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Meeting of the Mother Hens

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"That bastard!" Fenrir snarled as he reread the letter from his pup. Lupin had no right to say those things or treat Harry like that!


"I know he was mean while I was there but I hadn't thought that he would stoop that low." Trent glared into his cup of tea and wanted something stronger. 


"Did you get a letter from ildflue?" Finn thundered as he stormed into the pub. 


"Yeah." Trent sighed. "Pull up a stool." He pointed to the empty seat next to Fenrir before signally to Ken who was bussing the bar at the moment. "Three firewhiskeys please."


"On it."


"Our pup has only been at school for three days and look at what he's gotten himself into already!" Fenrir took a large gulp of the firewhiskey, the burn as it went down his throat did nothing to sooth his worry over Harry. "Dementors. Exploding wands. And verbally and emotionally abusive teachers." 


"He just has the worst luck." Trent sighed. "I'm going to put together some things that will hopefully make him feel better." He decided. "I'll stop by Marge's bakery for some nice treats and hmm do you think he would like a new scarf?"


"You do that," Fenrir smiled lovingly at his kind husband and kissed his hand. "Finn and I will think of a suitable punishment for his teacher." 


"Could send him a cursed item." Finn grumbled. "Or a poisoned treat, something to melt his tongue off for daring to speak such vile words?" 


"Or…" Fenrir suddenly got a really good idea. "Do you know how to send a Howler?" 


"You can't send him a howler!" 


"Why not?"


"You can't yell at him without explaining why or how Evan knows us." Trent tried to reason with him but it was obvious that his heart wasn't in it.


"Ah but it's not going to be filled with words." Fenrir grinned sinisterly. "I think it's time for Lupin to remember that there are bigger, badder wolves out there."


"He's a varulv? Finn asked, looking at the wolf in surprise. "How'd he land a teaching job?"


"If you mean werewolf, then yes and he's Dumbles’ lap dog." Trent explained as Fenrir took a deeper swig of his whiskey. It still burned that a pup he had personally bitten had turned his back on everything they were.


"He's a pathetic excuse for a werewolf and I regret biting him." He announced before quickly going back to his question he didn't want to talk about what a failure Lupin was. "Now how do I go about sending a howler?" 


"I'll leave you two to it." Finn stretched as he rose from his stool. 


"What? Not going to help scare the lapdog?"


"Got my own idea." He dropped a few sickles on the bar to pay for the drink and left the pub as quickly as he arrived. 


"I will never understand that man." Trent shook his head bemused. "But Evan likes him…" He trailed off as he wondered why his and Fenrir's pup liked such a caustic man. He was such a grump. 


"Never mind him." Fenrir waved his hand as if to clear the air. "Help me send a howler. " He grinned sharply. 


"Of course, love." Trent looked at his husband with adoring eyes. His wolf could be so protective, it was so cute!