daryl backed up more, Rick was coming for him, he had to come for him. Milton stood in defense of the omega, Daryl’s eyes were wide, this man who didn’t know him, this beta who didn’t know him was protecting him. Daryl shook in terror, Milton was tossed to the side. Philip’s eyes were wide with rage, dark and red. Daryl knew that look, knew very well what that meant for an alpha, and he knew he was screwed.

He made a run for it, Philip grabbed for him and he ducked taking a swing, he needed to do this, needed to protect himself. People were starting to hear the commotion, Martinez was standing guard. “Daryl, you belong to me now.” Philip snarled as he grabbed for his fist, Daryl slammed another first into him.

“Fuck you!” Daryl growled again, Philip snareld, this wasn’t right. Omega’s weren’t supposed to be strong or brave. They were supposed to be soft and docile, they were supposed to do whatever they were told, this was no normal omega. Daryl wanted his bike and wanted to run. Philip had him on the ground before long, Daryl kicked up but was stopped by a fist to his face. Philip growled, he was angry and snarling, Daryl was sobbing trying to get him away from him. “Stop it! Stop it!! Get off me!”

Milton tried to push him off but this time he was stopped by a gunshot, Milton was shot in the side, blood started pouring and spurting. Andrea woke up panicked seeing the blood, she raced to Milton’s side. Tyreese and Sasha heard the gunshot and were quick to try and help, Martinez stopped them but he felt in his soul this was wrong.

“We can’t let him kill anyone,” Sasha sobbed. “He has an omega in there!”

People heard that, an omega. They raced to the door, everyone was there now, trying to get Martinez out of the way. Daryl kicked the man but he still wasn’t getting off, death took fast for Milton and he attacked Andrea, he scratched and bit the poor beta. “No!! No!” Daryl sobbed as Andrea screamed in terror as blood poured from him bite.

Andrea sobbed as Philip shot Milton in the head now, Daryl managed to get free just as the door swung open. Daryl scrambled to Sasha and Tyreese who took him in their arms quickly, screams were heard as the walls were rammed into. It was Rick and a few of the others. Michonne came running, people scattered.

As Rick came into view the scent of the prime felt right to them, something good and better than Philip. In the commotion Philip escaped with Martinez and another man, however he didn’t just escape he killed a few people in the process. Daryl sobbed as Rick held him, and Michonne was heard screaming in agony as she stepped into the room where they had been held. “I can do it myself..” Andrea cried out in pain. Michonne sobbed holding her lover as she took her own life, Sasha and Tryeese felt the pain of losing a pack mate, Rick held Daryl who sobbed. Many of the Woodbury residents wanted to be where an omega was, and so Rick decided it was time to grow his pack. Make them more than enemies or people they didn’t know.

Daryl would need a lot of hands to help protect him, as well as help with all of these new pups. Philip would get revenge, and he was planning on destroying what Rick had, destroying Rick’s pack.

Daryl sobbed as he was taken into Rick’s arms. “I’m so sorry, so sorry. I should have never let you get captured. I am so so sorry.”

Daryl just held onto Rick as everyone headed back to the prison, they were a new pack and large one at that. A family, they had to be. Karen helped get everyone into the bus, and cars. As they appeared at the prison Carl raced to Daryl. “Mom!”

All the pups got excited, mom, they could call this one mom. Many of them didn’t have a mom anymore, not in this life. They could call Daryl mom.

Daryl had put his shirt on by now but many had seen his scars, and he didn’t know what to do about that. He hoped they wouldn’t say anything about it, Daryl held Carl, Beth and came running to him, he held them both and sobbed as they held onto him. This was going to be better, now that at least one threat was gone and out of the way he felt safer. The other pups came running to him as well, not that he knew them, but he would. He couldn’t help but smile as he held out his arms for them, Rick and the other pack mates watched wide eyed. Many of these pups had stopped talking when the apocalypse started, and stopped wanting to be around people. With Daryl though it felt right, they felt good about being around the new pack. They would rebuild, they would create something better, they had to.

Rick was still feeling horrible about Andrea and the many people that Philip had killed out of cold blood, Oscar and Axel had both lost their lives as well coming with. Martinez had kill Axel, and Philip had killed Oscar. While Ben wasn’t happy about his father, he was also upset about his loss. Now that Philip was gone however they felt safe.

Daryl decided to take it upon himself, with help from a beta or Rick to go out and bring people to the prison. He wasn’t allowed to go alone, with Philip still being out there somewhere. The pack was growing, and people were thriving, a few months had passed, and everyone felt comfortable now. Daryl hated his heat weeks, everyone enjoyed knowing that Rick was taking good care of Daryl, his moans were loud and despite him trying to hide them it wasn’t possible. Rick liked it when he was loud, liked letting the entire pack know who he belonged to. Daryl was covered in more bites, hickies and his mate mark was renewed at least once a week.

Everyone loved Daryl, everyone loved him and adored him. They would do anything for him, the entire pack did whatever they could to help with Judith and the other pups. The six new pups were all under ten, with Patrick that made seven. On top of Beth, Judith, Ben, and Carl that was eleven pups. Daryl made sure that Rick would allow them to be trained with the knowledge of guns and knives. He needed to know his pups would be safe, that even with how little some of them were would be able to protect themselves if anything ever happened.

Lizzie and Mika were surprisingly good shots, Beth, Ben, and Carl took it upon themselves to help teach their younger ‘siblings’ they were happy to help. They were happy to ensure their siblings safety, and they knew it made their mother happy so they felt it best to help. Daryl and Rick also wanted to ensure they were well educated and well rounded. Carol helped with weapon training and story time, they read books, got to draw pictures, helped in the garden and with the farm animals. Rick made sure each pup rotated through different skill training. There was archery with their mother, snares and traps, cooking, knowing what plants were and weren’t edible, how to read maps and compasses, how to clean and set wounds, and a few while young were learning how to at least start up cars.

They had set up a good perimeter, with multiple traps for the undead along the way up to the prison. Their fences were not going to be a catch all and they knew it, they set it up so there was rows of spikes before the gates, so that way nothing got in, they hadn’t had to worry about the gates in months at this point. They had set up plenty of trip traps and even dug a trench around the area the best they could. If anything was going to get through it was going to be hell for them to do it. They wanted to make sure the living and the dead couldn’t make their way through. The only way in would be through the few spots they didn’t trench out for supply trucks and to do runs.

Daryl was happy, he was thriving and they were doing well. Things felt like they were going up, and they honestly were, they decided they were at capacity and didn’t want to take in more survivors knowing while food wasn’t an issue for them for the time being, too many people put them at risk. They were a family, and a family had to protect each other, too many people was a risk just like not having enough people. They had to even things out, and they knew it, Daryl and Rick’s room had become more of a nest, all the pups slept with them, even when they tried to get them to sleep with their parents if they were still living they wouldn’t even try. Ben, Patrick, Beth, and Carl made sure to be in a more protective position in case anything happened. The other pups slept curled up in a bit of cuddle pile, Judith in her crib, and Rick and Daryl in their bed together.

Another few weeks passed and they made sure to continue supply runs and they got to a supermarket with Daryl’s help. Daryl had been watching it for a while, he did good slipping in and out on his own as long as someone was waiting on the outskirts for him. He collected batteries, feminie products, snack bars and bottles of alcohol for cleaning as well as drinking. He found plenty of things and was good at getting them in and out without much problem. He wanted to do a bigger run with multiple people, but didn’t want to get anyone hurt. Arriving back everyone was excited to see him, they helped him unload the truck.

Judith squealed excitedly as Daryl came into view of her, he ran up to Carl who was holding her and took the little one in his hands. “Well hello darlin’.” He smiled as he rocked her side to side carefully. She was getting to a point where she was sitting up on her own now, but she was still mostly babbling, no coherent words yet. Everyone smiled as they watched him, he rocked her and she grabbed for his chest, he rolled his eyes. “Momma couldn’t even be home for a few minutes without you bein’ a hungry little monster hmm?” She cooed and he smiled heading up to their room.

Daryl watched out the window, his heart sunk as he watched walker pups falling into the trench. He hated the smaller ones, it made his omega heartbreak each time. He hated his stupid emotions sometimes, but he had learned that they were making him stronger, he didn’t want to see his own pups like that. He never wanted his own to be left out there on their own without him, dead or unable to defend themselves. He looked down at little Judith and knew this was the last thing he wanted for her, for his girl. He loved his own pups more than life itself, but each pup he had come to know he adored non the less. Lizzie scared the hell out of him sometimes, things she would say or do at the fences but he loved her nonetheless. He loved all the pups, he adored them, and wanted them to thrive in this place.

Judith finished feeding, Daryl had come to find that she still wanted his milk despite her being very capable with baby food and formula. He was thankful to know at least if he ever got trapped out there she wouldn’t go hungry, she just pretended to. Daryl finished feeding her and held her close, his little Judith.

The pups were down at the library having a story time and knife training when Patrick started to feel sick. Carl was slightly concerned for him when he ran off to get feeling better, Daryl laid Judith in her crib for her nap and headed out to help with some more things before nightfall came. He was busy lifting a few things when he felt that familiar pain rise up within his abdomen, his eyes were closed tight in pain. He dropped the box in his hands dropping on his knee, he yelped. Those who were around were quick to help him, he waved them off, the few alphas that were around could smell it before anyone else did.

Daryl growled feeling his own body betrayed him, the alphas were quick to head away knowing that if Rick caught them around his omega during a heat they would be dead. Rick was informed of Daryl collapsing, he raced out to him and scooped him up. “It’s early.” Daryl snarled as Rick carried him up towards their bed.

“That happens sometimes love.” Rick muttered softly as he stripped him. Daryl understood what he was to do, lay there, look pretty, take the knot. Rick was careful not to wake Judith, he held Daryl close. Rick smiled and kissed his forehead before he began to do his best to use him and be careful. Daryl moaned and muttered as he was fucked, Rick was careful but not careful enough. He nipped at his neck drawing some blood, Daryl hissed but he felt pleasure regardless, he didn’t know where all the time had gone, just a few months ago he was captured and Maggie had been shot, now their pack was thriving and he was still Rick’s.

Daryl was thankful to have Rick, thankful to have him by his side, Rick was thankful for Daryl. He had grown to be a great leader, being an omega never stopped him from doing what was right. His heats took him out sometimes, but he was starting to push through them more, but the pack tried not to let him, if he looked like pain, or smelt like a heat was on they were quick to let Rick know. Daryl just wanted some time to be normal but it was clear they weren’t having that.

Daryl passed out after the knot, Rick smiled, kissing his forehead. Rick pulled on his clothes and dressed a sleeping Daryl before heading back out. The pups all headed up to bed as night came around, Daryl woke to Judith's cries and fed her, he looked along the pups when he realized Patrick wasn’t in the pup pile. Rick was dead asleep and none of the pups were budging, he looked them over with question. Where was Patrick? Where was his sixteen year old boy?

He finished feeding Judith and woke Rick. “Where is Patrick?”

“Probably went to the bathroom honey, go back to bed.” Rick whispered sleepily. Daryl nodded cuddling into his mate, Rick smiled as he held his mate close. Rick held him close, his mate, his pups.

Patrick’s lifeless form made his way along to cell block D, his foot dragging, his glasses broken in the shower room. Blood dripped from his face as he made his way along, the sound of snoring drew his attention. They had made the outside of the prison nearly impenetrable, it was the inside that wasn’t as protected.

Daryl woke that morning, all the pups had scattered to do their morning chores, Rick was at the barn with the pigs when the sound of screaming from cell block D came, and gunshots. He raced to the cellblock to find their family, their pack, in walker form. Patrick had been dead from the night before, and Rick’s eyes grew wide in realization, Daryl knew something was wrong with Patrick and he didn’t listen.

Daryl had tried to go to the sound of screams and gunshots, but Maggie was quick to tell him to go back in the cell with Judith. If anything happened he needed to be in there with his puppy. Rick, Hershel, and Glenn were busy helping with the dead, Bob and Dr. S came to find it was a sickness and they were exposed.

“You can’t go back to Daryl, or Judith, the pups.” The elder alpha said to their prime. “You know that.”

“His heat.”

“You can’t do that,” Hershel said again, “you know that, he is at risk if you go in there. Judith is. You can’t go in there.”

Rick slammed his fist against the wall, what was he supposed to do, Daryl needed him, Judith and the pups needed him.

Daryl was pacing, where was Rick? What happened, what was going on? He doubled over in pain as his heat bubbled through him, not right now, don’t think about it. Not right now.

Chapter Text

Daryl felt a pain in his stomach again, his lips pursed as he grabbed the window sill. Where was Rick? Where was he? Why wasn’t he here? Judith started screaming, he nodded in understanding then ran his hand through his hair, he pulled his top off and pulled Judith into himself. If he focused on her the pain of his heat disappeared at least for a little while, once she finished feeding he pulled on his top.


“Yes mom?” She asked, looking him over.

“Can you take Judith? I need..I need you to take her please.”

“Yes, of course.”

He smiled thankful for her, he kissed her forehead and she headed away with the puppy in her arms. He laid on the bed clutching his side in pain. “Where is he? Where is he fuck..” He managed to get himself down the stairs, it took him a moment but he did manage to do it. “Maggie!”

She raced up to him. “Are you okay?”

“Where is Rick?” The omega asked with pain in his eyes, he clutched the bars.

“A sickness has broken out, there are a lot of dead. He can’t come to this side of the bars.”

“What?!” Daryl barked, he whined in panic. “How do I help?”

“Daryl you are in heat, you need to stay in here with the pups.”

“I can’t just stay.”

“You can, you just need to breathe.” Maggied tried to consol the omega, he was angry and panicked.

“Any deaths?” He finally asked after a moment of clutching his stomach in pain.

“Yes..uhm. Patrick was one of them.”

Daryl’s heart began to break, not another god damn pup. “ you can’t can’t be serious not another pup. I..fuck I am the worst mom ever.”

Maggie looked him over with sadness in her eyes. “You are not a bad mom Daryl, he was just sick there was nothing you could do. Nothing Daryl. You couldn’t have done anything..I..Daryl.”

“I have lost to many pups Maggie! Sophia, Jimmy, Patrick, puppy Maggie. I couldn’t even give birth and have them both survive...I..I can’t do this..I can’t..I need Rick I need..I need to help. I can’t keep watching our people die. I can’t..Maggie we have lost to many..please..we have lost to many..please..please. I need to do something Maggie. I can’t lose anymore.”

Maggie gulped. “I don’t know how you can love.”

He growled under his breath as he clutched his jacket close to himself. “I need to help.”

“I will see what I can do okay?”

“Thank you.” He managed as she raced off.

“Daddy!” Maggie called through the bars. Hershel kept his distance, but appeared. “How can we help? What can we do?”

“I have a list of meds we need.” Bob was on the side with Maggie, he was lucky to have not entered the cell block. “There is that old abandoned Veterinary hospital,” he began. “I will tell you what I need. Bob will you write it out?”

The man nodded and did as he was asked. They got the list written, “Maggie.” Rick was watching her sadly. “ is Daryl?”

“He looks like he's in pain, I told him about Patrick, he’s freaking out. Worried about everyone and the pups, said he was a bad mom.”

“He isn’t a bad mom..god this is terrible..I.Maggie..I can't help him..I need to be there and I can’t..I can’t be there…I should be there and I’m not…I..I… oh my god.. He needs help. Maggie. I-”

“You can’t do anything right now, you can’t. We are going to do what we can alright Rick, I promise. We will do what we can, he will be fine.”

Rick gulped and nodded at her thankful. He paced, he needed his mate.

Daryl decided this was punishment for not being good enough, for not protecting his pups or his pack. The pain of his heat ran through him but he stayed strong, he had to stay strong, he had to. He couldn't fight it, he had to be strong. He wouldn’t have changed his path, or Judith, but he regretted not going longer without help during his first heat now.

He regretted it, regretted it deeply.

He didn’t know what would happen if he was left without anyone during a heat, if Philip did come and force them apart. He didn’t know what would happen, but he did know he was going to fight through this and do whatever he needed to protect his pack. His pups.

Maggie returned. “We need a group to do a supply run.”

“I’ll go.”

“Daryl, you are in heat!”

“My family needs me!” Daryl yelled back.

“What about the pups?” Maggie asked.

“This is for the pups, Judith doesn’t need me to feed her anymore, she can eat puppy-food she just likes it more. I refuse to sit here while my pups could possibly get sick. I am not losing more. You have to let me go! Please!”

“Daryl,” she started.

“No, I am going, or I go alone. You choose, have me go with and have protection, or have me go alone.”

Maggie mumbled. “Oh you are so damn stubborn Daryl.”

“You can’t tell Rick.”

“What am I going to do when he asks about you, what am I supposed to do when the pups ask?”

“Tell him I am fine,” Daryl replied as he started packing. “Please..Maggie I have to do this for us. For our pack.”

“No one is going to do this but me, no one is going to lie to him.”

“They won’t have to know.”

“They will know, it isn’t hard to smell you. Plus your heat right now is wafting through the entire prison, when you walk it won’t smell like it does now.”

“Well, that is something I will just have to fight about after.” He grunted. “Just let me get in the car first put Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese in and we will be fine.” He replied.

“You think it’s a good idea to put two alphas in a car with you?”

“Michonne and Tyreese won’t hurt me, Bob is going because he is a beta.”

Daryl collected the pups, “I need you all to do something for me.”

“What is it momma?” They asked.

“There is a sickness spreading, I have to help the pack okay, I need to go. I need you to protect one another, and you can't tell Rick.”

Carl’s eyes grew big. “Mom, Dad is going to kill you if you leave without his okay.”

“I need to do this puppy.” Daryl clutched his side but pushed through the pain. He kissed each pups forehead, nuzzled Carl and Judith. “I need to do this.”

“Mom.” Carl tried. “Dad isn’t going to like this.”

“He doesn’t need to know this.” Daryl nuzzled him again. “Please keep each other safe. Please.” Carl looked down at his hands but did as he was asked, he had to do this for their mother. The pups all hugged him and he headed to the car.

He was going to do this for his pups.

He was going to do this for his pack.

Chapter Text

Bob climbed in the car, he stopped at the smell of Daryl. “You gotta be kidding me.

“Don’t question me! I don’t need it from you too,” he growled as a ripple of pain hit him hard, he doubled over gripping the seat of his bed. “Fuck this shit.” He grunted.

“You can’t possibly think that’s a good idea.” Bob looked the omega over from the back seat. “You can’t do this.”

“I am not taking shit from you, just fucking let me go protect my pack and my pups and my mate alright.”

Bob rolled his eyes, Daryl was determined. Michonne and Tyreese headed into the car and stopped looking at the passenger seat. “What are you doing here Daryl? Did Rick say you could go?”

“He doesn’t need to know, I am either goin with ya’ or alone.” Daryl growled, he closed his eyes as he felt another wave of pain. “So let’s just fuckin go, we aren’t loosing anyone else.” Daryl whined in frustration. He was swearing more because he was irritated, he wanted them to stop fighting with him. “We gotta go alright. Please.”

“He is going to kill us when he finds out,” Michonne promised him. He rolled his eyes but knew it was the truth.

“I won’t let him I promise.” Daryl grunted as he gripped the seat. “Please let’s just go. The faster we go the faster we can get back, our pack needs these meds alright. I need to go.” Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob knew that was the truth, and they knew very well he would go on his own if they didn’t let him come along.

They started the car up, Daryl let out a sigh of relief. He gripped the seatbelt close to himself, he closed his eyes. If he thought of Judith the pain subsided for only a few minutes. Daryl was thankful at least they stopped fighting long enough to let him go along, he would do it anyway. Regardless of what he was dealing with.

Rick paced back and forth in the cell block, he needed to help Daryl, he could feel it in his soul that he was supposed to be with his mate. That he was supposed to be helping him through a heat. Rick slammed his fist on the wall.

“Rick, you have got to calm down.”

“I..I can’t Daryl needs me, I need to.. I gotta. I have to be there, he is in heat. I need to help him through it, it could make this worse. I need him better, I need to be there.”

“You can’t Rick,” Hershel barked, the elder was adamant. “You have pups to protect, Judith is not even half a year old.”

Rick bit his lip, he nodded in understanding, this was hell. He wanted to be there for his Dare, for his omega. His mate. Rick sucked in a desperate sob, Glenn had never seen Rick so broken. “I..I need him.”

“Is it you need him or he needs you?”

“I..I do-”

Maggie stepped up to the glass with a look of concern on her face. “Daddy, how is everyone?”

The three men turned to see the beta. “Fine for now.” The elder smiled.

“Maggie, how is Daryl?”

“Fine,” she smiled softly, “worried about the pack and the rest of the pups.”

“How worried?” Rick asked. “What about his heat?”

“He is fine Rick, just wants to help, wants to make you sure you’re okay.” She smiled softly.

“He can come see us right, through the glass at least?”

“That should be fine.” Hershel said with a curt nod.

“ he should stay with the pups.”

“Maggie,” Rick began, “I can smell the concern through the glass. What aren’t you telling me?”

The beta side stepped and thought about it for a moment, “If I tell you, you have to promise not to freak out. Promise me you won’t leave this cell block.”

“Maggie?” Rick snarled. “Maggie!”

“Michonne, Bob, and Tryeese went on a supply run, Daryl..Daryl went with them.” Maggie managed out.

Rick’s heart began to beat quickly, panic began to fuel within him. “No! No, he can’t! He..he is in heat Maggie! Maggie he can’t do that..why did yo-” Rick was pacing hard.

“He said he was going to go without permission if I didn't send him on the supply run.”

“Philip is still out there! Other alphas are out there!”

“Michonne and Tyreese are with him. He won’t be hurt I promise. No one will hurt him, he just wanted to get medicine for the pack, he just wanted to protect everyone. He didn’t want to let anyone else die.”

“He can’t..he can’t have gone out there.”

“He won’t be gone long, I promise they will be fine.” Rick dropped to his knees, he was just trying to think, trying not to leap through the glass and strangle the beta for letting his stubborn mate go. “Nothing bad will happen to them.”

Daryl cried out as a ripple of pain pushed through him. “Daryl, we can turn around.”

“And do what? Waste precious time we don’t have! Rick can’t fucking help me with this,” he groaned as he slammed his fist on the dashboard. “I can fucking do this, I can do it. If..if anything happens and we get separated and my heat comes I have to be able to do this alone. I am just trying to help our pack.”

“Nothing like that is going to happen.”

“You don’t fucking know that.” Daryl hissed, he was beyond angry and scared, and just pissed.

“Daryl, we are going to do whatever we can to protect you.”

“I don’t want fucking protecting, alright..I just want..I just want my pack safe. My pups safe, I know terrible things will happen to me. I am just waiting for it okay, I just need..I just need them safe. I need Rick alive, and I need my pups alive.”

Michonne looked over the packmates in the car, she looked to Daryl who whined again in pain. He was going to push through this, he was going to.

“What do you mean by you are just waiting for it?” Bob asked.

“I know at some point some bastard is going to get a hold of me, do something to me I don’t want. I know it’s going to happen, I just am waiting….I know what I am. What I am worth on paper..” He scoffed. “Fuck you three don’t know do ya’?”

“Know what?”

“You’re lookin at a man worth 10 million dollars,” he bit his lip frustrated, “heats aren’t supposed to hurt like mine do.”

Tyreese was getting over the idea of someone being worth money, Michonne only frowned at the thought. “So that isn’t an omega male thing?”

“No.” Daryl grunted. “I have a chip implanted in my womb, makes my heats hurt like fuck. Supposed to help alphas do whatever they want to was supposed to make it so I begged for it. My dad had it implanted, I was supposed to be sold to the omega ring.”

Bob bit his knuckle.

“Oh Daryl,” Tyreese grunted in displeasure.

“Dont..I know it..I know what I am..alright I just..don’t please.” They grew silent, Michonne took a turn and swerved, hitting a walker. Daryl grunted as the car jumbled. She backed up into a large hoard of the undead. Daryl yelped as the car stopped moving, it was stuck rolling over a group of the undead. Daryl growled.

“We just have to run don’t we.”

“I think so.”

“Alright fuck.”

Tyreese, Bob, and Michonne jumped from the car. Daryl had a lapse of pain and had to wait for the next free run though, this wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal. The car was supposed to run the entire time, he wasn’t supposed to be running on foot.

He turned and killed a walker behind him as he limped forward, he just felt horrible. He followed his packmates through the trees until they hit a leaf covered building. Tyreese began to hack away at the plants, Daryl tried not to think about his pain. Michonne and Bob helped hack away at the plants, Daryl spotted a car under the dense shrubbery, he smiled and began to work at it just trying not to let the pain take over.

He kept working on it until he felt a stifle of pain, he doubled over vomiting to the side until he felt somewhat better. “Are you alright Daryl?”

“Fine..just fine.” He groaned as he whipped the sick from his lips. They nodded and kept working on the building and the car.

Daryl uncovered the car finally, they got the building uncovered. They rushed inside to collect whatever they could, any supplies were good for them. They packed up batteries and flashlights, a few weapons that were sitting around, and some food. They got the car up and running and began to head towards their destination.

Chapter Text

Rick was pacing in panic, he was terrified his mate was out there, he trusted his pack but this wasn’t supposed to happen. No one was supposed to be sick, no one was supposed to be dying. Daryl was supposed to be wrapped up in his arms safe and secure, or under him to let him help him through his heat.

“Rick, calm down, we trust the pack. They will protect Daryl.”

“His scent is so strong, alpha’s all over are going to smell him like that.” Rick was concerned, that was when the door opened to the sick room and Lizzie walked in. “No, not another pup.”

“It’s the best we have Rick,” Hershel replied as they got her set up in a room up on the second floor. Her little cough gave Rick more anxiety than he already had. His pups were in danger, his mate was not in the safety of their walls, and he was a mess.

Daryl was happy to be outside in the fresh air, every once in a while a pain would run through him, panic would take over, but he was fine. Michonne and Tyreese were surprisingly good with his scent, but they also were under Rick’s direction. His scent didn’t affect them like it would a rogue alpha.

Bob watched the omega carefully as Daryl twisted in discomfort, he just needed them to do this. They needed the medicine for his pack.

Carol heard the coughing coming from a back room, she padded forward to see Karen on her side coughing. Her mouth foaming with blood, Carol covered her mouth and raced forward stabbing Karen in the back of the head, she prayed no one would learn it was her. She carried her to the yard and burnt her body. They wouldn’t lose more people, they couldn’t lose more. She hoped Tyreese wouldn’t learn it was her, she ran back inside and scrubbed for hours to ensure she didn’t scent like Karen or gasoline.

She just wanted to keep the pack safe.

Michonne sighed in excitement as they came across the building, Daryl held his bow up ready to fight. They made their way inside, they were happy to find for now there were no undead in the way so far. They trekked up the stairs to find themselves in the room they needed, Daryl held out the list and began to pile in anything that looked similar as well as anything he did recognize and knew they would need.

That was when Daryl saw them, Rick would kill him if he knew, kill him if he had any idea he was going to take these, not now but one day. He pushed the suppressants in his bag as quickly as he could, he was amazed to see human suppressants in the same place as meds for animals.

Bob found a few books and a bottle of booze.

They headed out to the car thankful they had found their needs so quickly, Daryl stopped dead in his tracks as he felt blood run down his legs. “Shit.”

The scent of blood and his heat was starting to get to the alphas, the walkers in the area smelt the blood and began to make their way towards them. “Go go.” He groaned, they made their way into a room and slammed the door shut.

“You’re bleeding?” Miconne was concerned.

“I do that.. Means I could get pregnant this heat..I can’t do that again right’s probably better we ain’t able to work though my heat.” He groaned, feeling the blood cake his thighs. Michonne and Tyreese looked to one another wide eyed, the groaning grew louder as Daryl dropped to his knees in pain.

He wanted to pop those pills but knew Rick would kill him, he needed them for if they were separated and only if they were separated. Bob and Tyreese began to work on killing the undead as Michonne dragged Daryl towards a window.

Daryl took a deep breath and stood up taking a chair and slamming it into the glass. The omega followed Michonne out onto a balcony like overpass. Tyreese jumped next, followed by Bob. The beta’s bag went over the side, he fought with the undead for it until it ended back on their side.

Daryl opened the bag and bit his lip in anger. “You take one sip before those meds get in our people, I will beat your ass into the ground.” He growled as the man reached for the bottle. “You made your god damn choice.”

Bob hung his head in shame, the prime’s mate was furious with him. That didn’t bode well for him and he knew it. He was nervous, unsure of himself now. They made their way back to the prison, they got stuck by a hoard and slept that night in the car. Daryl would wake in pain but he was surviving this. He was handling it, and he was proud of himself for not using the pills he found when he could have.

The dead slammed their hands into the car door, Daryl knew the car was safe, and he worried it was his fault they kept coming to the door. Kept slamming their fists because he smelt like blood. He groaned as he felt another pain run through him. He could handle this, he would be fine.

As the sun came up he was lucky to see the hoard had moved on, Daryl smiled as Michonne started the car back up. His heat would end soon as long as he was lucky, but he didn’t know if that was true, it could last longer than he wanted.

They smiled as they saw the gates of the prison, they continued forward and got the meds inside, they began to divvy them out to those who needed him. Sadly a few dozen had already died, Daryl was angry, he was angry he hadn’t gotten it to them sooner.

Daryl whined when he saw Rick, there was both a look of anger and thankfulness.

Rick ran forward pulling Daryl into him, “Thank god. thank god you didn’t die..oh you smell like blood Daryl did you get hurt?”

“It’s my heat.” Daryl whined. “We can’t Rick, I can’t..I can’t have another one yet. I can’t.”

“But you need help.” Rick growled.

“I can’t Rick. Please. I found some suppressants, let me use them, please.”

“You know how I feel about that, where are they give them to me.” Rick was demanding, Daryl padded off angry, he picked 11 out of the 13 bottles and raced back to him. He handed them the twelve bottles unsure of what he planned.

“What are you going to do with them?” Daryl asked, he was angry. He needed those bottles, he knew what was coming, he knew he was going to ruin them somehow. He was glad he had at least kept two bottles for himself.

Rick opened the bottles in front of Daryl and dumped them down a drain. “No suppressants Daryl.”

“You’re going to regret that!” Daryl barked. “What happens when we get separated Rick? What happens! What happens when we get seperated and I am in my damn heat..and and.. What happens when I am in my heat and then some alpha scoops me up! I could have prevented that!”

“No, that ain’t happening. That isn’t happening, we won’t get separated. We won’t I swear.”

“You can’t promise me that!” Daryl growled. Rick began to shake in rage, he only wanted to protect his family, protect his mate.

“I am going to do my best,” Rick snapped back, “you don’t know I can protect you.” Daryl turned on his heel and raced off towards the pups. He was angry and scared and just wanted Rick but knew he couldn't handle another pup right now.

“Daryl!” Rick called but was stopped by Maggie.


“He said he needs his space, don’t.” Maggie growled. “We have to protect our omega, even from his mate. You know that.”

Rick paced and turned around, he knew Maggie was right, he needed to protect his pack. Protect his mate even from himself. Daryl held his pups, they cuddled into him. Carl held Daryl around the midsection.

This wasn’t exactly what he had planned for his return, he needed Rick to love him, and right now he knew he was just angry. Too many of their pack had died, too many bad moments had happened all rolled up in one they just needed an easy break, and he knew in this world that didn’t happen.

He sobbed into his pups, Carl held him tight.

“ don’t gotta keep going through this.” Ben said as he rubbed his arm. “Just let Rick help you.”

“I can’t..I..I can..I gotta wait okay puppies.”

Ben nodded in understanding, Carl and Judith cuddled their mother. There were too many good memories here to mess them all up, but also too many bad ones. He held onto them tightly, he kissed him lovingly, he knew he could protect them.

He just needed those damn suppressants, the ones he couldn’t get to if he didn’t have to walk to their cell and past his mate. He hated disappointing him, and hated not giving him what he wanted either.

They both needed to be a part of his heat together, they both needed sex. They both wanted it and he knew that he was making it worse. He lowered his head sobbing into his pups, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be going.

Chapter Text

It had been three days now, his heat was finally almost gone, and there were enough meds in the rest of them that everyone seemed to be better now. Daryl made his way to Rick. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.” Rick whispered kissing his forehead. “I shouldn’t have fought with you or dumped the bottles. I just I..I’m sorry. You’re my mate and I love you. I know you’re hurting.”

“I got through my heat almost entirely alone, it’s a good sign. I know that we want this to work forever, but we are kidding ourselves if it really will last this long. The walkers keep coming, the gates aren’t forever. We have fortified it as well as we can but it isn’t going to be enough. I want our pups safe, our pack safe. We have one man whos out there looking for us, for me..and he is going to come back. I know it.”

“Daryl don’t talk like that.”

“He’s going to! You know that!” Daryl knew it was coming, it was just the question of how long would it take before it did. Rick held Daryl close, he knew it was his biggest fear, becoming some alpha playtoy.

Michonne and Hershel were busy taking the bodies of the dead outside and burning them when he came. He caught them by surprise and got them both bound and taken back to his camp. He was going to do whatever it took to get that omega and that prison.

Daryl was holding onto Rick and with the pups when an explosion came, Daryl’s head pricked up in terror. He collected the pups quickly, put Judith on his back and raced up the stairs. Rick held him back. “Don’t..don’ were were right..he’s here. You know the orders, you know what to do.”

Daryl nodded, he packed up the pups into the bus. Beth, Ben, and Carl were going to fight regardless of what their mother had to say. He growled but understood the sentiment, Rick, Maggie, Carl, Beth, Ben, Tryeese, Sasha, and Bob were ready for the fight.

Lizzie and Mika didn’t trust the bus, they took the puppy in their arms and ran. Daryl was on the battlefield along with the rest of them, this was his fight too. Glenn was asleep sick in the bus. Daryl couldn’t lose his pack, seeing Hershel and Michonne at the hands of a mad man was driving him crazy.

Rick was trying to work something out.

“I want two things, the omega, and the prison.”

“You can’t have my mate.” Rick yelled.

Tara looked up, the female beta had been told that the omega was originally Philip’s. “Then we take him.” Before he could say another work Hershel was cut down, Maggie and Beth screamed. Daryl felt his heart breaking, shooting and gunfire began.

Daryl screamed in agony as Ben went down, Daryl raced to his pup. He knew he would be as safe from the gunfire as possible, Philip wanted him alive. “ no..”

“Momma!” Beth screamed, Daryl looked up with big eyes as Beth ducked behind a car. He raced to her side quickly, he needed to make sure his pups were okay. Carl stayed back and cried out seeing the bus leave.

He knew Judith should be on it, but it angered him they were leaving with all the pups and Judith without his mom or them.

Carl watched wide eyed as Philip began to wail on his fathers fists going hard. Rick saw stars, Daryl cried out as he saw Philip look up with a smile. Daryl felt anger rise up within him, he felt safe as he saw Michonne use her sword to cut Philip down the middle. Daryl sighed in relief, he loved her for that. Was thankful that the threat was over, but it was the other people and the walkers they had to worry about now.

Daryl raced towards the tank dropping a grenade down the tank. Daryl was angry, this place was supposed to be a sanctuary for him and his pups. He turned to see the bus was gone and his heart sank.

Judith, where was Judith?

Carl raced to his father, everyone was disappearing away from the walkers. Terror was taking over, this wasn’t right. This wasn’t supposed to happen, this wasn’t supposed to be giong on. Daryl couldn’t see anyone and he was scared shitless, he raced inside looking for anyone, nothing.

He grabbed his pack and raced, he was alone now. Alone and terrified.

Rick was half dead, Michonne and Carl were helping him along the road. “Daryl..we need Daryl..we need Judith..”

“The bus took off already, they aren’t around us…” Michonne replied. “Daryl..I didn’t see him I’m sorry.”

“No..I can’t..I can’t lose them” Rick was bloody, bruised, and in excruciating pain. They got him to a couch to sleep on for the night.


Daryl made his way along the road, they hadn’t planned where to go when they all met up. He was worried sick about his pups, about his mate. He popped open a bottle of supresants, he would let Rick beat his ass for it later.

If he was alone on the road he was going to take care of himself at least, no one needed to know what he was. No one had to know.

Beth was on her own, and trouble came fast, a pack of betas and alphas took her hostage, she was carted off in a car. She was terrified what that meant for her and all she wanted now was her mom, after seeing her father get murdered in front of her, and having already lost one mother she didn’t want to loose Daryl too.

Daryl found safety in a cabin that night, he curled up in a ball under the bed. He felt safer hidden then where he could easily be spotted. Daryl was in and out of sleep, it wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time. He was without Judith and all he could think of was her crying was calling the dead.

He sobbed into himself trying not to throw up, he needed to be strong for his pack, strong for his mate, strong for his mate. He knew they would be fine, knew they had to be fine out there somewhere. He just wanted his mate. Just wanted his alpha, he needed them. Needed them so desperately, he held tight to his backpack feeling like it was the only thing that could bring him any comfort at the time.

Carol and Tyreese were with Judith, Mika, and Lizzie. They knew they had one job, protect the pups, protect the pack. They had to find Daryl, had to find Rick. Everyone had one goal, get back to their prime.

That was all they needed, all they could think about.

Where was Daryl, where was Rick?

Rick slept, his pain was too much to bear. Michonne let Carl go out on his own to do a supply run, she trusted the alpha pup and she knew his father would too. If he didn’t trust his boy to make these kind of choices what could he do?

Daryl continued to sob into himself as the morning sun came up, he didn’t want to leave the cabin. He wanted his pups but he was terrified of leaving and getting them hurt, he pushed himself up off the ground and knew he had to do it for them.

He had to find his pups.

Carl was rummaging through an old house when he found his new prized possession, chocolate pudding. He smiled sitting on the roof of the house eating the pudding and just watching. He could supply run and eat his pudding if he pleased.

It was a huge tub of pudding, and he didn’t even mind the fact that he would probably be sick of it by the end. He was good with killing the deed, he claimed the pudding as his prize for killing the walker in the house he had found the pudding in. He had momentarily lost a show but regained it quickly.

Michonne watched over her prime, she knew it was the best thing she could do. Taking care of her prime so his omega had someone to come back to. They needed to find the omega.

That was their number one priority over all.

Find Daryl before someone else found him.

Chapter Text

Daryl trudged forward through the dirt and the mud, it had rained and he was thankful it swept away the omegas scent. He now smelt full beta, the pills were working wonders already which he was thankful for.

Following a railroad track he came upon a massacre, his heart began to beat quickly when he saw a familiar shoe, it was Mikas. However the bodies didn’t look small enough to be her either. He took a deep breath hoping someone was with his pups.

Carol and Tyreese came upon a sign that spoke about a place of safety, Terminus. They hoped their pack would see it too and head that way too.

Maggie, Bob, and Sasha sat together cleaning one another’s wounds and wrapping. “Glenn..Glenn should be on that bus.”

“Maggie, even though he was on it doesn’t mean he stayed, you know how Glenn is he would have tried to fight regardless of what you told him to do. He wants to protect you, and our pack. He would have attempted to fight.” Sasha replied. “We need to focus on finding Daryl and the pups.”

“The pups should have been on the bus.” Maggie replied. “So we have to find the bus.”

Bob nodded, “She is right. Daryl would want to be reunited with his pups.”

Maggie nodded, as a member of the pack their top priority would be the pups and omega. They were worried sick he would be harmed or even have his mate mark stripped from him.

Glenn woke in the prison yard, he was thankful to still be alive. He was being smart, he collected guns, amo, food, he put on a riot suit and headed out to find his mate, his prime, and Daryl, but as he walked he came across the terrified beta Tara. “Hey!”

She looked up surprised. “I was a part of this, I feel like a piece of shit. He..he told us that the omega was his first, told us that this place was taken by him..but then he killed the old man and…and..oh god.”

“Hershel! Hershel is dead?”

“Yes..” The woman hung her head. “I..I’m sorry.”

“I need your help, to find the pack. If you come with me Rick will allow you in our fold. He won’t deny you because you were with him. But I need your help, I need you to help me.”

“You think he would let me join?”

“Association with evil isn’t evil itself.” Glenn said, helping her out of the cage she had put herself in. They fought through the dead, Glenn tossed a molitav. He was coughing, still somewhat sick. They made it to the road.

Tara looked around. “Where too? It’s rained, everyone’s scent is gone.”

Glenn looked around, the helmet of his suit off. He began to cough when the undead started to attack. Glenn fought until he passed out, Tara was thankful there were only two left to kill. As she finished her kill a truck pulled up.

“Hope you enjoyed the show, assholes!” She barked.

A large alpha male, a female alpha in short-shorts, and a beta with a mullet stepped out of the large vehicle. The large alpha held his gun to his shoulder. “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?” He smiled looking over the women standing protectively over the passed out asian. Tara looked him over, maybe they could help her find Glenn’s pack, they seemed to pack a punch with the vehicle alone.

Daryl continued to trudge along the road, he came across an old church and held up that night. He climbed up to use it as a look out, he couldn't see anything specific. It was pretty dark now, and all he really wanted was to feel safe. He slept soundly that night on top of the roof, this wasn’t doing him any good.

Being both omega and beta was messing with his head, he still had the emotional baggage of his omega self, the loss of his pups and mate was making his head hurt. He was thankful that he couldn’t feel the pain of his heat, and knowing he was on the road alone had more dangers for him as an omega than as a beta.

He rolled over his arm hanging off the roof. He sat up quickly as the sun poured over him. He growled and padded back down the steps of the church. He had to find his pack, and he knew his pack was looking for him.

He needed his pups.

Daryl was exhausted, he came to a cross road and sat down trying to decide where he was going. He was so distracted by the idea of moving when he heard the click of a gun to his head. “Well hello, that’s a nice crossbow you got. I’m claiming that.”

Daryl looked up, he sprang to his feet and held his bow at attention to the alpha male who held a gun to his head. His breathing picked up, he had thankfully popped the pill already so that wasn’t his issue. But the man looked familiar and he couldn’t tell why.

“See if you shoot me, they shoot you, this won’t work out for you.”

Daryl felt frozen. “Let’s see your pack.”

“Nah.” He grunted, if they saw the pack they would know what he was.

“Oh come now, just give us the pack.”

Daryl grunted, he hoped the pills were hidden well enough. He slowly slung it off his shoulder and handed it to him. He heard the pills moving but he hoped they would find the pain pills instead.

The man smiled as he riffled through it, he picked up a bottle of pain pills and tossed the pack back. Daryl sighed in relief. “I like you, I’m claiming this one for the pack.”

Daryl froze, “What?”

“We are claiming your sweet beta ass for ourselves, can’t get too picky in this world you know.”

Daryl rolled his eyes in anger, were they serious? He was taking the damn pills to get out of that, and now it didn’t seem they cared too much about that. Beta or omega he was fresh meat. “What the hell is this claiming shit?”

“Oh you haven’t heard of us sweetheart?” The man smiled. “My names Joe and these here are my alpha pack of claimers.”

Daryl began to hyperventilate, no, no this couldn’t be happening. They couldn’t possibly be happening, the pack he was going to be sold to was standing in front of him and claiming him as their property. “I’m trying to find my pack.”

“Ah, you have a pack pretty thing?”

“Yes.. we got separated.” He was trying not to cry, trying not to let his emotions take over.

“Where did you get that jacket? Reminds me of an old friend who cheated me out of a lot of cash.”

“Found it on a body.” Daryl lied.

“What’s your name pretty thing?” Joe asked walking around him.

“Its..It..uh..” He was just trying to think of anything but his name, they would have to know what his name was.

“Spit it out puppy, you can’t keep it in the dark. Or I guess we can just call you pretty thing and puppy huh boys?”

“Yeh we can call him that.” A large fat man replied. “Can’t we?”

Daryl grew silent. “The name doesn’t matter now does it.” Joe cupped his cheek with his dirty hand. “Come on, I will show you to your new home puppy.”

Daryl grunted and followed him carefully, there were too many guns on him. Too many hands that could grab him. All alphas, and it was starting to scare him, he just prayed that his pack would find him before his pills ran out and Joe’s pack learned about his true self.

He held tightly onto his pack. He needed this one thing and one thing only to keep himself alive.

What did them claiming him for the pack mean? What would happen?

Rick was pacing back and forth, Michonne and Carl were out doing a supply run. He just wanted to find his people, his mate. Judith.

Daryl had been through so much already that he passed out as soon as he hit the cot. Daryl woke wrists bound to the cot. He screamed out in panic. “Whoa whoa there Daryl don’t you worry.”


“Yeah, while Lenny got his ass beat for it he went through your bag more.” Joe smiled crouching down beside him. “You a mommy?”

Daryl froze, how could they know that?

Joe set a photo in his lap, it was a drawing made by one of the pups. He cursed realizing his name was written on the pack. For momma Daryl. “Found your suppressants too puppy. Real tricky aren’t ya, I guess all that money I paid up front for you was worth it wasn’t it.” Daryl growled as Joe grabbed his wrists. “Glad I claimed you for my pack. However I sure am pissed, that you gave your body to some random alpha that didn’t pay for you. Enough times passed that you could have had yourself a puppy huh, did you? Did you have a pup?”

“Yes..I just want to get back to her please.”

“Oh no no, you are mine now. I don’t want no random pups in our pack, only my pups. I tossed the pills.”

Daryl cursed, they had to be kidding him. “So when your next heat comes me and boys are going to use you till you get pregnant hmm?”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh we will be fucking you.” Joe laughed. “Can’t leave you out of our sight now. You will have constant watch. Constant supervision.”

Daryl growled, he was ready to kill. Willing to kill. He just needed his damn hands free.

Glenn woke in the pack of the vehicle, he panicked but Tara calmed him down. “Don’t worry, don’t worry it’s okay. I told them about the omega, they are willing to help us look for him and your wife. They said a pack like yours could be useful for their mission.”


“Yes, they are trying to get their beta to Washington DC. He’s a scientist.”

“I just need our pack.”

“They are going to help us, going to help us, help you find him and your mate.”

They stopped the vehicle as Glenn began to hit the window. They stepped out to talk, as they talked and discussed the plan Eugene began to shoot recklessly at the undead. Abrham growled as he tried to fix it. They had to walk, had to be on the road and that wasn’t his idea of safety. “How the hell..seriously Eugene.”

“I was reckless, but trust me I am smarter than you, we should follow them. Getting an omega back to DC would be good.” Abraham growled as he followed the new betas, but the idea of meeting a living omega was a hopeful idea.

Chapter Text

Maggie, Sasha, and Bob were walking side by side, their lips were in a thin line, but they were together and that was the positive thing. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw it, the bus.

Maggie ran to it, the undead began to bang on the windows. Maggie couldn’t scent Glenn, only death. They worked together, letting one walker out at a time, they would kill it to see who it was. They were thankful to see Judith wasn’t on the bus along with Glenn, they wondered if they got off together. “We have to keep going, we have to find the pack.” Bob and Sasha nodded in agreement, they had to find the pack. It was the only thing that was keeping them going.

They came across a sign, Terminus. Safety for all.

They killed a walker and wrote on a train car, Pack headed to Terminus - Bob, Maggie, Sasha. They hoped their pack would see it, that they would meet back up as a pack as a community. They continued to follow the railroad tracks.

Carl, Michonne, and Rick were eating and talking.

“What do you think Mom’s doing right now?” Carl asked.

“Probably hunting, sure he is having a good time out in the woods. Looking for us too pup.”

“You think he’s okay?”

“I am sure he is just fine,” Rick smiled at his pup. “Mom is strong.”

Daryl whimpered and whined as they pushed him back and forth between the alphas, it was tight quarters. If he was pushed in front of one they pushed him towards another one. He was disoriented and dizzy. Joe smiled, grabbing a hold of him as he tripped over his own feet. “Now now, don’t fall over. Tell you what, if you’re a good boy we will let you come with us on our next scouting trip.”

Daryl froze.

“Would you like that? To go outside?”

“Yes.” Daryl grunted.

“Come on can’t we fuck him first?” Dan asked as the omega was pushed into Lenny. Lenny smiled and brushed his hand through his chin length hair before pushing him towards Dan who caught him in his arm.

“No no, we keep our promises. We don’t lie or cheat here. We just need to do one thing first and we can go scout.” Daryl yelped as one of the other men didn’t catch him and he hit the ground hard. “Good fucking going look at what you did.” Daryl whimpered as Joe picked him up bridal style and set him on his cot, the other alphas watched hungirly. “We have to take care of one thing before we go out, boys.”

Daryl watched Joe with concern.

Before Daryl could protect his shirt was off his back and on the floor. The pack watched him with want as Joe set his claws over his mate mark to Rick. “No please don’t I’ll do anything just leave it please please.”


“Ill fuck Ill do it I will right now if you want please just don’t take it away.”

Joe and the others looked between themselves. “Well if you’re offering. Alright boys, dicks out.” Daryl gulped as he was thrown to the floor, he breathed in as he bit his lip. He tried not to cry as Joe cuffed his hands behind his back and pushed him downward, his chest laid against the cold concrete. No.No. Daryl struggled as Tony pulled his pants around his ankles.

Daryl kept his eyes closed, there were six including Joe and all he had to do was keep his mouth shut and take it and they'd stop. He thankfully couldn’t get pregnant, but he was terrified; Rick wouldn’t want him after this.

Joe whistled as he lowered himself behind Daryl. He got first dibs as their prime. Joe coed sweet nothings and vile nasty words as he mounted the omega, Daryl screamed in pain as Joe entered inside him. “It would hurt less if you’d have let me remove that nasty mark.” Joe hissed. “You naturally produce slick for your mate, or if you are mateless. Your body will try and stop us, your choice sweetheart.”

Daryl grunted as Joe’s thrusts got deeper, Daryl cried and begged for it to stop. “Shut him up please.” Joe snapped, one of the men slid a slip of fabric in his mouth. He grunted and sobbed, Joe smiled as his knot formed.

Daryl dug at the ground with his feet, his knees were red as was his chest. Daryl felt the knot pulsate inside him. He struggled, five more to go. He had to just breathe. “We don’t need him hurting. Just fucking claw it out, I think we should vote on it.” Billy said as tears streamed down his face.

“Who’s for removing the mark?”

All six men raised their hands. Daryl tried to protest but with his hands tied behind his back and his mouth gagged he couldn’t fight the vote. Before Daryl could process the movement claws racked through the mate mark. In an instant he no longer could feel the closeness he had to Rick, Joe smiled feeling his natural slick begin to wet his hole. “There we go. That will feel better now.”

Daryl hissed, Rick really wouldn’t want him back.

Rick’s head popped up, pain wracked through him. Michonne looked at him wide eyed. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t feel him anymore.” Rick hissed. “He..I can’t feel him anymore.”

At that moment Rick realized how he had woken up from his coma, when Shane removed his mate mark and replaced it with his own it had shot through Rick. The pain of losing his mate had woken him. Something had happened to Daryl, he either was remarked, died, or lost his mark somehow.

Daryl had managed through four more rounds, his breathing heavy. “One more pup, just one more man.” Joe smiled, petting his hair. Daryl whimpered, Dan smiled as he got behind Daryl. None of the other alphas had been allowed to knot Daryl, they had to pull out before they did. Joe being the prime got that option, he would allow it when he was in heat, no matter who got him pregnant Joe would be claiming it for himself. This was different though, only Joe should have that pleasure.

Daryl whimpered and whine, but it didn’t hurt as bad as Joe’s did, his slick was making it easier for the others, a natural lube. Dan smiled as he pulled out cum covering the concrete, Joe smiled. “Now don’t pass out on me, I think we should try this again don’t you?”

Daryl couldn't move at this point even if he wanted to, his breathing was heavy and the gag was soaked. Joe smiled at his little movement, he couldn’t believe it, he had purchased this boy before the apocalypse and now more than a year later he had him back.

Daryl cried softly as Joe slipped back inside of him. “See sweetheart isn’t that better? Your silck makes it nice and easy. You don’t even know if your old mate is still out there, that was just a hindrance. Now you aren’t hurting anymore. Are ya?”

Daryl grunted, his eyes were glazed over, he could hardly think. Joe smiled as he knotted him again, Daryl sobbed out as he finished inside him. Joe smiled, the knot holding him close. Lenny removed the gag and grinned hearing his whimpering whines. Joe’s knot finally popped, Daryl fell to his side panting. Joe chuckled as he removed his cuffs, Daryl panted he looked up his eyes glazed over.

Joe smirked as he picked him, Daryl had little fight left in him, his head rolled back and everything went black. “Fuck our little pet went seven rounds before he passed out.” There was a growl of excitement in his chest. The other alphas clapped in pleasure. “Alright sleep, we will go in the morning for a little trip.”

“Supply run?”

“Yeah,” Joe sat back as Daryl slept. His naked form sprawled out on the cot, Joe brushed his hair to the side. “Fuckin pretty thing.”

Daryl woke with his wrist tied, he was still pretty weak. He tried to stand up, his legs buckled. “Ah..shit.” He hit the ground hard. Joe woke up hearing the sound. “Whoa princess fall out of bed?”

“Tried to stand.” Daryl grunted. “Legs..weak..”

“Would make sense, you held that position real well.” He smiled. “Look at that pretty body.” Daryl narrowed his eyes, the others were up and getting dressed for the day. “Boys, I think we have another vote to make.”

Everyone’s heads turned in interest. “Unless we are outside Daryl keeps his clothes off.”

Six hands went up. “Do I get a fuckin vote?”

“No sweetheart, we voted last night when you went to bed. Your pack property, pack bitch. Doesn’t give you voting rights.”

Daryl growled as he stood naked before the pack, he felt embarrassed and he hated them more than anything. They smiled as they all finished dressing. “Alright now, we promised you that you'd get to come with us. So let's get you dressed for now. Once we find a house or something though, your clothes come off.”

Daryl nodded softly, he lifted his wrists up to get uncuffed. Joe chuckled and began to dress him, Daryl grunted but didn’t fight him. He uncuffed him and pulled his shirt on. “Put your wings on angel.”

Daryl gulped and did as he was told. “My bow?”

“No, we will protect you.”

Daryl grunted, “No, I want to protect myself.”

“Well as pack bitch you don’t get that choice.” Joe snapped. “So we can either cuff your pretty wrists or you can just accept it and lets go.”

Daryl growled, but at least they would be outside. They walked in a circle, Daryl in the center to protect him. Daryl wanted to protest but was kept in the middle of their circle. They came across a store front. “Stay I want to go in there.” Joe said looking at a pet store.

“What for? All ya gonna find is some dead dogs and pet food.”

“Nah, I have an idea.” Joe stepped inside, Daryl tried to follow but Harley grabbed his wrist.

“Prime said stay pup.” Daryl grunted but stopped moving, he knew he couldn't fight them. They all had their weapons and he had shit. Joe soon appeared back before them, something hidden behind his back.

“Close your eyes pup.” Joe snapped. Daryl did as he was told after he got a smack to the head from Tony. He gasped feeling something wrap around his neck. “Isn’t he pretty.”

Daryl opened his eyes, his hand ran up to his neck. “A collar?” He felt fake jewels on it. “You shittin me.”

“You should see the color,” Billy laughed. Daryl glared, what the hell did that mean. That was when Joe pulled a leash out from behind his back. Dan and Tony busted up laughing. Daryl’s eyes grew big.

“It’s fucking pink!” Daryl lunged for it, Joe pulled it away and clipped it to his collar. “Hey what the hell is this for?”

“Just so others know you’re owned.” He smiled as he pulled him closer to him. Daryl grunted in surprise, his blue eyes growing wide as Joe kissed him. “You belong to me, and my men. The pink brings out your eyes.” Daryl growled, whatever, he couldn’t do shit about it so what the hell was the point.

Joe thankfully dropped the leash as they kept walking. “Is that home or?”

“No, we drift.” Joe smiled. “So if we find somewhere we like we hold up. It’s why you still got your pack on you despite the fact Dan has your bow.”

Daryl rolled his eyes as he followed them. They found a community, it wasn’t inhabited or at least they couldn’t see anyone. “Pick a house pretty thing.” Daryl looked at all the houses and pointed towards one. It was a big blue house, it reminded of Rick’s eyes. “Alright, pups picked that one. We hold up there for the night.”

They opened the door and waited to see if there were any walkers, there were none. They stepped in and kicked off their shoes for the night. Daryl was looking around the place, he walked towards the kitchen to see if there was any food. He opened a cupboard and smiled big when he saw it.

“Claimed!” He yelled as he grabbed the box out of the cupboard. The men piled in to see Daryl with a box of cereal.

“Can he use claiming if he’s just the pack bitch?” Len asked.

“Well, I don’t see why not as long as it isn’t something we feel the need to vote off of him. I think he deserves the cereal after what he did for us all last night. Huh sweetheart. You just want the cereal.”

Daryl nodded.

“Fine but he has new rules and he isn’t following it.”

“Oh right, clothes off.”

Daryl grunted as he began to strip. Whatever. Wasn’t worth fighting, he got his cereal box and that was enough. They all had his weapons anyway, he lowered his head in shame. Joe grinned. “Pretty thing aint ya.”

“Can I eat please?”

“Go on puppy,” Joe smirked, “everyone find something to eat. You sleep with me tonight alright?”

“Like sex or uh sleep sleep?” Daryl asked hoping to hell it was the normal sleep.

“I’ll be nice. Normal sleepin.”

Daryl sighed in relief. He ate and headed to look around the house, he made his way up the stairs and his heart began to beat fast as he turned to a room with an open door. “”

The pack smelt Daryl’s panic and ran up the stairs to see him standing in a nursery. A dead pup laying in the crib, it had been dead a long time. The other alphas didn’t see why he was so upset, but Joe got it. “Come here, don’t cry hey its okay.”

Daryl turned and sobbed into his chest. “Why is he so upset?”

“The poor thing is an omega for gods sake. Pups is his whole deal assholes, even pups that aren’t his own are going to want to call him mom. Want to be protected by him and he wants to protect them.”

Joe picked him up and carried him to a bed they would use for the night. “Master bedroom is claimed!” The other alphas rolled their eyes as Joe took him away. Daryl curled up and sobbed. Joe patted his back rubbing circles. “Sleep.” Daryl held a pillow tight to his body. When he had seen that pup and the nursery he only thought about Judith. About his little girl.

Chapter Text

Daryl jumped awake, he looked around and saw he was alone. He sighed in relief and went to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror, he felt disgusted with himself. The pink collar with jewels, the scratch mark over his favorite memory. His eyes looked sad, swirling with emotion. He gripped the counter top, his knuckles turning white.

“Fuck..” he managed out, his voice felt raspy. Joe appeared behind him.

“Hey pup,” Joe handed him an apple, “Len found these. Enough for all of us.”

Daryl smiled softly holding the apple in his hand, he twisted it turning it in his hand, a shiny red apple. It actually looked good, he took a bite of it, juice dribbled down his chin. Joe grinned watching the omega’s movements, small subtle hints to his emotions. The sad look in his eyes, but the slight smirk at the apple. “I gave the men an order, for your safety.”

“What is it?” Daryl asked, more juice spilt down the side of his lips.

“We have group sex or no sex, I don’t want one of those fuckers doing things to you when I can’t be there.” Joe watched Daryl for his reaction. Daryl thought for a moment, he couldn’t decide if he was happy about it or not. Yes he was happy the men couldn’t corner him and use him as they desired, but that meant at least six rounds of sex whenever they wanted it. Maybe seven if Joe wanted to finish twice.

“Thank you..” Daryl managed when he thought about Dan’s disgusting hands, and Len’s wandering eyes.

“We got to keep moving, come on princess.” Daryl hated the nickname, he rolled his eyes at the comment but nodded, taking a bite of the apple in his hand. Joe handed him his clothes. Daryl tugged them on and followed Joe down the steps, apple in hand.

Len watched him expectantly, when Daryl didn’t give him what he wanted a low growl escaped his lips. Daryl gave him a confused look hiding behind Joe, while he was still a monster there was a slight respect that the rest didn’t have for him. “What do you say when people do things for you?” Len asked, looking at the half eaten apple in his hand.

Daryl gulped. “Thank you..sorry.”

Len smiled. “There we go bitch.”

Daryl grunted at the comment, a few of them laughed as Daryl reached for his bow and it was taken out of his hand. “No no sweetheart, pups don’t get weapons.”

“My eleven year old son has a gun, can I have the damn crossbow?”

They looked between one another. “Eleven year old son? Merle said you were a virgin before we bought you.”

“I was, the boys my mates.”

That was when Daryl realized he had messed up. Joe snarled, grabbing the leash and pulling him close to him. “Repeat that, fix it or else.”

Daryl whined, all of the men were glaring at him with anger. There was a look in their eyes that told him he had fucked up bad. “The boy was ex’ are my mates are..I..I’m sorry sorry.”

“We don’t lie here do we?” Joe asked, cocking his head. “You lied, he isn’t your mate. How should we teach you a lesson? Liars usually get killed, but we can’t kill you. You’re too valuable.”

“I think we should just keep him stripped for our walk today.” Len smiled thinking about watching that ass the entire walk.

“Too dangerous, if we get in a tussle with the biters well you know that could be bad. I think maybe I have another idea.” Daryl watched them scared and confused, he wanted to sink into himself. “Daryl hold out your wrists.”

Daryl did as he was asked, hoping his submission was enough for Joe. “Which hand is your dominant hand?”

“R..Right hand. What are you gon-” A scream shot through his lips, he was left a whimpering mess as the bone cracked. He was crying hard now, the others nodded approval. They couldn't kill off their property so this was efficient. Daryl held his broken wrist with his left hand. “You moth-”

“Finish that and I will cut out your tongue.”

Daryl snapped his jaw closed. “Wrap it.” Joe grunted, Billy nodded and wrapped it up as he was asked.

“Now you can’t use your bow even if you wanted to, like we said. We protect you, there is no lies here.” Joe patted his back. “Alright lets roll out.” Daryl sniffled and whined as they continued their walk. He reached up tugging at his collar, he got a hard thwack to his ass from Len when he noticed him fussing with it.

He kept walking trying to be small, this was enough, but now he really couldn’t fight it. His wrist was broken, he was in a crazy amount of pain, and his weapon wasn’t on hand. Even if he got to it he wasn’t sure if he could shoot it with his opposite hand. They walked for hours, Daryl was tired and he was slowing down.

“Come on sweetheart another hour.” Joe grunted tugging on his leash.

Rick, Michonne, and Carl walked along the railroad tracks, Rick’s head lifted up seeing a sign. It was the same one the others in his pack had seen and were heading for. Terminus. As they continued along the path they saw Maggie, Sasha, and Bob’s message. “Maybe mom saw that!” Carl said, running to the lettering. “We have to go dad, we have to, we have to!”

“We will work on it pup, we will.” Rick ruffled his hair, he took a deep breath of thanks. His people were coming back together, somehow they would all get back together.

Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita continued walking. They came across a similar sign left by Maggie, Bob, and Sasha. “We have to keep going, we have to come on, come on let's go!”

They followed Glenn quickly, Abraham was starting to think about the mission again, but Eugene told him it would be helpful to find an omega, that there could be a biological difference as to why this one was still alive. No one had seen an omega beside Daryl for over a year. “We have to go through this, we can’t go around.”

Abraham was hesitant, they gave Eugene the riot gear and trudged through the tunnel. They began to shoot at the undead, the echoing in the tunnel giving Tara the creeps. As they exited the tunnel three figures stood guns up prepared to shoot.

Glenn dropped his gun and bee-lined it for Maggie. Maggie raced to him, her heart beating quickly as she held him tight. “Oh my god you’re alive, you’re alive! Oh thank god..did you see where Daryl went? We have to find him. We have to.”

“No, but we will find him.”

The two kissed, thankful they were together again. They did a short exchange of who was who. “Terminus, we need to head that way don’t you think. We found the signs, the others had to.”

“We should all rest, I don’t know about you all but the rest of us have been chasing this crazy guy for hours.”

Maggie smirked, they nodded and huddled together in the tunnel. They talked and shared good memories, hoping and praying that everyone would be okay when they met up again.

Tyreese and Carol were talking, they were busy fussing over a crying Judith when Lizze came inside the house with blood on her hands. “What happened?” Tyreese grew concerned. Carol’s heart was beating quickly.

“Mika, you have to come see. She’s special now.” The two followed her out, Judith in Tyreese’s arms. They stood over the body of the girl, it was clear that she had been killed by her knife. “She’s special now.”

“Oh my god Lizzie!”

“You have to wait, let her come back.” She cried out. Tyreese and Carol looked between one another with concern and fear. The girl was desperate for them to see the walkers the way she did.

Carol thought hard about it. “Alright, okay sweetheart. I’ll tie her up with her shoe laces so when she wakes up again she won't get lost. Let’s go inside and get you some food alright. The puppy too.

She nodded doing as she was told.

Tyreese and Carol talked about it for a moment, they looked between one another. “We have to, she’s dangerous. Dangerous to other people, we can’t leave her around Judith. You know what would happen if she was. Daryl would be devastated, Judith is the only surviving twin.”

Tyreese nodded, he knew how he felt about his pups. He would be upset about losing the girls, but if he lost Judith as well. It would all be over. “Alright. I can’t though know I can’t.”

The alpha looked over the beta women.

“I know..I can do it.” Carol stepped out with Lizzie, “Let's go for a walk.”

Lizzie was looking at the flowers, sobbing because she thought Carol was mad at her. Carol was honestly terrified of the girl, she took her shot and felt horrible as the girls body crumpled. She headed back inside and fell into Tyreese. “I..I can’t believe she would do that..her own sister..I.. she is just a pup. They both are.”

“We have to find the pack, we have to.”

“Judith, we have to get her back to Daryl. She’s been more upset than usual without him around. She wasn’t like this when he was out on runs, something has to be wrong.”

“Can pups know that?”

“They can, usually they can pick up on the ways of their parents even when they aren’t around them. Pups are special that way, just like how they have better noses till they reach around seventeen.”

Judith began to scream, it was like she was hurting. They looked her over and found she was fine, they wondered what was happening. They didn’t know if Daryl was hurting or if she was just upset. They began to trek through the woods to make their way to Terminus. They wanted to find their pack, find their friends, their family. Get Judith to her mom.

Daryl sobbed as they set up for camp that night. Daryl was laying on his left side cradling his right wrist to his body. The others were talking, they wanted some fun but Joe told them to lay off the omega for the night. Daryl curled into a ball trying to sleep. Joe looked at him feeling a bit bad about what he did, however he knew Daryl learned his lesson.

That morning they were getting ready to head out again, they were getting dressed. A few of the men were scavenging in the nearby houses. Daryl was unsure if he was to dress or not, he curled up in his little ball, his hand close to his chest.

Len walked into the space Daryl was occupying. “Joe isn’t around, you want to play?”

“He said no individual sex.” Daryl grunted back. “So fuck off.”

“That isn’t a way to talk about your alphas bitch.” Daryl froze, he whimpered scooting back as Len picked him up and tossed him onto the bed. Len pinned him down, Daryl kicked up which caught Len by surprise. He punched him hard in the face, Daryl cried out. He kicked him again and Len rolled to the side. Daryl fell off the bed he scrambled away from him running down the stairs, he was crying, his wrists throbbing. He had caught himself with his bad wrist. He kept crying as he climbed under the dining room table. He let out that special omega whine, the others came running. Daryl cried out as Len dragged him from under the table.

“Stop stop! Please..please! Dan! Joe! Billy someone please!!”

Joe tackled Len, the omega sobbed rushing under the table again hiding himself.

“What the fuck happened?”

“He tried to rape me!” Daryl cried as Joe offered his hand to him. Daryl scrambled out from under the table and hid behind three of the alphas. “You said no individual sex..he came in wrist it uhm..uhgh..” He held it out to him. The bone was protruding through his skin. Joe growled.

“Boys, you know what the fuck to do.”

Daryl held onto Joe, he didn’t like him, but he was safer than anyone else there. The other men began to beat Len, kicking him, clawing at him, punching him. One man took Daryl’s bow and shot him, they tossed his screaming body out to the walkers that had been drawn in from his cries and Daryl’s whining.

Joe turned to look at Daryl’s wrist, blood was dripping, his bone clearly worse than it was before. He had a black eye from Len’s punch. “Oh look at what he did to you sweetheart, we need to be more careful don’t we. Seems you always need two guards or me so no one does anything stupid huh.”

Daryl whined again. “Alright this is going to hurt like a bitch and I am really sorry about it. Dan, Billy hold him down.”

Daryl cried out as they did what they were told. He wiggled in their grasp as he set the bone back. He screamed out in excruciating pain, he started seeing spots. “Ah..Joe…ahh…ah.. Fu..f..” Everything went black.

“Shit, dress him Dan. I will carry him okay?”

They nodded doing as they were told. Daryl’s unconscious body was surprisingly light. “Poor thing,” they frowned as they wrapped Daryl’s wrist up better. Joe picked him up bridal style and they kept walking. Daryl was eventually thrown over Dan’s shoulder. They left the leash but his collar was still attached to him real pretty.

As they continued to walk Joe smelt three alphas.

“Ah well it seems we have some people to talk to.” Joe smiled.

As they kept walking Carl’s head popped up, he smelt Daryl, and blood. “Dad..” He pulled on his shirt. Rick looked up, that was when he smelt it too. Daryl came too as they appeared weapons Raised. He recognized scents, he started wiggling in Dan’s grasp.

“Oh princess is awake.” Dan said, setting him down on his ass. He was hidden behind the others weapons raised.

“Wait stop..Joe..wait please..”

Rick recognized that voice. Daryl whined as Billy turned and gagged him with a handkerchief. “Not now sweetheart we have business to attend to.”

Daryl hissed into the gag.

“That an omega?” Rick asked, he looked to Carl and Michonne. Play it cool, pretend they don’t know him. Daryl shook sitting on the floor, he went to stand but everything grew fuzzy, he dropped back on his knees.

“Yes it is my friend, now if you join us you can join in on our fun. Now the pup, a little too young for our circle of fun, right. We’ve lost two men recently so this will make it easy for us to bring you in. Sweetheart I know I said no pups but this one's older right, he's to the point where we can teach him our ways.” Daryl nodded.

“Good boy, alright so all you gotta do is join us.”

“What do you mean by circle of fun?”

“Cover the pups ears, now our omega got injured recently so it won't be till we can get him back on his hands and knees but we have some fun don't we sweetheart? Nice little fuck circle, he took six of us real nice didn’t you puppy?”

Daryl grunted, Rick’s heart exploded realizing that Daryl had been raped and tortured. Daryl whined low, he held his knees up to himself. “So you want to join us?”

“What’s your names?”

“My name is Joe, and these are my claimers.”

That was when he felt his heart break. Knowing that these men were supposed to own Daryl before all of this happened. “Rick, and thats Michonne. My boy.”

“Hey pup.” Joe smiled. “You want to meet your new momma?”

Carl nodded enthusiastically, he knew who he was. The fold of the men disbursed, Rick saw Daryl and his eyes turned red. Carl raced to Daryl who held him close. “Hey pup..hey puppy..oh..owe okay calm down.”

Carl was crying in his arms, “Careful with his wrist little one.” Joe smiled.

“What happened to him?” Michonne asked.

“Well he lied, and we had to teach him the rules, but then one of our men tried to break the rules. Since you’re joining us you should know, we have group sex or no sex. They tried to break that rule. Daryl got injured worse in the process sadly. Isn’t that right puppy.”

Daryl only nodded trying not to cry.

Before anyone could have expected it to happen Joe was on the ground, Rick ripped out his throat with his teeth. The other men panicked as Michonne used her katana and Rick began to attack the other men with force. Daryl watched wide eyed, Rick had been brutal, but never this terrifying.

Once the men were killed Rick was at Daryl’s side. “Did..did they actually..”

Daryl sobbed. “I get it if you don’t want me brother was right..I am just a whore…”

“No.. hey no no you are not. You are my precious omega..I am so sorry Daryl. I should have let you keep those suppressants. I lost you, your mark what happened to our bond Daryl?”

“I..I will you take Carl so we can talk?” He asked, Michonne nodded taking him away. “I..I’m so sorry..I am so sorry.”

“Stop it, what happened to our bond angel?”

“I..they tried to take it off and I offered myself to them..I told them they could have me as long as I got to keep my mark. They took it anyway..and and..they…they.. I’m sorry. I did was my fault.”

“No it was not your fault. You were trying to keep our bond, I..I understand I am so sorry come here. Come here.” Rick held him close. “Can I fix it Dare please.”

Daryl nodded, Rick pulled his shirt to the side and instantly took his bite. Daryl yelped but couldn't help but fall into the bite. The loving comforting bite. He was thankful he did it over the scratch marks, over the terror. It hadn’t even been that long but for Daryl it felt like forever.

Rick and Daryl sobbed into one another, “I love you and I am so sorry.”

“Please..please don’t apologize..I just need I need you please I need you..those..I c-can’t have those be the last ones to have been in me..I can’t..please..please..”

“Daryl.. Your wrist..and you’ve been through a lot honey.”

“I need it! Please!” He begged.

“When we get to Terminus, I promise. Our people are headed that way, we’ve seen signs. They may have Judith.”

Daryl lowered his head and nodded trying not to cry more. Rick began to undo the collar around his neck, throwing it as far away from them as possible. Rick kept sobbing, holding onto him tightly, he was amazed that Rick would want him after all of that. After being a whore. Why would Rick want him?

“I love you Daryl, I will always love you. It isn’t safe out here. I know you want it, I’m sorry.” Rick held him tight. “Shh now. I have you, I will never let you go again. We will find more suppressants if you want them. Dare I promise..I shouldn't have taken your choice away.”

He held him tight, all he needed in this moment was each other, they needed something better. They couldn’t risk having more bad days. Daryl’s wrist throbbed and he was in excruciating pain. Rick picked him up carefully, they got everyone set up around a campfire for the night. They needed to find their pack. For Judith.

Chapter Text

Maggie, Glenn, Bob, Tara, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene made their way to Terminus. The stench of overly perfumed walls hit them hard. However they hoped it just meant things smelt nice, that they kept it clean.

They entered the walls of Terminus, as soon as they smelt the meat cooking they knew something was wrong. They were quickly rounded up and put in carts. Too many guns, not enough ways out.

“Daryl should stay back, unless they are good people we don’t want them to know about him. Pretty clear omegas are too much of a desire.”

Daryl grunted in protest, bullshit.


“You are injured love, please, just one more time. Please stay out and if they are good we will come get you. If they are bad you will be out here and you can save us Daryl please. I can help you up the tree. You can watch from there.”

Daryl finally gave up the fight, with his wounds and the idea of going through what he just went through with Joe and his men he knew it was dangerous. He didn’t want to go through that again, never again.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne entered from the fence, when they did a few scents hit them. Familiar scents of their family, but also an odd perfume. As they entered they met Garreth, he was an alpha but a weak one. There were mostly betas around them, they welcomed the three alphas into their walls.

“Our family they came through here,” Rick smiled, “can we see them?”

“Of course.” Garreth cursed, but was also happy that meant more food. They led them to a train car, Daryl watched perched in his tree. His eyes grew wide as he saw his mate and pup attempt to fight back but was thrown into a train car. Daryl took his aim with his off hand, the arrow didn’t even get half as far because of his wavering hands.

Daryl growled in anger, gun fire began, he saw Michonne trying to run. As the gunfire began Tyreese and Carol saw the dead heading that way. They headed that way when they saw a man setting off fireworks. Or planning too. They were talking about some kid with a certain memorable hat and an alpha male who looked like he could kill the whole of them. Carol held up her gun, “We are friends of the kid and the alpha.”

Carol headed towards the undead, she was going to save her family, even if Daryl wasn’t with them she was going to save his boy, she was going to do what Daryl had tried to do for her with Sophia. But she was going to succeed.

Daryl watched as Rick, Glenn, and Bob were tied up and taken into a building, Daryl hissed, as he went to climb down the tree more than a hundred walkers appeared. He gulped and clung to the tree, and more fighting began. Daryl watched as an explosion shot through Terminus, he nearly fell from his spot holding tight with his off hand. He watched as the dead worked their way through the fence, he prayed his family would be safe, he couldn't climb down with the dead and he sure as hell couldn’t fight with the wrong hand.

He watched the dead with big eyes, and the fighting, he smiled seeing Rick appear with Bob and Glenn racing behind. He tried to shoot again, this time it actually went. He smiled as he took down a walker that was close to his mate. He continued to shoot, even though his arrows would all be gone and they weren’t all the perfect shots he still was helping and that is all Rick could have possibly asked for.

As the dead continued to roam Daryl finally managed to get down from the tree, he grabbed the bag of guns and met with his pack and new pack mates. Rick held his mate close, Daryl held onto Carl.

“So this is the omega.” Abraham smiled as he walked around Daryl who stuck close to his family. Everyone hugged him and were so thankful to see him.

“Is Judith here?” Daryl asked, there was so much hope in his voice, their faces all fell as they shook their heads. Daryl started thinking about the pup he had seen in the crib and started to hyperventilate.

“No no, don’t worry don’t worry. I am sure she is fine.”

“What happened to your wrist?” Glenn asked.

Daryl looked at him, then too Rick and then started to sob hard. Rick held him tight. “Shh, hey its okay..okay. I think they deserve to know. They are our family honey..they deserve to know sweetheart.”

Daryl nodded, Carl took his mother to step away, he didn’t need to relive it all again with his family there. Carol stepped up behind them as he spoke. “Daryl..Daryl was gangraped by a pack of six alphas.” A silence came upon them. “They broke his wrist, and then one of them tried to rape him alone, Daryl’s wrist was re-broken in his attempt to fight. He was in bad shape, his mate mark had been removed, he had a collar.”

“They made him their slave.” Maggie was horrified, Tara and Rosita’s eyes were wide. “There isn’t a chance he’s..he can’t be pregnant right?”

Rick’s eyes grew wide, he hadn’t even thought about it. “His heat ended just right after the prison fell, so unless they got him the day I don’t think so.”

Daryl looked up when he saw Carol, he raced to her, she held him close. “Oh pookie, I am so sorry.” She held him tight. “You aren’ aren’t going to have their pup right?”

“No.. no I was off my heat thankfully..” He held her tight, Rick and the others looked at her and smiled seeing their packmate. “We should kill them all alright, we shouldn't want to worry about any of them living. Alpha we should..we should kill the rest of them.”

The pack nodded. “We just got out of there though! You can talk to my left knot, but we aren’t going back in.”

“Our prime says we are going back in, so we go back in.”

Abraham hesitated. Rosita and Eugene looked like they wanted to go Rick’s way. “Fine, no survivors.”

“Carl, Daryl stay back please.”

“Yes alpha.” Daryl nodded, he was no longer going to fight his mate. His prime had just saved him again, if he hadn’t listened and gone in when he had planned then he would either be dead, or he would be raped again. He couldn’t live through that again. Eugene stayed with Daryl and Carl.

The others headed in, they would slaughter the dead and the living. This was terror, the things they put people through was horrific. They ate and slaughtered anyone of all ages, all placements.

Daryl watched as his pack and mate returned bloody. Rick held Garreth’s head and tossed it at his mates feet. “Will always protect you omega.” Daryl couldn't believe he was blushing at the fact his mate had just thrown someone's head at his feet. He kicked it forward and Carl did the same.

“You need to come with me.” Carol said dragging them along, they followed her through the woods. Tyreese stepped out of the cabin with a smile on his face as he saw his pack, Daryl dropped his bow and ran as soon as he saw her. Tears streaming down his face, “Puppy. Oh thank god, thank god puppy. Sweetheart oh thank god you are still here.. Judith..Judy..”

She held him tight, her demeanor changed almost immediately. “Momma!” She cooed. Daryl’s eyes grew wide.

“She talked!” He pulled her close to him, she had fucking said momma. “She said momma..” He broke down crying, it was a good cry.

Rick and Carl smiled, running to give her hugs and kisses as well. Everyone gathered around the small puppy and the omega, the pain in his wrist didn’t feel so bad anymore. He had his little girl, she was living and breathing. He continued to hold her tight, his pup. His daughter. He loved her with everything he was, and would ever be.

“Oh thank god, thank god you’re alive.”

“Let’s walk. We need to put distance between us and the fire. Carl hold your sister for your mother, he needs to heal that wrist of his.” Tyreese cocked his head in question, what happened to their omega? Carol held out her hand for him to know she would tell him when she could. He nodded to her appreciating the understanding.

Daryl was walking with a new spring in each step, he had his family back his pack. He was starting to feel the terror of having lost so many pups, but Carl and Judith were alive. His blood was still alive, and his son, no matter the fact he didn’t give birth to him, was alive and well.

They stopped that night at an old abandoned building, Abraham and Rosita held up their first watch. Eugene rewrapped Daryl’s wrist to actually help it heal. “You’re significant, there isn’t anyone else out there like you.”


“I’m aware.” Daryl replied, cursing to himself softly.

Eugene looked him over. “Can I do some blood samples when we get to medical supplies?”


“I think there is something different about you.”

“Whatever you want.” Daryl replied gruffly. “As long as Rick gives you the okay.”

Eugene nodded his understanding, it was a mate thing he didn’t really understand, but he got the point of who he had to ask for permission to do things. Daryl padded up to Rick once his wrist was wrapped up.

“You promised me something and I need it now.” Daryl grunted. Rick looked up from his conversation with Michonne.


“Now.” He replied with a growl. Rick chuckled as he stood up and followed Daryl.

“Where the hell are we going ‘mega?”

“Rooftop. Under the stars it will be really pretty.” Daryl replied as he took his mate's hand with his good one.

Rick couldn’t help but smile. “I will be looking at you the whole time, you are the only pretty thing I want to be looking at.” Daryl smiled softly at the compliment, they made their way on top of the building's roof. “I promise to be careful Daryl.”

“I don’t want careful Rick, I ain’t no damn puppy. I need it rough, I need you to fix what's broken, I need you..I need you to take it away. rounds. I need eight I need eight of your knots before the sun comes up please.”

Rick was taken back. “Seven?”

“I got raped seven times Rick.. Joe.Joe raped me twice. I need you to take it away..please take my pain away please..the shame..the..the terror please fix it please.”

“Can you handle eight rounds without passing out?”

“I handled seven, eight shouldn’t be hard when I love who's doing it.”

Rick tried to imagine the terror, tried to image what it had to be like for Daryl. He wanted him better, wanted him happy and safe. “Alright clothes off than ‘mega.”

Daryl nodded, smiling thankfully at him, he quickly stripped, taking extra time with his top despite the pain in his wrist. Rick smiled as he laid down his top for him to lay on. Daryl was quick to lay down, he was happy he could at least see him. He wanted to see Rick, wanted to feel him, needed to have him.

Rick tossed his pants to the side and lined himself up with Daryl. “Are you sure?”

“Fucking do it.” Daryl growled in need. Rick smiled as his omega begged for him in his own way. Rick was quick to enter his mate, Daryl moaned in pleasure. Rick began to quicken his speed as Daryl begged for it harder. Rick was doing his best to do exactly as he asked for. His thrusts were fast and hard, he held his hips tight as he began to kiss and bite at Daryl’s skin. “More harder please..”

Rick smirked as he decided to flip the script. He laid back pulling Daryl to a sitting position. “Good boy, good boy Daryl, you can handle me ‘mega.”

Daryl grunted in pleasure, Rick continued to thrust into him deep and hard. Daryl whimpered in bliss, he howled in thankfulness as Rick knotted him for their first round. Rick clamped down on his mate mark reclaiming him. Daryl grunted as he adjusted on his knot, panting. He needed those hands off him, needed his bites, his marks.

“Our bond is just going to keep growing.” Rick snarled as he felt his seed fill Daryl.

Daryl whimpered begging for more still, Rick continued to thrust despite the knot, Daryl was in heaven. He needed this more than anything he could have ever asked for. Rick smiled as he felt him push himself down on top of his knot.

“Easy now darling,” he held him tight, “alright lets go for the next round.” He felt his knot pop. Rick smiled as he stood, Daryl held onto him tightly. He wrapped his legs around him holding around his neck with his bad wrists good arm and held onto the back of his shoulder with his good hand.

Rick smirked as he continued to thrust, Daryl was being held against a wall on the top of the room. Daryl grunted happily, he held him tight as he felt Rick thrusting deeper and harder. Rick kept doing what his omega needed, his thrusts got as hard and as deep as he could until a new knot formed. Daryl held onto him tightly, he couldn’t help but moan and beg for more.

“Needy darling aren’t you?”

“I need you, just you.” He begged. “I need you to take me, I need you to use me…I need you to claim me.”

“I have claimed you,” Rick grunted as he laid him back on the ground. “I own you Daryl.”

“Yes!” Daryl whined.

Rick chuckled as he kissed Daryl lovingly, he kissed his neck and lapped at their bond bite. “Third time. Third time.” Daryl growned in need. Rick grinned waiting until his knot popped for the third time and he gave him what he wanted again. Daryl was panting hard as Rick thrust hard and deep. He gripped his sides hard.

Daryl smiled, he knew those would bruise. That was what he desired, he needed marks. Needed Rick’s prints on him. “Harder…harder please please harder.”

“What is it that I can do for you that you really want?”

“Marks, your..your marks. I need you!” Daryl begged. Rick smiled as he began to leave bites wherever he could. He didn’t care if they were visible or not for others to see. He wanted everyone to know who Daryl belonged to.

He had bites on both shoulders, a few hickies and a smaller more carefully placed bite on his neck. Rick pulled away from Daryl after their third round to give him a few well placed bites everywhere he could despite the protest of his cock no longer being inside Daryl. Rick smirked as he bit down on the back of both shoulders, along his shoulder blades. Along his hips and back, Daryl yelped in surprise as Rick bit down on his ass. “Calm down, I thought you wanted it.”

“Yes fuck please.” He smiled as he turned him back around, he lowered himself down and bit his inner thighs. Rick soon was back inside of Daryl, Daryl panted and begged feeling all of the marks that covered his body.

Rick chuckled as he continued to fuck roughly into Daryl who kept begging and asking for more, needing more. Rick couldn’t help but smile as Daryl clutched him tight. Rick continued to fill him and use him in desperation. He had missed him so much, missed his omega and when they had parted they had ended in a fight about his pills, and Daryl was right he needed his pills. Rick smiled rubbing his cheek as he kissed him roughly, Rick was going to leave as many marks as he could and he cared less who saw them.

“Fuck Daryl you’re so needy for me.”

“Only you! I belong to you.”

“Yes you do Dare, yes you do.”

Daryl groaned as he got to round seven, they were so close to making things better. Not that he really needed more after this. If he was being honest he just wanted to know Rick actually still wanted him. Every part that could be marked was marked. Daryl had a bite on his god hand around the thumb. He had one on his good wrist, along his arms, his ribcage and chest. Rick was careful around his scars, but he had a few there too. Daryl whined in excitement as he was toyed with.

Rick smiled at his mate as he filled him for the seventh time.

Maggie and Glenn had both lost the bet with Abraham, they thought they'd be back already. Abraham bet they wouldn't see him until the morning. Daryl groaned, laying back. “One more until we take a break till we go again the next time we have a building.”

“Yes sir..yes sir.”

Rick smiled going again with Daryl, his mate was a withering mess. He had cum several times that Rick hadn’t regulated. He had hand prints and careful bruises on his hips, loving marks that Daryl would find comfort in when his nightmares hit hardest.

Rick was surprised he had lasted this long if he was being honest. The two panted as Rick continued his pace filling Daryl with another round of seed. His knot throbbing and pulsating, Daryl was beyond blissful as Rick finally pulled away.

The two laid cuddled under the stars, Daryl looked down at himself the best he could with the light they had. Bites, marks, bruises.

“You’re beautiful. If anyone tries to take you now, heaven help their souls.” Rick smiled. “Covered in my marks, my bond. You are mine Daryl Dixon.”

“I’m Daryl Dixon Grimes, yours.” He smiled before falling asleep cuddled to his mate.

Chapter Text

When sunrise came, Daryl was up before Rick. The omega worked quickly, got himself into his clothes and shakily made his way back down to the bottom level everyone else was at. Abraham was keeping watch when the shaking omega made his way down the steps.

“You look like you got sucked on by a vampire.” Abraham laughed pretty hard, waking a few of the others. Daryl blushed knowing what he meant, his skin was covered in bites and marks from Rick.

“You should see the rest of him.” Rick commented as he appeared. Daryl hid his face in his hands trying not to show how embarrassed by the comment. “Not that I would let you with the pups around.”

Abraham raised an eyebrow. “You into that public claiming of your mate shit? Eugene would love that. Tickles his balls.”

Daryl’s face was a deep red, he knew that everyone was going to see those marks, and he kinda loved it. He loved knowing he was being watched and taken care of now, his life had been living hell before he met Rick. It made him laugh if he was being honest that he had gone from a scared omega that hid away as a beta because he was scared to be claimed by alphas. Now he was happier than ever to be an omega and be seen with the marks of an alpha, one very specific alpha.

“Well as a matter of fact I enjoy people knowing that Daryl is mine,” Rick smirked, feeling Daryl hide his face in his shoulder. “He is mine, and everyone should know it.”

“How many rounds did you go, the farm girl owes me bullets.”

“Of course she does.” Rick laughed. “Guess.”

“Five tops no way the both of you lasted more than that.”

Daryl laughed hard. “Eight bitch.”

Abrham nearly fell off his chair, Rosita and Maggie were giggling now. “You went eight rounds? Holy shit I need me a partner like that.”

“I owe you more than bullets.” Maggie laughed as she dropped a few in his hand. “Lot more.”

“Stop using my sex life as your betting.” Daryl grunted but did smile. A few of the others had woken up now, they all could see the mark on Daryl. Carl woke up and his eyes got real big.

“Did you hurt him?” Carl asked, looking over his mother.

“No puppy, he helped me.” Daryl smiled softly kissing Carl’s forehead as he picked up Judith. The little pup smiled and poked at his bite marks which only caused him to flinch. “Don’t do that you little stinker.”

She giggled cupping his face with her hands. She kissed his face carefully before they all started packing up. Daryl’s wrist throbbed but he was happy it had been wrapped right this time around. “Momma!” She screamed pointing to her mouth.

“You hungry?” He asked as he handed her to Michonne to find some puppy food. She took a look at the food and shook her head angrily. “I ain’t doing that no more Judy.” He grunted. Rick smirked knowing what Judith wanted. “We don’t have the time for that. Not any more pup.”

She whined but took the food she was offered.

“What does she want?” Rosita asked.

“Breast milk.” Eugene replied. “Pretty clear from where I’m situated.”

“Well Mr. Smarty pants not everyone knows male omegas can produce breast milk thank you very much.” The alpha female snarled. The beta lowered his head. Tara was getting close to Michonne, she was extremely interested in her. The alpha female was aware of the beta, she thought it was curious but didn’t mind the attention.

Once the pup ate they all packed up to keep walking, they strapped Judith to Rick’s chest. Daryl walked close to his mate, his bow strapped to his back, even though he couldn't use it very well with his broken wrist he would do what he could to protect his pack.

Abraham and Rosita were at the lead, Rick planned to be but they told their alpha to stay with his mate and pups. The others made sure to circle so Daryl and the pups were in the middle. Daryl was thinking hard about what their plan was, Judith started fussing and the group got worried.

“Little ass kicker shh.” Daryl whispered. The girl looked him over and pointed towards what she wanted. “Judith no.”

Her sobbing got harder.

“Fuck me, alright.” He hissed as he unbuttoned part of his top and pulled it to the side, exposing more marks and bruises. Judith giggled happily as he cradled her with his good arm and pulled her into his shirt. She stopped whining, and drank what she could get. There was some laughter from the group hearing Daryl’s protests and Judith happy. Daryl’s scent started changing again, it was his pine and Rick’s musk and there was a slight scent of milk.

“Well isn’t that something.” Abraham commented.

“Shut it.” Daryl grumbled. “She’s needy.”

“That’s clear.” Rosita snickered. “She sure is cute though.” Everyone had to agree with that, the little girl was the pack’s pride and joy. Judith finally finished and Daryl handed her off to Rick who placed her back in her carrier and she promptly fell asleep.

“That’ll keep her quiet for a little bit.” Rick smiled as he patted her head softly. She happily slept her head resting on his chest.

Daryl smiled, happy to see she was at least sleeping. Carl was close to his mother when they heard screaming. “Help me! Help me!” They raced as a pack towards the screaming. They raced through the woods, following the screams. Abraham stuck close to Eugene to ensure their salvation stayed alive.

They saw a few walkers and a man standing on top of a rock. He was a beta, and was shaking and he looked terrified. Daryl grunted, they killed off the dead and helped the man down. “You never killed one of those before?” Rick asked, looking him over.

“ I don’t often leave my church.”

“You have a building?”

“I do yes.”

“So you haven’t killed a single walker?” Daryl asked.

“God saves me.”

“Yeah, God’s done a whole lot for you.” Daryl rolled his eyes.

“I asked for help and help came, God provides.” That was when he noted Daryl’s scent and his eyes grew wide. “Are you an omega?” Daryl only nodded knowing very well that it wasn’t hard for anyone to see from all the marks from Rick he was owned and it was very clear that he was still breastfeeding. He knew a lot of pups breast fed until they were two or three so it wasn’t hard to believe but the world they lived in wasn’t exactly built for that. “Come, come I will show you all the church.”

They followed the man, they could tell by his scent he wasn’t a liar. They followed him towards the church, Daryl kept track of every turn they took. They entered a well forested area, there was nothing around them, it was just trees and a building. This could work for now, they hoped it would work long term but they also had to get Eugene to DC. He wasn’t exactly sure what the plan for that was.

They all entered the church, Daryl did a slight spin with a smile. “We can use this for sure.”

“Yes we can,” Rick looked the man over. “Are you alright with my pack staying here?”

“The lord sent you, it has to mean something.” The beta smiled. “I am father Gabriel.”

“I ain’t calling you daddy,” Daryl muttered under his breath which got a laugh from Abraham. Carol tried to hide her smile, Tyreese and Sasha snickered at the omega’s comment. Gabriel tried not to make a noise when he heard the omega, the lord had sent them for a reason. Had to.

Daryl grabbed his pack and started pulling out the few blankets they had. He placed them together in a pile with a smile. He carefully got Judith from Rick and laid her in the small nest he had put together. Everyone watched Daryl’s movements, Daryl was methodical and every movement he made meant something.

Rick smiled as he watched his mate curl up beside Judith, protecting her in his own way. Gabriel watched as well, curious about all the marks he could see. As Daryl laid beside her his shirt rode up, there were hand prints and bite marks that covered his skin.

Rick smiled seeing Daryl allow sleep to take over.

“He’s been through so much I’m just glad he’s sleeping.” Carol commented as she sat beside Rick on a pew. Gabriel smiled watching over his new friends.

“He has, he’s been through more than he should have ever had to endure.” Rick hung his head. “I wasn’t there when I should have been.”

“Hey, we were all separated.” Glenn reminded Rick. “Don’t blame yourself.”

Daryl began to twitch in his sleep, he started whining and crying. Rick raced to his side, waking him up before he could wake their puppy. “Daryl, hey honey wake up..come on sweetheart come on.”

Daryl woke and took a hard swing, Rick yelped as his nose started bleeding. Daryl scrambled back until he realized it was Rick. “Sorry alpha sorry shit sorry sorry.”

“Damn you got a swing on you.” Abraham laughed as Maggie helped patch up his nose.
“I’m sorry alpha.” Daryl whined as he got close. “Sorry..I..I’m just sorry.”

“Hey calm down, you were having a nightmare.” Rick caressed his cheek softly. “Really calm down.”

“I made your nose bleed.” Daryl whined.

“You kind of deserved it.” Bob commented as Sasha squeezed his hand. “You don’t wake someone up from having a nightmare.”

“So you wanted him to have a nightmare?” Rick grunted.

“Well no Alpha of course not, but you shouldn't wake someone up so close to their face. Especially after what Daryl just went through. Trauma response.” Bob had a medical background. He knew enough.

Daryl grunted as he laid back around his pup. “Fuck trauma response, I’ve had enough shit happen in my life that I shouldn’t be worried about a trauma response.”

“Daryl…” Rick started which only upset the omega more, the pup kicked in her sleep and he continued to hold her tight.

“I’m fine alpha, sorry about your face.” Daryl grunted as he held onto his daughter. “I’ll go back to sleep, maybe this time I’ll dream about cupcakes and rainbows and all that shit and not a bunch of alphas touching me when they shouldn’t.” Daryl was pissed off and angry. He just hated being this thing they needed to protect.

He had enough scars on him to prove he’d had a rough life, and he was young. He still had an entire life to live. The world was shit but it was pretty clear that this was the best life Daryl had ever lived.

Rick felt horrible, he hated knowing Daryl was going through such horrors. Daryl finally got back to sleep. Gabriel wanted to ask questions but could tell it was a sore subject, he wasn’t a pack mate of theirs he shouldn't ask questions like that. Daryl did actually have a few good dreams, he dreamt of Carl and Judith and a life outside of the darkness. He dreamt about what would have happened if Rick had met him before. He hoped they would have had a life together.

Rick and Gabriel talked about what they could do to make the place safer until they left for DC. Eugene was pacing. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it Eugene?”

“I..I’m not really a scientist, I just believed DC was the best option. I am smart and I know I am, I knew I could lie to get to where I wanted to go.”
“So DC isn’t the the end game?” Glenn managed.

Rick, Glenn, Tyreese, and Bob had to hold Abraham back, Michonne held Rosita back. Eugene stood behind the sleeping omega and pup knowing Abraham wouldn’t attack from where he was standing. “Coward! Using an omega and pup to hide yourself!”

Eugene shook in his boots, he was happy they all knew the truth, but he hated that Abraham was so angry at him. Rick growled at Eugene to step away from his mate and daughter. Eugene moved quickly as Rick let Abraham go.

Eugene cowered as Abraham barreled towards him.

Chapter Text

Daryl yelped awake pulling Judith into himself as Abraham wailed on Eugene. “What the hell?” Daryl growled pulling his daughter close to himself. Rick was beside him quickly exposing his scent glands to calm the confused and nervous omega.

“Stop it Abraham. You’ll kill him!” Rosita barked, the man finally pulled away, dropping to his knees.

“So many people died to get you this far Eugene!”

“I’m sorry!” Eugene sobbed.

“What is happening?” Daryl asked, concerned and clinging to Rick.

“Eugene lied about knowing the cure. He lied.” Glenn snarled, the omega was shaking as Rick held him close. Maggie carefully took Judith in her arms.

“Typical.” Daryl snorted, he slipped from Rick’s grasp and to Carl who just looked a bit lost. Daryl hugged him and allowed him to scent him to calm him. The pup stuck close to his mother. “So no Dc, what’s the plan?”

“I don’t really know..honestly.”

“We can’t stay in the church forever,” Rosita said looking around. “It won’t hold us. There is one too many of us to fit in here for a long time, Judith is growing, our pack is large and we have such a mix of placements we need separation. Not that any of us alpha’s would do anything to Daryl but when his heat hits we will want walls to block the scents right..”

“Right.” Rick replied thinking about his lover and the future of their pack. “We should set up here for a week or two, but we will continue to look around on runs while we hold up. Are you alright with us staying here?”

“Of course, I asked for you and the lord sent you. This is your home.” Gabriel smiled. “As long as you need it.” Daryl nodded to the pastor, he smiled watching the omega with interest. He was unsure what all of the marks along his skin were for, or why he had so many.

“How were you surviving here for so long?”

“Thankfully we had a food drive the day before everything happened.” Gabriel smiled. “This place is very hidden, not a lot of people knew about it.”

“It is beautiful.” Maggie looked around. “Really.” Gabriel thanked her as he grabbed a few cans for everyone. They dug into the meal happily, Judith woke up and cried for Daryl who rolled his eyes and unbuttoned his top again.

“I think you need to stop giving into that.” Rick smirked.

“Mhmm.” Daryl grunted in reply. “It’s better than her screaming. The dead come to sound, I don’t want her to be eaten thank you.”

“That wasn’t what I was saying.”

“If she screams they come, I am not losing another pup.” Rosita’s brow raised at the comment.

“Another pup?”

“Judith was a twin.” Daryl snarled, the girl continued to suckle. “I..I managed to birth him fine, but then he just..he just died. I won’t lose my little girl too.”

“Twins don’t tend to both survive.” Abraham muttered. Eugene was whimpering in the corner.

“I am aware,” Daryl grunted as he held his pup close as she fell asleep, milk dribbling down her cheek. Daryl snickered, handing her off to his mate. “Look, I know most of you look at me and see something that needs protecting. I know I need some watchin’ but I don’t need it all the time. We have other people to keep an eye on, pups, one another, flight risks.” He looked to Eugene. “I am fine, I can handle the shit I've been through.”

Rick shook his head but knew Daryl was telling the truth ,he would have nightmares forever no doubt but as long as they never let anyone else have him it would be fine. They just worried about others finding out about his ability to have pups, and honestly others just knowing he is an omega.

Daryl was looking between his pack, his eyes trailing each face, then his heart sunk. Beth wasn’t there. He honestly had just imagined her being with them all, he gulped and bit his lip. “Beth.”
Maggie nodded, she too had noticed her sister wasn’t around. “I know she’s alive, she has to be, I just don’t know where she would be.”


“Maybe she went back towards the prison? Or the farm?”

“Maybe, but for now we can’t risk going out there, we need solid evidence shes alive. Did anyone see her leave the prison?”

“No.” Was the solid consensus.

“Shit.” Daryl felt tears prickling, threatening to escape. Carl held his mother close to him, he knew Daryl needed support. “We should just patrol, if we see any signs we go looking?”

“Of course.” Rick promised knowing he had been through so much, lost too many. Carol watched them curiously, they decided on a plan and sent out a scouting unit. Abraham, Carol, Maggie, Rick, and even Daryl was allowed to go. The omega was happy he was given the okay, he knew it was because Rick was going with but that was okay with them. They walked past an old school, the dead banging at the door, Daryl growled as he continued to follow his mate. They could still see the fire from terminus burning, and they knew that meant others could too. They continued to walk as they came across a boy screaming and fighting off the dead with nothing but a piece of wood.

The boy was seventeen and Daryl’s omega nature took over within seconds. He raced forward, took out two of the dead and swept the boy into a hug to calm him, he was a beta and then Daryl smelt it on him.


“Where is she, the blonde girl, Beth you smell like her, where is she, where is she, kid.” Daryl was shaking him for answers. The boy was trying to understand what was happening, a real omega was standing before him and talking to him about Beth.

“She..she is at Grady Memorial.”

“A hospital?” Maggie asked curiously. “Why is my sister at Grady?”

“She was picked up by some of the pack that runs it. They have a working hospital there, helped her wounds but now she’s trapped there.”

“What’s your name kid? We will get her out.” Rick promised.

“Noah,” the dark skinned boy was breathing heavy taking in Daryl’s scent. “You’re Daryl then? She talked to me about you, no one else but me. She misses you lots.”

“I miss her.” Daryl whimpered at the thought of Beth, but he was glad to know she at least was alive. They needed to find Beth, and fast. They needed their girl. Carol watched Noah with interest, the seventeen year old boy clinging to their omega.

“She almost escaped with me, but they caught her. She told me to run, keep going. I didn’t know where I was going but she wanted me to find you and I am so glad I did.”

“Let’s get you some food and clean you up and we will make a plan to get her out, you need to tell us everything about that place. Alright?” Rick asked, watching him. They would slaughter the entire hospital if they had to. Rick knew this world needed a hard leader, not a soft squishy man who was going to let things slide.

After slaughtering the people of Terminus Rick had become different, honestly it was probably before that. Ripping out Joe’s throat seeing Daryl in such a condition, it was agonizing. Daryl was happy to know his girl was alive still, he still wished his wrist was healed but he knew that wasn’t coming anytime soon.

“How is Beth?” Maggie asked with concern.

“Mostly fine, the head woman there Dawn, she has taken a liking to her so that will help her. She has access to things. She killed a man, Gorman, a rapist and a monster. Hit him over the head with a jar of suckers a walker got him after. Thankfully he never got to Beth the way he did to the walker, he raped the poor girl. She escaped but got bit. They cut off her arm, no anesthetic or anything even when they had it.” Noah was whimpering, Daryl kept him close. They were so thankful that Beth was still alive. They just prayed she was still there when they got to her.

They were going to do this, and they were going to bring her home, wherever home was.

Chapter Text

Noah sat down surrounded by this unknown pack, he noticed quickly the puppy cuddled into Daryl. Beth had mentioned a puppy but he honestly thought she was lying he couldn’t have imagined a real puppy surviving in this new world.

“Tell us everything about the building, who does what, the best way in and out if we have to do it that way.”

Noah sat and explained, Daryl grunted while he spoke as the little alpha swatted at him for food. “Judith daddy says no more.” She whimpered and then to everyone's surprise barked. Abraham laughed hysterically as Judith kept swatting at him and whined. “Don’t encourage her.”

The alpha quickly shut his trap but tried hard to stifle his laughter. “Momma.. Momma momma..momma.” Daryl quickly looked at Rick.

“I can’t tell her no.” Daryl whined.

“Yes you can.” Rick replied, taking the whining pup from him and handed her off to Abraham. “If you think it’s so funny you hold her.”

Abraham stared at her as she hit him and kicked, wanting back to her mother. Noah watched the exchange with interest. What were they referring to when he said no more? What were they supposed to have a puppy stop doing? Daryl watched the screaming pup with a clear look of panic and concern. “What if walkers hear her?”

“Then we will kill them,” Rick replied.

“But she just wan-”

“No.” Rick replied gruffly. “She can’t rely on that, she can have food in most cases now. She shouldn’t need it anymore, she has to come off of it faster then we want her to and I know that. I know how long most pups are nursed for..but we don’t have that luxury now.”

“I’m here now.” Daryl said, his ran his good hand through his hair.

Rick took a deep breath, “What if you get taken again? Then what?”

Daryl’s face screwed up in both anger and sadness. He lowered his head and headed off to one of the other rooms to separate himself from his sobbing puppy. He couldn’t hear her cries and he didn’t want to think about being taken again. He wasn’t exactly up for any more of that. Noah’s eyes grew wide as he pieced together Daryl’s wrist, and what they meant with the pup and what she should stop doing. “Rick I’ll go check on him.” Maggie promised heading off to find the omega.

Daryl was sitting with his knees pulled up into himself. “She just wants me..” Daryl whined as Maggie hugged him carefully. “Why..why won’t he let me..”

“Daryl, I know why you want to..I understand honestly. I think Rick’s just worried about a lot of things, and Judith doesn’t really need it anymore. She could have stopped two months ago if not sooner. Its a dependency thing, I think Rick worries about her being dependent on you.”

“She’s supposed to be, I am her mother.”

He balled up his first, his wrist throbbing. “I know Daryl. I get it honestly, but.. But our prime said it so it must be so.”

Daryl sighed, he lowered his head between his knees. “He thinks I’m going to get kidnapped again…thinks I will be away from her for so long that she will have to learn to go without it doesn’t he?”

“Daryl none of us want that to happen,” Maggie began.

“That wasn’t what I asked.” Daryl grunted sitting back against the wall. “She won’t stop crying.”

“She will be fine, Rick was getting her some puppy food when you walked away.” Maggie rubbed his cheek with her thumb. “I don’t think Rick thinks that you’re going to be kidnapped, but it is a precaution we have to take. You’re the most susceptible to it.”

Daryl nodded his head, he understood but it fucking sucked. “I am going to help bring Beth back though, no one can stop me from bringing her back. She is my puppy..she is mine.”

Maggie smiled, she loved knowing someone was still protecting her sister even after her father and mother. “I am sure Rick will let you.” She assured him, he sure hoped so, he was terrified he wouldn’t. Soon the screaming of Judith was gone, he got up off the floor and followed him back to sit with the pack. Judith smiled big seeing her mom back in the room, she had applesauce dribbling down her puffed cheeks. Daryl snickered seeing her like that, but she was eating something which made him happy.

“Momma!” Judith giggled in her spot, she was trying to crawl at this point but she still didn’t get the point of it. Her little hands would slip out from under herself. She was scooting and rolling fine which was normal for an alpha pup of five and a half months, her talking was a bit unorthodox. Daryl smiled at her and crawled across the floor to get right up to her. She smiled watching his movements she attempted to crawl a bit to him which only caused laughter from the pack as he hand slipped and Daryl caught her with his hand.

“She’s getting so big.” Daryl smiled as he held his girl close to him. The pack smiled as he rocked her, she fell asleep in his arms as he held her. Everyone loved the omega even when he was happy to just be left alone with his pups and his mate. He yelped as Judith kicked his wrist as she slept. “Little ass kicker.” He grunted looking her over, Rick smirked, taking her from him and placing her in the portable crib they found on a run.

Daryl bit his lip. He wanted Beth here, needed her here. “Rick I want to come with when we get Beth. Please Alpha.”

“We will talk about it.” He promised. “We just need to stake the place out alright? I am planning on a small group for that, just to see what this hospital is all about. I was thinking just myself, Abraham, Glenn, and Rosita. We have to bring Noah along too.”

“Alright,” Daryl nodded. “I understand. Keep him safe.”

Rick smiled, Daryl was so interesting to him. He loved pups more than he knew how to explain to anyone. Pups were his entire life, and even when they weren’t officially a part of the pack he was going to protect them or do everything he could to make sure those around him planned to protect him. Daryl curled up beside the crib while he thought hard. “As soon as you can please come back, we need to get her back here. Have her be a part of this, our pack needs her back.”

“I promise Daryl. I promise to do what I can.”

Daryl smiled as Carl ran over to him and snuggled up. The young alpha was tired but also wanted to protect his mother, Daryl loved Carl like he was his own. He wished he was his own, wished he had met Rick before all of this, wished he had convinced him to leave his cheating wife and be his mate. Wished he could have been Rick’s one and only. He fell asleep soon with Carl wrapped into him. Rick smiled.

“I think we should follow our omega’s lead. Rest up, and then when we wake up head out to Grady. See what we can see, work out the best course of action.” Rick smiled as he padded up to his mate and wrapped himself on the other side of him. Carl wrapped his other arm around his dad. Judith slept soundly as the pack began to pile up around their prime and the omega. Noah was on a pew the others mostly slept on the floor to stay close to their alpha.

Michonne was asleep when she felt Tara cuddle up into her, Rosita smirked, raising an eyebrow. Abraham took first watch knowing they honestly didn’t have to do it anymore but he enjoyed taking watch. Keeping his eye out for the pack and knowing the omega and the puppy would be safe.

Abraham swapped out watch with Rosita, the women watching the pack over. She smiled, this was the life, a family, a pack. She was still furious with Eugene, but regardless she was with a new family now. A special family that she was going to do whatever it took to protect.

Daryl started twitching, his body shaking in terror as nightamres took over again. He whimpered and whined causing Rick to wake. “Hey omega..shh shh..don’t worry I’ve got you. Shh ‘mega..shh Daryl. It’s okay.”

Daryl cried into his neck. Carl didn’t budge while he sobbed. “Make them stop..” Daryl sobbed into him. “Please….Please..”

“Daryl I’m sorry.. I’m sorry sweetheart.” Rick held him. Daryl whimpered into him, he was horrified by the nightmares. He hated seeing the claimers around him touching him doing things to him they shouldn’t be. “You belong to me Daryl.”

Daryl nodded. He knew that, but the nightmares kept coming. It didn’t matter to his brain that he belonged to Rick, he knew that. He knew who he belonged to, he desired Rick more than he knew how to explain. However he still was riddled with the nightmares of being the claimers. He could still feel the collar warped around his neck. Every time his wrist throbbed he thought of Len, on top of the nightmares of the claimers he still had nightmares of losing his pups. He had nightmares of losing his son, losing all of the pups at the prison. That pup he had seen in the crib he had nightmares over. He was riddled with nightmares and fear and all he wanted was his alpha to fix it and he knew that wasn’t all in his power.

Yet Daryl wanted it to be.

Daryl wanted his Alpha to fix all of it.

Chapter Text

The morning sunshine crept through the windows that morning waking the pack, Rick stood up and found Daryl was gone. “Where is he?” Rick asked concern riddling him, Abraham shrugged. Carl was looking around and saw that his bow and boots were gone too.

“Dad, it looks like mom left.”

“Why the hell…” Rick looked around, he had a broken wrist. “Judith!”

Everyone looked to the crib and saw Judith was also gone, Rick panicked and raced out the door once he got shoes on and his gun at his side. Abraham, Tyreese, and Maggie ran after them leaving the others confused. Where the hell would the omega have gone with the puppy and why?

“Alright Judith,” Daryl grunted as she giggled in her sling, “we gotta be quiet can you do that for mommy?”

The little girl looked him over and nodded her head, he smiled as she nuzzled into him. He held his bow in his off hand and trudged through towards the building he had seen. He needed this shit, and Judith had started crying that morning and would have alerted everyone of his leave sooner than he had planned. Daryl raced across the street and slunk through the open door of the old market.

He shot his arrow at the only dead he saw, Judith clung to him she was playing the quiet game like mommy said. He made his way through the row of empty shelves and smiled seeing what he needed, he packed up a bag of what he wanted. “Now you’ll stop screaming little lady.”

She grinned as he gave her a soft kiss to the forehead.

Four cans of formula, as well as a few things for himself. They were omega supplements, his emotions were out of whack and he was hoping they would fix some of it. He had heard that these made it hard for omega’s to remember their dreams, and he hoped it meant the same for nightmares. He packed them up and slung them over his shoulder. He made his way to the door when he saw a group of four walkers making their way towards the door.

He took a deep breath, looked down at his puppy and cursed. He should have left her with the pack. “Now Judy, don’t make a sound till mommy says so.”

She nodded again, she seemed to understand the point her mother was making. He watched the undead making their way towards them. He slunk into the shadows of the market, he hid behind a counter hoping they didn’t see any movement. Judith hiccuped, he closed his eyes in frustration hearing the dead banging at the door. She started to fuss at the noise. “No no Judith shh.”

She silenced as Daryl did the only thing he could think of to make her stop, she suckled at his nipple trying to get whatever she could, that silenced her for a moment as he heard the shuffling of feet kicking cans around. He slowly stood his bow at the ready, he took out two while holding Judith in a way she could still feed to stop her from crying. His bad wrist throbbing at the weight of his daughter.

He watched the figures of the still moving undead as he crept towards the exit, they had heard the two bodies fall but didn’t focus on him. He got out the door and ran towards a car used earlier that day to put weapons he had found from a house he wanted to check out earlier.

Having pups in the apocalypse was hard and dangerous work. “Alright you best finish now or daddy is gonna be mad.” He whispered to her. She huffed and screamed as he pulled her off of him. “Shit Judith stop.”

She stopped crying and hit him with her tiny fists in protests.

“You daddy is probably already awake, and he’s probably worried sick about us.”

She whined as he held her, she wanted more food. He couldn’t give her that, Daryl watched out the window to see if any more dead were around. He saw Rick then coming out of the tree line looking like he was on the prowl, he looked down at his daughter.

“You may only have one parent after this.” Daryl grunted as she cuddled into him, her anger about not being allowed to feed anymore seemed to be gone. Daryl stepped from the car, both bags of supplies hanging off his shoulders. Judith in her puppy sling, empty crossbow in his good hand.

“Daryl!” Rick yelled barreling towards him with some of their pack in tow. “What the hell are you doing out here? Out here with her? I thought you promised no more going out on your own!” Rick was clearly pissed, but he also had a look of pure awe. Daryl was badass, and wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of protecting his pup.

“Judith needed formula, I saw a house, found weapons we can use to get Beth back, got some stuff for me that may help with the damn nightmares alright? I’m sorry about Judith, she wouldn’t stop fussing this morning when I went to go, I asked her if she wanted to go and she stopped crying so I took her. She was fine, we are fine.” Daryl promised. “I’m sorry alpha, I promise no more going out anymore. I promise.. I just am trying to be useful, trying to feed my girl and bring back my other one.”

Rick thought hard as he hugged him avoiding crushing their little pup. “Just don’t do that again. Your bow is empty, how many did you have to kill?”

“A few.” Daryl replied. “Some I could have left but with my girl I didn’t want to.” Daryl replied as Judith held onto his shirt. Rick smirked as he took some of the supplies. “I’m sorry.”

“I.. I am furious you left without saying anything because of Judith being so little and the fact that you’re an omega and you just left!”

Daryl lowered his head. “I’m sorry…”

“But I am proud of you that you kept you both alive and safe and that you’re okay. That you kept Judith alive while you were out.”

Daryl looked up. “So you’re proud of me?”

“Yes. Mad but proud. You got weapons?”

“Yes I found some so we can get my other girl back.” Daryl said as he followed Rick back to the church. Tyreese, Abraham, and Maggie were surprised by what Daryl did, but he had a plan in his heart and he did it. He got food for Judith and weapons to get Beth back from the pack Noah told them about. “We need to find her and bring her home.”

“We are working on it love.” Rick replied. “Alright make me a promise right here and now.” Daryl stopped at the steps the other pack mates went inside taking Judith with them inside. “You can come with me honey, to get Beth back but.”

Daryl was eager to know what the plan was. “What, please, anything.”

“You have to promise to stop running off on your own, and honestly stop. No more.”

“I promise, I promise I won’t promise.” Daryl said eagerly, he cuddled into him. Rick smiled and held him close. “Thank you for letting me come.”

“Of course, I know how much this means to you and this isn’t me saying no. This is just me being worried about you.” Rick kissed his forehead. “Are you feeling any better?”

“Now that I know we are going to get my girl back yes,” Daryl replied as the packmates who planned to go to the hospital piled into a bus Eugene and Abraham had fixed up. “Thank you alpha.”

“I know you’re strong Daryl, I know that. I just worry about you after everything but I understand the point you’re making. I really do.” Rick held his hands in his. “I just worry about you, I really do.”

Daryl smiled hugging him as they piled into the bus. He kissed Judith and Carl on the forehead before leaving. Noah was excited they were going to save Beth, she had been his only friend and was one of the good ones. They spent time deciding on a plan, they had to get in and get her or take captives and do a trade.

Daryl was all for whatever had to be done, however he knew better than to argue about going into the hospital as an omega around so many people that Noah said were dangerous. Daryl was just needy for his girl to be safe, to know Beth was alive.

Noah hugged Daryl, it was his way of saying thank you for wanting to protect and go back for Beth. He didn’t really understand the inner workings of omega’s and didn’t know what the hug did to Daryl. Daryl hugged him back.

“We are going to save her, I swear it.” Daryl said, hugging Noah tighter as Abraham drove forward. Their team was strategic.

Rosita, Abraham, Sasha, Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Rick, Daryl, Noah, and Tyreese. This needed man power, and needed smarts. Some of the beta’s were as strong as the alphas, and their omega was just in need to see his girl alive and well.

Daryl was starting to get antsy, he wanted to see her, wanted to hold her again. Needed to hold her again.

Rick kissed Daryl softly. “We are going to get her back.”

Daryl nodded. “I sure hope so.”

Chapter Text

Daryl watched out the window as they drove, he was desperate for Beth. The closer they got to the city the more antsy Daryl got. His scent was thick with worry. Daryl was trying not to be a pup and whine, he just wanted to see Beth. As they got close to the hospital they stopped a few locations down.

“If I run they will see me and try to take me back. Dawn believes we will always come back.” Noah said. Daryl nodded, handing him a gun, they were going to get his girl back.

“Please be careful Noah.” Daryl said hugging him, he wanted to make sure he knew he was going to be okay. They were going to keep him safe and they wanted to make sure he knew that, even though they were walking into the proverbial mouth of the beast Daryl wanted Noah to know he was going to be okay. He wanted him to know they were going to do whatever they could to protect one another. He was a part of their pack now. He was a ward of the pack, he was Daryl’s pup essentially, he was seventeen and so that meant Daryl wanted to protect him.

Noah began to shoot the air trying to get their attention, a team of three went out. Beth was anxious hoping it was her people, she hoped it was her mom. She wanted Daryl to hold her and tell her she was going to be okay.

Daryl paced waiting patiently, he was being kept back inside one of the buildings to keep an eye on the hospital from topside, he watched the windows and paced before returning back to the window.

He saw Beth then, walking with a mop bucket and his heart began to beat quickly, he needed to get his girl back.

Three officers came around the corner, Licair and Shepard were easily handcuffed and convinced of doing a trade despite the fact that they didn’t think Dawn would go for it. Officer Lamson wasn’t as easily convinced.

That was when Daryl’s scent became noticeable wafting through the abandoned building, Daryl came from behind his alpha with his bow strapped to his back, his hands twitching in anger. “I want my fucking pup.” He snarled as he grew close to them.

“Is that a real omega?” Shepard asked.

“Yeah, I’m real. Now if you don’t want my knife up your ass you better go along with this and let me have my damn pup back.”

“The little blonde?” The woman asked. “I highly doubt she will want to do any trade for her. However, if she knew about you, she may trade Beth for you and the three of us.”

“Bull shit my omega isn’t going anywhere.” Rick snarled. “Now tell us how we can get this to work, Daryl won’t be a trade. If they try they sure as hell won’t like what I become.”

The watched the alpha male, he was stalking, prowling in agitation.

“Look it may work but if the omega comes around, you won’t be leaving with him.”

“I am not going to stand on the side lines! That is my pup.”

“It’s my sister too and we need to make sure we don’t lose you both.” Maggie said softly. ”We can’t lose you both.”

Daryl growled pacing back and forth. “What if we found some blockers. They’ve got to be around here somewhere.”

“Daryl..” Rick began but then grew silent. “If you want.” He was trying to be better, give him omega the choice. Daryl smiled and raced off towards the pharmacy without warning.

He was quick, he made his way dodging the undead weaving through buildings until he came across it. He filled his pack with whatever he could find and then found them, blockers. He smiled grabbing the bottle and raced back to his alpha and pack.

“I got supplies plus I found a bottle!”

“Honey, before you take them…can you promise me you will only take them when we need you to take them?”

“Yes alpha.”

“Thank you Daryl.” Rick kissed his forehead. “Thank you alright. Go on ahead. I know how badly you want to see her.”

Daryl smiled, popping one in his mouth. Daryl smiled, he could tell his scent was changing, Rick didn’t know if he liked the beta smell coming off of Daryl but he was handling it. He wanted his omega to make his own choices, he knew that he had to make his own choices.

Daryl was excited now, he got to help with Beth.

Lamson wasn’t exactly cooperating and Rick was done with his shit. He stabbed him in the head, the other two were wide eyed. These people were dangerous.

Daryl followed his pack towards the hospital, the two remaining officers had promised to say they saw the dead officer die by walker because if they were being honest they also wanted Dawn out of power. The female alpha was on a power trip and it was dangerous for all of them.

Daryl pushed the one man forward, they had never seen an aggressive omega. Daryl was in a completely different ball game. He was volatile, and if anyone came between him and his pups he wasn’t going to take any shit.

Daryl smiled seeing her, “Mom!”

Daryl smiled and nodded and Maggie stepped up. “I’m here honey,” Maggie said.

That was when Beth smelt Daryl’s scent and realized he was on blockers for the time being. She smiled and took a deep sigh.

Dawn watched them curiously. Beth raced forward after the trade was made, Daryl held her close to him scenting her. “You're safe now Bethy. Safe.” He whispered. They had been smart and kept Noah back at the car. Beth raced to Maggie then, Dawn watched them unsure if she believed their story about the other officer.

“Was Noah with you?”

“Just long enough to get our girl back.” Rick replied. “The moment we got the cops he ran.” Rick lied. Beth looked disappointed, but she could see it in Daryl’s eyes that was a lie.

“Shame.” She muttered. “Well, I still don’t know if this is a fair trade.”

“Bullshit, you got two of your people for one of ours and she is still legally a pup.” Rick snapped. She raised her gun at his anger, Daryl bristled as Beth tried to stop her.

“No!” Daryl whined as Beth pushed herself in front of Rick.

Dawn lowered her gun as soon as the sound came out of his mouth, “You’re an omega?”

Daryl froze realizing that the whine he had whined was one only an omega could do. He pushed Beth behind himself. “Screw off.”

“You’re an omega. That’s impossible.” Dawn said the others were listening, he didn’t smell omega but they knew blockers existed.

“Just let us go.” Rick said. “Your people don’t stand a chance if you make me really angry. You want me to slaughter them? I will, I won’t hesitate.”

Dawn looked the alpha over and realized they had to be mates.

“Why take him back out there? He can be safe here, we have walls.”

Daryl snarled. “I would rather be out there than in here with you.” Daryl snapped. “Crazy bitch.”

Dawn snarled at his comment. “You should put your omega on a leash.”

Daryl grabbed his bow and raised it towards her head, even with his broken wrist he was willing to do whatever it took to protect his pack. Beth had taken notice of the wrap on his wrist, as well as the still visible marks from Rick.

“Don’t fucking talk about me like that.” Daryl snapped. He was angry, he wasn’t someone to be kept protected or on a leash. He was a strong omega, and he was able to do whatever it took to keep his pack and pups safe.

Dawn cocked her head. “You probably can’t even shoot that, just gave you a bow to make us think you are beta. It’s clear you aren’t. Omega’s aren’t dangerous, it’s why they are all dead.”

Daryl growled. “Alpha?”

“I won’t stop you.” Rick said as he side stepped, Daryl smiled. He let his arrow fly and it hit her right at the heart.

“I’m a great shot actually, even with a broken wrist.” He snarled. He raised it again and shot her right between the eyes. “Anyone else?” The others shook their heads nevious, no omega was dangerous, they couldn’t be could they? Daryl dropped his bow and held Beth close. “My girl.”

Beth nuzzled into him happily, she felt so safe with him. She was so happy he came back for her. Lucky the pack came back for her, Maggie hugged her again. She was happy to see her sister alive and well.

She just hoped it stayed that way.

They stepped out of the prison only to see their pack. Daryl raced forward taking Judith from Carl and held them both. “What happened?”

“That school, the walkers got out.. To many of them and we wanted to make sure you didn’t come back to nothing. We got our supplies out first.”

Daryl sighed holding them as Beth raced forward to hold them all together. “I guess we keep going, I don’t know where to go alpha.”

“We will figure it out together. For now we need to get on the road.”

“I know where we can go.” Noah chimed. “My family is there, it’s called Shirewilt Estates.”

“Shirewilt Estates is better than no where.” Rick said, he stood taking Judith from Daryl’s hands. Together they would find a new home. Together they would find a safe place for them to raise Judith.

Chapter Text

The pack made their way towards the location that Noah was pointing them towards. “It’s nice, we should be good there. Everyone will be safe I am sure.” Noah was determined to give his new pack a safe place to live, the pups and Daryl.

He liked having a ‘new’ mom, it felt nice. He hated what the world was becoming and he was glad to find there were still good people in this world, and better yet an omega. The pack stopped a few miles before the location. Rick, Tyreese, Bob, Noah, Glenn, and Michonne went to check it out. Rick wasn’t going to bring his omega and pups anywhere if it wasn’t safe.

Daryl had argued for a moment, but was quickly put at ease when Beth, Carl, and Judith all cuddled up into him. He could accept this, he loved his pups. Noah promised to be back safe and Daryl let him go off with his alpha.

Sasha kissed Bob and hugged her brother as she sat with her pack mates. Maggie was so happy to finally have Beth back. Eugene sat away from the others but close enough to be protected if anything went wrong.

Judith cuddled into Daryl and fell asleep, her attempts to get milk stopped by her mother. She was given a bottle of formula to ease her whines. The pack didn’t have as much food as they were hoping for, but at least Judith had it.

Noah led Rick and the packmates along to Shirewilt Estates, he was so excited for his old pack to meet his new one. He hoped they would work well together. He knew his people would be so excited to see Daryl. A real living omega wasn’t easy to come by, he couldn’t honestly remember the last omega he had seen.

As they entered the town Noah’s excitement quickly deflated. “ wait! This can’t be right..”

“Calm down Noah,” Rick tried to sooth him but he knew as an alpha he couldn’t do it like Daryl could. Noah whimpered and whined sobbing at his knees, Michonne, Glenn, and Bob headed off to do some supply pickups. Rick after a moment followed leaving Noah with Tyreese.

Tryeese followed him around, Noah then ran off towards the place that was once his home. “My twin and mom..”

“I’m sorry..” Tryeese tried to calm him but it wasn’t working. Noah raced about the house in terror seeing his family dead.

“You know, this would have been great if they could have seen around the walls, all this cover seems nice but when things are able to get in without anyone watching it doesn’t work. We need to find something safe for our pack, our family.” Rick said as they looked around. Michonne agreed with the idea. They needed a lot to protect their pack, to protect the pups. To protect Daryl.

They wanted to find a place that had walls, but also the ability to patrol from the safety of the gates, and a high vantage point. Rick was in need of it, he wanted to eventually have more pups with Daryl and they couldn't do that without a safe place to live.

Noah sobbed while Tyreese looked around the house, he walked into a bedroom and found a dead boy laying in the bed. As he looked over the bed he realized the boy wasn’t dead-dead, instead it was a walker. He jumped back as he was bit, he screamed out. Noah raced in to find Tyreese bleeding from the wound. “I’ll go get Rick.”

He raced off to find Rick. Bob was busy attempting to look through an older house when he too found a walker that he couldn’t fend off. He screamed catching his alpha’s attention, Rick raced towards his screams only to find Bob’s neck had been bit. “I’m..I’m sorry Bob..I’ve got to do this.”

“I understand…” He replied, trying not to scream any more. Rick stabbed his head killing him quickly. As he stepped away from the house Noah came running up to him.

“What’s wrong pup?”

“It’s Tyreese! He’s been bit!”

Rick gulped and raced after the pup, this wasn’t supposed to be happening, he then had the realization of Sasha. She not only had lost her future bond mate, but there was a chance she had lost her brother too.

Rick raced towards the house only to find Tyreese being bit again by another blood thirsty walker. Rick killed the walker and looked to Tryeese. Michonne and Glenn came running in. “Help me cut it off!” Rick screamed as they pulled his arm and extended it forward. Michonne cut him from the elbow. They got his arm wrapped up and raced him to the car. Noah continually apologized seeing that not only had Tyreese been bit but Bob was gone.

“Sasha..Sasha..” Tyreese whimpered, the alpha male terrified but also accepting of death at this point. He knew it would happen to all of them, it was just a matter of time. Sasha would be devastated and Tyreese was extremely worried about it, even in his blood loss state. Noah kept whining, apologizing.

“You don’t gotta apologize, stop.” Rick warned.

Noah grew silent quickly doing as he was told. Rick’s voice was strength, what he said went, and it was clear to everyone that everything he had to say needed to happen. Michonne looked behind her only to see Tyreese’s head bob, his eyelids flutter. Rick pulled over once his breathing stopped, they were close to their pack now but didn’t want to upset Sasha by killing him in front of her.

“This is shit!” Rick snarled. “We need my mate and my pups off the damn road…we have got to find fucking people or a place we can call our own.”

“We are looking alpha calm down.” Rick turned his head and his eyes darkened.

“Rick wait..wait.” Glenn tried to ease the alpha.

“Fuck.” Michonne whined. Noah stiffened, he had never seen an alpha’s eyes darken like that, Rick ordered them in the car and as they drove back to their pack in silence they could hear a slight growl in his belly.

Noah knew not to ask questions.

They appeared back by their pack and Sasha was left devastated, Rick stormed up to Daryl and grabbed his good wrist dragging him towards their bus. “What’s going on?” Noah finally asked.

“Rut.” Michonne replied. Daryl yelped, feeling Rick’s rough hands.

“Alpha…” Daryl whined.

“I am going to protect you Daryl, keep you safe my omega.. I am going to find our pups somewhere safe to live.” Rick snarled as he pinned Daryl.

“I know you will alpha..” Daryl moaned as he felt Rick grab him and fuck into him rough. Daryl whimpered in pleasure.

“I am going to do this, keep you safe I swear it.” He grunted as he took what he needed. Daryl whimpered and yelped as Rick continued to slam into him, he had seen Rick in a blood rut, but never like this before. Rick slammed forward fast and hard before he felt a sudden rush of seed and his knot take form. “Going to give our pups a safe place to live. I promise.”

Daryl whimpered and whined as he used him even with the knot deep in him. Rick’s thrusts were deep and harsh. Daryl’s already mark-covered body grew more covered as Rick took what he wanted.


“Shh now..” Rick ordered, Daryl grew silent pretty quickly. Rick kept thrusting, Daryl was stretched beyond belief. His rut for now was satiated, he pulled away from Daryl after the knot popped leaving him to pass out in the bus. Rick stepped out, they would survive this world with Rick as their alpha.

Sasha ran to Rick who gave her comfort. “Sorry..sorry.. Sasha really.. I shouldn’t have.. Have ran off like that without asking if you were okay.”

“Alpha your rut is not something you can ignore.” She said as she nuzzled into him. “It’s okay..I just.. How did I loose them both?”

“I’m sorry Sasha.. I failed as your alpha.”

“No.. you didn’t.” She promised, he hugged her. He didn’t know how long it would take them to find a new place to live, a place with walls and security. He just needed his pack safe and alive, needed to protect them. He felt bad about what had happened so far, the ones he had lost. He just prayed no one else would die, they needed to protect one another and find security.

“Maybe we should head to DC?” Abraham suggested. “I know…. I know that we were going there for Eugene but Eugene had a reason to want to go. Right? Had to have a reason to want to be there. It is clear there has to be some sort of walls, safety. I’ll bet a monkey's balls there has to be some sort of safety there.”

“Maybe we should.” Rick said. “Maybe that will give us what we need.”

Chapter Text

Daryl was frustrated, their bus had broken down over two week ago and now they were on the road again. Just walking. Daryl was even more frustrated because he knew his heat was coming back again and he was more pissed because of it. Rick knew it was coming soon, after his rut he knew that meant Daryl would be coming towards his heat sooner than expected. He felt bad for it, he knew his rut started it early.

Daryl was of course in the middle, with Judith in her sling, he was thankful to see his wrist was mostly healed. He was soothing Judith when he felt it, he groaned and snarled feeling the heat flare up. “Shit.” Daryl whimpered, Rick’s head turned quick. “No alpha, we do not have time for this.”


“No.” Daryl barked as he pushed past him with Judith hanging from her sling. Rick grunted but followed Daryl as he walked, everyone was hungry and thirsty and Judith was the only lucky one because after two days of screaming for food Rick allowed Daryl to feed her himself again. “This is fucking bullshit.”

“Daryl, let Rick help.” Maggie suggested as she reached for him he growled, she whimpered and pulled her hand away. Beth and Carl were quick to come to their mothers side, Daryl handed Judtih to them and kept walking.

“Rick I am going to hunt, don’t stop me, just let me. I need to do this.”

“Daryl you’re in heat.” Rick argued.

“Yes and you’ll let me do this.” Daryl said. “I need this alpha please.”

Rick grunted but nodded allowing him to go, Daryl raced off towards the woods. He made his way along the forest line tracking, he followed some zig zagging footsteps clearly from a walker. He whined not seeing shit for food, he just wanted his alpha but knew he couldn’t right now. They needed walls and security before he accepted Rick’s advances, he bent over in pain as he felt a ripple of the cramps.

“Shit shit..”

As he made a noise a walker stepped from the tree line, he stabbed down his front covered in blood. He smiled at least the walkers wouldn’t touch him this way, he kept walking trying to find anything to feed Judith or his pack with. Rick was pacing as they waited for him.

“Why does he do this?”

“He needs time.” Maggie said softly.

“I need to be able to help him,” Rick grunted.

“We aren’t exactly in a place to do that, and he knows it. You need to know it, we have no vehicles, we have no walls. What are you going to do bend him over on the side of the road and just fuck him with all of us watching? The pups watching?”

Rick muttered and rolled his eyes, he knew it was true, he just hated the idea of making him deal with his heat on his own. It wasn’t safe, not with his device. “I shouldn’t have left him alone.”

“He’s gonna be fine.” Maggie promised.

Daryl was busy trailing when he came across a dead walker and a half eaten deer. “Every time with the damn deer.” He groaned and kept walking. As he walked he came across another dead walker. He cocked his head looking it over, it had been stabbed and it looked recent, his head popped up when he heard a twig snap.

Daryl lowered himself to the ground waiting, he only smelt walkers, and dead dear. No other scents and he was unsure why, he waited patiently. Once he heard and smelt nothing he crept forward and cocked his head.

“No fucking way.”

From a Friend. Was written in the dirt beside some applesauce, water bottles, and something meant just for him. He looked it over, he was unsure if he should trust it. He carefully packed them up, someone had been here, and someone knew he was an omega.

He made his way back towards his alpha. “You’re covered in blood.”

“I found..I was given something.”

“You what?”

“It was beside a sign written in the dirt. It said from a friend. Rick, whoever it is knows what I am.”

Rick stopped dead. “What?”

He pulled out the water bottles, applesauce and the special thing for himself. Pain pills meant for heats. “Alpha,” he lowered his head for a moment. “I trust these, I need them.”


“What are we gonna do? Fuck me up againts a tree?”

“I..I worry about it alright?”

“Smell it, the applesauce is fine, the pills look genuine, the water smells good.”

“Did you smell anyone?” Rick asked.

“No, just the dead and blood.”

“Then they are smart.”

“This is a win, we need this for our pack. Everyone’s hungry and thirsty and Judith can have some and I can stop feeding again.” Everyone was dirty and tired and wanted it once they saw it. They scented it to ensure it was just applesauce and water, Daryl downed four pain pills and sat back enjoying the feeling of his heat subsiding just a little bit.

“Why the shit do you look like you want to die?” Abraham asked as Daryl winced.

“Heat dumbass. Never had an omega before?”

“Actually, I have, but you look sick as shit.”

“Cause I got a box in my womb fuck you.” Daryl grunted volatile. “You want a box that makes your knot hurt every two minutes?”

Abraham grew silent, he understood that was a dumb question but it was clear what it meant. Daryl whimpered again as they kept walking after enjoying some of the applesauce and water. They kept moving, Daryl went off on his own again despite his alphas protest. He came across a barn and smiled, he raced back towards his alpha and pack.

“Walls, I found a barn.”

“That’s my omega.” Rick smiled. “Let’s go, come on.”

The pack was fast, they made their way towards the barn. They cleared it out and as the pack settled down Rick carried Daryl up to the hayloft. Daryl tried to keep his moans quiet as the pack tried to sleep. Sasha and Abraham kept the first watch. He liked knowing his pack was safe, that they had walls at least for tonight.

Once Rick had finished his attack on his omega, the two of them made their way back down. The pups all climbed up to Daryl. Beth curled up beside him, Judith snuggled up in his arms, Carl laying beside his back and Noah at his feet.

He was thankful to have his pack together.

Rick was happy to see his omega and pups sound asleep for the first time in a long time.

Chapter Text

Daryl whimpered awake feeling the pain of his heat woke him, Judith whined hearing Daryl’s whimpers. He stood up slowly scooting Judtih into Carl’s arms as he slept. He made his way outside early that morning while the others slept, he was determined to deal with this as best he could. Rick and the pack shouldn’t have to stop everything just because he was in heat, it wasn’t fair and he knew it.

Daryl was pacing, waiting for any sound, anything alive or dead. His head popped up at the smell of fresh berries, he made his way over towards where the scent was coming from. He smirked and began to pull them off the bush. They smelt fine and he knew better to know if something was poisonous or not.

“They’ll like this.” Daryl smiled as he picked up all the berries, a twig snap caught his attention. He turned quickly bow raised.

“Whoa whoa it’s okay. Don’t worry, it’s okay. Don’t worry Daryl, I just want to invite you and your pack to ours.”

Daryl watched curiously, as the man handed him a pile of photos. Daryl looked through them, houses, walls, more houses, a clear image of a lake. He smirked a bit. “Safe?”

“Extremely safe, for you and your pups.”

Daryl thought for a moment. “I’ll only go if my alpha says we can, but I want my pups safe.”

The man nodded in understanding, he showed him his pack and Daryl went through it. Some more food, water, some real diapers for his puppy. He smiled and led him towards the barn. “My name is Aaron.” The man smiled while Daryl gave him a soft nod.

Daryl opened the door, the alpha male following him carefully. “Alpha, this is Aaron.” Rick was quick to jump on his feet, the others rushing over as well. Daryl moved to show Rick the photos. “He said the place is safe, safe for the pups. Has walls alpha. A lake, houses. A place for Judith to grow up in, for Bethy and Carl. Noah. We could even try for more pups.”

Rick looked up. “You’re ready for that?”

“If we have walls, DC was a long shot, we knew that when we thought about it. I need a place for us now.”

Aaron watched the two interact. “How long have you been following us to know we have an omega?”

“A while, listening as well. I am being transparent here. We want you to..well audition i know it sounds odd like we are a dance troop. That's only on Fridays.” He chuckled, the others gave him an odd look. “Those are the best photos we have, bad quality I apologize know..”

“How much do you know?”

“I know you are strong, brave. Yes you’re dangerous, but our pack needs safety in numbers. Safety in the best ways we can get them, we know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to protect your pack. To protect your pups and your omega. We know Daryl has a need for medical attention, and we are happy to provide that, we wish we could have helped you more but our people aren’t the best fighters and we know that. We want your pack because we know you are strong. However, you have to audition.”

“Alright,” Rick grunted in agreement. “I need to know one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“How many of your people are there?”

“I would say roughly about 120 on the safe end.”

“How many people are with you?”

“Only one,” he smiled. “My mate.”

Aaron was doing his best to be honest and truthful. “We have two vehicles we drove separately to do this, we only go out the two of us. We are good at what we do this way, just the two of us. Will you come then?”

“I..I.. Daryl do you feel like we can do this?”

“I want to trust it.” Daryl said. “Aaron doesn’t sound bad, and he gave us real stuff. Real food for Judith and pain pills for me. Water and stuff for the pack.”

“Alright then, let’s go.” Rick smiled picked up Judith and the other pups followed their mother quickly. They followed Aaron. “Michonne, what is it that you noticed about Terminus and The Governors place first?”

“Silence.” Michonne replied.

“I hope we hear something when we get there.” Rick said softly. He held his daughter close, they made their way towards the vehicles and Eric. Daryl walked in the center of them as usual, his heat flaring up and Aaron feeling bad.

“We have an RV,” Aaron said. “You can use it in the back.”

Daryl smiled thankful for the suggestion, he just needed his heat to stop hurting even for a few moments. He snatched Judith from his alpha, her presence tended to make the omega feel better. He held her close to him, she cuddled into him as they walked. Daryl wanted to learn everything he could about this new place, the new people. If there were any pups he knew they would want him to protect them as well, he smiled kissing Judith’s forehead.

They continued on their way following Aaron, as they made their way along they found an RV and a car. “This is my mate Eric.”

“Hello, you’re Daryl right?” He asked curiously, smelling his heat. “The pack will be excited, we hadn’t told anyone but our leader about you being an omega.”

Daryl smiled, thankful for it. “As long as they don’t all come at me at once.”

“They won’t, when we bring in new people we always tell them to give them some space.”

“Good,” he smiled as they entered the RV. Rick was quick to take Daryl to the back to help him with his heat. Daryl whined and muttered as Rick fucked into him. “Shh now Omega.”

Daryl tried to be silent so the others didn’t hear them fucking. He knew they all knew what they were doing, but he didn’t want them to have to hear their crude noises, Daryl yelped as Rick knotted him, a rush of seed filling him. He grunted taking the knot like a champ, he panted as he felt the pain of his heat subsiding.

“What would I do without you..” Daryl questioned as Rick kissed him carefully.

“You won’t ever have to know that love.” Rick promised. “Rest now, I will wake you when we get there.”

Rick pulled away once his knot popped and left Daryl to sleep. Carl cuddled into Beth and Noah with Judith in his lap. “Mom?”

“Fine.” Rick promised. “Heats a bitch.”

Abraham snorted, Rick eyed him and he quickly grew silent. “Wasn’t laughing.”

“You laughed.”

“I had a thought and didn’t say shit did I?”

“What were you thinking by chance?” Rick mused.

“I had a bad thought, won’t be saying it.”

“Yes you fucking will.” Rick snarled.

“I am just apologizing for this in advance because I know it was bad. I was thinking that the heat makes him a bitch. But in an endearing way.”

Rosita tilted her head some. “You should be happy that was a thought he had and didn’t say out loud until you made him honestly alpha.”

“That is increadly true,” Eugene remarked. Aaron chuckled, Eric was in the other vehicle with Michonne, Tara, and Gabriel. Maggie muttered under her breath about how she deserved some more beef jerky from Glenn when they could get it.

“Maggie I swear you make more bets on my sex life than I do.”

Aaron nearly choked on the water he had just consumed. “You make bets on your alphas sex life?”

“More just about how often it happens.. Or how long it's gonna go, for when it’s going to happen..”


“Makes it more fun, daddy once joined in.” Maggie grinned. Beth looked up wide eyed.

“No way.”

“Did so, told me himself and I had to find some berries to make him tea because he was right and I was wrong.”

Rick’s face grew deep red. He had no idea Hershel had joined in on it. “You’re entire family…”

Daryl whimpered, waking from a nightmare. “Alpha!”

Rick raced to him. “Are you okay ‘mega?”

“Just had a nightmare…”

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Rick whispered. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” Daryl smiled looking up to him. Rick kissed him carefully, the pack were happy to see that Daryl was okay. “I am okay.” He promised as the pack looked him over.

“We have a lady, she was a therapist before all of this if you want it.” Aaron offered.

“No thanks but thanks.” Daryl muttered, he wasn’t one for all of that kinda stuff. “I appreciate it though.”

Aaron nodded, understanding the hesitance, he smiled looking over the omega. “We have a few pups in our group, they’ll like you. Sure the moms will be happy to gi-”

“I don’t take pups,” Daryl snarled, “I am happy to be like a second mom, but I don’t take pups.”

“Oh? But those other ones aren’t yours are they?”

“Not the two. Carl is my mate's son, and is mine. Bethy’s father died, Noah's family too, but ask Carol I don’t take pups”

Carol nodded. “My daughter, I offered her to Daryl when he presented. He denied it, told me that I was still her mother, that she was welcome to call him mom but didn’t plan to do anything else unless I didn’t want her like that anymore. I was so thankful for it, he really is amazing. Some mothers don’t really want their pups if someone else will watch them for us. I did though. Daryl still let me have that.”

“You really are something aren’t you?” Aaron asked with a smile.

Daryl shrugged. “Just don’t think it’s right to steal puppies.”

Daryl wasn’t willing to do that no matter what it meant, he would take on pups as his own happily, but he would never steal one. Not unless their parents were abusive like his had been. Then he would consider it.

Daryl opened a cupboard and he took a can off the shelf. There were plenty of different cans, and he was excited about it. That meant his pups would stay well fed. He grinned and showed his alpha the cans, Rick smiled.

“This is good for us,” Rick smiled. “Look I promise you, we will try our best to audition but we won't lie about anything we have done. If that gets us banished we understand because we have done some shit, a lot of bad things and we know it. I am sure if you’ve been watching us and you know.”

“I do and I am sure you’ll be fine. We need people who have lived outside these walls, strong people like you.”

Rick smiled and hoped that was true.

He wanted a place for his pups to grow up in, a place where they weren’t scared to sleep. They soon appeared in front of the walls, as Rick stepped out holding Judith in his arms he heard laughter, people talking inside the walls. That was the first sign to him that things were good here. That it was a good idea to do this.

The gates opened for them, Daryl kept in the middle of the pack, their scents masking his for the time being. Daryl took Judith from Rick holding her close to him, she made him feel safer. “We usually ask for the weapons to be taken away, however for your people we won’t ask that for now. Your weapons will always be yours you just have to check them out when you use them.”

“Your people don’t keep them on hand?”

“Haven’t needed to.”

“No you need to. It’s safer, the walkers aren’t the only problem anymore, it's people too.” Rick said. He was already taking care of the place, the moment he walked in everyone could tell who the real prime was going to be.”

Daryl kept himself close to them, staying between Abraham, Rosita, and Sasha. The pups circled their mother, they wanted to keep him safe, as safe as they could for what they are. The young alpha stayed the closests. Carl was determined to protect his mom. Aaron smiled as he watched the new pack stay close to their omega. They knew what was the most important thing to do. “How do we audition?”

“You’ll meet our leader and she will ask questions. Daryl should go first so he is in the big house and not around everyone before they notice he’s omega.” The pack followed quickly, they wouldn’t allow Daryl to walk alone, and certainly wouldn’t allow anyone to notice he was omega before they allowed it. Daryl walked on his own with Judith in his arms once they got to the front door. He raced inside and once the door closed no one could smell him anymore.

“Hello?” Daryl called, Judith barked at her mothers call.

“You must be Daryl, welcome, I am happy to meet you. Come answer some questions, who is this cutie?”

“This is my daughter, Judith.” Daryl grunted in reply.

“Mind if I record this?”

“No, go ahead.” He replied, Judith babbled and said momma a few times.

“What were you before all of this?”

“Like my job? Didn’t have one.” Daryl replied. “I wanted to be a mechanic of some sort, or hunt wild animals and sell them.”

“You’re a good hunter?”

“I am.”

“I can smell your heat.” The beta said softly. “You seem to be in pain.”

“I have a box in my womb, my father planned on selling me to the ring.” He replied. “I’ve come a long way, a really long way. I won’t let none of my people be hurt no matter my placement. I don’t do frilly shit and I sure as hell don’t like staying inside walls if you’re only going to do that to me. I assume you give people jobs or you wouldn’t ask what we did before all of this.”

“I assume you’re wanting the packs pups?”

“Hell no, I want to protect them yes, I love pups. I don’t just take pups. That isn’t how I work. I want to offer pupsitting, and of course I will do whatever it takes to protect them need be. I don’t just take pups though, not exactly cool ya know?”

“I appreciate that.” She smiled. “I like knowing that even as an omega you aren’t selfish. A lot of omegas are, or were when there still were omegas. You’re a rarity.”

“I know that but I hope it doesn't make you think otherwise of me, I want to fit in please. Or at least try, I don’t want you to make me what I’m not. Shit..”


She then noticed the blood soaking his jeans. “Can you hold her for a minute? You got a bathroom?”

“Wait, wait before that are you..are you Judith’s birth mother?”

“I uhm..yeah I am.” Daryl grunted.

Her eyes grew wide. “I didn’t realize you were a one percent.” She said as she took Judith form him and he raced off towards the bathroom. She held Judith bounding her for a moment. “Well aren’t you just the cutest thing, that’s really your mommy?”

“Momma.” She replied softly. She smiled and coed at the girl, Daryl returned having washed his thighs up.

“So you’re a one percenter? That makes you more valuable. Are you and Rick planning on having more pups then?”

“We are thinking about it, that important?”

“I want to make sure your pups have a place to grow up, wouldn’t want to send you back out there. It’s a death sentence, I also want to make sure I give you a good job that also will allow you to do what you can during your pregnancy. You shouldn’t go out and hunt during your pregnancy, however I want to make sure you also get to do what you want.”

“I’ll be okay, I hunted a bit during my pregnancy with Judtih.” She babbled once he took her back. “Honestly I will be fine, she and I did some hunting together recently didn’t we sweetheart?”

She clapped happily.

“You hunted with your puppy with your wrist like that.”

“I did.”

“What happened to your wrist if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I was attacked and gangraped by a pack of alphas. Rick did what he had to do to save me, I attempted to run, fight, and one of the alphas attacked me without the others. Their pack had rules, and they broke one which got my wrist broken again.” He bounced Judith who snuggled into him. “Look, there is a lot of things about the outside world that’s dangerous… I want my pups safe. I want my pack and the pack here safe. We can bring the packs together of course, my alpha.. Well the moment he walked in I know you all scented it. Know it, he is prime now.”

“I did, and I am fine with it, we need something strong here. Something better, I know we aren’t as safe as we think. I know we need more here.”

“I’m glad you see it,” Daryl smiled as Judith pulled at his hair. “Darling no.”

She pouted. “Mommy.”

“Judith what did I say honey?”


“That’s right, mommy said no.”

Deanna smirked watching them talk. “You two are adorable.”

“She’s a stinker.” He smiled. “My little ass kicker.”

“Ass kicker?”

“When I was pregnant, she and her br-”

“Her brother?”

“I..I was pregnant with twins my first time…I uhm..I gave birth to them both fine, but then he..he didn’t make it.”

“Oh Daryl I am so sorry…I am sure whoever was there helping you felt horrible.”

Daryl stopped dead. “Help me?” He laughed a bit. “I gave birth to them on my own in a place filled with walkers. I blocked myself in a room, pushed items in front of the door while my pups were trying to get out. I pushed and gave birth to them both on my own, Rick and the others were trying to save the place from being overrun. After I gave birth to them I had to kill walkers because they got in. I..I tried so hard to get them both out of there..and he little boy just died. I nearly bled out too..honestly I don’t know how I am here.. I like to think it’s because of Judith and my surviving pups.

Deanna’s eyes grew wide realizing this pack was stronger than every single one of the members in her pack. Daryl alone was stronger than her entire pack. “I am sorry to hear that, but you are strong and you’re here for a reason.” She waved to Judith who grabbed for her and waved.

“She’s smart.”

“Should start walking soon…don’t know if I’m ready for that.” He chuckled. “Deanna.. Tell me, why my pack?”

“Why bring you in? Because from what Aaron and Eric has said, they know you’re strong and I am willing to bet you’d do whatever you can to help your pack. That includes us now right?”

“I hope so, if Rick says no I won’t stay. I want to stay, I want to give my puppies a place to live. A real place.” Judith snuggled into Daryl again. “I want to make her happy, give her a place to see the world isn’t all bad.”

Deanna smiled. “We will work on that together then, I hope your alpha says yes as well. I will be speaking to him and the others very soon, you’re welcome to stay on the couch during their interviews so the others don’t know you’re omega until your alpha gives the okay. Judith too, I am sure your pack will appreciate your presence during them anyway. As well as your darling little alpha here.”

Judith barked at her placement being called, Daryl grinned as she patted his chest. “Thanks.” Daryl sat down on the couch and waited for the others to be called in. He sat for each one, one after another. Rick’s was right after his. As soon as Rick gave the okay, Aaron had gone to find them houses to have for themselves. Rick took Daryl to another room during Carl’s interview and helped him through his heat again to give him a bit of time to not feel pain anymore. Daryl wanted to explore, but knew better till they got a feel for the place. Till Rick said it was okay.

Aaron got their houses set up and showed them to them once everyone else had gone off to bed. The pack decided to stay in the largest house for the first night, and would work on who stayed where the next morning.

They got to keep their weapons for that night too on Rick telling Deanna it would be so. Rick planned to protect his pack, to protect his family, and he was just thankful they had walls for once.

Chapter Text

Everyone was in the pile. Judith In Daryl’s arms, the pups around him, and the others around them. Rick watched for most of the night, and swapped out with Abraham and Michonne. Noah and Beth were happy to be reunited, the two laid back to back to one another. The pack that morning took turns showering and using the water. Michonne brushed her teeth for over twenty minutes, it was clear that everyone was excited there was stability, there was going to be some clear concern for a while, but they needed this place to work.

Tara smiled bumping into Michonne on purpose. “You know, if you want my attention you just have to tell me.” The alpha said looking over the female beta. She smiled at her.

“Well maybe we should talk sometime then.” Tara grinned.

Michonne nodded and walked past her. The pack got dressed and ready when a knock came to the door. “Hello, I just wanted to check in and see how you’re settling. Did you all sleep here last night?”

“We did actually.” Rick said. “No one said we couldn't.”

“Staying together, smart.” She smiled. “Well I wanted to give everyone jobs. Daryl I am still figuring you out. Carol I have a perfect job for you, going to have work on making meals for the families who can’t, the older people, mothers with pups. Glenn, Tara, Noah I will have you on supply run duties. Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, I will have to get back to you. Maggie, I would like to have you as my apprentice. Beth I would like to have you help Olivia in the storage.”

They nodded. “Gabriel, we will have you be our official father.”

He nodded with a soft smile. “Eugene, you’re smart. We will work on that one, but I think we will have you be my husband's assistant, making blueprints.”

Eugene nodded with a soft smile, he liked being the smart guy again.

“Rick, Michonne I would like to have you as our constables. Alexandria’s police force.”

Daryl looked up with a smile. He liked knowing Rick would have a job he wanted, a real job. They were able to do the things they had once before. “Carl, I want you to be your fathers apprentice. Take his job one day, however all three of you pups have school to attend in the afternoon.”

“School, again, really?”

“Hey, its the way it works here. You go to school, not much different than when Carol was doing classes.”

“No it is different. Is there any weapon training?”

“No,” Deanna said.


“Hey, Carl please listen okay, just try it out?”

“Yes mom.” Carl nodded, lowering his head.

“Judith, your job is to just keep looking adorable.”

“She would be employee of the year with the job.” Daryl smiled, kissing her cheek. She giggled and made a grabby hand motion towards Rick who picked her up carefully.

“Hi sweetheart.”

“Alright, we can work on all of the assignments, I do hope you know both houses are yours so please feel free to use them. I understand why you would stick together. It’s smart, and you’re a pack, a family. I am all for it, just know you have both places for yourselves. Aaron wanted to give you something by the way, but he went out this morning so I am here to give it to you.”

Daryl cocked his head as she wheeled a crib in. Daryl jumped up and went to grab for it. “Thank you.”

“I know she won’t be in it for long, but we should keep her in a real bed. Aaron hopes it will be useful.”

“It’s really nice, thank you. Tell him thank you as well if you see him before I do.”

“I will,” she smiled. “Now, why don’t you all take a walk. We do have a stroller if you don’t want to carry her.”

“I’m carrying my pup.” Daryl said, picking her up. “I appreciate it though.”

The pack stepped out together. “Everyone’s going to scent me now.” Daryl said as he stepped behind Rick.

“It’s going to be fine, we are ready for it.”

Abraham nodded. “We will protect you, don't worry.”

“It isn’t about protecting, it’s honestly about everyone coming at me to say hi at once.” He held Judith close, the little girl clapping in excitement as a few leaves blew past them. Daryl smiled kissing her nose before they stepped out into the street, it didn’t take long for people to notice the smell.

Everyone stepped out on their porch as they walked, Daryl was semi center but it was open so Judith could see as well. Carl, Beth, and Noah stayed behind Daryl flanking the omega. Daryl smiled as Rick wrapped an arm around him. The prime of their pack as well as all of Alexandria now kept his mate close trying to let everyone who got close to know he owned Daryl. A women with two pups stepped forward offering them to him.

“I won’t be stealing your pups.” Daryl said, waving a hello. “I would be happy to keep an eye on them, they can call me mom if they want. I won’t argue that, but you’re still their mother.”

“Can I give you a stamp?” The younger one asked.

He nodded and lowered his hand, the pup used a stamp in the shape of an A and pressed it on his hand. “My names Sam.”

“I’m Ron,” the older one said, waving hello. A girl appeared, “that’s Enid.” Another boy about Ron’s age came around as well. “That’s Mikey.”

“Hi,” he smiled and waved another hello.

“We can call you mom then?” Enid asked, she didn’t talk much but it was clear to them all that Daryl was at least good enough because of the pups. Daryl nodded.

“Yes, you can. If you want.”

“Alright..” she smiled and then disappeared again. Sam smiled, now he had two moms. Daryl kept walking enjoying that he could walk as a family with his pups.

Daryl looked up at Jesse, the woman who offered her pups, her alpha husband Pete gave him weird vibes. He wasn’t sure if he liked him at all, but he did need his wrist checked out. Rosita had promised to which he would let her, but he needed a real doctor to look him over. Daryl held Judith as they walked by the families. Plenty of house wives that he already knew were going to ask him all about himself.

He didn’t want that, and he really wasn’t ready for them to know that he was a one percent but the news of it would break at some point. If he got pregnant again or someone learned who Judith’s birth mother was.

He didn’t exactly hate that people would know Judith was his girl, his real girl by blood, but he just didn’t like people knowing he was ‘special’. He didn’t feel special, he just wanted to be normal.

“Alpha, people are staring at me.”

“They are going to, you’re pretty, and you’re an omega.”

Daryl blushed at his comment, he kissed him before adjusting Judith. His wrist was thankfully healing so he could hold his girl better. Daryl watched the people watch him. He kept his head low as they watched him more. Eric jogged up to them. “Hey, how are you guys settling in?”

“Better thank you Eric, tell Aaron thank you for the crib. I really appreciate it.”

“Of course.”

Eric smiled at them, the others scattered to their positions or just to explore. Daryl held Judith and walked beside Rick. Carl, Beth, and Noah smiled following Daryl. They were happy for now, and they hoped it would stay that way.

Daryl yelped then, Rick looked down quickly. “Your heats still not over yet.”

“No..not yet..” Daryl whined, feeling the pain in his stomach. “Alpha…”

Rick handed Judith to Carl. “Keep an eye on her. Stay close to each other alright?

“Yes dad.” Carl said, taking Judith.

Daryl yelped being picked up and carried back to their house, Daryl thought it was strange they were going to have a real house. He was carried off to bed. “Maybe we should try?”

“I..I think we could..if you’d want..” Daryl yelped feeling Rick inside him. Rick smiled, they didn’t do much to stop it from happening, but Rick knew ways to get it to happen better.

“Alright darling, you’re going to catch.”

“Yes..yes alpha..”

“Good boy.” Rick smiled, kissing him desperately. “You’re going to catch, we’re going to have more pups honey..”

Daryl nodded, his body quivering. He wanted more with Rick, he just wanted to give Rick what he could. Whatever he could. He loved Rick, and hoped he could give him and the pack everything he could. Rick grunted, knotting him, Daryl spasmed feeling the rush of seed. He was just hoping they would catch, honestly hoping.

Deanna let Maggie know about her party that night, Maggie went and told her pack. She walked in on Rick and Daryl. “Whoa sorry…sorry.”

“‘S fine.” Daryl muttered, feeling his cock pulsate inside him. “Whatcha want Maggie?”

“There is a party tonight, Deanna wants us to go, we should just because it will be good for us. Uhm..enjoy the.. The knot.”

“Embarrassed?” Rick asked.

“No of course not.” She smiled running off, Glenn owed her something now.

Daryl laughed as Rick pulled away. “That girl.” Daryl smiled, feeling his seed spill out. “Now, you rest. You want to go to the party?”

“I think everyone’s going to bombard me but yes alpha.”

“I will keep an eye on you, won’t leave your side.”

“Yes alpha, thank you.”

Chapter Text

Daryl was honestly debating about going to the party, he knew he should, they had to keep up appearances in case anything did happen and they had to be trusted. Daryl went to get ready when Rick pulled him into the shower. Daryl tried to hide his laugh as Rick nibbled on him. Daryl yelped feeling Rick’s fangs sink into his skin. “Ah..Rick..”

“Just making sure the bite is fresh, you belong to me omega.”

“Yes Alpha, I know I do. I am yours.”

“Look at all of this dirt coming off of you.” Rick said as he washed Daryl up, Daryl was trying not to fight or argue with him, he wasn’t one for baths or showers. He liked the dirt honestly, liked being one with nature, but they had to keep up appearances.

Daryl gulped as Rick began to clean his back, Daryl bit his lip, he still hated his scars and he knew he always would. He was just glad Rick didn’t judge him, didn’t see him as any less because of the scars or because of what he was. Daryl allowed Rick to clean him up, he smiled feeling his hands on him.

The two stepped out and Rick dried him off before drying himself. “I hope you get pregnant again.. Honestly.”

“I hope so too, but I don’t know.. It may not happen. I got pregnant on my first heat with a mate, maybe the last one I ever get too.. I mean I don’t know if something got messed up with twins in there.”

Rick sighed, he knew he was right. He kissed him softly. “I love you regardless ‘mega.”

Daryl lifted his chin up and kissed him before they finished dressing and made their way down stairs. Daryl got Judith into a dress and smiled as she attempted to stand. “You’re getting too big darling.” Daryl said, holding his hands out. He honestly hoped she wouldn’t start walking yet, he wasn’t okay with his puppy skipping development stages all together. She couldn’t figure out crawling but it looked to him like she was about to walk.

The pack stopped and watched as Judith giggled. “Momma.” She coed as she attempted a step, Daryl watched her with pride. His girl was a miracle, his girl was strong. He caught her as she quickly learned she wasn’t ready for walking yet. He giggled as she pawed at him, he looked up at Rick.

“She’s getting big Rick.”

“Yes she honestly is.” Rick couldn’t help but worry about his pups, the life they’d live. “No walking yet Judy, you gotta crawl first.”

She barked and swatted at her father. He laughed, their little alpha was something else. Daryl caressed her cheek as the pack stood together and walked to the party. Daryl took a deep breath as they entered, Carl, Beth, and Noah stuck close to Daryl until he told them to go off on their own and have some fun. They hesitantly listened to their mother, Noah stayed around Sasha and Tara.

Beth stayed with Maggie while Carl hung around the new pups. Enid was nowhere to be found which was apparently normal for her, she liked going off on her own.

Daryl stuck to Rick like he was attached, he didn’t go anywhere without him. Abraham could scent his panic, and so could everyone else. They weren’t sure if coming up to him would help ease the panic or make it worse. Daryl shook as Maggie took Judith to let her socialize with some people.

Daryl hung closer to Rick once his hands were free. One arm was slung around his waist, the other pressed into his chest. His wrist was wrapped up and he wanted to keep it close. “Daryl honey you want a drink?”

“Just water, if I am.. If I did catch I shouldn’t be drinking.”

Someone heard his comment and quickly realized Daryl wasn’t just an omega. She narrowed her eyes. “Are you.. Are you Judith’s birth mom?”

“I am.” Daryl said as Maggie handed Judith back. The pup whined feeling sleepy, she rubbed her eyes. Daryl rocked her until she fell asleep in his arms, he held her close as she snuggled into him snoozing.

“I didn’t realize one percenters were real before the world fell.” She said as she watched Rick pull Daryl beside him on the couch. Glenn brought them both water. “So are you and Rick planning on having more pups?”

“If it happens it happens.” Daryl said, the others were watching not so secretly, no one thought they would ever see another omega again. “Can’t really stop it anyway..I need him during my heats..”

The woman nodded, she smiled as Judith twitched in her sleep. He yelped as she kicked his bad wrist again. “God Judith everytime..little ass kicker. Rick, take your damn daughter.”

Rick chuckled and Abraham nearly spit his beer out. He carefully took her as she continued to sleep.

“Did you just call her an ass kicker?” One of them asked, becoming part of the conversation.

“She always kicked me in the ribs, or I would see her little hand and foot when I was pregnant. We were clearing out a place once and even in my belly she was fighting with us. When I gave birth to her she was barking at the undead trying to break in.”

Everyone watched wide eyed with horror realizing that Daryl didn’t have a safe place to give birth to the pup. That he had been outside in the dangerous world during his pregnancy and raising the pup.

“She’s a little fighter.” Rick said with a smile as she barked in her sleep. “Going to be a strong pup.”

“Already is, she's trying to skip crawling.” Daryl muttered. “Ain’t ya darlin?”

She kicked in her sleep again, Rick chuckled. Rosita took her cradling the little girl and rocking, she was singing softly in a language Daryl didn’t understand, but it was beautiful and he was happy to see how much his family loved his pups. Abraham sat close making sure he had a close eye on his prime and their pack omega.

Sasha was trying to be good, she was trying not to show how uncomfortable she was. They were so close to a safe place and yet both her brother and her intended mate were now dead. A woman walked up to her. “What's your favorite meal, I want to make one for all of the new arrivals.”

“I don’t really have one.”

“Oh of course you do, I worry I would make you something you’d hate.”

“That..that’s what you worry about?” They could tell she was getting irritated.

“Sasha,” Rick stood quickly. “Sasha, it's okay. They don’t know what it’s like out there.”

“What is it like out there?” Someone asked curiously. Daryl bit his lip frustrated, all of these people were clueless. “Daryl, what was it like being pregnant in that?”

“Our pack was good to me, they kept me safe, but.. It wasn’t easy. Even when we found walls it wasn’t safe. People are almost worse than the undead..” he shook remembering Joe and Philip. “I had to give birth alone because people let walkers into our home, I nearly bled out. Rick and the others were doing everything they could to protect us.. Judith’s cries were so loud the walkers would come from all over.. I got lucky my pack is good. That my alpha actually cares about me.”

That was when Pete said something he shouldn’t. “I mean you are a bitch, surprised you only have one alpha.”

“Pete!” Jessie yelled. Rick stood up quickly stepping in front of Rick.

“What the hell did you just say about my omega?”

“Rick,” Michonne said. “As the police here we can’t be starting fights.”

“I am fine, alpha.” Daryl said reaching for Judith, Rosita was quick to hand her to her mother. Carl stepped in front of his mother and growled.

“What, I was just saying. Surprised he only has one mate, aren’t you? I mean if I had the only omega I would make sure the alphas in my pack had access to them too.”

Daryl bristled. Deanna was quick to step up knowing what Daryl had been through. He stood up quickly. “I’ve been through that, thank you very much. Like I said, people are worse than the dead. You are just as bad as those fuckers who raped me relentlessly, who broke my wrist and attacked me. Removed my mate mark and tortured me just for thinking like that.” Daryl carried Judith out of the house and stomped his way to their home.

Rosita and Abraham followed, Rick snarled. “If I see you near my omega, I will not hesitate to show you what a real prime is, what a real alpha is.”

“I am the doctor here. He needs me to look him over.”

“Rosita and Eugene will take care of Daryl. I will not see you near him, ever.”

“Are you okay?” Rosita asked as Daryl paced, Judith was asleep in her crib.


“Daryl..” Abraham lifted his hand to offer support. Daryl flinched and Abraham lowered his hand. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be..I.. I shouldn’t have flinched from you. You’ve done so much..”

The rest of the pack left the party quickly to check on Daryl. Deanna snarled. “Rick’s our prime now. We should not and cannot speak to his omega like that, Daryl is special. He needs these walls and the more you say the higher chance of them leaving, we need Rick and that pack to protect us. None of us have lived the way they did, not for long at least. If I hear anyone say something to that pack again, that isn’t true or is harmful I will speak to Rick about banishment.”

The people from the original pack of Alexandria nodded in understanding. They all were angry with Pete, and Jessie was scared to go home after she yelled at him. Daryl kept pacing until he saw Sam in the window. Everyone was getting ready for the night and Daryl slipped out.

“You okay puppy?”

“I..I’m scared mom.”


“My dad. I worry about my momma..”

“Why would you be worried for her?” Daryl asked.

“I..I uhm.. My dad sometimes hits her.”

Daryl growled. “He does?”


Daryl snarled. “Alright sweetheart, we will work on that okay?”

Sam nodded and hugged Daryl tightly. He hugged Sam back, he worried about the little one and for Jessie. The beta woman shouldn’t be harmed by her mate. “I’m gonna go home, make sure my momma is okay.”

“Alright, if anything happens you come running, we will answer the door.” Sam smiled and nodded, running off to his home.

Daryl went back inside, he looked around and saw the pack was all sleeping in the same house for the night which he was fine with. He snuggled up to Rick only to feel more pain from his heat. He whimpered and Rick carried him up the stairs away from the pack to help. Daryl hated feeling useless, hated that he had to be taken away from his pack and causing Rick to be separated from the pack just to help him.

Rick didn’t mind it at all, he loved his omega and helping Daryl with his heat. He honestly just loved his omega. He loved his pack that had become his family. Rick smiled loving him the best way he could, Daryl whimpered and moaned as he was fucked. “Catch for me darling.”

“I want to alpha, I want to..” Daryl grunted.

Daryl kissed Rick as he gripped the sheets feeling Rick’s knot. “Fuck honey, so tight around me.” Daryl barked in pleasure, Rick chuckled and closed his eyes in pleasure. Daryl’s hips lifted as Rick’s knot pulsated. “What a good boy.”

Daryl smiled as Rick kissed him, one the knot popped and they could pull away from one another Daryl felt his eyes grow heavy. He twitched as Rick helped dress him and carry him down the stairs and laid him on the floor. Daryl cuddled into Rick ready to start another day, he was actually happy to know they had walls and a safe place.

Even if it was odd, and some people clearly didn’t know what to do with Daryl or that they were unlike them. He was just happy to know his pups were safe.

Chapter Text

Daryl was busy with getting Judith ready when Deanna and Aaron walked in, “we figured out a job for you, it’s a two part.”

Daryl looked up. “Rick know?”

“Worried about it but yes.”

“We want to have you be the new recruiter, help people see the place can be safe. Good. If you’re pregnant of course we will keep you inside the walls, you can greet people here, allow them to settle in.”

“Rick’s worried because of my scent isn’t he?”

“Yes but he’s given you the okay, if we are going to be out here for a while to take blockers, but first he needs to make sure you’re not pregnant before you use it.”

Daryl smiled. “So he’s really letting me go?”

“Yes and we have a bike for you.”

“Awesome,” Daryl smiled standing up. Deanna took Judith for a moment and smiled as she grabbed for her touching her face and snuggling in. Daryl smiled as he took her back, Rosita had checked over his wrist and got it rewrapped.

“The group is going out today, Glenn, Tara, Noah. They’ll be going with Aiden and Nicholas.”

“Alright, thank you.” Daryl kissed Judith as he stepped out. “When are we going out?”

“A few days okay. We can wait till then, we will know if you’re pregnant or not too hopefully.”

“Alright.” Daryl smiled as Judith reached for Aaron, he happily handed his girl over and Aaron smiled not having held her yet. “So, if we go out, how many days do you usually go?”

“Depends on the group I find, I was following your people for a while.”

“Alright, as long as we can do check-ins so I know my girl is safe, my pups.”

“We can.” Aaron promised. “We will wait a few days.”

Daryl nodded. He hugged Noah as he got ready to go. Nicholas and Glenn were arguing but it wasn’t hard for them to figure it out. Nicholas and Alden were not as experienced as they liked to think they were. Nicholas was learning that despite Glenn being a beta he wasn’t going to fuck around.

Their trip there was fast, Eugene had argued about going but went because they needed him to get the supplies. Glenn and Tara were busy packing up supplies when Alden started shooting at a walker. “You have got to let it get close, don’t keep wasting bullets!” Glenn called. “Wait stop theres a gr-”

Alden shot it once more and the grenade exploded. Alden was stuck struggling, blood pouring from his wounds. He was knocked out but he didn’t know if he would make it through, Tara hit her head and knocked herself out, blood was everywhere. Eugene panicked and started to whimper. Glenn, Noah and Nicholas worked their way to help. Nicholas panicked leaving Alden behind, they worked their damndest to get out but it was clear that Alden wasn’t getting out alive. Glenn and Noah ran to follow Nicholas to warn him he couldn’t get out the other way he was trying to go, as they did they got stuck in a revolving door.


“Noah calm down, okay we have got to get out of here. Nicholas, Noah, hold the door while I break the glass.”

Nicholas and Noah did their best, but Nicholas started to panic. Fear wafted from him, he whimpered and snuck through causing Glenn to panic. Noah whined. “Don’t let go please.. Don’t let me die please. Beth..Momma..”

“I know I know. I have you..” Glenn did his best to fight to pull Noah but in the end he couldn’t. Noah screamed as he was ripped to shreds. Glenn was terrified, but he also knew Daryl was going to lose it. He raced towards the car knocking Nicholas out, they raced back with their supplies and to get Tara on the table. Daryl walked up to the car when they got there before he realized Noah’s scent was gone.

“Where is Noah!”

“He.. he didn’t make it.. Nicholas.. He ran and Noah didn’t make it. We lost Alden too..” Deanna was there and fell to her knees as they spoke. Daryl helped her up, they both lost a pup then. That feeling was one of the worst feelings anyone could feel. Daryl and Deanna held onto one another, Judith snuggled into the two grieving mothers.

“I..I..Nicholas ran?” Deanna asked, sadness filling her.

“Knocked him out after he did.. He’s in the truck. Tara needs immediate medical attention.”

The next three days were off for the pack, Daryl needed a constant eye on the pups. Beth and Carl felt terrible their ‘brother’ was gone but also didn’t want Daryl hovering. They understood why Daryl wanted and needed to hover, but they didn’t like it.

Daryl hardly let Judith out of his arms, she also quickly figured out that her mother was nervous as hell. He had lost too many pups to lose anymore, after the prison fell he had two pups, he gained back Beth and Noah but at one point they had a little more than ten.

Now he had Beth, Carl, Judith, Sam, Ron, Mikey, and Enid.

Enid was hard to find most of the time and he got that, Ron and Mikey always stuck together so he didn’t mind letting them do what they were going to do. Sam on the other hand he kept around as well. The young man liked being with Daryl anyway and hated it at home.

Daryl was pacing when Sam whined, Daryl looked up and handed Judith to Carl.

“What’s wrong?”

Sam showed Daryl under his shirt, a small bruise from his father was purple and blue. “It hurts momma.” Daryl shot up quickly.

“Stay here with your brother and sisters.” Sam nodded and stayed.

“Mom?” Carl asked concerned.


The pups nodded, Daryl’s tone was harsh and commanding. They knew they needed to stay, knew better than to argue. Daryl raced across the street and stormed into Jessie and Pete’s house. Jessie was knocked out on the floor, Pete smelt of booze.

Daryl raced to Jessie, he made sure she was breathing before he turned to look at Pete. “You’re hitting your boys?”

“They’re my pups, what’s it to you bitch?”

Daryl bristled. “Fuck you, you don’t get to call me that. You don’t get to touch Jessie, and you sure as hell don’t get to touch the pups. Those boys are mine now too, I don’t care what you say.”

He twitched as Pete took a step towards him. Daryl ducked as Pete attempted to hit him. Daryl swept his legs out from under him, Pete grabbed Daryl’s ankle and dropped him to the floor. Daryl turned and scrambled back before Pete grabbed the back of his pants and tore. Daryl felt cold air and knew he was exposed.

“You’re pack bitch, not Ricks, all of ours.”

Daryl yelped in terror, he scrabmled away. “No no stop!” Daryl kicked him in the face. “Stop!”

Pete snarled and scratched at him. Daryl yelped, feeling blood from the scratches. Daryl scrambled away and reached the door, as he opened it Pete grabbed his hair and pulled him back the door slamming with it. Daryl fell on his back, his shirt riding up. “Ah fuck…”

He was scratched and punched. Daryl kicked him and with his good but off hand sung.

Jessie was starting to wake when she saw Daryl on the floor, his pants ripped, blood dripping from him. “Pete stop it stop! Pete.”

He backhanded her as Daryl got up, he raced towards Jesse. “Run, go.”

She nodded and raced out the front door screaming for help. People started coming out of their houses, Daryl’s pack came running as well concerned by Jessie’s screaming. Daryl took another swing before Pete tackled him through the window. Daryl yelped as glass embedded itself inside his skin. “Ah fuck you bastard stop stop!”

Pete didn’t care where they were, he grabbed the hem on Daryl’s pants and attempted to rip them off. He kicked him hard in the face as Rick raced forward tackling him off, Pete growled at the alpha male. “You think you can really try and rape my omega?!” Rick was raging, he slammed his fist hard on his face.

Daryl scrambled into Rosita’s arms. “Shh its’s okay.”

Daryl growled, his arms shaking, his body raging. He only saw red. “He’s hitting his pups!” Daryl snarled. “I dont’ care what he tried to do to me, Sam’s got an adult alpha male’s fist sized bruise on his body. Jessie was out cold when I got there.”

Deanna appeared. “Rick don’t.”

“Don’t what? Kill this asshole?”

“We can send him on his way, or we can remove him from their home and put him on his own.”

“Then what? He returns and tries to take Daryl or kill us?” Rick asked.

“Deanna if you let him live you’re putting this place in danger. If you let this man live in the same place as my pups you’re putting them in danger. I wanted this place to be safe but I won’t feel safe, I won’t. I won’t let my pups grow up with a madman here, you letting him stay is like inviting the six alphas that raped me in with open arms. He tried to, he is hurting and abusing pups and his mate. Let me fucking do it, please let me kill him.”

Everyone was watching Daryl, he was much more open about his past than anyone expected him to be.

“’re right. We need this place to be safe, and we shouldn’t allow people like that in our safety.”

“So I can kill him?” Daryl asked, glass still piercing his skin.

Deanna nodded. Daryl stood up, his pants ripped but he didn’t really even care. He strode up to Rick who was holding his gun to Pete’s forehead. He grabbed it from Rick and pulled the trigger, he was breathing heavily, anger and fear wafting from him. He looked down and panicked feeling more blood than there should be one of the glass pieces embedded in his abdomen. Daryl whimpered and knew very well if he had been pregnant he most likely wasn’t anymore. Rick looked down seeing the blood.

“No no, Daryl. Rosita! Rostia!”

Rosita rushed forward, she caught Daryl as he dropped to his knees. They got him on his back and Rosta started working on removing glass and sewing them up.

“Shit No I cannot lose you, no!”

Daryl whimpered as Rostia did her best, Daryl was breathing heavily but knew he was going to be fine after what she did. He felt terrible, his heat was over and that meant it would be at least another two months before they would be able to try for more.

“We need people to carry weapons inside the wall to protect themselves, we need constant guards on the fences, we need this place to stand, we cannot let people like that live in these walls or get through these walls.” Rick yelled. “This place is safe, and we need to keep it safe. We need to build up the walls, make it impossible to climb the walls, we need to make this place safer than it is. So things like this don’t happen.”

Roista and Abraham helped Daryl up on his feet, he whined. He didn’t know if he had ever been pregnant, but he knew he wasn’t now. He kicked a rock under him as he thought, he was going to help make this place safer by bringing good people here. They were going to make this place livable, safe for his pups, and for the future. He wanted to see Judith and Carl grow up here. Wanted to see a future here. Rick turned and saw him, the look in his eyes and the thought that crossed both of their minds.

“No Daryl..”

“I..I don’t know if we were.. Just know we aren’t now..”

Rick kicked Pete’s body, this bastard took more away from him than they could express. Daryl shook, Carol brought a blanket out to wrap around his waist. Daryl shivered in pain as they took him to the medical wing to have Denise look over him, she was a practicing nurse before Pete made her stop coming around.

“Rick is our prime, Daryl the prime omega, and we will listen to what they have to say.” Deanna called to them. The pack nodded, accepting what was said to them, they would look to Rick as their leader now and forever. Spencer looked to his mother unsure of what to say, but he accepted that she was going to give this up. Reg, Deanna’s husband, had already accepted that Rick was the leader here.

Carl, Beth, Ron, Sam, Enid, and Mikey raced to check on Daryl. They wanted to make sure he was okay. Ron didn’t appreciate that his father was dead, but he also never expected his father to rape an omega, or try to.

Daryl whined as Denise checked him over.

“Can you tell if I was..If i had be-”

“To early to have known, but you’ll want to wait before you try again.’

Daryl whimpered and nodded, he knew she was right. He had just hoped with the walls and the new pack they could try to live a real life. He wanted to change things for the better. He wanted to give Rick what he could, and now it seemed his job was to try and stay alive, and recruit. They just needed to protect these walls, and the people in them.

Daryl bit his lip as Rick sat beside him kissing his cheek carefully. “I’m sorry Dare.”

“I’m gonna be okay..”


“Daryl, you were almost..while I was here.. And..a-”

“Rick I said I was okay.”

Rick nodded. “I’m sorry.”

“This place is good, we just have to keep it that way please.”

Rick nodded. “We will sweetheart, we will.”

Daryl muttered to himself, he wasn’t sure if he ever would have more pups. He sure as hell wanted to with him though, he was hoping the pack would eventually feel safe, that Maggie would have a pup. That Tara and Michonne would finally figure themselves out and have one, he knew that they could live a real life and have pups if they wanted them, to make this place real and safe.

Chapter Text

Two months had passed and they were clearing out a quarry full of the undead, Daryl was on his bike leading away the dead. He was happy to be helping their pack, Sasha and Abraham were in the car beside him.

It was going well, thankfully.

Daryl was busy thinking hard about the future of Alexandria and his family; the wolves were the only threat they were aware of. Aarron and Daryl had come across them in their search for more people, which wasn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully Daryl was on blockers then, or he would have become a bigger target.

While they were riding Daryl heard the sound of a horn, half the undead went off course.

“That sounds like home!” Daryl whined.

“We can’t turn and you know it honey,” Sasha yelled to him through the car. “The pack will protect the pups.”

Daryl whined a bit but kept on the path. He knew better, if Rick knew he ran he was going to kill him.

Rick and the ones on the ground were busy fighting them off Michonne and Glenn were running with a small bit of their pack. Glenn and Nicholas were running together to attempt to build up a flame, to get the undead to come towards that and not the sound of the loud horn.
Daryl whined again knowing very well his pups were back there and wanted to go.

He didn’t want to lose any more.

The pack was strong, but many of the original Alexandrians were slaughtered in the fight with the wolves. It was a slaughter, but thankfully none of Rick’s pack was harmed. Maggie and Aaron were protecting Judit and Sam, Eric was pacing in the home terrified for them.

However it was clear to the pack their duty was the protect the young pups and wait for the rest of their pack and prime to return.

A few of the wolves escaped but Rick took quick work of them, however it was a huge concern to him that the undead were not following what they were supposed to anymore and were following the airhorn.

Deanna was terrified, she didn’t realize what the world was really like until she witnessed all the slaughter. Carol was pacing in front of their homes as the pups huddled together. Sam and Ron were sitting with Beth and Carl. No one could find Enid but they knew better, she always enjoyed being wherever people couldn't find her and they assumed she was okay. Mikey had been slaughtered however, and they knew it was going to upset Daryl but they didn’t know what else to say to him, they knew it was out of their control. They had tried and failed to get him to safety, but he wasn’t Judith, or Carl, or Beth so they knew while it was a problem it wasn’t as bad as it could be.

Glenn and Nicholas were unsuccessful with the fire and were running from a large group of them, Glenn scurried under a garbage can after Nicholas decided he couldn’t take it anymore and killed himself.

Glenn’s scent was one of panic, but he had been smart enough to cover himself in the undeads blood to stop them from hunting him like prey.

As they continued their go Rick made it back to Alexandria but not without an injury and a large horde of the undead close behind. They got the gates closed up.

“Daryl come in come in!”

The line was dead, and Rick was terrified.

He should have never let him go, he should have never let it happen.

Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were on the run from people shooting, but they didn’t know why they were shooting. Daryl yelped as his bike slid blood pooled from his arm as he got the bike back up. His yelp was that special omega yelp, he hadn’t meant it, but it caught him off guard and hurt like hell.

The ones in the cars stopped shooting at him and started following him.

Shit shit shit.

Daryl rode into the woods hoping to have caught them off his trail. He ran into the woods, his bike pretty much out of commission, Sasha and Abraham were running, they knew the people knew Daryl was omega and that was dangerous.

Daryl slowly made his way through the woods, his bow up, he only had two arrows, and the gun he had used was out of bullets now. He stopped as a gun was raised to his head, the women standing with the alpha that had the gun in his hands eyes were wide in surprise.

“Put the weapon down bud,” the blonde snarled.

Daryl lowered it slowly. He was shaking, and just wanted to get back to his family and pups. “Dwight he isn’t one of them, I can smell it.”

Dwight, the man looked to his lady.

“You sure Sherry?” Dwight asked, biting his lip as he watched the man. “This alpha looks dangerous.”

Daryl gave the women a look, he knew by the way she was looking at him she knew his placement. She placed her hand on her nose for just a moment to let him nose his ability to scent was shit.

“Promise Dwight, I can tell he isn’t one of them.”

Sherry loved Dwight but knew to keep Negan’s favor he would most likely give the omega up as a peace offering. “I don’t want no trouble,” Daryl said keeping his bow low, “I just am trying not to get shot by those people that were following me.”

“People following you? Oh no Dwight, they are coming for us.” She whined pulling on her mate's arm. The beta female was watching him carefully.

“Who?” Daryl asked, biting his lip. He knew that those people knew he was omega.

“A group of people, ton’s of them. Their prime is dangerous, we are just trying to get away. Come with us.” Sherry pleaded, she wanted to keep this omega safe, it was part of her biology to protect omegas regardless of if they were packmates or not.

“No I can’t, gotta get home, my pups.”

Sherry thought hard and then made a motion with her hand Dwight didn’t see because he wasn’t paying attention to. She made a pregnant belly with her hand and Daryl nodded slightly. Her eyes growing even bigger, that confirmed it for her. Confirmed it for her to protect Daryl more than she had thought to before.

“Dwight we need to go, just get out of this area take him with us.”

“What’s your name?” Dwight asked.

“Daryl.” Daryl replied, he felt like he could trust Sherry, had no clue with Dwight. Daryl followed them for a moment, this was good enough for him for now. “Why are you running from those people?”

“Well the alpha there, the prime. He has free reign to all of us, its a rule that’s made when you join the pack. His last rut, it was terrifying. Took four different betas, and even three alphas to bed. I didn’t want him with my mate, so we ran. They don’t like it when you run, we become his property when we join, so when you run that makes it so you’re taking his property.”

“He..he uses pack law to rape his people?”

“It’s not technically rape, when we join its part of the clause. It’s honestly bullshit though, takes mated and unmated everything. Never seen a man take an alpha to bed though, it…it was horrible.”

Daryl contemplated his next moves. “Has he taken a mate?”

“No, if he does I doubt he will touch anyone else. He is extremely territorial. Marks all of his properties, he’s really wild.”

“If he met an omega?”

“He would do everything in his power to take them for his own, do whatever he possibly could to take and own the omega.”

Daryl bit his lip shaking, Sherry nodded to him softly letting him know it was true, that Daryl was in danger. “What would one do if they found an omega and wanted to give him to the prime?”

“You’re asking a lot of questions about omegas for an alpha male. Is your mate omega? That how you have pups you’re looking for?”

Daryl froze, Sherry bit her lip and then Dwight saw it, his mate mark.

“You're an omega! Sherry, this is our ticket to safety.”

Daryl yelped and took off running. “Dwight you idiot!” Sherry yelled, hitting her mate before chasing after Daryl. Daryl scrambled away knowing only one of the two of them could actually scent him.

Abraham and Sasha were out of their minds, they lost Rick’s mate, and they knew that the people who were shooting at them knew Daryl was omega.

Daryl came across a walker, he killed it quickly and covered himself in the blood to mask his scent. Sherry stood upright, losing track of his smell. “Shit. Dwight what did you do! An omega out here on his own, you’re insane…”

“Sherry Negan would give us the best things if we brought one back.”

“That is a living person, who already has pups. You want to rip a mother away from their pup for a pent house?”

“I want you safe!” Dwight growled. “Why didn’t you tell me what he was!”

“I was nervous.. I knew this would be what you did. I knew it.. You’re trying to do something you shouldn’t be doing and you know it. He was hurt, so you just sent an injured omega out on his own terrified of us. We could have helped him, he clearly has people or he wouldn’t be out here without his pups.”

Dwight snarled, biting his lip, Daryl whimpered as he limped away. Those people were looking for him now too, it was hit scent that was making it worse for him, but he needed to find Abraham and Sasha right now. He slunk about nervous as hell, that was when he saw a vehicle came around.

“Where the hell is that omega! Negan will be out of his mind if we show him the omega, can you imagine the points he is going to give us for it.”

“He wont be taking anyone else to bed if he’s got a mate like that.” Someone else chimed. Daryl growled slightly hearing them speak about him like property, he was no ones but Rick’s. Sherry and Dwight appeared and lifted their hands.

“We were chasing the omega! There is one, we saw one.”

“He’s viable, said he had his own pups. That means hes a one percent, Negan..Negan would accept us back in with this information please let tell him ourselves.”

Daryl froze, the beta threw him under the bus. He should have shot them. They agreed and allowed them back in, Daryl ran off in the opposite direction until he came to scent Abraham and Sasha.

“Oh thank god,” Sasha said seeing him running, he was clearly alive despite the scent of death. He fell into Sasha’s arms.

“They know..they know what I am.. Those people know… they know..” Daryl whined and sobbed into her. “They know I can have pups..”

Abraham snarled. “Don’t worry, don’t worry.. We won’t let anyone touch you.”

Daryl cried harder into Sasha, his own blood and the blood of the undead covering her as well. Abraham helped patch him up before they got into a vehicle. “I found lots of shit, bazookas and all sorts of things.”

Daryl’s eyes got big. “A boozoka! I could blow those fuckers up.”

“Yes you could, we need Denise to check you over.”

Negan smiled as he looked down at his people. “So you’re telling me there is still an omega out there?” He smiled, placing the tip of his bat on the floor. “Well boys, it seems we have a new game, it’s called find your prime that omega, whoever brings him to me, alive gets a real nice prize. Can be my second, who wants that hmm? Who wants to be daddy's little helper?”

Everyone was bustling, they were going to find Daryl for him, they honestly feared Negan, and Negan knew it. “Wonderful. That’s what I thought.”

Glenn whined when he saw Enid, how the hell did the pup get out here and why was she here with him? “Enid!”

She looked down, she helped lead him about the city. She normally hated people, but she only did it because she knew her ‘mother’ would want Glenn safe. She didn’t know why she liked Daryl other than the fact he was omega, but she wanted to make him proud. She honestly couldn’t decide if she should go back to Alexandria, if there was anything left of it.

Glenn and Enid walked together fighting the undead to get back to their people.

Everyone was on edge, they didn’t know where Daryl was, and Rick was the worst. He was pacing and sobbing and wouldn’t let Judith sit on the floor, he needed to know where Daryl was and he didn’t have that right now.

All he had was a dead radio.

Chapter Text

Abraham and Sasha watched Daryl carefully as he drove. “We have to get back to our pack.” Daryl muttered explaining the situation that had happened to him just before, his arm was still bleeding from the crash.

“So they wanted to take you back to their pack?” Sasha asked fearful of losing Daryl to something so terrible.

“Not only that, but it sounded like their prime is pretty stuck in the old traditions of pack laws. He takes anyone to bed with him during his ruts. They said he took two alphas.. That means he’s into the older laws.. He believes his pack belongs to him, their free will is his. I.. I would become his bitch and he would force a heat.. And I am not interested in having any other alphas pups but Rick’s.”

The two nodded, Daryl looked up with a slight growl. “Shit.”

“Oh good lord.”

“Suck a monkey's dick are you serious..” Abraham snarled as they stepped out of the truck, a group of alphas and betas on bikes were waiting for them.

“Well there it is, Negan’s omega ready for the taking.”

Daryl growled. “I ain’t that bastards omega, I do not belong to him.”

“You will sweetcheeks, now, drop your weapons.” Sasha was the first to drop when she noticed one of them holding a gun to Daryl’s knee. Abraham followed Daryl let up the three of them watching the pack.

“Alright good, now I am going to send my pal here to go back there with the omega and get whatever the hell else is in the back of there okay? Then we are going to take you back to our alpha and the two of you.. Well you might be dying today.”

Daryl yelped as one of the men grabbed him by the scruff and dragged him to the back, he opened the truck. “Pretty thing aren’t you, hopefully Negan will let me touch you.”

“Try me and see what happens.” Daryl grunted, his challenge was met with a hand grabbing his ass. Daryl snarled as he was groped, the man’s hand moving to his front. He hissed feeling himself be touched by this unknwn alpha. Daryl grabbed the crowbar in the back of it and slammed him over the head with force. He dropped to his knees before Daryl did it again. Trying to forget the images of Joe and the claimers as he was touched.

He grabbed the bazooka and aimed it right at the pack of Negan’s men before letting it go. Sasha and Abraham jumped back in surprise as the men exploded along with their bikes. Daryl stepped up and flipped off the corpses.

“Daryl are you okay?” Sasha asked seeing the glazed over look in his eyes. He looked back at her and shook his head.

“Sure Negan would love to know his men touched me,” Daryl snarled. “Bashed him over the head with a crowbar but left him alive as a message. I hope he drags his sorry ass back to his prime and tells him the omega blew up his men and nearly killed him. Sure he won’t want me if he knows I am dangerous.”

Abraham watched Daryl spit on the corpse of the man who had been holding guns to their heads.

Sasha helped Daryl back to the car and they kept driving, they needed to get back to their pack.

Carl was checking the perimeter, the walkers that surrounded their home were slowly dispersing as they had set up measures for everything. Rick had taken over as prime and instantly set up work for everyone to do, training was done, they used the sewer system to make tunnels out to ensure the people never fell the walls of Alexandria had been secured and Rick knew they wouldn’t be falling without his say so. The undead were being drawn away by flaming arrows Rick was initiating with Maggie and Carol.

Rosita and Beth were shooting flares off in opposite directions.

They hadn’t gotten around to building a trench yet because they were expanding Alexandira so it was a bit of an issue, not all of the walls had the extra security that Rick had plans for either. Reg had set up plenty of blueprints for new things but for now they needed to protect what they had.

As Carl turned a corner he was blind sided by a Wolf that hadn't escape, he was shot in the face. Carl screamed out as a few Alexandrian’s came running. The wolf was quickly detained and killed.

Rick sobbed, racing Carl to Denise. “Please.. Please help him.” Rick begged, hardly anyone ever saw their prime in hysterics but this was one of those times.

Eugene helped Denise while Aaron and Eric kept watch.

Michonne and Carol were busy checking every nook and cranny to ensure that there were no living or undead left to harm anyone else. “Oh Daryl is going to lose his shit when he finds out Mikey is dead and Carl’s missing an eye..oh fuck oh fuck..” Rick was pacing, holding Judith. Deanna offered her arms to take the pup but it was clear he wasn’t letting up.

Spencer appeared beside his mother. “Rick, Glenn and Enid, they are on the other side of the walls, our tunnels are currently blocked by the undead. How are we getting them in?”

Rick looked up, another pup in danger, and Glenn. Rick finally let Deanna hold his puppy and followed Spencer. Maggie was shaking watching her mate and the pup standing on a roof watching the undead travel about. Rick looked about the walls, he didn’t know exactly how to get them over.

They were using silencers to shoot the undead that were still around the fences. Glenn and Enid watched them waiting. They wanted and needed to get across, had to get across.

Maggie was waving her hand to them, letting them know she saw them.

Glenn waved back, everyone waited carefully. That was when they saw the truck that Abraham was now driving. Daryl saw Enid and jumped out quickly racing to his girl, he helped her from the rooftop, Glenn following quickly behind. They raced towards the truck and piled in. Daryl made his way to the back and picked up another launcher and shot towards a different location the undead following it away, he sighed as he followed the truck in the gates.

Rick raced to Daryl. “You’re hurt!”

“I’m okay..” Daryl said softly.

“Rick we have a new problem.” Abraham said as they all stopped out. Glenn and Maggie holding onto one another.

“What now?” Rick asked as he held his omega close.

“A new pack, a dangerous extremely old law following pack knows what Daryl is and the prime wants him.”

Rick froze as Daryl’s body shook. “I’m sorry. We got separated and then they found out..”

“Daryl blew up ten of their packmates with a bazooka and knocked the other out.” Sasha said softly. Rick looked surprised by the statement.

“Go to Denise and get patched up. We will discuss what to do about the other pack when we get to that. For now, we need to clean up the walls and finish securing the ones we haven’t.. Uhm. When you go in there.. When you go in there you’re going to see Carl.”


“He was shot, he is missing an eye now.. But he’s alive.”

Daryl took off running, he could care less about himself, all he cared about was his pup. He sobbed at Carl’s side as he watched him. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Denise finally managed to coax the omega to a hospital bed to be sewn up but it wasn’t easy. He was constantly worried about Carl.

Chapter Text

Daryl and Rick stood together collecting lists from people in their pack, they needed more supplies, Rick also needed to get Daryl alone. Really truly alone, his rut was coming. He was hoping for them to spend a week exploring the surrounding area, collecting supplies, and working him through his rut.

He was trying his damndest not to worry about it, he knew once he did he would fall into it. His rut would only last four days, but he knew it was dangerous, for their pups and the pack. He would only want Daryl, and need him. He needed to take Daryl in stride and do whatever it took to mate him. Daryl was almost thankful that he wasn’t able to have pups during this rut. Ruts were worse than heats, more dangerous and much more extreme.

“Michonne wants us to find a kind of soda..”

“Just do it,” he smiled, “you know she and Tara are courting now.”

“I know,” Daryl smiled, “but what if Tara doesn’t even like the soda? She says she hears it while she talks in her sleep.”

“Regardless it’s the thought that counts.” Rick smiled, he felt himself grow hot. “We need to go now, can you handle being away from Judith for a few days?”

“Alpha I will be fine.” Daryl promised.

Rick smiled thankful, he helped his mate into the vehicle and they drove. Rick turned on some music. “Oh alpha, that is horrible..”

Rick smirked as his omega smiled at him, while his singing was subpar and he was snapping off beat his smile was enough to melt Daryl’s heart. They had so many worries, so many concerns for their pack and the future of their community.

With the rising threat of the alpha known as Negan, Rick was increasingly concerned, and Rick was hoping to bring in more people. People who knew how to use weapons just so he could protect his mate better.

“Thankfully the walls didn’t fall,” Daryl managed out as they talked about their plans. “We were saved by that, you know. If they had fallen, we would have lost too many, the wolves killed enough. Carl’s back on his feet and looks like a bad ass little pirate. If the walls, well if the walls had fallen we would have lost our inventory. We are lucky to have such a stockpile.”

“We are and thats why we are out here, to build it up, keep it going. On top of the fact Michonne wants not only that soda but as much toothpaste as we can find. It’s gotta be baking soda or spearmint.”

Daryl nodded softly, the smell of Rick’s rut seeping through the seats. “Alpha we’ve driven far enough and with how thick you smell of rut no one will want to come around us if they even dare. Everyone knows not to be around an alpha in heat.”

“Alright then,” Rick smiled pulling over towards a farm. Daryl was content, he could handle helping his alpha through his rut. Rick watched him hungirly as they finally came to a complete stop. Daryl stepped out from their vehicle, he waited till Rick was in his view and dropped his clothes.

“Fuck ‘mega..I wasn’t expecting you to just give into my rut…”

“I’m not just making it easier for you,” he grunted before he took off running. Rick smirked, he took off after his omega, his scent thick. He raced after him quickly, his gun in his pocket incase of emergeny, Daryl hadn’t been stupid, he kept his bow strapped to him. Naked or not this was going to be about safety as well. He knew if anything, and he meant anything, got in their path Rick would tear it to absolute shreds.

His concern wasn’t very high at all, he wasn’t going to not let Rick catch him, he just also wasn’t into the concept of being eaten mid rut. He hid beside a tree when he saw Rick beelining for him. He grabbed him tightly, the omega yelping in surprise by how quickly he had been caught. He yanked his arm but was thrown to the ground, Rick dropped his pants and mounted his omega. Daryl grunted taking hold of the dirt below him, his bow sliding off his back. “Fuck Daryl..fuck..”


“Shh, we should probably be safe and go to the car pretty thing.”

“Don’t pull out..” Daryl whined, Rick hadn’t planned on that in the first place. He picked up Daryl mid thrust, grabbing his bow and strode to the car with Daryl still being penetrated by his cock. Daryl whimpered in pleasure as he felt his cock get deep with each step. Rick needed this rut, just as much as Daryl needed to feel his desire.

He slammed him into the back of the van, Rick closed the truck quickly before roughly fucking into him. “Gonna knot you and you’re gonna take it.”

“Please alpha! Please..” Daryl begged, he needed him, needed his knot. They hadn’t so much as touched one another since Carl’s eye was shot out. The threat of the alpha wanting Daryl on top of their boy, and the wolves having attacked it was enough. Rick was trying to do anything he could for him but they were doing their very best to try not to make anything worse. Daryl was thankful enough for this situation, for this very moment.

Rick smiled as he continued his thrusting, each slam enough to send Daryl into a spasming round of begging. “Daryl, you belong to me.” Rick snarled.

“Yes alpha, all yours…”

“Good,” he growled as he continued his strides, “Daryl..I ah..fuck yes!” He slammed forward as he came, his knot forming deep. Daryl groaned in pleasure as he was taken by surprise, he hadn’t expected him to knot so quickly. Even with the quickened knot Rick’s rut wasn’t going to let him stop. He continued to thrust through the knot, forcing himself deep inside Daryl’s womb.

“Al..alpha fuck..”

“Yeah honey you’re good, you take it.”

Daryl moaned loudly, a walker or two was on the outside snarling for them but Ricks rut was mid knot. He couldn’t take them out in fear of harming his omega. Couldn’t do anything yet, he would kill them once he was done however. Daryl groaned loudly in pleasure. “F..fuck..alpha oh..”

“Shh you’re good, you’re good. You can take it omega. You can handle me Daryl.”

Daryl nodded in acceptance, he knew he could handle Rick. Knew very well he was Rick’s mate and his body was made for him and him only. Only a forced bond would take that away, or having his mate mark striped. Both of which he was nervous about when it came to the new threat.

Daryl yelled in pleasure as he was fucked, Rick allowed his mate to breath for a moment before he kissed him roughly. Daryl moaned, taking him in full stride. “Yeah, that’s it.”

They panted together moaning and grunting. This was their time, their needed time. Rick smiled, kissing him softly. “That’s my good omega,” Daryl smiled, taking another kiss. They finally finished once his first knot of his rut deflated, a rush of cum sliding out. Daryl passed out promptly from the fucking, but Rick was on high alert with his newly rutted omega.

He slid his pants on and annihilated the three walkers piling around their van. The omega slept soundly through the slaughter. Rick began to check out the farm house. He opened the barn door and found a van full of supplies. He checked it out in full, toothpaste for michonne, plenty of food for the pack. Even some puppy supplies, formula and anything else they could need, there was also some stuff specifically for omegas. Rick felt like this was meant just for them, he smiled. This was a win they needed.

As Rick went through the supplies, he smiled, this would make his omega happy. He opened the trunk and woke his lover. “Honey, wake up ‘mega. Wake up.”

Daryl turned on in the midst of his sleep. “Alpha.. What..”

“I have a surprise for you, get dressed love.”

Daryl did as he was told, he got dressed quickly and waited for further instruction he knew very well that during Rick’s rut he was in full dominant mode. He had to do whatever Rick asked or said or else he would be in trouble, and he knew it. He watched his alpha carefully as he took his hand and showed him towards the vehicle full of supplies.

“Alpha this is what we need, this is what we need.”

“I know omega, I know.. Alright, we need to make a choice.. We have all of this stuff.. But more days of my rut.”

“We need to get this back, our pack really needs this and I will not lose this.” He nodded in understanding, the two stood together looking over supplies. “One more fuck before we go okay? I will sleep nearly the whole time, we can attach the car to the truck so we won’t lose it.”

“Alright, that’s okay.” Rick smiled as he pushed Daryl over, the omega bent forward dropping his pants. Rick did his very best to close the garage door so they wouldn’t be seen. He slid his hand in Daryl’s mouth to silence his whimpers and cries.


The alpha male smiled as he continued his forceful fuck, each thrust deeper and deeper than the last. As he fucked into his mate he heard a noise outside, he snarled and slipped from Daryl who was left exposed and whined. Rick gave Daryl a look of warning, Daryl grew silent as his mate stepped out knife and gun in hand.

A man with a beanie and bandana covering his mouth raised a hand. He was beta, that was all Rick could tell. “I’m sorry..sorry I didn’t mean to get in the middle of your rut. I was just looking for supplies, and came across this car it looked nice.”

Daryl kept frozen, he was thankful for his alphas rut or his scent would be easily found. “Get, I don’t want to hurt you. You can tell I am rutting, so go.”

The man nodded. “I’ll find you again another time.”

Rick snarled and waited for him to rush off before he returned to line himself up with Daryl’s entrance. “Ah yeah, there we go.”

“Wait alpha..who..who was that..”

“A man, beta.”

“Did he scent me?”

“I don’t know ‘mega, what I do know however is that you’re going to be silent till I finish so we don’t find out if the man knows what you are or not darlin.”

Daryl whimpered as he covered his lips, Daryl arched his back, he was ready to take him all the way. Daryl yelped as he was knotted. Rick held him close, and tight.

The mystery beta was watching from a far, he had scented the omega and was amazed to have smelt one let alone have the opportunity to meet one in person. Daryl whimpered happily taking the rut, he was happy he could please his alpha. Thankful Rick let him please him.

The two mates happily enjoyed one another until the omega finally passed out from the rough knot fucking he was receving. Rick waited until his knot deflated, he carried Daryl to the passenger seat. Set him up in it, then attached their car to the truck. Rick smiled and drove out, the beta watched them carefully, following from behind.

Rick pulled up to Alexandria. The pack came out quickly concerned something went wrong but intrigued by the truckload.

“Don’t get closer,” Rick warned from further back, “we just found the supplies, wanted to get it back. I am taking Daryl back out, we just wanted this stuff home first.”

Abraham nodded at the idea, the alpha male watching his prime unhook their vehicle and then carry Daryl to their van. “Tell Michonne she’s got toothpaste for years.” Rick shouted as he drove away again with Daryl in tow. The omega lazily sleeping off the sex. Rick smirked as he drove them back to the farm they found the supply truck in. This was a good place to hold up in for the time being.

The Beta that had met them at the barn waited patiently and staked out the place, it was clearly big. Had nice protective measures set up, this was going to be a great place to begin to trade with. He just had to wait until the prime returned with the omega. That would be his way of playing this out. They just had to work it out, because he wanted to show them a whole new world. Wanted to let them know there were packs out there that wanted to trade and build up in unity. Together they could rule the new world, and the way the pack seemed fitted with weapons they could maybe protect them from the saviors.

From Negan.

Chapter Text

Rick was lucky, the rest of his rut he managed to do well. They got three more packs full of supplies, as well as scout out more ground. They didn’t run into any more people, that may in some terms be due to Rick’s scent. No one wants to get close to a rutting alpha. They headed back towards home, as they arrived their smiles were big. Daryl ran to Carl and Judith the moment he could. He held Judith close to him. He loved his girl, loved his little Judith.

They smiled, hugging him tightly. Their mom was back.

Beth watched and ran in for a hug, he smiled hugging her as well, Enid made her way up for a hug. The other pups came around and Daryl hugged them close. He kissed each of them on the forehead. He gave Judith a snuggle and they headed to their room. Daryl helped the pups into their bed for the night and he and Rick laid together snuggled up.

Daryl was finally asleep, Rick smiled happy to see his omega calm enough to sleep. He wrapped his arm around Daryl and snuggled closer. His omega.

They slept two hours before Rick woke to a man calling his name. Rick shot up and Daryl rolled to see a man standing in their room. Daryl yelped pulling up his bow.

“Whoa whoa. It’s alright.. I’m Paul, but my friends call me Jesus.”

“What are you doing in my house? With my pups, my family, my mate here?” He snarled. “You were there at the farm.”

“I was, while you were in Rut.”

“What the hell do you want?”

Daryl was breathing heavily as he looked over the man, he knew what he was and he wasn’t sure what to do with that. He looked him up and down, he didn’t feel off, he was just nervous. “I have a community, my job is to find other communities to make trade with. You seemed right to me, and you’ve got one thing no one has seen in a long time. An omega.”

Daryl froze for a moment, his bow no longer pointing towards his head. Before Rick or Daryl could respond Judith woke and started screaming. “Momma! Momma!”

Daryl dropped his bow and raced off towards her, he knew when she cried like that she was really upset. Jesus stopped dead in his tracks. “He’s.. he’s her mother?”

“Carried her in this hell,” Rick replied softly. “My omega is more than just special, you found a way in even with all of our wall adjustments. How?”

“Watched for an opening, climbed under a truck.” He replied with a smile. Jesus watched Rick, Daryl was busy bouncing Judith trying to calm her down. She snuggled into him, he held her close.

“Momma’s here.. It’s okay.” He held her close.

Jesus watched Rick with a soft smile. “Look, I don’t want to scare you. I didn’t mean to make you nervous if I did. I just wanted to invite your people to my community. Well it’s not mine, clearly not a prime.. I mean our prime isn’t a prime either. Not even alpha..we.. we need help. I don’t know if you’ve heard… if you’ve seen or met them.. The saviors.. They hold our people hostage. We have to give them half of our supplies, if we don’t… he kills us. Our people…”

Rick’s eyes grew wide.

He was even more nervous about his pack, about his omega. “I want to meet your people.” Rick decided. “My omega will come with, but we need to give him suppressants. Not something I like doing, but I don’t want everyone under the sun knowing about my Daryl. I don’t know your people, don’t know if there is trust. You don’t know my people, you don’t know us very well. I want to make this an issue. I’m not willing to put my pups or my omega at risk. Do you trust everyone in your pack?”

“No.” Jesus was being honest; he needed to give him honesty. Jesus could tell Rick was the kind of man that needed honesty.


“Our leader, he’s a coward. Negan feels he is essentially a dog, just lets him know what he wants and he tells us. I.. I think it would be best if he didn’t know what your omega is. He’s not safe. I fear that our leader would try and trade him to have the saviors leave us alone.”

Rick took a deep breath. “’re being serious?”

“I am.” Jesus said softly. “I think it’s safe enough for him to come, just would be safer if he was on pills. I’ve got a few. We’ve been collecting them, well I have. I have been holding out hope we would find some omegas one day, you know.. It’s dangerous.. For them. For everyone, but being the generally weaker placement.. It’s not easy..”

“Daryl isn’t weak, my omega is not weak. Never has been never will be. However I do think it’s safer if we do it this way, I won’t lose my omega. I would like to bring some of my people to meet yours, we have supplies we are willing to trade. It’s clear you need them if you’re trying not to get killed. My omega, a few of my alphas and betas.”

“Wait, you have multiple alphas here?”

“Does your pack not?” Rick asked, narrowing his eyes. “Safer to have an alpha prime, and an alpha second isn't it? Most packs have at least two alphas.”

“We are all beta.” Jesus replied. “Our only alpha was killed when the saviors came.”

“An all beta pack isn’t safe.” He grunted. “In more danger than one with alphas and betas.”

Jesus nodded. “We need help, honestly.”

“I can tell.” Rick smiled softly at the beta. Daryl finally made his way in, Judith back asleep in her crib. “Daryl, they need our help.”

“Alpha,” Daryl began. “I’m all for it but I think we shoul-.”

“I’m going to let you take suppressants.” Rick let him know. Daryl looked up in surprise.

“Really alpha?”

“I made mistakes last time, I didn’t let you.. I didn’t let you keep them. I didn’t. I got angry and we got separated. I’m still so sorry, I don’t know if they would have helped you at all.. But what happened.. I feel like that was on me. Jesus told me that their community is controlled by the saviors. Daryl, I don’t know what I would do.. What I would do if that man got a hold of you.. I need you safe. Please for me, I know I hate them.. I know I do but honey I need you safe.”

Jesus smiled watching them. He was however bombarded by a sudden rush of pups. Carl, Enid, Beth, and Sam were suddenly in the room. Rick yelped in surprise. “Mom!” Carl yelled.

“Whoa pups what..” Daryl asked in confusion.

The pups turned scenting the new commer. “Who’s that?” Enid asked, narrowing her eyes. Beth barked as Daryl hugged her.

“A new friend,” Rick promised. “What are you all doing here this early?”

“We had a surprise.” They smiled.

“Don’t know if I can handle more surprises,” Daryl muttered but followed them down the stairs. He stepped into the kitchen. There was a breakfast, it was early morning.

“You all made this for me?”

“For everyone, but for you momma. You just dealt with dad for a whole week.”

They chuckled and laughed. Rick rolled his eyes as everyone came down for their meal, the pack was quick to thank the pups and notice Jesus. “Alpha who’s this?”

“This is Jesus, he is going to help us. We are going to help him, he has a pack. An all beta pack that needs our help and is being held captive by the Saviors. By Negan. He knows other communities, communities we can trade with and become friends with. To bring our packs together. We need to work together, work together to bring down the saviors and keep our omega safe. My omega.”

The pack nodded in excitement for new communities. Jesus smiled. “Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger.”

Chapter Text

The pack prepared themselves to meet the new group, Daryl had taken his pills which was a very strange occurrence, it had been so long since he had last taken them that he couldn’t remember what it was like. His scent was no longer as thick which was also an entirely different experience. Rick growled slightly no longer being able to scent Daryl’s pretty omega smell, he scented Daryl rubbing himself against his scent glands and remarking his mate mark just for reassurance.

Michonne, Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Abraham, and Glenn decided to take the trip. Carol stayed back to watch the pups, Beth wanted to go along and Daryl decided it was fine enough. Maggie and Glenn would be there to keep an eye on her, as well as himself. Daryl watched out the window as Jesus drove towards the place he called home, a place he hoped Rick would be willing to accept trade with, willing to even protect.

Maggie slept against Glenn, their unborn newly seeded not very long ago, the pack was overjoyed and felt learning about the other community could help Maggie as well. They had plenty of puppy supplies, but knowing there were others who had their back during this time was a serious plus. Daryl looked over to her with a smile, he was excited for more pups to be born within their walls.

Jesus watched them through the review, Abraham watched them as well. He knew their place was safe but the idea of having pups in this hell felt extremely idiotic to him. However he wasn’t one to judge, he liked a good knot and understood the concept well enough. He and Sasha had been bedding when they got the chance. Rosita was a fun plus but the two alphas weren’t very good at working together in that kind of way, she liked being on top and Abraham did not bottom without a fight.

However he also adored Judith with his whole soul, and Carl and all the other pups.

Beth was mapping out landmarks as they drove, she liked trying to be useful even if she wasn’t exactly as useful as she wanted to believe. Her time being kidnaped left her feeling pretty worthless.

After losing Noah she felt even worse.

Daryl fumbled with his knife, everyone was unsettled by the beta scent coming off of Daryl. It was unnatural, felt off. Even with Rick’s bond mark he still smelt extremely off, the omega male was also thrown off by his own smell. He had lived so long as a beta he didn’t think it would bother him as much as it did, but he wasn’t enjoying the memories that were coming with the return of his scent.

However safety came first, and he needed to stay safe. He couldn’t become Negan’s. He just hoped Dwight or Sherry wouldn’t be at Hill-Top or he was screwed. He needed to get back to Judith, Carl and the other puppies.

They soon arrived at the gates of Hill-Top. They entered and looked around, Beth was interested in the animals and made her way over to them, a big smile on her face. Maggie, Glenn, Rick, Abraham, and Daryl were guided inside the big house.

“I will get him for you,” Jesus smiled, heading into Gregory’s office.

Gregory made his way out; he looked over the pack, a few alphas and betas. “Shame,” he said, his eyes flicking to Daryl who had a mate mark clearly from the prime.

“What’s a shame?” Maggie enthused.

“No omegas.” He replied, watching them. “Real shame.”

“Why is that a shame?” Rick asked curiously.

“Could fix all our problems.” Gregory replied. “Negan would leave us alone, you would understand that some things are better to trade for survival.”

“A human life is worth that to you?” Daryl asked, glaring at him. Jesus sucked in a deep breath.

“If you had an omega and Negan wanted your lives and your things you would do the same.” Gregory replied his eyes not leaving Daryl’s mark. Daryl snarled low in his belly, he wanted to leave now, he didn’t want jack to do with Gregory.

“A human life is not worth that.” Rick hissed.

“Well theoretically, one life vs ten or more is worth it.” Gregory replied. “What trade offers do you have for us?”

“For your people we got, but not for you.” Rick replied.

“Why’s that?” Gregory asked watching them with narrowed eyes, Daryl sidestepped uncomfortably as Abraham stepped in front of him.

“Anyone who threatens an omega is no friend of ours,” Maggie snarled.

“Look this is all survival,” Gregory said watching them carefully, “we have an omega specialist here. He hasn’t seen any in a long time.”

Daryl looked to Jesus and Jesus nodded. Daryl touched the small or Rick’s back letting him know he was going to step out, Jesus walked with him step by step towards the doctor. They pushed themselves in his room.

“I need your help,” Daryl said, praying he could do it.

“Who are you?” Carson asked, eyeing him.

“I.. I’m on blockers.. I’m an omega.. I’ve got one of those stupid boxes in my womb. I need your help.”

Caron’s eyes grew wide and Jesus froze. “You have an omega ring box in your womb?” Carson repeated watching Daryl with sad soft eyes.

“Yes, and I want the damn thing out.” He growled. “No one’s been able to do it, and it's hell. I need it out, I don’t.. I don’t think I am going to make it out of this war with the saviors without becoming Negan’s if I’m being honest, too many hands in this thing for that not to happen. I don’t want to be begging for his knot because my heats so intense I can’t handle it without help.”

“Jesus I need an hour, keep them distracted, no one comes in.”

“Alright, I can do that.” Jesus smiled, locking the door and heading out.

Daryl sighed in relief as he was helped up on the table. “This isn’t going to be easy,” Carson said softly, “it’s going to hurt like hell.”

“Get the damn thing out and I’ll do anything you want.” Daryl snarled he hated the damn box. “Been in there since I was a pup.”

“Alright. Take this.” He handed him a pill.

“What is it?”

“It will knock you out.” Carson said. “This won’t be fun.”

Daryl nodded, taking it, Carson started counting down and after he got to six from fifteen he was out cold. Carson smiled, he was ready to get back to work, help someone special.

Gregory watched as Jesus reappeared for a moment nodding to Rick. “I’ll be right back.” Rick said looking right at Gregory, he didn’t trust him as far as he could throw him. Abraham, Glenn, and Maggie were busy berating him about being a terrible person and a huge dick.

“What is it?”

“Daryl went to our specialist, he's taking the box out.” Jesus smiled big.

“Wait, really?” Rick asked, thanking God for finding the doctor here of all places. “No more heat hell?”

“Yes, he's going to be okay. Carson’s a natural, he worked with hundreds of omegas before the fall. Said he needs an hour, so lets distract the fuck head for an hour, and then this will all be over. I don’t care what you do with him. He’s worthless to most of us, none of us here feel the same way. We wouldn’t want to see an omega or anyone fall into Negan’s hands.”

Rick sighed in relief. “Thank you, alright lets work this idiot.”

Jesus smirked, they headed back into the big house. Beth was informed the one door needed guarding so she stuck close but not so close it looked suspicious. About half an hour had passed and Gregory was still considering the idea of if they ever found an omega to give it to Negan as a gift to be left alone.

“Do you really think a man like that would leave you alone just because you gave him an omega?” Abraham finally asked.

“Well I would think so, an omega is worth more than all of this place.”

“An omega is a person, not goods,” Maggie said. “I can’t exactly keep my people alive with an omega? I could even bring more mouths to feed into this world with one, so why on earth would someone stop taking supplies because they added a mouth to feed and the potential for more?”

Gregory thought for a moment. “I mean I suppose, but I mean giving him an omega would put me in his graces wouldn’t it?”

“You’re insufferable. Has anyone ever just punched you really hard in the face before?” Abraham finally asked.

Gregory looked up. “These people are extremely hostile Paul. Why would you bring them here?”

“We need trade partners and we are sitting ducks being all beta.” He replied, watching him with angry eyes. “I don’t think anyones punched him before actually.”

Rick and Abraham looked to one another for a moment. “You want it or me?”

“You’re prime.” Abraham said with a smirk.

As Rick lifted his fist there was screaming coming from outside.

“Where the hell is Gregory!” An angry yell came. They headed outside to see a few people coming back from a drop off with the saviors. “Where is he?!”

As Gregory stepped out the man barreled towards him. “He’s about to get his ass beat now.” Abraham said with a chuckle. “A good ass beat down.”

Chapter Text

Gregory yelled as he was punched in the face, the beta male came close with a threatening growl. “My brother was taken by the saviors because of you! You lied! You knew what supplies they were looking for and you didn’t give us all of the right items!”

“I would never.” Gregory groaned before he was stabbed. Jesus looked up in surprise as the scent of blood filled Hill-Top. Jesus barked out orders to have someone come check him over while Rick and Abraham worked on separating the men.

“He won’t be given back unless I bring his head!” The male yelled as he tried to fight.

Carson could hear the commotion outside but he wasn’t finished with Daryl yet, if he did this wrong he could fuck up Daryl’s reproductive organs forever. It was clear from inspecting he had successfully carried one pup and miscarried another. Daryl had said he wanted more with Rick before he started the operation offering to tie his tubes if he so requested.

“Stop, we are here to help. We are willing to come with you and fake them out. We can find a walker head one that looks just like him and bring it to the saviors. We will get your brother back, where will the meet up be?” Rick asked as he tried to keep them separated.

“At one of their outposts.” The man heaved, but with Rick’s command he stopped. Rick was an alpha, a prime alpha and he had to stop if he so requested it. “Has a lot of their people, more people than I ever expected to see in this world. All designations, except omega.”

Rick nodded to Abraham. “That’s our chance, we can go in and try and kill as many of the saviors as we can. Their leader is after something we can’t bear to give up. We will do this together, this will combine our packs as one.”

Jesus smiled at the strength of Rick, Abraham was beside him calling the shots as someone patched up Gregory.

“We will get in and get out, if we go at night we can do it while most of them are asleep. Take their supplies as well, guns, ammo, food. All the stuff they’ve taken from you, it will replenish your pack.”

The members of hilltop sighed a thanks, this was the first good news they were getting in a while. They were thankful for their help, and even more thankful Jesus had found them.

Daryl woke up after Carson had finished the procedure. The small box, sitting on the table, covered in blood. “How far along were you when you lost the other one?”

“What?!” Daryl asked, sitting upright quickly, he yelped in pain and laid back down. “What are you talking about?”

“I could tell, by the way your womb is that you’ve carried one pup to term and miscarried another. I just couldn’t tell how far along you were.”

Daryl froze. “You.. you mean I lost one?”

“You didn’t know?” Carson asked, feeling bad for bringing it up. “I only assumed you would have known.”

“No.. well we thought we might have.. I was in a fight.. I got a piece of glass embedded right about here.” He said as he moved his hand to where the wound had been. “We didn’t even know if I was pregnant though.. So I lost one.. I.. I was fucking stupid.. I shouldn’t have gotten in the fight.. But I did..”

“That isn’t your fault, I’m sure you were protecting someone. You seem like that kind of person.”

“Don’t tell Rick.. please.”

“I won’t, I promise. You’ll be fine to fight and to have sex as soon as you want. Just need to rest up for a little to get over the pain of the stitches. So don’t worry.”

“Thank you.. Why do I smell blood that isn’t mine?”

“Gregory got himself stabbed by someone. It’s okay..” Carson said with a soft smile. “Knocked him down a few pegs. It will be okay. You’re okay. I’m sorry about bringing up the pup.. I didn’t know..”

“Well, you’re my doctor so I suppose it would make sense for you to need to know.”

“I promise to do my best, and if you get pregnant again I’ll be here to help you. I’m going to check in on Maggie as well since she’s going to need it.”

Yes she will,” Daryl smiled. “Thank you Carson, it means a lot.. I’ve been dealing with that thing for a long time now.. I’m just so glad I don’t have to deal with it. I.. I don’t know.. I don’t know how this fight with the saviors will go, but if I am forced to be with Negan I want to at least fight his advances.. I won’t just let him have me.”

“We will do our best to protect you as well. We swear it.” Daryl gave him a half smile as he stood up and headed out the door. Beth smiled seeing him walk out of the office space. Rick raced up to Daryl picking him up with a soft kiss.

“Are you okay love?”

“More than okay, it’s gone now. Thank god.”

“I’m glad it is. Really honestly so glad, I know how much it hurt you, and now if you do get a heat and I can’t be there I know you’ll at least be okay.”

Daryl smiled, hugging Rick back. “So I heard the idiot got stabbed but I assume there is at least more to it than that.”

“Yes there is.” Rick replied. “We are going to take a savior outpost out. Take more of those bastards out so no one can hurt you honey.”

Daryl smiled, thankful Rick wanted him safe the way he did. That he wasn’t willing to just give him up like Gregory wanted to do to any omega they found. He was also glad that Jesus warned them about the man and told him to hide his true scent.

They had plans now, and they were going to do what was best for their pack and their new friends. Even if that meant defending Gregory for the time being as well.

Chapter Text

Daryl paced as Rick, Jesus, Glenn, and Abraham killed a few walkers with grayed hair and large noses. “I don’t think any of them are exact.” Jesus said as he eyed the walkers laying on the ground now finally dead for the final time.

“Just punch their faces a few times.” Daryl suggested as he got closer his stitches were still hurting a bit, however he was fine enough. Rick smirked at the suggestion and began to punch the walkers a few times breaking their noses. “That looks better doesn’t it Jesus?”

Jesus nodded with a smile. “I do think so, you’re one smart ‘mega.” Jesus whispered as he got closer so none of their people heard the comment. Daryl grinned proud of himself, he felt Rick wrap an arm around him pulling him closer to kiss him, the blood of the walkers covered the ground and Daryl was growing anxious wanting to get back to his pups.

“Puppies.” Daryl whispered to Rick. “You think they’re okay?”

“They’re with Carol and the others, they’re fine honey.” He promised.

Daryl nodded, accepting the fact his pack would take care of Judith and the others. He thought for a moment about their plan, about getting back to his pups. He needed to get back to them, that was his one and only real plan, get back to his pups and don’t get his ass caught by the saviors.

If one of them found him he knew he was in for it.

Daryl took a deep breath as they packed up and headed out to go, Daryl didn’t know if this Negan person would be there or not but he sure as hell did not want to meet him. They waited till the cover of night to ensure they weren’t as easily spotted, once the guards accepted the decoy head Rick quickly took out the two guards and they rushed it, Daryl was always at Rick’s side no matter where they went within the outpost.

There wasn’t a single omega scent, it was also clear to Daryl even with all the smells that he could pick up on the man he had met was not there. He didn’t believe he had ever been there before.

They continued on killing and taking out the men that threatened their new friends, and their futures. Daryl walked into a room with photos of people's heads bashed in, Daryl gagged a bit at the images.

“You’re okay,” Rick promised inching closer as he pulled Daryl into his embrace.

Daryl turned his head into Rick’s shoulder. “I don’t.. I don’t want to end up with them.”

“I won’t let that happen honey,” Rick swore. Daryl shivered hoping that it was true, he knew Rick didn’t have that choice. He knew Rick couldn’t always protect him. Rick kissed his scent glands before they continued their raid.

Jesus came upon Glenn as someone raised their gun to him, Jesus took the alpha out without hesitation. The two beta took off quickly running through the halls taking out anyone that wasn’t from their packs, they all knew there was more at stake here then Hill-Top. Daryl was their main priority, they needed to make sure that no one got back to Negan, if he wasn’t already here. That Hill-Top knew of the omega, and that a new community, Alexandira, had one.

Daryl snarled as they worked their way through body after body, he was sprayed in their blood and he knew it was going to end up sending Rick into a possible blood rut. He was prepared enough for it just worried about popping his stitches. He knew he was told sex would be fine but he still was nervous enough about it. He also felt he needed to tell Rick about the miscarraige but was worried about his reaction.

The man was dead who had caused it, so there wasn't anything he could do about it on that end. Daryl bit his lip and ignored the continual thought as they finally finished their kills.

Rick growled feeling the rut coming on, it would only last a day if not a few hours but it was worth doing what he needed to over hurting his pack. They quickly made their way outside as daytime was just beginning.

Jesus, Glenn, and Abraham saw the stance first, heard his growling and pacing.

Daryl turned towards his mate only to be pounced on. “Fuck Rick.”

A few of Hill-Top’s people raised their guns to stop the alpha male but Jesus held up his hand. “We gotta let them go at it, a prime alpha in rut isn’t good to stop.”

“That mans a beta.” One of the men barked back.

“He’s his mate.” Jesus snarled. “Just form a damn circle so they can do what they gotta.”

Daryl groaned as he was pinned down. “Alpha.” He moaned softly.

“Shh love.” Rick growled as he ripped his pants around his ankles.

“Careful, stitches.” Daryl whispered as he felt Rick’s cock slipped inside him. Rick was careful not to pop the stitches, kind enough to let him set the pace. “Alpha..”

“Shh ‘mega.” He moaned as he kept his pace up. Daryl felt exposed out here in the morning air, knowing their people were waiting for them. His pups were waiting for them. “It’s okay calm down.” Rick swore as he kissed him roughly before rebonding their mark.

Daryl howled happily as he was bit, Rick’s fangs sinking into his shoulder. “Oh!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Daryl moaned as he was continually slammed into before he felt Rick’s knot fill him. Daryl’s back arched as Rick’s cock pumped him full of spunk, he shivered in pleasure as Rick’s knot pulsated inside him. “Ngh.. ah.. Ri-”

Rick captured him in another kiss. Daryl happily kissed him back with desperation, he wrapped his arms around his neck as Rick adjusted him to sit on top. He panted as he held his hand to his chest, no one was watching which he was thankful for. Dried blood caked his top and face but Rick had no worry about it. The blood almost fueled him, almost made the fucking more worth it.

Daryl smiled happy he was being careful with him. He knew he didn’t have to be, but he was there for him. Jesus couldn’t help but smile knowing the omega was being taken care of. He didn’t know what they would do if Negan ever got a hold of him. They just prayed it wouldn't come to that.

Daryl hissed as Rick slammed him back into the ground not pulling out when his knot deflated, he went back to his fucking. He wasn’t going to give this up, his blood rut was of course fueling the actions but knowing he could lose Daryl any moment it wasn’t something he knew how to handle.

He moaned out in pleasure as he was slammed into before the next knot held them together. Rick kissed him carefully before pulling up and looking him over. “You’re mine you got that?”

Daryl nodded, he wanted to only ever be Rick’s, that was his goal, to stay and only be his.

He just prayed that Negan was dead, that they had killed him at this outpost, but according to Jesus that wasn’t necessarily what happened. The saviors were large, and had multiple outposts, and not even Jesus knew of the true Sanctuary.

Daryl just prayed he never came across Negan.

Chapter Text

Returning home to Alexandria things were at a calm for a few days, Denise asked Rosita and Daryl if they would take her to an apothecary she remembered seeing when she arrived at the community, and they obliged knowing the medical supplies would be good for the pack to have. Eugene and Abraham went out to check out a rig for Eugene to make and prepare bullets. The groups went separate ways once they left the front gate. Daryl made sure to give Rick a kiss, and each pup a cuddle before they headed out for the trip.

They drove on for a while until they came across a fallen tree, Daryl slipped out of the car checking the tree over.

“It looks like it was a natural fall, but I don’t know if I trust it.” Daryl muttered sniffing around, the stench of the dead masked any other scent.

“Then we walk,” Rosita suggested.

“Railroad tracks go straight for it.” Denise replied with a smile.

“No,” Daryl muttered, “if there is anyone out there we go through the woods.”

“I can take the tracks.” Rosita replied.

“We don’t split us up.” He growled. “I can’t lose you Espinosa.”

Roista looked up surprised by the admittance, she nodded and they made their way together through the dense trees. Their scent masked by that of the dead, and the natural wood. Daryl stalked forward his bow up at all times, he didn’t trust a single soul but his own pack fow now. The threat of the saviors and honestly any other pack was too high. Daryl didn’t trust anyone they didn’t know, and he certainly didn’t trust Gregory from Hill-Top. If his true designation slipped from any of the trusted Hill-Top members his life was in more danger than he could explain.

He was thankful only Jesus knew their pack location.

They made their way forward through the trees till they came across the tracks once more and were able to see the strip where the apothecary was. Daryl smiled expressing his excitement by rushing the door, he held up his hand to Rosita and Denise who didn’t make their move until he gave the okay.

He knocked on the door and waited for any movement or noise from inside of the building. He nodded once only silence returned his knocking. “We get in, we fill our packs with everything doesn’t matter what it is, and we get out.” He snarled. “If there is anything you really need go for it first, we may not have time to wait.”

They nodded and slipped inside the building, Daryl got the metal door up and jumped over the side. He began to pile his bags full of all the pills, Rosita did the same as they went through bottles of pills.

Daryl picked up a bottle of pills and looked it over. Rosita noticed the bottle he was holding and knocked it from his hands. “Rosita I wasn’t gonna.”

“Don’t even think about it.” Rosita snarled.

“It was just a bottle alright.” He snapped kicking it to the side. They were pills for omegas, specifically to stop their heat cycles. He was nervous about being taken by the saviors, fearful of being raped and impregnated, but he genuinllly could never take that from Rick either.

If he was never taken by the saviors, or even if he was, he could never take the chance of having pups with Rick away. He needed to give that chance to Rick, even if he had to be with Negan to give Rick that choice.

Rosita snarled and tossed the bottle he had picked up in the trash and knocked it over so the lid of it was against the wall.

Denise was searching the other parts of the room when she heard a noise coming from another room. Daryl heard the noises too. “I got it, don’t worry.” He said jumping over the counter again, his bag chittering with pills. She nodded and stepped back, he kicked the door open and looked in. A walker was laying on the floor, Daryl took out it’s brain quickly but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a toddler’s shoe sitting in a bloody puddle.

“Oh fuck oh fuck.” Daryl panicked, memories flooded back to him of his time with Joe and the claimers, the dead puppy in the crib that sent him over the edge. He turned over and threw up the little he had in his stomach.

Rosita heard him cry out and smelt his fear and distress.

She raced in and helped him up. “Daryl, breath it’s okay.”

“They ate their own pup.” He sobbed into her arms. “Rosita oh my god. Oh god.. God..” He held onto her tighter, between the dead pup and the horrid memories of Joe hit him like a truck. “Fuck.. Rosita.. I.. I.”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry, I’m here. We can head back home now. Let’s go home.”

Daryl nodded, shaking, he was on high alert now. He needed to make sure Judith was okay, and needed to know that his family was there. He needed Rick’s bite, to feel his touch on his body to know that he loved him. That Joe couldn’t hurt him anymore.

Denise could smell his panic. “Daryl are you okay?”

“F..fine.” He muttered.

She nodded hoping he really was okay. “Daryl,” Rosita said cupping his cheeks, “talk to me.”

“Joe… when I.. well when I was with them.. We stayed in a house for a night. I was told to go explore. I walked into a pups room… there was a dead one in the crib.” He managed out through heavy breathing and deep breaths.

Denise turned her head towards him. “Joe?”

“A group of alphas raped me.” Daryl hissed. “Put me in a collar, took my mate mark from Rick.” He grunted. “That’s why I’m nervous of the saviors, because I’ve lived through it before. The only thing that saved me was they didn’t have time to bite and bond me. I know… the way they talked about this other prime he will venom bond me… and I won’t be able to stop it… if he venom bonds me.. Well then I’m his forever regardless of if Rick’s alive… a venom bond can only be broken by a mate's death.. And I know that's what will happen to me.”

Denise and Rosita stiffened. They didn’t realize Daryl had such fears, they didn’t have any concerns about venom bonds. Daryl took a deep breath.

“I know eventually they’ll find us, and I’ll give myself up to them for our pack. I would never allow anyone to die for me.. And if they threaten my pups or Rick I would rather die first.”

“Daryl.” Rosita hissed.

“It’s true.” Daryl barked. “Rosita… if you or anyone else I care about is threatened by them… I would give myself up.”

“Daryl, you can’t..”

“I can and I would.” Daryl replied. “We need to go, let’s go.”

They nodded, Rosita needed to talk to Rick about Daryl’s plan to give himself up. They made their way along the track, Daryl wasn’t in the headspace to track them through the woods. As they walked Denise stopped to grab a cooler from a car. “Denise we gotta go,” Rosita barked.

The beta rolled her eyes. “No it’s okay.”

“No, it isn’t lets go.” The omega remarked.

Denise rolled her eyes and made her way back up to them, as she sat and talked to them about wanting to get the cooler out an arrow was shot through her eye. “No! Denise! No.” Daryl held her as she dropped to the floor.

Rosita held her weapon up as a group of alphas and betas appeared. Daryl panicked as he saw Dwight step out of the woods with Eugene at his side, a gun to his head.. “Well damn, seems we found him. Negan’s going to be really pleased with me. Now ‘mega. I know this guy’s your friend, so maybe we should just skip the fighting and the gunfire and you should come over here. We want the packs too,” Dwight smiled.

The alphas with Dwight were salivating at Daryl’s scent.

“Fuck you,” Rosita barked. “I won’t let him just become that alphas.”

Eugene was trying not to cry as the gun stayed close to his temple.

“Well before you do anything maybe you should worry about our companion hiding in the trees with his gun at the ready.”

Daryl looked at Eugene quickly realizing he was trying to give them an out. Dwight grunted. “Find him.” He said pointing the gun towards the trees, as soon as the gun was off Eugene’s head he turned over and bit down on Dwight’s jean clad dick. “Fuck!”

Daryl couldn’t help but laugh as he raised his crossbow and attempted to shoot Dwight who dropped to his knees.

Abraham came out of the woods shooting any man who got in his way. Rosita nodded to him, the three taking out more of Negan’s men, Dwight managed to scramble away tucking tail. Eugene smiled at Abraham. “I wasn’t trying to give you up, but I needed to take a chance.”

“I’m actually proud of you.” Abraham smirked. “You okay Daryl?”

“Fine…” Daryl whispered. He had been willing to give himself up when Dwight asked him, and Rosita could see it in his face, but they needed to get back to Denise.

They could tell she was already gone, but he wasn’t willing to leave her body behind. They needed to get back their pack, tell their prime what happened, and Rosita needed to have a talk with Rick, because she truly was concerned about their omega.

Chapter Text

Daryl was asleep, curled up beside the crib they had Judith in trying to figure things out when Rosita went to talk to Rick. “He says he is going to sacrifice himself to the saviors for us.”

Rick looked up at her, wide eyed. “No..”

“He did, he said so himself. He.. he is worried about a lot of things but Rick.. he said he would do it for us. For any of us.”

Rick tried not to break, his omega was worth the world, and he knew he was scared. Knew he was nervous, but he didn’t realize he was willing to just give himself up. “I can’t let him do that. Rosita but how.. How do I keep him from a fight if he wants in?”

“You have to either let him, or deny it. You aren’t venom bonded Rick, when you say sit he has a choice. He doesn’t actually have to sit, he can do whatever he wants, unless you venom bond him he will just join in.”

“I won’t venom bond him, not in this world. It’s dangerous. If I die… unless another alpha bonds to him he will die within hours Rosita.. A venom bond is wrong for a reason. I can’t.. Not unless Daryl asked. I would never…”

“You might not, but someone will.” Rosita whispered before padding away.

The next few days went off fine, Rick didn’t say anything to him about the idea of sacrificing himself to the enemy pack. He just wanted his time with Daryl, they needed to figure something out with the other pack. This wasn’t their favorite part of their new world, the people, other packs. Other alphas.

Daryl was pacing, he heard a noise and headed down the stairs when he saw her. Maggie was laying on the floor biting her lip and crying out in pain. Daryl dropped to his knees beside her. “Shit Maggie what’s going on?”

“The puppy.” She cried. “Oh god.. Fuck it hurts.. It hurts.”

Daryl growled and picked her up and carried her to the couch, he got her a water bottle and kissed her forehead racing off to find Rick and Glenn. “Rick, Glenn! Maggie, it’s Maggie!”

They came running. “What’s wrong with Maggie?”

“The pup.. She was screaming while holding her belly. I don’t know but we gotta help her. We need Dr. Carson at hilltop. Please we gotta.” They ran towards the house seeing Maggie laid up on the couch in pain.

“Two teams, we gotta have Maggie in the RV so she can lay up.” Rick said. “Alright… okay.. Glenn, Maggie, myself, Sasha, Abraham…”

“I’m coming.” Carl snapped. “Aaron too.”

“Me too.” Beth called.

“So am I.” Daryl growled.

“No.” Rick snapped.

“Yes I am!” Daryl barked. “Can’t fucking stop me. Her pup is in danger, I am going. We are going.”

“Fine, but I.. alright okay. Rostia, Eugene, Beth and Michonne in one car. You can take your bike alright. I’ll take Aaron, Sasha, Glenn, Abraham, Maggie, and Carl.”

Daryl smiled. “We can do this, we will get you there Maggie we promise.”

Maggie smiled as they got her into the RV, Daryl hopped on his bike while Rosia, Beth, Eugene, and Michonne climbed in the car to follow. They headed out to figure out their surroundings, they needed to do this. They knew it was dangerous, with the saviors out and about they knew they were going to struggle but they were going to do this. They had to do it, there was no way around it.

“Now, we need this cleared. Take the walkie okay? If it’s clear and ours isn’t we can talk, or go back and forth about what we are doing.”

The pack nodded and split, but not before Daryl made sure Judith was secure with Enid. He kissed Rick before they took off. He followed the Car Michonne was in with a half smile, he wanted to do this, needed to do this for Maggie. For her puppy.

Rick was worried, for both Maggie, and for Daryl. This was a dangerous trip, extremely dangerous trip.

They knew very well that the saviors were probably waiting for them, but Maggie’s health was much more important. As Michonne took a turn she saw a group of men, they stopped the car quickly. “Don’t move, or get out.”

Daryl was frozen, nervous, he knew they could smell him. Daryl saw Dwight and snarled, raising his bow. “Don’t worry Mega.” Dwight called. “We won’t touch you. You’re our alphas.” Daryl kept it raised, and didn't budge. “Look, we have rules too. Now, go on, keep on keeping on. Get to wherever you need to alright?”

They moved out, Daryl was confused, what the hell was happening?

Abraham stopped the RV. “Alpha.”

Rick bristed. “Shit.”

“What do we do dad?” Carl asked.

“No fighting yet, maybe we can cut a deal?” Rick stepped out, a white balding alpha stepped forward, he had a creeper mustache as well.

A beta male was laying on the floor on his back, another beta male began to spray paint an X on his chest. “Well hi, my name is Simon. Good to meet y'all. Well, lets make a deal alright? All your shit, now.”

“We can’t do that, not right now. We have plenty of things to do. Places to go.”

“Right. Well then, don’t worry. Get to wherever you’re going alright?”

“You know, this could be your last day on Earth.” Rick muttered.

“As for you, so keep being nice to your pack, your people. Last day on earth and all you know.” Simon smiled as he nodded to his men letting them back in the RV before they headed out.

Rick picked up his walkie. “Michonne, did you come across any men?”

“We did alpha.” Michonne replied. “They didn’t even want Daryl, something’s going on.”

Daryl was still following, and following close. They were stopped by walkers in chains. “Let me kill them alright?” Daryl called. He hopped off his bike, the saviors watched him from the treeline. They couldn't hurt Daryl, it was their number one rule.

They watched the omega take out his knife and slash at the walkers before moving the chains. “This shit is wack.” Daryl grunted.

“We will be fine,” Michonne promised as they continued forward.

Beth was shaking, she was extremely nervous. She didn’t know what the hell was happening, she hoped her sister was fine. They were all unsure of what was happening. They continued on their way when they took another turn and came across an overpass and logs stopping their leave. They stepped out of the car quickly, Abraham stayed in the driver's seat, Maggie was laying out on the couch, Glenn holding her head in his lap.

“What the hell is this? What are they doing?”

“They’re doing something, planning something.” Rick muttered. That was when they heard a scream and chains from the overpass. They turned and looked up as the beta with the X marked on his chest had either jumped or more likely was pushed off the overpass and was strangling. The chains were wrapped around his throat. “Aaron don’t.”

“I can break the chain.”

“No, we can’t waste the bullets.”

“Fine alpha.” Aaron muttered under his breath. He lowered his gun, they soon smelt burning wood. They turned back towards the logs. Fire spreading.

Simon’s voice was soon heard. “You being good to your people? Treating them well? Last day on earth and all. You know.”

“Go, get back to the RV.” Rick barked. They moved quickly, racing off. The RV backed up until they got far enough away they felt safe. They stayed in the RV for sometime till they came up with a plan. “We take her out, on foot, someone else drives to keep them thinking its us.”

“I’ll keep going.” Aaron promised.

“Great, thank you Aaron.” Glenn smiled as they worked on getting Maggie onto a stretcher.

“Michonne come in Michonne.”

The walkie was only static in return. “Shit.”

“What’s wrong dad?” Carl asked, raising his head in concern as they got Maggie on the stretcher.”

“They’re not answering.”


“I pray to god nothings happened.” Rick whispered in concern. They got Maggie set and Aaron took off.

They continued moving, until a spotlight came up on them. Simon smiled as they got closer, Dwight stepped out crossing his arms with a smile. “Welcome to where you were going.” Simon smiled, spreading his arms out and making a small semi circle. “Now lets unload her and get everyone on their damn knees.”

They moved quickly, but when it came to Rick getting on his knees there was a fight. “Shit alright like alpha said he fights we chain him.”

Rick looked up in panic as four men circled him, one hit the back of his head just to disorent him. He dropped to his knees with a groan of pain, he attempted to get back on his feet but soon his wrists were chained behind his back, and a spreader bar was placed around his ankles. His legs were chained to the ground.

Michonne, Rosita, Eugene, Beth, and Daryl came to another roadblock. As they stepped out to look over everything, gun fire happened, but only to their feet. The tires of the car was taken out, Daryl grabbed Beth’s arm as everyone scattered. The two ran hand in hand through the woods. “Momma.”

“Shh Bethy okay.. We gotta be quiet.” He growled as they kept running, his scent thick with fear. Beth clung close to him, they kept running knowing very well they couldn't get out of this. Daryl kept her behind him when a few men surrounded them. Their guns were raised.”

“We can’t hurt him. He’s the omega.”

“Fuck. The girl though.”

“Keep your paws off my pup!” Daryl barked holding her behind him. “You can’t have her or me.” He raised his bow up but a fourth man came from behind a tree and placed a gun to her temple.


“Drop the weapon ‘mega. Alright? We can kill her if thats what it takes.”

Daryl dropped the weapon quickly, he tossed the bow to the side, and held his hands up. “Please.. Don’t hurt her. Please.” Daryl begged.

“Negan’s gonna love you.”

Daryl whimpered as Beth struggled with the man who held his gun to her. Daryl was dropped to his knees as they kept her up on her feet, the gun still looming over her. They both smelt of panic, and fear. The night was coming quickly and they knew they had more to worry about. Beth slammed her heel down on the man's foot, he yelped and fired the weapon. Daryl looked up in terror as Beth’s body dropped. “No! No oh my god what did you do?” They looked over her bloody body as Daryl scrambled towards her, his hands covered in her blood as he tried to shake her. “Beth. Beth please.”

He didn’t know what to do, he stood up and swung which resulted in another gunshot. Daryl fell back on his ass, he was only grazed, the bullet hardly touched him but he was still hurt and the blood pouring down his arm was still his.

“What the fuck did you do?!” One of the men asked.

“I didn’t mean to!” The man yelped as Daryl growled trying to stand, two of the men helped him up. One wrapped his arm and they cuffed the man who injured Daryl. This was a long drive and now they had to worry about whatever the hell Negan was going to say about Daryl’s injury.

The stars were twinkling as they made it to the line up. Daryl was left in the truck for the time being, they knew their alpha was waiting for the big reveal. The man who harmed Daryl was also still waiting, his wrists cuffed to the door of the truck.

“You got him?” Simon asked with a smile. “Notice the little blonde isn’t here either.”

“About that…”

“What?!” Dwight asked, moving his head thinking Daryl got away.

“The girl, well she fought us.. Steve the dumb ass shot her. The omega is losing it crying and shit you know.. But Steve.. Well Steve might have shot the omega.”

Rick snarled moving in the chains, where was Daryl, how bad was he?

“He what?” Simon asked, snapping his jaw in frustration.

“Just a graze, that omega he's a little monster. Came at us, after the girl you know.”

Maggie was hyperventilating, Beth was dead? Daryl was injured, and she didn’t know if her puppy was okay. “Boss won’t like this.”

Simon disappeared into the RV for a moment, Negan was inside waiting to be called upon, but this changed a few plans. “He shot my omega?”

“Apparently he's okay, killed one of his pups though in front of him.. It was an accident Alpha.”

“Put them both in the line up alright Simon?”

“Course.” Simon smiled and stepped out. “Alright men, change of plans, the omega and the asshat in the line. Tighten the circle up.” Negan’s men moved quickly, they whistled once their circle was tight. “Dwight help me unload them alright?”

The man nodded, they went to the idiot who harmed Daryl. The man was quivering, trying not to scream as he was thrown beside Glenn. “Alright hes gonna be a little bit harder, yeah? Remember no harm to him, just keep our eyes on him.”

They opened the back of the truck Daryl was in and held their guns up. “Don’t worry about anything pretty thing, come on out.”

“He killed her..” He muttered softly, mumbling to himself, the blood running down his arm was nothing to him. He was more worried about Beth, the fact she was dead. Tears stained his face. They pulled him from the car when Daryl’s eyes landed on Carl. He went to run to him but was stopped and dropped to his knees between Rosita and Maggie. He looked over to Rick who was in chains, his eyes grew wide seeing his mate in chains.

He looked up at Simon and Dwight who stood side by side with smiles on their faces. “Are we all ready to meet the man then? Cause I know he is ready to meet you.”

Daryl’s body shivered as he watched Simon slam his fist against the RV door, hell was coming, and it was coming from the RV.

Chapter Text

The door slammed open and the scent of whisky and leather grew strong, Rick shivered, the man smelt like a true prime just like himself and they both knew only one of them could truly have that title.

Negan’s eyes darted towards Daryl who was shivering on the ground, his arm still bleeding. “I’ll get to you in a minute darlin,” he smirked as he eyed them all. He let out a soft bellow excited to finally see the omega he had been hunting for. “Well welcome to your new world.” Negan smiled waving to them all. “I’m alpha, that's what I am to you all. Even you prick, chains comfy? Yeah, I didn't think so. Now this is career day, we invested a lot to show you who we are, what we are, and how we are going to get everything figured out. Now, I really didn’t appreciate you killing my men, and it was really shitty when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool, I don’t think you know how not cool that is. Now I am impressed that my omega took out those men with the bazooka but he is going to get a punishment for that when we have time to aren’t we darlin?” Daryl looked up with his eyes wide in panic. “Yeah sweetheart, gonna make your ass so pretty and red.”

Daryl whined and Rick began to thrash in the chains. Negan smirked seeing them all react to what he had to say, it made him happy knowing he had all the power over them.

“Now, I always kill one of your people before we start this but the situations we are in are a tad different then usual aren’t they? Perfect glad everyone understands. Now my sweet omega, you’re going to learn this and learn this well, I will always take care of you no matter what happens. Even from my own people. So let's do this shall we? After him we have a few things to line up, your shit is mine, Daryl is mine, and well I am fucking prime. Before I kill one of your people however, Daryl and I need to bond right?” He smiled, flashing his fangs which terrified Daryl even more than he had expected it to.

Negan stepped towards the man that had shot Daryl, his eyes were dark, and he planned on making this hurt. He swung his prized bat side to side before his mans head ready to quench his thirst for blood.

“Please alpha, please.. Please don’t do this.. Please I didn’t mean to hurt him. I really didn’t mean to hurt him. He attacked me, and I.. I just shot, I moved the gun please, he was hardly grazed.” Steve begged. Daryl kept looking between Negan, Steve, Rick and Carl. He didn’t know what to do. Carl was being strong for his mom, but everyone smelt of raw terror.

“No Steve, and this is a rule for everyone, my omega does not get harmed. My omega is my property and no one else is to touch him! Any injury I give to my omega is punishment, one of love, one of my rights as his alpha. Does everyone understand me?”

“Yes alpha!” A loud shout came from his people before he whistled and they whistled back. Negan smiled looking directly at Daryl and raised his bat.

“I promise to always protect you, my sweet omega no matter who it's from.”

Daryl shivered in terror as he slammed his bat down on Steve’s head. He did it once more, and once again, blood sprayed over the ground. Daryl felt truly sick. This man that wanted to be his mate was terrifying, and he was only getting started.

Everyone in the line up was shaking, even the alphas of their pack felt sick to their stomachs as they looked over the bloody bat and the man on the ground. Stomachs were turning, tears were falling, body's were shaking. Negan loved the power he held. “Now for her introduction, this here is Lucille and she is awesome. A blood thirsty vampire bat and I love her, but don’t worry ommy our love will be stronger.”

Daryl was shivering, Negan smiled as he walked back and forth for a moment before turning back towards the omega. “Tell you what, to make this fun. I’ll even give you a head start.”

“What?” Daryl grunted.

“Well sweet thing, if you haven’t figured it out yet I own you now but I have yet to bond you. I’m a primal man, love to stalk my prey and play games with it, you know. It gets my knot off. I mean hell how many twists and turns did I give your people? So I’ll give you a head start, let you see the kind of shit I’m into a little alright? So I suggest you run, I’ll give you thirty seconds. If you can get back to where they took you from, I’ll even let everyone go and we can play again later so I suggest you get up and run.”

Daryl took a deep heavy breath but moved quickly. If there was a chance of saving his people he would take it. He turned on his heel and took off, he wasn’t stupid and he was going to give Negan a run for his money. Rick thrashed in the chains but Negan only laughed. “Someone start counting to thirty for me. Gotta be honest, give my lover a headstart.”

Simon started counting, and Daryl wasn’t going to let up. He raced off into the darkness, since having the twins his ability to see in the dark was much better than anyone else's. He had no idea where he had been picked up but he refused to just give in. He found a large stick on the ground and picked it up, if he had to he would use it.

“Thirty boss, go get him.” Simon smiled. Negan grinned, picked up his bat and chased after Daryl. His foot falls were heavy, Negan smelt of arousal.

Rick’s eyes were a deep red, but the chains were strong, clearly meant for an alpha. He continued to thrash as the pack panicked and whined for the omega. Daryl heard Negan laughing, and that sent shivers up his spine. “Fuck honey, watching that ass of yours sway while you run is intoxicating.”

Daryl turned his head and Negan was a lot closer than he should have been. Negan was fast, and strong as hell. He was sadly even a stronger alpha than Rick. and everyone knew it but they could never turn from their prime. Daryl kept running, this wasn’t going to happen, he couldn't just give Negan what he wanted. He knew no matter what he did Negan was going to take what he wanted.

“Pretty thing,” Negan smiled, whistling at Daryl as he ran, “don’t hide from me come on precious.”

Daryl slipped between some trees, his breathing ragged. He made an attempt to climb the tree but Negan caught his foot. Daryl kicked and cried out, swinging the large branch at him, his omega whine getting back to the saviors and his people. Everyone instinctively lurched to help, but they stayed put, everyone in Daryl’s pack had guns placed to the back of their head in case they tried to move.

Daryl fell from the tree and scrambled back, his makeshift weapon falling to the ground. Negan snapped it in half smiling, twisting the bat in his hand. “Fuck ‘mega I am going to love having you tight around my knot. Present Daryl.” Daryl shook his head and swiped at Negan, he got his cheek with his claws. Negan felt the blood dribbling down his cheek. “Well shit, you don’t fucking listen to alphas do you? Well that is about to fucking change”

Daryl whined in terror as Negan picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. Daryl kicked and screamed and slammed his fists on Negan’s back as they made it back to the lineup and Negan’s waiting Saviors. Before they made it back Daryl hit Negan right on the spine, Negan growled dropped Daryl for a moment. Daryl raced off only to be grabbed by the ankles and lifted upside down to be examined for a moment. "You better watch your ass honey, you keep racking up your punishments and you aren't gonna like it."

"Go to hell!" Daryl yelled, only to be dropped, thrown over his strong shoulders and have his ass slapped roughly.

“Got him, boys.” Negan laughed as he dropped Daryl on his ass, a cheer ran through the saviors and Daryl’s pack shivered in horror for their omega. Daryl backed up as Negan inched closer. He pressed his bloody bat against Daryl’s chest to keep him in one place. He noticed Carl looking horrified. He was nearly into adulthood now, his puppy days long gone. He smirked and didn’t pay him anymore mind as he looked at Rick who was fighting the chains like a rabid animal. “What Rick the Prick? You really didn’t think I was going to let him get away did you? I mean he did fight back, look at my damn cheek.”

Rick opened his mouth only to be gagged. Daryl looked back at his mate and felt his heart breaking, Rick looked worse for wear. He knew what was coming, they all did. Negan smiled as he set his beloved bat down and Simon quickly moved to hold it for him, to keep it from getting dirt within the barbed wire.

Negan smiled, his fangs glistening in the starlight. He grabbed Daryl off the ground, Daryl swung at him which only made Negan more desperate to claim him. “Keep fighting and I will kill the boy.” Negan snapped, Daryl’s fight instantly depleted, Carl whined knowing he was being used against his mom. Negan ripped his shirt off, Daryl instantly felt exposed, his scars on full display for everyone as Negan looked over the prime claiming spots. Simon and Dwight looked over his back horrified and knew there would be conversations about that later, but Negan had yet to see his back and Daryl knew it would come later.

Negan eased Daryl to his knees, the two staring one another in the eyes. Both of them felt very differently about this situation. Saliva dripped from Rick’s gag as he screamed and cried out but it was all muffled, Negan ran his finger over Rick’s bond to Daryl and gasped. “Well prick you are one god damn idiot, this isn’t a venom mark? What a fucking pussy. You put my mate in more danger by not venom bonding him then you would have if you did, and for that one more of your people dies. Putting Daryl’s life in danger, that's inexcusable.”

“Please. Please don’t kill my people.” Daryl begged as he looked up at the alpha male who towered over him.

“Sorry princess,” Negan smiled as he pressed his claw against Daryl’s bond mark to Rick, “lessons need to be learned, and they aren't your people anymore.”

“No please.. Pl- Ah!” Daryl screamed out in pain as his bond to Rick was severed. Daryl's eyes rolled in the back of his head, the pain he had once felt by having the bond removed shooting through his body once more. Negan clawed out the mate mark with a sadistic smile, locking eyes with Rick who spasmed in pain as their bond was removed for a second time.

Daryl’s body pulsated with pain, he was no longer a bonded omega and his scent let every alpha there know it. His pheromones were strong, the brown sugar scent almost seemed to grow tenfold as the masking musk of Rick’s Applewood and Cedar depleted. Blood dripped down Daryl’s chest and onto the dirt below them. However this did give Daryl more a chance to fight, there were no restrictions, nothing stopping him from it.

Daryl punched a disoriented Negan in the face, he scrambled back and attempted to run again but Negan grabbed his ankle and he dropped onto his back. He kicked and yelled trying to get Negan off of him.

Negan glared at his soon to be claim, his foot pressed into Daryl's chest. “Fuck I didn’t want to have to hurt you but you’re almost feral pup, clearly someone didn't train you right, what kind of weapon did Rick have? A gun, a knife?”

“A hatchet,” Simon replied.

Negan licked his lips with a grin, he chuckled softly. “A hatchet?”

“An ax sir.” Simon snorted.

“Give it to me.”

Dwight quickly did as he was told knowing very well that if they didn’t Negan would get angry and Daryl’s fighting wasn’t doing anyone any favors. Negan examined the ax in his hand before lifting it up and slamming it down on Daryl’s right knee. Daryl yelped in pain as the blade went through his skin and shattered the bone. Daryl sobbed in agony as Negan tossed the ax in front of Rick with a sick smile. “Get me a blanket to fuck him on, can’t get the wound infected.”

“Yes sir.” Someone yelled as they returned with an oversized blanket.”

Daryl was whimpering and crying, and everyone of his packmates were horrified by the actions the prime alpha had just committed. “Now sweetheart fucking present for me, or I won’t be nice next time.”

“That was nice?” Daryl seethed as Negan slammed him on his back and spread his legs, he was at least glad he was on his back and not all fours, his knee was broken. Blood poured from the wound.

“On a level,” Negan smirked as he ripped his jeans from his body, slick caked Daryl’s hole and inner thighs. “Shit, look at that, even dirty and bloody you are the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Now everyone better listen the fuck up. Daryl is mine, and I don’t care how close to me you are, Daryl belongs to me and me alone.”

There was a unanimous yes alpha that ran through the Saviors. Rick was raging, his eyes a deep red, but the chains still held him down. “Alright now,” Negan smiled and everyone saw his fangs, dark black venom began to drip from the sharp tips. He laughed as he saw Rick’s sad eyes.

Daryl snarled and attempted to struggle only to have Negan press into his bullet wound. Daryl spasmed trying to rip away from him only for Negan to set a hand on his newly broken knee, he shivered in pain, a cold sweat running down his forehead. His fighting stopping for now. “Get ready for the best days of your life.” Negan lifted Daryl up and sunk his venom soaked fangs into the junction between his neck and shoulder. Daryl howled in pain as he was bonded to Negan, he could feel his chemistry changing. Feel the venom shooting through his veins.

Daryl kept his eyes closed in pain while Negan’s eyes were locked with Rick’s.

Daryl’s struggle finally depleted, his bond to Negan meant a few things. The venom bond meant Daryl had little to no control over what Negan said to him or had him do. Negan pulled his fangs from Daryl’s body, the black venom and blood dripping from his fangs. “Stay, don't move.” Negan snapped and Daryl did as he was told despite his own desires, he couldn't even close his legs. Negan got up in Rick’s face, and spit.

Blood and venom dripped down his face, Rick scowled and shook. Negan smiled slapping his face a few times to get his point across. “Now for the fun part. Keep the guns to their heads, make sure to line it up with their noses so if you do go bang it will be a real mess.”

“Yes alpha.”

Daryl laid frozen on the bloody blanket as he waited for his new mate to come back. Negan adjusted the blanket to line with Rick’s eyesight, Daryl's body rocked softly as the blanket was dragged through the bloody dirt, and then Negan began the show. He unzipped his pants to reveal his large cock. "Like what you see honey? Hell I'm sure I'm bigger then Rick by at least half my length." Rick snarled and struggled as he watched Daryl’s blue eyes get wide with terror.

Daryl didn't answer, he was frozen in pure unadulterated fear.

Negan dropped behind him, he lined himself up with Daryl’s entrance and smiled. “Just relax ‘mega. Let me rock your world.”

Daryl shivered but at his words his body relaxed. Negan slammed forward, Daryl’s eyes rolled in the back of his head, he cried and yelled. Negan gripped his hips roughly, his claws digging into his sides. Blood dripping down his hips and legs. Every so often mid scream a gunshot would go off and another walker would be taken out, the gunshots only made Daryl panic more.

Daryl sobbed and cried, but Negan felt amazing. Daryl’s body chemistry had changed for Negan during their bond, making him the perfect fuck for Negan, making him the perfect hole.

Daryl’s back arched as Negan slammed continued his slamming. He was getting close to knotting Daryl, between the blood and Daryl's scent it was intoxicating. Before long Negan slammed his knot inside his tight entrance, Daryl's own blood still rolling off his body, black venom and blood still dripped over his chest. “Ah f-fuck you!”

Negan growled and slapped him across the face. “You belong to me ‘mega, your duty is to serve me!” Daryl sobbed as he was yelled at. Negan was inches from his face. His pack watched in sadness and horror as Daryl cried. “Apologize.”

“S..sorry.. sorry Negan.” Daryl whimpered. He hated knowing everyone was watching him, everyone had just seen him be raped, be claimed by another alpha.

Negan snarled, his fangs still dripping in dark venom. “No! It’s alpha or master or sir.”

“Sorry alpha.” Daryl managed out as Negan adjusted their positioning once more. “So sorry.”

“That's right.” He smirked, kissing Daryl’s temple. “Get a medic, we can't take him back yet but we need his leg wrapped up.”

“Yes alpha!”

Daryl was finally released and a puddle of cum dripped from his hole. Negan put his jacket on Daryl and pulled his boxers on him before he returned to the line up.

“Alright you sorry shits, two die today. Thank your pussy of an alpha for it.”

Daryl was dragged towards the RV and wrapped up, standing wasn’t happening right at the moment and he knew it. His leg throbbed, chest heaved, and he felt horrible.

“Alpha please don’t do this.” Daryl begged.

“No!" He yelled, narrowing his eyes. "No outburst from you my pretty cunt. Close your mouth, stay, don't move.” Negan barked. Daryl’s body froze, his mouth shut. He narrowed his eyes, even when Rick had told him what to do his body didn't feel the urgency in all senses to do what he was told, but their bond was stronger due to the venom, and Negan was using his alpha voice on him. “Sure he never listened to you like he does me huh Ricky?” Rick snarled and pulled on the chains. “Don’t worry you’ll get your turn, won’t kill you prick, but I’m gonna break you. Make you wish I had.” Negan laughed, which sent the saviors into a laughing fit.

Negan swung his bat to the side once more. “Are we peeing our pants yet? Don’t worry, if you aren’t someone will.” Daryl shivered, his body ached. He wanted Rick back, but his bond to Negan was strong. He wanted Negan’s comfort despite the agony it was putting him through. “Can’t decide how I’m doing this, maybe a game of catch a tiger?”

He began to walk past the group. In a sing-song voice he moved the bat over their head just to see them flinch. Daryl lurched forward but he couldn’t move. Simon watched over Daryl protectively. “Any last words?”

Abraham stood tall, puffing his chest out. “Suck my knot.”

Negan laughed as he slammed his bat down on Abraham’s head. Screams escaped everyone’s lips. Rick thrashed in his binds. Another three thwaks and Abraham was gone. “Did you hear that? Said suck my knot! Now that was a man, wonder why he wasn’t your prime.” He kept slamming the bat down again and again till Abraham was hamburger meat. He swung his bat in a display of what he had done, blood spraying over their faces.

Daryl sobbed, dropping his head to the ground as he tried to move but between Negan’s order and his broken knee he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Now for my next victim.” He smiled looking the group over, swinging his bat side to side. Blood splattering the ground. “Hell girl you look like shit, I should do this just to put you out of your misery.” Daryl's eyes got wide, despite their bond and his orders he refused to back from this, he knew only Negan would listen to him now. Even if it was a minimal listen. He forced himself to open his mouth, denying his alpha was physically painful.

“She’s pregnant!” Daryl yelled. “Please alpha.”

Negan turned, his mate cowering on the ground, pain wracking his body. “I see even with the venom bond your will for puppies is strong as hell. Good, makes me know you’ll carry for me well." At the mention of Daryl having Negan's puppies Rick began to thrash more, Daryl's eyes got wide in panic. "Now, open your mouth again, and I will cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father.”

Daryl lowered his head submissively. Negan chuckled and turned back to the shivering pack on the ground. “Well your ass is saved for now, prego.” Maggie seethed in pain. Negan then turned his head towards a few of the other packmates. “Ah, yeah I see it now. Sorry, but not really.”

He slammed his bat down on Glenn’s head, then again, and again. Maggie was a mess, she lost her sister and husband all in one day. They were only out here for her, now Abraham was dead. Rick was in chains, Carl’s life was in danger, and Daryl was now this brutal alphas mate.

Daryl sobbed his body shaking, he reached out but felt his knee hurt and he curled into himself. “Well now that this is done, me and your ex-prime are gonna go on a little joy ride. Simon, keep an eye on him for me, Dwight you too. Before I go, where’s that collar I had someone scout out?”

Daryl looked up, collar. He remembered his short time with the claimers and sobbed harder.

No… this couldn’t be happening.

Dwight raced off and returned with a muzzle collar. A bone shaped gag was placed in Daryl’s mouth, the muzzle secured, then a collar that was attached to the bar of the muzzle was tightened around his neck. “I’ll be back sweetheart, keep that hole ready for me when I come back. I got a feeling a blood ruts coming on.” Negan smiled as he patted the side of his muzzle with an endearing grin.

Daryl sobbed as he sat, his knee, arm, and mate marks throbbing. The muzzle was a humiliation, when he was taken in to be tested by the ring he saw many omegas with a muzzle. He knew what it meant, it meant he was owned. No longer his own man, but Negan’s toy.

He was a slave, and that was how it would stay.

Negan smiled and inched closer to Rick who was thrashing in his chains, the metal rattling. Negan picked up the ax, placed it in his belt and patted it to let Rick know it was important. Rick growled as he was unchained and dragged into the RV, Negan was dragging him by his jacket and he was crawling on all fours. Being forced into submission. Negan had plans, and he couldn’t wait to see Rick break.

Chapter Text

Daryl shivered in his spot rocking back and forth in pain and panic.

The RV door slammed shut, Rick was growling and yelling as he was thrown on the floor of the RV. Negan slammed the hatchet onto the table. “Your best bet is to attack me with that ax there.” Negan said with a smile as he went and sat down in the driver's seat. Rick grabbed it and went to hit Negan when Negan turned with a machine gun and smiled. “Now, sit your ass down and wait bitch.”

Rick looked up and puffed his chest up, he attempted to stand only to be slammed onto the floor once more. “Fuck.”

“I said stay.” Negan growled. “You mother fucker. You really think you can fight me after everything you just watched? You want me to kill more? Cause I will not fucking hesitate. You saw what I did, what I will do. You want to keep fucking around and I will make you scoop your sons remaining eye out and eat it. You want that? Cause I will fucking do it.”

Rick froze. “You wouldn’t.”

“I fucking would.” He growled. “Now sit your ass down and just wait.” Rick shook in panic, every single bit of his life was flashing before his eyes. Daryl’s rape, Abraham, and Glenn’s death kept replaying in his mind. Rick shook under his watch as Negan took the RV towards the overpass where the logs had been burnt and the man had been hung. They stopped the vehicle and Negan turned to look him over. “Now, let's talk asshole. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Rick lifted his head up and narrowed his eyes unsure of what he was referring to. “What?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Have you not seen the state of the damn world? You let my omega go without a venom bond?”

Rick wanted to say he was his omega, but Negan was clearly irritable. “If I had died?”

“You’re still fucking here aren’t you?” Rick was silent. “Speak when you are spoken to!” Rick jumped in surprise as Negan’s hand shot out and grabbed his chin. Rick was shaking, no one had ever touched him like this. No alpha had ever attempted to fight him like this. “So answer my damn question, are you still here?”

“Yes.” Rick managed out trying not to growl. “You already killed my men, raped and took my mate.”

Negan snarled and lifted his chin up with his gloved hand. “My mate. It wasn’t rape, Daryl is mine. As mine I can do what I please with him, or are you the kind of person who lets your mates do whatever the fuck they want?”

“He has rights.”

“He is an omega, his rights are to breed with their alphas, carry their pups, and behave. So you’re a pussy and you let them, your mates, omegas specifically just do what they please? That isn’t the way the world works, now or ever. You ever had another mate before?”

“I did, she was a beta.”

“How’d that turn out?” Negan asked, crossing his arms in agitation.

“She.. she cheated on me with my best friend, we were planning a divorce before the apocalypse.”

“So you’ve always been like this? How the fuck did you end up a prime, fuck you’re pathetic. How the hell did you get something as perfect as Daryl?”

Rick was silent, and that pissed Negan off more. He picked up the ax off the table. “I want this back alright?” Rick looked Negan over in confusion, but soon the door was opened he tossed it out and slammed the door shut to make some noise. Rick could hear the growling and shuffling of feet. Walkers were waiting to try and devour him. “Now be a good bitch and do as I’ve told you. I want that back, it's mine now just like you and all your people.”

Rick was still shaking.

“What the fuck did I just say?” Negan asked, opening the door and throwing him out. Rick scrambled forward pushing the undead out of his way, trying his very best to get them to stay away from places they could bite or scratch.

He slammed them down snarling as he searched for the weapon. He had no idea where it was, that was when he smelt Daryl’s blood and raced for it. He was sickened by the fact Negan used his weapon to harm his lover. Daryl was always going to be his no matter what. Happened, but he couldn't help him now. Killing Negan would only harm Daryl.

Daryl was still shivering waiting for them to return, he prayed Rick was still alive and Negan wasn’t going to be angry. The muzzle hurt his face, the gag was covered in saliva.

Negan watched out the window. “Bring me back my ax!”

Rick had it in his hand, but he was pissed off, Daryl had been hurt. Three of their people had died. He tossed the ax on the roof and climbed on top of the RV, he was seething. Snarling.

He laid on top of the RV breathing heavily unsure of what to do. He would not just back down to another alpha, specifically the man who raped and took his mate.

“Bring me my damn ax!” Negan yelled as he began to shoot the roof. Rick scrambled around trying not to be shot, he had to run and jump wrapping his arms around the hanging walker. As the body began to unstring from the chain Negan watched him. He shot down some of the walkers trying to eat Rick and smiled. “Where the fuck did the ax go?”

“I’m working on it, asshole.” Rick yelled.

“Watch your ass Rick.” Negan snapped as he slammed the back window shut.

Rick scrambled about trying as hard as he could to find the Ax again, the scent of death had covered the ax now, and it was hard to find it. He looked around the ground checking out for the weapon when a walker grabbed him. He turned and clawed at it before he saw it, he grabbed the weapon off the ground and slammed it into its head and raced to the door of the RV. He slammed his fist on it. “Let me in!”

“Maners asshat!”

Rick froze. “Please let me in.”

“Please what?”

“Please Negan.”


Rick yelled as he was swiped at, he killed it quickly and slammed his fist once more. “Please alpha! Please.”

“There we go.” He opened the door and pulled him in. He shot at the walkers around and pulled him in.

Rick heaved, throwing the ax onto the table. “Got your ax.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re figuring shit out.”

Rick shivered watching him loom over him. “Daryl is mine now do you understand that?”

“He will forever be mine, we have a daughter together. We lost a pup together, he will always be mine.”

Negan looked him up and down. “What?”

“Daryl is mine.” Rick growled.

“Not that, you lost a pup?”

“We’ve lost a lot of puppies, but we had one together… Daryl was pregnant with twins and only one made it.”

Negan looked sad, heart broken almost. “Losing a pup is never easy, Daryl’s mine now, and I won’t let that happen when we have pups.”

Rick snarled. “You can’t! You ca-” He yelped in pain as he was punched hard in the face. He fell back, blood dripping from his nose.

“You do not talk to your alpha this way.” Negan boomed, Rick shivered trying not to whine. “I am your alpha bitch, do you understand me?”

Rick was silent.

Negan got up in his face once again. “Do you fucking understand me!”

“Yes alpha.” He whispered.

“Louder.” Negan yelled, propping his gun under his chin.

“Yes alpha!” He cried.

“That’s a good bitch, alright now let's get this through your head okay? When I say jump you fucking jump, when I say lay down you lay down, when I say roll over you roll over, you’re my dog alright Ricky? I am going to make you wish I had killed you. Now who does Daryl belong to?”

“Me alpha.” Rick snarled growling.

Negan scoffed and punched him hard again. Rick whimpered as he was hit. “Don’t you fucking whine. Are you an alpha adult or an alpha pup? Daryl took it better than you did and I expected him to whine.”

Rick shivered as Negan asked again. “He.. he belongs to you alpha. Daryl belongs to you.”

“Yes he does, I’m so glad you figured that out. Alright now open your mouth.” Rick looked up at him terrified of what he had planned. He slowly opened his mouth shaking and terrified Negan smiled and put the barrel of his gun in Rick’s mouth. “You ever cross me, try and take Daryl from me, or deny a request I have of you I will put this back in your mouth and I will pull the trigger, do you got me?”

Rick nodded his blue eyes wide in fear, Abraham’s blood covered his face.

“Good doggy.” He pulled the gun away and placed it in his belt before he started the RV back up again. “Stay, don't move.”

“Yes alpha..” Rick whispered.

Negan smiled and pulled back up to their collective packs. He looked Rick over who was shivering in his spot, cleaned the blade of he ax up and looked him over. “You’re gonna need this, I got a feeling.” He smiled and opened the door and dragged Rick to the center of the packs. “Was my ‘mega behaved Simon?”

“Very.” Simon replied. “We did get him some pain pills, but put the gag right back in.”

Negan smirked. “Did he bite?”

“No,” Simon smiled, “thankfully.”

“Good, now I want everyone to see what I am. I am the prime of all of our packs. Rick’s my dog now, will do whatever I say won’t you Rick?”

Rick nodded.

“Speak Rick!” Negan barked, the man shook in his spot, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Yes alpha!” Rick whimpered, but made sure it was loud enough to hear.

Daryl’s eyes grew wide in surprise and terror realizing Rick was dropping from prime to just an alpha. The man was shaking, terrified of Negan.

What the hell did they do in the RV? Daryl thought to himself.

Daryl whimpered as he watched Rick drop his head and not look at the alpha male. “Rick I told you that you fighting me too much was going to end in something going wrong. Didn’t I?”

Rick looked up wide eyed and horrified.

“Didn’t I!”

“Yes alpha! I’m sorry… please.. Please not that please.” He begged.

“I’ll be nice, being blind would be hard on him wouldn’t it? But I’ve seen plenty of people survive this world with one less limb.” Negan smiled as he handed Rick the ax.

“No! No no please! No.” Rick grabbed him, whining and begging. Daryl watched the man he loved shake and cry, something he had never seen before. Negan kicked him over, looking almost disgusted that he would even touch him. “Please.. Please no...”

“Kid come.” Carl looked up and Daryl’s eyes grew wide in terror, he began to cry out but the gag kept his whines low.

“Simon do you have a pen?” Negan asked with a smile.


“Uh.. yeah sir.” Simon pulled it out, handing it over.

“Alright pup, let’s get this over with You a south paw?.”

“A what?”

“Are you a lefty?”


“Good.” He began to wrap his belt around his arm. “Tight?”


“It’s supposed to be. Alright lay down, spread your wing. This is gonna be cold as a warlock's ballsack, like he's just standing over you running his sack along your arm.”

Carl shivered as he ran the pen along his skin, the comment wasn’t very pleasing either. “Please.. Please.. Please don’t make me do this please Negan.”

Rick was slapped hard across the face. A gun was soon placed to the back of his head. “What did you call me?”

“I’m sorry Alpha.. So sorry alpha.. Please I can’t do this.”

“You’re going to do everything I say you have to do, got that doggy?”

Rick nodded. “Yes alpha..” He was sobbing, his legs shaking. His prime position was dropping rapidly causing his body to malfunction, he wasn’t fully in control of his bodily functions and he was terrified.

Negan smiled, handing him the ax. “Clean cut alright? Like salami.”

Daryl was hyperventilating, saliva dripping from his gag. Both himself and Carl were going to leave differently today. Mutilated in different ways. Daryl’s knee was shattered and it would take four to six months to heal. He would be completely dependent on Negan to get him around, and it seemed Rick would be taking Carl’s left arm. He continued to shake trying to cry out for his alpha to make Rick stop.

Rick held the ax in his hand, Carl was putting on a brave face, his hands shaking but he was willing to do this so no one else dies. “Just do it dad.” Carl whispered.

Simon looked down at Daryl who was crying, and breathing heavily.

Rick continued to hold the ax in his shaking hands. “Please don’t make me do this alpha please.” Rick begged.

“You do this or I shoot the little future serial killer.” Negan smiled as he got closer to Rick. “Do it! Now!” His voice boomed, it practically echoed through the woods. Rick shook and cried hearing Negan use his alpha voice on him. Rick looked up in terror as he felt his pants grow wet. “Well I guess it is pee pee pants city isn’t it? Fucking do it asshole, maybe we can find some jeans for you.”

Rick had never had a problem like this before, many young or non confident alphas wet themselves when other alphas used their alpha voices around them. As a true prime it had never happened to Rick before, but he had never met anyone like Negan.

Daryl was heartbroken, none of them had ever seen Rick so broken or low, and now it seemed that Daryl’s only hope at escape was gone. If Rick wasn’t strong enough to deny Negan how could he escape?

“Fucking do it Rick or I will kill him, and I will kill him now!”

Rick lifted it up and slammed it over his son's arm. Carl screamed out in pain as blood spurted out. Negan looked down at his boots. “Clean it off dog.” Rick went to wipe it off, tears streaming down his face, when Negan growled. “Tongue bitch, not your hand.”

Rick looked up with sad blue eyes as he did as he was told. Carl was screaming and crying. Daryl finally moved regardless of what his alpha had to say. His leg throbbed and everyone scented his blood as he did it. Negan turned to see Daryl avoid Simon’s hand as he scrambled towards Carl.

“Daryl!” Daryl looked up and Negan’s eyes softened as he cradled Carl’s head. Daryl growled through his gag and puffed out his chest to make himself look bigger to Negan. Negan couldn’t help but chuckle at his omega for trying so hard despite him being told otherwise. After a few hours an alphas orders began to fade and Negan knew he should have repeated himself. “Damn Rick, it seems Daryl’s got a bigger knot than you do. Someone fix the pup up alright, Darlin he will be fine. Time to go home. Now we will be coming for our first offering in a week. Better have all our stuff, don’t care what you have to do to get it. Now Rick remember what I did, remember who I am, and remember what you are. You’re my dog, I’m the alpha, and I own you all.”

Rick nodded sobbing harder as he stared at his son's hand.

Michonne was terrified, she had never seen her prime look the way he did and they all knew he had just gone through a major drop. “We understand alpha.” Michonne whispered, lowering her head to Negan knowing if someone didn’t respond there was a chance of death.

“Oh and someone get the bitch some jeans or a skirt I don’t even care. Come on sweetheart, time to go.”

Daryl tried to claw at him as he was picked up, Negan growled and looked to Carl who was being sewn up by one of the saviors. “I’ll blind him too if you fight me anymore Daryl, you’re going to learn to obey.”

Daryl instantly stopped fighting. Negan undid the muzzle and the gag and Daryl sobbed into his shoulder, taking in his scent for comfort despite the terror he had just put them all through. The collar was tight but he was fine enough and just thankful that Carl and Rick were both alive. “Don’t worry darlin, I know I know it was brutal but they had to learn who I am. You had to know that I am a true prime and the man who had once claimed you is nothing more than a pussy.”

Rick looked up at Daryl nuzzled into Negan, his heart was broken seeing Daryl being carried by Negan. His mates nose searching for a comforting scent from a man who just raped him, murdered their family, and forced him to cut their pups arm off.

Rick knew Daryl was struggling to fight their bond, and he was fighting it, everyone had seen that much, but it still hurt.

It was going to hurt for a long time, and the worst part was Rick didn’t know if he would ever recover from the drop.

Chapter Text

Daryl woke in the infirmary, he squinted looking up at the bright lights. He sat upright realizing why he was here, his mate was no longer Rick. His pup’s arm had been removed from him, Rick dropped from a true prime.

He looked down at his leg and realized it had been wrapped and casted which he was surprised by in the first place, he didn’t know that anyone still had the means of casting. He groaned in pain as he forced his legs to hang over the side of the bed. He looked around the room some more once his vision was no longer full of light spots. He grabbed a rolling table and forced himself to his feet.

Negan didn’t tell him he couldn’t get up and explore, Negan hadn’t said he wasn’t allowed to move around. He pushed the table and took a few steps at a time, he looked into a mirror and was horrified to find his mate mark bruised over. Dark purple marks encircled the large bite wound.

He examined his other wounds, the gun shot had been stitched up nicely. He was disgusted with himself. He was supposed to be Rick’s mate. Now he was this insane alphas whore.

Daryl winced with each step but forced himself to keep moving forward. He got the door to the infirmary open just as Dwight was going for the doorknob.

“You’re awake,” Dwight grinned looking Daryl over. “You shouldn’t be walking on that, you know.”

“Alpha didn’t say otherwise.” Daryl bitched.

“He would if he was here.” Dwight informed him. He picked a whining Daryl up and laid him back on the bed. “I’ll go get him.” Daryl whimpered, his cires were traveling through the compound and Negan was already on the move. “Daryl, you could have really hurt yourself.”

“I don’t belong here, I need to go home.” Daryl growled.

“This is your home.” Negan grunted as he stepped into the room. Daryl looked up at him, his heart began to pound quickly as he stepped into the room. “What’s wrong Dwight, why do you look nervous?”

“He… your omega was up and trying to walk on his bad leg.” Dwight reported stepping to the side while bowing his head. “He could have made his wound worse.”

Negan narrowed his eyes but said nothing about Daryl walking around, he turned his attention back to Daryl. “My ‘mega, I heard you whine.”

“Dwight picked me up.” Daryl hissed. “I didn’t like it.”

“Why did he pick you up love?” Negan inquired.

Daryl growled low in his belly. “I.. I was up wanted to look around.”

“Should you have gotten up?” Daryl didn’t answer, a speck of dust on the floor became his main focus of attention. “Should you have gotten up!” Negan barked. Daryl’s head shot up quickly, his eyes locking with Negan’s.

“You didn’t tell me I couldn’t. I wanted to find you. I woke up here alone, what did you expect me to do. Just hope someone was going to come in here, we are living in an apocalypse alpha.” Daryl’s words were venom. “How am I supposed to know between the time I passed out and woke up something bad didn’t happen? How am I supposed to know someone is coming back for me?”

Negan raised an eyebrow at Daryl’s outburst but something about his statement cut through the rest of his words. “You were alone?”

“Yes alpha.” Daryl growled.

Negan was then very aware there was no doctor standing in the room with them. “Where the hell is Carson?” Negan asked, turning his attention to Dwight.

“I don’t know sir. I was coming to do my check up on your omega as you had asked. When I went to open the door Daryl had already gotten it open.”

“Find that damn docter and bring him to me at once, do you understand?” Negan growled. Dwight nodded his head and ran off to find the doctor. Negan turned his attention back to Daryl. “I don’t appreciate the way you act omega,” he stepped towards him. Daryl instinctively lowered his head, he grunted in agitation at himself. He shouldn’t be cowering, he should be fighting. However the venom running through his bloodstream was forcing him to act like a proper omega no matter how much he hated it.

“I’m s-sorry alpha.” Daryl managed out through clenched teeth. “Really sorry…”

“Look at me Daryl.” Negan ordered. Daryl quickly brought his eyes up to look over Negan. “You belong to me now, do you understand that?”


“Why do you look so upset about it?”

“I have a daughter, she needs me.. She’s still little.” He growled low. “I.. I shouldn’t be your omega, you took me.”

“I won you fair and square, Rick could have fought harder. His people didn’t do their job to protect you. Our daughter will be brought here if you wish, but otherwise you need to have enough faith in your ex-pack that they can properly raise her so you tell me what you prefer. This is my one kindness to you. So you make that choice now.”

“You’d let her come here if I asked?”

“I would, your pups are my pups MY omega. You belong to me, every single part of you is mine. So tell me now before I make the choice for you.”

“She needs her brother, and father. She needs to stay. I wouldn’t wish to drag her from her home. Like I was.”

“You belong to me, I won you through old laws and new. You bare my bite Daryl. So enough whining about your old life, enough crying about how we became mates. You know you're living the same life thousands of omegas have. Queens, princesses, lunas. You are a right to be won, and I have you. That makes me the better alpha.” Negan sat beside Daryl, he flinched for a moment before Negan carefully brought his hand up to his cheek. “You may fear me now, but soon you will love me. You will beg to take my knot, beg to have your womb swelling with my pups. So tell me omega, will you learn to obey me or will I have to force your submission?”

“I am under your venom bond.” Daryl replied softly. ”What you wish for is what I must do.”

Negan smiled, his fangs flashing, Daryl pushed himself further back against the bed. “Good, you’re learning, but I need you to answer me honestly. So what will it be? Are you my omega, or do I need to force you to learn to love me?”

Daryl gulped, it wasn’t a simple answer by any means. “I.. I don’t know. I feel a need to please you, to make you happy… but you ripped me from my people. Killed them in front of me! You forced Rick into a.. a sub alpha. You cut my son's arm off.” He snarled. “Would you love someone who forced you to leave your family, killed your friends, injured your child?”

Negan cupped his cheeks between his hands. “If we had a bond, I would forgive anything.”

“Bonds are not love. Love is something you earn, my forgiveness is something you will earn.” Daryl hissed.

Negan slapped Daryl across the face. “You better shape up honey because this relationship is not based on your feelings, yet anyway. You are my god damn omega, you belong to me. You give me what I want and I keep your friends alive. Understand. I can pick them off one by one. Or you can do as I ask, give me what I desire. I wish to breed you, you will willingly do as I ask and allow me to fill you with my seed when your heat comes. Do you understand?”

Tears were streaming down Daryl’s cheeks. “Yes alpha.”

“Yes what?”

“I.. I will allow you to breed me. I will carry your puppies and you will not kill my friends.”

“Right darlin’, now I know you don’t want to be stuck here all day. We found some crutches and a wheelchair and I want to push you around. Now Daryl my love,” Negan rubbed his thumb over Daryl’s chapped lips, “you belong to me. You and I love each other. You love me.”

A fuse in Daryl’s mind snapped at the order. “I love you alpha.”

“Yes you do.” Negan smiled. “Now would you like to come to the next pick up at Alexandria? You could introduce me to our daughter.”

“Yes sir.” He whispered softly, the slap still stinging. Negan smiled and kissed his forehead.

“I knew you would, I’ll show you around here though. It’s your home now ‘mega. Our home.”

Daryl nodded softly accepting his fate as Negan’s, if he didn't, more people he loved would be killed. More people who he saw as family would lose their lives. All because of him. He couldn’t handle that reality. He couldn’t be the reason more people he loved died.

He had to pretend to be the perfect omega to keep his family alive.

Chapter Text

Negan was kind enough to push Daryl’s wheelchair around the compound, the strong alpha male would carry Daryl and his wheelchair down flights of stairs until they reached solid ground. Daryl was shaking like a leaf as Negan took him room to room. He was introduced to many different saviors all who looked much more at peace then Daryl had expected them to look with a man like Negan as their alpha.

Daryl tried to keep his focus on the facility to figure out its weakest points, but their bond was making his brain fuzzy. He felt a need to make Negan happy. He wanted to make sure Negan was proud of him in a way. He hated the way he felt about Negan more than anything, but he knew in many ways it was due to their forced bond.

Daryl’s leg twitched and he let out a whimpered cry. Negan froze as Daryl whined and looked down at him quickly with concern. “Daryl?”

“Just my leg.. Hurts.. Fuck..”

Negan bit his lip a bit, he knew he had gone too far by injuring his new mate but he had done it and couldn’t go back no matter how hard he tried there was no taking back what he had done to his sweet omega. “I’m sorry,” Negan finally said, unsure what to do for him otherwise. Daryl looked up in surprise at the apology. “Really little ‘mega I’m sorry.. How about we get you something sweet to make up for it hmm? Time to show you where you can buy supplies and get meals. As my omega you and I share points, everyone earns points for working, as well as walker kills. Each kill you receive two points, different jobs earn you different points.”

Daryl narrowed his eyes, he was surprised by the fact they were so ‘civilized’ the points seemed to be like currency. “ are the points calculated? Who keeps track of them?”

“Simon and Dwight help me with the points, Dwight got a big promotion telling me about you Darlin’. There is a lot of damn paperwork I’ve got to sort through on top of leading. I’ve got a lot of responsibilities and you are going to help ease them.”

“Am I supposed to help with the points?” Daryl asked narrowed his brows.

Negan bellowed, Daryl flinched a bit as he felt Negan’s hand trace the back of his neck. “Oh no my sweet sweet omega, you're gonna be latched onto my cock while I work. Gonna fuck you senseless or have you suck my cock so I can ease the tension.”

Daryl’s blue eyes grew big, but he oddly wanted to do what he was told, he shook his head as he scolded himself mentally. He couldn’t do this, he wasn’t supposed to be giving into anything, he needed his alpha, his real alpha.

He needed Rick.

Daryl’s mind soon was preoccupied with the smells of the compound's kitchen. Daryl could tell there were a lot of different options which confused him at first until he remembered their pickups. Chicken, turkey, pig, deer, and even cow was on the menu from what he could tell. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, and there was cake too.

Negan wheeled Daryl up to the front of the line, something he didn’t even have to ask to do. Everyone waiting in line stopped and waited for their alpha to come to the front with his injured mate. Daryl felt all eyes on him as he was wheeled up to the front. He hadn’t stopped to think it wasn’t because he was Negan’s now, but rather because he was the first omega many of them had seen in years. “Alpha…”

Negan smirked and patted his head before turning his attention to the cafeteria worker. “Two meals, and a chocolate cake for my ‘mega.”

The beta female nodded quickly grabbing the best meal on her table for each of them and a chocolate cake slice for Daryl. Daryl looked it over with hungry eyes, he couldn’t remember the last time he had cake. He certainly was like all omegas in the case of enjoying sweets. He happily began to devour the meal as he was wheeled towards a table. Daryl ate his cake before being given an actual meal, it was a large turkey leg with fresh fruit and vegetables. Daryl licked his lips enjoying it happily. Negan watched him hungirly, “Daryl, I’m going to ask you this and I want you to be honest.”

Daryl nodded looking him over nervously, Negan cupped his cheek carefully. “Wh…what is it alpha?”

“How many partners have you had before me?”

Daryl choked on his turkey leg, he lowered it and then narrowed his eyes before he took a deep breath. “Did they need consent?” Daryl asked his words nearly a whisper.

“What?” Negan asked, his eyes growing dark.

“Did they need consent to be considered a partner?”

“Have you been raped?” Negan asked, his voice deep and full of rage.

Daryl nearly snapped, yes he thought you raped me Alpha. However Daryl kept his composure. “Yes alpha, by a pack of alphas.. Took seven rounds.. Six men…” Daryl's voice cracked and tears began to run down his cheeks. “So… so if they needed consent only Rick.. bu-but if they didn’t then seven including Rick..”

Negan growled low in his belly. “When did this happen?”

Daryl's ragged sobs were loud and his confusion was clear with another voice crack. “What.. what?”

“When did this happen, how long before the apocalypse did they touch you?”

Daryl blinked. “It happened after.”

“Rick let you get hurt?” Negan asked, nearly snapping his metal fork in half.

“We got separated… they took my bond mark.. I was weak.. Our home had been taken from us.. I was scared because my puppy wasn’t very old.. I didn’t know where she was.. I had lost my mate and pups.. My people and I were no longer able to protect one another. I was caught.. They found my blockers.. Raped me. Removed my bond mark after they promised they wouldn’t… I.. I.” Daryl started to hyperventilate. Negan cupped his cheeks between his hands.

“Breathe.” Negan ordered. Daryl nodded, doing as he was told, he wasn’t sure if the reason he was behaving was due to the bond mark or because he actually needed to breathe. Once he finally calmed down, Negan looked him dead in the eye. “I will never allow another alpha or even beta to touch you, no one will fuck your cunt with me around. No one will touch you again, do you understand?”

Daryl nodded, Negan was trying? to be sweet in his own fucked up way. “Alpha..” Daryl whimpered as his vision blurred a bit, Negan helped him through another round of panic attacks before Dwight reapered with Dr. Carson in tow.

Daryl looked up uncertain of what would happen to the doctor. He hadn’t been there when he woke up, which Daryl didn’t know if that was an issue or not, but Negan had clearly been upset by it. Carson was shivering.

“You weren’t there when my mate woke,” Negan growled, grabbing the collar of Carson’s shirt. Carson whimpered.

“Alpha, I was going to get him some supplies from the store, I swear it. I was only gone for a moment. I was trying to find new wrap for some of his other wounds. I also wanted to tell you about some old wounds I’d found. So I was also looking for you.”

“Old wounds?” Negan asked, raising an eyebrow before looking at Daryl with concern. “What old wounds.”

Daryl yelped a bit, they meant his scars. His whip scars.

“Well.. alpha he has excessive whip marks along his back as we-.”

“Whip marks!” Negan barked loudly. Daryl groaned and lowered his head. “Daryl?”

“Please alpha not here…” Daryl begged. “Please not here..”

Negan grew more concerned, by all accounts he had raped Daryl publicly before their entire pack and Daryl would rather hide whatever reason his old scars existed. It clearly meant something was extremely traumatic about it. “Later, in our room.”

Daryl sighed in relief, thanking whatever God there was for Negan’s one instance of mercy. His thanks was quickly changed into horror as Negan dragged Emmet Carson towards a fire. “Sir please.. Please I was trying to find you, find him supplies.”

“What order did I give you?” Negan growled.

“Please alpha..”

“What orders did I give you!” Negan’s bark echoed through the sanctuary.

“Not t-to leave, leave your omegas.. Side sir.. Please Alpha pl-.” Carson’s begging was cut off by his screams of agony as Negan tossed him into the furnace. Daryl’s eyes grew wide in horror as he watched the man burn. Daryl was sniffling and crying harder as he shivered in fear of his mate. Negan stood before his people.

“That is what happens when you disobey me, specifically when it comes to my omega. I need someone to do a special pick up. I heard this man's brother is a great doctor and he is in Hill-Top. He’s an OB. Perfect for my omegas future here. We will be getting an heir and I need to ensure my pups are brought into this world by someone trained. So pack up, my omega needs this doctor. Go now.”

A few men nodded and headed out.

“No.. no alpha please Maggie needs Carson too please ple-.” Daryl yelped as Negan grabbed his chin. Negan’s face was inches from his own.

“What did you just say to me?”

“I.. I.. please alpha.. My friend is pregnant.. She needs Carson now.. I.. I’m not pregnant yet.. My heat hasn’t even started alpha p-.” Daryl whimpered as he was slapped. Whatever care Negan had a moment ago was now replaced with anger.

“You are my omega, your damn friend means nothing to me. Only you matter, so I am going to bring him here to keep your CURRENT wounds watched over properly. I am going to make sure that this Dr. Carson watches every damn step of your pregnancy so you don’t lose another pup.”

Daryl’s eyes got wide, tears rolled down his cheeks. Hot tears of anger and betrayal. “Rick.. Rick told you.. About him?”

“Rick told me you lost a pup, he told me about your puppy Daughter too. I was just waiting to see when you would mention her or even the one you lost. I won’t allow anything bad to happen to you. No loss of pups, no rapes, no injuries. You are my god damn omega, my property and mine to protect. I’m going to do a hell of a better job than Rick ever did and you’ll appreciate it one way or another. So quit your cryin', you and I have a lot to discuss upstairs apparently. So shush up little ‘mega. I’m here for you, no matter what. I am your mate, your husband, your master and I will ensure you learn to live by my rules. Learn to love me, learn to listen.”

Negan roughly kissed Daryl before pulling him free from the wheelchair. “Dwight carry that damn thing up to my room, Daryl and I need to discuss somethings.”

“Yes alpha.” Dwight nodded, picking up Daryl’s only mode of transport. Negan adjusted Daryl in his arms carrying him bridal style before making his way up to their room.

“Your heats going to start soon, injured or not you’re having my pups.” Negan hissed in Daryl’s ear. Daryl sobbed, his body shaking. How was this man his mate? How could this have happened to him?

He was trapped now, forced to breed and carry for this brute.

Chapter Text

Daryl was dropped roughly on the bed, he looked Negan up and down and pulled his good leg up into himself. “How close is your heat?” Negan asked.

Daryl lowered his eyes. “I.. I don’t know a week tops… but you can’t take him from Hilltop they need a doctor there.”

“Your wounds need to be healed, you need a doctor here when you start. So please don’t fight me on this. Daryl, what is so bad about being my mate? Answer me honestly.”

Daryl cringed trying not to reply, the pain from the venom built up in him. “You’re a brute, you raped me! You.. you injured my pup and killed my family! You ripped away from my mate, you dropped him from a true prime. I.. agh..” He tried to close his mouth but the pain flared up again. Negan was scowling. “You raped your people to satisfy your damn ruts. I am supposed to be your mate and you injured me! I can’t fucking walk. How am I supposed to survive an apocalypse if I can’t even walk? You.. you’re terrifying. You threw that man in the fire.”

“Is that all?” Negan asked as Dwight stepped in with the wheelchair. “Go on ‘mega why do you hate me so much?

“You took me away from people who actually loved me!” Daryl screamed in his face, he went to move, even tried to stand but fell, Negan caught him and pulled him so they were eye to eye. Dwight was unsure what was about to happen but he didnt move unless he needed to do something for his alpha.

“I do love you.” Negan growled. “I’ll love you better than they ever did. I’ll keep you safer than they ever did. I will love you more, protect you better. You are mine, and your hatred will dwindle into nothing but love and desire for me. Dwight, I need you to go to the doctors office, no one is there to stop you. Grab me a heat starting injection.”

“No! No you ca-.” Daryl whimpered as Negan slapped him across the face. “You hit me.”

“You said no, I am your god damn alpha, I get to decide what I want to do with you. I want you to start your heat now. The doctor will be here soon, I’ll help you nest. It will be fine. I promised I would love you, and protect you but to ensure that you have to love me back. You are my omega. You are mine, and Rick is going to learn that if he can’t protect his omega he doesn’t deserve them. You belong to me Daryl. You are mine, and you will do as I say. I say I want a pup and what do you say Daryl?”

“I’ll give you a pup… just need my heat to start..”

“Exactly, that's why I need Dwight to go get me the shot. So take your clothes off.”

Daryl pulled his top off begrudgingly and then looked down at his pants. “ Alpha…My pants… I need help.. The wound..”

Negan smirked and started working Daryl’s pants off. Daryl yelped a bit as he moved his pants off his body. Daryl shivered as Negan looked over his naked frame. “Always found omegas to have the prettiest bodies.. Now I want to see those scars of yours. Come on sit up, cover your cock with that blanket, don't need anyone seeing what belongs to me right now. I don’t trust Dwight alone with you.”

Daryl sat upright and quickly did as he was told, despising himself for every move. Negan stepped behind him and sneered, biting his lip as he ran his hand along the wounds that Daryl had been given. “You’ve been torn apart. Who did this to you, the men who raped you?”

“My father did it to me..” Daryl managed out. “He wanted to sell me to the ring before all of this started. Then to a pack..the pack that raped me they had plans of buying me before the apocalypse.”

Negan balled up his firsts as he examined his wounds, he felt bad he hadn’t noticed them before now. He had fucked him before his pack and never saw them once. Everyone who saw Daryl’s back had seen them but he had been blind to it.

“Please alpha I know it… I know it’s ugly to look at you don’t have to ow..” Negan pulled Daryl back, pinning him onto the bed. Daryl stared up at Negan, he was towering over him but in Daryl’s vision he was upside down.

“You are not ugly, the wound is only from an ugly past. Do not ever imply that I would dislike your body. I find you beautiful. Every inch of you. Scars, bite marks and all.”

Daryl blushed and then cursed himself.

How could he like Negan.. Even if it was forced, he shouldn’t like Negan.

He was disgusted with himself for wanting the man who had hurt him so badly. Hurt his family, hurt his mate and pup. Negan let him up, smirking at his blush, Dwight padded into the room holding up the heat starter. Daryl looked at it horrified, he had heard of breeding houses. Omegas and some betas forced to have pups, the pups would be sold into a myriad of slave ‘jobs’. He knew people used the shots to start heats for omegas, he was unsure how his body would react to it considering he once had the box in him that would force his heat to hurt. He was just glad that was gone if he was being honest.

Negan took the shot from Dwight and sent him off. Daryl made his best attempts to scramble away from Negan. He fell off the bed in a scramble of sheets and whines. Negan growled and picked him up by his good leg. Daryl hung upside down until he was thrown onto the bed, ass up. Daryl whined again. “Alright now stay, don’t move.”

Daryl whimpered but did as he was told, he couldn’t move even if he wanted to now, his leg was throbbing from the movement. Negan spanked him rough before Daryl felt the shot stab his right ass cheek.


“You are going to give me pups Daryl. Understand?”

“Yes sir..” Daryl whined softly, “I’ll give you pups..”

Negan smiled and rubbed the shot into his body. Daryl whined, he thought he would get out of having bad heats, having a need to please Negan but no, between the shot itself and Negan’s ability to use his alpha voice on him on top of the venom there was nothing he could do to fight him.

Negan smirked, feeling Daryl’s slick as he ran his thumb over his entrance. “Alpha… it.. Hurts..” Daryl whined, feeling his body convulse. Between his leg and the new feeling of the false heat starting up in his body he didn’t know how to handle it.

“You’re okay, it’s alright. It will take a little bit before it officially starts. Now what do you need to nest?”

Rick’s hat… Daryl tried not to cry out.

“Your leather jacket…. My vest… blankets.. A pi-pillow.. Ah can I please get off my leg?”

Negan froze, and quickly pulled Daryl up off the injured limb and laid him on his back. “I’ll find you what you asked for.” Negan promised kissing his forehead before leaving the room. Daryl whimpered a bit realizing he was going to start slicking more. His body would desire Negan, need him to ravage him and fill him full. Daryl looked at the wheelchair, and down at his leg. He couldn’t get anywhere with this injury. He wanted to so badly. He couldn’t be Negans. He could never face Rick again if he got pregnant with Negan’s pup.

He felt the pain of his heat trying to start up.

He closed his eyes in pain and began to see flashes of horrible memories. His first son dying, knowing he would have another pup, one of Rick’s pups but knowing a fight with a man and a glass shard ended that pup before it even came to be. He started to cry, sob even.

Negan made his way back to their room with blankets and Daryl’s vest. He saw Daryl crying and dropped the stuff and sat by his side. “What’s wrong, honestly Daryl?”

“What if I lose this pup too? Wh…what if I lose it… I’ve lost two.. Two pups already..” Daryl whined and then he quickly clapped his hand over his mouth.

“Two?” Negan asked softly.

“Rick..Rick doesn’t know pl..please don’t… Please don’t say anything to him… I.. I… oh..” He sobbed harder, placing his hand on the wound from the glass shard. “I.. I was pregnant when someone stabbed me with glass after we got in a fight… Rick was so angry that I was even hurt.. I didn’t know… I- I didn’t even know if I was or not.. But Carson looked me over and confirmed I ha-had been.. I don’t know if I’m ready for another puppy…”

Negan bit his lip and looked him over with a sad whine. Daryl looked up at him surprised at his sound. “Losing a pup is never easy, but I already promised you I wouldn’t let that happen.”

Daryl nodded and lowered his head. He wasn’t ready to give in, he couldn’t just give him what he wanted, venom bond or no venom bond. He could not be his.\

He belonged to Rick Grimes.

Chapter Text

Daryl was thankful his heat hadn’t started as soon as Negan injected him. Two days had passed and it was enough to kick start his heat in full swing.

Negan wasn’t in their room when it started, and it was killing him. He was wriggling in pain, he couldn’t move from the bed without fear of injuring himself. He needed his alpha despite wanting to be rid of him.

He whined and turned over in bed. “Alpha!” Daryl screamed loudly, but not enough to get his attention. He needed his alpha even if he was scared of him. He growled in pain when the door was thrown open, Daryl looked up at the figure in his room.

“Sherry?” Daryl cried clutching the bedsheets. “Sherry.. Where.. Where is Negan?”

“Oh Honey what has he done to you?” Sherry asked as she inched closer to him. He whimpered in pain. “What’s wrong? Are you heating?”

“Sherry pl..please…” Daryl cried out in pain. “Pl..please! I don’t want him, I need him ple-please..”

“I’ll go get him,” the beta promised heading down the stairs. Daryl wriggled some more in pain, the feeling of his heat wasn’t completely normal and he knew it. The shot had a more adverse effect than a normal heat.

Sherry scurried down the stairs, Negan was in the middle of an important meeting. She tossed the door open and everyone looked up at her. “Sherry this is a meeting, who doesn’t get to come to meetings?!” Negan barked standing upright, his lips curled in a frown.

Dwight’s eyes shifted back and forth between his wife and their alpha. “Sir.. I’m sorry… but.. Daryl. It’s Daryl.”

Negan looked at her with narrowed eyes, his brow furrowed. “What about Daryl?”

“Your omega is in full heat, he's crying in pain for you.” Sherry explained watching him worriedly. “He’s in pain, Alpha.”

Negan looked over his men. “Simon, Dwight figure this shit out I’ve got something to do. We will do the pickup at Alexandria last, kingdom first then Hill-top.”

“Yes alpha.”

Daryl cried out in pain as he stood up, he needed Negan. He stumbled towards the wheelchair and tried to grab for the doorknob and yelped as it was thrown open, his wheelchair nearly fell over.

“Alpha..” Negan looked down at Daryl realizing he had left him when he shouldn’t and that was his own fault. “Ah.. alpha. Please.” Negan picked Daryl up off the chair and dropped him on the bed, wordlessly he undressed and then stripped his omega. “Ah.. alpha.. Please..”

Daryl wanted to cry, he didn’t want to give him his body but hell he needed someone to quench the pain. The venom from Negan’s bite was making his pain worse. “Shh, pretty thing just let me do this okay. Do you remember what I want?”

“Puppies..” Daryl whispered.

“Yes ‘mega. So spread your legs,” he ordered. Daryl instinctively spread his legs doing as he was told, he whimpered as his leg moved. Negan watched his slick dripping down his entrance. “Now now darling, you’ll be okay. No more tears.”

Daryl mumbled but nodded and watched Negan, he didn’t want him inside again but he needed it. Negan lined himself up and pushed himself inside, Daryl screamed out as Negan began to ravage him. Daryl whined and whimpered taking Negan’s cock deep inside him, he felt his cock ramming into his womb. “Wh..what if I do-don’t catch?”

“Oh you’ll catch.” Negan growled. “Catch for me ‘mega okay? You need to carry my pups in your womb. You need to. I demand it of you.”

Daryl groaned, his body wanted to accept his demands. Wanted to allow it. He yelped loudly, taking his knot. Cum pumped him full, Daryl’s body was doing whatever it could to ensure he would carry for Negan. He just prayed he wouldn’t actually carry, Rick would be broken by it. More broken than he already was.

He couldn’t handle the idea of Rick being torn apart by actions he couldn’t control. Negan watched him carefully as his knot pumped inside him. Daryl wriggled on the bed, his leg throbbing in pain from him towering over him. He whimpered a bit but made no attempt to lash out or fight. If he did he would be in more danger, he couldn’t really get away from Negan’s knot either and he knew it.

He just needed to survive whatever Negan had in store for him and he needed to get back to his real pack, his real family. His real mate.

He just prayed they were still standing when he got to see them next.

Chapter Text

Carson was in the middle of looking over patient files when Gregory came waltzing in. “Time to go Carson.”


“I said it’s time to go.”

“Where?” The doctor asked hesitantly. “I don’t understand?” Simon and Dwight stepped into the room, he looked up to them with concern. “I have patients here.”

“None of those patients matter. The boss needs you there to watch over one in particular.”

Carson growled low, the beta was unsure if he should deny him or not. “What about my brother?”

“That guy?” Simon chuckled. “He ain't really here anymore.”

“Boss tossed him in a fire.” Dwight remarked, cocking his head, his wound from an iron kept Carson’s attention. “Look, either you come willingly, or you come by force. You have one job, one. That job is to keep an eye on our Alpha’s mate. He’s hoping to impregnate his omega within the next week. Alpha’s heard of all the things that have gone wrong with his previous pregnancies so he needs you to keep an eye on him from start to finish. Your brother probably could have done that but day one he fucked up. Left Negan’s omega alone, he was supposed to have constant supervision.”


“Yes Daryl, you heard then?”

“Was hard not to. The whole community has been talking about it. I had to check over Rick… he’s still struggling without him around. Only good thing they have going for them is Rick’s pups. If those puppies weren’t around I don’t think he would be able to pull it together. I can’t leave, I have pregnant patients.”

“You really don’t get it do you?” Simon asked, cracking his knuckles as a few more of Negan’s direct pack entered the small room. Gregory lowered his head, nervous for what was to come. “Negan sent us here to get you directly, he thinks you’re the best man to take care of his bitch. You should take that as a compliment, on top of that you get to move up Carson. You’ll have real medical equitment not whatever the fuck this room is.”

Carson lowered his head.

“You’re an omega specialist and you’re not planning on helping the omega out?”

Gregory’s eyes then grew wide. “Daryl is an omega?”

“Where the hell have you been?”

“He was on blockers when he was here.” Gregory snarled. “You knew, didn't you Carson?”

“Course I did the whole pack did, you’re a fucking idiot Gregory.”

Gregory hissed but kept silent. He wasn’t that big of an idiot, he just hadn’t put two and two together until that very moment. “Go on men, take him.” Gregory replied as he stepped out of the room. Carson struggled with the two alphas who picked him up by his arms. They however were much stronger then him and easily carried him to the back of a car where they tossed him in. The others went through all the medical supplies and took them with them leaving Hill Top nothing.

Jesus tried to argue what was happening but was quickly turned away, Jesus waited until they peeled out and raced to his car. He needed to speak to Alexandria and let Maggie know what was going on since Carson was her doctor.

Carson continued to fight, he pounded on the doors and yelled till his voice was hoarse. Arriving back at the Sanctuary he was pulled to the main lobby where Negan was standing. Daryl in a wheelchair. Carson examined the omega closely, he was bruised and his bond mark to Negan was inflamed. “I need to look him over.”

“You will, he’s in heat right now Carson. So I need you to keep an eye on his pretty little womb.” Daryl hissed slightly, his eyes rounded in panic as soon as it came out of his mouth. “Daryl?”

“Sorry.. Sorry alpha..” He whimpered trying to hide his face from Negan who grabbed his hair roughly and pulled his head back to expose his neck. “Sorry..”

“You know better.”

“Yes alpha.. Sorry alpha.”

“Don’t do it again.”

Daryl only nodded letting out a sigh as he dropped his head. He shivered as Carson examined him from his spot between Dwight and Simon. “He seems to need assistants. I want to be able to look him over now.”

“Take him up to the infirmary men.” Negan ordered as he picked Daryl up, another man grabbed his wheelchair. The group made it up a few flights of stairs and Daryl was dropped on the hospital bed. Carson was silent as he worked checking everything he could when he went to do a check of his leg. Daryl whimpered and cried which made Negan hover more. The casting was fine but wasn’t perfect.

“Daryl breathe.”

“It hurts.” Daryl hissed, clutching the sheets.

“Don’t injure what belongs to me.”

“I’m not trying to, can I get some privacy with my patient. I promise he will be safe, I just would prefer one on one time.”

“If his heat pains begin, come get me. I’ll be close.”

“Yes alpha.” Carson grunted.

Negan left the room and handed Daryl a test. “I need you to just do it.”

“What… you think I could be already?”

“Your mark is inflamed.”

“What about it?”

“Venom bond marks… they react to hormone changes.”

Daryl’s eyes got big and his brows narrowed as tears slipped down his face. Privacy with Carson wasn’t really necessary and he did as he was instructed. The two men held their breath as they watched the stick. Daryl whined, his body shaking, he couldn’t be pregnant already. He had only been in heat a few days.

“No… no no Carson.. No.” Daryl’s hands were shivering as he looked over the positive pregnancy test. “No…..”

“I’ll work you through this, I’m going to try and get us both out of here. Get you back to Rick… but now..”

“I… he.. Oh fuck..” Daryl sobbed, his cries and whimpers were echoing through the compound. He sucked in a breath. He needed to stop before Negan found out he wasn’t excited about their coming welp. “He’s going to want me to be happy.. He.. he said I would go with him to the next pick up… that.. That means Rick.. Rick’s going to find out.”

He was hyperventilating. He was also angry he was pregnant with Negan’s pup after a few times in bed after he and Rick had been trying since they got to Alexandria. It put him somewhat at ease knowing he had technically lost a pup but non the less he was angry. “He’s going to need to know.. If I don’t tell him, your scent will soon be enough.”

“I know… we need to leav- ah..”

“I know, your venom bond, shh now.”

Carson opened the door and Dwight was standing guard. “Get Negan.”

“Alright, be back.” Dwight scurried off. Negan was soon in the room, he could tell Daryl was upset about something but trying to force a smile.

“What is it?” Negan asked, concerned something was actually wrong.

“Pregnant… already..” Daryl remarked holding up the positive test. “Did…didn’t take you long alpha..”

Negan stared down at the positive test, his eyes were wide. He hadn’t expected a pup this early. He hadn’t even been with them for that long. “Well I’ll be… that’s amazing honey.”

“Yeah… super amazing.” Daryl managed out through panicked breaths. “So fast.. Scared.. I won’t be able to be on my feet..”

“It’s going to be okay, I’ll protect you.” Negan promised as he dropped to his knees in front of Daryl. He kissed his flat stomach, Daryl watched him with uncertainty. His body soon began to grow hot. His false heat was still in full swing despite the clear positive test. “Alright come on precious… Let’s work the rest of this out of your system.”

Daryl gave Carson a pleading look as Negan dragged him from the room. He was going to go through hell, and he was pregnant again.

Without Rick to support him.

Chapter Text

Rick was trying to breathe, his people were waiting for Negan to show up and Michonne was trying to ensure everyone was calm. Rick wasn’t doing well without Daryl. Losing his omega and multiple of his people was making him have mental breaks. He wasn’t full prime now either after what Negan put him through.

They’d put as many boxes as they could together of stuff to appease their new overlord.

They just hoped it was enough.

Carol and Maggie were tasked with hiding the weapons, the best thing for them now was to stay away. They wanted him to believe Maggie wasn’t here, dead even. They didn’t know what the man would do. Jesus had joined them, he had a group he wanted them to meet. They too were being terrorized by Negan and the saviors and in turn Jesus felt it was good for them to know what was happening now.

Carl was holding Judith with his good arm and pacing.

He wanted his mom back, and Judith needed Daryl home.

The pack was waiting patiently for the Saviors to come, when they arrived however there were more people then they anticipated. Carson was one of the first to step out which concerned Rick, the people of Hill-Top and Maggie needed that doctor. Dwight and Simon stepped out next, their eyes landing on a shivering alpha male standing beside his pups. “Wheelchair Carson.” Dwight snapped.

Carson was quick to move, he had to help protect and watch over Daryl.

Carson sat the wheelchair down and opened it up. Dwight held his hand up to let his alpha know his omega was good to come out now. Negan stepped out of the car. “Well hello new pack, you got a nice place here. Give me a minute, Daryl’s still out of commission and with his new condition it sure isn’t going to be an easy recovery.”

Everyone sucked in their breath at the comment concerned for what they would see when Daryl was helped out of the car.

Daryl’s head was down, the collar around his neck wasn’t as thick as the one he had first been given. It was small and pink with a small loop, Negan had decided to dress Daryl up a little to give Rick something to look at.

His shirt had a small cinnamon roll decal that said bun in the oven. The omega was a shivering wreck.

Negan stepped around and took Daryl out of the large truck, he was picked up and sat in the wheelchair. He had a few bruises along his arms and face and a few spotted the shirt, but Rick was focused on his face. The pink collar scared the alpha male, seeing Daryl like that wasn’t what Rick wanted. Knowing his omega was trapped by this man was heartbreaking.

Daryl whimpered seeing Carl and Judith.

“That the little princess?” Negan questioned looking towards the pup in Carl’s arm.

“Yes alpha…” Daryl whispered softly.

Negan smirked and wheeled Daryl closer, his people were packing stuff up in the cars but Negan had other needs. Daryl reached up for Judith and Carl went to give him to her when he saw the shirt.

“You fucked my mother!” Carl growled, dropping Judith into his lap.

“Carl!” Daryl barked. “Shush.”

Rick lowered his head and noticed the top as well. “No… no no.”

Negan smirked watching Rick’s face grow taunt and tears threaten to run down his cheeks. “Yeah, your momma and I have been busy little man, don’t you worry though. I’m sure your new brother or sister is going to love you just as much as this cutie patootie. Look at her, she looks like you darlin’.” He grunted with a smile petting Daryl’s hair back. Daryl nodded softly, cooing and kissing Judith needing his pups cuddles. “Judith isn’t it?”

“Momma!” She chirped happily hugging him. Daryl held her tightly.

“Yes, it’s Judith.” Carl snarled.

Judith wrapped her arms around Daryl nuzzling Daryl’s scent glands when she looked up at Negan. Negan lowered himself down to Judith’s level, Rick went to move but was held back by Dwight as he came around the corner.

Negan cocked his head rubbing her cheek with his leather gloved hand. Judith chittered softly and nuzzled deeper into Daryl. “Shh puppy it’s okay honey.” Daryl whispered softly.

“Well aren’t you just cute, you know Daryl… I know you said you wanted her to stay here with her brother and birth father but I think we should bring this little bundle back home. Sure our people would love to see our family growing.”

“No.” Rick cried out.

Negan’s head shot towards him and he stood quickly grabbing his face tight. “What the fuck did you say to me dog?”

Rick shook and stepped back slightly. “Sorry.. Alpha.. Sorry.”

“Exactly. Now Carl, would you want to come too? Sure could use a strapping son, I’m not sure what my omega is carrying and I could use a boy to take my place when the inevitable happens.”

“Don’t talk like that.” Daryl chided from his wheelchair cuddling into his pup who was just happy to have her mother back.

Rick’s heart broke hearing those words escape his mouth, they all wanted Negan dead but knowing if Negan died Daryl would as well was understandable as to why he chided the alpha.

Carl looked between his father and mother. “’ll need s..someone to help watch Judith while mom heals.. An..and momma will need help while the puppy grows..” Daryl felt bad, terrible even. He didn’t want the pups to leave Rick, didn’t want them to be anywhere near Negan, but he couldn’t fight him if that was what Negan wanted.

“Carl…” Rick whispered, feeling more and more broken. He needed his pups, he already lost his omega, some of his people and now he was losing his pups too.

Negan smiled. “Well you heard it here people. Not only is my omega expecting, but I’m bringing home a son and daughter today.”

The Savior pack cheered and whooped, Daryl held Judith closer to him as things started moving. “Dwight Simon, take Rick and Carl to their house, have Carl tell you everything that belongs to him and his little sister. Bring that back, Daryl, how about you show me around huh?”

“Yes alpha..” Daryl whispered softly, Negan pushed Daryl’s wheelchair around with Judith holding tight to her mother while the pack watched nervously. It was clear to them all Daryl was being abused in multiple ways, he was bruised and battered. His bottom lip was split and his eyes were sunk slightly like he had been crying a lot and not sleeping. They were just thankful to see their omega wasn’t happy with Negan even with the venom bond.

They needed Daryl to come home, just like they needed Rick to come back to full strength.

Plans were being made, they just needed to come back to full strength.

Chapter Text

Jesus, Maggie, and Carol were close to the gates of The Kingdom, it was another community that Hill-Top was already friends with, and Jesus felt it was best to ensure that they could rise against Negan and his Saviors.

Jesus knew all he had to do was tell their leader there was an omega in danger and he would jump into action, nearly everyone hadn’t seen an omega since the beginning of the apocalypse. The kingdom was no different than anyone else they’d come across. They too hadn’t seen an omega in a long, long time.

As they got close people stepped out to confront them. “Jesus?”

Carol cocked her head to look at the boy that had called their friend's name. “You’re just a pup.”

“My name is Henry.” He smiled happily. “Jesus are these your friends?”

“Yes,” Jesus grinned. The beta male made his way towards them, the two women followed quickly behind him. Jesus wanted to make sure Maggie was kept safest due to her pregnancy. “We are here to speak to The King, it is imperative and time sensitive.”

A man with a fluffy beard and dark hair smiled a bit. “Right this way.”

“Thank you Jerry.”

Jerry nodded leading Jesus and the two females towards the back. “Ah, friends, welcome to my kingdom. I do hope my people have been good to you so far, what is it that I can help you with?”

Carol tried not to make any noise, she was both enraptured with the alpha male but also uncertain about his ways. A king? That wasn’t how the world worked, and the tiger wasn’t exactly her favorite thing in the world.

Jesus bowed to him and then looked towards the girls. “My king, this is Maggie and Carol they are from another community not far from either of ours. Negan… he has taken over their community as well but that isn’t the soul issue.”

“We all have problems with the conqueror Negan.”

“That’s not the issue.” Jesus continued. “This other community, Alexandria well they… they have been lucky enough to have an omega. This omega was taken and force bonded to Negan, there is a high possibility of a pregnancy resulting in his rapes…”

The king's jaw tightened. “Negan kidnapped and raped an omega… force bonded them? Did they already have a bond before this?”

“Yes.” Jesus began. “The omega was Alexandria’s prime luna… he had already given birth to the alphas pup an-.”


“The omega is male, his name is Daryl. Daryl was taken during one of Negan’s games, forcing the group to comply. Their alpha is currently in really rough shape, Negan did some terrible things… he made their prime cut his own sons arm off… and as far as we are aware Negan has more nefarious plans for the omega… he wants him pregnant.. A-.”

“I’ve heard enough. We have been planning a rebellion against Negan and his Saviors for a long time now and this… this is the last straw.”

“I have one more request for you my king.” Jesus began.

“What is it?”

“Maggie is pregnant, her husband was killed by Negan and his people. They took our doctor from Hill-Top and many of us fear that means Dayrl is pregnant or will be soon. Can Maggie stay here until we know its safe. Your Kingdom is the only place Negan doesn’t enter.. We need to know she will be safe within these walls.”

“Maggie,” the king smiled looking towards the pregnant beta, “I would be happy to have you here. We can find you a suitable place to live and a job if you'd like one. My name is King Ezekiel. This is Shiba.” Maggie nodded to him, thankful they were willing to keep her safe. “I do request an audience with this prime of Alexandria. I cannot help keep a place safe if I have not met their people.”

“We can arrange that.. We will arrange it.” Jesus promised bowing to Ezekiel once more. Carol watched him curiously, she was intrigued but also cautious. She needed to be cautious because anytime she let her guard down it was always when something happens.

Chapter Text

Daryl was clinging to Judith, he wanted Carl to stay here with his father. However he didn’t know how to make Carl see that, he knew why he was trying to do this, he wanted to be there for him, to do something about his predicament.

Negan was happily pushing him through Alexandria, acting as if he was someone who lived there that this was a normal thing for people to do. Daryl grunted in pain as they went over a few bumps. “I don’t think Carl should come..” Daryl finally said.

Negan glared at him curiously. “Why?”

“Sorry if this seems bitchy, and it probably is, but you had Rick cut his arm off. Not only is my son half blind but he also now only has one hand. You severely disfigured my child. My son. I don’t necessarily feel safe about you raising him. Do you not understand that?”

Negan crossed his arms. “We are going to raise our pups together, Carl is our son. My son.”

“You let another alpha disfigure your son,” Daryl snarled as he adjusted Judith in his grip. “I don’t feel safe having you around him.”

Negan growled but did understand the point. “I.. I’m sorry.”

Daryl’s brow raised, he was honestly surprised he could even say the words. “Sorry, doesn't grow my child's arm back does it?”

Negan bit his lip, that was true. “What do you want me to do, I already told the boy he could come with.”

“He would understand if you told him not to.” Daryl yipped back angrily.

“He is coming home with us, I told him he could so I am keeping my word. I don't want them to think I don't keep my word. I’m sorry Daryl, I told you I was sorry but I told Rick to cut his arm off so I made him. I am not the kind of man to go back on my word.”

“Right… you promised to rape me so you did. You promised to take me from my mate so you did.. Now you told my child he could come join us at your fucking place so he will.”

Negan could tell he was angry, and because he was angry, Negan was starting to get angry too. A few of Rick’s pack were standing around when they watched Negan snatch Judith from Daryl who quickly, despite his wound, stood letting out a yelp. As he reached for his pup Negan slapped him hard across the face. Daryl fell back into the wheelchair crying out, Rosita growled watching Daryl be abused by the male. Judith began to cry and Daryl whined as his pup sobbed.

Rick and Carl heard Judith sobbing and quickly made their way out of the house and down the street to where Daryl was. Negan held Judith close to him glaring down at Daryl. “Carl, as punishment for your mothers outburst, you’ll stay here for a little longer alright?”

Rick and Carl exchanged a look realizing something had transpired while they were in the house. Daryl gave Negan a look, a thank you but a fuck you at the same time. He wanted Carl to stay by his fathers side to help him get stronger to remember who and what matters. “But.. I wanted to stay with mom…”

“I know, but that would give your mom something he wants. We don’t do stuff your mom wants when he throws fits huh? Do you give toddlers what they want when they throw fits?”

“No.. you don’t..”

“Right, and your mother can’t have both his pups come along if he misbehaves. Maybe the next pickup pup alright?”

“Yeah.. okay..”

Daryl was still glaring at him. Anger was still burning inside him, but he was at least thankful that he was leaving Carl here. Rick needed someone to stay with him. Rosita was half tempted to punch Negan for slapping Daryl. Carson watched them as Judith was finally handed back to Daryl. Daryl held her close, whispering into her hair that she was okay and everything would be fine. Carl watched as Negan waved his men off and they packed Judith’s stuff up and then both his mother and sister were packed up and they left.

Rosita stormed up to Rick and grabbed his collar. Everyone was watching in surprise as the female alpha held him close. “You better get Daryl out of that alphas grasp before I do and take him as mine. That alpha has raped, beat, and impregnated your omega. In front of all of us while you were cowering under his men Daryl was physically assaulted and Judith was ripped from his hands. Your pup could have been injured, your mate is out there terrified and being abused. That alpha has abused and tortured your omega and you are going to make sure you get him back do you hear me?”

Rick’s blue eyes were wide. “I… I’m going to get him back.”

“You better,” Rosita snapped, “you need to get him back.”

Chapter Text

“Thank you…” Daryl whispered softly. “You.. you didn’t have to keep Carl there.. A punishment would have been bringing him back with us.”

“It would have been, but I also didn’t want to turn our son away from you if he thought you didn’t want him around.”

“That.. that’s not fair. I want him around but at the same time I don’t.. I.. I don’t want the two of you together..”

Negan was honestly hurt by the sentiment. “I like Carl, he’s good.”

“You made his father mutilate him.” Daryl bitched. “How is that supposed to make me feel like you like my son?”

“That.." Negan felt his mouth get dry, "is fair..”

Daryl smirked a bit. “Told you.”

“Oh don’t get all uppity with me now darling.”

Daryl blushed, he fucking blushed. He hated that he did it. Hated himself for having any interest in him but their bond mark didn’t help. Judith was sound asleep in her car seat. “Negan..”

“What sweetheart?”

“If this is going to work you need to be better.. Both of us need to be but you really need to be better.. I can’t ever get away from you. Both of us know that.. You’ve venom bonded me, I live as long as you live… so if you want this.. Us to work properly then we need to figure something out. I can’t constantly be afraid of you beating me or my pups.”

“I would never hit our pups.”

“Oh good, you wont hit them but you’ll take their arm if you're angry enough.”

“That’s not fair.”

Daryl scoffed once more and then turned to look at Negan as he drove. “Regardless you and I both know even if we don't like it that we are bonded. I need to know I won't be beat, and that our pups will be safe. I know you don’t like the idea but I think you need to be a little better with the other communities.”

Negan’s jaw clenched. “What would that get me?”

“Maybe a little less death. Less fighting…”

“If they don’t fear me, they won't feed us or our people.”

Daryl bit his lip, our people. Negan kept making those comments like he was supposed to belong here. Like he was supposed to just be happy. “If you worked with them they might. Trading is normal, but what you do its.. It's diabolical really…”

Negan growled, the alpha male was bugged that his omega thought he could have so much authority. Daryl cowered instantly, Negan noticed his flinch and realized he was right however. “Daryl…”

“I’m sorry.. I’ll shut up… just.. Just don’t hurt my pups anymore please…”

Negan grunted looking down at the steering wheel. He just nodded and didn’t reply to him, he knew if he replied it may either freak Daryl out or he wouldn’t believe the things he said. Daryl was silent for the rest of the drive. Negan bit his lip unsure how to react to Daryl, he was nothing like the omegas of the old world. He wasn’t as timid or careful like most he had seen, he was certainly different.

“Daryl,” Negan started up again as he helped Daryl out of the car, “I’m sorry alright… I’ll try to do better but there are things I can’t stop or this place won't stand.”

Daryl tried not to argue with him, just tried to listen and behave the more he behaved the less chance of his unborn pup or Judith being injured. Daryl was uncertain about having Judith here, he wanted Judith to know her dad, her REAL dad.

Negan planned on using the pup to keep Daryl close to him, if he had Judith essentially captive Daryl couldn’t go far. Daryl held her close as they finally arrived back at the compound. Negan pushed him up towards the stairs before he whistled to Dwight. Dwight carried his wheelchair up while Negan picked Daryl up in one arm while holding Judith in his other arm. Daryl couldn’t help but let out a soft purr as his alpha so carefully held Judith while he carried them up the stairs. Negan chuckled, chuffing a bit hearing his purrs.

“Negan..” Daryl murmured softly against him as he tilted his head to the side exposing his scent glands. Daryl nuzzled against him, his whole world was broken but he couldn't choose to escape him. Their bond was one he would have to stand with until one of them died. Negan mused as he laid the pup down on their bed and set Daryl on a chair. Judith sat upright watching her mother while Dwight and the other men brought in their supplies and her crib.

Judith whined as she was placed in her crib while Daryl watched Negan. “Negan..”

“Not tonight, that's enough for tonight.” Negan muttered as he began to undress. Daryl’s eyes widened as he viewed his bare chest. Negan smiled his fangs exposing slightly, Daryl smiled softly as Negan trudged forward and pinned him against the bed. Their lips met and Daryl couldn’t help but moan. “I said that was enough for tonight. Go lay down pretty thing.”

Daryl nodded softly and pulled himself onto the bed watching Judith from his spot. “Momma..” Judith began to sob for Daryl. Negan watched as Daryl’s eyes rounded at her cries, memories of their days out on the road began to flash and he sat upright quickly. Negan watched her and saw the look of panic flashing on Daryl’s face. Negan quickly picked up the pup and handed her to Daryl.

Daryl sighed in thanks as he held her close. “You’re alright little ass kicker.”

“Little ass kicker?” Negan questioned, eyeing him curiously.

“It's what I called her before she came…” Daryl chuckled. “I let Carl and.. And Beth name her… but before she was born I called her and her twin little ass kicker.”

Daryl watched him as he chuckled. “When you name our pup, they better get a badass name too.”

Chapter Text

Jesus and Carol returned from The Kingdom with the news of the other community wanting to join in the protect Daryl and take the Sanctuary down. Rick still felt broken, every moment around him seemed to be crashing, his daughter was gone. His son had almost been taken and as far as he was concerned Rosita believed he wasn’t doing a good enough job at trying to get better, trying to get back to being the prime he was before. A true prime who was strong and could handle his people and save his omega.

He was determined to come back and take his omega back, bring his life back. Have his life back.

“The king wants a meeting, he wants to see the people he is to help protect, he wants to know we are trust worthy and worth the help. Worth protecting.” Carol explained.

“I can handle that, how many people do they have?”

“Plenty of people, double our numbers, not all of them are fighters. Most likely less than half are able to wield any weapon but the ones who can are supposedly good with their weapons. Good at fighting. They’re also under contract with the saviors, it's been a bloody fight for many of us. For us and them, are you willing to meet with him, Rick?”

“I am, I-.” He turned to look at Rosita who gave him a dark look. “I’m ready to step back up, get.. Get better after that day. It isn’t going to be easy, fuck everyday is going to hurt. Everyday is going to kill me knowing Daryl will never fully be mine again but I’m willing to fight for this, fight for him. Fight for us.”
It had been a while since the pack felt like Rick was even close to half of who he was before that night. He had been so much more to them, and he was still that man in their eyes, but hell it broke them to see their prime get knocked down a few pegs. The trip to the Kingdom felt long, every moment Rick spent thinking about what Daryl must be going through. Who Daryl was becoming, and if the pregnancy was real or not, he prayed it wasn’t but he also couldn’t handle the idea of Daryl losing another pup in this world.

It was hell enough.

He was at least thankful that if Daryl was pregnant they had walls, both the Sanctuary, Alexandria, and Hilltop and he knew that The Kingdom must have something to keep themselves around that long.

He just prayed that everything turned out okay, that in the end he would have his omega back. He needed his omega back.

As the group entered The Kingdom it was clear this place was different. It had a strange air about it, almost fantastical and he wasn’t sure how to handle that. As they were led to the amphitheater Rosita was dumbfounded to see a tiger. Rick held his hand up pressing Carl back against the female alpha. Carol patted his shoulder trying to calm him. “It’s okay,” She tried to ease him. “Tiger won’t eat you or your boy.”

“Carol it’s a fucking tiger.”

“I’m aware, this alpha has a tiger. Some people have tigers. Some people have tigers, some people don’t.”

“It.. I-”

“Shush alpha,” Carol whispered, “he’s coming.”

Rick grew silent as he watched ‘The King’ enter the room. He sat beside Shiva petting her softly. “Welcome friends. Who is the alpha here?”

Rick stepped forward. “My name is Rick Grimes, this is my son Carl. Negan took his arm from him, and took my mate. As far as we are aware he has knocked my mate up as well.”

Ezekiel looked over the pup, concern wafted from the king. “Harming a pup, even one coming of age, is unacceptable. Come forward boy.”

Carl looked to his father with concern but he nodded and allowed Carl forward. He examined his arm and eye. “I’m sorry boy.”

“My people have done what they can to help, they are wielding me a new arm. I want my mom back. My little sister too, he took her and my momma.”

“Another pup was taken?”

“This happened while we were here, my king.” Carol explained. “Rick and Daryl have a daughter together, she’s very young.”

“I witnessed Negan ripping the pup from Daryl’s arms and stuck him. Knowing he is pregnant and watching Negan strike him was disgusting.” Rosita remarked. “We need to take the Sanctuary down, I don’t know what we can do about Negan. He has venom bonded Daryl, we can’t kill him but if we can take him down that will be enough.”

Ezekiel nodded, killing him with a venom bond would only harm the omega. If he was pregnant, killing his mate would harm him and the pup. “I’m willing to work with your people, and help bring down the Sanctuary. We know they are big, have a lot of people, and aren’t willing to compromise with anyone. We will continue to commune and communicate and bring down the Sanctuary to bring peace to our great communities and people.” Ezekiel took Carl’s hand and squeezed it. “We will get your mother back, and your little sister and the pup growing in your mothers womb. I promise you.”

Carl smiled, thanking him, he eyed Shiva and the king told him he could give her a pet. Carl was in wonder, this was the coolest moment in his life. “Dad she’s so soft.”

Rick gulped, but smiled glad his son was smiling in a moment like this.

“Thank you, King Ezekiel for being willing to help me get my omega back.”

“Your omega may be male, but even now I see them still as a fair maid just as they were in times of old. Omegas should be revered, not injured and endangered.”

Rick took a deep breath and smiled bowing to the king, they had allies now. Needed this man to help him bring his omega and daughter back home.

Chapter Text

Daryl was sitting with Judith on his lap during meal time, Negan was pacing while Dwight spoke to him about Alexandria, Hill-Top, and, The Kingdom. He didn’t know about their plan for an uprising but was just talking to him about the items they had received within their pickups as well as what items they needed to get in order to do certain things. Daryl sighed knowing there was little he could do to get his alpha to change his mind on the predicament. He was still going to take over the other communities and get supplies until he had no reason to, which at this point, he had every reason to. As far as Negan was aware he didn’t even know if Alexandria was aware of The Kingdom.

Daryl was listening but didn’t want to ask anything until Negan finally sat down across from him. “What’s the Kingdom?” Daryl finally asked as soon as he sat down.

“Another community I own.” Negan remarked looking his omega up and down. Maybe we can go visit. One of them makes the best cobbler.”

Daryl hummed. “Cobbler sounds really good…”

Sherry was watching him carefully, she wasn’t aware he was pregnant. Hardly anyone in the pack knew, only those who did pick up at Alexandria. It was something Negan wanted to announce when he smelled of vanilla.

“You okay Daryl?” Sherry asked as she handed Judith a small flower from off the table.

Judith played with it happily, Negan smiled watching her show it off. “Very nice sweetheart.”

“Fine, thank you Sherry.” Daryl remarked, it may be a lie but he was just coming to the point where he accepted it. “Just want dessert now.”

She smirked at him. “I have a few extra points, you want cake?”

Daryl looked up at Negan expectantly. “Go ahead pretty boy, you want it, you can have it.”

“Thank you Sherry.”

She smiled and nodded, walking away to get him some dessert. Daryl looked up at Negan, “You can tell the pack you know.”

“I was waiting till you smelt of vanilla.”

“I’m sure it will be the next few days, you can just tell them.” Daryl grunted.

Negan smirked and waited until Sherry sat back down and slid Daryl the cake, Negan took Judith from Daryl while he chowed down on the cake. Negan pounded his bat on the ground. “Everyone, I have something special to announce to you.”

The pack looked up at their alpha, he usually didn’t make good announcements. Sherry looked up at him confused while Judith patted at his beard. “As you all have seen I brought my mate's young pup here and she will grow as part of our pack and my family, but Daryl and I have an extra announcement. Daryl is pregnant.”
Sherry’s eyes grew wide, Daryl was trying not to say anything but she quickly hugged him. He couldn’t stand up due to his leg being broken but Negan was still very pleased. The pack howled in pleasure, happy to know he was pregnant and pleasing the alpha. No one wanted to become Negan’s side piece. ”He should start smelling like vanilla soon enough, I’m excited to watch him swell with my pups and I expect all of you to ensure to keep him safe. If you see anyone that isn’t part of our pack on the property they should be brought to me immediately.”

The pack nodded understanding his orders, Daryl was a priority anyway, he was an omega. Daryl’s face was deep red, everyone was focusing on him now, he didn’t like the limelight. Didn’t like being given this much attention if he was being honest. Being an omega sucked on sometimes, most of the time honestly. His entire life had been a freak show, and now he was an oddity to stare at once again.

Negan sat back down after he told people to get back to work or lunch. Daryl took a breath happily taking his pup from Negan. He gave her some of the last bits of his cake. “Pretty girl.” Daryl whispered as he kissed her. He leaned close and whispered so only she could hear him. “We are going to get you back to your daddy one day.”

Judith clapped her hands when she suddenly said a word she had never spoken. “Daddy!”

Negan turned his attention towards her and had the biggest smile on his face. Daryl felt his heart breaking, Rick was supposed to hear her say that for the first time. Not Negan.

Sherry was gushing over Judith’s speech. “Isn’t she adorable.”

Negan nodded and reached for her. “You’re right, little one, I'm your daddy now.”

Daryl’s stomach turned, he wanted to correct him but he feared backlash. Judith yawned before laying her head against his chest. Daryl couldn’t help but smile, his damn mark made him like Negan. The venom coursing through his veins claimed him to Negan, and he had to stand by him. He just wanted to get alone time with Rick long enough to have him venom bond him. If he could do that then there would be no way for Negan to hurt him. Rick’s bond would stay, and if he could do it while he was pregnant Negan wouldn’t try to kill Rick. It could cause a miscarriage and possibly even kill him.

Venom bonds were touchy; if an omega had two bonds and one of their mates died they would get extremely sick to the point where they could possibly die but had the ability to regain their health due to their bond with a second alpha, but with only one bond and their mate died so would they.

Daryl looked up at Negan wanting his pup back but it was clear she was asleep. Negan had never been so happy, he had always wanted a pup but his late wife had been a beta and they just didn’t seem compatible enough to rear one. From the world before to now, Negan had lost himself, but it seemed Daryl was bringing a calmer and kinder Negan back to the world.

Chapter Text

Rick was clawing to resurface as the man he had once been, the prime alpha in him was still whimpering like a pup but he was trying to get it to stand strong once again. Negan had forced him to his knees, forced him to drop from prime to just an everyday alpha. He needed to be better, needed to become a prime once again. He needed to save his mate and his child. He was desperate to save his family and bring his people the same feeling of safety and trust they had before.

Rick was desperate to save his people, and his omega.

Ezekiel was happy to help these people, he was hopeful to bring the omega to his pack for people to see they still live. His hopes were that this would bring his people hope, that they would see a light at the end of the tunnel. The apocalypse had been incredibly hard, and continued to beat down on them every day. He tried his damndest to get them to see that there could still be good in the world but it wasn’t always the easiest to get them to see it. They didn’t always know what was important or why they needed to push themselves when the world was dying around them. Death plagued them, destroyed them even and yet the idea of this omega existing could so easily bring smiles to someones face. Allow them to see the light, let people see it isn’t always dark.

The pack was struggling without their omega, while Daryl didn’t follow much of a traditional Luna’s role in a pack they were still feeling the loss of once having an omega in their midst. It was a horrible realization that was starting to dawn on many of them that even just having an omega around was doing something for their mental health and pack bonds. Most packs felt that loss but were unsure about how it was truly affecting them because it had been so long since an omega had been around.

Negan’s pack however was thriving with a strong alpha leader and an omega now at the front of their lines. Daryl’s predicament wasn’t what he would desire, but that didn’t change how it was affecting the pack itself.

Daryl was looking out a window with Judith on his lap, a hand on his belly when he looked up hearing footsteps. Negan hovered over him with a smirk on his face. “Alpha?” Daryl questioned coldly.

“I thought you and I could go to Hill-Top.” Negan smiled, running his fingers through Daryl’s hair. “Judith might like the change of scenery and if I’m being honest I’m sure your presence will be nice for some people.”

Daryl narrowed his eyes a bit at the comment, he wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. Negan wasn’t traditionally nice to anyone, so he wasn’t sure if that was meant more as a threat than an actual good thing. “A..alright I would like to go back there. The farm is nice and I’m sure Jude would like the horses.”

Negan grinned, he grabbed Judith out of Daryl’s arms and looked the child over for a moment. “Do you wanna go see some animals?” His baby voice pulled at Daryl’s heart strings. Judith clapped her hands.

Daryl wasn’t sure how he felt about Negan, his bond to him made him desire him and the pregnancy wasn’t helping any. Judith was too young to understand that this wasn’t a man we should be clapping for or calling Dadda.

To Judith, because of the bond Daryl and Negan had, Negan smelt like mommy which meant mommy smelt like Negan. To any pup that would signify who their father was, while Judith didn’t understand why the scent changed, she had no control over it or how she fully reacted to it either. Carl even struggled with the scent change despite not having any of Daryl’s blood in him.

Daryl didn’t fuss this time when Dwight picked him up to put him in Negan’s car. They had finally found a car seat for Judith which calmed Daryl some when they went place to place. “Why are we really going?” Daryl finally asked half way there.

“For one, my answer from earlier was the truth. However I also need to speak to Gregory, he keeps jipping me and it seems after I asked for his head I never got it. Thanks to Rick’s people.”

“So we are going to kill Gregory?” Daryl asked cocking his head.

“Not necessarily, maybe. Maybe not.”

“Kill him.” Daryl muttered. “He sees human life as something to trade.”

Negan looked surprised, Daryl was expressionless. “You alright there honey?” Negan asked softly.

“If he had known what I was he planned to have me traded to you, he hoped it would give him some sort of like praise. Put you in his good graces.”

Negan cocked his head looking him over. “That so?”

Daryl only nodded. “I- I don’t know if that really matters to you or not. Negatively at least… I guess you would have liked it.”

Negan bit his lip, Daryl wasn’t wrong but wasn’t right either. “I don’t think it would have been right of him to sell you to me.”

“You took me…” Daryl muttered.

“You aren’t my slave.” Negan tried to explain. “Daryl I-.”

Daryl lowered his head softly. “Sorry..”

“It’s okay, I know what I did… I know what I have done to you. Gregory is a coward, and a cheat. There is a chance that he will do something stupid and it won’t be hard for me to kill him.”

“He just doesn’t seem to value people, his people.”

“I would agree with that.” Daryl smiled softly, at least Negan was listening, and he didn’t seem to yell at him when he made a comment. “I’m doing my best Daryl, I’m really trying to calm you more and with the pup and the pregnancy.. I just.. I’m sorry alright. I just need you to listen to me, and understand that you aren’t just going to get rid of me regardless of how any of this pans out.”

“What does that mean?”

“I doubt Rick’s going to really give up on you, I’m not an idiot. I don’t doubt your old pack is going to try and fight with me again. We are venom bonded. They have to keep me alive even if things go to shit.”

Daryl was pleasantly surprised he had an inkling of his people's strength. “You think you’ll lose?”

Negan laughed, it was deep and guttural and if Daryl was being honest it made his core grow hot. A slight growl came out through the laughter. “No darling, I don’t. I do however think they want to try and do something but I can’t die unless they want to kill you and our child. Which I doubt anyone wants to do. My pack has strength, our people have strength. I do however see people making attempts to try and drop our pack's numbers.”

Daryl thought for a moment, he could see a war break out. His people wouldn’t just lay down and take abuse. He knew that very well. Negan squeezed his thigh softly. “I want to be able to work with Rick’s people if they’ll take a moment to let me do it. Could help them if they’d let it happen. So who knows darlin’, maybe one day we can all sit and be civil but until that happens I have to continue to show my strength.”

Daryl nodded, he understood what he meant. He was an alpha after all and they thrived off power.

Daryl smiled softly as he saw the walls of Hill-Top come into view. He wanted to see Jesus, see if he could hear about Maggie’s condition. He hoped her pup was okay, he didn’t even know where she was, she hadn’t been at Alexandria, so he assumed she was there which worried him some if Negan saw her but he didn’t seem to care that much about her in the long run.

He took a deep breath, he wanted to see his people again. See people he cared for and who cared for him.