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Xiao Shiqin woke up to the sound of his cat.

“Likey, what’s the matter?”

Likey climbed on top of Xiao Shiqin’s plush body, seemingly wanting him to carry her.

“You want to go outside with me?”

Likey purred in agreement.

“Alright then. Wait, okay?”

Xiao Shiqin jumped down from his bed to get the sling he used to carry Likey with. After wearing the sling on his back, he waited for Likey to snuggle into the sling. He then hopped down the stairs from his bedroom and made his way out of his dorm.

As Xiao Shiqin passed by the cafeteria, Su Mucheng saw the two and approached them.

“Good morning, Captain Xiao,” Su Mucheng greeted with her usual smile. “What are you up to?”

“I am taking Likey for a walk at a nearby park. Care to join?”

“No thanks. By the way, may I pet Likey?”

Su Mucheng tiptoed in an attempt to touch Likey, but before she even had a chance to grasp her fur, Likey snapped at her. Su Mucheng fell down on her back.

“Whoa, Likey. Calm down.”

The Munchkin let out an annoyed growl before looking away from Su Mucheng.

“Looks like I need to go. I’ll see you around.”

Xiao Shiqin and his cat continued on their journey to the park in relative peace.

After several days of rain and thunderstorms previously, today was finally a sunny one. The park was bustling with other plushies jogging along the sidewalk, having picnics with their little families on the pristine grass, and walking and playing with their beloved pets among the trees and flowerbeds.

“Meow,” Likey purred in delight.

“How about you climb on the tree?”

With no hesitation, Likey climbed the tree nearby like the expert she was.

“Well done, now climb back down.”

However, Likey did not respond to Xiao Shiqin’s command and rather lounged on the top branch of the tree.

“Likey, what’s the matter?”

Likey’s eyes turned to something – or more like someone – behind him. Xiao Shiqin took a glance back at that “someone.”

Someone that was the dashing Sun Xiang. He had his blond hair tousled in waves and wore a leather biker jacket and ripped jeans. He was carrying a thornless red rose between his lips, oozing a bad boy aura out of him.

“Sun Xiang, what are you doing here? I thought you were training with Qiu Fei.”

“Shiqin, I bought you a rose. Hope you accept it.”

Xiao Shiqin’s face went pink, not sure how to respond. Even though they were not the best of teammates at first, they eventually became close friends. It was undeniable that they had one of the best chemistry as captains and vice-captains. Xiao Shiqin never refused any favor that Sun Xiang did for his not-so hidden crush.

However, the thing was: Xiao Shiqin always saw Sun Xiang as a friend and only that. He just did not feel the same way that his teammate felt.

“Sorry, but I don’t feel the same way,” Xiao Shiqin replied. “But thanks.”

“And where’s Likey? I miss her.”

Likey let out a silent yawn before coming down the tree on her own. Sun Xiang hopped towards the Munchkin.

“Oh look at Likey. Here, Likey, Likey, Likey…may I touch you?”

Sun Xiang positioned himself to ruffle Likey’s fur, and when he was about to touch the ends of her fur, Likey snarled at the blond plushie.

“Ooh, you must be one hangry kitty. Here, have some milk.”

Sun Xiang handed the milk to Likey, but she knocked it over, spilling it onto the grass.

“I see you’re not hungry. Maybe you are hungry for my-”

Likey scratched Sun Xiang on his fluffy face.

“Oww, why did you do this to me?”

Sun Xiang moved away before being further attacked by Likey.

“Shiqin, why does Likey not like me?”

Xiao Shiqin jumped high, bumping on top of Likey. Recognizing it was her owner, she soon calmed down. He gave her the very affectionate kisses she would never get tired of, even if she was dead exhausted.

“Sun Xiang, why don’t you try to kiss Likey? I’ll be close to her.”

Sun Xiang nodded, seizing the opportunity to win over Likey once again. He then tried to kiss Likey’s nose, but she angrily knocked him over with her paws.

“Argh, why!?”

“That’s strange. Likey don’t like us plushies, but she was not usually this mad. Maybe you can try playing tag with her. She likes playing tag with me”


Sun Xiang quickly gave Likey a nose boop before running away from her. While Likey was annoyed by the stolen kiss and having to pursue to get back at him, she soon found herself enjoying the whole chase.

“Catch me if you can, Likey.”

Likey only growled, focused on her plushy target.

They spent a great deal of time running before Sun Xiang could not run anymore. He panted when Likey tackled and pinned him with his back on the ground. He was nervous at first, looking at Likey’s intimidating eyes, but the fear soon melted when Likey licked his face and torso. Her eyes sparkled with joy and a newfound love for him.

“Stop, you’re ruining my hair…!” Sun Xiang could not stop laughing, feeling ticklish from her licks.

Likey was amused everytime Sun Xiang begged her to release him. She was enjoying this moment so much that she forgot that Xiao Shiqin had hopped his way to her side.

“Likey, hello?”

Likey stopped the licking, and Sun Xiang stood up on his stubby limbs.

“Seems like Likey is into you now, Sun Xiang,” Xiao Shiqin chuckled.

Sun Xiang gave a contented smirk. He petted her fur, and Likey neither snapped at him nor scratched him like she did earlier. She had transformed for a creature who usually thought that cats are better than plushies.

“I need to go now, Sun Xiang,” Xiao Shiqin said as he waited for Likey to go back into his sling. “I’ll be seeing you in the meeting.”

“Ok, bye.”

Though Sun Xiang was not able to win over his vice-captain, he was not feeling butthurt at all. In fact, he was more than elated that he had won over Likey's heart.